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Cancelled Brand Files - Z
Zaan, Stanley from Medicine Hat
Zach, Joseph from Keephills
Zacharias, Isaak I. from Calgary, Medicine Hat, Lethbridge
Zachariasen, Eric or Erik from Stanmore, Youngstown
Zachariassen, Ingeberg from Stanmore
Zacharuck, Wasyl from Lac Bellevue
Zacharuk, Fred from Elk Point
Zacharuk, Harry from Lac Bellevue
Zacharuk, John from Elk Point
Zacharuk, Mike H. from Lac Bellevue
Zachary, C.A. from Ponoka
Zachary, Melvin from Peace River, Grouard
Zacher, Eva from Brooks
Zacher, George J. from Winnifred
Zacher, Martin from Bow Island
Zacher, Milton E. from Manyberries, Brooks
Zacher, Philip Conrad from Brooks, Prince Albert SK
Zacher, Vernon from Cassils
Zacher, Wendal Leonard from Winnifred, Bow Island
Zachoda, Mike from Peno
Zadnik, Steve N. from Taber
Zaft, Hugo from Edmonton
Zahar, James P. from Gibbons
Zaharia, Sr. George from Mannville, Sherwood Park
Zaharko, Matt M. from Derwent, Clandonald
Zaharko, Michael from Clandonald, Landonville, Derwent
Zaharko, Mike from Clandonald, Landonville
Zahenaiko Bros. ( Frank & Thomas) from Rolling Hills
Zahenaiko, Frank & Thomas (Zahenaiko Bros.) from Rolling Hills
Zahenaiko, John from Rolling Hills
Zahenaiko, Tom from Rolling Hills
Zahn, Mamie from Drumheller
Zahn, Tony from Schuler
Zahorodny, Mike from Edmonton
Zahorodny, Mike from Edmonton
Zaichkowsky, Joseph from Woking
Zaiec, Martin from Beauvallon
Zailo, Nick from Hollow Lake, Waskatenau
Zaiser, Oskar from Tilley, Calgary
Zajes, Vaselena from Warburg, Sunnybank
Zajic, Alex from Angle Lake
Zajic, Howard S. from Edgerton
Zak, Andrew & Son (Thomas J.) from Delburne
Zak, Thomas J, from Delburne
Zalaski, Pete from Coaldale
Zalasky, William A. from Lake Eliza
Zalen, Peter from Sundre, Lobley
Zalesak, Ann from Pincher Creek
Zalesak, Martin & Sons from Picture Butte
Zaleski, Frank from Eckville
Zaleski, Leo from Eckville, Leafland
Zalmanowitz, Norman from Edmonton
Zander, Carl from Tomahawk
Zang, Millicent from Cochrane
Zang, Walter from Cochrane
Zang, William F from Cadogan
Zaniewicz, John from Burtonsville
Zaniewicz, Walter from Tomahawk
Zanoni, Guido Gulius from Lethbridge
Zaozirny, Michael from Morecambe
Zaozirny, Dan from Stubno, Vegreville
Zapiscoki, William from St. Brides, McRae
Zaplachinski, Steve from Innisfree
Zaplotnik, Joseph from Clear Hills
Zapotoski, Colin from Cherhill
Zarbock, Daniel from Torrington
Zarling, Henriette from Hughenden
Zarowny, Carl from Elk Point
Zarowny, Eddy R. from Elk Point
Zarowny, Frank from Elk Point
Zaseybida, William from Vegreville
Zawa, insky, Wazyl from Lac Bellevue, Beauvallon
Zawadiuk, Steve from Brosseau
Zawadiuk, William from Bellis
Zawaliy, John from Floating Stone, Ashmont, Boyne Lake
Zawalusky, William from St. Paul
Zawaski, Paul from Tofield
Zayac, Joe from Derwent
Zayonc, Joe from Breynat
Zaystoff, Bill from Queenstown
Zbryski, Anthony George from Balzac
Zee, Frank J. & Delwyn I. J. Postman from La Glace
Zeedyk, William from Veteran, Caseleyville
Zeer, Mohamed H. from Wardlow
Zehl, Harold Edward from Manyberries
Zehnder, Andrew from Wainwright
Zeigler, Mrs. B.M. from Rolling Hills, Medicine Hat
Zelasek, Paul from Rimbey, Penticton, BC
Zelenko, Metro from Lac Bellevue
Zelenko, N. from Coaldale
Zeleny, Clarence from Mundare
Zelina, Steve from Tilley
Zelinski, Frank from Kinsella
Zelinski, John from Kinsella
Zelisko, John from Mannville
Zeller, Nick from Medicine Hat
Zelman, Michael M. from Athabasca
Zelmer, Rose M. from Cadogan
Zemaitis, W.K from Forest Lawn
Zemp, C. Byron from Cardston
Zemp, Earl W. from Raymond
Zemp, Irvine from Cardston
Zemp, Joseph Leon from Del Bonita, Cardston
Zemp, Reed H. & Ray S. from Lethbridge
Zemp, Vermont J. from Cardston, Countess
Zemp, William from Raymond
Zender, C.J. from Duchess
Zender, Joseph A. from Duchess, Victoria, BC
Zender, Joseph A. from Duchess, Victoria, BC
Zender, Wilfred J. from Duchess
Zerbe, Emil from Ponoka
