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Cancelled Brand Files - S
7 R Ranching Co. Ltd. (Ernest R. Harlan B, & Harold E. Trussler) from Sundre
7 W Stock Farm (W.J. Brand) from Calgary
S & H Cattle Ltd. from Cochrane
S & N Ranching Ltd. from Edmonton
Saar, Eugene Roy from Drayton Valley
Saar, Lloyd from Spondin
Sabash, O.H. from Alix
Sabatier, Leo & Paul from La Corey, Iron River
Sabatier, Louis from Bonnyville
Sabey, A.J. from Magrath, Warner, Milk River
Sabey, Evan Lloyd from Magrath
Sabina, Carl from Vilna
Sabine, Reginald D. from Stanmore
Sabo, John J. from Brooks, Tilley
Sabo, William Edward from Calgary
Sabo, William James from Calgary
Sabourn, Arthur from Heath
Sabourn, H. from Heath
Sache, A.C. from Woolford
Sacher, Arnold C. from Edmonton
Sacher, Arnold C. from Edmonton
Sackett, Fred from Crossfield
Sackett, Robert from Didsbury
Sackman, Franklin John from Medicine Hat
Sackman, John R. from Irvine
Sackmann, Frederick from Castor
Sackmann, Lawrence Elmer from Castor
Sackville, J.P. from Calgary
Saddle Lake Development Centennial Assoc. from St. Paul
Saddle Lake Indian Band from St. Paul
Sadek, Alex from Rocky Mountain House
Sadler Bros. (Serred & Wilmot) from Strathmore
Sadler, Amy from Rowley
Sadler, Annie Englund from Strathmore
Sadler, Wilmot from Strathmore
Sadlowsky, Katherine from St. Paul
Sadoway, Mike from Warspite
Sadoway, Sam from Smoky Lake
Sady, Sam from Calgary
Safar, J. from Picture Butte
Safar, Steve from Picture Butte
Safarik, Charles from Cranford
Saffel, Leonard from Barons
Saffin, John & Mary Ann from High River
Safranka, George from Bruce
Safranka, John from Bruce
Safron, Harry & Violet from Eckville
Sage Ranches Ltd. & David L. Sage from Edmonton, Delta, BC
Sagert, F.H. from Bruce
Sagstuen, Ann from Rolling Hills
Sahlen, Harry from Barons
Sahlen, W. from Barons
Sahli, Gottfried from Red Willow
Sahlin, Alfred T. from Bashaw
Sahlin, John from Clive
Saik, Fred from Innisfree
Saik, Mike G. from Innisfree
Saik, Mike J. from Innisfree
Saik, Mike J. from Innisfree
Sailer, E.V. from Sundre
Sailer, Fred from Carbon
Sailer, Henry from Huxley, Trochu
Sailer, Jacob from Medicine Hat
Sailer, Ted from Blackfalds, Eckville
Sailer, Wallace from Strathmore, Elkwater
Sailor, Clarence from Medicine Hat, Irvine, Pashley
Saint Joseph's Parish from Vauxhall
Saint, A.H. from Chailey
Saisbury, R. G. from Kevisville, Bassano
Sajfrt, Tony from Cranford
Sakall, Joseph from Brooks
Sakatch, George from Woodhouse, Granum
Sakely, Alex from Mannville, Oliver, BC
Salamon, John from Retlaw, Burdett, Lethbridge, Grande Prairie
Salberg, John O. from Magrath
Sale, Louis J. from Athabasca
Sale, Oscar from Eckville
Salekin, Alex A. from Lundbreck
Sales, Bruce from Cherry grove
Sales, Howard R. from Cherry grove
Salewski, Claude from Camrose, Lacombe
Saliken, Mike from Lundbreck
Saliken, Peter M. from Lundbreck
Salisbury, Ronald from Jasper
Sallenbach, Jacob from Sundre
Sallenbach, Lloyd from Rosemary
Sallenbach, Paul from Three Hills
Sallenback, Jack from Alberta Park, Calgary, Bingley
Sallenback, Robert from Ensign, Okotoks
Sallis, William from Belloy
Sallows, Charles from Cochrane
Salm, John from Jenner
Salmon, J.H from Ferguson Flats
Salmon, Oliver from Leslieville
Salmon, R.W. from Raymond
Salmond, George W. from Lathom
Salmond, George W. from Lathom
Salmond, J.C. from Lathom
Salmond, William from Grande Prairie
Salow, George from Big Valley
Salser, G.C. from Duchess
Salsman, Charles from Medicine Hat
Salt, Louis S. from Cardston
Salter, Earl A. from Haynes, Arrowwood, Clive
Salter, Mrs. A.C. from Innisfail
Salterthwaite, J.E. from James River Bridge
Salvation Army Eventide Home from Gleichen
Salverson, Oluf from Viking
Salzmann, Jacob from Michichi, Drumheller
Samarin, Steve from Cessford, Harvie, Wardlow
Samaroden, Sam J. from Mossleigh, Calgary
Samchuk, Anton from Iron River
Samis, Kenneth Edward from Edmonton
Samis, Kenneth Edward from Edmonton
Sammons, H.E. from St. Kilda, Coutts
Sammons, Lincoln from Coutts, St. Kilda
Sammons, Margaret A. from Coutts
Sammons, Mrs. Lincoln from Coutts
Sammous, Lee from Granum
Sammous, Mrs. A.J. from Granum
Samograd, George & Sons from Innisfree
Sampert, Roger Henry from Bruderheim
Sample, Andrew Maurice from Edmonton, Mannville
Sample, R.G. & Son from Vermilion
Sampson, Don from Rosemary
Sampson, Philip G. from Midnapore
Sampson, Philip G. from Midnapore
Samregret, Aime from Cold Lake
Sams, A.D. from Sundre, Cochrane
Sams, Herbert Lawrence from Rochester
Samson Cattle Co-Operative Ltd. from Hobbema
Samson, Esther Elizabeth from Cluny, Calgary
Samson, Steel from Cluny
Samuel, David from Gadsby
Samuel, Philip from Stettler, Gadsby
Samuel, Tom from Gadsby
Samuels, Mary A. from Jenner
Samuelson, Edgar from Kinuso
Samuelson, Glenn Arvid from Buffalo Lake
Samuelson, L. from Vermilion
Samuelson, O.G. from Bear Canyon, Buffalo Lake
Samuolis, Anton from Lindbergh
Samways, Alfred from Fort Assiniboine
Sanberg, T.G & Mable from Rumsey
Sanborn, John B. from Vermilion
Sanborn, John B. from Vermilion
Sand, David William from Edberg, Hondo, Fort, St. John, BC
Sand, Howard J. from Edberg
Sand, Joseph T. from Edberg
Sandage, M. from Redwater
Sandahl, Hilmer E. from Amisk
Sandahl, Lars N. from Hughenden
Sandal, Edward from Amisk
Sandasky, W. from Coalhurst
Sandau, Merele M. from Medicine Hat
Sandbeck, Martin & Sons from River Course
Sandberg Bros. from Rumsey
Sandberg, Gus from Fort Macleod, Pearce
Sandboe, Cyril from La Glace
Sandboe, Raymond & Talburt from La Glace
Sandelin, Norm from Ardmore
Sandeman, Marion L. formerly Mrs. Alexander from Cayley
Sander, Alfred Conrad from Leduc
Sander, Morgan from Duchess, Millicent, Brooks
Sandercock, W.R. from Drumheller
Sanderman, Fred from Ghost Pine Creek
Sanderman, Lee from Didsbury
Sanders, Alice from High River
Sanders, Annie from Ranfurly
Sanders, Charles from Purple Springs
Sanders, E.C. from High River
Sanders, J.H. from Edson
Sanders, Mrs. A.L. from Fishburn
Sanders, Mrs. Charles from Purple Springs
Sanderson, Alan from Purple Springs
Sanderson, Albert from Taber
Sanderson, Arthur from Pembridge
Sanderson, Dorothy nee Harmon from Montgomery, Three Hills
Sanderson, Russel from Taber, Purple Springs
Sanderson, W.V. from MacLeod
Sandgren, John A. (The Alberta Ranche) from Pincher Creek
Sandgren, John A. (The Alberta Ranche) from Pincher Creek
Sandhill Farms (Harry Fischer) from Lethbridge
Sandierson, Lena Mae from Didsbury
Sands, Ezra from Rosedale Station
Sands, William & Larry from Rocky Mountain House
Sands, William & Larry from Rocky Mountain House
Sands, William L. from Rocky Mountain House, Busby, Swan Hills
Sandstra, Mike M. from Innisfail
Sandul, Fred from Rycroft
Sandul, George from Spirit River
Sandulac, Nancy from Hairy Hill
Sandvad, Gerhardt from Tilley
Sandvik, Ole from Tilley
Sandy Loam Farms Ltd. from Calgary
Sandy, Alice from Nobleford
Sandy, Cloe E. from Nanton
Sanford, C.S. from Lathom, Bearberry, Waterton Park, Beaver Mines, Bassano
Sanford, W.I. from Lavoy
Sangathe, Emil A. from Balzac
Sangrey, Ed from St. Paul
Sangster, Alex from Innisfree
Sangster, Florence & James from Innisfree
Sangster, I. Harry from Kinuso
Sangster, Wallace from Innisfree
Sankey, Clara Jean from Hemaruka
Sankey, Dimitrious from Hemaruka
Sankey, Mrs. Steven from Little Gem, Hemaruka
Sannachan, George E. from Metiskow, Elk Point, Ardrossan
Sannachan, George from Metiskow
Sannachan, Kathleen & John from Rosyth, Czar
Sannes, Ed from Cadogan
Sansome, Gerald Andrew from Champion
Santa, George from Milk River
Santa, J.A. from Cowley
Santee, J.W. from Tawatinaw
Santee, Oron from Ponoka
Sapeta, Albert from Coleman
Sapeta, Walter from Cowley, Lundbreck
Sarafinchin, Steve S. from Ranfurly
Saranchuk, Morris from Lindbergh
Sarapuk, Andrew from Harmon Valley, Rocky Lane, Fort Vermilion
Sarapuk, Fred from High level
Sarasin, H.J. & Son from Sundre
Sardoff, Jean from Edgerton
Sargeant, Delbert R. from Rimbey
Sargeant, Marvin from Rimbey
Sargeant, Walter Parker from Lacombe, Chigwell
Sargent, Harold from Edmonton
Sargent, Harold from Edmonton
Sargent, Henry F. from Alix
Sargent, Richard Jr. from Mirror
Sargent, Richard Sr. from Alix
Sargent, Robert from Alix
Sarles Bros. from Bearberry
Sarles, Lillian from Bearberry
Sartorius, C.L. from High Prairie
Saruga, William from Vauxhall
Saruwatari, J. from Raymond
Sarvis, G.G. from Bindloss, Empress
Sarvis, Lily May from Bindloss
Sasewich, Paul from Vilna
Sashuk, Fred from Iron River
Sashuk, William from Iron River
Saskiw, Fred from Stubno, Morecambe
Saskiw, Harry H. from Beauvallon
Sasse Floyd from Milk River
Sasseville, Guy from Wainwright
Satanove, Max & Hyman Deitch from Edmonton
Sather, Andrew from Czar, Hughenden
Sather, Elmer from Wanham
Sather, Morris L. from Hughenden
Satre, Steve O. from Eureka River, Edmonton
Sattler, Martin from Sangudo
Saturis, Charles from Blairmore
Sauchuk, Alex from Turin
Sauchuk, John from Lethbridge
Saucke, Henry L. from High Prairie
Saucke, Henry L. from High Prairie
Sauer Bros. from Athabasca, Tofield
Sauer, George from Medicine Hat
Sauer, Lloyd L. from Calgary, Regina, SK, Edmonton
Sauer, P. from Hubalta
Sauers, J.A. from Viking
Saulit, Harold E. from Devon
Saulit, Harold from Devon
Saulit, Kenneth from Devon
Saumer, Robert W. from Barrhead, Peavine
Saunders Bros. from Kathryn
Saunders, A. from Maughan, Clandonald
Saunders, Etta from Boundary Creek
Saunders, G.S. from Taber
Saunders, John L. from Priddis
Saunders, L.G. from Rimbey
Saunders, Lawrence H. from James River Bridge
Saunders, Leslie & Isobel from Lacombe
Saunders, Lester from Knee Hill Valley, Innisfail
Saunders, M.A. from Carbon
Saunders, Mrs. D.M. from Carbon, Calgary
Saunders, Orville C. from Lacombe
Saunders, Orville L. from Lacombe
Saunders, W. J. from Calgary
Saunders, William H. from Knee Hill Valley
Saunders, William James from Bluffton, Rimbey
Sauter, Emil & Odelia from Crossfield, Calgary
Sauter, Fred from Irvine, Robinson
Sauter, Reinhold from Crossfield
Sautner, Joe from Hilda
Sautter Bros from Carstairs
Sautter Bros. from Carstairs
Sauve, F.J. from Kinsella
Sauve, Henry Joseph from Rumsey, Strathmore, Calgary
Savage, Albert from Grassy Lake
Savage, C.O. from Raven
Savage, Francis from Streamstown
Savage, G.J. from Nanton
Savage, James from Stettler
Savage, William Douglas from Dixonville
Savaryn, Mike from Ispas
Savey, Edwin from Ashmore
Savill, Arthur W. from Calgary
Savill, Sarah E. from Calgary
Savill, Walter G. from Calgary
Saville, Annie from Hardisty
Saville, Frank & Annie from Hardisty
Saville, Joe from Irma, Hardisty
Saville, John M. from Chauvin
Saville, John M. from Chauvin
Saville, Thomas from Irwinville
Saville, W.G. from Hardisty
Savitsky, Paul from Mundare
Savjord, Arnold M. from Calgary
Savjord, Lloyd Solberg from Black Diamond
Sawa, Usabiro from Picture Butte, Turin
Sawak, Catharin from Heinsburg
Sawak, Mike from Heinsburg
Sawatzky, Andrew & Henriette, Abe & Mary from Calgary
Sawatzky, Marvin from Edmonton, Sherwood Park
Sawatzky, Walter Roland from Rosemary
Sawchuk, Adam from Hairy Hill
Sawchuk, Albert from Lethbridge
Sawchuk, John from Abee
Sawchuk, Roger from Highland Park
Sawchuk, Steve & Eva from Lethbridge
Sawchuk, Tony from Two Hills
Sawchyn, James from Rochester
Sawmpy, Robert W. from Hobbema
Sawyer, Clarence from Caroline, Stauffer
Sawyer, David E. from Bentley
Sawyer, Eugene W. from Lacombe
Sawyer, James from Sedgewick
Sawyer, James R. from Sedgewick
Sawyer, James R. from Sedgewick
Sawyer, P.M. from Lacombe
Saxby, John L. from Pine Lake
Saxby, John L. from Pine Lake
Sayer, Alex M. from Carstairs
Sayer, Brian R. from Hussar
Sayers, Frank H. from Youngstown, Chinook
Sayers, Roll J. from Erskine
Scabar, Arnold from Round Hill
Scabar, Louie from Round Hill
Scales, Stanley J. from Vulcan
Scaman, John from Strathallen, SK, Cayley
Scammell, Ivy from Cadogan
Scarff, Melvin from Erskine
Scarlett, Allen from Nanton, Lobley, Sundre, Westward Ho
Scarlett, Harold W. from Innisfail
Scarlett, Jac from Nanton
Scarlett, Jesse from Nanton, Swalwell
Scarlett, Russell Kenneth from Calgary
Scarlett, Samuel from McEwan, Nanton
Scarlett, Thomas T. from Innisfail
Scarrott, F.W. from Eagle Hill
Schaaf, Larry from Schuler
Schaafsma, Alec from Burdett
Schaber, Albert from Killam
Schaber, Emanuel from Alix, Bulwark, Markerville
Schaber, Gordon Edward from Leduc
Schacher, Allen from Walsh
Schacher, F. from Sherwood Park
Schacher, Fred & Eric G. Edwards from Sherwood Park
Schacher, Fred & William Warren Watson from Tofield, Sherwood Park
Schacher, Karl from Hilda
Schacher, Kenneth from Medicine Hat
Schacher, Lorne Larry from Tofield
Schacher, Mrs. E. from Tofield
Schacher, Walter from Hilda, Carbon
Schack, Ernest (Bar D S Cattle Company) from Calgary
Schacker, Earl from Hilda
Schacker, Warren from Monitor
Schacker, Warren from Monitor
Schactel, Joe A. from Duffield
Schade, Gus from Edmonton, Millet
Schadeck, Edward from Huallen
Schadeck, John from Edmonton
Schadeck, John from Edmonton
Schaedel, Balthasar from Halkirk
Schaeffer, Eva from Bassano, Gem
Schaeffer, L.E. from Red Cliff
Schafer, Arthur & Margaret Waddy from Alix
Schafer, Ben from Edmonton
Schafer, Benjamin from Edmonton
Schafer, Benjamin from Edmonton
Schafer, Daniel & Sons (Arthur & William) from Alix
Schafer, David W. from Lacombe, Tees
Schafer, Edward from East Coulee
Schafer, Edward from Three Hills
Schafer, Emma from Alix
Schafer, Erhardt from Medicine Hat
Schafer, Gottlieb from Three Hills
Schafer, H.G. from Delia, Calgary
Schafer, Harold Joseph from Condor
Schafer, Leo from Schuler
Schafer, Louis from Sundre
Schafer, Mrs. S. from Airways, Neutral Hills, Czar, Metiskow
Schafer, Novan D. from Calgary
Schafer, Peter from Schuler
Schafer, Tony J. from Schuler
Schafer, Wendlen from Schuler
Schafer, William Ernest Fredrick from Airdrie, Edmonton
Schafer, William from Calgary, Alix
Schaffer Bros. from Hussar
Schaffer, Chris & John from Battle Bend
Schaffer, Chris & John from Battle Bend
Schaffer, Chris Ronald from Silver Heights
Schaffer, Earnest J. from Lethbridge
Schaffer, Ed from Makepeace
Schaffer, William from Bassano
Schaffler, John from Provost
Schaffner, Anton from Castor
Schaffner, Mike from Castor
Schaffner, Thomas John from Castor
Schafrick, W. from Leduc
Schaitel, Marvin R. from Fleet, Coronation
Schalin, Asaph P. from Olds
Schalin, Fred from Meniak
Schalk, Sr. Peter from Coalhurst
Schalow, Raymond from Carmangay
Schalow, Rinehart from Carmangay
Schamber, Alex from Altario
Schamber, Ken from Altario
Schambron, Albert E. from North Fork, Colfax, WA
Schambron, Albert E. from North Fork, Colfax, WA
Schambron, August E. from North Fork, Cowley
Schaper, N.E. from Tudor
Scharf, Bruce Roy from Calgary
Scharff, Mike from Robinson, Medicine Hat
Scharff, Victor W. from Irvine
Scharfl, Wilfred from Drumheller
Schatschneider, Edmund from Wetaskiwin
Schatschneider, Paul from Brightview, Wetaskiwin
Schattle, Gottlieb Jr. from Woolchester, Medicine Hat, Little Plume, Eagle Butte
Schattle, Gottlied from Little Plume
Schatz, James from Hardisty
Schatz, Matt P. from Bow Island
Schatz, Peter J. from Falun
Schatzke, George from Cardston, Aetna, Lethbridge
Schau, Peter from Medicine Hat
Schauerman, Alex from Champion
Schauerte, Bill from Twin Butte
