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Cancelled Brand Files - W
W - D RancH ughenden
W - N CattRi mbey
W & A Farming Co-Op Ltd. (Albert Wanuch) from Paddle Prairie
W. & W. Robinson Ranches Ltd. from Red Deer
W.B.A. Livry
W.E.C.M. Holdings (Carl Cornelssen) from Mirror, Calga
W.S. FarmsM arvin Owens) from Didsbury
W.S. Morrison & Sons (Donald Stanley, William Dennis &
W-4 Ranch (Erick Wagner) from Rimbey, Bonnyville
Waayenberg, Gerrit from Grande Prairie
Wabel, Charles from Bottrel
Wachowicz, Stanley from Bruderheim
Wachter, George from Lloydminster, Armstrong, BC
Wachtler, Albert from Allerstone
Waddell Alan from Nanton, Stauffer
Waddell, Boyd from Edmonton
Waddell, Gordon R. from Coutts
Waddell, J.C. from Mirror, Lethbridge
Waddell, Ken A. from Calgary
Waddell, Otis E. from Heatherdown, Onoway, Stony Plain
Waddell, Warren M. from Onoway
Waddle, H.E. from Rolling Hills, Brooks
Waddle, Orville R. from Vauxhall
Waddy, L.P. from Tees
Waddy, Mrs. J.A. from Alix
Wade, Brucde Prairie
Wade, Donald B. from Drumheller
Wade, L.E. from Rainier
Wade, Robert from Wanham
Wade, Wallace D. from Vegreville, Wastina,
Wadley, Dick from Viking
Wadley, Marvin Richard from Viking
Wadstein, Walter Vernon from Bulwark, Gwynne, Camrose
Wagar, Aidan W. from Medicine Hat
Wagar, Doris nee Rausch from Halkirk, Drumheller, Gran
Wagar, Eugene from Boyne Lake
Wagar, H.C. from Bluffton, Bassano
Wagar, Henry C. from Makepeace, Medicine Hat
Wagar, Rae from Stony Plain
Wagar, Raymond G. from Makepeace
Wageman, Wilfred from Sexsmith
Wager, Clarence D. from Ranfurly
Wagers, Lester Leland from Innisfail;
Wagg, Robert Albert from Winterburn, Millet
Wagner Bros (Edward & Martin) from Nanton
Wagner, Conrad from Fairview
Wagner, Fred from Cardston
Wagner, Fred from Pioneer
Wagner, J.om Edgerton
Wagner, Mrs. W.E. from Vegreville
Wagner, Otto from Mannville
Wagner, Raymond from Robb
Wagner, Roy & Violet Victoria from Onion Lake, SK
Wagner, Siegfried from Calgary
Wagoner, James R. from Mayerthorpe
Wahl, Adolph from Rolling Hills
Wahl, Edwin from Barrhead
Wahl, Herman from Rolling Hills, Calgary
Wahlund, V.R. & J.E. from Westerose
Waine, A.R. from Rich Lake
Wainwright-Edgerton-Chavin Feeders Association Ltd. Fr
Waisanen, S. from Eckville
Waite, John from Onion Lake, SK
Waite, R. from Midnapore, Stauffer
Wakefield Bros. from Coronation
Wakefield, Melvin Joseph from Coronation
Wakeford, Andy from Midnapore
Wakelam, Arthur from Tomahawk
Wakelin, Earl W. from Pearce, Fort Macleod, Lethbridge
Wakelin, Ray A. from Enchant
Wakey, Ormond Burns from Innisfail
Wakulich, T. from Mannville
Walberger, Bennie L. from Mountain View, Cardston
Walburger, John T. from Cardston, Mountain View
Walburger, Milton from Leavitt, Cardston
Walchli, Frederick John from Vancouver, BC
Walchuk, John from Canmore
Wald, Raymond Peter from Grande Prairie
Waldbauer, Bill or William W. from Walsh, Monitor
Waldbauer, Rebeca from Medicine Hat
Waldburger, Emil from Rimbey
Walde, Alfred from Rosemary, Gem
Walde, Henry from Gem
Walden, Elsie M. & A.J. Porter from Spring Point
Walden, Norman B. from Calgary
Walden, P.S. from Priddis
Walden, R.E. from Stavely
WaldenbergB C
Waldhauer Bros. from Walsh
Waldie, Raymond Arthur from Doe River, BC
Waldo, Kenneth John from Red Deer, Lacombe
Waldo, Neville from Alhambra
Waldorf, Nick from Daysland
Waldron Ranches Ltd. from Lundbreck, Pincher Creek
Wale William Alexis from Calgary
Walega, Mrs. A. from DeBolt
Walenstein, David from Ryley
Wales, Charles from Glen Leslie
Wales, J.A. from Grande Prairie
Wales, Richard Allen from Calgary, Madden
Wales, Ross from Glen Leslie, Grande Prairie
Wales, Warren Murrey from Glendon, Fort Kent, Quesnel,
Walford, Robert Gordon from Fort Saskatchewan
Walgren, E. from Lac la Biche
Walicki, Peter from Derwent
Walimaki, Isaac from Eckville
Walin, A.W. from Clive
Walin, Robert A. from Clive
Walinski, Albert from Lousana, Delburne, Vegreville
Walker Bros. from Water Valley, Calgary, Cremona
Walker, A. from Calgary
Walker, A.R. from Calgary
Walker, Alex from Grassy Lake
Walker, Asa C. from Woolchester, Medicine Hat
Walker, Bryan from Pincher Creek
Walker, Carl & Ida from Hilda
Walker, Carl & Ida from Hilda
Walker, D.L. from Sunny Slope
Walker, Dr. Harris J. from Raymond
Walker, E.H. from Millicent
Walker, Ed, Whitecourt
Walker, Edward M. from Calgary, Didsbury
Walker, Ernest from Olds
Walker, Fred L. from Lomond
Walker, G.A. from South Edmonton
Walker, G.G. from Elnora, Perbeck
Walker, Gordon from Bassano
Walker, H.D. from Brightview
Walker, Harold from Hilda
Walker, Harry G. Sr. from Grouard, Salt Prairie
Walker, Henry from Hilda
Walker, J.E. from Provost
Walker, J.H. from Fabyan, Wainwright
Walker, James from Coleman
Walker, John K. from Endiang, Byemoor, Pine Point, NWT
Walker, Ken J. from Rumsey
Walker, L.A. from Lethbridge
Walker, Lyle Lloyd from Drayton Valley
Walker, Mrs. E. from Gleichen
Walker, Mrna
Walker, Norman Earl from Valleyview
Walker, O.S. from Dewberry, Riverton
Walker, Peter from Warner
Walker, Ralph from Hilda
Walker, Ralph from Raymond
Walker, Ralph Millard & Florence P. from Nanton
Walker, Rhuary MacFarquhar from Cremona
Walker, Rik
Walker, Robert from Fort Saskatchewan, Coronado
Walker, Ro) from Coronado
Walker, Robert James from Grassy Lake
Walker, Roman J. from Oyen
Walker, Roy from Vermilion
Walker, Russell A. from Salt prairie, Grouard
Walker, T. Foster from Medicine Hat
Walker, Thomas & A.J. Embleton from Hines Creek, Vanre
Walker, Thomas from Grassy Lake
Walker, Thomas from Hines Creek
Walker, Trevor Saxon from High Prairie
Walker, W.A. from Oyen
Walker, W.E. from Hesketh
Walker, W.H. from Burtonville
Walker, W.R. from Fort Macleod, Spring Point
Walker, William Frederick from Ardrossan, Sherwood Par
Walker, William from Hilda
Walker, William M. from Wetaskiwin
Walking E Ranch ( Edward E. Lucas & Evelyn M. Johnston
Walks, Howard E. from Groton
Wall, Ben or nucopia, Red Deer
Wall, Frank from Rimbey
Wall, Henry from Taber
Wall, Henry John from Ponoka, Coaldale
Wall, John from Coaldale
Wall, John Jr. from Coaldale, Tofield
Wall, Peter from Taber, Coaldale
Wall, Ralph from Ashmont
Wall, Sydney G. from Consort
Wall, Thomas E. from Consort
Wall, W.C. from Rocky Rapids, Ardrossan
Wallace Bros. from Coronation
Wallace, A. from Fort Saskatchewan
Wallace, A.W. from Cochrane
Wallace, Alice R. from Rosebud
Wallace, Arthur J. from Redcliff, Bowell
Wallace, Donald from Westerose
Wallace, Douglas from Marwayne
Wallace, Gladys M. (Mrs. Hugh) from Endiang, Morley, C
Wallace, J.A. from Lloydminster
Wallace, John A. from Cochrane, Calgary
Wallace, John from Scapa, Garden Plains
Wallace, L.C. from Drumheller
Wallace, Leslie from Violet Grove
Wallace, Lionel Frederick from Lloydminster, SK
Wallace, Lorne from Whitecourt, Byemoor, Alder Flats
Wallace, Mer dale, Halliday, Sunnynook
Wallace, Maurice J. from Wayne, Rosedale Station
Wallace, Mrs. James from Pincher Creek, Dry Fork
Wallace, Mrs. James from Pincher Creek, Dry Fork
Wallace, Mrs. L B. from Wainwright
Wallace, Mrs. L.B. from Wainwright
Wallace, Nancy from Gem
Wallace, R.A. from High River
Wallace, R.W. from Calgary
Wallace, Ross from Peace River
Wallace, W. from Parkland
Wallace, Wilfred G. from Cochrane
Wallace, William from Campsie, Lynnfield
Wallace, William W. from High River, Rosebud
Wallan, A.W. from Goodfare
Wallan, W.A. from Goodfare, Beaverlodge
Wallator, E. from Longview, Cayley, Wimborne
Wallbank, Mrs. E. E. from Sunnynook
Wallbank, Richard & Edith Emily from Berry Creek, Flow
Walle, Edward from Midnapore, Medicine Hat
Wallen, Carl from Claresholm
Wallenwein, Andrew from Thelma
Waller, Ray L. from Sangudo
Wallesten, G. A. from Amisk, Edmonton
Wallesten, G.A. from Amisk, Edmonton
Wallewein, Emil from Scandia
Wallin Bros. from Pine Lake
Walling Bros. from Rusylvia
Wallner, Mat from Elnora
Walls, Brinton & James Buchan from Scapa
Walls, Brinton & James Buchan from Scapa
Walls, Clayton E. from Rockyford, Calgary
Walls, Eldon R. from Calgary
Walls, Johe Hat
Walls, Kathleen G. from Strathmore, High River
Walls, Marion from Claresholm
Walls, Robert from Ponoka
Walls, Thomas Harris from Rockyford
Walls, W. from Rockfort
Wallz, A. no ka, Battle Lake, Westerose
Walmsley, Harold from Bluesky
Walper, Daniel Oscar from Pincher Creek
Walper, R.J. from Medicine Hat, Jenner
Walrath, Cleveland from Edgerton
Walrath, Oscar & Cleveland from Edgerton
Walrath, Oscar from Edgerton
Walroth, Ted from Turner Valley, Alix, Tees
Walsh, Cecil E. from Markerville, Raven
Walsh, George from High River
Walsh, Geoke
Walsh, Henry J. from Eyremore
Walsh, Henry J. from Eyremore
Walsh, James M. from Ebenezer, SK
Walsh, James M. from Ebenezer, SK
Walsh, Leo from Torrington, Okotoks
Walsh, Leo M. from Dorothy, Bassano
Walsh, Robert from Thompson, Pakowki, Etzikom, Medicin
Walsh, Sid G. from Berwyn
Walshaw Ranches Ltd. from Calgary
Walstrom, Eberhard from Irvine
Walstrom, Wilhelm Casper from Irvine, Medicine Hat
Walter Sr. Elias from Lethbridge
Walter, Addie (remarried name Nilsson) from Granum, Po
