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Cancelled Brand Files - V
Vaagae, C.A. from Bodo
Vachon, Alphonse from Bonnyville
Vackar, David M. from Cardston
Vadnais, Arthur N. from Lethbridge, Claresholm
Vadnais, Byron H. from Claresholm
Vadnais, Nellie & Arthur N. from Claresholm, Lethbridge
Vaile, Audrey Elizabeth from Lomond
Vaile, Charles A. from Granum
Vaine, Edward George from Botha
Vaine, John from Botha
Vainio, Uno Gabriel from Demmitt
Vair, Alvin J. from Boundary Creek, Cardston, Kimberley, BC
Vair, Arthur Cyril from Cardston, Boundary Creek
Vajdik, Joe from Cranford
Vajdik, Joe from Cranford
Valckx, Jerry Martinus from Strathmore
Valcourt, Napoleon from Calahoo
Valentine, John S. from Red Deer
Valentine, L.D. from Elk Point
Valgardson, Howard L. from Taber
Valgardson, Lucille from Taber
Valgardson, Ronald from Taber
Valin, Clifford Ivan from Grimshaw
Valin, Ray from Bonnyville
Valleau, Ross H. from Greenshields, Wainwright
Vallee, Eugene from Fabyan
Vallee, Maurice from St. Lina
Vallee, Omer from Bonnyville
Vallet, Aldon Joseph from Donalda
Vallet, Ben from Donalda, Cowley
Vallet, Wayane from Donalda
Vallett, Donald James from Donalda
Vallett, Eugene from Donalda
Vallett, Joseph from Donalda
Valleyview Feeder's Co-Op Assoc. Ltd. from Valleyview
Valli, M.A. from Alderson
Vallie, Joe from St. Lina
Vallieres, Mrs. Henry from Grantham, Fort Macleod
Vallieres, Mrs. Henry from Grantham, Fort Macleod
Valouch, Fred from Carlos, Leslieville, Rocky Mountain House
Valquette, Gilles J. from Jean Cote
Valstar, Arie Jr. from Rocky Mountain House
van Aalst, Nick & Maria from Cochrane, Rimbey
Van Alstyne, James Douglas from Clive
van Arragon, Berend J. from Cardston, Owendale
Van Bavel, James from Strathmore
Van Bennekom, William Henri Las from Vilna
van Brabant, Aime from St. Paul
van Breda, Leendert from Lethbridge
van Brederode, Hank from Taber
Van Brunt. E.W. from Carolside
van Buskirk, R.J. from Walsh
Van Camp, A.V. from Streamstown
Van Camp, Morley from Clover Bar
van Dam, Elmer & Agnes from Youngstown
van Dam, Elmer & Agnes from Youngstown
Van Dam, Norman R. from Sunnynook, Queenstown
van de Capelle, C.P. from Harmon Valley
van de Geer, pete from Calgary, Carstairs, Melfort, SK
van de Ligt, Arnold from Jarvie
Van de Loop, Henry from Didsbury
van de Munt from Shaughnessy
van Dellen, L. from Granum
Van den Berg, Aart from Coaldale
van den Bon, August from Big Valley, Hackett
van den Dungen, Gerald from Iron Springs, Fairview
van den Top, G. J. from Iron Springs, Picture Butte
Van der Doorn & Antonius Egidius from Calgary, Manyberries
Van der Lee, Rose from Lethbridge
Van der Linden from Jenner
van der Linden, Pieter from Picture Butte
van der Mark, A. from High Prairie
Van der Meer, Geert from Macleod
Van der Meer, Peter from Condor
van der Vaarte, H.H. & K. Elizabeth from Minburn
van der Veen, Harold from Grande Prairie, Fairview
van der Veen, Klaas from Bottrel
van der Veen, Philip from Calgary, Bottrel
van Dyck, Henry from Bow City
Van Dyk, T. from Nobleford
Van Dyk, Vic. A.M. from Coaldale
Van Dyke, G. from Olds
van Egmond, Johannes from Monarch
van Erve, Harry from Grande Prairie
van Essen, Aaltje from Picture Butte
Van Gaalen, N.A. from Burdett
Van Gell, Antonius Michiel from Calgary
Van Ham, Frank H. from Bow Island
Van Ham, John from Bow Island
Van Hecke, Emil from Strathmore
Van Heecke, Emil from Clivale
Van Hees, Hendrik from Calgary
van Hell, Ruth from Iron Springs
van Hereweghe, L.S. from Taber
van Herk, Joe & Tony from Diamond City
