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Cancelled Brand Files - Y
Yaceyko, Dan from Derwent
Yaceyko, Harry from Myrnam
Yaceyko, John from Mannville
Yaceyko, John R. from Mannville
Yaceyko, John W. from Vilna
Yachimowski, Stanley from Vilna
Yackimec, Paul from Beauvallon, Edmonton
Yacyna, John from Tulliby Lake
Yacyna, Zinko from Elk Point
Yadlowsky, Anthony from Iron River
Yager, George from Tomahawk
Yagos, Mike from Cowley, Pincher Creek, Burmis
Yake, Daniel from Cappon, Oyen
Yake, H. from Carstairs
Yake, H. from Carstairs
Yakimac, Mike from Beauvallon
Yakimchuk, Ernie from Derwent, Dewberry
Yakimchuk, Nick from Dewberry
Yakimec, W. from Elk Point
Yakimovich, Frank from Seba Beach
Yakimowich, Kenneth J. from Ranfurly
Yakimowich, Steve from Lake Eliza
Yakiwchuk, Alex from Innisfree, Andrew, Vegreville
Yakoweshen, William J. from Grandin, Lac La Biche
Yakubowski, Sam from Turin
Yalowega, William from Iron Springs
Yamada, George S. from Picture Butte
Yamanouchi, Keiji from Picture Butte
Yamroz, John from Smoky Lake
Yanchyshyn, Harry from Innisfree
Yancie, George from Legend
Yanco, John from Pearce, Fort Macleod
Yandeau, Eugene from High Prairie
Yanik, Steve from Athabasca
Yanke, Albert from Orion, Medicine Hat
Yanke, Arnold from Wisdom, Medicine Hat
Yanke, Carl from Orion
Yanke, Chris or Christophe from Irvine, Elkwater
Yanke, Fred from Norton, Dunmore
Yanke, Jack from Orion
Yanke, Jacob from Medicine Hat, Wisdom, Tilley
Yanke, John from Seven Persons, Wisdom
Yanke, Wallace from Coleridge, Dunmore
Yanke, William from Medicine Hat Irvine
Yankee Valley Ranch Ltd. (S.E. Nielsen) from Crossfield
Yanki, Gottfried from Wisdom
Yaremchuck, Clarence Brian from Innisfree
Yaremchuk from Stubno, Innisfree
Yaremchuk, Harry from Ranfurly, Stubno, Innisfree
Yaremchuk, Joe from Innisfree, Ranfurly
Yaremchuk, John from Stubno, Innisfree
Yaremchuk, Luke from Beauvallon
Yaremchuk, Nick from Lavoy, Morecambe
Yaremcic, Peter from Lavoy, Vegreville
Yaremcio, Alex from Lavoy
Yaremcio, Orest Walter from Ranfurly
Yaremichukm, Wasyl (William) from Duvernay
Yaremkevich, Walter from Elk Point
Yaremko, Max from Clyde
Yarkowsky, Adolph from Carnwood, Tofield
Yarkowsky, Joe A. from Tofield
Yarmuch, Albert from Norway Valley, Edmonton
Yarmuch, Albert from Norway Valley, Edmonton
Yarmuch, George from Norway Valley, Heinsburg
Yaroshuk, John & Alex from St. Paul
Yaroslawsky, Bill from Smoky Lake
Yarrous, Milo from Cadogan, Metiskow, Provost
Yarshenko, E.G. from Walsh, Medicine Hat
Yarshenko, Fred from Nojack, Stavely, Rocky Mountain House
Yarshenko, James from Medicine Hat
Yasenski, John from Monitor
Yasheyko, Tom from Myrnam, Mannville, Glen Park, Calmar
Yasinsky, Joe from Red Deer, Monitor
Yasman, John from Hanna
Yates, Alva G. from Grande Prairie
Yates, Arthur from Darwell
Yates, Cyril from Botha, Gadsby
Yates, Emily from Banff
Yates, Ethel M. from Aden, Lethbridge
Yates, Gordon W. from Gadsby
Yates, J.H. from Airdrie
Yates, J.W. from Purple Springs, Aden
Yates, Marion from Gadsby
Yates, Reginald from Gadsby
Yates, Richard Duncan & Sharon Louise from Banff
Yates, Stan V. from Edmonton
Yates, William R. from Pinhorn
Yearick, H.E. from Wildum, Hanna
Yearous, Joe from Cadogan
Yearous, Milo & Sadie from Cadogan
Yeats, William Olivier from Midnapore
Yelle, Irene remarried Anderson from Lougheed
Yellow Horn, Earl from Brocket
Yellow Old Woman, Dominic from Cluny
Yellow Old Woman, John from Gleichen, Cluny
Yellowbird, Norman from Hobbema
Yellowfly, Ernest from Cluny
Yellowfly, Theresa from Gleichen
Yellowhorn, Kenneth E. from Brocket
Yellowhorn, Roy Vincent from Brocket
Yellowknee, George A. from Wabasca
Yellowlees Bros.(G.G. & David) from Rumworth, Crossfield
Yellowlees, David from Crossfield
Yeoman, Charles Sidney from Onoway
Yeoman, Roy E. from Onoway
Yerman, Louis from Beauvallon, Vegreville
Yettaw, Alex from Foisy
Yettaw, Otto from Foisy
Yeudall, Mrs. R.E. from Paradise Valley
Yeudall, William from Sidcup
Yewchuk, Roman from Dirleton
Yewchuk, Steve from Patricia
Yewell Roy, W. from Olds
Yizek, Chester from Cardston