Walter, Elias Sr. from Lethbridge
Walter, Ernest H. from Paradise Valley
Walter, George H. from Brownvale
Walter, H.A. from Raley
Walter, Ken E. from Cardston
Walter, Lyle E. from Lousana, Calgary
Walter, Myad a
Walterbergns Lake, BC
Walterhouse, Edward & Joyce from Hazeldine, Lea Park
Walterhouse, Stanley & John H. Kipps from Tulliby La
Walterhouse, Vernon R from Mirror Landing
Walters, Dave from Clear Hills
Walters, David S. from Sexsmith
Walters, Delbert from Airdrie, Calgary
Walters, Ernest from Viking
Walters, Florence E. from Airways, Czar
Walters, Florence E. from Airways, Czar
Walters, Fred from Tolland
Walters, John from Czar, Airways
Walters, William from Airdrie
Walton, A.M. from Dorothy
Walton, D.W. from Kitscoty
Walton, Ernie from Bowden, Elnora
Walton, Grace E. from Alix
Walton, J.H. from Calgary
Walton, Jim from Coleman
Walton, Jim M. from Calgary
Walton, Michael Patrick from Stirling
Waltz, Emil from Wimborne, Innisfail
Waltz, W.A from Landonville
Wambold, W.W from High River, Aldersyde, Brunetta, Arm
Wambolt, Jaqueline nee Benns from Jenner, Calgary, Bur
Wanchuk, Alec from Boyne Lake
Wanchuk, Helen from Boyne Lake, St. Paul
Wandio, Pauline from Thorhild
Wandler, John from Provost
Wandyka, Metro from Warwick
Wangsness, Peter J. from Kinsella
Wangsness, T.S. & Harry from Coronation
Wanke Brosnt on
Wannamaker, Jack V. from Carstairs
Wannamaker, R.L. from Elkton
Wannechko, Paul from Lac Bellevue
Wannop, J.J. from Nanton
Wannop, Ray Elmer from Mannville
Wansborough, George from West Macleod, NWT
Wanuch, Albert from Paddle Prairie
Wanyandi, Albert from Entrance
Waraksa, K. from Tilley
Warawa, Dan from St. Paul
Warawa, Josie from Vermilion
Warawa, Larry A. from St. Paul
Warburton, Mrs. E. from Cousins
Ward Bros. from Bassano, Medicine Hat
Ward, Aetna from Aetna
Ward, Bert from Hobbema
Ward, Charles from Lousana, Penhold
Ward, Dale Maurice from Sexsmith
Ward, E.E. from Lea Park, Tulliby Lake, Islay
Ward, F. H. & Richard Kirkton from High River
Ward, G.B. from Banff, Cochrane
Ward, George Stewart from Edmonton
Ward, Harold A. from Midnapore
Ward, Haron Lynne from Lethbridge
Ward, Harry from Tofield
Ward, J.R. (Jayaree Charolais) & D.C. Emslie from Edmo
Ward, J.T. from Norway Valley, Frog Lake, Islay
Ward, James Andrew from Youngstown
Ward, James from Fort Vermilion
Ward, James R. L. from Veteran
Ward, Joe from Hobbema
Ward, John from Lethbridge
Ward, John Rhodes from Turin, Iron Springs
Ward, Marie A. from Calgary
Ward, Maude L. from Twin Butte
Ward, Mrs. R.L. from Big Valley
Ward, Stanley R. from Banff, Cochrane
Ward, Stewart from Edmonton, Bremner
Ward, Taylorville from Cardston
Ward, Thomas & F. from Ponoka
Ward, Thomas F. from Ponoka
Ward, Vern from Ponoka
Ward, W. from Turin
Ward, W. from Turin
Ward, W. Vernal from Kirriemuir
Ward, W.B. from Stanmore, Sheerness
Ward, Walter Henry from Kirriemuir
Ward, William John from Brooks, Eyremore
Ward, William Urquhart from Black Diamond, Lineham
Wardberg, Lyle from Gem
Warden, Cecil C. from Vulcan
Warden, Grace from Vulcan
Warden, Lily I. from Lacombe
Ware, John E. from Wetaskiwin
Ware, T.W. from Greenshields
Ware, W.K from Fairview, Waterhole
Warholik, Joe B. from St. Paul
Warholik, Mike from Stony Lake, St. Paul
Warholik, Wasil or William from Stony Lake, St. Paul
Wark, George H. from Acme
Warkentin, D.J. from Gem
Warkentin, David from Vulcan
Warkentin, Gerhard P. from Gem, Abbotsford, BC
Warkentin,B eaver Mines
Warkentin, Peter John from Tofield, Goodwin, Debolt
Warkintin, Jacob H. from Carstairs
Warlo, Hans from Tees
Warm, W. from Olds
Warming, Bessie from Consort
Warmington, Selina A. from Big Valley, Claresholm
Warner, Cecil D. from Blackie, Sundre
Warner, Charles from Wainwright, Heath
Warner, Fred from Forestburg
Warner, Roy G. from Cochrane
Warner, Sophia from Heath
Warner, Wesley E. from Eaglesham, Bonlea
Warnholz, Kurt from Winterburn, Duffield
Warnock, Garry from Turin
Warnock, Layton from Iron Springs
Warnock, Richard Earl from Calgary
Warrack, David Bruce from Cheadle
Warrack, M.D. from Cheadle
Warren Bros. (Ben & Bob) from Berwyn
Warren Bros. from Warner
Warren, Anna D. from Bulwark
Warren, C.P. from Hylo
Warren, D.H from Big Prairie, Cremona
Warren, Earl from Ponoka, Wetaskiwin, Nanton
Warren, Emma from Warner
Warren, Emma L. from Warner
Warren, Fred & Sons from Warner
Warren, Fred S. from Rochester
Warren, G.R.L. (The Alberta Ranch) from Pincher Creek,
Warren, Lawrence George from Millarville, Hemiston, OR
Warren, Louis R. from Delburne
Warren, Mary remarried name Thompson from Bassano, Calgary
Warren, Milton D. from Mayerthorpe
Warren, Robert from Ashmont
Warren, Roland A. from Warner
Warren, Ronald E. from Onoway
Warren, Stanley from Beaver Mines
Warrilow, Harold John from Mannville
Warring, Jack from Ponoka
Warrington, Alfred A. from Wild Horse, Sage Creek
Warrior, Pete from Brocket
Wartenbe, Foster E. from Halcourt, Beaverlodge
Wartnow, Alexander from Big Valley
Warwa, Sidor from Tofield
Warwick Bros. from Scotfield, Stanmore
Waryik, Peter from Pibroch
Warzin, Bill from Smoky Lake
Wasalasko, N. from Minburn
Wascana Investments Ltd. from Lethbridge
Wasdal, Paul from Raven
Washington, George from Cochrane
Wasileyko, Lawrence J. from Andrew
Waskiewich, William from Iron River, Bonnyville
Wasman, Rudolph from Viking
Wason, Clarence Henry from Sundre, Alliance
Wason, Larry A. from Castor
Wasylciw, G em
Wasyleski, Andy from Vegreville
Wasylik, Mike from Derwent
Wasylyshyn, Steve from Ardmore
Waszut, John from Didsbury
Watchorn, Calvin from Fairview, Bluesky
Watchorn, Garfield from Cayley
Water Chief, Morris from Gleichen
Water Valley Cattle Co-Op from Calgary
Waterfield, E.A. from Islay
Waterhouseac kie
Waters, A.D. from Coutts
Waters, D.L. from Halkirk
Waters, J.W. from Wellington, Ashmont
Waters, Jaoc hrane
Waters, John Ellis from Red Deer
Waters, Randall W. from Gunn
Waterston, A. from Camrose
Waterton Ranch Ltd. from Pincher Creek
Wathen, Don from Midnapore
Wathen, Robert from Cochrane
Watkin, E.H. from Didsbury
Watkin, Pim from Olds
Watkins, F.M. & Ed. William from Edgerton
Watkins, John & Louisa from Medicine Hat
Watkins, John T. from Medicine Hat
Watkins, John T. from Medicine Hat
Watkins, June & Helen Barva from Pincher Creek
Watkins, Minnie Ada from Edgerton
Watling, Frederick from Mannville
Watling, Gde node
Watmough, J.C. from Twin Butte
Watrich, J. from Floating Stone
Watrin, L.E. from Oyen
Watrin, Leo A. & Mary I. from Strathmore, Bragg Creek,
Watrin, N.E. from Pincher Creek
Watroth, Claude from Crossfield
Watson, Alfred George from Water Valley, Cremona
Watson, Alice from Taber
Watson, Alister from Grimshaw
Watson, Allen D. from Big Valley
Watson, Alll ey, Dawson Creek, BC
Watson, Angus & Mary from Strathmore
Watson, Archie Evans from Big Valley, Delburne
Watson, Bernard H. from Picture Butte, Shaughnessy, Bl
Watson, Chris G. from Olds, Stavely, Calgary
Watson, D.J. from Water Valley
Watson, Donald N. from Hanna
Watson, Dr. Roland (Grand Valley Estates, Ltd.) from C
Watson, Francis Henry from Fort Macleod, Pearce
Watson, Fred W. from Strathmore
Watson, G.A. from Leo
Watson, H. from Picture Butte
Watson, Harold from Pine Lake
Watson, Henry from Halkirk
Watson, J.F. from Stavely
Watson, James A. from Pearce, Fort Macleod
Watson, John A from Stavely
Watson, John from Irma
Watson, L.W. from Etzikom
Watson, Orris from Kinsella
Watson, R. Mercer from Wetaskiwin, Brightview, Hobbema
Watson, Richard from Erskine
Watson, Robert from Cremona, Airdrie
Watson, Robert from Peace River
Watson, S.e, Hinton
Watson, Stan from Provost
Watson, Tom from Armada
Watson, Tom R. from Namaka
Watson, Viola Dell from Fort Macleod
Watson, W. from Nordegg, Gibbons
Watson, W.A. from Travers, Sangudo
Watson, W.E. from Lloydminster
Watson, Warren W. from Tofield
Watson, William M. from Stavely
Watson, WiG roundbirch, BC
Watt, C.W. from Milo
Watt, Edward from Peace River
Watt, Erledp oint, ID
Watt, George A. from Longview
Watt, L. from Hazelmere
Watt, M.L. from Koknee, Islay, Vermilion, Knee Hill Va
Watt, Roger A. from Islay, Koknee, Vermilion
Watt, Thomas D. from Koknee
Watt, Vallie W from Kitscoty
Watt, W.H. from High River
Watt, Walter from Peace River
Wattenbarger, V.O. from Morin
Watterberg, Charles from Vauxhall
Watters, Jack from Ardrossan
Watts, Fred G. from Lloydminster
Watts, Fred W. from Wainwright
Watts, Gwendoline from Carstairs
Watts, M.C. from Vegreville, Bowden
Watts, Mrs. Robert W. from Rimbey
Watts, Nancy Jean from Nampa
Watts, Oscar & Emrys Allen from Nampa
Watts, Thomas from Lloydminster, Rising Sun
Waud, Lille
Waugh, Douglas E. from Brooks
Waugh, William John from Rocky Mountain House, Cochran
Waunch, Ben A. from Carnwood
Waunch, J. from Tofield
Wawaruk, Nick from Edmonton, Legal
Wawrinchuk, T. from Alix
Way, C.E. from Strathmore
Way, Christopher from Mannville, Hinton
Way, David Victor from Vermilion
Way, Dick from Mannville
Way, Mervin F. from High River
Way, Mrs. W.L. from Turner Valley, Nanton, Gordondale,
Way, Paul from Mannville
Way, Paul from Manville