Schauerte, Joseph A. from Twin Butte
Schauerte, Lawrence from Twin Butte, Calgary
Schauerte, William Frederick from Twin Butte
Schaufele, Emanuel Karl from Schuler, Medicine Hat
Schaufele, Leonard from Schuler
Schaufert, John from Stirling
Schauffle, Fred from Medicine Hat, Hilda
Schaumleffel, Ada from Hanna, Sibbald, Youngstown
Schaumleffel, Clifford from Vermilion
Schaumleffel, J.C. from Vermilion
Schaupmeyer, John from Mayerthorpe
Scheastel, Stanley E. from Peace River
Scheer, Norman from Strathmore
Scheerschmidt Bros. from Stettler
Scheerschmidt, Albert from Stettler
Scheffelmaier, Adolf from Coronation, Brownfield
Scheffelmaier, Fred from Castor
Scheffelmaier, Herbert R. from Brownfield
Scheffelmaier, John Chris from Stettler
Scheffelmaier, John from Castor
Scheffelmaier, Karl from Talbot
Scheffelmaier, Oscar from Calgary, Osyoos, BC
Scheffelmaier, Samuel George from Brownfield
Scheffelmaier, William from Castor
Scheffelneier, Edith Alice from Falher
Schefflemeier, Eva from Tothill, Medicine Hat, Dunmore
Scheffler, Arthur from Sangudo
Scheibner, Betty M. from Gem
Scheibner, Clarence W. from Gem
Scheibner, Leonard V. from Fort Macleod
Scheidegger, W.G. from Ohaton
Scheideman, Conrad from Duffield
Scheideman, Jacob from Duffield
Scheideman, John from Burtonsville
Scheideman, P.S. from Duffield
Scheideman, Raymond from Duffield
Scheidemann, Lloyd from Genesee, Duffield
Scheidl, A.J. from Bottrel
Scheidl, Jerome & Joe from Sangudo
Schell, Joseph from Stanmore
Schelske, G.D. from Cluny, Calgary
Schenk, Edward from Cairns
Schenk, Jennie from Daysland
Schenk, Raymond from Cairns
Scherbaty, John N. from Innisfree
Scherger, Andrew from High River
Scherger, John from Wainwright
Scherlie, Henry R. from Winfield
Scherrens, Roger Jerome from Ponoka
Schetzsle, G.A. from Consort
Scheuerman, Clemens Elmer from Duchess
Scheunert, Edwin from Trochu
Scheurer, Elias from Torrington
Schewe, Adolph from Hillsdown
Schick, Gus from Islay
Schickerowkski, Norman from Bashaw
Schickerowski, Otto & Olga from Bashaw
Schickerowski, Otto & Olga from Bashaw
Schideler, Mrs. Roy from Cardston
Schideler, Mrs. Roy from Cardston
Schieck, Theo A. from Wainwright, Lougheed
Schieffert, Mrs. A.H. & Mrs. E Schuerman from Midnapore
Schielke, Clarence from Bittern Lake
Schielke, Emil from Carstairs
Schielke, William Keith from High River, Glenwood
Schierling, Abe from La Glace, Grande Prairie
Schierman, Adam from Bashaw
Schierman, John from Calgary, Cluny, Vulcan
Schierman, Victor from Bashaw
Schiffner, Dave from Cluny
Schiffner, Margaret from Cluny
Schile, George from Medicine Hat
Schile, Joseph from Granlea
Schill, John from Halkirk, Sullivan Lake
Schille, Joseph Raymond from Edmonton
Schilling, William from Dixonville
Schimanski, Herman from Picture Butte
Schimke, Alex from Torrington
Schimke, Fred from Stettler
Schimpf, Harold from Burstall, SK, Medicine Hat
Schimpf, Jacob from Rimbey
Schindler, Mrs. L. Douffet from Lewisville, Malmo
Schinnour, L.B. from Shaughnessy
Schirrmacher, Art from Lac la Biche, Barnegat
Schissler, Bill from Hanna
Schissler, Harold H. from Craigmyle
Schissler, Henry from Craigmyle
Schissler, R.D. from Craigmyle, Bearberry, Sundre, Valleyview
Schjifloe, Birger from Castor
Schlacher, Fred from Tofield
Schlachter, A.T. & D.E. Flamme from Bow Island, Calgary
Schlachter, Edward from Bow Island
Schlag, Ed from Wimborne
Schlaht Bros. from Walsh
Schlaht Bros. from Walsh
Schlaht, Chris from Alliance, Irvine, Coleridge
Schlaht, Christian from Irvine
Schlaht, Dora from Walsh
Schlaht, John from Walsh
Schlaht, Lloyd Leslie from Lomond
Schlaht, Lydia from Claresholm
Schlaht, Phillip from Walsh
Schlaht, Sam & Son from Lomond
Schlaht, Samuel from Claresholm
Schlater, Joseph from Maleb, Whitla
Schleier, Johann John from Rochester
Schlender, August from New Sarepta
Schlenker, Adolf from Hilda, Medicine Hat
Schlenker, Albert from Medicine Hat
Schlenker, Ernest from Castor
Schlenker, Henry from Medicine Hat
Schlenker, Hilda Elizabeth from Fox, Medicine Hat
Schlenker, John from Medicine Hat, Walsh
Schlenker, Oscar from Castor
Schlenker, Rudolf from Medicine Hat
Schlenker, Vernon F. from Hilda, Medicine Hat
Schleppe, Kate from Acme
Schlesiger, Klaus & George from Coronado
Schlichenmayer, Arthur (Lands End Stock Farm) from Tomahawk
Schlichenmayer, Larry from Tomahawk
Schlichenmayer, William from Schuler, Sundre, Tomahawk
Schlick, Carl from Edson
Schlinker, Jacob from Tothill, Medicine Hat, Coleridge
Schlitz, Mrs. George from Fort Vermilion
Schlitz, Mrs. George from Fort Vermilion
Schloht, Louis from Burstall, SK, Bindloss
Schlossberger, H. from Duchess
Schlossenberger, Walter from Rainier, Scandia
Schlosser, Herman from Hardisty
Schmaltz, C.M. & N.F. from Beiseker
Schmaltz, Chris & Joe from West Wingham
Schmaltz, G.N. from Beiseker
Schmaltz, Matthew from Beiseker
Schmalz, Chris from West Wingham, Hanna, Holden
Schmalzbauer, Otto W. from Spedden, Maloy, Ashmont
Schmauder, Helmut from Schuler
Schmautz, Henry from Schuler, Golden Prairie, SK
Schmel, Jack from Carstairs, Rimbey, Red Deer
Schmeltzer, A.F. from Camrose, Goodridge
Schmelzer Bros. from Winnifred
Schmelzer, Emma from Winnifred, Bow Island
Schmelzer, Fred from Winnifred, Whitla
Schmelzer, Martin from Winnifred
Schmelzer, Roy G. from Winnifred
Schmelzer, Vernon from Winnifred, Whitla
Schmermund, Gordon from Calahoo
Schmick, Alex from Carstairs
Schmid, Dolfi from Calgary
Schmid, Mike from Warner
Schmidek, Anna E. from Eckville, Markerville
Schmidek, Otto from Coleridge, Medicine Hat
Schmidek, Paul from Medicine Hat
Schmidt Bros. from Bow Island
Schmidt, Adam from Champion
Schmidt, Adolph from Vegreville
Schmidt, Albert from Calgary
Schmidt, Arnold from Hays
Schmidt, August from Hanna
Schmidt, Barbara from Granlea
Schmidt, C.J. from Taber, Pincher Creek
Schmidt, Clemens C. from Pickardville
Schmidt, David from Rockyford, Elnora
Schmidt, E. from Bruce
Schmidt, Earl A. from Edmonton
Schmidt, Edward from Pincher Creek, Dry Fork, Twin Butte
Schmidt, Edward from Tees
Schmidt, Edwin from Medicine Hat
Schmidt, Emil from Bentley
Schmidt, Emil from Rockyford
Schmidt, Ferdinand from Acadia Valley
Schmidt, Fred or Friedrich from Irvine
Schmidt, Freddie from Acadia Valley
Schmidt, George from Provost
Schmidt, George J. from Tofield
Schmidt, Gottfried from Seven Persons
Schmidt, Gus E. from Taber
Schmidt, Harry from Lacombe, Clive
Schmidt, Harry H. from Burstall, SK, Hilda
Schmidt, Henry from Calgary
Schmidt, Henry from Irvine, Medicine Hat
Schmidt, Henry H. from Taber
Schmidt, Henry W. from Burstall, SK
Schmidt, Herb from Ma-Me-O Beach
Schmidt, Herbert Gustav from South Edmonton, Sherwood Park
Schmidt, Jacob from Calgary
Schmidt, John David from Manyberries
Schmidt, John from Hays
Schmidt, John from Manyberries
Schmidt, John Jr. from Tofield
Schmidt, John Peter from Drumheller
Schmidt, John Sr. from Tofield
Schmidt, Joseph from Calgary, Bowness
Schmidt, Lawrence M. from Bow Island
Schmidt, Leonard F. from Rosyth
Schmidt, Martin from Picture Butte
Schmidt, Mary M. from Tofield
Schmidt, Max from Mound, Widewater, Millarville
Schmidt, Mervin R. from Hodgeville, SK
Schmidt, Mrs. O.H. from Bruce
Schmidt, Nick from Chinook
Schmidt, Peter from Medicine Hat
Schmidt, Raymond R & Norman K. & Mervin V. from Edmonton
Schmidt, Ronald from Hays
Schmidt, V.W. from Taber
Schmidt, Werner G. from DeBolt, Crooked Creek
Schmidt, William F. from Taber
Schmidt, William from Bluffton
Schmidt, William from Manyberries
Schmiedle, Antonio (Anton) from Burmis, Passburg
Schmiedt, Friedrich from Irvine
Schmiedt, Hugo from Holden
Schmierer, Mrs. N. from Elnora
Schmirer, Michael from McLeod Valley, Peers
Schmith, Pauline nee Kirstein from Cluny, Calgary
Schmitkas, Solomon & Mary from Strathmore, Cluny, Bassano
Schmitke, Paul from Forestburg
Schmitke, Ray S. from Forestburg, Seattle
Schmitt, Deanne Carolyn nee Reesor from Medicine Hat, Walsh
Schmitt, Henry from Allerstone
Schmolcke, Willy from Edmonton
Schmuland, Arnold L.O. from Brightview
Schmutz, Mary from Sedgewick
Schnaible, Reinhold from Castor
Schnarr, Alfred R. from Fort Macleod
Schnase, William F. from Rosebud, Hesketh
Schnautz, John from Didsbury
Schnee, Arden Walter from Gwynne
Schnee, Lela A. from Granlea
Schnee, Walter R. from Gwynne
Schneider Bros. from Bruderheim
Schneider, Adolf from Wetaskiwin
Schneider, Adolph from Bruderheim
Schneider, Alfred H. from Medicine Hat
Schneider, Allan from Fort SK
Schneider, Arnold from Tofield
Schneider, August G. from Irvine, Medicine Hat
Schneider, Bernard & Elma from Medicine Hat
Schneider, Chris & Alexander from Vegreville
Schneider, Clarence from Irvine
Schneider, David from Redcliff
Schneider, Dennis from Leduc
Schneider, Earl A. from Fort SK
Schneider, Ed from Bowell, Calgary
Schneider, F.C. from Provost
Schneider, Frank M. from Bindloss
Schneider, Fred from Highvale
Schneider, Garry George from Tilley
Schneider, George G. from Irvine
Schneider, George J. from Medicine Hat
Schneider, Gerald from Hilda, Schuler
Schneider, Guy from Torrington
Schneider, Henry F. from Tothill, Gros Ventre, Josephburg
Schneider, J.H. from Rosalind
Schneider, J.O. from Raymond
Schneider, Jacob from Lavoy
Schneider, Joseph H. from Rosalind
Schneider, Ken from Edmonton, Wildwood
Schneider, Kenneth from Tilley
Schneider, Leander Peter from Daysland, Camrose
Schneider, Leonard from Irvine
Schneider, Leonard J. from Nisku
Schneider, Martin from Bentley
Schneider, Matt from Magrath
Schneider, Orvel G. from Didsbury
Schneider, Orvis Kenneth from Bruderheim
Schneider, Oscar from Tilley
Schneider, Phillip from Irvine
Schneider, R. from Torrington, Olds
Schneider, Stanley from Irvine
Schneider, Theodore from Irvine, Medicine Hat
Schneider, Theodore P. from Irvine
Schneider, Vernon from Schuler
Schneider, Walter from Vegreville, Edmonton
Schneider, William from Calgary
Schneider, William from Federal, Innisfail
Schneidmiller, Albert from Didsbury
Schneidmiller, G.R. from Bearberry, Sundre, Longview, Canmore, Rocky Mountain House
Schneidmiller, John from Didsbury
Schnell, Herbert from Castor
Schnell, John from Castor
Schnell, Margaret from Walsh
Schnell, Peter from Castor, Alliance
Schnepf, J.F. from Alix
Schnettler, Jim from Warburg
Schneyder, Mike from Magrath
Schnider, Charles John from Dixonville
Schnider, Henry from Medicine Hat, Winnifred
Schnieder, Andrew from Hilda
Schnieder, Eugene from Brooks
Schnieder, Gust from Brooks, Medicine Hat
Schnieder, Harold from Trochu, Edberg, Empress
Schnieder, Martin from Vermilion
Schnieder, William from Trochu
Schnorin, Martin from Medicine Hat
Schnurer, John from Delia
Schnurere, Joe from Delia
Schnurr, A. Tony from Monarch
Schnurr, A. Tony from Monarch
Schoch, Kaspar from St. Paul
Schochenmaier, Dave from Castor
Schochenmaier, Paul from Fleet
Schock, George from Thelma
Schock, Henry from Calgary
Schock, Jacob from Medicine Hat
Schock, Mrs. H. from Queenstown, Calgary
Schockenmaier, Ernest Arthur from Rocky Mountain House
Schocker, Warren from Monitor
Schoellkopf, Hugo from Calgary, Olds
Schoellkopf, Walter from Olds
Schoenenberger, Walker L. from Vermilion, Coronation
Schoenhoff, Fred from Botha
Schoening, F.A. from Pincher Creek
Schoening, Otto. J.R. from Pincher Creek
Schoening, R.C. & Margeret K. from Lethbridge, Pincher Creek
Schoening, Robert W. from Pincher Creek
Schoepp Bros. (Theodore & Ervin) from Wembley
Schoff, Richard from Sugden
Schofield, Fred & Nellie from Endiang
Schofield, James from Alliance
Schofield, James from Alliance
Scholes, E. & R.F. from Coronado
Scholes, James Henry from Coronado
Scholte, Jetse from Bashaw
Scholtus, J.P. from Cessford
Scholtz, Leonard from Cochrane, Ahern, Manitoba
Schon, Oscar from Forestburg
Schon, Otto from Kirriemuir
Schonhofer, Simon from Buffalo
Schonlener, Harald from James River Bridge
Schoof, Leo from Claresholm
Schooler, Roy A. from Moose Wallow
Schooley, Frank O. from Onoway
Schooley, John & Son (John F.) from Ranching, Hackett
Schooling, L.F. from Gleichen, Hussar
Schoonover, L. from Thorsby
Schopp, Dorothy from Vulcan, Calgary
Schorr, Arnold from Irvine
Schorr, Arthur from Irvine, Medicine Hat
Schorr, Christian from Irvine
Schorr, David from Irvine
Schorr, Gottfried from Irvine
Schorr, Jacob from Medicine Hat
Schorr, John from Medicine Hat
Schorr, Joseph from Calgary, Irvine
Schottle, Chris from Eagle Butte, Little Plume, Medicine Hat
Schow, H.C. from Rumsey
Schowalter, Edward from Hayter, Rosenheim, Rumsey
Schowalter, Gilbert from Hayter
Schrader, Brian H. from Bowden
Schrader, Herb from Rimbey
Schrader, R.E. from Bowden
Schrag, Harald & Ernest from Red Deer
Schram, John A. from Claresholm
Schreiber, Hugo from Seven Persons, Medicine Hat
Schreiber, Karl Arnold Wilfred from Dapp
Schreiber, Paul from Edmonton
Schreiner, Frank from Medicine Hat
Schreiner, John from Scandia
Schriever, Jacob from Mackay, Spruce Grove
Schritter, Martin from Nightingale
Schroder, Alex from Bingley
Schroder, H.O. from Red Lodge, Bowden
Schroeder, Edward E. from Esther, Oyen, Red Deer
Schroeder, Fred from Rimbey
Schroeder, Gustav from Edmonton
Schroeder, Henry Jr. from Tofield
Schroeder, Robert from Camrose
Schroeder, Rudolf from Esther
Schroeder, W.E. from Stavely
Schroh, Josephine from Edgerton
Schrubert, August from Sullivan Lake
Schuerman, Henry from Bashaw
Schuett, Bernard from Brooks
Schufle, Roy from Stavely, Coleman
Schuld, F.W. from Iron Springs
Schuler, Ben M. from Carbon
Schuler, Hugo C. from Claresholm, Carmangay
Schuler, John from Hilda
Schulstad, E.C. from Coronation
Schulte, Leonard V. from Strome
Schultz Bros. (Ed & Carl) from Endiang
Schultz, Albert J. from Lamont
Schultz, Alex from Hutton
Schultz, Brenton Orville from Bashaw
Schultz, C.L. from Walsh
Schultz, David from Gem, Three Hills
Schultz, E.J. from Endiang
Schultz, Ferdinand from Donalda
Schultz, George D. from Grande Prairie
Schultz, Harold J. from Olds, New Westminster, BC
Schultz, Harry from Bashaw
Schultz, Harry from Conrich
Schultz, Henry from Edmonton
Schultz, John from Lethbridge
Schultz, Mary from Hanna, Conrich, High River
Schultz, Melvin L. from Rocky Mountain House
Schultz, Paul from Lundbreck, Frank
Schultz, Reinhart from High River
Schultz, W.J. from Walsh
Schultz, William J. from Medicine Hat
Schulz, Adolf from Medicine Hat, Hilda
Schulz, Erich from Crooked Creek
Schulz, Heinz from Hinton
Schulz, Henry Arthur from Lethbridge
Schulz, Herbert from Wainwright
Schulz, John A. from Hilda
Schulz, Peter from Vauxhall
Schulze, Richard Ludwig from Irvine
Schumacher, Anna & Marion & Audrey J. Tyndoll nee Coey from Provost
Schumacher, Clara Nora Ruth & Elizabeth from Parkland, Picture Butte, Barons
Schumacher, E.J. from Stettler, Fenn, Trochu
Schumacher, H.L. from Red Deer
Schumacher, L.P. from Dorothy
Schumacher, Louis J & Miriam M. from Alix
Schumacher, Mabel & Grace & Louis from Dorothy
Schumaker, J.C. from Hanna
Schumaker, P. from Calgary
Schumaker, Stanley P. from Didsbury
Schuneman, Charles from Eckville
Schunenman, William from Eckville
Schunicht, Karl from Rockyford
Schur, Harry from Berwyn
Schur, John S. from Berwyn
Schuster, Gus H. from Edmonton
Schuster, Gus H. from Edmonton
Schutz, Charles H.E. from Bluffton
Schutz, Terrence E. from Chambers, Raymond C.
