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Cancelled Brand Files - T
2 K Feeders from Cardston
3 - M Farm (Ruth Majoros & Sons) from Milo
T M M Cattle Co. Ltd. (J.L.Treacy) from Hussar
T.C. Hall Livestock Ltd. Co., Hall, Terrence Charles from Bremner
T.F. Cadzow Ltd. from Calgary
Tabachnick, Louis from Calgary
Tabbert, E. from Rochester
Taber Frozen Foods from Taber
Taber, Barley Growers Ltd. from Purple Springs
Tabler, Fred from Wetaskiwin
Tabler, Karl from Sundre
Tabler, Sam from Alliance
Tabor, F. Clifton from Pendant d'Oreille
Tabor, M.C. from Delia
Tabor, W.J. from Delia
Tacey, Joe from St. Michael
Tachuk, Don Robert from Edmonton
Tack, Herbert from Hardisty
Taechner, Chris from Hanna
Tagg, Fred & Katherina & Henry Kundert from Endiang
Taggart, George M. from Gadsby
Taggart, Henry E. from Gadsby
Taggart, Lena from Langdon
Taggart, Peter R. from Gadsby
Taggart, William from Queenstown
Tail Feathers, Allan from Cardston
Tailfeather Bros. (Darcy, William & Kelsey) from Cardston
Tainsh, Gordon from Edmonton, Viking
Tainsh, Gordon from Edmonton, Viking
Tait, Ralph from Didsbury
Taite or Tate, Walter from Mannville
Tajcnar, Elizabeth W. from Stettler, High River
Takacs, John from Coalhurst
Takahashi, H. from Raymond, Coaldale
Takahashi, James H. from Coaldale
Takahashi, Joe from Raymond
Takahashi, Shigeo from Raymond
Takahashi, Takao from Raymond
Takahaski Bros. from Raymond
Taks, Arthur from Big Prairie
Taks, L. Jr. from Crossfield
Talbot, A.H from Tudor
Talbot, A.H. from Tudor
Talbot, Albert Henry (Two Bar Ranch) from Wayne
Talbot, Albert Henry (Two Bar Ranch) from Wayne
Talbot, Arthur W. from Toronto, ON
Talbot, Cecil J. from High River
Talbot, Daniel from Del Bonita
Talbot, Don from Teepee Creek, Sexsmith
Talbot, Harry from Chailey
Talbot, Harry from Chailey
Talbot, J.W. from Carbon
Talbot, J.W. from Carbon
Talbot, Ralph M. from Del Bonita
Talbot, Thomas from Galahad
Talbot, W. H. from Calgary
Talbourdet, A.J. from St. Paul
Tallas, John from Skaro, Lamont
Tallman, W.C. from Alix
Tallow, Clarence M. from Cardston
Talstra, John from Foremost, Legend
Tamblyn, Bob from Edmonton
Tamlin, Elmer Stanley from Paradise Valley
Tamlin, William H. from Paradise Valley
Tams, F.R. from Innisfail
Tanaschyk, Steve & Mary from Hemaruka, Coronation
Tanasik, Peter from Hubalta, Ogden
Tanasiuk, James from Calling Lake
Tanasiuk, Mike from Kinuso
Tangeman, Dick from Vale
Tangeman, John C. from Bowmanton
Tangeman, John C. from Bowmanton
Tangen, Halvor from Coronation, Lake Thelma
Tangen, J.E. from Valhalla
Tangen, John from Twin River
Tangen, John M. from Vulcan
Tangen, Roy from Enchant
Tannas Bros. & Rae Lunn from High River
Tannas Bros. & Ray Lunn from High River
Tanner, Byron F. & B.C. from Edmonton, Hussar
Tanner, Byron F. from Lethbridge, Edmonton, Hussar
Tanner, Kenneth from Whitecourt, Edmonton
Tanner, N.E. from Edmonton, Calgary
Tanner, N.E. from Edmonton, Calgary
Tan-Y-Bryn Holding Ltd. from Crossfield
Tapley, Mrs. H. from Three Hills
Tarangul, George from Innisfree
Tarangul, George from Innisfree
Tarapaski, Andrew from Innisfree
Tarasoff, Nick from Herronton
Tarasoff, Pete from Herronton
Tardiff, George A. from Fort Vermilion
Tardiff, George A. from Fort Vermillion
Tarnasky, Albert from Hilda
Tarnasky, Jacob from Bulwark
Tarnasky, Sam from Hilda
Tarnasky, Wilhelm from Medicine Hat
Tarnasky, William from Hilda
Tarnowski, John from Calgary
Tarnowski, Peter from Heisler
Tarras, Gerald from Calgary
Tarsiuk, William L. from Grande Prairie
Tartan Holdings Ltd. (Robert V. McLean) from DeWinton, Calgary
Tarzwell, Robert from Alix
Tasker, Mrs. George from Dorenlee
Tasker, Mrs. George from Dorenlee
Tasker, Reginald from Bashaw, Dorenlee
Tate, Alex from Claresholm
Tateson, George from Cochrane, Iddesleigh, Lathom
Tateson, Jack from Sundre
Tatham, Cyril H. from Stauffer, Innisfail, Dovercourt
Tatham, Ralph F. from Dovercourt
Tattersall Bros. from Burtonsville
Tattersall, Wayne from Wainwright, Edmonton
Tattersall, Wayne from Wainwright, Edmonton
Taubert, Albert from Calgary
Taubert, Edwin G. from Calgary
Taubert, Kay from Rosebud
Tautfest, Margaret Jane from Rosemary
Tautfest, William from Rosemary
Tautfest, William from Rosemary
Taylor and Derr & W.H. from Halkirk
Taylor and Derr (W.H.Taylor) from Halkirk
Taylor Bros. (John, Robin, Fred & Gordon ) from Crossfield
Taylor Bros. from Castor, Ingleton
Taylor Ranch Ltd. from Kinsella
Taylor, A.M. from Woolford
Taylor, A.W. from Wildwood
Taylor, Alan from Hanna
Taylor, Alex from Chauvin
Taylor, Alfred from Woolford
Taylor, Andrew from Coronation
Taylor, Arthur E. from High River
Taylor, Blake from Halkirk
Taylor, C. Fred from Rimbey, Grande Prairie
Taylor, Charles D. from Bluffton
Taylor, Charles D. from Bluffton
Taylor, Charles William from Grand Centre
Taylor, Christibell from Kaleland, Wattsford
Taylor, Claud from Cardston, Dorothy
Taylor, Donald C. from Wainwright
Taylor, Donald C. from Wainwright
Taylor, Donald William from Olds
Taylor, Earl & Mary from Rainier, Eyremore
Taylor, Echo L. from Foremost, Lucky Strike
Taylor, Elden Victor from Rimbey
Taylor, Ethel L. from Elkton, Didsbury, Purple Springs, Cremona
Taylor, F.O. & Brother from Calgary, Carstairs, Stirlingville
Taylor, Fred from Moyerton, Paradise Valley
Taylor, Fred G. & Son (C.F.) from Caroline
Taylor, George from Carstairs