Way, W.L. & Lawrence DeWitt Robertson from Nanton, Sandpoint, ID
Way, W.L. & Lawrence Robertson DeWitt from Nanton, San
Way, W.M. from Mannville
Wayant, Roy E. from Bearberry
Wayant, Silas J. from Blackie, Bearberry
Waye, Sam from Innisfree, Mannville
Wayland, Leon L. from Eureka River
Wear, Hardro m Pincher Creek
Wearmouth, George from Cochrane
Weasel Fat, Fred Jr., from Cardston
Weaselfat, Clarence from Cardston
Weaselfat, Ralph from Cardston
Weatherall, Russell Caulder from Calgary
Weatherby, Clement C. from Rimbey
Weatherhead, Francis from Woolford, Raley
Weatherill, W. from Tees
Weatherly, Arnold from Metiskow
Weatherly, Johnnie from Lloyd's Hill
Weatherly, William from Del Bonita
Weatherman, Mary Louise from Hythe
Weaver, Arthur from Cadogan
Weaver, C.L. from Glen Leslie
Weaver, Donna (Weaver Ranching Company) from Strathmor
Weaver, Donna (Weaver Ranching Company) from Strathmore
Weaver, Donnie from Cadogan
Weaver, Edna formerly Mrs. Pike from Kinsella
Weaver, Frank F. from Endiang
Weaver, John E. from Cadogan
Weaver, Keith from Lloydminster
Weaver, Olive from Cadogan
Weaver, Peter & Lucy from Cadogan
Weaver, Robert C. from Mannville
Webb, A.V. from Brooks
Webb, Arthur Albert, & Ralph Martin from Pincher Creek
Webb, Arthur William from Bowden, Innisfail
Webb, B.A. from Pashley
Webb, Bernard Gardner from Rimbey
Webb, Bill from Sedgewick
Webb, Donald from Mannville
Webb, Estle from Bluffton
Webb, G.V. from Cremona
Webb, George W. from Lethbridge
Webb, John E. from Mannville
Webb, John from High River, Blackie
Webb, L.E. from Calgary, Midnapore
Webb, Lewis M. & Sons (Arthur Albert & Ralph Martin) f
Webb, Max G. from Calgary
Webb, Mrs. M.D. from Stettler
Webb, Oren E. from Consort
Webb, Orval from Cochrane
Webb, R.D. from Calgary
Webb, Ralph from Pincher Creek
Webb, Robert D. from Pincher Creek
Webb, Ruth Young, & Frank H. from Hythe
Webb, Thomas J. from Brownfield
Webber, Albert J. S. from Endiang
Webber, G. H. & J.W. from Drumheller
Webber, Harvey H. from La Glace, East Pine, B C
Webber, John from Smoky Heights, Sexsmith
Webber, Norman from Innisfree
Weber, A.J. & Weber, Emma Elizabeth from Keg River
Weber, Carl from Endiang
Weber, Douglas Bryan from Didsbury
Weber, Edgar from Valleyview
Weber, G. on from Bezanson
Weber, G. from Endiang
Weber, Ivor from Didsbury
Weber, John from Castor, Calgary
Weber, Peter Warner from Banff, Myrnam
Weber, Robert from Brightview
Weber, Wayne Irvin & Diane Lynn from Claresholm
Weberg, Harold from Wembley
Webers Ranch (Don Weber) from Didsbury
Webgo Farms (Ernest Good) from Didsbury
Websdale, Fred George from Stettler
Websdale, ad
Webster Brha rd, Kenneth )
Webster, Bert L. from Mapova, Thorhild
Webster, Bruce from Big Valley
Webster, Dick (Richard) & William from Thompson, Orion
Webster, E.R. from Vegreville, La Corey
Webster, Ed & Annie from Big Valley
Webster, Emery from Ponoka
Webster, George Charles from Big Valley
Webster, George from Orion
Webster, George from Orion
Webster, George from Worsley, Vanrena
Webster, Gerald from Calgary, Millarville
Webster, John Kenneth from Mapova, Edmonton
Webster, Joseph R. from Orion
Webster, L.E. from Hay Lakes
Webster, Mary L. from Mulhurst
Webster, Richard Nelson from Bashaw
Webster, Tony Gail from Calgary
Webster, W.P. from Roseberg, Seven Persons
Webster, Wayne from Orion
Webster, William from Orion
Wecker, Dan from Bentley
Wecko, Michael from Hinton, Brooks
Wedell, Carl A. from Albright
Wedell, Carl A. from Albright
Weder, Bernard from Royal Park
Weder, Carl A. from Viking
Weder, John from Camrose, Innisfree
Weder, Ken from Innisfree
Weder, Robert Gustave from Innisfree
Weder, Robert O. from Innisfree
Wedgewood, Tom W. from South Edmonton
Wedlund, Helge H. from Rimbey
Wedlund, Oscar from Lacombe, Tees
Wedman, Ernest W. from Rocky Mountain House
Weed, Charles from Nanton
Weedon, Robert from Calgary
Weegar, Clel la
Weegar, Mrns ter
Weegar, Rupert L. from Bezanson
Weeks, Gordon Raymond from Fleet, Castor
Weeks, Howard E. from Woking
Weeks, Howard S. from Orion
Weeks, John from Cluny
Weeks, William from Crowfoot, Gleichen, Cluny
Weeres, Kenneth W. from Edmonton, Camrose
Weerstra, Andrew J. from Granum
Weerstra, Andrew J. from Granum
Weerstra, R.H. from Granum
Weerstra, Rommert Anne from Granum
Weetman, Rke , ND
Wegener, Ent on
Wegner, Adoplh H. & Annastasia from Tiger Lily, Barrhe
Wegner, Robert John & Sons (Robert, Jerry, Walter, Ric
Wegner, Walter from Leduc
Wehrhahn, August from Mountain View, Calgary
Weibel, Walter from Lac La Biche
Weich, Bert from Hanna, Coronation
Weich, Ernest from Scapa, Hanna
Weich, Louis from Hanna
Weich, Rudolf from Hanna
Weicker, J.A. from Grande Prairie
Weidemann, Victor S. from Irvine
Weidenspan, Christ from Redcliff
Weighill, Mrs. C.E. from Alcurve
Weiland, Edward from Manyberries
Weiland, Gordon from Manyberries
Weiland, JSK
Weiland, Wallace from Manyberries
Weimer, John A. from Medicine Hat
Weinfurtner, Joe from Sexsmith
Weinmeier, George from Mallaig
Weins, Paul from Bashaw
Weir, Charles from Lougheed
Weir, Fay & Mrs. Robert from Priddis
Weir, Jack from Edmonton
Weir, Jack from Edmonton
Weir, John Elliott from Lougheed
Weir, John from Millarville
Weir, Mrs. Robert & E.R. Borgal from Priddis
Weir, R. from Pincher Creek
Weir, Robert Lyall from Goodfare
Weir, William L. from Medicine Hat, Suffield
Weir, William R. from Bow Island
Weis, F.H. from Huxley
Weis, Fred & Roy Fred from Sexsmith
Weis, Fred & Roy Fred from Sexsmith
Weis, Fred from Sexsmith
Weisenburger, Fred from Huxley
Weiser, Ambrose from Calgary
Weiser, Willi H. from Erskine, Stettler
Weisgerber, Ben from Schuler
Weisgerber, Emanuel from Schuler
Weisgerber, Frank from Schuler
Weisgerber, William from Schuler
Weishaar, Emil from Irvine, Lloydminster, Viking, Kins
Weishaar, os sing, SK
Weisner, Gus from Olds
Weiss, Annie from Medicine Hat
Weiss, David Harris from Manyberries
Weiss, Dean N. from Del Bonita
Weiss, Douglas A. from Tilley, Brooks
Weiss, Elmer from Medicine Hat
Weiss, Emil K. from Tilley
Weiss, Emma S. from Kimball, Medicine Hat
Weiss, Frank from Sangudo
Weiss, Fred A. from Alderson, Elkwater
Weiss, Harold E. from Olds, Sioux Falls, SD, Turtle La
Weiss, Herbert, Briggs, Arnold J. from Ardrossan, Edmo
Weiss, Jacob from Medicine Hat
Weiss, Jacob Jr. from Kimball, Thelma, Irvine
Weiss, Jacob Jr. from Kimball, Thelma, Irvine
Weiss, Jerry from Irvine
Weiss, Jerry M. from Medicine Hat
Weiss, JohLa ke
Weiss, John from Roseberg, Seven Persons, Medicine Hat
Weiss, John Jr. from Medicine Hat, Tothill
Weiss, John Jr. from Medicine Hat, Tothill
Weiss, John K. from Hilda, Medicine Hat
Weiss, John L. from Olds, Kirriemuir, Hilda
Weiss, Joseph William from Sangudo
Weiss, Mathilda from Kimball
Weiss, Mrs. Fred from Medicine Hat, Irvine
Weiss, Mrs. Fred from Medicine Hat, Irvine
Weiss, Pauge
Weiss, Philip John from Lindbrook
Weiss, Ralph from Tothill, Medicine Hat, Meadow Lake,
Weiss, Rayg
Weiss, Sheldon C. from Del Bonita, Grande Prairie
Weiss, Stanley J. from Del Bonita
Weiss, Stanley James & Cleona Marie from Monitor
Weiss, Stanley James from Monitor
Weiss, Thomas from Medicine Hat
Weiss, Walter W. from Edmonton, Sherwood Park
Weisse, Bertha from Rockyford, Hanna, Nightingale
Weisser, Paul Alvin from Camrose
Weitman Bros. from Hanna
Weivoda, Carl J. from Killam
Weivoda, Carl J. from Killam
Welburn, Gordon from Winterburn
Welby, E. from Bruce
Welch, Burton & Marjorie from Rosebud, Big Prairie
Welch, Lance V. from Cowley, Wetaskiwin, Fort Macleod
Weld, S. S. & Gladys K from St. Kilda
Weld, Samuel S. from St. Kilda, Coutts
Weld, Samuel S. from St. Kilda, Coutts
Weldon, James B. from Meeting Creek
Welen, HelK
Weller, Alfred Edward from Edmonton
Wellinggton, Mrs. W. from Mercoal, Canmore
Wellman, Carl from Marwayne
Wellman, R.H. from Milo
Wellock, John P. from Medicine Hat
Wells, Brian Patrick from Edmonton, Sherwood Park
Wells, Cecil Giffarad from Scandia
Wells, Charles from Sputinow
Wells, Dorothy B. from Vermilion
Wells, G.N. from Raymond
Wells, Gerald from Cardston
Wells, Jack from Edmonton
Wells, Jim A. from Beaver Crossing, Alberta, Beaver Cr
Wells, Jim from Lethbridge
Wells, Lawrence A. from Hanna, Bearberry, Sundre
Wells, Lester E. from Bowden
Wells, Robert from Mcleod, Cardston
Wells, Rudy from Stand Off
Wells, Thomas B. from Penhold, Rimbey
Welsby, Andre Maurice & Hall, Frank Henry from Hinton
Welsby, Andre Maurice from Hinton
Welsh, Alfred P. from Millarville
Welsh, George from Suffield
Welsh, George Tait from Onoway
Welsh, Henry from Grand Centre
Welsh, Jeane from Bragg Creek
Welsh, Joseph from Bragg Creek
Welsh, Robert from Lundbreck
Welsh, Tom from Lethbridge
Welsh, Wilfred Laurier & Harvey from Lundbreck
Welsh, Wilfred Laurier & Harvey from Lundbreck
Welshimer, M.F. from Cheadle
Welton, Gordon R from Pine Lake
Welton, Gordon R. & R.G. Stevenson from Calgary, Pine
Welton, Gordon R. & R.G. Stevenson from Calgary, Pine Lake
Welton, Gordon R. from Pine Lake
Welty, Anna Mary from Stettler
Welty, Doug F. from Stettler, Pincher Creek
Welty, Kenneth from Stettler