Schuurman, James John from Edmonton
Schuurman, James John from Edmonton
Schwabe, Ben from Medicine Hat, Norton
Schwabe, Edwin from Medicine Hat, Norton
Schwabe, Fred J. from Medicine Hat, Coleridge, Norton, Dunmore
Schwabe, Lothar from Sherwood Park, Cremona
Schwabe, Marvin from Cherhill
Schwabe, Richard from Medicine Hat, Cherhill
Schwandt, Ernest Albert from Fort Saskatchewan, St. Albert
Schwanke, Edward G. from Innisfail, Penhold
Schwanke, Klaus Otto from Sangudo
Schwartenberger, Francis W. from Beiseker
Schwartz, Harold from Castor, Fleet
Schwartz, Herbert George from Priddis
Schwartz, Keith from Olds
Schwartz, L.P. & C.A. from Stavely
Schwartz, Leslie Charles from Wetaskiwin
Schwartz, Loran from Iron River
Schwartz, Marvyn & Meryle from Calgary
Schwartz, Robert from Acme
Schwartzenberger, Ed from Beiseker
Schwartzenberger, Louis Joseph from Granlea, Maleb
Schwarzenberger, William from Crossfield, Calgary
Schween, Henry A. from High Prairie
Schweer, Emil from Rosalind, Camrose
Schweer, Eric from Rosalind, Camrose
Schweinzer, Frank from Schuler
Schweitzer, Edward Ernest from Goodfare
Schweitzer, Joseph from Rainier
Schweitzer, Roy E. from Duffield, Keephills
Schwemler, John from Sexsmith
Schwengler, John F. from Carstairs
Schwerdt, Robert Morton from Cleardale
Schwieger Bros. from Iola, Bluffton
Schwieger, R. & Sons from Rimbey, Iola, Bluffton
Schwindt, Phillip & Louis from Spruce Grove
Schwyn, Jeffery from Pincher Creek
Scobie, Clarke from Sundre, High River, Cayley
Scobie, James from Metiskow
Scobie, William "Bud" F. from Thorsby
Scoggins, Arthur Lawson from Vermilion
Scoggins, Joseph R from Chailey
Scoggins, O.L. from Lacombe
Scollard Trading Co & Fletcher, J.L. & M. J & A.C. from Scollard
Scory, William from Prelate, SK
Scott Bros. (Howard R) from Taber
Scott Bros. from Hanna
Scott Bros. from Strathmore
Scott, A.C. from Tofield
Scott, Adam from Irma
Scott, Adam Peter from Strathmore
Scott, Alex F. from Tofield
Scott, Alex from Stanmore
Scott, Alfred Walter from Edgerton
Scott, Allan from Rocky Mountain House
Scott, Anna from Halkirk
Scott, Anne E. from Red Deer
Scott, Charles from Moose Ridge, Innisfail
Scott, Clair W. from Sedgewick
Scott, Clyde from Medicine Hat, Whitla, Winnifred
Scott, D. Keith from Rocky Mountain House, Red Deer, Carlos
Scott, D.G. from Marysville, Ohio
Scott, D.G. from Marysville, Ohio
Scott, Dennis G. from Penhold
Scott, Doreen Irma from Calgary
Scott, Eugene Maurice from Rocky Mountain House
Scott, Frank from Alhambra
Scott, Fred from Coleridge
Scott, Fred from Vermilion
Scott, Fred M. from Morley, Cochrane
Scott, G. from Penhold
Scott, Gale from Rimbey
Scott, George from Penhold
Scott, Gordon A. from Claresholm, Victoria, BC
Scott, Gordon H. from Westward Ho
Scott, H.J. from Lethbridge
Scott, Harry M. from Rumsey
Scott, Harry W. from Clarkson Valley
Scott, Hilton G. from Raven
Scott, Howard from Hinton
Scott, Hugh R. from Fairview
Scott, J. Halliday from Vanrena, Fairview
Scott, J.C. from Edgerton
Scott, J.W. from Red Deer Markerville
Scott, James & Sons from Conrich
Scott, James from Fort Macleod, Lethbridge
Scott, James Walter from Madden, Cochrane
Scott, Jan from Vermilion
Scott, Jessie from Brocket
Scott, John from Innisfail, Consort
Scott, John L. from Kinsella
Scott, John William from Rainier, Brooks, Edmonton
Scott, Kenneth A. from Edmonton
Scott, L.H. from Belloy
Scott, Leslie from Brocket
Scott, Mildred & Max from Marwayne
Scott, Milton J. from Bashaw
Scott, Mrs. J.C. from Calgary
Scott, Mrs. G.B. from Calgary
Scott, Mrs. G.T from Metiskow
Scott, Mrs. J.C. from Calgary
Scott, Mrs. R.G. from Edgerton, Wainwright
Scott, Orris Jay from Travers
Scott, Percy D. from Delacour
Scott, Perley from Hanna
Scott, Perry & Frank Gilroy from Delacour
Scott, Raymond P. from Sundre, Fort McMurray
Scott, Robert from Tofield
Scott, Robert G. from Edgerton
Scott, Robert H. from Majorville
Scott, Ronald H. from Edgerton
Scott, Sydney from Richdale, Irma
Scott, Thora E. from Majorville
Scott, Vern E. from Rocky Mountain House
Scott, W. Clark from Chancellor, Innisfail, Bruderheim
Scott, W.W. from Lethbridge, Innisfail
Scott, Walter R. from Strathcona
Scott, Walter W. from Delia
Scott, Wesley from Fort Macleod
Scott, William A. from Byemoor, Leo
Scott, William W. from Markerville
Scottisch Immigrant Aid Society from Edmonton
Scottisch Immigrant Aid Society from Edmonton
Scotton, Chester from Cowley, Lundbreck
Scotton, Fremon & C. from Coleman, Cowley, Lundbreck
Scotton, Fremon C. from Coleman, Cowley, Lundbreck
Scotton, Lloyd Woodrow & James Bustard Lorne from Cowley
Scotton, Lloyd Woodrow & Lorne James Bustard from Cowley
Scotton, Maggie H. from Lundbreck, Coaldale
Scotton, Ronald from Lundbreck, Cowley
Scott-Smith, United Engines and Threshers Limited from Calgary
Scougall, George H. from Fort Macleod
Scougall, George H. from Fort Macleod
Scoular, James from Penhold
Scoular, Robert A. from Markerville, Penhold
Scout, Kevin from Fort Macleod
Scout, Leo from Hill Spring
Scoville, Conrad H. from Hanna, Coronation
Scoville, Ida P. from Spondin
Scown, Myles from Eckville, Blackfalds, Evergreen
Screiber, Charlie W. from Stettler
Scriven, Mary from Olds
Scully, B. from Rio Grande
Sczebel, Walter from Edmonton
Seaba, W.M. from Sullivan Lake, Stettler
Seal, E.E. from Champion, Veteran
Seale, F.K. from Wainwright
Seale, Mildred A. from Tofield
Seale, R.H. from Stavely
Seaman, Kathleen from Tilley, Suffield
Seamans, Edward A. from Castor
Searle, G.E. from Consort
Sears, A. from Patricia
Seaton, A.F. D.R. & I. F. from Morecambe
Sebok, Frank from Taber
Sechrist, C.L. from Turin
Second Quorum of Elders , LSD Church from Cardston
Secretan, J.J.B. from Owendale
Secretan, L.J. from Del Bonita
Sederberg, Ernest from Seven Persons
Sedore, Fred & Myrtle from Goodwin, Grande Prairie
See, Lawrence from Pioneer
Seebeck, Calvin from Carmangay, Coaldale, Olds
Seeber, Richard George from Caroline
Seefried or Seefrid, Christian from Manyberries
Seefried, Christian from Manyberries
Seefried, John from Manyberries
Seefried, John from Orion, Medicine Hat
Seefried, Katherine from Manyberries
Seefried, O.P. from Redcliff
Seefried, Reinhold from Lethbridge, Manyberries
Seefried, William & Ella from Brooks, Redcliff
Seeger, E.L. from Clive
Seeley, Artie J. from Fort Macleod, Stirling
Seeley, Leo from Stirling
Seeley, Loretta from Falun
Seely Bros. from Marquess, Gem
Seely, Dalven from Tangent
Seely, Dan from Skiff, Rosemary
Seely, Justin E. from Gem
Seely, Lloyd from Wrentham, Falun
Seely, Melvin & Sons (Keith, Gordon & Alan) from Lethbridge
Seely, Orson R. from Stirling
Seely, Shirley from Gem, Bassano
Seenum, Carl James from Goodfish Lake
Seenum, Ed. from Goodfish Lake
Seewalt, Anton from Vermilion
Segboer, Frances Mary from Fort Macleod
Segboer, Gary L. from Coaldale
Segboer, Jacob or Jack from Fort Macleod
Segboer, John M. from Fort Macleod
Sehar, Frank from Oyen, Drumheller
Seib, Harold G. from Tofield
Seibel, Henry from Evarts
Seibel, John D. from Red deer
Seibel, Mary from Cluny
Seibel, Melvin from Red Deer
Seibel, Wilbert E. from Alhambra, Calgary
Seida, Joe or Joseph from Busby, Beverly, Midnapore
Seidel, Herbert from Huxley
Seidel, R.C. from Trochu
Seidel, Werner & Karl from Rosemary
Seidenz, John from Turin
Seidl, Arthur from Falun
Seieresen, Fred from North Edmonton
Seifried, Bernard Angus from Peace River, Hythe
Seigfried, F.A. from Sundre
Seitz, Andrew from Robinson, Medicine Hat
Seitz, Bernice Gladys from Irvine
Seitz, Dave & Leslie from Etzikom
Seitz, Edward from Woolchester, Medicine Hat
Seitz, Emil from Medicine Hat
Seitz, Faye Rose Lee from Strathmore
Seitz, Fred from Brooks
Seitz, Fred from Josephburg, Robinson
Seitz, Fred G. from Medicine Hat
Seitz, Fred. A. from Gadsby
Seitz, George W. from Eagle Butte, Little Plume
Seitz, Gerald & Marie from Calgary
Seitz, John J. from Medicine Hat, Little Plume
Seitz, Laverne from Little Plume
Seitz, Llewellyn Kurtis from Medicine Hat, Little Plume
Seitz, Otto from Walsh, Woolchester
Seitz, R.A .from Seven Persons
Seitz, Reinhold A. from Eagle Butte, Medicine Hat
Seitz, Samuel from Seven Persons, Medicine Hat
Seitz, Ted from Brooks
Seitz, Wesley from Seven Persons
Seitz, Wilbert from Nemiskam
Sekora, Rodney Elie from Grande Prairie, Wembley
Sekulich, Dan & Paul Morawski from High Prairie
Sekura, Frank from Taber
Sekura, John from Taber
Selby, Henry H. from Milk River
Selby, N.W. from Lloydminster
Selby, Truman W. from Milk River
Selby, W.D. from Milk River
Selk, D.B. from Milk River
Selk, E.H. from New Dayton, Coutts
Selk, Norman from New Dayton
Selkirk, John from Maughan, Vermilion
Sellers, Ron from Calgary
Sellers, Walter from James River Bridge
Sellstedt, Bertil from Irma
Sellstedt, Peter from Irma
Selstrom, Oscar from Red Deer
Selte, Arnold Rae from Paradise Valley
Selte, Charles D. from Paradise Valley
Selvig, Roy K. from Claresholm, Cochrane
Selwood, W.H from Clandonald, Vermilion
Selzler, Sylvester from Viking
Semaka, Alexander from Drumheller
Semaka, Elmer from Bellis
Semala, Helen from Cowley, Bellevue
Sember, M.G. from Hesketh, Victoria, BC, Sooke, BC
Semchuk, John from Opal, Egremont
Semchuk, Russel from Egremont
Semenchuk, D. from Dinant, Round Hill
Semenchuk, Edward D. from Grassland
Semeniuk, John N. from Willingdon
Semeniuk, Mike J. from Lavoy
Semeniuk, Nick F. from Myrnam
Semeniuk, Ted from Two Hills
Semeniuk, William from Two Hills
Semeniuk, William G. from Warspite, Edmonton
Semenoff, Joe J. from Vulcan, Lundbreck
Semenoff, John from Lundbreck
Semenoff, Pete from Lundbreck, Radisson, SK
Semensin, Ettore from Burmis
Semenuik, Philip from Irma
Semenuik, Steve F. from Myrnam
Seminowich, Ronald S. from Longview
Semiond, Mrs. L. from Gurneyville
Semograd, Mrs. J.C. from Innisfree, Mission City, BC
Sempo, F. from Viking
Semrau, A.D. from Carstairs
Semrau, Emil from Olds
Semrau, Harry from Olds
Semrau, Otto from Olds
Senecal, George from Brooks
Senenko, Paul from Hazelmere
Seney, Elden F. & Theodore C. from Blackie
Seney, Frank from Blackie
Seniec, Simon from Magrath
Seniuk, Harry from Northern Valley
Seniuk, Michael Earle from Ryley
Seniuk, Stefan from Hythe
Seniuk, William from Northern Valley
Senuk, Steve from Edmonton
Sept, John Sr. from Three Hills
Sera, Frank Jr. from Coaldale
Sera, Mary from Magrath
Sera, Robert J. from Lethbridge
Serafinchon, Wasyl F. from Bellis, Vilna
Serben, Tom from Smoky Lake
Serby, Edward William from Drayton Valley, Falun
Sereda, Sam from Evansburg
Sereda, Walter from Lac Bellevue
Serediak, John from Lloydminster
Serediak, John W.J. from Mundare
Serediak, Nick from Wandering River, Amesbury
Serediak, Randy from Plamondon
Serediak, Thomas from St. Paul
Serna, Mike from Two Hills
Service, Hugh from Vermilion
Service, James Jeffries from Brooks
Service, Robert W. from Rimbey
Sesula, William H. from Penhold
Sethen, A.J. from Duchess
Setoguchi, Yukimori from Taber
Setran, Sebert from Empress
Setter, Otto from Calgary, Irma
Setterlund, Axel F. from Metiskow, Duhamel
Settle, Benjamin Stuart from Leduc
Seuntjens, H. from Hiram, Coronation
Seuntjens, Matthew from Coronation
Seutter, Robert from Edmonton
Seutter, Robert from Edmonton
Seven Persons Feeders from Seven Persons
Severns, Ernest from East Coulee
Severson, Arne from Worsley
Severson, Lester A. from Tofield
Severson, Marvin James from Sundre, Blackie
Severton, Severt Arthur from Innisfail
Severtson, Alf M. from Vauxhall
Severtson, Melvin O. from Enchant
Severtson, Palmer from Enchant
Severyn, Metro from Ispas
Sevick, Knut from Czar, New West Minster BC
Sevier, Siman & Elmer E. Lesher from Clive
Sevier, Simon & Elmer E. Lesher from Clive
Sevigny, A. from Chauvin
Sevigny, Albert J. from Bentley, Okotoks
Sevior, Arthur from Grassy Lake
Sewall & Powell from Beynon
Sewall, Albert M. from Brooks
Sewall, Albert M. from Brooks
Sewall, Clifford from Brooks
Sewall, Dora from Brooks
Sewall, M.L. from Tilley, Brooks
Sewall, S.D. from Hussar
Sewalrud, Nels from Bow Island
Seward, A. from Hanna
Sewell, Joseph & Son from Wainwright, Withrow
Sexsmith, G.A. from Calgary, Blackie
Seyer, E.C. from Botha
Seyer, Walter A. from Botha
Seymour, C. Frederick (Fred) from Groton, Lucky Strike, Milk River
Seymour, Leonard E. & Margaret from Donalda
Shabak, Steve from Keephills
Shaban, Kazmir from Heath, Hope Valley
Shade, Chris from Cardston
Shadlock, William G. from Rosedale, Drumheller
Shady Lane Feedlots Ltd. from Mannville
Shafer, Carl from Mayerthorpe
Shafer, Dan from Dogpound, Bottrel
Shaffer, Duane from Weiser, ID
Shaffer, Patricia Emily from Lac La Biche
Shaffer, Sykes C. from Imperial Mills, Lac La Biche
Shail, Jarvis E. from Hythe
Shail, Jessie L. & Ernest L. from Hythe
Shakandi, Mike from Diamond City
Shalgan, Frank from Mannville
Shalka, Edward from Fort Kent
Shamchuk, Nick from Vilna
Shand - Harvey, J. from Entrance
Shand , Harvey & J. from Entrance
Shand, Charles from Sexsmith
Shand, James from Bad Heart
Shand, Robert from Provost, Czar, Amisk
Shandera, C.J. from Sheerness, Hanna
Shandera, R.H. from Rowley
Shandera, Rudolph from Craigmyle, Drumheller
Shandera, W.J. from Craigmyle
Shandruk, Forny H. from Canmore
Shandruk, Gordon from Two Hills
Shank, Clarence from Red Deer
Shank, Mrs. John from Muirhead
Shank, Mrs. John from Muirhead
Shankey, Leo P. from Brooks
Shanks G.V. from Olds, Delia, Youngstown
Shanks, Ernest James from Innisfail
Shannon, A.J. from Halkirk
Shannon, Freda E. from Sundre
Shannon, Harold W from Sedalia, Consort
Shannon, Harold W. from Sedalia, Consort
Shannon, James P. from Bellox
Shannon, Joe from Bowmanton
Shannon, John from Brooks
Shannon, Mrs. Harry from Kevisville
Shannon, R.W. from Benton, Acadia Valley, Canoe, BC
Shannon, Robert E. from Acadia Valley
Shantz, C.M. from Eckville
Shantz, E. Glenn from Alsask, SK
Shantz, Elmer from Eckville
Shantz, Gary W. from Alsask, SK, Calgary
Shantz, Matt from Bow Island
Shantz, Roy from Didsbury
Shapka, A. from Hubalta
Shappak, Donald & Richard Badick from Drayton Valley
Sharkey, Exie from Heinsburg
Sharkey, Home from Iron River, La Corey
Sharkey, Ray from St. Paul
Sharko, Art from Morinville
Sharp Simmental Ltd. from Calgary
Sharp, B.A. from Kathryn, Crossfield, Aldo, Olds
Sharp, Blake from Wainwright
Sharp, Carl Edward from Kathryn
Sharp, Elwood Delven from Calgary
Sharp, Frederick William from Vulcan, Milo
Sharp, George from Bashaw
Sharp, Ivin from Bear Lake, Pine Bluff, Grimshaw
Sharp, James Mathew from Medicine Hat
Sharp, L.H. from Bashaw
Sharp, M.O. from Vermilion
Sharp, Robert from Pincher Creek, Beaver Mines
Sharpe, Anna Mae from Cluny
Sharpe, Cecil from Caroline
Sharpe, Eric L. from Castor
Sharpe, Roy W. from Ogden, Calgary
Sharratt, Ernie from Red Deer
Sharratt, Irwin L. from Kinuso
Sharratt, Loren James from Edmonton
Sharun, John from Edmonton
Sharun, Mike from Tofield
Shatford, David K. from Calgary
Shatford, Kenneth Benjamin from Turner Valley, Gold River, BC
Shatford, Mrs. L.P. from Caroline
Shattuck, F.C. (estate) from Boundary Creek
Shattuck, F.F. from Boundary Creek, Cardston
Shattuck, Mrs. Wilfred from Vermilion
Shatz, Vernon & Barbara from Medicine Hat
Shaver, Henry J. from Brocket
Shaw Bros. (Bill & Walter) from Didsbury
Shaw, Alex from Roseberg, Medicine Hat
Shaw, Alexander & Johanna, (Plume Creek Cattle Ranch) from Medicine Hat, Roseberg
Shaw, Alexander, (Little Plume Ranch) from Woolchester
Shaw, Bros. (Bill & Walter) from Didsbury
Shaw, Don from Onoway
Shaw, Donald B. from Tabor
Shaw, Gary Alan from Lacombe