Taylor, George from Foreman
Taylor, George from Foreman
Taylor, George S. from Madden
Taylor, George S. from Madden
Taylor, George Sykes from Cochrane
Taylor, Gertrude M. from Viking
Taylor, Gertrude M. from Viking
Taylor, Herman E. from Lacombe
Taylor, Herman E. from Lacombe
Taylor, Howard from Eagle Butte
Taylor, Howard T. from Chigwell
Taylor, Hugh from Coronation
Taylor, Hugh from Coronation
Taylor, J. from Shouldice
Taylor, J. from Shouldice
Taylor, J.A. from Cayley, High River
Taylor, J.W. from Calgary
Taylor, J.W. from Calgary
Taylor, Jack W. from High River
Taylor, James & Marlene from Carstairs
Taylor, James A. from Chauvin
Taylor, James from Lucky Strike
Taylor, James from Thorhild, Edgerton
Taylor, James William from Calgary
Taylor, Jesse F. from Brooks, Bow Island
Taylor, Jesse F. from Brooks, Bow Island
Taylor, Joe L. from Chigwell
Taylor, Joe L. from Chigwell
Taylor, John & William from Crossfield
Taylor, John David from Cluny
Taylor, John from Crossfield, Calgary
Taylor, John W. from Carstairs
Taylor, John, Robin, Gordon & Fred (Taylor Bros.) from Crossfield
Taylor, Jurdge from Gibbons
Taylor, Lorne from Rosetown, SK, Okotoks
Taylor, Margaret J. from Groton
Taylor, Margaret J. from Groton
Taylor, Mary from Foremost, Islay
Taylor, Melvin G. from Grande Prairie
Taylor, Melvin J. from Coronation, Fenn
Taylor, Merle from Olds, Winfield, BC
Taylor, Norman Roger from Calgary
Taylor, Norval from Ponoka, McLeod Valley, Grande Prairie
Taylor, O.L. & George R. Jackman from Carmangay
Taylor, O.L. & George R. Jackman from Carmangay
Taylor, Palmer G. from Edgerton
Taylor, R.S. from Calgary
Taylor, Robert from Coronation
Taylor, Ronald E. from Edmonton, Drayton Valley
Taylor, Rosetta Anne nee Marshall from Calgary, Vancouver, BC
Taylor, Rosetta Anne nee Marshall from Calgary, Vancouver, BC
Taylor, Ross B. from Vermilion
Taylor, Roy C. from Mirror
Taylor, S. (Cloverleaf Farm) from Leslieville
Taylor, S. (Cloverleaf Farm) from Leslieville
Taylor, S.A. from Nanton
Taylor, S.A. from Nanton
Taylor, Sykes from Cochrane
Taylor, T. from Langdon
Taylor, T. from Langdon
Taylor, T.C. from Lloydminster
Taylor, T.H. from Vermilion
Taylor, T.H. from Vermilion
Taylor, Thomas A. from Strathmore
Taylor, Thomas from High River, Aden
Taylor, Thomas L. from Onoway
Taylor, W.C from Dolcy, Edgerton
Taylor, W.C. & Ray McPherson from Dolcy
Taylor, W.C. & Ray McPherson from Dolcy
Taylor, W.C. from Nanton
Taylor, W.R from Metiskow
Taylor, W.R. from Metiskow
Taylor, W.T. from Stettler
Taylor, W.T. from Stettler
Taylor, Wilfred Charles from Bergen, Radium Hot Springs, BC, Hillcrest, Blairmore, Claresholm, Inuvik, NWT, Whitehorse, Yukon
Taylor, William James from Sunnyslope, Olds
Tcheeskim, Aldophus from Frog Lake
Tchir, John S. from Floating Stone, Spedden
Tchir, Nick S. from Vilna
Teadale, Adolphus F. E. from Fabyan
Teague, Bellamy B. from Edmonton, Bluffton
Teague, T.W. from Red Deer
Teal, Leonard A. from Duchess
Teare, John from Warwick
Teare, Kenneth James from Jarvie
Teasdale, Albert from Paradise Valley
Teasdale, D.G. from Paradise Valley
Teasdale, Joe from Badger Lake
Teasdale, John from Red Deer
Teasdale, Lawrence from Paradise Valley
Teasdale, Richard from Lomond
Teasdale, Thomas from Lethbridge
Teasdale, William from Paradise Valley
Teatsworth, C.R. from High River
Teavis, Alger Rae from Bonanza
Tebb, E.R from Spruce Grove
Tebbutt, C.J. from Little Gem, Naco
Tebbutt, H. from Innisfree
Techer, Peter & Allan from Thorsby
Tee Pee Cattle Co-Op Ltd. from Cardston
Teeple, Frank H. from Edberg, Stettler
Teeple, Homer L. from Edberg
Teeple, Jim S. from Grande Prairie
Teerling, S. & Sons from Vauxhall
Teeter, Alonzo from Czar, Mirror, Alix
Teeter, Donald from Wainwright
Teeter, Mahree from Wainwright
Teeter, Price from Wainwright
Teghtmeyer, Robert William from Cochrane, Calgary
Tegler, J.R. from South Edmonton
Teige, Lynn from Notikewin
Teigland, Engel O. from Bassano
Teitge, Fred W. from Entrance, Jasper
Telfer, J.C. from Cochrane, Innisfail
Telford, Albert Ernest from Koknee
Telford, Patrick Jerome from Rochester, Perryvale
Tell, Joe from Lethbridge, Brooks
Telland, Andre from Durlingville, Fort Kent, Bonnyville
Tellman, Jake from Meeting Creek
Temple, Charles from Red Deer, Torrington
Temple, Peter from Olds
Temple, R.H. from Bearberry
Templeton, Campbell from Wainwright, Gilt Edge
Templeton, J. W. from Calgary
Templeton, McLean from Wainwright, Gilt Edge
Templeton, Mrs. Robert Vernon from Wainwright, Gilt Edge
Templeton, Mrs. Robert Vernon from Wainwright, Gilt Edge
Ten Feeders Ltd. from Lethbridge
Ten Hove, H. J. & Sons from Blackfalds
Tenbaum, S & L. Rosenbaum from Calgary
Tenbaum, Sam & Manuel Zukerman from Sunnynook
Tenbaum, Sam from Duchess, Patricia, Prince George, BC
Tenborg, Albert from Madden
Tenham, William from Calgary, Bashaw
Tennant Bros. (I .Earl, G.E. & N. F.) from Edgerton
Tennant, Andrew S. from Edgerton
Tennant, Cecil from Edgerton
Tennant, Elsie M. from Neutral Hills
Tennant, Gerald E. from Edgerton
Tennant, I.E. from Edgerton
Tennant, I.J. from Edgerton
Tennant, James A. from Provost, Ribstone
Tennant, Robert Allan from Chauvin, Ribstone, Edgerton
Tennant, Vernon E. & Jane from Vegreville
Tennant, Wilson A. from Airways, Cadogan, Neutral Hills
Tenney, Charles. J. from Warner
Tenney, Merle from Lloydminster, SK.