Wemp, W.H from Buffalo
Wenaas, R.O. from Hoadley
Wenanden, Albert & Axel from Vale
Wenanden, ga ry
Wenanden, Axel from Vale
Wenbourne, Ted from Taber
Wende, Albert from Cowley
Wendelboe, Bogdund P.A. from Eagle Hill
Wendelboe, M.S. from Picture Butte, Champion, Lethbrid
Wendelboe, Ross from Barons
Wendell, Joe from S. Edmonton
Wendland, John from Medicine Hat, Gros Ventre, Roseber
Wendt, Wayne R. from Bindloss
Wendt,William from Athabasca
Wenger, John from Czar
Wenger, John Henry from Swan Hills, Red Water
Wennekamp, C. from Lloydminster
Wenner, Joseph from Turner Valley
Wenner, Olaf from Seven Persons
Wenner, Sina from Seven Persons
Wennes, Allen M. from Carmangay
Wennes, MaB C
Wensink Bros. (John B. & G.D.) from Castor
Wensink Bros. (John B. & G.D.) from Castor
Wenskus, James from Brooks
Wenskus, Mary from Brooks
Wensley, Herbert M. from Edmonton
Wensman, Leonard A. from Milk River
Wensmann, Felix from Milk River
Wenstrom, Carl from Langdon
Wenstrom, Carl from Langdon
Wenz, Andrew from Hays, Burstall, SK
Wenzel, A.R. from Oyen
Wenzel, E.E. from Countess, Cassils, Brooks, Senate, S
Wenzel, Ewald E. from Chauvin, Sherwood Park, Blackfoo
Wenzel, I.C. from Oyen
Werbecki, Mike from Mannville
Werbecki, Mike from Manville
Werbitski, Mike from Minburn
Werely, Morgan from Valhalla
Weremey, Harry from Innisfree
Weremey, William from Mannville
Werenka, Adam from Two Hills
Werenka, Bill from Two Hills, Hairy Hill
Werenka, Michael from Vilna
Werenka, Wasyl from Duvernay
Werenka, William from Spring Creek, Norma
Werner, A. from High Prairie
Werner, J.A. from Calgary
Werner, Robert from Stavely
Werner, William Willard from Lacombe
Wernham, Edwin from Dorothy
Werstiuk, David from Glendon
Werstiuk, Nestor from Ispas, Two Hills
Werstiuk, Nick from Ispas
Wertheimer Cattle Company from Edmonton
Wertheimer Cattle Company from Edmonton
Wescott, George William from Woolford
Wescott, Hau nders
Wescott, Max from Woolford
Weslake, George & Son from Tofield, Lindbrook
Wesley, Cecil from Lethbridge, Etzikom
Wesley, Frank J. from Strome
Wesley, Joseph V. from Innisfree
Wesley, Joseph V. from Innisfree
Wesley, Robert from Morley
Weslh, William George from Coronation
Wessel, Horst Gunter from Mannville
Wesser, George from Bowden
Wesser, George from Bowden
West Blackfoot Cattle Co-Op Ltd. from Gleichen
West Canadian Collieries from Blairmore
West Edmonton Grocery & Meats Ltd. from Edmonton
West, D.C. from Waskatenau, Pine Creek
West, E. from Radway
West, Floyd from Nanton
West, George from Wetaskiwin
West, Harden from Mountain View
West, Mabel from Owendale
West, Maurice M. from Halkirk
West, Morris from Strathmore
West, Morris from Strathmore
West, Ronald Warren from Manning
Westbrook, Roy E. & Son (C.L.) from Viking, Edmonton
Westbrook, Roy E. & Son (C.L.) from Viking, Edmonton
Westby, Ivan Richard & Judith Karen from Rosemary, Cal
Westclare Feeders Ltd (W.A. Alm) from Claresholm
Westcott, Haze from Woolford
Westeen, Meryl Hazel from Rosedale, Grande Cache
Wester, Norman from Tilley
Wester, Odd Ralph from Tilley
Wester, Ralph from Tilley
Westergreen, Anna from Wrentham
Westerheide, Paul William from Rainier
Westerland, Leonard C. from Gunn
Western Feeders Association from Strathmore
Western Gem Mining Company from Drumheller
Western Irrigation District from Strathmore
Western Livestock (1958) Ltd from Red Deer
Western Livestock Ltd. (Gordon Riley & Betty Jean remarried name Phillips) from Edmonton
Western Ranches Limited from Calgary
Westerndorf, Norman from Wetaskiwin
Westfall Bros. (Arnold & Ernest) from New Norway
Westfall, Bessie from Woolford, Owendale
Westfall, Ernest O. from New Norway
Westfall, Melvin from New Norway
Westhora, William from Taber, Vancouver, BC, Richmond,
Westiuk, Walter & Steve from Ispas
Westlake, A.E. from Leedale
Westley, Cl
Westlind, Ed from Vauxhall
Westlind, ol ine
Westlind, Oscar from Vauxhall
Westling Bros. (Oscar E & Eddie J.) from Clive
Westling Bros. (Oscar E. & Eddie J.) from Clive
Westling, Helen D. from Clive
Westlock Feeders Association Ltd. From Westlock
Westman, C.O. from Brightview
Westmancoat, Brian from Ryley
Westrop, R, Dovercourt
Westwick, Emily from Patricia
Westwick, John H. from Patricia
Westwick, John J. from Patricia
Wetanko, John from Fairview
Wetenkamp, August from Scotfield, Reist
Wetmiller, Albert J. from Lathom, Bassano
Wetmiller, Albert J. from Lathom, Bassano
Wetter, August from Leduc
Wettstein, Eugene from Lacombe, Red Willow
Wettstein, Hans from Stettler
Wetzel, Sam from Rimbey
Wetzler J. E. & Dan Bloxham from Bluffton, Iola
Wetzstein, Anton from Bodo
Wetzstein, Martin from Bodo
Weultjes, H.A. from Calgary
Wever, James from Burdett
Whalen, R.s
Wharton, P.W. from Hazeldine
Whatcher, George H. from Red Deer
Whatcher, e
Whatley, Donald from Forest Lawn
Whatley, Larry from Buck Lake
Whatmore, Frederick Arthur from Bluffton
Wheadon, His ty
Wheat, N.P. from Carbon
Wheat, William from Armistice
Wheaton, Iris J. from Rocky Mountain House
Wheaton, Mrs. Tommy C. from Rocky Mountain House
Wheaton, Tommy C. from Morley, Rocky Mountain House, S
Wheeler, C. L. from Namaka
Wheeler, Fred Bilton from Calgary
Wheeler, G.A. from Calgary, Mirror
Wheeler, Jeg , MB
Wheeler, Orville from Olds
Wheeler, Paul B. from Standard
Wheeler, W.H. from Scandia
Whelen, Edward from Brierville
Wherrell, Archie Ellison from Rycroft
Whidden, David from Jarrow
Whidden, Edwina M. from Markerville
Whillans Bros. (Norman & Gordon) from Black Diamond
Whillans, George from Blackie, High River
Whillans, Roy from Tofield
Whillans, Wilfred L. & Margaret R. from Manning
Whillans, William H from Pine Lake
Whillans, William H. from Pine Lake
Whipple, Clifford N. from Stand Off
Whipple, Clifford N. from Stand Off
Whisler, Cecil A. from Endiang
Whistlerock Herefords from Big Valley
Whitaker, J.H. from Huxley
Whitaker, M.E. from Goodfare
Whitbeck, W.L. from Winfield
Whitby, R.O. from Opal
Whitcomb, Loretta M. from Czar, Neutral Hills, Amisk
White Bros. (Paul & Will ) from St. Paul
White Bros. from Brooks
White G. Russell from Lundbreck
White, Albert B. from Ribstone
White, Alfred H. from Sounding Lake, Daysland, Monitor
White, Art from Dixonville, Clear Hills
White, Bernice from Parkland
White, Cecil T.D. from Olds
White, D.R. from Joffre, Lacombe
White, Earl Jack from Rochfort Bridge, Calgary
White, Elmer W. from Claresholm
White, Frank A. from Provost
White, Fred from Atlee
White, Fred from Irma
White, George from Halkirk
White, George Leslie from Lloydminster
White, Glenn S. from Springdale
White, H.A. from Tofield
White, Harold from Lloydminster
White, Harry from Drayton Valley
White, Harvey G. from Sundre
White, James A. from Manning
White, James from Wanham
White, James L. & Dorothy A. from Ranfurly
White, Joe from Coaldale, Coutts
White, Joseph from Midnapore, Langdon
White, Lewe, Twin Butte
White, M. from Markerville
White, Margaret M. & Donna L. from Sexsmith, High Leve
White, Mrs. Hazelfern from Lyalta
White, Mrs. Joe from Westcott, James River Bridge, Car
White, Mrs. Robert from Carbon, Wanham
White, N.E. from Knee Hill Valley, Innisfail
White, Paul S. from Calgary
White, Ralph from Calgary
White, Ronnie from Keg River, Ranfurly
White, Ruth K.M. from Calgary
White, T.A. from Clive
White, Theresa from Hobbema
White, Virgil R. from Wainwright, Rocky Mountain House
White, W.B. from Vulcan
White, W.T. from Cereal
White, William & Ruth from Ogden, Shepard, Calgary
White, William Alfred from Bellevue
White, William E. from Bearberry
Whitecalf, Jesse from Rocky Mountain House
Whiteford,ra irie
Whitehead, Bernard from Ponoka
Whitehead, Charlie from Peace River
Whitehead, Dorothy from Redcliff
Whitehead, Fred from Brutus, Bingville
Whitehead, James from Redcliff
Whitehead, James W. from Mannville
Whitehead, Stanislaus from Peace River
Whitehorn, G.E. from Donalda
Whitehorn, Herbert E. from Donald
Whitehorn, Herbert E. from Donald
Whitehorne, Jessie from Lethbridge
Whitehouse, Edward John Stanley E. Bates from Carstair
Whitelet, J.W. from Rusylvia
Whiteley, William Montague from Fabyan
Whitelock Bros. (Clifford & Bruce & Allan) from Lindal
Whitelock, Clarence from Hardisty
Whitelock, Florence J. from Airways, Czar
Whitelock, Frank from Hardisty, Battle Ridge
Whitelock, George from Puffer, Czar, Battle Bend, Hard
Whitelock, Grace from Breton
Whitelock, James from Czar
Whitelock, Walter E. & Stella Alfreda from Hughenden
Whiteman, Wilfred H. from Czar
Whitesel, Joyce from Milk River, Coutts
Whiteside, George Addison from Stettler
Whiteside, S. from Pollockville
Whiteside, W.H. from Innisfail
Whitfield, F.G. from Calgary, St. James Bridge, Winnip
Whitfield, Ronald from Marwayne
Whitford, A.J. from Frog Lake
Whitford, E.G. from Phillips
Whitford, George from Grandin, Brierville, Edmonton
Whitford, Gordon from Fort McMurray
Whitford, Herbert from Brierville
Whitford, Ivan W. from Raven
Whitford, James from Calgary
Whitford, N.W. from Brierville
Whitford, R. & Sons from Brierville
Whitford, William from Hines Creek, Vanrena, Worsley