Shaw, Geoffrey from Brightview
Shaw, George W. A. from Nanton
Shaw, Hector William from Edmonton
Shaw, J.C. from Cardston
Shaw, J.T. from Marwayne, Vancouver, BC
Shaw, Jack from Milk River
Shaw, James B. from Banff, Cochrane
Shaw, James Lowell from Pincher Creek
Shaw, John E. from Millarville, High River
Shaw, John from Garrington, Bowden
Shaw, John Kirby from Cochrane, Calgary
Shaw, K.J. from Airdrie
Shaw, Lewis W. from Paradise Valley
Shaw, Mike from Didsbury
Shaw, N. R. (N.R. Shaw Lumber Co.) from Calgary
Shaw, Peter & Jacky from Ponoka
Shaw, R. J. from Edmonton, Mannville
Shaw, R.J. from Edmonton, Mannville
Shaw, Ray E. from Nanton, Mirror Landing
Shaw, Sydney from Wainwright, Fabyan
Shaw, T.L. from Edgerton
Shawaga, M. from Calgary
Sheardown, James C. from Medicine Hat
Shearer, C. from Claresholm
Shearer, Dave from Carmangay
Shearer, Delmer from Carmangay, Lethbridge
Shearer, R.A. from Claresholm
Shearer, Robert from Calgary
Sheckter, Joe & Elmer John Lielke from South Edmonton
Shedden, Earnest R. & Herbert M. Wensley from Edmonton
Shedden, Ernest R. & Herbert M. Wensley from Edmonton
Sheehan, Frank from High River, Alberta
Sheenan, T.B. from Clairmont
Sheets, Carl from Standard, Gleichen
Sheets, Donald Robert from Grande Prairie
Sheets, Josiah William from Sundre, Hussar, Olds
Sheffield, Philip Melvin from Fort Macleod
Sheftel, H. from Calgary
Sheftel. Harvey from Calgary
Sheils or Shiels, Leslie Elgin from Didsbury, Calgary
Sheils, Mrs. H. E. from Didsbury
Sheldon, Allen E. from Sundre, Rutland BC, Bergen
Sheldon, Stan from Kinuso
Sheldrake, Harry from Duchess
Sheldrake, Robert from Duchess
Sheldrake, William (Bowater Stock Farm) from Duchess
Sheline, George from Twin Butte, Pincher Creek
Shell Oil of Canada from Calgary
Shell, W. Guy from Carbon
Shemelko, Nick from Whitelaw
Shenfield, Roy from Crossfield
Shepaerd, Fred from Calgary
Sheperd, Thomas L. from Lethbridge
Shepert, Peter from St. Brides
Shepherd, Dick & Lowell Volker from Erskine
Shepherd, Dick & Lowell Volker from Erskine
Shepherd, George E. from Vermilion
Shepherd, George E. from Vermilion
Shepherd, R.M. from Erskine
Shepherd, Robert from Erskine
Sheppard Bros. from Morning side, Ponoka
Sheppard, J & R.K. Smeed from Calgary
Sheppard, J. & R.K. Smeed from Calgary
Sheppard, Ronald Clark from Elk Point
Sherba, Alex from Eckville
Sherban, Metro from Hamlin
Sherban, Rosie from Hamlin
Sherbick, E.C from Edmonton
Sherbick, E.C. from Edmonton
Sherbinski, W. from Heath
Sherburne, E.C. from Clive
Sherburne, Lloyd G. from Byemoor, Vilna
Sherburne, Waldo M. from Purple Springs
Sheridan, James William & Tomas Wood from Wainwright
Sheriff, Christopher from Kamloops, BC
Sherk, Amos and Sons from Huallen
Sherlock, Theodora W. from Lynnburn
Sherman, Caroline from Ferintosh
Sherman, D.G. from Arrowwood, Bowden
Sherman, David from Vulcan, Olds, Bowden
Sherman, Gordon William from Cardston, Whitehorse Yukon
Sherman, Jesse H. from Calgary, Spring Coulee
Sherman, Ludwik from Edmonton
Sherman, Pariel from Owendale, Cardston
Sherriff, George from Cochrane
Sherriff, Harry & William Sherriff (Estate) from Calgary, Cochrane
Sherritt, W. H. from Hanna
Sherritt, William Herbert from Wildunn, Hanna
Sherry, James A.F. from Evansburg, Mayerthorpe
Sherry, Sarah from Irma
Sherstabetoff, Nick from Mossleigh
Sherstan, Alex Thomas from Stony Plain
Sherstan, Metro from Brosseau
Shertel, George from Tofield, Edmonton
Shertel, John from Tofield
Shertel, Peter from Edmonton, Tofield
Shertel, Peter from Edmonton, Tofield
Sherville, Harry G. from Metiskow
Sherwood, Cleo B. from Cardston
Sherwood, Farley from Barons
Sherwood, Fred from Killam
Sherwood, G.H. from Alliance
Sherwood, Henry Russell from Canmore
Sherwood, Hugh G. from Seven Persons
Sherwwood, J.R. from Grande Prairie, Medicine Hat
Sheward, Mrs. J.A. from Medicine Hat
Shewchuck, Sofia from Spedden
Shewchuk, Frank from Fabyan
Shewchuk, Irene E. from Ponoka
Shewchuk, Peter from Fabyan, Wainwright
Shewkenek, William from Innisfail, Olds
Shiach, John from Priddis
Shideler, Gordon Wayne from Cardston
Shields, C.O. from Shaughnessy
Shields, C.O. from Shaughnessy
Shields, David & W. from Alderson
Shields, Harold D. from Warner
Shields, J.A. from Calgary
Shields, J.A. from Calgary
Shields, Reed L. from Glenwoodville
Shields, Roy J. from Raymond
Shields, W.L. from Warner
Shields, Wifred John from Didsbury
Shields, William Clyde from Shaughnessy, Lethbridge, Diamond City, Masinasin
Shielke, Ewald from Raymond
Shier, Clifford from Eagle Hill
Shier, Walter from Eagle Hill, Bowden
Shierman, Henry from Midnapore
Shierman, Norman from Midnapore, Calgary
Shierman, Ronald from Balzac, Midnapore, Calgary
Shifflett, Clyde E. from Czar
Shiglski, John from Magrath
Shillinglaw, Merton A. from Forestburg
Shimak, Paul from Picture Butte
Shimbashi, James from Barnwell
Shimek, Carl from Picture Butte
Shimek, Ellie, remarried name Gunderson from Picture Butte
Shimek, John from Picture Butte
Shimek, Paul from Picture Butte
Shimer, F.E. from Olds
Shinness, Lloyd George from Stettler, Delburne
Shipley, H.A. from Glenwoodville
Shippelt, John from Eckville
Shippelt, Tony J. from Stauffer
Shippelt, William from Eckville
Shires, William A. from Wainwright
Shirreff, Anna from Stettler
Shirt, Ralph from St. Brides
Shkooratoff, Mike from Cowley
Shkooratoff, Paul from Fort Macleod
Shkuratoff, W. from Milo
Shkurotoff, Nick from Lundbreck
Shmilar, Alex from Musidora, Edmonton, Winnipeg, MB
Shoch, A.G. from Red Deer
Shock, Jack (Jacob) J. from Thelma, Cochrane
Shoebotham, Talbot from Airdrie
Shoemaker Bros. (Robert R. & Leo E.) from Bashaw
Shofner, George D. from Sexsmith, Grande Prairie
Shokoples, Alex A. from Myrnam
Sholdice, R.P. Jr. from Blackfoot
Sholdice, R.P. Sr. from Hindville
Shook, Neil Gordon from Kitscoty
Shore, A. from Rosemary
Shorrock, Ralph from Brownfield
Short, Alma (formerly Mrs. Elmer Van Eaton) from Clive
Short, Dwayne W. from High River
Short, Mrs. I. C. from Dog Pound
Short, Murrary W. from High River
Short, R.A.A. from Slave Lake
Short, W.G. from Dog Pound
Shostak, Leonard from Bonnyville
Shotclose, Raymond from Calgary
Shott, Charles from Caslan
Shotwell, C.G. from Erskine
Shouldice, D.R.M. from Arrowwood
Shouldice, Stanley H. from Calgary, Carstairs, Cluny
Shpytko, Tony from Vermilion
Shrum, E. Lee from Pincher Creek
Shrumm, C.A. from Coaldale, Lethbridge
Shubert, Jack from Leedale
Shubert, Joseph & Steve from Bellis
Shubert, Joseph Bernard from Acadia Valley
Shubert, Peter from Bellis
Shuck, Michael Marvin from Rochfort Bridge
Shuck, Raymond Mitchell from Rochfort Bridge, Hatharsage
Shuckburgh, William from Stettler
Shudia, Pete from Peace River
Shulak, Mrs. Steve from Onoway
Shultz, Reynold from Rimbey
Shultz, Roscoe from Bluffton
Shumaker, Carl R. from Vauxhall
Shumaker, Elizabeth from Parkland
Shumaker, Hazel Christina from Iron Springs, Retlaw, Vauxhall
Shumaker, Henry F. from Vauxhall, Lethbridge
Shumaker, John from Iron Springs, Beaver Mines, Pincher Creek
Shumard, John Lesly from Berwyn
Shumard, Lesly S. from Grande Prairie, Berwyn
Shumik, William from Cherhill
Shumway, Dick Ray from Okotoks, Parkland
Shunamon, D. from Stanmore, Calgary
Shunamon, Morton William from Hilliard
Shurmer & Sons from Cairns
Shurmer Bros. from Cairns
Shurmer, A.F from Cairns, Edmonton
Shurmer, A.F. from Cairns, Edmonton
Shurmer, G. A. from Cairns
Shurrell, Mrs. S. from Looma
Shust, David J. & Richard L. from Strathmore
Shuttleworth, J.D. from Lloyds Hill, Consort
Shuttleworth, J.D. from Lloyds Hill, Consort
Shuttleworth, Norval A. & Dale G. Patterson from Brooks
Shuttleworth, Norval Aubrey from Rolling Hills, Brooks
Shymanski, Joe from St. Michael, Delph
Shymka, A.P. from Smokey Lake
Shymr, John from Fairview
Shypanski, John from Ispas
Sibbald, John from Rimbey
Sibert, W.E. from Alix
Sibley, Bertram Frank from Twin River, Magrath, Milk River, Hache
Sibley, Bertram Frank from Twin River, Magrath, Milk River, Hacke
Sibley, Floyd A. from Twin River
Sibley, John M. from Calgary, Airdrie
Sich, James from Trochu
Sich, Joseph from Trochu
Sickestaal, William J. from Ferintosh, Battle River
Siczek, Nick from Alpen Siding, Alpen Stores
Siddon, J.C. from Ricinus
Siddon, Thomas Samuel from Harmattan
Siddon, Thomas Samuel from Harmattan
Siddons, Arthur J. from Wainwright
Sidener, Jack A. from Lea Park
Sidey, James from Cousins, Lloyds Hill
Sidey, William from Cousins
Sidjak, John from Fleet
Sidor, Metro from Vegreville, Innisfree
Sidoroff, Leonard Victor from Peace River
Sieb, L.L. from Calgary
Sieben Bros. (Tony & Jacob) from Monitor
Sieben, Gilbert from Hay Lakes
Sieben, Joe P. from Thorsby
Sieben, R. from Water Valley
Sieben, Solomon from Big Valley
Siebenga, Harry & Son from Lacombe
Siebert, Frank from Drayton Valley
Siebert, Oswald from Calgary
Siebert, Peter D., Peter Jr. & David from Coaldale
Siebold, E.G. from Viking
Siebold, J.P. & Sons from Viking
Siegel, Marvin from Champion, Sangudo
Sieger, Josephine from Silver Heights
Sieger, Neil from Coronation
Sielzle, Ben from Hanna
Siembida, Mike from Bow Island
Siemens, David H. from Gem
Siemens, Elvin John from Grovedale
Siemens, Walter Jacob from Coaldale
Siemers, Walter from St. Paul
Sieppert, Clifford from Hanna
Sieppert, Jacob from Hanna
Sieppert, Otto from Hanna
Sieppert, Ralph F. from Sheerness, Hanna
Sietz, Mathias from Walsh
Sievert, Edward from Veteran
Siewert, Bob from Buffalo
Siewert, Carl Edmund from Duchess
Siewert, Dan from Hanna
Siferd, Charles C. from Calgary
Siffledeen, Alex from Sheerness
Sigmund, A.F. from Hesketh, Carbon, Three Hills
Sigmund, Edward from Wimborne
Sigurdson, C. from Chauvin
Sigurdson, Gudin from Enilda
Sihlis, Arnold from James River Bridge
Sikjar, A.P. from Medicine Hat, Irvine
Sikora, John from Spedden
Sikora, K. from Spedden
Sikora, Steve from Heinsburg
Sikorski, Dmytro or Dan from Lac Bellevue, St. Paul
Silbernagel, P. J. from Water Valley
Siler, Ancil Lee from Champion, Wetaskiwin
Siler, C.C. from Pollockville
Siler, James Carl from Ellerslie
Siler, Lloyd from Milk River
Silk, George from McLaughlin, Oxville
Sillito, Beth nee Laing from Calgary, Davenport, IA
Sillito, Delmar from Rosemary
Sillito, Donald from Balzac, Lyalta
Sillito, Melvin T. from Macleod
Sillito, Rexall J. from Rosemary
Sillito, Rolla from Rosemary
Silvaniuk, Sam from Bashaw
Silver, Laurette from Barrhead
Silversides, C.E. from Three Hills
Silversides, E. from Three Hills
Silverthorne, Bruce Meridith from Bindloss, Brooks, Cavendish
Silverton, Walter F. from Barons
Silvester, Albert from Black Diamond, Kew
Silvester, John from Calgary, Midnapore, Kew, Millarville
Sim, Alex from Winterburn
Sim, Fred J. from Bearberry
Sim, H. Elechia from Hanna
Sim, R.K. from Midnapore, Millarville
Sim, Roy K. from Royalties
Sim, W.W. from Tees
Simanton, E.C. from Foremost
Simanton, Robert from Foremost
Simanton, Vernon from Foremost
Simanton, Vernon L. from Foremost
Simard, Andre from Chauvin
Simard, Leonce from Chauvin
Simard, Robert from Chauvin
Sime, George from Bremner
Simeon, Charles from Morley
Simioni, Guerino from Taber
Simmerson, Bessie from Irma
Simmonds, William from Viking
Simmons, Clarence from New Brook
Simmons, E.G. from Rosemary, Bassano
Simmons, Fred from Fort SK
Simmons, Gerald A. from Peace River
Simmons, Gordon Lloyde from Shaughnessy
Simmons, Harry from Calgary
Simmons, Louis from Fort Saskatchewan
Simmons, Merritt from Fort Saskatchewan
Simmons, Neil Craig from Fort Saskatchewan
Simmons, Raymond Oliver from Diamond City
Simmons, Robert Thomas from Rimbey
Simmons, Ronald S. from Nestor
Simo, Albert from Tilley
Simon, Dasher from Finnegan
Simon, Harold J. from Stettler, Gadsby
Simon, John Donald from Red Willow
Simon, John H. from Red Willow
Simon, Mrs. A.E. from Lafond, Vegreville, Brosseau
Simons, Martha M. & Frederick L. from Springdale
Simpkins, Grover from Teepee Creek
Simpson & Sons Farms Ltd. (David) from Calgary
Simpson Bros. (Brae Mar Ranch) from Calgary
Simpson, Alexander from Chauvin
Simpson, B.D. from Darling
Simpson, Barbara from Cochrane
Simpson, Bee from Wild Horse
Simpson, D.J. from Onoway
Simpson, David B. from Etzikom, Pincher Creek
Simpson, David D. from Cowley, Etzikom, Waterton Lakes Park
Simpson, Delbert M. from Bow Island
Simpson, Don Allan from Red Willow
Simpson, E. Walter from Lacombe
Simpson, Effie from Calgary
Simpson, Francis from Innisfree
Simpson, George from High Prairie
Simpson, Harold A. & Artemus W. Lea from Elnora, Calgary
Simpson, Harold A. from Cassils
Simpson, Homer P. from Pincher Creek
Simpson, Irma Joan from Wild Horse
Simpson, J.F. from Consort
Simpson, James from Boundary Creek, Pincher Creek, Spring Coulee
Simpson, James from Myrna
Simpson, James from Myrna
Simpson, John A. from Halkirk
Simpson, John from Tofield
Simpson, John R. from Twin Butte, Lundbreck
Simpson, Larry D. from Pincher Creek
Simpson, Lorval from Didsbury
Simpson, Milton T. from Pincher Creek, Owendale
Simpson, Mrs. Kenneth from Cremona, Cardston
Simpson, Mrs. M.A. from Innisfail
Simpson, Norman George from Sedgewick, Nilrem
Simpson, Norman George from Sedgewick, Nilrem
Simpson, Stanley David from Claresholm
Simpson, T.E. from Groton
Simpson, T.W.H. from McLaughlin, Dina
Simpson, Thomas from Bow Island
Simpson, William (Brae Mar Ranch) from Calgary
Simpson, William Frank from Enilda
Sims, Gregory Barry from Heinsburg
Sims, John Edgar from Coronation
Sims, Joseph from Rio Grand
Sims, Oliver S. from Lacombe
Sinclair Bros. (M. & Edwin & Thomas C.) from Rumsey
Sinclair, A.W.G. from Strathmore, Carstairs
Sinclair, Arthur from Bonnyville, Ardmore
Sinclair, Don from Rocky Mountain House
Sinclair, Floyd from Picture Butte, Turin
Sinclair, George from Rumsey
Sinclair, H.H.J. from Rocky Mountain House
Sinclair, John from Acme
Sinclair, Laura Ann from Calgary
Sinclair, Margaret from Rumsey, Stettler
Sinclair, Thomas C. from Rumsey, Stettler
Sinclair, Wesley R. from Claresholm
Sinclair, Will from Strachan
Sindlinger, Charles E. from Magrath
Sing Hari, Charlie from De Winton
Singer, Clessie L. from Wainwright, Czar, Hughenden
Singer, Florence from Rainier
Singer, Mrs. Ila from Rainier
Singer, Pearson from Cardston
Singer, Robert L. from Czar, Wainwright
Singer, Velma from Czar
Singer, William J. from Czar
Singh, Cabel from Coaldale
Sinkarosky, Peter from Lake Thelma, Fleet, Calgary
Sinner, George & Phillip from Stoney Plain
Sinner, George & Phillip from Stoney Plain
Sinner, Phillip from Stony Plain, Edmonton
Sinnott, Bessie M. from Pincher Station, Pincher Creek
Sinnott, Edward E. from Pincher Station
Sinton, N.R. from Airdrie, Calgary
Sipe, Irving from Cochrane
Sippola, Peter J. from Bulwark
Siracky, Henry A. from Mundare
Siray, Leslie A. from Cardston
Sirett, Frederick A. from Paradise Valley
Sirett, Walter J. from Paradise Valley
Sirman, Johnny S. from Hemaruka
Sirois, Percy from Rimbey
Sirr, Clarence & David from Water Valley, Cremona
Sirr, H.T & J. Lashmore from Big Prairie, Cremona
Sirr, Percy from Cremona, Calgary, Water Valley
Sirr, Thomas from Cremona
Sisson, E.R from Duchess
Sisson, Samuel A. from Halkirk, Clive, Chigwell
Sissons, Herbert J. from Medicine Hat, Redcliff
Sissons, Herbert J. from Medicine Hat, Redcliff
Sitler, Melvin from Camrose
Sitsma, Anne from Alix
Sitting Eagle, John from Cluny
Sitting Eagle, Roy A. from Cluny
Sitting Eagle, Simon Sr. from Cluny
Siudy, Chester from Buck Lake
Siudy, John from Buck Lake
Sivacoe, Alexander from Stettler, Fenn
Sivacoe, James from Fenn
Sivacow, Fred from Fenn, Botha