Tennis, Leslie O., & Stuart Bruce L. from Hardisty
Tennis, Marion from Hardisty
Teresio, Edward from Two Hills
Terlecki, John from Warwick
Terlesky, William D. from Innisfree
Terlotti, Ben from Leedale
Ternes, Isadore from Beiseker
Ternes, Joseph E. from Beiseker
Terriff, Joseph O. from Grantham
Terry, A.D. & Thomas, E. Lane from Lethbridge
Terry, A.D. from Lethbridge
Terry, Floyd K. from Rocky Mountain House
Terry, George Victor from Landonville
Terry, John G. from Vermilion
Terry, John G. from Vermilion
Terry, Larry R. from Calgary
Terry, Lowell F. from Rocky Mountain House
Terry, Nila Nadeen from Lethbridge
Terry, Violet from Raymond, Lethbridge
Terwilliger, Claude from Vulcan, Calgary
Terwilliger, Theodore from Rancho Santa Fe, San Diego, CA
Teske, Gustaf from Bruce
Teskey, R.D. from Rocky Mountain House
Tesluck, M. P. from Longview
Tessari, Michael from Warner
Tessier Bros. (J. Albert & George) from Killarney Lake
Tessier Bros. (J. Albert & George) from Killarney Lake
Tessier, Alfred from St. Paul
Tessier, Archibald W. from Mirror
Tessier, C.E. from St. Edouard
Tessier, J. Albert & Thilda S. from Chauvin, Killarney Lake
Tessier, J. Albert Thilda S. from Chauvin
Tessier, Lawrence from St. Paul
Tessier, Victor from St. Paul
Tessier, W.W. from Chauvin, Provost
Tessler, Leon from Edmonton
Tessler, Leon from Edmonton
Tessman, F.C. from Eaglesham
Tessman, Lucy & Norman Greenwood from Kinsella
Tessman, Lucy & Norman Greenwood from Kinsella
Tessman, Lucy P. from Kinsella
Tessman, Marx from Kinsella, Hindville, Cornucopia, Halkirk
Tessman, Richard P. from Hindville
Tessman, Robert P from Hindville
Tester, E.W. from Milo, Innisfail
Tetachuk, Martin Ross from Cayley
Tetley, John M. from Thorsby
Tetley, R.W.E. from Pine Lake
Tettolowski, Otto from Red Deer
Tetz, Andrew from Trochu
Tetz, Andrew G. from Lloydminster
Tetz, Andrew G. from Lloydminster
Tetz, Carl K. from Hanna
Tetz, Carl K. from Hanna
Tetz, Elmer from Irvine, Thelma
Tetz, Fred A. from Beiseker, Drumheller, Trochu
Tevel, W. from Bowmanton, Medicine Hat
Tewinkel from Trifola , Bingville, Tilley
Thaagaard, K. Bent from Claresholm
Thacker, Ambrose Benjamin from Coronation, Bulwark
Thacker, Deane from Burdett
Thacker, F. A. from Caroline, Stauffer
Thacker, H. F. from Burdett
Thacker, Irene from Coronation
Thacker, Vincent from Ponoka
Thackray Bros. from Macleod
Thage, Mrs. Theo from Halkirk, Gadsby
Thain, Mrs. C. from Rocky Mountain House
Tharp, C.E. & Sons from Notikewin
Thatcher, Darryl Aubrey from Beiseker
Thatcher, R. L. & Sons from Berrymoor
Thate, Marion Isabelle from East Doe River, Dawson Creek, BC
Thayer, Walter A. from Duchess, Tofield
Thayer, Walter A. from Duchess, Tofield
The Best West Silver Fox Company Ltd from Edmonton
The British Columbia Sugar Refining Co. Ltd. from Lethbridge
The Church from Jesus Christ from Latter Day Saints - Fort Macleod Ward from Fort Macleod
The East & West Ranching Company Ltd. from Elkwater
The New Coaldale Cheese Factory Co-Op Ltd. from Coaldale
The Sixth Quorum of Elders from Raymond
Theaker, John from Viking
Theander, Kurt Egon from Calgary, Bragg Creek
Theede, Carl from Delburne
Theibert, Roger from Hinton
Thelin, A.R. from Macleod
Thengs, Carl from Viking
Thengs, Ole from Viking
Theriault, Angelique from Pincher Creek
Theriault, Louis from Pincher Creek
Therou, George from Jarrow
Therou, William from Jarrow, Lougheed, Kinsella
Theroux, Armand J. from Lafond, Warwick, Two Hills
Theroux, George from Edmonton, Glendon
Theroux, Louis from St. Paul, Brosseau
Theroux, Roland from Warwick
Therriault, Clement from Donnelly
Therriault, Cliff from Pincher Creek
Therriault, Henry from Pincher Creek
Therrien, Clovis E. from St. Paul
Therrien, Hector from St. Paul des Metis
Thew, Walter R. from Goodwin
Thibault & Sons from Notre Dame de Savoie, Halkirk
Thibault, Leon from Halkirk
Thibault, Louis from Halkirk
Thibault, Mrs. L. & Sons from Halkirk
Thibeautt, Henry from Pine Lake
Thibert, Rene from Cowley
Thibodeau, Henry from Moyerton
Thiel, A.W. from Hussar, Langley Prairie, BC
Thiel, Fred A. from Etzikom, Warner
Thiel, Herbert Berthold from Ardrossan, Sherwood Park
Thiel, William from Etzikom
Thieleman, Oscar G. from Castor
Thieleman, Richard from Castor
Thielen, Jerome A. from Milk River
Thielen, John from Allerton
Thielen, Math from Allerton
Thielman, Gerhard from Lindbrook
Thies, Jack from Lea Park, Onion Lake, Saskatchewan
Thiessen, Abraham A. from Strathmore
Thiessen, Arnold Eward from Calgary
Thiessen, D.J. & Walter from Vauxhall
Thiessen, Frank J. from Edmonton
Thiessen, Grace M. from Calgary
Thiessen, Henry from Grassy Lake
Thiessen, Irwin from Crooked Creek
Thiessen, Jacob Julius from Vauxhall
Thiessen, Jake E. from La Crete
Thiessen, John from Coaldale
Thiessen, N.J. from Vauxhall
Thiessen, P.A. from Carseland, Namaka
Thiessen, Walter from Vauxhall
Thiesson, Dick from Tofield
Thinghoold, Henry from Hays
Third Quorum of Elders from Leavitt, Cardston
Thirwell, John Frank from Edmonton
Thom, Kenneth from Lethbridge
Thomas & Amery Ranches Ltd. from Crossfield, Calgary, Lyle, WA
Thomas Bros. (John Francis & Michael W.) from Vauxhall, Tees
Thomas Farms Ltd. from Warner
Thomas, A.A. from Viking, Harland
Thomas, A.E. from Twin Butte, Pincher Creek
Thomas, Alan Derek from Hardisty, Alliance
Thomas, Burke A. from Glenwood, Cardston
Thomas, Burke from Milk River
Thomas, Charles from Fort Saskatchewan
Thomas, D. from Mayerthorpe
Thomas, Delbert Raymond from Clive
Thomas, Diane May from High Level
Thomas, Don Edward from Edmonton
Thomas, Donald from Connor Creek, Smithers, BC
Thomas, Ed from Big Valley
Thomas, Evan from Picture Butte
Thomas, George E. from Bow Island
Thomas, George Nelson from Nanton
Thomas, Gilbert P. from Bruderheim, Edmonton
Thomas, Gordon Charles from Calmar
Thomas, Grant F. from Glenwoodville
Thomas, H. (Mrs.) from Mannville
Thomas, H.B. from Mannville
Thomas, Herbert from Ryley
Thomas, Homer M. from Silver Heights
Thomas, Howard Emil from Claresholm
Thomas, J.F. from Vauxhall, Tees, Consort
Thomas, Jack from Meanook
Thomas, James from Big Valley, Scollard
Thomas, John from Patricia
Thomas, John from Vermilion
Thomas, John W. from Gem
Thomas, Joseph D. from Aerial
Thomas, Joyce Katharin from Evansburg, Wildwood
Thomas, L.N. from Paradise Valley
Thomas, Lionel H. from Hanna, Calgary
Thomas, Lorne Douglas from Hanna
Thomas, McKinley B. from Glenwoodville
Thomas, Michael W. from Vauxhall
Thomas, Percy Allan from Eckville, Sicamous, BC
Thomas, R.I. from Erskine
Thomas, Ray P. & Sons from Carrot Creek
Thomas, Robert from Hughenden
Thomas, Roger L. from Calgary
Thomas, Simon W. from Medicine Hat, Rose Glen, Vauxhall
Thomas, William A. from New Sarepta, Spruce Grove
Thomas, William from Pendryl, Telfordville
Thomas, William from Warner
Thomas, William H A. from Olds
Thomas, William John from Greenshields
Thomassen, Fred from Bergen
Thomassen, Thomas A. from Calgary, Ogden
Thome, John F. from Seven Persons
Thome, Mike from High River
Thomlinson, G. M. from Bearberry
Thomlinson, Robert R. from Edmonton
Thompson Bros. (C.S. & J.H.) from Rumsey
Thompson Bros. (William & John) from Lousana
Thompson Bros. from Camrose
Thompson, A.J. from Consort
Thompson, A.M. from Rimbey
Thompson, A.W. from Czar
Thompson, Aaron U. from Rosemary
Thompson, Albert from Vulcan, Badger Lake
Thompson, Alfred from Cochrane, Coleman
Thompson, Augusta Harriett from Rosalind, Kingman
Thompson, Belle from Coutts
Thompson, Bill from Vauxhall
Thompson, Bridget Irene from Seattle, WA.