van Hienen, Tony & Francis Spruyt from Coronation
van Hienen, Tony & Francis Spruyt from Coronation
Van Horne, C.L. from Lethbridge
Van Horne, Charles Leslie from Lethbridge
Van Housen, L.H. from Beiseker
Van Kerckvoorde, Henri from Finnegan
Van Kessel, Arnold from Coaldale
van Leeuwen, Marie nee van der Linden from Bingville, Jenner
van Lohuizen, W.J. from Monarch
Van Loo, Frank from Barnwell
Van Luven, H.M. from Sunnynook
van Manen, Frank from Lacombe
Van Marrion, James from Scotfield
van Meel, Tony from Carstairs, Didsbury
van Meer, Robert (van Meer Sheep Company) from Coutts
Van Nest, August E. from Vermilion, Kirriemuir
Van Nest, J.R. from Rimbey, Vermilion
Van Nest, Laura M. & Sons from Vermilion
Van Nuenen, J. B. from Strathmore
van Oene, Andrew from Patricia, Pierson, MAN
Van Oene, Jim from Coronation
van Oerle Bros. (W. & Gerrit) from Calgary, Strathmore
van Oerle, Gerrit from Castor, Strathmore
van Oerle, William from Castor
van Oostenbrugge, E. from Burdett
van Orman, Van D. from Taber
van Patten, E.C. from Dewberry
Van Patten, Joe from Islay
Van Patten, R.B. from Islay
Van Patten, W.S. from Ohaton
Van Peteghen, Leon C. from Hythe
van Petten, A.L. & Sons from Ohaton
van Raes, Albert from Iron River, Willow Trail
Van Rootsselaar, Nick from Spirit River
van Ruskenveld, M. from Holden
Van Ryn, Paul Maria from Coaldale
Van Ryswyk, L. from Castor, Cessford
van Sluys, Adrian from Fort Macleod
Van Slyke, J.O. from Daysland, Heisler
van Slyke, V.J. from Daysland
Van Steenbergen, L. from Strathmore, Calgary
Van Straten, Darrel from Stettler
Van Straten, Larry Bernard from Stettler
van Straten, Nanning from Fenn
Van Straten, W. from Stettler
van Swelm, Alex from Drumheller
van Vaerenbergh, H & Son from Lethbridge
van Verdegem, John from Gleichen
van Vliet Farm Company Ltd. from Edmonton
van Vlissingen, John from Mayerthorpe
Van Wagner, Alan Ray from Red Deer
Van Wagoner, Parley P. from Raymond
Van Wart, Eldwin Hardinge Jr. from Grainger, Acme
Van Weelden, Dirk Peter from Wetaskiwin, Westerose, Brightview
van Wert, C. Len from Bowden, Westward Ho
van Wezel, A.J. from Strathmore
van Wyk, Anton from Sundre, Majorville, Turner Valley, St. Albert, Countess
Vanak, Joe from Tilley
Vanalta Limousin (Cornelius Huibrecht & Eather A. Van Gelder) from Winfield
Vancak, John from Mountain View
Vance, Byron from Rosemary
Vance, Clarence from New Fish Creek
Vance, Lawrence L. from Kimball, Cardston
Vance, Lawrence L. from Kimball, Cardston
Vance, Leo L. from Rosemary
Vance, R.M. from Claresholm
Vance, R.M. from Claresholm
Vance, Ray from Picture Butte, Fort Macleod, Monarch
Vance, Violet from Fareham
Vance, W. L. from Cardston
Vandaele Bros. (Frank & Joseph J.) from Markerville, Innisfail
Vanden Broek, W. from Picture Butte, Medicine Hat
Vandentop, George from Picture Butte
Vander Leest, Leo A. from Wildwood
Vander Linden, Y. Jr. from Eyremore, Jenner
Vander Ploeg, Harry from Vauxhall
Vander Valk, Peter from Pincher Creek
Vander Zouwen, Nicolaas from Balzac
Vanderberg, August from Gadsby
Vanderberg, Paul P. from Gadsby, Halkirk, Forestburg
Vandergrift, Bernard from Turner Valley
Vanderleest, John & Hilda from Thorhild
Vandervaate, Henry L & J.B. Romano from Rainier
Vandervaate, Henry L &. J. B. Romano from Rainier
Vandervaate, Henry L. from Rodino, Kinsella
vandervaate, Henry L. from Rodino, Kinsella
Vandervater, Fred P from Kinsella
Vanderveen, Henk from Picture Butte
VanderVelde, G.A. from Strathmore, Cheadle
Vanderwater, John from Kinsella
Vanderwater, John from Kinsella