Siverson, Alf from Hanna, Scapa
Siverson, Helen from Hanna
Six Mile Coulee Cattle Co-Op Ltd. from Calgary
Sjerven, Henry from Strome, Viking
Sjoden, Oscar from Bruce
Sjodin, E.A. from Elkwater, Orion
Sjodin, Gust from Orion, Pakowki
Sjorgen, Sven Lambert from Brightview
Skaaning, Aage from Rainier
Skage, Elsie & John from Hackett
Skakoon, William from Lac Bellevue
Skakun, Fred from Kaleland
Skakun, Mike from Stoney Lake, St. Paul
Skaley, Ben from Gadsby
Skaley, Edgar from Gadsby
Skaley, John from Rycroft
Skaley, Otto from Gadsby
Skalitzky, Jonathan J. from Viking
Skanderup Bros. (Alvin, Verner & Clifford) from Tilley
Skarra, Jack from Stettler, Warden
Skarra, Jos from Raven
Skarsen, Lloyd from Edmonton
Skarsen, Melvin F. from Cold Lake
Skates, Harry Edward from Caroline, Langley, BC
Skeels, Lester from Rimbey
Skeels, Mrs. M.V. from Rimbey
Skeen, Bernard E. from Nanton
Skeen, J. W. from Nanton
Skeen, Jimmy from Nanton
Skeith, R.E. (R.E. Skeith Farming Company New Dayton and Stillwater, Minnesota) from New Dayton, Lethbridge, Stillwater, MIN
Skelly, William from Ardrossan
Skelton, Roy from Turner Valley
Skelton, Sam from Sundre, Foremost
Skene, W.A. from Pincher Creek
Skertchly Bros. from Tring, Riverton, Hazeldine
Skibsted, Vernon N. from Calgary, Conrich, Hubalta
Skidmore, C.L. from Onion Lake, SK, Monitor
Skidmore, Maurice from Onion Lake, SK
Skierka, Joseph P. from Pincher Creek, Creston, BC
Skierka, Tony Francis Peter from Pincher Creek
Skillen, George & Ellen from Fairview, Waterhole
Skinner W. & G.T. from Riverton, Dewberry
Skinner W. & G.T. from Riverton, Dewberry
Skinner, Ambrose J. from Hayter
Skinner, Fred & William S. from Wainwright
Skinner, Gordon W. from Islay
Skinner, Gordon W. from Islay
Skinner, James W. from Spirit River, Grande Prairie
Skinner, John from Provost
Skinner, Walter (Holt Farm) from Riverton
Skinner, Walter (Holt Farm) from Riverton
Skinner, William S. from Wainwright
Skinner, William T. from Bluffton
Skinner, William T. from Bluffton
Skinty, Charles from Cold Lake
Skitso, Eddy P. from Bruderheim
Skjenna, Arthur F. from Buffalo
Skjersven, Iver Jack from Pollockville, Beaver Crossing, Cherry Grove
Skjersven, Kenneth Lyle from Heath
Skjersven, Martin & Chris from Beaverdam
Skog, Kenneth William from Balzac
Skogen, Marvin from Raven
Skogg, Emil from Fabyan
Skogstad, Hans G. from Donalda
Skolimoski, J. from Bloomsbury
Skolney, Dmetro from Holden
Skolney, Joe J. from Holden
Skolney, John from Holden
Skolski, Alex from Innisfree
Skoreiko, Alex from Rimbey
Skoreiko, Harry from Rimbey
Skoreko, Harry G. from Streamstown
Skori, Colin from Kinsella
Skori, Thomas from Kinsella
Skorka, Louis from Olds, Rocky Mountain House
Skoryko, A.T. from Edwand
Skow, Anna from Bluffton
Skow, Philip M. from Brownfield
Skoworodko, Steve from Kirriemuir
Skretka, Mike from Abee
Skretting, Erik from Vauxhall
Skretting, Gabriel from Vauxhall
Skretting, Gust G. from Vauxhall, Enchant, Eyremore
Skriver, Evan Cyrel from Cardston
Skrobot, Willima from Brooks
Skroch, Adam A. from Foremost
Skroch, Philip F. from Foremost
Skrypnek, Eugene from Rochester
Skrypnek, George from Rochester
Skrypnek, Henry from Westerose
Skuba, Effrem from Spedden
Skuban, Mike from Tilley
Skulski, Mike from St. Edward
Skutar, W. from Hotchkiss
Slack, Dr. E.A. from Eagle Butte
Slade, A.W. from Enilda, Nanton, Eckville
Slade, John A & Lawrence DeWitt Robertson from Nanton, Freewater, OR
Slaght, A .from Winterburn
Slater Bros. from Ponoka
Slater Bros. from Worsley
Slater, D.E. from Pincher Creek
Slater, Henry F. from Donalda
Slater, Henry F. from Donalda
Slawuta, Walter from Iron River
Sleeth, James P. from Scapa, Maunders, Alliance
Sleeth, James P. from Scapa, Maunders, Alliance
Slefendureas, Mike from Lafond
Slemko, William from Hussar
Slemp, Albert R from Fleet
Slemp, Edgar from Fleet, Scapa
Slemp, H.H. from Scapa
Slemp, R.A. from Fleet
Slemp, Richard Donald from Fleet, Castor
Slenders, John from Tilley
Sletto Bros (Oscar & Thorvald O.) from Champion
Sletto, Thorvald O. from Claresholm, Stavely
Slevinsky, Alex from Kaleland
Slevinsky, Norman from St. Paul
Slifka, James A. from Botha
Slinger, Robert J. from Delburne, Content
Slingerland, Andy from Diamond City
Slingerland, Aris from Picture Butte
Slingerland, C. from Diamond City
Slingerland, Hendrik from Lethbridge, Coaldale
Slingerland, Marinus from Coaldale
Sliva, Ted & Glen from Edson
Sloan, David from Richdale
Sloan, Hercel H. from Kinuso
Sloan, Jesse L. from Kinuso
Sloan, Martin & Mary from Monitor, Kirriemuir
Sloan, Mrs. David from Richdale
Sloan, Robert from Hanna
Sloan, Robert J. from Richdale
Sloan, T.H. from Kinuso
Sloan, William K. from Cardston
Sloane, J.A. from Scandia, Taber
Sloane, Kenneth Wayne from Fort Macleod
Sloat, Floyd Ernest from Woking
Sloboda, Paul from Viking
Slocombe, Wallace from Duchess, Black Diamond, Longview, Millicent
Slocum, Frederick S. from Tolland
Sloman, Josiah & Fred A. from Clover Bar, Gilpin
Slomp, Henry J. from Iron Springs
Slomp, Tieme from Coaldale
Slonaker, I.C. from Nightingale
Slot, Ejlief from De Winton
Slot, Louanna from Rosemary
Slot, Regnar from De Winton
Slovak, George from Picture Butte
Slugen, Florian from Tilley
Slusarenko, Sam from Beauvallon
Slywka, John from Elk Point
Smail, Eric C. from Bassano
Smale, Percy T. from Wainwright, Heath
Small Legs, Christine J. from Brocket
Small, Cliff from Sangudo
Small, George E. from Strathmore
Small, Harry M. from Brooks
Small, Robert Harold from Beiseker, Whitelaw
Smallwood, John Alexander from Irma
Smallwood, Robert D. from Irma
Smart, Pete from Innisfail, Forest Lawn, Delburne
Smathers, Lloyd George from Bay Tree
Smedberg, Fred from Vanesti, Paradise Valley, Wainwright
Smeed, R.K. from Calgary
Smela, Joseph A. from N. Edmonton
Smeland, Edwin from Seven Persons
Smelovsky, George from Hill Spring
Smeltzer, Harry Robert from Clive
Smeltzer, Robert J. from Clive
Smelzter, P.G. from Black Diamond
Smibert, George H. (estate of William Smibert) from Elkwater
Smibert, William from Josephburg, Elkwater
Smidesang, Bernt from Hardisty
Smigel, Antonina from Spring Coulee, Cardston, Woolford, Raley
Smigel, Joe from Cardston
Smigelski, John from Benton
Smigelski, Ronald Emile from Hazeldine
Smilar, Mike or Dmetro from Musidora, Two Hills
Smilar, Steve from Boyne Lake
Smiley, Fred from Lavoy
Smiley, George G. & Agnes from Iddesleigh, Drumheller
Smiley, George G. & Agnes from Iddesleigh, Drumheller
Smiley, T.A. from Hoadley, Alder Flats
Smith - Gander, L. from Strome
Smith Bros (O.B. & H.T.) from Champion
Smith Bros. & Wilson Ltd. from Vancouver, BC, Lethbridge
Smith Bros. from Bearberry, Sundre
Smith Bros. from Mountain View
Smith Cattle Co. Ltd. (Allan R. Smith) from Buffalo, Saskatoon, SK
Smith Leonard Arthur from Calgary, Lousana
Smith Leonard from Gleichen
Smith Ranch (Clifford & Terry) from Mendham, SK
Smith Vernon H. from Warburg, Leduc
Smith, A. Myrl from Medicine Hat
Smith, A.D. & R.H. Boulton from Medicine Hat
Smith, A.D. from Lethbridge
Smith, A.G. from Kinsella
Smith, A.H. from Rolling Hills
Smith, A.W. from Hackett, Stettler
Smith, Achilles Wood Wright from Edmonton
Smith, Agnes Marjorie remarried name Larson from Irma
Smith, Albert E. from Veteran, Talbot, Airways
Smith, Albert F. from Pickardville
Smith, Albert Graham from Didsbury
Smith, Albert R. from Wembley
Smith, Albert S. from Bluffton
Smith, Alex from Ensign
Smith, Alice H. from Aetna
Smith, Alison from Medicine Hat
Smith, Allan from Glendon
Smith, Allan R. & Marjorie O. from Buffalo, Saskatoon, SK
Smith, Almer from Olds, Chin, Retlaw
Smith, Angus from Bassano
Smith, Annie from Buffalo, Brooks
Smith, Arnold from Brocket
Smith, Bella from Taber
Smith, Ben R. from Fort Macleod
Smith, Bonnie Lea from Nanton
Smith, Brandon from Raymond
Smith, Bruce from Red Deer
Smith, C.B. from Munson, Drumheller
Smith, C.C. from Carbon
Smith, C.D & Sons from Elk Point
Smith, C.E. from Strachan
Smith, C.T. from Cardston
Smith, C.W. from Wayne
Smith, Carl Luthur from Sundial, Nanton, Enchant
Smith, Cecil J. from Enilda
Smith, Charles D. from Manning
Smith, Charles H. from Battle Ridge
Smith, Charles Henry from Aldersyde, Cloverdale, BC
Smith, Charles J. from Altario, Halkirk, Islay
Smith, Charles R. from Fleet, Lorraine, Bulwark
Smith, Charles W. from Donalda, Wessington
Smith, Charley A. & Mary J. from Black Diamond, Okotoks
Smith, Chas. R from Fleet, Lorraine, Bulwark
Smith, Chauncey H. from Battle Ridge
Smith, Clarence B. from Raymond, Donalda
Smith, Clarence C. from Red Deer
Smith, Clarence from Retlaw, Vauxhall
Smith, Clark Dellmer from Irma
Smith, Clinton H. from Vauxhall, Retlaw
Smith, Curt P. (Arbor Acres) from Wetaskiwin
Smith, D.F. from Lousana
Smith, D.H. from Cereal
Smith, Daniel from Raymond
Smith, David from Mannville
Smith, Dexter from Fort Macleod, Brocket
Smith, Donald B. from Beaverlodge
Smith, Douglas A. from Spruce Grove, Mannville
Smith, Douglas George from Delburne
Smith, Douglas R. from Knee Hill Valley
Smith, Dr. R. Lyle from Red Deer
Smith, Dr. Ronald R. from Calgary
Smith, E. Erle from Medicine Hat, Gros Ventre
Smith, E.A. from Leo
Smith, E.E. from Calgary, Nanton
Smith, E.J. from Mannville
Smith, Edgar I. from Grande Prairie, New Fish Creek, Valleyview
Smith, Edna Mae nee Minor from Medicine Hat
Smith, Edward Clarence (Fenella Ranches) from Calgary, Red Deer
Smith, Edward from Nanton
Smith, Edward from Vermilion, Wildmere
Smith, Edward Henry from Grouard, Enilda
Smith, Edward L. from Elk Point
Smith, Elder Albert from Woking
Smith, Elwood G. & R.F. from Lougheed
Smith, Emerson M. from Lacombe
Smith, Ernest Laurison from Stettler, Hackett
Smith, Eunice from Kinuso
Smith, Eva from Lomond, Kinnondale, Eyremore, Brooks
Smith, Evelyn from Medicine Hat, Vale
Smith, F.C. & Sons from Elk Point
Smith, F.G. from Castor
Smith, F.J. from Castor
Smith, Floyd Reed from Hill Spring
Smith, Frank C. from Battle Ridge
Smith, Frank from Battle Ridge
Smith, Frank O. from Bruce
Smith, Franklin Walter from Lethbridge
Smith, Fred J. from Rimbey
Smith, Fred M. from Champion, Carmangay, Idaho Falls, ID
Smith, G.R. from Coaldale
Smith, Garry W & Fay Martha from Pincher Creek
Smith, George from Taber
Smith, George W. from Pincher Creek
Smith, Gordon B. from Edmonton
Smith, Gordon from Bassano
Smith, Gordon from Edmonton
Smith, Gordon from Edmonton
Smith, Gordon S. from Nanton
Smith, H. Ivan from Mannville
Smith, H.A. from Lathom, Bearberry, Bassano
Smith, H.C. from Halcourt
Smith, H.E. from East Coulee, Rumsey
Smith, H.J. from Lethbridge, Coaldale
Smith, Harold D. from Elk Point
Smith, Harold Thomas from Picture Butte
Smith, Harris from Nanton, Strachan
Smith, Harry from Vulcan
Smith, Henry from Buffalo, Cavendish
Smith, Henry Ralph from Fort Saskatchewan
Smith, Homer R. from Hanna
Smith, J.B. from Sundre
Smith, J.C. from Kitscoty
Smith, J.H. from Calgary
Smith, J.J. from Bashaw
Smith, J.L .from Ribstone
Smith, J.S. from Vulcan
Smith, J.W. from Kitscoty, Mundare
Smith, Jack D. from Nanton
Smith, Jack H. from Nampa, Peace River
Smith, James & Emily A. from Hill Spring
Smith, James A. from Pincher Creek
Smith, James from Dewberry
Smith, James from Nordegg
Smith, James from Saultaux
Smith, James from Shepard
Smith, James Hugh from Spirit River
Smith, James M. from Prairie Creek, Entrance
Smith, James R. from Leedale
Smith, Jason E. from Metiskow
Smith, Jason E. from Wainwright, Fabyan
Smith, Jennie from Onion Lake, SK, Bottrel, Red Pheasant, SK
Smith, Jim from McRae, St. Paul
Smith, Joe from Fairview
Smith, John & Lawrence from Enilda
Smith, John & Mrs. John G. Smith from Nanton
Smith, John A. from Edmonton
Smith, John A. from Edmonton
Smith, John B. from Veteran
Smith, John from Lake Saskatoon, Wembley
Smith, John K. from Craigmyle
Smith, John Kenneth from Bassano
Smith, John W. from Delburne
Smith, John W. from Red Deer
Smith, Joseph from Frog Lake, Harlan
Smith, Joseph Stanley from Big Prairie, Water valley
Smith, Kathleen from Pekisko, Longview, High River
Smith, Kenneth from East Coulee, Bassano
Smith, Kenneth Harold from Lethbridge, Taber
Smith, Kenneth Lloyd from East Coulee, Bassano, Enilda
Smith, L.G. from Cherry Grove
Smith, L.O. from Carbon
Smith, Larue from Delburne
Smith, Laura T. from Hartleyville, Cardston
Smith, Lawrence from Edson
Smith, Lee J. from Lathom, Didsbury
Smith, Levi from Rimbey
Smith, Levi J. from Crossfield
Smith, Lorne C. from Woolchester, Medicine Hat
Smith, Louise T. from Heisler, Donalda
Smith, M.P. from Fishburn, Lougheed
Smith, Malcolm J. from Fort Saskatchewan
Smith, Margaret & Marjorie from Bottrel
Smith, Marvin F. from Paradise Valley
Smith, Mavis from Cardston
Smith, Maxwell from Calgary
Smith, Mrs. A.B. from Brant
Smith, Mrs. Harry from Pincher Creek
Smith, Mrs. R.E. from Marwayne
Smith, N.V. from Cremona
Smith, Nettie from Pincher Creek, Fishburn, Stavely
Smith, Norman V. from Sundre, Cochrane
Smith, Orville G. from Lacombe
Smith, Paul C. from Vegreville
Smith, Percy Noel & Laura Annetta from Calgary
Smith, Percy Robert from Rainer
Smith, Pete (estate), Smith, Austin B from Sedgwick, Camrose
Smith, Philip Reginald from High Level
Smith, R. Lyle from Red Deer
Smith, R.P. (Flying Red Wheel Ranch) from Winterburn
Smith, R.S. from Rolling Hills
Smith, Ralph Joseph from Fort Saskatchewan
Smith, Ray Lester from Turner Valley
Smith, Raymond F. from Erskine
Smith, Raymond from Bluffton
Smith, Reginald from Glendon
Smith, Reuben & Annie from Wardlow
Smith, Richard W. from Red Deer, Lousana, Delburne
Smith, Robert C. from Vermilion
Smith, Robert from Halkirk
Smith, Robert Jr. from Alhambra
Smith, Robert K. from Bow City, Eyremore
Smith, Robert K. Jr. from Bow City
Smith, Robert T. from Donalda
Smith, Ronald Cleveland from Wimborne
Smith, Ronald from Rockyford, Bassano
Smith, Roy & Co. Ltd. from Bassano
Smith, Russell Milton from Koknee, Grand Centre
Smith, S.W. from Clover Bar
Smith, Samuel Charles from Nanton
Smith, Sidney H. from Rosemary
Smith, Sidney R. from Delburne
Smith, Syd from Nanton
Smith, Sydney W. from Nevis
Smith, T. Dewey from Hill Spring
Smith, T. from Hope Valley
Smith, T.C. from Priddis
Smith, T.M. from Rainbow
Smith, Thaine C. from Glenwood
Smith, Thomas from Taber
Smith, Thomas from Vermilion
Smith, Thomas Milton from Sugden
Smith, Thorald & Douglas Goldwyn from Bassano
Smith, Tommy F. from Okotoks
Smith, U.N. from Kinuso
Smith, Van B. from Florann
Smith, Vern E. from Milo
Smith, Victor Roy from Elk Point
Smith, W.F. (estate) from Lethbridge
Smith, W.F. from Kevisville, Innisfail
Smith, W.F. from Sideview
Smith, W.T. from Bowden, Earlie
Smith, W.W. from Hardisty
Smith, W.W. from Lathom, McMinnville, OR
Smith, Walter A. from Red Deer
Smith, Walter from Brocket
Smith, Whitman A. from Calgary, Peckham, Aldersyde, High River, Mazeppa
Smith, Wilbert from Vauxhall, Taber
Smith, Wilbur V. from Leo
Smith, Willard L. from Cardston
Smith, William C. from Hylo
Smith, William Francis from Empress, Acadia Valley
Smith, William from Caroline
Smith, William from High River
Smith, William from Huxley, Pine Lake
Smith, William from Mannville, Saltaux
Smith, William G. from Vermilion
Smith, William Michael from Provost
Smith. W.W. from Bruce
Smith. W.W. from Lawsonburg, Delia, Gundy, BC
Smithson, Basil Lester from Camrose
Smithson, Connie from Edgerton
Smithson, George E. from Czar
Smithson, Kenneth C. from Edgerton
Smitton, Peter from Namaka
Smolkin, Robert from Calgary
Smolkin, Robert, Barry & Albert, Hubalta Hog Ranch, from Calgary