Thompson, C.A. from Macleod
Thompson, C.S. & J.H. (Thompson Bros.) from Rumsey
Thompson, C.V. from Peace River
Thompson, Charles from Castor
Thompson, Dale B. from Bezanson, Grande Prairie
Thompson, David from Clairmont
Thompson, Dorothy M. from Onion Lake, SK
Thompson, Douglas A. from Sundre, Westward Ho, Okotoks, Hussar
Thompson, Douglas Robert from Calgary
Thompson, Edwin Oliver from Camrose
Thompson, Elias from Claresholm
Thompson, Ernest from Cochrane
Thompson, Floyd from Carmangay
Thompson, Foster C. from Clive
Thompson, G.M. from Red Deer
Thompson, Glenn W. from Foremost
Thompson, Gordon from Calgary
Thompson, Gordon from Nanton
Thompson, Graham H. from Busby
Thompson, Grant R & Phyllis E. from Lacombe
Thompson, H. Bruce from Worsley
Thompson, H. Neil from Czar, Lacombe
Thompson, Hans from Lousana
Thompson, Harlan H. & Percy D. Intosh from Spring Coulee
Thompson, Harlan H. & Percy D. McIntosh from Spring Coulee
Thompson, Harley R. from Rocky Mountain House, Phoenix
Thompson, Harry from Sweetgrass, MT.
Thompson, Harvey W. from Calgary
Thompson, Hedley R. from Strachan
Thompson, Herbert from Nemiskan
Thompson, Howard G. from Millet, Wetaskiwin
Thompson, Hugh B. from Kleskun Hill, Grand Prairie, Albright
Thompson, J.C. from Wainwright
Thompson, J.P. from Sunnynook
Thompson, J.W. from Provost
Thompson, Jack from Calgary
Thompson, James Luther from Hindville, Koknee
Thompson, James T. from Milk River
Thompson, John A. from Black Diamond
Thompson, John Alexander from Hayter, Macklin, SK
Thompson, John E. from Dickson
Thompson, John F. from Metiskow
Thompson, John T from Cremona
Thompson, John T. from Calgary
Thompson, John W. & Magnus Bjork from Buffalo
Thompson, John W. from Buffalo
Thompson, Kenneth Conrad from Nobleford
Thompson, Lawrence & Sons (Larry Allen & Dwayne) from Westlock, High Prairie
Thompson, Lawrence L. from Dapp, Westlock
Thompson, Leo L.M. from Kikino
Thompson, Leonard from Lomond, Badger Lake
Thompson, Lloyd from Countess
Thompson, Lloyd William from Ardrossan
Thompson, Mabel L. nee Hanson from Turner Valley, Black Diamond, Calgary
Thompson, Margaret G. from Red Deer
Thompson, Martha & Morris from Camrose
Thompson, Martha & Morris Throndson from Camrose
Thompson, Martin from Barons
Thompson, Melvin from Hay Lakes, Provost
Thompson, Mike from Stettler
Thompson, Mrs. A.A. from Okotoks
Thompson, Mrs. M.C. from Koknee, Vermilion
Thompson, Myrtle from Enderby, British Columbia, Grouard
Thompson, Norman E. from Lamont, Fort McMurray
Thompson, Omund from Claresholm, Stavely, Parkland, Nanton
Thompson, Orval J. from St. Lina
Thompson, P. K. from Clear Hills
Thompson, Ralph Roland & William Michael Kriszan, from Picture Butte, Lethbridge
Thompson, Robert T. from Westward Ho
Thompson, Rose from Czar
Thompson, Roy Bradley from Olds
Thompson, Roy from Tees, Magrath, Macleod
Thompson, S.E. from Carmangay
Thompson, Sander from Rimbey
Thompson, Sidney from Bentley
Thompson, Thomas from Drumheller
Thompson, Thomas from MacKay
Thompson, Thomas from Vermilion
Thompson, Thomas William from Cappon, Oyen
Thompson, W.S. from Olds, Clive, Morningside
Thompson, Walter from Okotoks
Thompson, Walter R. from Granum
Thompson, William A. from Dixonville
Thom's Dairy from Lethbridge
Thomsen, Einar from Enchant
Thomsen, Henning from Calgary
Thomsen, Herman from Cochrane
Thomsen, Kate from Neutral Hills, Veteran
Thomsen, Mrs. Stan from Edson
Thomsen, Paul from Coronation
Thomsen, Robert Rolland from Veteran
Thomson, Albert Howard from Black Diamond
Thomson, Andrew H. from Namaka, Calgary
Thomson, Bertha J. from Manyberries
Thomson, David G. S. from Heinsburg
Thomson, Grace from Halkirk
Thomson, Hans E. from Namaka
Thomson, Henry Alexander from Castor
Thomson, J.E. from Grande Prairie
Thomson, J.F. from Medicine Hat
Thomson, J.H from Welling
Thomson, Jack from Calgary
Thomson, James from Calgary
Thomson, James S. from Midnapore
Thomson, K & J. Kostynuk from Nordegg
Thomson, M.D. from Magrath
Thomson, Manley Laroy & Sons (Stephen Andrew & George Kevin) from Rowley, Orrin, Drumheller
Thomson, Stephen from Fabyan
Thomson, W.H. from Fort Macleod
Thomson, Waldon Roy from Rowley, Morrin
Thoreson, Roy Kenneth from Brightview
Thorinson, Steve from Caroline, Innisfail
Thorkman, Charles L. & William from Eckville
Thorkman, Charles L. William from Eckville
Thorne, H.L. from Nanton
Thorne, H.L. from Nanton
Thorne, Velda M. from Camrose
Thornhill Contractors Ltd. from Peace River
Thornton, Eva Mary remarried name Kraft from Lloydminster
Thornton, George E. from Edmonton
Thornton, H. E. from Blackfoot
Thornton, Thomas E. from Westward Ho
Thornton, W.J. from Sedalia, Ardmore, Mayerthorpe
Thornton, William & Mary from Twin Butte
Thorogood, David W. from Lamont
Thorsen, Chris from Shepard
Thorsen, J.E. & L.M. from Innisfail
Thorseth, A.J. from Redcliff
Thorseth, Cyril Alvin from Valleyview
Thorson, George from Kathryn, Jenner
Thorson, George from Winnifred, Bow Island
Thorssen Bros. (Theo A & Francis) from Namaka
Thorssen Bros. (Theo A. & Francis) from Namaka
Thorssen, Ellen M. from Calgary
Three Star Ranch Ltd. ( Peter Schell) from Peace River, Grande Prairie
Threfall, Frederick William from Cremona
Threlfall, F.W. from Midnapore
Threlkeld, Thomas from Stauffer
Thring, J.W. from Coronation
Throndson, Edwin A from Clandonald
Throndson, Gus or Gustav from Vellette, Wellsdale, Clandonald
Throndson, Morris from Camrose
Thuesen, Soren from Bingville
Thulien, Obed E. from Veteran
Thulien, Thomas from Veteran
Thumlert, Alexander from Castor
Thumlert, Alexander from Castor
Thumlert, Conrad from Castor
Thurber, Alex from Cochrane, Omak, WA
Thurber, Howard from Blackie
Thurlow, S. from Travers, Barons
Thurlow, S.J. from Picture Butte, Travers
Thurn, Ludwig from Grainger, Calgary
Thuroo, Eldon from Richdale
