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Cancelled Brand Files - U
U I D Stock Feeders Association Ltd from Cardston
U S Hereford Ranch Ltd. (David Maxwell Wood & Isabelle) from Bashaw
Uchman, Joe from Elk Point
Udholm, Niels from Ferintosh, Edberg
Udsen, Carl from Calgary
Udsley, J.E. from Coutts, Raymond
Ueland, O. from Milo
Uffelmann, Andrew from Beiseker
Uffelmann, George from Beiseker
Uffken, John E. from Sedalia
Uffken, John E. from Sedalia
Ufland, Fred W. from Bowden
Uhas, Steve from Cherry Grove
Uher, Thomas from Beaver Mines, Blairmore
Uhl, C.S. from Bluffton
Uhl, Lawrence Andrew from Rimbey
Uhryn, Clifford & Victoria from Bellis
Uhryn, John S. from Rycroft
Uhrynchuk, D. from Lavoy
Uhrynchuk, N. from Lavoy
Uitbeyerse, Adrian from Rolling Hills
Ukrainetz, Tom from Flat Lake
Ulanicki, Roman from La Corey
Uliasz, Tomasz from Pincher Creek
Ullery, May from Cochrane, Nanton
Ullery, William Eral from Black Diamond
Ulliac, Edmond from Atmore
Ulliac, Lawrence from Gourin, Edmonton
Ulliac, Roland Leo from Gourin
Ullig, Alvin from Meeting Creek
Ullman, Irvin E. from Red Willow
Ully, Alfred W. from Vulcan, Burnaby, British Columbia
Ully, Chriss from Lethbridge
Ully, Fred from Pincher Creek
Ully, Henry from Picture Butte
Ully, Mrs. Thrasa from Birdsholm
Ulm, Eugene Marvin from Slave Lake
Ulmer, R.G. from Castor
Ulrich, Felix from Lacombe, Duchess
Ulrich, Rudolph from Fox, Tothill, Thelma, Irvine, Medicine Hat
Ulrich, William from Thelma
Ulrichsen, Stanley Olaf from Millicent
Ulrichson, A.M. from Millicent
Ulrichson, Olaf M. from Millicent
Ulrick, Andy from Duchess
Ulrick, Roy from Patricia, Duchess
Ulry, Lyle C. from Olds
Ulvig, Ole from Orion
Umphrey, L.C. from Ryley
Umscheid, Clarence from Milo
Umscheid, Susan Elizabeth from Innisfail
Unchelenko, Fred from Rockyford, Brooks
Underdahl, Ed. from Lacombe
Underwood, Gordon from Bremner
Underwood, Leslie H. from Penhold
Underwood, W.K. from Midnapore
Underwood, Willis H. from Blue Ridge
Unger, Frank from Govenlock, SK
Unger, Henry N. from Gem
Unger, John from Olds, Mound, Sundre
Unger, Nick from Coaldale
Unger, Nick from Gem
Unger, Otto & Sons (Walter & Kenneth) from Olds
Unger, Peter W. from Bowden
Unger, Petra from Comrey, Nemiskam, Claresholm, Medicine Hat
Unger, William & Sons (Edward & Helmut W.) from Coaldale
Unger, William Aldin from Rimbey, Red Deer
Uniat, Andy from Innisfree, Edmonton
Uniat, Paul from Beauvallon
Uniat, Steve from Beauvallon
Uniat, William from Innisfree
Union Faniliale d'Agriculture et Commerce d' E.J. Hermany Limite from Red Deer
Union Ranching Company Ltd. from Calgary
United Cattle Feeders Ltd. from Edmonton
United Feeds Ltd. from Edmonton
United Packing Company Ltd. from Calgary, Nose creek
Unland, Edwin M. from Falun
Unland, J.H. from Chesterwold, Falun
Unland, M. Hugo & Alice Lucia & K. G. & Edwin M. from Falun, Chesterwold
Unland, Walter Dan from Falun
Unruh, Alvin from Lundbreck
Unruh, John Jr. from Millarville
Unruh, Robert from Glenwood
Unser, John from Vauxhall, Rolling Hills
Unser, Kasper from Rolling Hills
Untch, Edie J from Red Deer
Untch, N.H. from Lake Thelma
Untch, Simon from Lake Thelma
Unterschultz, P. from Calgary
Unterschultz, Valentine from South Edmonton
Untinen, William from Carmangay
Unwin, Clifford from Lacombe
Upcott, Herman from Haddock
Upcott, Herman from Haddock
Upham, A.W. & Son from Olds
Upham, Durward from Olds
Uptigrove, Maryann from Priddis
Upton, Fred from Rumsey
Upton, G.A. from Mannville
Upton, G.A. from Mannville
Upton, Wayne Loren from Olds
Urano, Tom from Barnwell
Urban, Alan from Raymond
Urban, Dan from Crossfield
Urban, Steve from Brooks
Urchyshyn, Nick from Drayton Valley
Ure, Alex from Marwayne
Ure, David A. from Namao
Ure, Gary E. from Dewberry
Ure, Pearl Margaret from Youngstown
Ure, R. Walter from Youngstown
Uren, A.J. Stanley from Bremner
Urness, Sanford A. from Belloy, Wanham
Urquhart, Amelia from Elnora
Ursalan, Joe from Rocky Lane, Fort Vermilion
Urson, John from Stony Plain
Ursulak Bros. (John & Martin) from Vegreville
Uruski, Walter from Ranfurly
Urwin, William R. from Vermilion
Usher, N. from Castor
Usselman, Edward A. from Killam
Usselman, Leonard from Sedgewick, Killam
Utas, E. from Fort Assiniboine
Utas, Robert R. from Fort Assiniboine
Utopia Farms Ltd. from Pincher Creek
Uttley, Kate from Big Valley, Stettler
Uttley, Norman from Big Valley

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