Whiting Bros. from Marwayne, Bellcamp
Whiting, Dora from Marwayne
Whiting, E.D. from Marwayne
Whiting, Stanley from Lloydminster
Whitlam, Charles from Mundare
Whitlock, Harry T. from Hindville
Whitlock, Harry T. from Hindville
Whitlock, Johnny from Vauxhall, Banff, Saanichton, BC
Whitlock, Keith A. from Vermilion
Whitlock, William from Hindville, Wildmere, Vermilion
Whitlow, E. from Cremona
Whitlow, James from Cremona
Whitlow, Michael Russel from Cremona
Whitman, EAl sike, Medicine Hat
Whitman, Fred from Lobley
Whitman, O.P. from Calgary, Sexsmith
Whitnack, Edith Irene from Veteran
Whitnack, Jack from Veteran
Whitney, Anton from Newbrook
Whitney, Arthur from James River Bridge
Whitney, Edgar R. from Burtonsville
Whitney, Ennis Darrell from Stanmore
Whitney, Florence from Vauxhall
Whitney, Nancy Etta from Lethbridge
Whitney, Stanley from Lethbridge
Whitson, Ed from Waskatenau
Whitson, George H. from Mannville
Whitson, George H. from Mannville
Whitson, Hector George from Mannville
Whitson, Hector George from Mannville
Whitson, William R from Fort Saskatchewan
Whitstone, Johnson from Onion Lake, SK
Whittaker, Albert from Bon Accord
Whittaker, P.A. & Sons from Eckville, Crossfield
Whittemoreea ce River
Whitten, HP ennant, SK
Whitten, Harvey Frank from Edmonton
Whitten, Irene from Minburn
Whitten, Ken from Minburn
Whitten, Viola from Minburn
Whoop-Up Saddle Club from Lethbridge
Whyte, Allan from Innisfail
Whyte, James B. from Pincher Creek, Calgary, Lethbridg
Whyte, Stewart G. from Hinton
Wiancko, Lillian M. from Rimbey
Wiart, Henri from Castor, Alliance
Wibe, David from Pincher Creek, Welling
Wiberg, John from Tilley
Wiberg, Melvin F. from New Norway
Wichman, Engelbert from Lindbergh, Primrose, St. Paul
Wick, Allan from Bindloss
Wick, John C. from Iddesleigh
Wick, Richard from Harmattan, Olds
Wickberg, Clem Edwin from Pouce Coupe, BC
Wickenburg, A.R. from Tofield
Wickenheizer, John from Hayes, Vauxhall
Wickenheizer, John from Hays, Vauxhall
Wickens, Francis Albert from Nordegg
Wickham, J.R from Calgary
Wickins, W. J from Cork
Wickmire, Edmund from Salt Prairie
Wickner, S.R. & J.R. Johnson from Conrich
Wicks, A. John from Evergreen, Nateby
Wicks, Alfred E. from Innisfail
Wicks, R.C. from Bowden
Wickson, H.G. & Son from High River, Campbell River, B
Wickwire Bros. (Douglas & George) from Grouard, Salt P
Wickwire, T. from Red Deer
Widdicombe, Charles W from Wainwright
Widdiefield, J.G. from Rolling Hills, Calgary
Widdup, Bert from Cayley
Wideman, Allan R. from Berrymoor
Wideman, Wilmot from Fleet
Widlake, A.W. from Sedgewick
Widlake, Mrs. C. from Hardisty, Battle Bend
Widmer, Albert from Magrath, Cardston
Widmer, Alfred from Seven Persons
Widmer, Arthur from Cardston
Widmer, William R. from Seven Persons
Widrick, Arthur from Sangudo
Wiebe, Bernard J. from Travers, Lomond
Wiebe, D.P. from Linden
Wiebe, Frederick from Linden, Donavon, SK
Wiebe, George from Calgary
Wiebe, George from Shaughnessy
Wiebe, Henry from Sundre
Wiebe, Henry from Vauxhall
Wiebe, Petet tler
Wiebe, Peter G. & J.C. from Gem
Wiebe, Peter Jr. from Scandia, Brooks
Wiebe, Stanley J. from Okotoks
Wiebe, William from Crooked Creek
Wiechnik John from New Brigden
Wiedeman, Maria from Irvine
Wiehier, Ernest from Rosemary
Wiekom, Amel from Rowley
Wieners, Christine (De Winton Ranch ) from Calgary
Wiens, Abram J. from Gem
Wiens, Anny, (Four Hills Ranch) from Sundre
Wiens, Daniel from Glenwood, Pincher Creek
Wiens, Dave from Elkton, Bergen
Wiens, David from Gem
Wiens, Dick from Water Valley
Wiens, Ernest from St. Albert
Wiens, F.F. from Travers, Edmonton
Wiens, George from Olds
Wiens, Gerhard from Harmattan
Wiens, H.V. from Sundre, Leslieville
Wiens, Henry from Tofield, Lathom
Wiens, Max G. from Sundre
Wiens, Pete from New Brigden
Wiens, Richard P. from Hughenden
Wiersma, Mike from New Dayton
Wiese Bros. (M.H. & William H.) from Viking
Wiese, F.C. from Irma
Wiese, William H from Viking
Wiess, Annie from Roseberg
Wiest, Annette A. from Consort
Wiest, C.Rar y, Lone Pine
Wiest, John & Sons from Consort
Wiest, Oswald from Consort
Wiest, Phil from Enchant
Wiest, Phil from Enchant, Tofield
Wiest, Wilfred Ray from Irvine, Kittimat, BC
Wieting, Stephen M. & Flora E. from Carnwood, Breton,
Wietzel, Adam from Castor
Wietzel, France from Castor
Wigemyr, Thomas & John Thomas from Patricia
Wigemyr, Thomas & John Thomas from Patricia
Wigemyr, Tom from Patricia
Wiggell, Jerry from Aetna
Wiggett, Lewis E. from Rocky Mountain House
Wiggill, Jerry from Macleod, Calgary
Wiggill, Jerry Gordon from Whiskey Gap
Wiggill, Lynn John from Cranford, Lethbridge
Wiggs, Owen Kenneth from Duchess
Wiggs, RobD uchess
Wigham, George from Sundre
Wight, Eugene N. from Black Diamond
Wight, H.Eac La Biche
Wightman, ru ka
Wighton, George from Lomond
Wigle, E.Jn
Wihman, Dan from Lundbreck
Wiig, Inga (from Steveville, Wardlow
Wiker, Harold from Bearberry
Wikner, Oscar E. from Dawson Creek, BC, Bear Canyon, P
Wikstrand, John & Matt Roosa from Vermilion, Edmonton,
Wikstrand, John & Matt Roosa from Vermilion, Edmonton, Pennant, SK
Wiland, Charles Russell from Stettler, Big Valley
Wiland, Don from Big Valley
Wilander, Albert from Ponoka
Wilby, Arnold C. from Jasper
Wilcinsky, August from Magrath
Wilcox, Bert G. from Cardston, Kimball
Wilcox, C.R. from Edmonton, Lindberg
Wilcox, Elmer Byron from Marwayne, Hazeldine, Riverton
Wild, Nelson C. from Trochu, Linden
Wilde, Arnold W. from Watino
Wilde, Mary A. from Welling, Lethbridge
Wilde, Spencer O. from Mountain View
Wilde, Sterling Floyd from Welling
Wilde, Walter from Okotoks, High River
Wildeman, Fred J. from Czar
Wilder Motors Ltd. from Ponoka
Wilderman, A.H. from Blackie, Midnapore
Wildman, Casey from Rocky Mountain House
Wildman, George R. from Vulcan, OK City, OK
Wildman, Murphy from Rocky Mountain House
Wildman, Percy from Morley
Wileman, H.J. from Longview
Wiley, Frances H. from Paradise Valley
Wiley, J.M. from High River
Wiley, Marvin F. from Red Deer
Wilfley, James A. from Calgary, Brooks
Wilford, W. Frelan from Stavely
Wilhelm, John from Red Deer, Summerland, BC
Wilhelm, Larry from Red Deer, Manning
Wilhelm, Phillip from Duchess
Wilhelm, Phillip S. from Heath, Edgerton
Wilhite, John Carl from Vermilion
Wilhite, Mabel from Claresholm
Wilhite, Ray & Vest from Claresholm
Wilhite, Vest from Claresholm
Wilk, William Paul from Lacombe
Wilkes, Perry T. from Milk River, Coutts
Wilkie, Alld
Wilkie, William Lutton from Innisfail
Wilkins, Bruce from Lacombe
Wilkins, G.E. from Jasper
Wilkinson, Albert W. from Kitscoty
Wilkinson, Duncan A. from Badger Lake
Wilkinson, Herbert J. from St. Paul, Minburn
Wilkinson, James from Priddis
Wilkinson, John from Alix
Wilkinson, Leslie from Vanesti
Wilkinson, Morley F. from Clover Bar, Edmonton
Wilkinson, Peter from Islay
Wilkinson, W.J. from Tolland
Wilkinson, William H. from Edgerton
Wilks, Clarence Trueman (Wilks Bros.) from Erskine, St
Will, August K. from Ponoka
Will, Daniel Leslie from Calmar
Will, George R. from Calgary
Will, Gustav A. from Strathmore
Will, John from Irvine
Will, Leslie T. from Calmar
Willan, G.E from Barons
Willard, Allan from Sundre
Willard, Henry "Hank" M. from Torrington
Willard, Judy Ann from Beaverlodge
Willard, W.H. from Scandia, Rainier
Willcox ,Justus Azel Jr.from Stirling
Willems, Fn Barlow) from Strathmore
Willey, Kenneth from Vegreville
William Bros. from Duchess, Taber
William, Ross D. from Hillsdown, Red Deer
Williams, A. Edgar from Vermilion
Williams, Albert from St. Paul
Williams, Anna R. from Foremost
Williams, Bart from Trochu
Williams, Bruce Raymond Eugene from Bluffton, Ponoka
Williams, C. from Pibroch
Williams, C.D. from Calgary, W. Vancouver, BC
Williams, C.M. & B.E. from Ponoka
Williams, Chester from Consort
Williams, Chester W. from Pincher Creek
Williams, D.R. from Vermilion
Williams, E. from Duffield, Highvale
Williams, Earl J. from Midnapore
Williams, Edward from Kinsella, Youngstown
Williams, Erick from Nanton, Bassano, Blue Ridge, Calg
Williams, Ernest Charles from Stony Plain
Williams, F. & Son from Fort Assiniboine
Williams, F.M. from South Edmonton
Williams, Florence from Metiskow
Williams, Freeman G. from Wildmere
Williams, G.B. from Viking
Williams, Genora from Falun
Williams, George from Evansburg
Williams, Gordon C. from Taber, Post Falls, ID
Williams, Gordon from Cardston
Williams, Guy H. from Marwayne, Lloydminster
Williams, H.S. from Sangudo, Cherhill
Williams, Harold from Vilna, Bellis
Williams, Harold from Wetaskiwin
Williams, Harold W. from Dorenlee
Williams, J.A. from Castor
Williams, J.R. from Esther, Del Bonita
Williams, Jack Robert from Lac La Biche
Williams, James Fraser from Ensign
Williams, James from Scapa
Williams, James W. & Sons (Matziwin Ranch) from Taber,
Williams, Jim from Tofield
Williams, John from S. Edmonton
Williams, Joseph Franklin from Rocky Mountain House, L
Williams, Joseph M. from Stettler, Campbell Hill, Hema
Williams, Ken L. from Hughenden
Williams, L.C. from Cochrane
Williams, L.S. (Weiller Williams Company) from Edmonto
Williams, Lawrence C. from Calgary, Cochrane