Thurston, Harold from Innisfail, Red Deer
Thwaites, Robert from Enilda, Edmonton
Thwaites, Robert from Enilda, Edmonton
Thyssen, Nellie from Leedale
Tibbitt, Barry W. from Brooks
Tiberio, John from Grande Cache
Tice, T. W. from Spring Coulee
Tidball, E.E. from Carstairs
Tidball, R.E. from Carstairs
Tidsbury, Robert D. from Vermilion
Tiebeke, Ewald from Tofield, Gobblehill, BC
Tiedemann, Emil from Tofield
Tiegen Bros. (Elven & Ralph) from Blackie
Tiegen Bros. (Elven & Ralph) from Blackie
Tiegen, Elven from Caroline, Red Deer
Tiegen, Ralph & Irene from Blackie
Tiegen, Ralph &Irene from Blackie
Tiegen, Ralph from Strathmore
Tiernan, Norman D. from Wanham
Tierneg Bros. from Chancellor, Makepeace
Tierney, T.D. from Olds
Tiesen, Henry from Namaka
Tiesen, Henry from Namaka
Tiesenhausen, Nils from Demmitt
Tiessen, Harold from Edmonton
Tiessen, Henry & Henry Reimer from Rosemary, Gem
Tiessen, Jack H. from Gem, Rosemary
Tiessen, Jack H. from Gem, Rosemary, Bassano
Tiessen, W. from Rosemary
Tiffin, Albert from Castor, Kevisville
Tiffin, Kathryn M. from High River
Tiffin, Stewart Lorne from Cayley
Tiffinger, Joseph James from Vermilion
Tiger, Olaus from Elk Point
Tighe, Garnet S. from Didsbury
Tighe, Isobel from Nanton
Tighe, Nora from Nanton
Tighe, Stewart William from Didsbury
Tilbert, Emerson Milton from Hamlin, Delburne, Oliver, BC
Till, John from Brooks
Tillack, G.D. from Rosemary
Tillack, Gordon M. from Raymond
Tillapaugh, Clifford from Hamlin
Tilleman, Arnold R. from Schuler, Hays
Tilleman, Daniel from Bowmanton, Sibbald
Tilleman, Robert A. from Hays, Taber
Tilleman, Robert C. from Schuler
Tilleman,Mrs. M. from Taber
Tilley, Charles George from Lundbreck, Pincher Creek
Tillotson, Avie from Okotoks
Tillotson, Lowell from Hanna, Delburne, Vernon, BC
Tilsner, Siegfried from Elnora, Oyen
Tilson, F.L. from Lamont
Tiltgen, Emil W. & John J. from Ponoka
Tiltgen, Emil W. & John J. from Ponoka
Timanson, Ben A. from Dewberry
Timanson, N.L. from Dewberry, Vegreville
Timanson, Nels M. from Riverton
Timber Valley Ranch Ltd. from Lethbridge
Timko, Bob from Lethbridge, Raymond
Timko, George from Tilley
Timm, Wilbert from Barrhead
Timmath, George E. from Shining Bank
Timmath, Sarah S. from Shining Bank
Timmermans, A. from Vauxhall
Timmins, Mrs. W.S. from Calgary
Timmons, Mervyn E. from Grimshaw
Timms, J. from Banff
Timpe, Georgina from Alix
Timperley, Joseph Keith from Edmonton
Tindall, Clayton A. from Blackie, High River
Tindall, Olinda G. from Lloydminster, SK
Tingey, Dennis from Two Hills
Tingstad, I. & K. from Valleyview
Tingstad, Ingvald from Valleyview
Tingtved, R.H. from Byemoor
Tinkess, Nelson George from Sundre
Tinkham, George from Bremner
Tinlin, Gideon from Drumheller
Tinney, John Art H. Fielhaber from Stony Plain
Tinney, Roy from Raymond
Tinsdeall, George W. from Veteran
Tinsdeall, Mary Ann from Veteran
Tinsdeall, Ronald from Veteran
Tinsley, Archibald Henry & Elizabeth from Cadogan
Tinsley, Archibald Henry Elizabeth from Cadogan
Tiomny, Mike from Picture Butte
Tipler, Norman & Albert from McRae
Tipman, Joseph J. from Stettler
Tipman, M. J. from Shining Bank
Tippe, Adam from Innisfree
Tippe, Jacob from Vegreville
Tipper, George D. from Grimshaw
Tiroles, R. from Hardisty
Tirrell, Horace Reginald from Elkton
Tirrell, Raymond from Didsbury, Fawcett
Tischler, Helmut from Minburn
Titch, Herman from Tomahawk
Titford, George from Rocky Mountain House
Titow, Serge from Elk Point, Glendon
Titsing, W.B. from Nobleford
Titterington, R. from Calgary, Midnapore
Tivadar, Joe from Hill Spring, Glenwood
Tizzaard, Robert Charles from Ribstone, Provost
Tizzarad, Robert B. from Ribstone
Tizzard, Dave from La Corey
Tizzard, Marlene from Chauvin
Tjart, Jacob from Castor
Tjepkema, P. from Vauxhall
Tjostheim, Dave H. from Nampa
Tkach, Arlos F. from Veteran, Consort
Tkach, George from Veteran
Tkach, Lloyd from Veteran
Tkachuck, Ilia A from Lac la Biche
Tkachuk, Elia from Beauvallon
Tkachuk, George from Iron River
Tkachuk, Jefim from Gurneyville, Sandy Rapids, Bonnyville
Tkachuk, Jefim from Gurneyville, Sandy Rapids, Bonnyville
Tkachuk, M. from Iron River
Tkachuk, Mike from Hamlin
Tkachuk, Morris Wayne from Strathmore
Tkachuk, Nick from Smoky Lake
Tkachuk, Nick Neil from St. Paul
Tkachuk, Ted from Coronado, Edmonton
Tkachuk, Tom from Lac la Biche
Tkachuk, William from Coronado
Tkachyk, A.K. from Stry, Vilna
Tkachyk, John from Bindloss, Helmsdale, Cereal, Medicine Hat
Tkachyk, Pete from Bindloss
Tkashyk, John (7 bar 7 Ranch) from Bindloss
Tkashyk, John (7 bar 7 Ranch) from Bindloss
Toane Bros. from S. Edmonton
Tobber, Johannes M. from Peers, Blue Ridge
Tobis, John & Mary from Delburne
Tobler, Christina from Duchess
Tobler, Ed from Medicine Hat
Tobler, Gerald Albert from Winnifred, Bow Island, Medicine Hat
Tobler, Jacob from Medicine Hat, Winnifred
Tocher, James from Pine Lake
Tod, Josephine from Medicine Hat
Tod, William from Mannville
Todd & Carey (George Todd & Stanley Carey) from Claresholm
Todd, Amy K. from Vulcan
Todd, George from Vulcan
Todd, Grace from Vermilion
Todd, Henry from Kirkcaldy, Lethbridge
Todd, James from Kessler
Todd, James from Strome
Todd, Jay from Sunnyslope
Todd, John from West Wingham, Coronation
Toderovich, George from Alder Flats
Todhunter, John Gibson from Beiseker, Langley, BC
Todrick, Robert Lloyd from Midnapore, Calgary
Toepfer, Leonard from Camrose
Toeppner, Conrad from Buffalo, Prestville, Jenner
Toews, Abraham K. from Linden
Toews, C. Glen from Calgary
Toews, C.C. from Acme, Linden
Toews, Eldon from Swalwell
Toews, Gladwin from Linden
Toews, H.L. from Sunnyslope
Toews, John B. from Acme
Toews, John W. from Swalwell
Toews, Lewis from Sunnyslope
Toffelmire, Joshua Milton from Veteran
Toffelmire, Mabel A. from Veteran
Tofin, Nick from Bow Island
Toft, Anton H. from Wayne