Vanderwolf, J. from Glenevis
Vanee, Harry from Fort Macleod
Vanee, Walter from Fort Macleod
Vang, Hugh D. from Hanna
Vanier, Dennis Albert Joseph from Innisfree
Vankosky, Alphonse A. from Wildwood
Vann, Joe from Vale
Vano, Fred from East Coulee
Vanstone, E.E. from Excel, Cereal
Vanstone, J. W. from Midnapore
Varady, Gabriel from Brooks
Vare, Charles A. from Cardston
Varga, Charles from Barnwell
Varga, Eugene from Calgary
Varga, Ilona J. from Brooks
Varga, Joe B. from Taber
Varga, Julius & Son from High River
Varga, Steve from Carbon Edmonton
Varga, Steve from Carbon, Edmonton
Varhaug, Sven from Enchant
Varley, Arthur from Cadomin
Varner, R from Calgary
Varney, Agnes Helena & Ernest James from Bulwark
Varney, Agnes Helena & Ernest James from Bulwark
Varney, Arnold G. from Castor, Bulwark, Brownfield
Varro, Imre from Cayley
Varty, Archie from Provost
Varty, Donald W. from Vauxhall, Rimbey
Varty, John Harvey from Countess
Varty, W.C. & M.E. from Rocky Mountain House, Rimbey
Varyu, Vincent from Heinsburg
Vas, Joe from Wrentham
Vas, Joe Jr. from Wrentham, Lethbridge
Vasas, John from Iron Springs, Shaughnessy
Vaselenak, A. & D. from Coaldale
Vaselenak, John from Coaldale
Vaselenak, Matt Jr. from Lethbridge, Cardston
Vaselnak, Matt & Catherine from Lethbridge
Vaselnak, Matt & Catherine from Lethbridge
Vasos, Joe from Millicent
Vass, Gus from Taber
Vasselaert, Joe & Thomas Jones from Calgary
Vasseur, Frederick from Bonnyville
Vasylynak, John, (Vaselenak, John, anglicized) from Lethbridge
Vaughn, Elizabeth from Bindloss
Vaughn, Lucille from Taylorville, Cardston
Vauthrin, M.F. from Lacombe
Vauxhall Farms & Ranches Ltd. from Lethbridge
Vauxhall-Albion Ridge Feeder's Association Ltd. from Lethbridge
Veale, Garth William from Magrath
Veale, John Henry from Del Bonita, Owendale, Creston, BC
Veale, William from Magrath
Veale, William H. from Iron Springs, Del Bonita
Veasey, Arthur from Rimbey
Vecchio, Frank from Nordegg, Rocky Mountain House, Calgary
Veenendaal, H. J. from Fort Saskatchewan
Vegara, Eugene M. from Warwick
Vegara, Nick & Eugene from Hairy Hill
Vegara, W.M. from Hairy Hill
Vegera, Walter from Two Hills
Vegh, Frank from Brooks
Vegreville & District Savings and Credit Union Ltd. from Vegreville
Vegro, Alex from Wainwright
Veit, A. from Wetaskiwin
Veitch, R.T. from Cowley, Pincher Creek
Vekasi, Peter from Brooks, Bowell
Velba, Jennie from Raymond
Veldhouse, Harold E. from Wildwood
Veldhouse, Harold from Wildwood
Veldhuis, Bert from Hythe
Veldkamp, Lambert from Stauffer
Veldman, A. & Sons from Raymond, Lethbridge
Veldman, G.L. Ray from Lousana
Velnes, Alfred from Bremner
Velting, Ludolf J. from Claresholm, Brooks
Velve, Talbert J. from Valhalla Centre
Venance, Lorne D. from Lloydminster
Veninga, John from Armena, Camrose
Vennekens, Juliaan from Taber
Venning, Edward from Dutton, ON
Veno, A.R. from Sundre
Veno, Kenneth C. & Victoria G. from Sunnynook
Veno, Kenneth C. from Sunnynook, Burfield
Veno, Merle Cecil from Sunnynook
Venus, John from Midnapore
Veraart, Edward from Falher
Verbeek, H. from Rocky Mountain House
Verbeek, H. from Rocky Mountain House
Verbeek, John H. from Beiseker
Verbeek, William from Rimbey, Ponoka
Verbitsky, Victor & Ernest from Smoky Lake
Verboom, Lloyd from Bassano
Verchomin, Dr. John from Edmonton
Verchomin, Roman Borys from Leduc
Verdi, John from Calgary
Veregin, George J. from Nanton
Veregin, Peter from Nanton
Veregin, William from Lundbreck
Verenha, Harry from Two Hills
Verenha, Harry H. & Mike H. from Two Hills