Williams, Lawrence E. from Fort Assiniboine
Williams, Lewis from Ponoka
Williams, Lorne F. from Hughenden
Williams, Mathew from Cochrane
Williams, Morley & C.P. Halislieff from Battle Lake
Williams, Mrs. S.L. from Chin, Athabasca
Williams, Mrs. S.L. from Chin, Athabasca
Williams, Mrs. V.E. from Water Valley
Williams, Mrs. V.E. from Water Valley
Williams, Mrs. W.S from Chin
Williams, Mrs.W.S from Chin
Williams, O.M. from Cardston
Williams, P. George from Fort Saskatchewan
Williams, Paul L. from Strome
Williams, R.B. from Jeffrey
Williams, Richard from Ensign
Williams, S. C. from Claresholm
Williams, S.H. from Rosemead, Travers
Williams, Sarah Louise from Studio City, CA
Williams, Stephen from Fort Assiniboine
Williams, T. from Hazelmere
Williams, Terrance Clayton from Carstairs
Williams, W.D. from Lloydminster, SK, Calgary
Williams, W.E. from Cessford, Wardlow
Williams, Wallace from Nordegg
Williams, Walter Edward from Rosalind
Williams, William from Whiskey Gap, Coaldale
Williams, st er
Williams, William J. from Coronation, Rimbey, Bentley
Williams, William Walter from Elnora
Williamson Estates Ltd. from Cochrane
Williamson, A.D. from Midnapore
Williamson, A.H. from Redcliff, Empress
Williamson, Alex from Lake Thelma, Coronation
Williamson, Arthur E. from Irricana
Williamson, Ernest from High River
Williamson, Fletcher D. from Bassano, Gem
Williamson, J. from Cluny, Calgary
Williamson, John from Wellsdale
Williamson, John Russell McLaren from Coaldale
Williamson, Lloyd J. from Buffalo
Williamson, N.J. from Dog Pound
Williamson, R.B. from Scandia
Williamson, R.J. & Son (J.L.) from Dog Pound, Crossfie
Williamson, Robert from Priddis
Willias, Egar I. from Ponoka
Willias, Egar I. from Ponoka
Willie Bros. from Lacombe
Willie, George H. from Lacombe
Willier, Russell J. from Enilda
Willis, A.L. from Beaverlodge
Willis, Gerald Carlson from Edmonton
Willis, Gerald Carlson from Edmonton
Willis, Larry Dean from Lomond, Halkirk
Williscroft, Delbert from High Prairie
Williscroft, H.E. from Dewberry, Edmonton
Williscroft, H.E. from Dewberry, Edmonton
Williscroft, Robert George from High River
Willisko, Albert from New Sarepta
Willisko, George M & Son Rudolph from Daysland
Willisko, Rudolph from Daysland
Willman, H. L. from Twin Butte
Willman, John A & Rhoda from Waterton Park
Willman, Vorece Huston from Ensign
Willms, A.J. from Coaldale
Willms, Henry from Grassy Lake
Willms, Jake from Gem
Willms, John J. from Gem
Willms, John J. from Grassy Lake
Willness, David from Saskatoon, SK
Willoughby, Gordon from Lloydminster, Kitscoty
Willoughby, Percy from Kitscoty
Willoughby, Ronald from Earlie
Willow Green Ranches Ltd. (Richard Edward, Mary & Alla
Willows, Earl from Cardston, Hill Springs
Willows, Jack E. from Alder Flats, Pendryl
Willows, R.E. from.Winfield
Wills, G.H. from Calgary
Wills, Harry from Vauxhall
Wills, S. from Florann
Wills, Walter C. from Goodfare
Wills, Wilbur W. from Dolcy
Wills, William from St. Paul
Willson, Charles H. from Bashaw
Willson, Charles H. from Bashaw
Willson, Laura from Bashaw
Willumsen, Lars from Okotoks, Calgary
Willumsen,er ow, BC
Wilshusen, J.H. from Didsbury
Wilson Bros. from Boyle, Paxton
Wilson Bros. from Orvilton, Stoney Lake, Elk Point
Wilson, A.L. & Thomas Duncan from Cherhill
Wilson, Adeline L. from Calgary
Wilson, Alex from Scapa
Wilson, Alice L. from Lethbridge
Wilson, Alice M. from Rosedale Station, Drumheller
Wilson, Alice W. from Rocky Mountain House, Rimbey
Wilson, Arnold W. from Claresholm
Wilson, B. & P.B. Hendrickson from Dickson
Wilson, B.e, Majorville
Wilson, Baillie from Vermilion, Wildmere
Wilson, Ben from Irricana
Wilson, Bruce A. from Vermilion
Wilson, Charles S. from Calgary, Bassano
Wilson, Clark from Vermilion
Wilson, Clifford A. from Cremona
Wilson, Curtis H. from Vermilion
Wilson, Daniel from Foremost
Wilson, Dennis Lester from Bulwark, Coronation, Castor
Wilson, Donald E. from Vermilion
Wilson, Donald Richard from Rimbey, Ponoka
Wilson, Dr. John from Innisfail
Wilson, E. Kathleen from Midnapore
Wilson, Earl J. from Erskine
Wilson, Edward from Lethbridge
Wilson, Elgen O. from Picture Butte, Lethbridge
Wilson, Elmer from Taber
Wilson, Ernest from Noton, Gros Ventre
Wilson, Ernest L. from Wainwright
Wilson, Evelena & Robert Thomas from Vilna
Wilson, F.A. from Cummings
Wilson, Floyd from Bow Island, Burdett
Wilson, Frank Robert from Cochrane, Carstairs
Wilson, Frank S. from Sedgewick
Wilson, Fred from Brooks, Bow City, Eyremore
Wilson, Frederic William from Brownfield, Bulwark
Wilson, Frederick Edgar from Brownfield
Wilson, George A. from Cochrane
Wilson, George A. from Lethbridge, Barons
Wilson, George H. from Islay
Wilson, GeA ssiniboine
Wilson, George W.S. from MacLeod
Wilson, H.J. from Didsbury
Wilson, Harold C. from Vermilion
Wilson, Harvey A. from Vermilion
Wilson, Helen from Vermilion
Wilson, Henry F. from Czar, Metiskow, Shepard
Wilson, Herb from Rimbey
Wilson, Herbert W. from Mayerthorpe
Wilson, Howard Earl from Carstairs
Wilson, Hugh A. from Rowley
Wilson, Hugh C.W. from Mossleigh
Wilson, Hugh Harold from Breton
Wilson, Hugh M. from Calgary
Wilson, Hugh M. from Consort
Wilson, Ida from Cardston, Leavitt
Wilson, Irvin M. from Delburne
Wilson, J.R. from Gleichen
Wilson, James Donald from Rosedale, Drumheller
Wilson, James Edwin from Hardisty, Camrose
Wilson, James from Verdant Valley
Wilson, James G. from Medicine Hat, Coleridge, Woolche
Wilson, James M. from Foremost
Wilson, James W. from Nanton
Wilson, John (Dr.) from Innisfail
Wilson, John from Groton, Manyberries, Lethbridge
Wilson, John from Hartell
Wilson, John from Innisfail, Milnerton
Wilson, John H. from Calgary
Wilson, John M. from Vermilion
Wilson, K.B. from Fairview, Hines creek
Wilson, Ken
Wilson, Kieth Moody from Sedgewick
Wilson, Knut V. from Taber, Barnwell
Wilson, L.F. from Edmonton
Wilson, LaMar from Leavitt, Cardston
Wilson, Lawrence E. from Big Valley
Wilson, Lionel Eric from Claresholm
Wilson, Lorne A. from Carstairs
Wilson, Lorne from Islay
Wilson, Louis G. from Onion Lake, SK, Vermilion
Wilson, Lyle from Cardston
Wilson, M.P. from Delburne
Wilson, M.S. (estate) from Minburn
Wilson, Melvin F. from Drumheller, Craigmyle
Wilson, Morley Sanford from Carstairs
Wilson, Mrs. Alex from Hanna
Wilson, Mrs. John from New Brigden
Wilson, Nellie from Islay
Wilson, Olga C. from Craigmyle, Drumheller
Wilson, Oscar from Picture Butte, Manyberries
Wilson, Peter K. from Black Diamond
Wilson, R.A. & Sons from Dewberry
Wilson, R.J. from Bruce
Wilson, R.M. from Calgary
Wilson, R.N. from Macleod, Standoff
Wilson, Randy J. from Cleardale
Wilson, Ray from Mayerthorpe
Wilson, Rex from Dewberry
Wilson, Richard S. from North Edmonton, Redwater
Wilson, Robert Allan from Airways
Wilson, Robert from Salt Prairie, High Prairie
Wilson, Robert G. from Lucky Strike
Wilson, Roland from Carbon
Wilson, Ronald Stanley from Pincher Creek
Wilson, Roy E. from Rimbey
Wilson, Rudy from Chinook
Wilson, S.H. from Bluffton
Wilson, Samuel F. from Bingley
Wilson, Samuel Walter from Strathcona, Langdon
Wilson, Sorha May from Rimbey
Wilson, Stanley John from Edmonton
Wilson, T.J from Sedgewick
Wilson, Thomas E. from Spring Coulee, Cardston
Wilson, W.A. from Rowley
Wilson, W.J. from Wetaskiwin
Wilson, W.R. from Carbon, Delia
Wilson, White from Grouard, Salt Prairie
Wilson, Wilbert H. from Coronation
Wilson, William Francis from Canmore
Wilson, William from Erskine
Wilson, William Henry from Mayerthorpe, Houston, BC, P
Wilson, Wilmot Gerow from Lavoy
Wilson, Woodrow E. from Vermilion
Wilson, Woodrow from Grouard
Wilt, John Bonar from Boyle
Wilton, S.A. from Rearville, Chinook
Wilton, Stuart B. from Olds
Wiltse, Delmar from Red Deer
Wiltse, F. N. from Halkirk
Wiltzen, Kenneth from Tofield
Wimble, Bruce P. from Calgary, Midnapore
Wimmer, Charles from Castor, Stettler
Winburn Dairy Farms Ltd. from Calgary
Winch, Margaret E. & Mrs. Sam J. Francis from Shouldic
Winchell, Eugene from Water Valley
Winchell, an yon
Winchester, Katherine from Rocky Mountain House
Winchester, Olga from Erskine
Winchester, Ronald Glen from Taber, Cassils
Winchester, Roy J. from Calgary
Winchester, Thelma from Taber
Winder, Roy Aubrey from Edmonton, Vilna
Windrim, G.P. from Hythe
Windrum, Ernest George from Cardston
Winfield, Ahab from Kinsella
Wing, Fred from Ranchville
Winkler, Albert from Raymond
Winkler, Charles A. from Buffalo
Winkler, Charles A. from Buffalo
Winkler, Myron S. from Taber
Winkler, Rella May from Buffalo
Winkler, W.H. (son) & Mrs. E. L. Winkler (from Taber
Winkler, Walter B. from Taber
Winkler, William from Retlaw
Winkley, Colin from Bassano
Winning, Christina from Sunnynook, Cessford
Winnipeg, Rufus from Gleichen
Winslow, George E. from Ponoka, Chesterwold
Winslow, George William from Ponoka
Winslow, Mary K. from Calgary, Forest Lawn
Winslow, William J. from Ponoka
Winson, Mrs. W.L. from Paradise Valley
Winter, Alok s
Winter, Ernest A. from Donalda
Winter, Fred R. from Wetaskiwin
Winter, Harry Edward from Wetaskiwin, New Norway, Fort
Winter, James F.