Togstad, David Lloyd from Beiseker
Tohir, John from Floating Stone, Boyne Lake
Tokar, Alfred F. from Vauxhall
Tokar, George from Vauxhall
Tokar, William Jr. from Vauxhall
Tokariuk, Fred from Hardieville, Lethbridge
Tokarsky, John from Smoky Lake
Toker, Alex & Lorraine from Pickardville
Toliver, G. W. from Rumsey
Toliver, O. from Rumsey
Tollefson, C. from Kingman
Tollefson, C. from Kingman
Tollefson, G.I. & E.W. from Sunset House, Valleyview
Tollefson, K.H. from Valleyview, Sunset House
Tollefson, Leroy E. from Sunset House
Tolley, Dennis Lloyd from Fort Macleod
Tolley, Eldon D. from Cardston, Mountain View
Tolley, Erwin S. from Mountain View, Cardston
Tolley, Mary from Macleod
Tolley, Norman from Milk River
Tolley, Philip Edward from Monarch, Fort Macleod
Tolley, Rockford from Monarch
Tolley, Samuel O. from Kipp, Lethbridge
Tolsdorf, Eleanor from Travers
Tolsdorf, Frank John from Travers
Tolsma, Albert from Edmonton, Millet
Tolway, Anton from Lymburn
Tolway, Pete from Whitehorse, YK, Hinton Trail
Toly, Allen from Claresholm
Toly, Steve (Locky Bell Ranch) from Coaldale, Pincher Creek, Lethbridge
Toly, Tony from Picture Butte
Toma, Daryl Alexander from Hairy Hill
Toma, George W. from Willingdon
Toma, Gregory M. from Ispas
Toma, Lawrence from Hairy Hill
Toma, Metro from McRae
Toma, Nick from Ardmore
Tomalty, John from Red Deer
Tomaska, A. from Tilley
Tomcala, George from Taber
Tomchak, Frank from Edmonton
Tomek, Thomas from Hope Valley
Tomilon, Nick from Keg River
Tomkins, Mae from Cereal, Chinook
Tomkiw, Nick & Tom from Peers
Tomkow, Wayne Marshall from Whitecourt
Tomlilin, Nick from Keg River
Tomlin, William from Longview
Tomlinson, A. from Calgary, Halkirk
Tomlinson, Albert Jean from Foisy
Tomlinson, Norris from Irma, Edmonton
Tomlinson, Percy Graham from Halkirk
Tomlinson, Peter from Halkirk
Tomm, Otto from Calgary
Tompkins, Bill from Eureka River
Tompkins, Mrs. M.A. from Pincher Creek
Tompkins, Tom J. from Mizpah, Sunnynook
Tompson, John from High River
Tomyn, Fred from Andrew
Tomyn, Maxim from Plain Lake
Tomyn, William from Hotchkiss
Tonberg, Mary from Seven Persons
Tonberg, Mrs. F.A from Seven Persons
Tondu, Joe from Wainwright
Tondu, Lois E from Wainwright
Tondu, Louis from Wainwright
Toner, Ed from Clandonald
Toner, Philip Joseph from High Prairie
Tonnesen, B. from Rosebud
Tonnesen, Lars from Enchant
Tooker, E.L. from Okotoks
Tool, C.W. from Olds, Lobley, Crosswell, MI
Tool, R. E. from Crossfield
Toole, Archibald from Delano, Medicine Hat
Toole, James Willis from Medicine Hat
Toole, John & Patrick from Calgary
Toole, Ruby from Medicine Hat
Toole, Susan Mary from Bassano
Toone, Frank P. from Calgary
Toone, J.E. from Claresholm
Topfler, L. from Camrose
Topilka, Luella Marion from Mannville
Topilka, Philip M. from Whitecourt
Topilko, Andrew from Mannville
Topley, Samuel from Calgary
Topley, William Edward from Calgary
Topolnisky, Metro from Beauvallon
Toppin, Ronald E. from Didsbury
Topsnik, Gerd from Calgary
Topth, Joseph P. from Raymond
Topycska, Peter from Musidora
Torbit, D. R. from Claresholm
Toretsky, Samuel from Irma
Torgersen, James Donald from Edmonton
Torgersen, Mathea from Edmonton
Torgerson, Chris from Esther
Torgerson, John Sanford from Whitecourt
Torgerson, Lars T. from Edmonton
Torgerson, Lars T. from Edmonton
Torgerson, Melvin Rudolph from Medicine Hat, Bow Island
Torgerson, T.G. from La Glace
Torguson, Hjalmar from James River Bridge
Torhjelm, Edward from Meeting Creek
Torhjelm, Harold N. from Meeting creek
Torhjelm, Harold N. from Meeting creek
Torhjelm, James E. from Meeting Creek
Torhjelm, Laurentius S. from Meeting Creek
Toricht, John from Fabyan
Torkelson, Bennett from Duchess
Torkelson, Nelson from Duchess
Torkelson, Raymond from Milk River
Tornberg, Walter from Balzac
Torney, John B from Airways
Torney, John B. from Airways
Torney, William from Veteran
Torok, John from Rolling Hills
Toronchuk, Myram from Edmonton
Torpe, Clara A. from Olds, Metiskow
Torpe, Donald from Camrose, Metiskow
Torpe, Garry M. from Cadogan
Torr, Percy from Salt Prairie, Grouard
Torrence, G.R from Innisfail
Torrie Ranches Ltd. (Marvin Hull Torrie) from Grassy Lake
Torrie, Albert from Grassy Lake
Torrie, Arthur M. from Tofield
Torrington Community Centre from Torrington
Tose, Edward from Caroline, Stauffer, Butte
Tose, Florrie from Caroline
Toth, Donald from Taber
Toth, Frank from Picture Butte
Toth, John from Iron Springs, Picture Butte
Toth, Joseph from Tilley, Milk River
Toth, Joseph Jr. from Milk River
Toth, Nick from Diamond City, Commerce
Tothill, Kate L. from Tothill, Gros Ventre
Touchette, Adelard T. from Fabyan, Edmonton
Touchette, Leonard Joel from Wainwright
Tough, Forbes from Dewberry
Toulgoet, E. from Calgary, Rimbey
Tourangeau, Albert from Lafond, St. Paul
Tousignant, Alfred from Edmonton, Egremont, Fort Saskatchewan
Tousignant, Alfred from Edmonton, Egremont, Fort Saskatchewan
Touurigny, Terrence Bruce from Coronado, Gibbons
Touzel, Thomas C. from Millicent
Tovell, Albert from Claresholm, Calgary
Toverud, Alfred T. from Viking
Towe, Earl W. from Vermilion, Vegreville, Lloydminster
Towell, Morton from Vermilion
Towers, Frederick James from Red Deer
Towers, Henry from Red Deer
Towers, Thomas from Alliance
Towle, Joseph Wilbur from Didsbury
Town of Bassano from Bassano
Town of Coronation from Coronation
Town of Didsbury from Didsbury
Town of Magrath from Magrath
Towndraw, Fred from McDonaldville
Townsend, A.E. from Mannville
Townsend, Clifford L from Mannville
Townsend, Clifford L. from Mannville
Townsend, Harold J. from Nanton
Townsend, Hugh from Big Prairie, Cremona
Towpich, Isidore (Circle T Acres) from Calgary
Towpich, William C. from Eaglesham
Towpick, Dan from Duvernay
Toyonaga, Noriaki from Vauxhall
Trabysh, William from Hairy Hill
Trace, H.J. from Bashaw, Lousana