Verenha, Mike & Harry from Hairy Hills, Kaleland, Two Hills
Verenha, Natalie from Two Hills, Brosseau
Verenka, Fred from St. Paul
Verenka, Sandy from Bellis
Vereschagin Bros from Michichi
Vergouwen, Gwendoline Bernice from Cereal
Vergouwen, Pete from Strathmore
Verguin, J.N. from Jumping Pound
Verhaest, George J. from Whitla, Medicine Hat
Verhagen, William from Scandia
Verkuil, J.C. from Madden
Vermilion and District Livestock Feeder's Association Limited from Vermilion
Vermilion Car Sales Ltd. from Vermilion
Vermilion, James F. from Big Valley, Hussar, Kewa, WA
Vermillian, George & James from Hussar
Vermillian, George & James from Hussar
Vermillian, George from Innisfail
Vermillian, S.W. from Hussar
Vernal, Lucia E. (Mrs. Stotts) from Stettler
Verney, Tony from Gleichen
Vernichuk, John from Hardieville
Vernon, William J. from Sherwood Park
Verploegh, N. from Clive, Haynes
Verquin, Bruce from Pincher Creek, Leedale
Verschuur, Albert from Cowley
Vert Ronald Alexander from Three Hills, Kirriemuir
Vert, James F. from Granum, Legal, High River, Macleod, Claresholm
Vert, Ronald from Provost
Vervynck, Alice from Edmonton
Verweire, Marcel from Strathmore
Verweire, S. from Strathmore
Vestrum, Robert Andrew from Calgary
Vetsch, Alfred N. from Rimbey
Vetsch, L. M. from Lavesta, Bluffton
Vetter, Edward from Three Hills
Vetter, Mrs. from Crossfield
Veysey, Clarence Henry from Lloydminster, Cutknife, Saskatchewan
Vice, Lewis from Paradise Valley
Vickers, Herbert Clifford from Calgary
Vickery, Wayne Edgevick from Bowden
Victoor, Alfred E. from Pickardville
Viel, Jacob from Irvine, Medicine Hat
Viel, Joseph from Therien, Mallaig
Vienna, Sam from De Bolt
Viens, J.H. from Carbon
Viens, Roland from Falher
Vietenheimer, Joseph Emil from Didsbury
Vig, Carl Allen from Nordegg
Vigen, Clifford from Bluffton
Viger, Rudolp from Lake Thelma, Donalda, Stettler
Vik, Joseph from Lethbridge, Taber
Vik, O. from Trochu
Vikedal, John from Jenner
Vikedal, Kris from Brooks, Rainier
Vikre, France from Ardmore
Vikse, O.M. from Donalda
Vilcsak, Steve from Hines Creek, Lamont
Villadsen, Anna Grace from Brooks
Villadsen, August from Brooks
Village from Legal from Legal
Village of Alix from Alix
Village of Derwent from Derwent
Village of Kinuso from Kinuso
Village of Legal from Legal
Village of Minburn from Minburn
Village of Sedgewick from Sedgewick
Villeneuve Co-Op Enterprises Ltd. from Paddle Prairie
Villeneuve, Omer & Max from Lamoureaux
Vincelette, Joseph A. from Falher
Vincent, Ben from Bottrel, Calgary
Vincent, Clement from Normandeau
Vincent, Fred from Red Deer
Vincent, J.C. from Delburne, Pine Lake
Vincent, J.C. from Delburne, Pine Lake
Vincent, Leo from Lac la Biche
Vincent, S.C. from Calgary
Vincent, S.C. from Calgary
Vincent, Sandra Dale from Calgary
Vincett, David C. from Galahad, Castor, Vermilion
Vincze, Vendel from Coaldale
Viney, Henry Martin from Cochrane
Vinge, Clarence from Heinsburg, Norway Valley
Vinie, Hazel (remarried name Christoffersen) from Olds, Didsbury, Bowden
Vinie, Ralph from Didsbury
Vink, A.J. from Grande Prairie
Vinson, Thomas from Entrance
Vinze, Lila Marie from Calgary
Virag, Lou from Calgary
Virginia Ranch Limited from Dog Pound
Virostek, Joe from Rainier
Virostek, Joseph (Joe) from Eyremore
Virostek, Michael from Enchant
Virostek, Vern from Enchant
Viroster, Verne from Enchant
Vishloff, John from Burmis
Viskel, B. from Boyle
Visscher & Williams from Fort Saskatchewan
Visscher, Dirk from Fort Saskatchewan, Salmon Arm, BC
Visscher, John from St. Paul
Visscher, Peter from Gibbons