Zerk, Joe H. from Balzac
Zeshchuk, Mike from Beaverdam
Zeszczuk, Teodor from Beaverdam
Zevola, Dennis & Vincent from Lac La Biche
Zezula, John from Skiff
Zezula, Peter from Chedderville
Zezula, Peter from Chedderville, Grande Prairie, St. Paul
Zgurski, Philip from Coaldale
Zibell, William from Patricia
Zichy, Julia M. from Cowley, North Fork
Zieffle, Donald from Pincher Creek
Zieffle, Emil from Fishburn, Twin Butte, Pincher Creek
Zieffle, G.K. from Schuler
Ziegenbien, A.E. from Rumsey
Ziegenhagel, Andrew from Irvine
Ziegler, Carl from Hesketh
Ziegler, Christian F. from Stony Plain
Ziegler, Earl from Bluffton
Ziegler, Ed from Olds
Ziegler, Edwin from Hesketh, Carbon
Ziegler, Frederick N. from Carbon
Ziegler, Gordon from Magrath
Ziegler, Lawrence from Medicine Hat
Ziegler, Leslie H. from Irvine
Ziegler, O.E. from Rolling Hills
Ziegler, Richard A. from Shepard
Ziegler, Wilhelm J. from Carbon
Zielke, Allen from Wetaskiwin, Delia
Zielke, Elmer John from South Edmonton
Zielke, Fred from Goddard, Lipton, SK
Zielke, Gus or Zilke, Gus from Millet, Kavanagh, Leduc
Zielke, Ted from Wetaskiwin
Zielsdorf, Fred P. from Calgary
Ziemmer, John from Lacombe, Craigmyle
Ziemner, Helen from South Cooking Lake, Coronation
Ziesel, William from Strome
Zilinski, Martin from Bluffton
Zilinski, Nick from Edmonton
Zilke, Elmer from Wetaskiwin
Zilm, Charles Robert from Olds, Leo
Ziminek, Mike from Bruce
Zimka, Joe from Blairmore
Zimmer, G. from Looma
Zimmer, Ludwig from Meeting Creek, Dorenlee
Zimmer, William Merette & Gertrude M. Zimmer, from Rocky Mountain House
Zimmer, William N. from Niton, Entrance
Zimmerman, Elden from Bowden
Zimmerman, Henry from Calgary
Zimmerman, John from Olds
Zimmerman, Wilbert from Olds
Zimmermann, Heinz W. & Verena from Westerose
Zinger, George E. from Stanmore
Zinger, George E. from Stanmore
Ziniewicz, Stan from Elk Point
Zink, Frank from Alderson, Medicine Hat
Zinn, Herman from Burstall, SK, Evergreen
Zinn, J.J. from Youngstown
Zinn, Norman Henry from Tomahawk
Zinn, S.O. from Red Deer, Clive
Ziomek, Paul from Rusylvia
Zipse, Chris from Stettler, Red Willow
Zipse, Edith B. from Stettler, Red Willow
Zipse, Iris from Nevis
Zipse, Melvin H. from Erskine, Nevis
Zipse, Walter C. from Erskine, Stettler
Zittlau, Julius O. from Fawcett
Zochart, John from Winnifred
Zonta, G. from Lethbridge
Zonta, Joseph from Olds
Zoratti, P. from Natal, BC
Zorn, Wilfred William from Dalroy, Edmonton
Zral, Richard L. from Medicine Hat
Zsiak, Andrew from St. Vincent
Zubach, Alexander from Cardston
Zubach, Nicholas Allen from Nanton
Zubach, Thomas from Cardston, Lethbridge
Zuback, Dennis Leroy from Cardston
Zuback, John Gordon from Lethbridge
Zubik, Peter from Olds
Zubot, Mike from Rolling Hills
Zucht, Henry from Hay Lakes
Zuehlke, Emanuel from Warner
Zuehlke, J. & Thomas from Salt Prairie
Zuehlke, Jacob S. from Donalda
Zuehlke, Jacob S. from Donalda
Zuk, Alex from Derwent
Zuk, W. from Consort
Zukas, Frank from Calgary
Zukausk, Mrs. M. from Millet
Zukerman, David from Calgary
Zukerman, Freda from Sibbald
Zukerman, Manuel from Calgary
Zukiwski, Harry J.S. from Willingdon
Zukiwski, Peter from Willingdon
Zukiwsky, Mike G. from Whitford
Zukiwsky, Steve from Boyne Lake
Zukowski, Joseph E. from Gibbons
Zumwalt, Preston T. from Burnt Lake
Zurba, W. from Ponoka
Zurborg, Alois & Frances from Vermilion
Zvolensky, George John from Rainier
Zvolensky, George Sr. from Rainier, Brooks
Zwaagstra, Albert from Rainier, Medicine Hat
Zwaagstra, John from Rocky Mountain House
Zwack, Mike J. from Daysland, Camrose
Zwaneveld, P. from Burdett
Zweegman, J.G. from Calgary
Zweifel, Henry & Son from Stettler
Zwien, S.R. from Hinton, Glendon
Zwierschke Bros. ( J.M. & G.R.) from Holden
Zwilling, Guenther from Silver Valley, Blueberry Mountain, Water Valley, Bottrel
Zyla, Paul from Mundare
Zylenko, Harry from Edmonton
Zylenko, Harry from Edmonton
Zyluk, Dan from Innisfree

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