Trach, Joe from Morecambe
Trachsel, Kurt (Spruceland Ranch) from Red Deer
Traichel, Heinz from Medicine Hat
Traichel, Rudolf from Medicine Hat
Trailsend Ranch (James T. Marks & William Ingersoll) from Elk Point
Train, Angus M. from Woodhouse
Trainer, Jean from Manyberries
Trainer, Joe from Manyberries
Trainer, Mrs. E.I. from Manyberries
Trainer, Robert Earl from Manyberries
Trainer, W.A. & C.C. from Manyberries
Trainor, Claude from Manyberries
Trammer, Dave M. from Edgerton
Trapp, Dale Everett from Del Bonita
Tratnik, Anton from Beaver Mines
Traudt, Conrad from Castor, Alliance
Traudt, L. & Sons from Pooka
Traudt, M. from Lacombe
Traudt, William from Alliance
Trautman, Margaret from Rimbey
Travers, Oliver from Cherry Point
Travers, Pauline W. from Cherry Point
Travers, Sidney from High Prairie, Enilda, Cherry Point
Travincek, Mike from Picture Butte
Travis, Cecil Raymond from Edmonton
Travis, Charles from Granum, Claresholm
Travis, Emma Mabel from Iola
Travis, R. & Sons from Darwell
Traxel, John from Leavitt, Welling
Traxler, Claud & Leo from Etzikom
Trayer, Ben from Bashaw
Traynor, A. from Viking
Traynor, Catherine from Heath
Traynor, Francis & George from Wainwright
Traynor, Francis & George from Wainwright
Traynor, Peter Leo from Heath, Gilt Edge
Trcka, John from Shaughnessy, Turin
Treanor, W. J. & P. from Calgary
Treaty Seven Co-Op Ltd. from Cluny
Treece, David William from Purple Springs
Treend, W.R. from Hussar
Treffry, Allan from Czar, Wainwright
Treffry, Murray from Consort
Treffry, Murray from Consort
Trefiak, Aleck Eric from Wainwright
Trefiak, Wasyl from Hope Valley, Wainwright
Treiber, Bert from Schuler
Treichel, Carl from Alberta Beach
Trekofski, Helmuth H. from Irvine
Trekofski, J.H. from Pashley
Trekofski, William F. from Irvine
Treleaven, Perley G. from Stanger
Tremain, Leslie from Dalemead
Tremaine, Thomas Hedley from Consort
Trembecki, Joseph from Duchess
Tremblay, A. from Lafond
Tremblay, Adles J. from Lac La Biche, Fort McMurray
Tremblay, Fernand from Champion, Nanton
Tremblay, Leon from Pincher Creek
Trembley, Jean G. from High River
Trempner, Gerald A. from New Sarepta, Hay Lakes, Wetaskiwin
Trenaman, George A. from Delburne, Lousana
Trenaman, John H. from Delburne
Trenholm, Mrs. C. A. from Orion
Trenholm, Olga from Manyberries
Trenholm, Ralph A. from Manyberries
Trenholm, Willis E. from New Brook
Trent, George Arthur Jr. from Tofield
Trent, Henry Monro from Tofield, Edmonton, Ardrossan
Tresek, John from Picture Butte
Trevithick Bros. from Hindville
Trevithick, A.R. from South Edmonton
Trevithick, Gordon R. from Tolland, S. Edmonton, Sherwood Park
Trevithick, Scott H. from Hindville, Tolland
Trevor, William H. from Esther
Triangle Ranches Ltd. from Duffield
Tribe, M. & M. from Jenner
Tribe, Richard Sugg from Olds, Jenner
Tricker, Gilbert M. from Rimbey
Tricker, Robert R. from Acme
Tri-County Barley Growers Ltd. from Lethbridge
Tridulin, Ernest from Rumsey
Trieber, Fred from Medicine Hat
Triebwasser, Glen R. from Beiseker, Peoria, Wanham, Lacombe, Fairview
Triebwasser, Hazel R. from Hubalta, College Heights, Beiseker
Triebwasser, Orvin C. from Strathmore
Triebwasser, Raymond from Beiseker, Calgary
Trigg, Charles L. from Cadogan
Trimble & Fleming from Red Deer
Trimble, D.H. from Bowden, Ricinus
Trimble, H.A. & W.G. from Calgary
Trimble, H.W. from Red Deer
Trimble, N. from Onion Lake, Saskatchewan
Trimble, Roy & Larry from Ricinus, Rocky Mountain House
Trimmel, Victor J. from Stettler
Trimmer, L.L. from Duchess
Trimming, R.M. from Hazeldine
Triple C Cattle Company from Carstairs
Triple Dande Stables (Faye D. Belanger) from High River
Triple E Ranching Co. from Ponoka
Triple K Feeders Ltd. from Acadia Valley
Triple M Farms Ltd. from Craigmyle
Triple S Farms (John Salomons) from Lethbridge
Triple T Cattle Co. Ltd. from Irricana
Trippel Bros. (Clarence, Donald & Glen) from Ardmore
Trippel, Clarence from Bonnyville
Trippel, Donald from Bonnyville
Trippel, James from Bonnyville
Triska, Marshall from Vegreville
Tritt, Roy from Marwayne, Furness, SK
Tritten, Gilbert David from Calgary
Trncik, Frank from Picture Butte
Trodden, Jim from Pincher Creek, Brocket
Trodden, Thomas from Brocket
Trojan Charolais Farms (J.J. Owen ) from Calgary
Trojek, Joe from Diamond City
Trommler, Robert E. from Busby
Tronnes, Alfred from Dorenlee
Trosky, Albert H. from Keg River
Trot, Mike from Warner, Lethbridge
Trotter, Alex from Rainier
Trotter, Carl from Stettler
Trotter, Ernest from Edgerton
Trotter, James Y. from Gibbons
Trotter, James Y. from Gibbons
Trotter, Mrs. Wilson from Rusylvia
Trottier, George John from Edgerton
Trotz, John from Coleman
Trousil, H.R. from Grand Centre, Ardmore
Trout, Allan Owen from Bashaw
Troute, Atlee A. from High River, Longview
Troute, Maud from High River, Longview
Troute, Ural W. from High River
Trouwborst, G. from Lethbridge
Trowbridge, Lorainne from Fort Macleod
Troyer, W.O. from Fleet
Truckey, Andrew from Onoway
Truckey, Louise Appel from High Prairie
Trudeau, Emile from Frains
Trudeau, Laurent from Frains
Trudeau, Oliver from Frains
Trudeau, Pierre Elliot from Ottawa, ON
Trudel, Roger & Rosaire from Eaglesham
Truhn, Ronald, Edwin Inman & Irvin Webster from Ardmore
Truhomchuk, Nick from Elk Point, St. Paul
Truitt, Charles Lemuel from Beaver Mines
Truitt, H. A from Pincher Creek
Truitt, John M. from Beaver Mines
Truitt, John M. from Beaver Mines
Truitt, Lawrence from Pincher Creek
Trussler, Allison from Paradise Valley
Trussler, Walter from Brownfield, Bulwark
Truygaert, Julien from Barnwell
Trynchy, Peter & Calvin M. Morton from Mayerthorpe
Trynchy, Steve from Rochfort Bridge
Tschabold, Stanley from Rimbey
Tschabold, W. from Rimbey
Tschetter, Jake Jr. from Brainard, Lynnburn
Tschida, Joe from Manyberries
Tschritter, Albert from Rockyford, Peoria