Yizek, Mike from Orion
Yoctorowic, J.L. from St. Francis, Warburg
Yoder, Grant from Hanna
Yong, Pat (Kelrose Farm) from Medicine Hat
Yoos, Roy E. from Olds
Yorgasin, Robert Allan from Claresholm
York, George V. from Beaver Crossing
York, George V. from Beaver Crossing
York, J.J. from Provost
York, John L. from Beaver Crossing
York, John L. from Beaver Crossing
York, Owen R. from Gainford, Brentwood, BC
York, Robert from Frog Lake
Yorkton Bros. from Mannville
Yost, Conrad from Alliance
Yost, Fred from Mossleigh
Yost, Mrs. from Rosebud, Turner Valley
Youell, James Charles from Edmonton
Young & Dickson from Edmonton
Young & Dickson from Edmonton
Young, A.C. from Innisfail
Young, Albert from Paradise Valley, Sidcup
Young, Alex from Big Prairie
Young, Arthur from Eagles Butte
Young, Arthur from Knee Hill Valley
Young, Arthur S. from Vermilion
Young, Audrey Agnes from Calgary
Young, Bruce from Lindbergh
Young, C. S. from Ryley
Young, Charles from Islay
Young, Charles W. from Hindville
Young, Clarence C. from Beaverdam, Beaver Crossing, Innisfree, Rutland, BC
Young, Clifford Arthur from DeWinton
Young, Cyrill from Hughenden
Young, Dale Albert from Sunset House
Young, Delbert G. from Beaverdam
Young, Douglas William from Lindale
Young, Duncan A. & Elgin M. from Cremona
Young, Earl L. from Elk Point
Young, Elgin M. from Cremona
Young, Elizabeth from Mulga
Young, Ellworth M. from Viking
Young, Elwood, H., & Dorothy L. from Rimbey
Young, Frank D. from Gadsby, Red Deer
Young, G.P. from Beaverdam
Young, G.P. from Beaverdam
Young, George Andrew from Paradise Valley
Young, George from Islay
Young, George S. from Lundbreck
Young, George W. from Bowden
Young, Gerald from Greenshields
Young, Gordon Stanley from Consort
Young, Harold E. from Fort Macleod
Young, Harry from Dunstable, Barrhead
Young, Herbert from Hindville
Young, Herbert Ormeston from Grainger
Young, Hilda E. from Lindbergh
Young, J. McB. from Sedgewick
Young, J. R. from Rosemary
Young, J.A. from Ryley
Young, J.L. from Taber
Young, Jackson R. from Medicine Hat
Young, James A. from Calgary
Young, James A. from Compeer
Young, James A. from Lindbergh
Young, Joseph V. Jr. from Elk Point, Lindbergh
Young, Jr. & Joseph V. from Elk Point, Lindbergh
Young, Ken A. from Camrose
Young, Laura Pearl from Calgary
Young, Leonard Douglas from Lindbergh
Young, Lloyd Raymond from Killam
Young, Margaret (Fairfield Dairy) from Medicine Hat
Young, Mark R from Gunn
Young, Martin E. from Wayne
Young, Mary Scott from Medicine Hat
Young, Mrs. C. from Islay
Young, Mrs. C. from Islay
Young, Mrs. Frank from Viking
Young, Mrs. Frank from Viking
Young, Patrick Donavon from Medicine Hat
Young, R.E. from Calgary
Young, Richard T. from Pine Lake
Young, Robert George from Lloydminster, Valleyview
Young, Robert Stephen from Hardisty, Rocky Mountain House
Young, Robert Young from Hardisty, Rocky Mountain House
Young, Stanley from Consort
Young, Thomas W. from Lindbergh
Young, W. T. from Burmis
Young, Wilson & May from Elk Point
Young. Roland Stansfield from Edmonton, Wembley
Youngberg, Allan E. from Bawlf
Youngberg, Harley from Heisler
Younge, George R. from Mannville, Ranfurly
Younge, Oscar from Mannville
Younger, George from Medicine Hat
Younger, Jean L. from Peace River
Younghans, Richard from Heinsburg
Youngman, Harley from Gleichen
Youngs, W.T. & Frank Cubitt from Darwell, Hobbema
Youngson, Fred from Craigmyle
Youngstrom, E.H. from Rolling Hills
Younie, John M. from Nobleford
Youschock, Russell from Coleman
Yucker, William from Stettler
Yuhas, George John from Redcliff
Yuhas, John Joseph from Barnwell
Yuhas, Raleigh P. from Calgary
Yuhasz, John from St. Francis
Yuill, Blaine H. from Brooks
Yuill, Donald from Queenstown
Yuill, J.H. from Medicine Hat
Yuill, John P. from Brooks
Yule, Erwin from Gleichen
Yurak, Alex from Lessard
Yurasek, Eddie from Coleman
Yurchak, Walter from Edmonton
Yurdiga, Peter from Fort McMurray
Yurkin, Paul from Edmonton, Radway
Yurko, Kost from Hairy Hill
Yuskow, George from Vegreville

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