Smolnicky, Joe from Coaldale, Barnwell
Smoole, H.S. from Rochfort Bridge, Mayerthorpe
Smoole, Raymond from Sangudo
Smuk, Dmytro from Slawa
Smurchenski, Walter from Elk Point
Smyk, Hazel from Coutts
Smyth, Alex D. from High Prairie
Smyth, Donna from Calgary
Smyth, G. M. from Clover Bar
Smyth, George M. from Clover Bar
Smyth, J.R. from Endiang
Smyth, Lemuel from Cowley
Smyth, Pat from Cadomin, Entrance, McBride, BC, Jasper
Smyth, Robert from Craigmyle, Calgary
Smyth, W. Ross from Craigmyle
Smythe, Stanley from Lacombe
Snaith, Frank from Calgary
Snaith, G. & Florence from Strathmore
Snaith, Marjorie from Pincher Creek
Snaith, Walter A. from Vauxhall
Snarud, John from Sundre
Snaychuk, Steven from Brosseau, Edmonton
Snedden, David H. from Atlee, Reno, Nampa
Snedker, J.E. from Medicine Hat, Smithville, ON
Snell, A.D. from Barons
Snell, James Maxwell & Ada Marie from Carbon
Snell, Roger C. from Heath
Snell, Susie A. from Lethbridge
Snideman, W.D. from Camrose, Bowden
Snider, Edward C. from Calgary
Snider, G.M. from Enchant, Vauxhall
Snider, George W. from Lethbridge
Snider, Gerald & Roy Tangen from Enchant
Snider, Gerald & Roy Tangen from Enchant
Snider, Hilliard Sidney from Pelican Portage
Snider, Stewart S. from Edberg
Snipe, James H. from St. Michael
Snodgrass, Otty V. from High River
Snopek, Martin from Lethbridge
Snortheim, Ole from Ryley
Snortland, Arthur from Orion
Snortland, Oscar from Lethbridge, Manyberries, Pendant D'Oreille
Snow, Frank from Red Deer, Innisfail
Snow, Joe from Milk River
Snow, Roger Kay from Milk River
Snowden, Chris from Lethbridge
Snowden, John from Edmonton
Snowden, John from Edmonton
Snoxell, William & Alice Maud from Calgary, Lyalta, Dalroy
Snyder, A.J. from Fort Macleod, Creston, BC
Snyder, C.F. from Ricinus
Snyder, Edward from Calgary
Snyder, F.B. from Yarrow, Kinsella
Snyder, Flossie from Botha
Snyder, Frank from Meniak
Snyder, Fred L. from Wainwright, Edgerton
Snyder, J.A. from Didsbury, Olds
Snyder, Jack R. from Brooks
Snyder, Leonard G. from Carstairs, Crossfield
Snyder, N. Ward from Botha
Snyder, Paul A. from Okotoks
Snyder, R.C. from Devon
Snyder, Ray Joshua from Edgerton, Lacombe
Snyder, S.V. from Edgerton
Snyder, Sam from Airdrie
Snyder, Wilbur from Carstairs
Sobb, Kessam from Lomond
Soch, Gottfried from New Sarepta
Soch, Helmut Walter from New Sarepta
Soden, John from Youngstown, Kimberley, BC
Soderberg, Fred & Sheldon from Red Deer
Soderburg, Karl from Dovercourt, Chedderville
Sodergren, Harry D. from Wainwright, Lac la Biche
Soderquist, Alvin from La Glace, Cherry Point
Soderquist, Edward Garfield from Bear Canyon
Soderquist, Fred J. from Carmangay
Soderquist, Richard Alfred from Valleyview
Soderquist, Vernon from Bear Canyon, Cherry Point
Soderquist, W.H. & Gretta from Carmangay
Soderstrom, Marvin Adolph from Meeting Creek
Sodowinski, Casey from Lake Eliza
Sodownyk, Lloyd from Ryley
Soenen, Achiel from Bow Island, Coalhurst
Soenen, Edmond C. from Del Bonita
Soenen, Jermain from Coalhurst
Soenen, Joseph from Bow Island
Soetaert, Clement & Morris from Sherwood Park
Soetaert, Dennis W. from St. Albert
Soetaert, Morris J. from Edmonton
Soetens, Louise & Harry from Strathmore, Calgary
Soetens, Louise from Strathmore, Calgary
Sokol, Mary & Son Alexander from Sundance
Sokvitne, O.L. from Lomond
Sol, Laura M. from Brooks
Sol, Roelf from Red Willow
Solberg, Carl Lloyd Monte from Edmonton
Solberg, E.O. from Beaver crossing, Grande Prairie
Solberg, Tryg from Amisk
Soldan, Alex from Two Hills
Soldan, Edward W. from Elk Point
Soldan, Mike from Lanuke, Two Hills
Solick, Leonard Christian from Lacombe
Solick, William from Lacombe
Solila, William from Thorsby
Solkolanko, Kost from Innisfree, Stubno
Soll, R.B. from Picture Butte
Solomon, John from Round Valley, Rocky Rapids, Drayton Valley
Solorenko, Andrew from Fleet
Soloway, Peter from Provost
Soloways, Edward from Grand Centre
Soltesz, Steve from Taber
Solverson, Edward from Eckville
Solverson, Marvin from Irvine, Medicine Hat
Solverson, Solvie from Duhamel
Solway, Andrew from Cluny
Solway, Melvin from Cluny
Somers, Don K. from Cherry Grove
Somers, Donald J. from Cherry Grove
Somers, Harris G. from Metiskow
Somers, T.F. from Alder Flats, Wetaskiwin, Dovercourt, Rocky Mountain House
Somerset Oils Ltd (Somerset Ranch) from Calgary, Bragg Creek
Somerville, Frank from Carstairs
Somerville, Glen Milo from Rolling Hills
Sommer, Charlie from Vale, Bowmanton, Medicine Hat
Sommer, Henry from Vale
Sommer, Theo from Vale, Medicine Hat
Sommerfeld, Herb from Leduc
Sommerfeld, Reinhold from Leslieville
Sommerfeldt, Alma Herman from Raymond, Owendale
Sommerfeldt, Bruno from Cardston
Sommerfeldt, Laura Mae from Whiskey Gap, Cardston
Sommerfeldt, Le Roy from Whiskey Gap
Sommerfeldt, Theron G. from Taber
Sommers, Sam from Fisher Home
Sommerstad, Debra Rose from Okotoks
Sommerville, A.L.S. from Lomond, Calgary
Sommerville, H.P. from Endiang
Sommerville, Lester C. from Eyremore, Lomond, Rolling Hills
Somshor, E. F. from Ponoka
Somshor, E. F. from Ponoka
Sonnenberg, Bruno from Grovedale, Debolt
Sonnie, Allan from Nanton, Okotoks
Sonoff, Josephine R from Meeting Creek
Soop, Clarence Frederick from Cardston
Soop, Geraldine nee Solway from Cluny
Soop, Oliver from Cardston
Soper, Ethel nee Chanler remarried name Grauman from Green Lakes, Midnapore, Mooswa, Lindbergh, Clandonald
Soper, Mrs. J. P. from Lomond
Soper, Mrs. J.P. from Lomond
Sopko, Peter from Spirit River
Soprovich, George from Hairy Hill
Sorensen, Erik Anton from Standard
Sorensen, J.V. from Bezanson, Teepee Creek
Sorensen, John from Wetaskiwin
Sorensen, Karen from Bearberry
Sorensen, Peter J. from Edmonton
Sorensen, Roy & A.P.R. Lambert from Standard
Sorensen, Roy & A.P.R. Lambert from Standard
Sorensen, Soren from Wainwright
Sorensen, Theresa M. from Fort Macleod
Sorensen, Theresa M. from Fort Macleod
Sorensen, Thomas from East Coulee
Sorensen, Victor from Rimbey
Sorenson, Andrew from Killam
Sorenson, Andrew from Raymond
Sorenson, Carl Christian from Holden
Sorenson, Carl from Standard
Sorenson, Gilbert from Viking
Sorenson, Ingeman from Tilley
Sorenson, Pete from Sundre
Sorenson, Peter from Countess, Rimbey
Sorgaard Bros. (Lavern E. & Chester P.), from La Glace
Sorgard, Elton Paul from Taber, Bow Island
Sorgard, George & Agnes from Turin, Iron Springs, Lethbridge
Sorgard, George from Lethbridge, Turin, Iron Springs
Sorgard, John from Turin, Lethbridge
Sorgard, Steve from Turin, Iron Springs
Sorge, Rudolph William from Winfield
Sorge, Theodore M. from Pincher Creek
Sorgen, Kenneth from Holden
Sorken, Arthur Conrad from Sexsmith
Sorkilmo, P.M. from High River
Sorochak, Fred from Tofield
Sorochan, Mike from Beauvallon
Sorochan, Peter J. from Musidora
Sorochan, William from Vermilion, Beauvallon
Soroka, Nicholas from Rochfort Bridge
Sorsoleil, Ralph M. from Calgary
Sortland, Christian from Consort
Soucy, Percy J. & Agnes E. from Pincher Creek
Soucy, S. from Girouxville
Soukup, James from Rumsey
Soukup, Mat from Rumsey
Soukup, Peter from Rumsey
Soule, Charlie from Davidson, SK, Richdale
Sound, Duffel from Canyon Creek, Kinuso, Swan River Reserve
Sound, Frank or Frank Sowan from Swan River Reserve, Kinuso
Soup, Dick from Cardston
Soup, Eddie from Cardston
South, Pearl from Dimsdale
Souther, Walter from Carolside
Southern Alberta Cattle Holdings from Taber
Southoff, E.R. from Czar
Southwark, P.E. from Medicine Hat
Southwood, John from Enchant
Sovc, Matus or Mike from Tilley, Okotoks
Sovinski, Mike from Kinsella
Sovka, Frank from Coaldale, Cranford
Sowerby, John James from Taber
Sowerby, Thomas Wilfred from Purple Springs, Grassy Lake, Taber
Sowinski, K from Kinsella
Sowinski, Walter from Kinsella
Spackman, Elmer L. from Raymond
Spackman, Thomas A. from Waterton Lakes, Stirling
Spackman, W.H. from Stirling
Spady, F. & Sons from Stony Plain
Spady, George from Castor, Alliance
Spady, George J. from Alliance
Spady, J.C. from Wainwright
Spady, Peter from Stony Plain
Spady, William from Castor, Carstairs
Spaeth, A.G. from Vulcan, Calgary
Spak, John from Vegreville
Spak, W.M. from Hairy Hill
Spankovich, Rudy from Picture Butte, Lethbridge
Spargo Bros. from Alcomdale
Spark, James B. from Gem
Spark, James B. from Gem
Sparklingeyes, Edgar from Goodfish Lake
Sparks, Abraham Albert from Pincher Creek
Sparks, Eddy from Taber
Sparks, Fannie from Stauffer
Sparks, Frank Leslie from Calgary
Sparks, Hugh Donald from Edgerton
Sparks, M.A. from Glenwood
Sparks, P.J. from Calgary
Sparks, Robert D. from Pincher Creek
Sparks, Robert S. from Innisfail
Sparks, Ronald Elmer from Ponoka
Sparks, Wilfred E. from Taber
Sparks, William John from Wildwood
Sparks, Willis from Sexsmith
Sparling, R.H. from Pincher Creek
Sparrow, Lorne A. from Bearberry
Spath, Leo from Acadia Valley
Spath, Victoria from Acadia Valley
Spaulding, David W. from Killam
Speager, Alex from Enchant
Speager, Stanley from Enchant
Speakman, John F. from Alder Flats
Spear Chief, Reggie from Cardston
Spear, George from Fort SK
Special Areas Board no. 2 - no. 3 from Hanna
Speechley, Bill from Eagle Hill
Speechley, S.R. from Eagle Hill
Speed, A.M. from Bergen, Greenshields, Wainwright
Speer, Donald R. from Arrowwood, Eckville
Speer, G.W. & Son from Edmonton
Speer, Hugh A. from Edmonton
Speer, J.A. from North Edmonton
Speer, Murray C. from Edmonton
Speers, William J. from Innisfree, Viking
Spehar, John D. from Lorraine, Alliance
Speight, R.P. from Rocky Mountain House
Spelrem, Ole K. from Ponoka, Brooks
Spence & Sons from Michichi, Munson
Spence, Adam J & Thomas & Clarence E. from Fleet, Chauvin
Spence, Alfred from Chauvin
Spence, Clarence E. from Fleet
Spence, David S. from Rocky Mountain House, Congresbury, Chedderville
Spence, Edward from Chauvin
Spence, J.A. from Munson, Michichi
Spence, J.A. from Munson, Michichi
Spence, J.S. & Sons from Lac La Biche
Spence, J.W. from Delia
Spence, J.W. from Delia
Spence, Margaret M. from Sunnynook
Spence, W.T. from Sunnynook
Spence, William L. from Sunnynook
Spencer Bros. from Edgerton
Spencer, Clyde C. from Magrath
Spencer, Donald William from Valleyview
Spencer, Herbert James from Calgary
Spencer, Leo W. from Cardston, Del Bonita
Spencer, Sarah E. from Cardston, Del Bonita
Spencer's Hardware (Herald T. Smith) from Cardston
Spendiff, C.A. from High Prairie
Spensely, W.D. from Bowden
Spenst, Hertha H.A. from Carstairs, Sundre, Rockyford
Sperberg, Frank & George W. from Islay
Sperberg, Frederick Frank from Islay, Vermilion
Sperling, Gabriel from Sexsmith
Sperling, Joe from Nevis, Stettler
Sperling, Johann from Bow Island
Speroski, Frank from Gilby, Eckville
Sperry Dairy Farms from Cochrane
Speth, Frank from Yarrow
Spicer, Albert Elden from Sundre
Spicer, E.S. from Riverton, Dewberry
Spicer, Gordon F. from Brooks
Spicer, Herb from Dewberry
Spielman, William from Rimbey
Spiers, Mrs. Sam from Innisfree
Spies, R.P. from Athabasca, Penticton, BC
Spiess, Gerald Roy from Waskatenau
Spilak, John from Calgary, Vauxhall
Spilde, Garry John from Provost
Spilde, Lewis O. from Cadogan
Spilde, Olaf L. from Cadogan, Provost
Spiller, Frank & Ernest H. Davy from Shepard, Gardner, ILL
Spiller, Harry from Killam
Spilsted, Herbert from Tofield
Spink, John from Clive
Spink, Walter from Midnapore
Spink, Walter from Midnapore
Spinks, Thomas (Anglized name from Spiuks) from Rimbey
Spisak, Steve from Lethbridge
Spitzig, Joe J. from Carbon
Spivak, Victor from Inland
Spivey, Carlos C. from Milk River
Sponholz, Elmer from Tothill
Sponholz, Henry from Tothill, Eagle Butte, Gros Ventre
Sponholz, Roy W. from Medicine Hat, Eagle Butte, Tothill
Spontak, Steve from Patricia
Spooner, Arthur Gillespie (Ardmore Ranch) from Millarville, Midnapore
Spooner, Charles from Kirriemuir
Spooner, Robert Gillespie from Calgary
Sportel, Henry from Didsbury
Spoulding Bros. from Killam
Sprague, Jess H. from Gibbons
Sprague, R from Nanton
Spratt, James from Atlee
Sprecher, Marie from Alliance, Strome
Spreeman, A. from Olds
Spreeman, Allan from Collholme
Spreeman, Charles from Didsbury
Spreen, Ben from Onoway
Spreen, Ernest from Onoway
Spreter, Frederick John from Carstairs, Madden
Spring Chief, John from Gleichen
Spring Chief, Mark from Gleichen, Cluny
Spring Enterprises from Calgary
Spring, E. from Ardley
Spring, William H. from Maleb, Bow Island
Springer, Dan from Mallaig
Springer, Karl Martin from Empress
Springfield Flow Farm Enterprise Ltd. (Maurice Chauvet) from Legal
Springfield Investments (Harry, Theodore & Benjamin Felesky) from Medicine Hat
Springstein, Ed from Crossfield, Calgary
Sprinkle, Roy W. from Monarch
Sproule, George from Calgary, Bowness, Chancellor
Sproule, Gregory Brian from Taber
Sproule, K.Glen from Bashaw
Sprowl, A.N. from Heldar, Sangudo
Spruyt, A.W.J. from Coronation
Spruyt, Francis from Coronation
Spruyt, Jack from Castor, Coronation
Spurrell, William from Water Valley, Carstairs
Spycher, Chris from Bentley
Squair Bros. from Kinsella
Squair, Alex F. Jr. from Kinsella, Calgary
Squire, Shirley from Chinook
Squires, Frank C. from Watino
Squires, G.B. from Okotoks, Wayne, Hussar
Squires, J. Kelly from Hythe
Sribney, Emil Philip from Brooks
Sroka, Charles W. from Bruce
Srolovitz, Harry from Rumsey
St. Brides Parish from St. Brides
St. Clair, E.L. from Olds
St. Clair, Earl E. from Didsbury
St. Clair, L.J. from Ricinus, Warner
St. Cyprian Indian Residential School from Brocket
St. Jean, Albert Joseph from High Prairie
St. John, R.L. from Ryley
St. Marie, John from Rocky Mountain House, Peers
St. Marks Anglican Church from Hardisty
St. Onge, Dennis from Viking, Bassano
St. Peter, N.M. from Milk River
St. Peter's Anglican Church from DeWinton, Okotoks
St. Pierre, J.A. from Beaverdam
Staal, Robert from Rosebud
Stabeck, Olaf from Duchess, Brooks
Stabell, Aksel from Bear Canyon
Stables, Arthur from Killam, Viking, Altario
Stacey, Douglas Robert from Spirit River
Stachan, Michael from Calgary
Stachniak, Steve from Mannville, Morecambe
Stackhouse, W.C. from Holden
Stackniak, Peter from Edmonton
Stad, Fred from Haddock
Stad, Tom J. from Peers
Staddon, Joseph Bertie Rueben from Coaldale
Stadel, Emma from Walsh, Irvine
Stadel, Gottlieb from Irvine
Stadler, Matt from Millicent
Stadnick, Harvey Peter from Fort SK
Stadnick, Richard J. from Tofield
Stadwick, Peter from Tofield
Stafford, E.E. from Sheerness
Stafford, Elizabeth Matilda from Pincher Creek
Stafford, George F. from Pincher Creek
Stafford, Larry J. from Marwayne
Stafford, P.E. from Sheerness, Innisfail
Stafford, Pearl M. from Barons
Stafford, Ray from Brooks
Stafford-Bethune Holdings Ltd. from Wainwright
Stafinski, Joe from Manville
Stagg, Lorne Sydney from Stavely
Staggs, Margaret Albina from Castor, Okotoks
Staggs, Robert R. from High River, Okotoks, Castor
Staggs, William W. from Castor
Staheli, Mrs. E. from Rosemary
Stahler, F. from Donalda
Stahwapta Ranch Ltd. (Henry Beusset) from Cochrane
Stainsby, Mrs. J. from Cowley
Stair, Bill from Brooks, Patricia
Stair, D.C. from Patricia
Stair, Donald W. from Bowness, Wardlow, Water Valley, Patricia
Stair, Robert C. from Patricia
Stair, Robert Clair from Patricia
Stairs, W.H. from Pembina
Stakenas, John from Bearberry
Stakenass, Peter from Lobley
Stalker, Gordon from Viking
Stalker, Mary from Viking
Stallman, H. from Elnora
Stambaugh, J.W. from Bruce
Stamm, Gus from Castor
Stamp, Zaccheus from St. Brides
Stamper, Allan Lees from Dunstable
Stanchfield, Guy M. from Tees
Standard Brands Ltd. from Calgary
Standing Alone, Alfred from Cardston
Standing, Lawrence G. from Mountain View