Winter, James F. from Donalda, Botha
Winter, W.H & Glen Kilgour from Bearberry, Dovercourt
Winter. Edward from Dalemead
Winterburn Farms from Alberta Ltd. from Winterburn
Wintering Hills Barley Growers Ltd. from Hussar
Winters, Alfred from Donalda
Winters, D. Bruce from Vermilion, Claymore
Winters, D.B. from Vermilion, Mannville
Winters, F. from Canmore
Winters, Harry from Sundre
Winters, James & Bruce from Vermilion
Winters, Ralph C. from Indus
Winters, William C. from Indus
Winters, William M. from Grovedale
Wirch, Otto from Wetaskiwin, Carstairs
Wirch, Reuben from Calgary
Wirsch, Christian from Robinson, Irvine
Wirsch, Roy from Irvine, Medicine Hat
Wirsig, Oscar from Sundre
Wirsta, Dan from Elk Point
Wirsta, Edward from Edmonton, Elk Point
Wirth, John from Caldwell
Wirzba, Alexander from Nobleford, Lethbridge
Wise, Emma A from Last Lake
Wiseman, Angus D. from Cochrane
Wiseman, H.W. from Patricia, Jenner
Wiskerke, Cornelius from Kipp
Wist, Ignatius from Medicine Hat
Witdouck, Julius from Picture Butte, Iron Springs
Witheral, George from Cappon
Witherall, Frank Herbert from Edgerton
Withers, Guy B. from Lavoy
Withers, Harry B. (Withers Bros.) from Eckville
Withers, William W. from Lavoy
Withington, R.D.E. from Manyberries, Wastina, Vermilio
Withington, R.D.E. from Manyberries, Watino, Vermilion
Witkowich, K. from Vilna
Witney, James H. from Donatville
Witney, Raymond W. from Calgary
Witschi, Christian & Regula from Cardston, High River
Witt, Alvin from Rainier, Gleichen
Witt, John from Rainier
Wittenberg, Isaac from Tofield
Wittichen, G.M. from Calgary
Wittick, Katie from Black Diamond
Witting, Roy W. from Lamond
Witting, Roy W. from Lomond
Wittkopf, L. G. from Pincher Creek
Wittmack, Ernest from Big Valley, Scollard
Wittmack, Max from Loyalist, Consort
Wittmer, Robert J. from Czar
Witts, Frank from Okotoks
Wittstock, Frank Joseph from Acme
Witty, C. Roy from Claresholm, Rockyford
Witty, C.H. from Claresholm
Witty, Joseph Thomson & Willard from Lawsonburg, Hanna
Witty, Thomson from Hanna, Craigmyle
Witwicky, Leon from Kahwin
Witwicky, Walter from Andrew
Witzaney, Lawrence from Clandonald
Witzaney, Mary Ellen from Marwayne
Witzaney, Peter Jr. from Lloydminster, Marwayne
Wizniuk, Nick from Glendon
Wiznowich, Bill from Elk Point
Wobkenburg, Joe from Coutts, Milk River
Wobshall, Kurt Otto from Elkton
Wocknitz, Edward A. from Lethbridge, Cowley
Wocknitz, John & Bessie from Magrath
Wodham, Leo Grant from Dunmore, Coleridge
Wodlinger, A.I. from Lethbridge
Woelcke, George from Coaldale
Woelk, HenS undre, Westward Ho
Woelk, Susan from Gem
Woessner, Edward from Calgary
Wogsberg, John from Lomond
Wogsberg, John from Lomond
Wohlgemuth, John W. from Sexsmith
Wohlgemuth, Walter J. from Spondin, Big Stone
Woida, Fred G. from Riley
Woitas, E.A. from Calmar
Woitas, Paul from Edmonton, Bruderheim
Woitkin, Alex from Derwent
Woitte, C.F. from Innisfail
Woitte, Elizabeth from Warner, Woolford
Woitte, Fred from Warner
Woitte, O.A. from Clive
Wojtyla, Andy from Beaver Mines
Wolaniuk, John from Elk Point, St. Paul
Wolansky, George from Jenner
Wolanuk, John from Lake Eliza
Wolbeck, Der s
Wolchina, Doris from East Coulee
Wolchyn, Mrs. G. from Crooked Creek
Wolcott, John from Ponoka
Wolcott, John W. from Ponoka
Wold, Bert James from Sexsmith
Wold, C.M. (Estate) from Donalda
Woledge, Albert H. from Bearberry
Woledge, James Lynn from Buck Lake
Woledge, N.F. from Bearberry
Wolf Child, Edward from Stand Off
Wolf Tail, Tony from Fort Macleod
Wolf, Edith A. from Briereville, Grouard, Enilda
Wolfe Creek Grazing Association from Cleardale, Bear C
Wolfe, Alex from Eckville
Wolfe, B.Jn
Wolfe, George John from Paradise Valley, Streamstown
Wolfe, Herbert A from Three Hills
Wolfe, Herbert A. from Three Hills
Wolfe, Hugh Lamont from Wetaskiwin
Wolfe, Josy from Hobbema
Wolfe, Laurence from High Prairie
Wolfe, Lyman from Vilna, High Prairie
Wolfe, Peter from Hobbema
Wolfe, Reginald from Metiskow
Wolfe, Thomas Percival from Elk Point
Wolfer, Adam Jr. from Burstall, SK
Wolfer, Alfred from Medicine Hat
Wolfer, Donald from Tilley
Wolfert, Albert from West Wingham
Wolfert, Fred from West Wingham
Wolfleg, Allan Joseph from Gleichen
Wolfman, Wilfred S. from Bassano
Wolford, C. Herbert from Thorsby
Wolfram, Walter from Sangudo
Wolfson, Phillip from Rumsey
Wolkowski, Leonard from Tiger Lily, St. Albert
Wollbaum, Joseph J. from Elk Point
Wollen, V.L. & Sons from Didsbury
Wollersheim, Ronald from Coutts
Wollin, Richard from Falun
Wollman, Lila from Calgary, Balzac
Wolloxall, Humphry Thomas from Lethbridge, Rainer, Bro
Wolodko, Alex from Seba Beach
Wolok, Sebn
Wolokoff, Tom from Daysland
Woloshniuk, Bill from Edmonton, Andrew
Woloshyn, Paul Joseph from Derwent
Wolosinka, Frank from Viking
Wolosuk, Nick from Vauxhall
Wolschlager, Adolf & Edmund from Olds
Wolschlager, Adolf & Edmund from Olds
Wolshlager, Erdman from Olds
Wolski, Nick from Musidora, Two Hills
Wolter, Carl from Redcliff, Medicine Hat
Wolter, Edard from New Sarepta
Wolter, Edward from New Sarepta
Wolters, Herman & Otto L. from Tolland
Wolters, Herman & Otto L. from Tolland
Wolver, John from Frog Lake
Womack, Grover G. from Caroline, Crammond
Wombold, Fred Jr. from Olds
Wong, Jim from Hardisty
Wonnacott, H.R. from Midnapore
Wonnenberg, Bernhardt from Medicine Hat
Wood, A.J. from Lanfine
Wood, A.R. from Heinsburg, Greenlawn
Wood, Albert F. from Calgary
Wood, Campbell R. from Grande Prairie
Wood, Charles W. from Coleridge
Wood, Clifford from Innisfail, Lousana
Wood, Daniel from Gadsby, Red Willow
Wood, David Eric & Norma E. from Blue Ridge
Wood, Donald Edward from Didsbury
Wood, Dora H. from Parkland, Stavely
Wood, Dorothy B. from Didsbury
Wood, Ethel A. from Walsh, Irvine
Wood, Fannie & Arthur from Wainwright
Wood, Frank Cameron from Sibbald
Wood, Frank J. from Paradise Valley, Lloydminster
Wood, G. Dale from Bonnyville
Wood, Garth from Barrhead
Wood, Gary Frederick from Cardston
Wood, H.B. from Hardisty
Wood, Harold E. from Carstairs, Didsbury
Wood, Henry W. from Carstairs
Wood, Henry W. Jr. from Carstairs
Wood, James R. from Lonira, Blue Ridge
Wood, James Vernon from Blue Ridge
Wood, Jeff Sypert from Bonanza
Wood, John F. from Lacombe
Wood, John O. from Carstairs
Wood, Lowell from Glenwood
Wood, Minnie M. from Blueberry Mountain
Wood, Mrs. A.L. from Hill Spring, Taber
Wood, N.C. from Monarch, Shaughnessy
Wood, R.L.th
Wood, Ray W. from Carstairs
Wood, Rex R. from Carstairs
Wood, Stanley P. from Edmonton
Wood, Thomas N. from Irvine
Wood, W.B. from Elnora
Wood, Wallace R. from Brooks
Wood, Wesley I. from Elnora
Wood, William from Woolford
Woodall, Gordon from Bowden
Woodbridge Bros. from Edgerton
Woodbridge, George from Edgerton
Woodbridge, J.A. (Hillcrest Farms) from Dolcy
Woodcock, Gifford E. from Turin, Bow Island
Woodcock, William Lester from Edgerton
Woodcock, William Lester from Edgerton
Wooden, Earl R. from Ranchville
Woodford, F.G. from Priddis
Woodrow, E.P. from Monitor
Woodrow, J. & Norman Zalmanowitz from Edmonton
Woodrow, J. & Norman Zalmanowitz from Edmonton
Woodruff, Garry Lee from Twin Butte
Woodruff, Robert from Vermilion, Cummings
Woods, A.J. from St. Paul
Woods, Brent from Hythe
Woods, Edward W from Del Bonita
Woods, Edward W. from Del Bonita
Woods, Eli & Leo from Gleichen
Woods, H. L. from Edmonton
Woods, H.A. from Lacombe
Woods, H.L. from Edmonton
Woods, Leo from Big Valley
Woods, R. J. & H.V. McLeod from Plato, SK
Woods, R.J. & H.V. McLeod from Plato, SK
Woods, Thomas, E. from Lacombe
Woodside, King from Calgary, Priddis
Woodstock, R.R from Mound, James River Bridge, Lobley,
Woodward Bros. (Robert & Ray) from Cardston
Woodward, A.C. from Wainwright
Woodward, Albert Charles from Medicine Hat