Visscher, Ryk from St. Paul, Coronado, Gibbons, N. Edmonton, Fort Saskatchewan
Visser Bros. from Calgary
Visser Farms Ltd. (Bill & Jim Visser & Jack Kalisvaart) from Edmonton
Visser, Dirk from Bowness, Calgary
Visser, Morris from Taber
Vitek, Joe from Viking
Viteychuk, Steve from Smoky Lake
Vitteloe, James E. from Patricia
Vitteloe, James E. from Patricia
Vivian, Donald H. from Dewberry
Vlchik, Steve from Owlseye
Vleeming, Wouterus Lambertus (Bert) from Ponoka
Vliet, Lowell Clark from Pincher Creek
Voaklander, G. from Colinton
Vobeyda, Frank from Topland
Vocat, Ralph from Entrance
Voelkel, Siegfried from Delburne, Calgary
Voeller, Anton from Granlea, Maleb, Medicine Hat
Voeller, Fred L. from Granlea, Bow Island
Voeller, Simon T. from Maleb
Vogan, Don from Medicine Hat
Vogel, A.H. & Son from Carstairs
Vogel, Allen V. from Berrymoor
Vogel, Frank from Ponoka, Alix
Vogel, Joe from Elk Point
Vogel, Just from Redcliff
Vogel, Raymond Percy from Rimbey, Wynndel, BC
Vogel, Russell C. from Carstairs, Crossfield, Olds
Vogel, William from Compeer
Vogstad, Edmund from East Coulee, Rosedale
Voice, Arthur A. from Edmonton
Voight, Albert from Vega
Voigt, Fred from Cochrane
Vold, Harry Wayne from De Winton
Volden, Christ from Iddesleigh
Volek, John from Tilley
Volk, Andrew from Burdett
Volk, Edward P. from Heisler
Volk, Mike from Heisler
Volk, Ralph from Heisler
Volk, Valentine from Schuler, Medicine Hat
Volker, Clarence Kenneth from Delburne
Volker, Donald from Erskine
Volker, Lowell from Erskine
Volkman, Joe from Lethbridge, Tilley, Drumheller
Vollman, Andy from Acadia Valley
Vollman, W. from Clive, Chigwell, Lacombe
Volzke, Horst from Westlock
Vomastic, Lawrence from Elnora
von Gaza, Ekkehard from Tofield
von Wolff, Arved from Goodfare
Vonk, John from Elnora
Vooys, Arie from Milo
Vooys, Walter from Milo
Vornbrock, Gregor from Ankerton
Vornbrock, Norbert from Milk River
Voroney Bros. from Tilley
Voroney, John from Brooks
Voroney, Pete from Tilley, Medicine Hat
Voros, James Joseph from Hardisty
Voros, Peter from Wainwright, Fabyan
Vorse, Jim from Hardisty
Vorsic, Mary from Lindbergh
Vos, B.H from Burdett, Blackfalds
Vos, Ben R. from Burdett
Vos, Johann from Burdett
Vos, Roelof from Burdett
Vos, Roy D. from Burdett, Lethbridge
Vossler, Albert from Redcliff, Thelma
Vossler, Alfred from Irvine
Vossler, Annie from Irvine
Vossler, Carl from Irvine
Vossler, Christ Jr. from Irvine
Vossler, Christoph from Irvine
Vossler, Fred from Medicine Hat, Irvine
Vossler, Jacob from Hanna
Vossler, Jacob from Medicine Hat
Vossler, John from Newberg, Irvine, Tilley
Vossler, Leopold from Irvine
Voth, Isaac A. from Coaldale
Voth, J.R. from Coaldale
Voth, John P. from Castor, Bow Island
Voth, William from Coaldale
Voutier, Roy P. from Strathmore
Vowel, Donald A. from Hotchkiss
Vowel, Laura A & George from Hotchkiss
Vowel, Laura A. & George from Hotchkiss
Vowk, Mary or Myry from Cappon, Easyford
Vowles, W. from Edmonton
Vowles, W. from Edmonton
Voykin, Bill from Cowley, Lundbreck
Voykin, Fred from Lundbreck, Macleod
Voysey, Douglas L. from Botha
Voytilla, Jerry from St. Albert, Edmonton
Vrabel, Joe from Barnwell, Medicine Hat
Vredegoor, Everett from Shaughnessy
Vredegoor, Marinus R. from Fox Creek
Vroom, Harold P. (Mrs.) from Beaver Mines
Vroom, Mollie & Ralph from Beaver Mines
Vroom, Ruby J. from Beaver Mines, Cloverdale, BC
Vye, E.M. & J.B. from Calgary
Vyshla, Constantine from Chimney Rock, High River
Vyvian, John & Augusta Marie Young from Goodfare

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