Standish, John from Priddis
Standoff Cattle Co-Op Ltd. from Standoff
Stanek, Eugene from Magrath
Stanfield, Guy M. from Tees
Stanford, Claude H. from Hartleyville
Stanford, Ethel from Stavely
Stanford, Glenn from Stavely
Stanford, James from Clear Hills
Stang, Allen from Hay Lakes, Calgary
Stang, Othmar from Canmore
Stange, Alex J. from Millet
Stange, Rudolf from Caroline
Stanger Bros. (Douglas & Norman) from Munson
Stanger, James from Sarcee Butte, Munson
Stanger, Robert from Drumheller
Stangier, Francis from Strathmore, Calgary
Stangness Bros. from Strathmore
Stangness, Leona from Carseland
Stangness, O.E. from Innisfail
Staniforth, Arthur from Evarts, Eckville
Staniszewski, John from Pincher Creek, Cowley
Stanko, Alex from Lethbridge
Stanko, George from Lethbridge
Stanley, G. from Edmonton, Whatcheer
Stanley, Geoffrey from Edgerton
Stanley, Jerry Allen from Frog Lake
Stanley, Lewis Edward from Landonville, Clandonald
Stanley, Norman from Clandonald
Stanley, R.E. from Landonville, Clandonald
Stannard, Donald V. from Yeoford, Red Deer
Stanton, Ben from Eagle Hill, Duchess
Stanyer, C.E. & Sons from Dolcy
Stanyer, Thomas A. from Edgerton, Dolcy
Staples, Alfred from Hays
Staples, Frank W. from Bindloss
Staples, Richard from Hays
Staples, Stanley from Hays
Staples, Thomas Buchanan from Olds
Staples, Walter J. from Bindloss
Stapleton, John Joseph from Irma, Mannville
Stapleton, Maurice J. from Macleod
Stapley, Fred from Nanton, Airdrie
Stapley, W. H. from Airdrie
Stapley, W. H. from Airdrie
Stapley, Wilfred E. from Delburne
Stappler, Anthony from Bow Island
Stappler, John from Maleb, Whitla
Stappler, Philip from Bow Island
Starchuk, Tony Y. from Smoky Lake
Stark, Helen from St. Paul
Stark, John D. from Bezanson
Stark, John from Bezanson, Glen Leslie
Stark, William James from Bezanson
Starke, Clarence J. from Calgary, Aldersyde, High River
Starke, George from Sounding Creek
Starke, Harold R. from Balzac
Starke, Lillian Mary from Balzac
Starke, William from Coronation
Starkevich, Walter from Spedden
Starkey, Brendan O. from Seebe, Banff
Starkey, Darrel & Nancy from Seebe
Starks, Ralph E. & Mrs. from Medicine Hat
Starks, Ralph E. & Mrs. from Medicine Hat
Starline Cattle Co. Ltd. from Claresholm
Starling, Elta L. from Medicine Hat
Starling, John H. from Hackett
Starling, Lyne from Gadsby
Starnes, A. from Cherry Point
Starosta, William from Calgary, Dalroy
Starr, Clarence from Clyde
Starr, Harold from Clyde
Starr, Robert Clarence from Clyde
Starr, William from Clyde
Starzman, Martin J. from Coronation, Castor
Stasiuk, Matthew from Rochester
Stattler, Francis J. from Milk River
Stattler, Francis J. from Milk River
Staudinger, K.J. from Rocky Mountain House
Staudinger, K.W. from Calgary
Stauffer Bros. from Botha
Stauffer, Allan E. from Castor
Stauffer, August A. from Fort Assiniboine
Stauffer, Ian E. from Didsbury, Montgomery
Stauffer, Lloyd O. from Didsbury
Stauffer, Milo J. from Tofield
Stauffer, Stanley from Kelsey
Staughan, George from Big Valley
Stavely Auction Market (1981) Ltd. from Stavely
Stawnychy, Mike J. from Edmonton
Stearne, Helen from Calgary, Bragg Creek
Stearns, Frank L. from Carstairs
Stearns, H.N. from Innisfree
Stearns, Marshal & Sons from Carstairs
Stearns, Violet M. from Innisfree
Steblyk, Nick from Ponoka
Stebner, Richard R. & Allen Webber from Ponoka
Steckhahn, Arthur Stewart from Edmonton
Steckle, A.H. from Milk River
Stecyk, George from Kinsella
Stecyk, Henry from Kinsella
Stedman, William James from Innisfail
Steeby, Darrel C. from Vulcan
Steed, A.M. from Stirling
Steed, Arthur Albert from Namaka
Steed, Mrs. Jessie from Namaka, Gleichen
Steed, Robert Dean from Cardston
Steegstra, Thomas from Comrey
Steel Bros. (Jesse Gerald & Harold John) from Namaka
Steel Bros. (Jesse Gerald & Harold John) from Namaka
Steel, Hugh from Cadogan
Steele, Alistair H. from Halcourt
Steele, B.H. from Airways, Veteran
Steele, Carol nee Marshall from Cluny, Rocky Lane, Fort Macleod
Steele, Carol nee Marshall from Cluny, Rocky Lane, Fort Macleod
Steele, Edgar T. from Indus, Shepard
Steele, Edgar T. from Indus, Shepard
Steele, Florence from Vermilion
Steele, Harold F. from Sylvan Lake
Steele, Harvey from Halcourt
Steele, J. H. from Nanton
Steele, Jacob from Nanton
Steele, M. (Steele Bros) from Shepard, Indus
Steele, Marjorie, Mrs. nee Mailer from Cadogan
Steele, Merrion & Mabel from Cadogan, Three Hills
Steele, W.B. from Clark Manor, Irma
Steele, William from Vermilion
Steen, Charles J. from Nanton
Steen, Charles J. from Nanton
Steen, Paul A. from Nanton
Steen, Peter from Cereal
Steenbruggen Bros. (Bert & Peter ) from Beiseker, Cochrane
Steensma, S.D. from High River
Steenson, James from Wainwright, Kitscoty, Earlie, Lloydminster
Steer, George H & H.R. Milner from Edmonton
Steer, George H. & H.R. Milner from Edmonton
Steer, Ralph John from Leduc
Steeves, Carl from Lomond, Grand Forks, BC
Steeves, Gary from Glendon
Steeves, Gurney N. from Enilda, Grouard
Steeves, James Arthur from Drumheller
Steeves, John L. from Hanna
Steeves, John L. from Hanna
Steeves, Kenneth L. & Sarah Verna from Olds
Steeves, Noah E. from Cavendish, Buffalo, Swalwell, Three Hills
Steeves, R.W. from Darwell
Steeves, R.W. from Darwell
Steeves, T.L. from Blackfoot, Iola
Steeves, T.L. from Blackfoot, Iola
Steeves, William Kenneth from Olds
Stefan, Paul from Calgary
Stefaniszyn, Louis Edward from Viking, Sherwood Park
Stefaniuk, Eugene from Newbrook
Stefanizyn, P.A. from Holden
Stefanyk, Sam from Lac la Biche
Steffen, William from Ryley
Steffenson, Krist from Breton
Stefiszyn, Mike from Deville
Stefura, Louis from Ryley
Stefura, Peter W. from Chipman
Stefura, William from Chipman
Stegen, Howard from Iddesleigh
Stegmeier Jacob Fred, & Bud Andrew Basisty from Rycroft
Stehr, Nickolaus from Medicine Hat
Stehr, Waldemar from Medicine Hat, Seven Persons
Steier, Martin from Northville
Steiert, R.J. from Sibbald
Steigel, James John from Sundre
Steiger, Oscar from Forestburg
Stein, Frederick Valentine from Alliance
Stein, Vernon W. from Thorsby
Steinbach, R. from Vegreville
Steinback, Honora from Bassano
Steineback, J. F. from Pollockville
Steiner, Gus from Federal, Coronation
Steinhauer, Archie from Spedden
Steinhauer, Augustine from St. Brides, Saddle Lake
Steinhauer, Douglas from Goodfish Lake
Steinhauer, Edward from Arrowhead
Steinhauer, Edward from Arrowhead, Forestburg
Steinhauer, Eunice from Spedden
Steinhauer, George from Islay, Suffield
Steinhoff, Howard A. from Donalda
Steinhoff, William C. from Stettler, Harker, Donalda
Steinwand, A.F. from Tofield, Holden
Steinwand, A.R. from Holden
Steinwand, David from Castor
Steinwand, Henry from Holden
Steinwand, Marvin Dennis from Holden
Steiss, H.J. from Didsbury, Westward Ho
Stelfox, Albert E. from Killam, Daysland, Bawlf, Vilna
Stelfox, Henry from Rocky Mountain House, Lacombe
Stelfox, Henry from Rocky Mountain House, Lacombe
Stelmachuk, Steve from Pathfinder, Vermilion, Canyon Creek
Stelmachuk, Steve from Pathfinder, Vermilion, Canyon Creek
Stelmack, Peter from Legal, Westlock
Stelten, Theodore from Milk River
Stelter, Emil from Smith, Calgary
Stelter, Rudolf from Bindloss
Stelzer, Stefan from Goodfare
Steman, Henry J. Jr. from Calgary
Stenberg, Anna from Big Valley, Gadsby
Stenberg, Ivan from Gadsby
Stenblom, Vaino from Ponoka
Stender, Herman from Calgary
Stenerson, Charlie from Bashaw
Stenger, Alec M. from Empress
Stenger, Mike from Warburg
Stenhouse, Alex B. from Delburne
Stenley, Esther from Medicine Hat
Stenley, Nils from Medicine Hat, Whitla
Stenrue, P.L. from Clover Bar
Stenson, John from Kinsella
Stensrud, Olaf O. from Okotoks
Stepa, Fred from Delphi, St. Michael
Stepa, Michael from Delph
Stepanic, Anton from Beauvallon
Stepaniuk, Walter from Wanham
Stepanko, Pete from Camrose
Stepenoff, Fred from Provost
Stepenoff, Nick F. from Provost, Paradise Valley, Sherwood Park, Edmonton
Stephen, John Charles from Cochrane
Stephen, Laurie A. from Bottrel, Cochrane
Stephens, Bernard & Mary Sarah from Macleod
Stephens, Fred & Julia Gowen from Sexsmith
Stephens, Henry E from Patricia
Stephens, Leslie from Macleod
Stephens, Percy E. from Beaver Lodge
Stephens, R.D. & Mrs. H.A. Stephens from Blackfoot
Stephens, Reginald from Westlock
Stephens, Thomas from Pakan
Stephenson, Archie M. from High River
Stephenson, David Robert from Okotoks
Stephenson, Edward from Wainwright, Esther, Loverna
Stephenson, Einar E. from Red Deer
Stephenson, Ellen from Walsh
Stephenson, Eric Stuart from Brooks
Stephenson, George Brew from Walsh
Stephenson, George H. from Lacombe, Bentley
Stephenson, H.T. from Granum, Fort Macleod
Stephenson, Lloyd from Lacombe
Stephenson, Robert David from Darwell
Stephenson, Ronald S. from Crossfield, Creston, BC
Stephenson, Stanley from Cayley, Edmonton
Stephenson, Thomas from Magrath
Steppa, Joseph from Scollard
Stepper, Rudolf from Calgary
Steranka, Charles Joseph from Burdett, Coleman
Sterling , Paul from Three Hills, Rutland, BC
Sterling Packers Ltd. (Harry Greenspan) from Toronto, ON
Sterling, Edward W. from Rocky Mountain House
Sterling, George A. from Red Deer
Sterling, James K. from Grande Prairie
Sterling, Joe from Elnora
Sterling, William Aubrey from Westlock
Sterling, William M. from Westlock
Stern, Ernest & Emil from Hilda
Sterns, Charles from Donalda
Sterr, Reuben from Hinton Trail, Beaverlodge
Sterrenberg, J.F. from Consort
Stetsko, Henry from Elk Point
Stetson, Minot L. from Edmonton
Stevens, A.J. from Brooks
Stevens, Allan from Foremost, Grassy Lake
Stevens, Chester John from Langdon
Stevens, Clinton from Heath
Stevens, Don from Iron Creek, Spring Valley, SK
Stevens, E.E. & Sons from Edgerton
Stevens, Edward M. from Bingville
Stevens, Elmer E. & Son from Ribstone, Heath
Stevens, F.P. from Barnwell
Stevens, Gay from Veteran, Victoria, BC
Stevens, George W. from Bezanson
Stevens, Harold V. from Bluffton
Stevens, Harry from Gleichen
Stevens, Henry Walter from Viking
Stevens, Herbert from Enchant
Stevens, L.F. from Barnwell
Stevens, Pat from Gleichen
Stevens, Robert G. from Didsbury, Bergen
Stevens, Robert Kitchener from Viking
Stevens, Robert Lewis from Veteran
Stevens, Ronald from Rainier
Stevens, S.R. from Calgary, Beiseker
Stevens, Thelma from Barnwell
Stevens, W.H. from Boscombe
Stevens, William from Bluffton
Stevenson Bros. from Delburne
Stevenson, Allan McLean from Lloydminster
Stevenson, Arthur M. from Cayley, Blackie
Stevenson, Emma from Craigmyle
Stevenson, G.R. from Rainier
Stevenson, George Hubert from Bashaw
Stevenson, Herbert G. from Sylvan Lake
Stevenson, Merle & Claude from Claresholm
Stevenson, Morris R. from Winterburn
Stevenson, Myrtle from Bindloss, Claresholm
Stevenson, Robert Gallay from Lavoy
Stevenson, Robert Gordon from Pine Lake, Calgary
Stevenson, William from Calgary, Pine Lake
Steward, O.J. from Meeting Place, Donalda
Steward, Philip Gordon from Carbon
Steward, R.W. from Carbon
Stewart Bros. (Hugh & Sam) from Kimball
Stewart Bros. from Halkirk
Stewart Ranch Ltd. (William Brese) from Edmonton, Ardrossan, Sherwood Park
Stewart, A.G. from Gladys
Stewart, A.M. from Eckville, Evarts
Stewart, A.M. from Eckville, Evarts
Stewart, Adeline C. from Crossfield
Stewart, Alex from Carstairs
Stewart, Alice from Finnegan
Stewart, Allan from Grimshaw
Stewart, Alva A. from Driftpile, Cassils
Stewart, Archie from Red Willow, Erskine
Stewart, Arthur from Marwayne
Stewart, Catherine from Halkirk
Stewart, Charles (Estate) from Chinook
Stewart, Clarence E. from Nanton, Calgary
Stewart, Clarence John from Vermilion, Edmonton
Stewart, Clyde from Metiskow, Edgerton, Wainwright
Stewart, D.A. from Youngstown, Carstairs
Stewart, D.E. from Calgary
Stewart, Dan Anthony from Irma
Stewart, Daniel from Wainwright
Stewart, David A. from Edmonton
Stewart, David J. from Chinook
Stewart, Donald from Rolling Hills
Stewart, Donald H. from Tofield
Stewart, Duncan D. from Blackie
Stewart, Earl A. from Lacombe
Stewart, Edward & David from North Edmonton, Naco, Sedalia
Stewart, Edward from Grandview, MB, Banff
Stewart, Edwin from Edgerton
Stewart, Ettie from Rimbey
Stewart, Florence from Rimbey
Stewart, Francis from Haynes
Stewart, Frank from Water Valley
Stewart, Fred R. from Dovercourt
Stewart, Gary K. from Cardston
Stewart, George from Twin Butte, Pincher Creek
Stewart, George H. from Cowley
Stewart, George Joseph from Vermilion, Lloydminster
Stewart, George Mac from Vermilion
Stewart, George V. from Glenwoodville
Stewart, George Wallace from Ponoka
Stewart, George William & Tom Emerson from Falun
Stewart, Grant MacMillan from Vermilion
Stewart, Harry from Halkirk
Stewart, Hugh from Mannville, Vermilion
Stewart, J. from Brocket
Stewart, J.O. & O.G. from Macleod
Stewart, Jack from High Prairie
Stewart, James D. from Ponoka
Stewart, James G. from Sunnynook
Stewart, Jean from Caroline
Stewart, John A. from Meadow Creek
Stewart, John from Atlee
Stewart, John M. from Gadsby
Stewart, Joseph & David from Mannville
Stewart, Joseph J. from Airdrie
Stewart, Lawrence from Youngstown
Stewart, Levina from Metiskow
Stewart, Lovell R. from Cluny
Stewart, Malcolm from Bittern Lake
Stewart, Marvin Lorne from Ponoka
Stewart, Mary G. from Cluny
Stewart, Merle V. from Fairview
Stewart, Miller from Blairmore
Stewart, Mrs. Frank from Minnihik, Buck Lake
Stewart, Murray George from Vermilion
Stewart, N.D. from Vermilion
Stewart, Neil Campbell from Claresholm
Stewart, Norman D. from Chinook, Collholme
Stewart, Norman from Lacombe
Stewart, Norman S. from Westerose
Stewart, Percy J. from Hughenden
Stewart, Peter from Benalto
Stewart, Ralph W. from Claresholm
Stewart, Raymond A. from Sundre
Stewart, Richard Douglas from Rocky Mountain House
Stewart, Richard from Chinook, Rainier
Stewart, Roland H. from Kimball, Magrath
Stewart, Ronald W. from Bassano
Stewart, Roy G. & James Kerby Claggett (Bar Ranches Ltd.) from Melfort, SK., High River
Stewart, Russell J. from Rimbey
Stewart, Thomas D. from High Prairie
Stewart, Thomas H. from Loyalist
Stewart, Victor Charles from Eyremore, Bow City, Burdett
Stewart, Viola M. from Byemoor, Stettler
Stewart, W.A. from Rocky Mountain House, Sundre
Stewart, W.G. from Kitscoty
Stewart, W.H. from James River Bridge, Finnegan
Stewart, W.S. & Sons from Westerose
Stewart, W.W. from Calgary, Midnapore
Stewart, William & Eldora from Rocky Rapids
Stewart, William A. from Meniak
Stickel, Chris from Medicine Hat
Stickel, Elmer from Three Hills
Stickel, Emanuel from Seven Persons, Medicine Hat
Stickel, Emil from Coronation
Stickel, Fred from Seven Persons, Medicine Hat
Stickel, Frederick from Wisdom, Medicine Hat, Seven Persons
Stickel, Jack from Medicine Hat
Stickel, Jack W. from Medicine Hat
Stickel, Jacob from Three Hills
Stickel, John from Brownvale
Stickel, Konrad from Three Hills
Stickel, Mrs. K. from Coronation
Stickel, Otto from Coronation, Veteran
Stickel, Otto from Tilley, Veteran
Stickland, Reg from Red Deer
Stickland, T.E. from Penhold
Stickle, Charles from Calgary, Windsor, ON
Stickle, J.D. from Standard
Sticklemier, Henry from Acadia Valley
Stickney Farms Ltd. (Ken Stickney) from Ponoka
Stickney, Allan Lloyd from Olds
Stickney, Lewis from Hythe
Stickney, Thomas E. from Edmonton
Stier, John E. from High River, Blackie
Stier, John E. from High River, Blackie
Stiff, Albert Edward from Seven Persons, Medicine Hat
Stiff, Annie M. & Bertha Holmberg from Seven Persons
Stiff, Annie M. & Bertha Holmberg from Seven Persons, Alberta
Stifle, H.C. from Sunnynook
Stifle, Vernon William from Sunnynook
Stiles, John D. from Innisfail