Woodward, Alfred Charles from Wainwright
Woodward, Arlie A. from Crooked Creek, Blackie
Woodward, Arthur Henry from Wainwright
Woodward, Douglas Charles from Wainwright
Woodward, Douglas Harold from Winterburn
Woodward, Edward from Cold Lake
Woodward, Floyd from Tod Creek, Burmis
Woodward, G. from Irvine
Woodward, Harold from Pendryl, Winfield
Woodward, L.C. from Irvine
Woodward, Mrs. Ivah from Brooks
Woodward, ci ne Hat
Woodward, Roland Joseph from Waterways
Woodward, Sidney Roy from Wainwright
Woodward, V.E. from Cardston
Woodward, W.E. from Monitor
Woodworth, Le Roy from Lomond, Yetwood, Champion, Trav
Woody, Bert C. from Mercoal
Woody, Elmer & E. from Coronation
Woody, L.H. from Coronation
Woody, Pea, Airdrie, Madden
Wooldridge, James from Paradise Valley
Wooley, Norman E. from Viking
Woolf, A.B. from Hill Spring
Woolf, Dale from Glenwood
Woolf, Glen B. from Lethbridge, Del Bonita, Twin River
Woolford, George from Cardston
Woolford, Henry F. from Kinsella, Minburn
Woolford, John from Owendale, Woolford
Wooliams, John Robert from Airdrie
Woolley, Lloyd A. from Medicine Hat, Norton, Coleridge
Woolley, Norman E. from Medicine Hat, Coleridge, Norto
Woolley, Roy A. from Raymond, Taber
Woolley, Stan from Rochfort Bridge
Woolsey, Raymond Kenneth from Hines creek
Wooster, H.R. from Namaka
Wooters, Wesley L. from Reid Hill
Worall, J. from Ribstone
Worden, Hiram Glasier from Calgary
Worden, Lloyd from Edmonton
Workes, B.A. from Cassils
Workman, Elsworth from Owendale, Cardston
Worman, William from Grande Cache
Worniuk, Nick from Nampa
Worobec, Nick from Lake Eliza, Two Hills
Worobo, Alexander from Hemaruka, Monitor
Worobo, John from Monitor
Worrall, Richard Arthur from Seven Persons
Worseth, Leif from Grande Prairie, Crooked Creek
Worth, Cecil from Rocky Mountain House
Worthington, C.A. from Alix, Stettler, Maloy, Glendon
Worthington, Fay Robert from Goodridge
Worthington, James R from Chin, Lethbridge
Worthington, James R. from Chin, Lethbridge
Worthington, John from Wainwright
Worthy, George S. from Medicine Hat
Wotchell, Joe P. from Bodo
Wotherspoon, John Stanley from Marwayne
Wotherspoon, R.E. from Vermilion, Calgary
Wotschell, Adam. J. from Bodo
Wotschell, Carl from Bodo
Woudstra Bros. (Simon, Herman & Leonard) from Vermilio
Woudstra, L.S. from Vermilion, Cummings
Wournell, Alex A from Loyalist
Wowdzia, Steve from Ranfurly
Woy, Mary from Innisfree
Woychyshyn, Anthony from Bowden, Innisfail
Woyen, Arthur from Amisk
Woytiuk, Harvey from St. Paul
Woytiuk, T. Lynne from St. Paul
Woytowich, Onufroy from Elk Point
Woytowich, Peter from St. Michael, Lamont
Woywitka, Alex from Willingdon, Wasel, Smoky Lake
Woywitka, John & Peter Marchuk from Waugh
Woywitka, John from Wasel
Wozniak, John from South Cooking Lake
Wozniak, Matthew from Codesa
Woznica, Mike from Bowden, Pine Lake
Wozny, Donald from Vilna
Wraight, T.A. from Coronation
Wray, A.C. from Airdrie, Crossfield
Wray, Dale C. from Airdrie
Wray, G. Morgan from Huxley, Blackie
Wrigglesworth, Sidney from Lethbridge
Wright & Bond from Irricana
Wright Bros. (G.A. & R.D.) from Youngstown
Wright Farms (Gretchen E. Wright) from Provost
Wright, Albert from Hollow Lake, Waskatenau
Wright, Alexander from Calgary
Wright, Bruce from Olds
Wright, Charles from Calgary
Wright, Charles Sherwood from Edson, Edmonton
Wright, Chester from Hartleyville
Wright, Chester J. from Champion
Wright, Edward G. from Sundre
Wright, Ernest Edward from Lloydminster, Vermilion
Wright, Eva from Keoma
Wright, George Hugh from Hanna
Wright, Gordon & Isabel from Edmonton
Wright, Gordon E. from Hanna, Calgary
Wright, Gordon E. from Hanna, Calgary
Wright, Gordon from Edmonton
Wright, Gordon from Edmonton
Wright, Gordon L. from Rimbey
Wright, Gordon L. from Rimbey
Wright, Gordon Ray, & Elizabeth Anne from Nemiskam
Wright, H.E. from Cochrane
Wright, H.R. (Pinto Creek Trucking Ltd.) from Hinton
Wright, Harvey A. from Calgary
Wright, Henry & Clifford from Millet, Wetaskiwin
Wright, Howard P. from Calgary, Airdrie
Wright, J.A. from Rich Valley, Galahad
Wright, J.E. from Fareham, Owendale
Wright, J.E. from Fareham, Owendale
Wright, Jack from Eyremore, Milk River
Wright, Jack Norman Tucker from Vermilion
Wright, Jack R. from Calgary
Wright, James L. from Etzikom
Wright, James W., Lillian R., & Kelly Gene from Sexsmi
Wright, John from Lougheed
Wright, L.E. from Vegreville
Wright, L.E. from Vegreville
Wright, Lawrence Sidney from Longview, Calgary
Wright, Leonard from Cowley, Coleman, Bellevue
Wright, Lewis from Red Deer
Wright, Lionel from Beazer
Wright, Marie from Wainwright
Wright, Mrs. C.L. from Del Bonita
Wright, Mrs. C.L. from Del Bonita
Wright, Murphy Eugene & Evelyn G. from Amisk
Wright, Murphy Eugene & Evelyn G. from Amisk
Wright, N. from Innisfail
Wright, N. from Innisfail
Wright, Nelson & H.C. Palfrey from Taber
Wright, Nelson from Taber
Wright, Nelson, Palfrey, H. C from Taber
Wright, Percy F. from Lavoy, Jarrow
Wright, Ralph from Amisk
Wright, Reuben from Lougheed
Wright, Richard E. from Cochrane
Wright, Richard R. from Keephills
Wright, Robert from Big Valley
Wright, Robert from Cappon, Oyen
Wright, Robert John from Beazer
Wright, T.A. from Stainsleigh, Hayter
Wright, T.N. from Lavesta
Wright, Ted from Fort Macleod
Wright, Tedd from Victoria, BC
Wright, Thomas B. from Ponoka
Wright, V.R. from Warner
Wright, Vernon Edwin from Calgary, Creston, BC, Cranbrook, BC
Wright, W. Arthur from Mannville
Wright, William John from Wetaskiwin, Peace River
Wright, William R. from Picture Butte
Wright, William R. from Picture Butte
Wright, Zeldon from Cardston, Beazer, Brooks
Wrigley, Robert from Edmonton
Wrobel, Stanley from Glendon
Wroe, Blanche Wilhelmina from Cadogan
Wroe, Walter from Cadogan
Wruth, Terry from Elk Point
Wruth, Wayne from Airdrie
Wrzosek, Alois from Sexsmith
Wulf, Karl W. from Clyde
Wulff, Fred C. from Red Deer, Swalwell
Wulff, Jens C. from Anselmo
Wunsch, Gordon from Elkwater, Thelma
Wuopio, Eric from Social Plains, Bindloss
Wust, Oskar & Edward Reich from Lethbridge
Wuttke, W.J. from Heisler
Wutzke, Albert from Norton, Medicine Hat
Wutzke, Emma from Medicine Hat
Wutzke, Ernest H. from Bow Island, Medicine Hat
Wutzke, Fred L. from Skiff
Wutzke, Howard from Iddesleigh
Wutzke, John from Skiff
Wutzke, John R. from Nemiskam, Foremost
Wutzke, Otto from Medicine Hat, Woolchester
Wutzke, Reuben from Dunmore
Wutzke, Samuel from Josephburg, Gros Ventre, Norton
Wutzke, Theator from Norton, Woolchester, Thelma, Medi
Wyant, J.T. from Atlee
Wyard, Noel A. from Fort Macleod
Wyatt, E.J. from Bentley, Blackfalds
Wyatt, Jack from Fort Macleod
Wycechowsky, Frank John from Calgary
Wychopen, Nick from Therien
Wycliffe, William W. from North Fork
Wydynowish, August from Hilliard, Mundare
Wygle, Earl Patton from Elnora, Crossfield, Big Valley
Wyley, John from Islay
Wyley, Russell D. from Mulhurst
Wylie, Alex from Brownfield, Jasper
Wylie, Hugh from Midnapore
Wyman, Henry from Torrington
Wyman, Marinda from Magrath
Wyman, W.A. from Iron Springs
Wynder, Charles V. from Beazer
Wyndham, Gould & Sons from Islay
Wyndham, Gould and Sons from Islay
Wyness, Enid Stewart from Edmonton, Vancouver, BC
Wyness, William Norman from Bluesky
Wynne, Frederick from Berwyn
Wynne, George from Enilda
Wynnychuk, John A. from Edmonton
Wynnychuk, John A. from Edmonton
Wynnychuk, John from Vegreville
Wynnychuk, Mike from Vermilion
Wynnychuk, Walter A. from Vegreville
Wynnyk, Harry from Vermilion, Derwent
Wyryha Bros (William & John) from Cappon
Wysocki, Walter from Derwent
Wyspinski, Bill from Beauvallon
Wyspinski, John from Stubno, Innisfree, Beauvallon
Wythe, William E. from DeWinton, Red Deer
Wzniak, A. from Codesa

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