Tschritter, Arthur from Calgary
Tschritter, Emil from Castor
Tschritter, Fred from Irvine, Medicine Hat
Tschritter, Ivan Ben from Castor
Tschritter, Katharine from Irvine
Tschritter, Orvin from Calgary
Tschritter, William from Newberg, Irvine, Medicine Hat
Tsjuji, Juichi Ted from Taber
Tsujita & Sons from Iron Springs
Tubbs, Allie A. Jr. from Retlaw, Picture Butte
Tuck, Robert H. from Donalda, Stettler
Tuck, Roy from Stettler
Tucker, Bert from Bindloss, Vandyne
Tucker, Clifford H. from Okotoks
Tucker, Douglas Frank from Olds
Tucker, Dwayne from Edmonton
Tucker, E.B. from Irricana
Tucker, E.M. & Mrs. E.M. Jenner from Bindloss
Tucker, Joe from Donalda
Tucker, Leslie Merton from Drayton Valley
Tucker, Mary from Rimbey
Tucker, Mattie from Bindloss, Social Plains
Tucker, Mrs. Watt from Joffre, Endiang
Tucker, Norman from Vermilion
Tucker, Pearl E. from Bindloss
Tuckwood, Arthur R. from East Coulee, Port Coquitlam, BC
Tuckwood, Fred from Lloydminster
Tuckwood, John from East Coulee
Tuckwood, Mrs. C.H. from Lone Butte, Clivale, Hattonford
Tudor, Homer F. from Lethbridge, Brooks
Tudor, Richard E. from Strathmore
Tuelig, Jake from Bowden
Tuftee, Oscar from Wainwright
Tufts, J.H. from Viking
Tuggle, J.N. from Didsbury
Tuggy, George from Medicine Hat
Tuisku, M.E. from Scandia, Lethbridge
Tulliby Lake Stockman's Association from Tulliby Lake
Tullikopf, Arthur from Trochu
Tulloch, J.P. from Eckville
Tulloch, T.J.T. from Eckville
Tullock, William James Albert from Metiskow
Tullson, Ernest from Riverton
Tullson, Nels E. from Dewberry
Tullson, Nels Edwin & Son (Arthur) from Dewberry
Tully, James D. from Spruce Grove, Irma
Tully, James D. from Spruce Grove, Irma
Tuma, John from Perbeck, Elnora
Tupin, Bernardin from Galahad
Tupper, B.H. from Cassils
Tupper, Barbara R from North Edmonton
Tupper, H. & O.P. Blake from Marwayne
Tupper, Louis from Keg River, Carajou
Tupper, Ralph F. from Marwayne
Turachek, Frank from Raymond
Turbak, John from Vermilion
Turcato, Bruno from Taber
Turcotte, Lionel from Chauvin
Turcotte, Maurice from Chauvin
Turcotte, Rene from Bonnyville
Turgeon, Emil L. from Morinville
Turigan, Carl from Galahad
Turigan, William from Galahad, West Summerland, BC
Turkawski, Mike from Colinton
Turko, Stefan from Innisfree
Turkosz, Joe from Jenner, Medicine Hat
Turley, Arthur C. from Nanton
Turlock, Alfred J. from Medicine Hat
Turnbull, Charles from Kinsella
Turnbull, Charles James from Medicine Hat
Turnbull, David from Harmattan
Turnbull, John Spiers from Bentley
Turnbull, Mrs. Bud from Cereal
Turnbull, William T. from Kinsella
Turner, Alex L. from Bezanson
Turner, Arthur E. from Alliance
Turner, C.E. from Gem
Turner, Charles A. from Peat
Turner, Charlie from Brierville
Turner, D.E. from Gem
Turner, Ellis R. from Debolt
Turner, Eve Jeanette from Edmonton
Turner, F.J. from Onion Lake, SK
Turner, H.R. from Drumheller
Turner, Hercules Arnold from Armistice, Newbrook, Radway
Turner, Hugh Leonard from Kinuso
Turner, J.J. (Turner's Restaurant Ltd.) from Calgary
Turner, J.P. from Thorhild
Turner, Jack R. from Calgary
Turner, John B. from Lethbridge
Turner, John B. from Lethbridge
Turner, Joshua Thomas from Hilda
Turner, R.D. from Botha
Turner, R.H. from Sundre
Turner, Stacey from Vermilion, Elk Point
Turney, R. from Haddock
Turtle, David George from Midnapore
Turton, Jack from Consort
Turton, Wendelin from Consort
Turuk, Joseph George from Taber, Calgary
Turuk, Marko from Taber
Turuk, Steve from Taber
Turville, George H. from Stettler
Turzanski, Henry from Wainwright
Tuszweski, Marian S. from Calgary
Tutt, Nick from Calgary
Tuttle, B.V. from Pendant d'Oreille
Tuttle, F.O. & M.V. from Orion
Tuttle, Vincent Melchar from Manyberries
Tverdochlib, Mike from Beaverdam, Lloydminster
Twa, Donald Ross from Ponoka, Fort Saskatchewan
Twa, Henry from Provost
Twaddell, W.C. from Vanesti
Twait, C.P. from Bruce
Twedt, Mrs. J.G.C. from Bergen
Twedt, W.L.& Joyce from Sundre, Carmangay, Bearberry
Tweedie Bros. from Caroline
Tweedle, Harry from Lindale
Tweedy, Douglas from Sedgwick
Tweit, Barney from Botha, Stettler
Twerdohlib, Nick from Bonnyville
Twerdy, Harry from Elk Point, Vancouver, BC
Twerdy, John from Elk Point
Tweter, Philip from Penhold, Stavely
Twigg, James Leo from Cardston
Twigger, Keith Bailey from Edson
Twin Rivers Hereford Ranch (A. Booth) from Fort Saskatchewan
Twiss, George S. from Buckham
Twiss, George S. from Buckham
Two Arrows Ranches Ltd. from Fort Macleod
Two Rivers Feeder Association from St. Paul
Two Young Men, Wallace from Morley
Two Youngmen, Lucy from Morley
Two Youngmen, George from Morley
Two Youngmen, Georgina from Morley
Two Youngmen, Isaac from Morley
Two Youngmen, Joe from Morley
Two Youngmen, Lawrence from Morley
Twomey, D.G. from Camrose
Tychkowsky, Bill from Delph, St. Michael
Tychkowsky, Russell from Redwater
Tyess, Frank from Delburne
Tyler, Albert from Mannville
Tyler, Allen S.G. from High River
Tyler, Ed from Kitscoty
Tyler, George from Kitscoty
Tyler, Sarah A from Jenner, Howie
Tyler, Trene from Wardlow
Tylosky, William E. from Bawlf
Tym, Michael T. from Stubno, Innisfree
Tym, Michael T. from Stubno, Innisfree
Tym, Sam G. from Loyalist
Tym, Steve from Beauvallon
Tymburski, Mike from Coaldale
Tymchuk, Betty from Vegreville
Tymchuk, Nick from Mannville
Tymchuk, Tom Pete from Lake Eliza
Tymchyshyn, Joe from Mannville
Tymchyshyn, Stanley from Mundare
Tymofichuck, Pete from Lake Eliza
Tynchuk, Anastazija from Highvale, Fallis
Tyndall, E. from Bluffton
Tyndall, Eugene from Stavely
Tyo, Gladys from Vauxhall
Tyrrell, M.D. from Duffield
Tyschuk, Nick from Entwistle
Tytlandsvik, Lloyd from Nanton, Calgary, Wild Horse, Manyberries
Tytlandsvik-Krohn, Judy from Wild Horse
Tyukodi, Nick from Shaughnessy
Tzeczyk, Steve from Holden

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