Stiles, W.E. from Didsbury
Still, Amy LaRue from Raymond
Still, H.J. & Sons from Raymond
Still, James M & Son from Raymond
Stillings, Robert B. from Crossfield
Stillman, Robert E. from Beaver Mines
Stimson, Dean from Dapp, Westlock, Irma
Stimson, Jack F. from Ranchville
Stimson, Park from Ranchville
Stinn, Albert from Rockyford
Stinn, August from Strathmore, Rockyford
Stinn, Herman P. from Rockyford
Stinn, Ralph & David from DeWinton
Stinsman, Walter L. from Big Coulee
Stinson, Bessie Mort from Banff
Stinson, Lloyd Wayne from Rimbey
Stinson, Mrs. William from Alix, Lacombe
Stinton, Arthur Walter from Calgary
Stipe, M. Fay from Sundre, Caroline
Stirling, Albert & Mrs. from Halkirk, Calgary
Stirling, Albert A. from Halkirk
Stirling, Anne from Edmonton
Stirling, Ernest S. from Red Deer
Stirling, Frank J. Jr. from Youngstown
Stirling, Gilbert from Sundre
Stirling, Mrs. Albert from Halkirk, Calgary
Stirling, Ronald A. from Clive
Stirling, Stewart from Innisfail, Consul, SK
Stirn, O.A. from Carseland
Stobart, W.R. from Vermilion
Stobbe, Theodore Jerald from Onoway
Stobbs, Joseph from Hillcrest Mines
Stockal, John from Innisfree
Stockburger, Karl from Hilda, Harmattan
Stockdale, George D. from Dixonville, Clear Hills
Stockdale, George D. from Dixonville, Clear Hills
Stockman, Andrew from Bowmanton, Medicine Hat
Stockman, Elsie from Bowmanton
Stockman, Emily from Bowmanton
Stockton, E.Q. from Irma
Stockwell, Edward A. from Clandonald
Stockwell, F.C. from Throne, Calgary
Stockwell, Mrs. C. from Clandonald
Stoddard, Arvin J. from Calgary
Stoddard, Mrs. Sam from Cardston
Stoddard, Terry from Cardston
Stodola, Mary from Skaro
Stogrin, Joseph from Barnwell
Stojke, Otto G. from Claresholm, Rolling Hills, Calgary
Stokbak, Hans from Tiger Lily
Stokes, Leonard from Armada, Lomond, High River
Stokes, Roy R. (Fairmont Ranch) from Calgary
Stokes, Roy R. (Fairmont Ranch) from Calgary
Stokowski, Kazimer from St. Michael, Rodef
Stolarchuk, Joe from Duchess
Stolarchuk, Kost from Warspite, Smoky Lake
Stolarchuk, Metro from Wahstao, Bellis
Stolee, Philip from Donalda
Stoll, C. James from Youngstown
Stollings, Earl H. from Saunders, Foothills, Coal Valley, Brule, Jasper
Stolz Bros. (C.A. & P.A.) from Silver Heights, Coronation
Stolz, C.A. from Talbot, Silver Heights
Stolz, Frank from Bindloss, Empress
Stolz, Jack Z. from Acadia Valley, Prelate, SK
Stolz, John from Bindloss
Stone, Alex G. from Vermilion
Stone, Barry Albert from Madden
Stone, Charles from Alix
Stone, Edith nee Hartman from Beaver Lodge
Stone, Edward & Wilma from Westerose
Stone, Ethel P. from Water Valley, Cloverdale, BC
Stone, George H. from Vermilion, Cummings
Stone, Gray from Elk Point
Stone, H.J. from Madden, Samponton
Stone, Harvey from Saddle Lake Reserve
Stone, Ira A. from Dog Pound, Madden
Stone, J.H. & H.H. from Cavendish, Buffalo
Stone, James Lovell from Buffalo
Stone, John J. from Alix
Stone, L.G. from Chauvin
Stone, Langley L. from Redcliff
Stone, R. & L. Montegue from Chauvin
Stone, Robert F. from Alix, Lacombe
Stonehouse, Daniel & Mary Alice from Rolling Hills
Stonehouse, Daniel & Mary Alice from Rolling Hills
Stoneman, V. Marjorie from Morrin, Rumsey
Stoner, A.A from Oyen
Stoner, H. W. from Battle Bend
Stoner, Howard W. from Battle Bend
Stoner, Mrs. Howard from Battlebend, Hardisty
Stoner, W.J. from Hardisty
Stones, Eric from Lousana
Stoney Creek Feeders Ltd. (Murray William Flewelling) from Balzac
Stoney Tribe Agricultural Ranching from Morley
Stony Ridge Farms Ltd. from Brownvale
Stoocknoff, Tom from Hesketh
Stoopnekoff, John from Cowley
Stoperski, Richard from Turin
Stopsen, Altho from Eckville
Stopsen, Ludwig from Eckville
Stopsen, Rudolph from Eckville
Stopsen, Walter from Eckville
Stopsen, Wayne from Eckville
Storbakken, Harvey Edward from Sedgewick, Grimshaw
Storbakken, Roy M. from Sedgewick
Storch, George A. from Morrin
Storch, Kenneth A. from Hanna
Storch, Leslie Rae from Hanna
Storch, William R. & Louise from Hanna
Storek, Rudolf C. from Big Valley
Storey, Levi from Glenview, Calgary, Carstairs, Redland
Storey, Robert from Three Hills, Delacour
Storfie, Stacey from Warner
Storlein, Sigurd from Burdett, Grassy Lake
Storm, Peter from Josephburg
Storms, C.B. from Wabamun
Storms, Ray B. from Magnolia
Storochuk, Alexander from Inland
Storoskenko, Fred from Thelma
Storoskenko, Philip from Thelma
Storozinsky, Nick from Goodfish Lake, Vilna
Story and Scott (Alex & Robert) from Delacour, Glenview
Story, Alex, from Delacour, Glenview
Story, Harold from Holden
Story, Ralph William from Lindbergh
Story, Robert from Delacour, Glenview
Story, Scott from Delacour, Glenview,
Stother, John from Red Deer
Stott, Donald from Pincher Creek, Prince George, BC
Stott, George from Cardston
Stott, John from Cardston
Stotts, George & Sons from Stettler
Stotts, George & Sons from Stettler
Stotz, Anton from Craigmyle
Stotz, Chris from Byemoor
Stouffer, Clarence from Fleet
Stouffer, Edwin from Tofiel, Edmonton
Stouffer, Edwin from Tofield, Edmonton
Stougaard, Julius from Irma
Stout, I. M. & Sons from High Prairie, Heart River
Stoyko, Walter Jr. from Vermilion
Strachan, Duncan David from Calgary, Mindapore
Strachan, Gilbert from Donalda
Strachan, I. from Carbon, Dewberry, Lea Park
Strachan, James C. from Rimbey
Strader, William Larson from Foreman
Stradler, Jim from Halkirk
Strahan, Orville from Donalda
Strahan, Orville S. from Redwater
Strain, Eugene from Fort Macleod
Strain, Joseph L. from Fort Macleod
Strak, John D. from Bezanson
Strak, John D. from Bezanson
Stranaghan, D.B. from Brownvale
Stranahan, Catherine Maude from Wainwright, Vermilion
Stranahan, W. James from Wainwright, Vermilion
Strand, A.E. from Smoky Lake, Veteran
Strand, George Ernest from Olds
Strand, Ken E. from Tilley, Bow City
Strand, Peter R. from Orion
Strand, R.S. from Harmattan
Strand, Robert Samuel from Del Bonita, Lacombe
Strandberg, Arthur E. from Hughenden
Strandberg, Carl B. from Enchant
Strandberg, Charles M. from Scapa
Strandberg, Russell from Hughenden
Strandholt, Earl from Ponoka
Strandlund, Ken from Hinton
Strandquist, Ed from Halkirk
Strandquist, Lewis Edward from Stettler
Strandquist, Lloyd E. from Stettler
Strandquist, Pansy from Edmonton
Strandquist, Richard A. from Stettler
Strang, A.R. from Redland
Strang, H. from Hussar, Cluny
Strange, J.A from Hughenden, Edmonton
Strange, J.A. from Hughenden, Edmonton
Stranski, William from Turin
Strasbourg, Robert from Bonnyville
Straschnitzki, Bruno from Water Valley, Calgary
Strassburger, George from Stony Plain
Strassburger, George from Stony Plain
Strate, Douglas Keith from Marwayne, Kamloops, BC
Strate, F. C. from Mountain View
Strate, F.C. from Mountain View
Strate, Fred from Nemiskan
Strate, J.F. from Hill Spring
Strate, Morgan R. from Mountain View
Stratford, E.O. from Calgary
Stratford, Frederick R. from Regina, SK, Cremona
Stratham, Richard & Norman Cook from Olds
Stratichuk, George J. from Andrew
Stratichuk, George J. from Andrew
Strating, Henry from Brooks
Stratte, Haskell Leonard from Amisk
Stratton Bros. from Donalda
Stratton, Albert from Donalda
Stratton, Henry & Albert from Wessington, Donalda
Stratton, James from Lethbridge, Taber
Stratton, Laura Elizabeth from Calgary
Stratton, W.W. from Hanna
Straty, Anton from Mannville
Straty, Emil from Myrnam
Straub, Hanna from Okotoks
Straub, Harold from Castor, Medicine Hat
Straube, Rudolph G. from Rochester
Straughan, George from Big Valley
Straughan, John Michael from Big Valley
Strauss, Edward William from MacKay, Hattonford
Strauss, James Herbert from Calgary
Strauss, Lawrence C. from Heisler
Strauss, Norman from Fabyan
Strauss, Raymond S. from Forestburg
Strawberry, Frank from Rocky Mountain House
Strawberry, Jim from Rocky Mountain House
Strawberry, Joe from Rocky Mountain House
Strawberry, Sam from Rocky Mountain House
Strayaer, James E. from Edgerton, Ribstone
Straza, Emole from Calgary
Straza, Nicholas E. from Beaver Dam
Strebchuk, Mike from High Prairie
Streberg, G. from Lethbridge
Streeper, J.W. & Sons from Cherry Point
Street, D.M. from Redwater, Amisk
Street, Erna B. from Rimbey
Street, Harold from Etzikom
Street, Hazel from Lacombe
Street, J.E. from Hussar
Street, James W. from Hope Valley, Kitscoty, Amisk
Street, Keith from Buck Lake
Street, Thomas H. from Lousana, Minnihik, Buck Lake
Street, W.E. & Son from Amisk
Streifling, Harold from Clive
Streit, Ada from Viking
Streit, Gerald Franklin from Stettler
Streit, John from Donalda
Streit, William L. from Stettler
Stretch, Roy C. from Sedgewick, Killam
Striker, Keith L. from Brownfield
Strilchuk, Garry James from Bawlf, Ardrossan
Strilchuk, Joe from Mundare
Stringam, Morgan from Wardlow
Stringam, Sylvester Woodrow from Glenwoodville, Milk River, Rosemary, Lethbridge, Blackfoot, ID
Stringer, B.W.S from Carolside
Stringer, Leonard Roy from Sunnynook
Stringer, William E. from Red Deer
Stringham, Alonzo W. from Nemukan
Stringham, Briant W. from Cardston, Glenwoodville
Stringham, Sarah Lovina from Glenwoodville, Lethbridge
Stroebel, Henry from Gadsby
Stroh, Frank from Ardrossan, Clover BAr
Stroh, James G. from Elkwater
Stroh, Lenard Cyrl from Thelma
Stroh, William from Tomahawk, Dapp, High Prairie
Stroh, William S. from Tomahawk, Dapp, High Prairie
Strohmaier, Walter from Sundre, Winfield
Strohschein, Danny from Wetaskiwin
Strohschein, Harry F. from Trochu
Strohschein, Harvey A. from Meniak, Wetaskiwin
Strohschein, Herman from Wetaskiwin
Strohschein, William N. from Wimborne
Strom Bros. from Burdett
Strom, A.J. from Chancellor
Strom, Annie from Whitla
Strom, Walter from Burdett, Bow Island
Stromberg, Ernest from Stavely
Strome, Harvey M. from Didsbury, Sundre
Strome, Harvey M. from Didsbury, Sundre
Strome, Milton H. from Castor
Strome, Milton H. from Castor
Stromquist, Ruben from Hughenden
Stromsmoe, Cecil Demoine from Etzikom, Pendant d'Oreille
Stromsmoe, Pearl E. from Etzikom
Stronach, Georgie R. from Kinsella
Stronach, James from Kinsella
Strong & Ferry Ltd. from Rocky Mountain House
Strong, Albert Edward from Rose Lynn
Strong, David B. from Airdrie
Strong, James from Mossleigh
Strong, James Merl from Lyalta, Innisfail
Strong, Maurice Frederick from Millarville
Strongman, John from Hobbema
Stronks, Dick John from Picture Butte
Stroshein, William from Leduc
Strub, Lorne K. from Longview
Struksnes, Ole from Coronation, Veteran
Strumecki, Frank from Bonnyville
Struthers, James from Red Willow
Strutt, Orval from Ashmont
Stryker, Earl Cecil from Orion, Foremost
Stryker, George F. from Medicine Hat, Orion, Calgary
Stryker, Glen Alfred from Orion
Stryker, Rebecca Matilda from Orion
Strynadka, Alex S. from Barrhead
Strzelczyk, Louis from Jenner
Stu Davis Enterprises Ltd. from Edmonton
Stuart, Angus from Mannville
Stuart, Bruce L. from Hardisty
Stuart, C. from Brooks
Stuart, C. from Brooks
Stuart, C. Michael from Okotoks
Stuart, Carl D. from Ponoka
Stuart, Charles from Carstairs
Stuart, Douglas from Mannville
Stuart, George E. from Hardisty
Stuart, George from Hardisty
Stuart, Jack & Blanche from Morley
Stuart, Ken from Hardisty
Stuart, L.D. from Millarville, Bragg Creek
Stuart, L.D. from Millarville, Bragg Creek
Stuart, Lloyd E. from Hardisty
Stuart, Milton M. from Scapa
Stuart, William from Grimshaw
Stuart, William from Pollockville
Stubber, Edith Merie nee Weslockie from Grande Prairie, Wimbley
Stubbs, Thomas Edward from Hanna
Stuber, Adam J. from Wisdom
Stuber, Alan Jerome from Orion, Seven Persons
Stuber, Andrew from Orion, Medicine Hat
Stuber, Andrew J. from Woolchester, Medicine Hat
Stuber, Arthur from Wisdom, Medicine Hat
Stuber, Charlie from Medicine Hat, Seven persons
Stuber, Edward from Sangudo, Barrhead
Stuber, Elsie & John from Medicine Hat
Stuber, Erhard Jr. from Little Plume, Tothill, Medicine Hat
Stuber, Erhard Sr. from Medicine Hat, Gros Ventre, Tothill, Little Plume
Stuber, Frank from Wisdom, Medicine Hat
Stuber, Fred from Irvine
Stuber, Fred from Little Plume, Wisdom, Orion
Stuber, Gerald LeRoy from Medicine Hat
Stuber, Henry from Woolchester, Medicine Hat
Stuber, John Jr. from Gros Ventre, Tothill, Orion
Stuber, M. from Medicine Hat
Stuber, Melvin L. from Medicine Hat, Woolchester
Stuber, Olga remarried name Stickel from Orion, Medicine Hat
Stuber, Ralph from Orion, Seven Persons
Stuber, Regina & John from Craigmyle, Hanna
Stubert, Christ from Viking
Stubley, Marlene from Didsbury
Stuckey, Christian from Roseglen
Stuckey, Sam from Pincher Creek
Stuckey, V.G. from Stettler, Devon
Stuckey, Wesley from Roseglen
Stud Horse, George from Gleichen
Studenka, Martin from Cranford
Stuhl, Ernest from Vermilion
Stuhl, Steve from Vanesti, Vermilion
Stuibbs, John A. from Hanna
Stukart Adam from Queenstown, Majorville
Stukart, John from Longview, Calgary, Milo, Queenstown
Stulberg, Gottlieb from Hana
Stulberg, Gus from Scapa, Endiang
Stulberg, Walter from Hanna
Stults, Gerald Clifford from Lindbergh
Stump, Raymond E. from Alix
Stunas, Pete from Rainier
Stuparek, William from Lac la Biche
Stuparyk, Fred from Derwent
Stuparyk, Tom from LacLa Biche
Sturdy, W.J. from Camp Creek
Sturek, Leonard V. from Camrose, Holden
Sturgeon Lake Band #154 from Valleyview
Sturgeon River Ranch Ltd. from Entwistle
Sturgeon, James Walter from Mirror
Sturm, Adam from Elkwater, Thelma
Sturm, Bill from Thelma, Cessford, Bassano
Sturm, Charles from Whitla
Sturm, Charlie from Josephburg, Elkwater, Thelma, Fox
Sturm, Clarence from Fox
Sturm, Fred from Irvine
Sturm, John from Thelma
Sturm, Ralph William from Wetaskiwin
Sturm, Rudolph from Fox
Sturm, Thomas Samuel from Chinook, Thelma
Sturmer, George W. from Consort
Sturmer, George W. from Consort
Sturrock, Bruce C. (Buck Ranch) from Turner Valley
Sturrock, George H. from Harmattan
Sturrock, Peter from Turner Valley
Sturrock, Ronald D.A. from Harmattan, Crossfield
Stuthert, Alvin Edward from Rimbey
Stuthert, Jean C. from Rimbey
Stutsman, Mrs. J.H. from Onefour
Stuve, Ingvald L. from New Norway
Stybel, William W. from St. Paul, Owlseye Lake
Styler, Ernest from Metiskow
Styler, Mary M. from Metiskow, Jasper Place
Styner, Robert from Innisfree
Styringam, Gary from Wardlow
Succee, Wilbert from Metiskow
Sucee, William R from Nanton
Sucher, Arnold from Taber
Suchla, Andy J. from Rosemary, Winfield
Suchotzky, Jacob from Veteran
Suchy, Peter from Holden
Suddaby, Ernest from Lavoy
Sudut, Felix from Retlaw
Suelzle, F.F. from Carbon, Beiseker
Suelzle, J.J. from Bottrel
Suelzle, Karl from Calgary
Suetts, Steve from Lethbridge
Sugar City Municipal District no.137 & Municipal District of Sugar City No.5 from Raymond
Suggett, C.A. & Son (Irvine) from Bentley
Sukeroff, Bill from Vauxhall
Sukeroff, L.A. from Vauxhall
Sukovieff, Mike from Conrich, Calgary
Sulawa, Aniela from Pincher Creek, Beaver Mines
Sullivan, Arthur H. from Calgary
Sullivan, D.E. from Lundbreck Pincher Creek
Sullivan, George W. from Bulwark
Sullivan, Morris from Consort
Sullivan, Mrs. M. from Cremona
Sullivan, P.F. from Cremona, Cochrane
Sullivan, W.J. from Provost
Sultz, Benjamin from Medicine Hat
Sultz, Jacob from Thorsby
Sultz, Paul & Annie from Burmis
Sulz, Charlie from Medicine Hat, Irvine, Robinson
Sulz, Emanuel from Irvine, Medicine Hat
Sulz, Fred J. from Medicine Hat
Sulz, Fred W. from Woolchester
Sulz, John G. from Irvine, Medicine Hat
Sulz, Karl from Irvine
Sulz, William (Bill) Jr. from Irvine
Sulzle, Fred T. from Carbon
Sumas, D. from Genesee
Sumislaski, S.N. from Elk Point
Sumislawski, Joseph L. from Elk Point
Summers, Bessie from Alliance
Summers, Harvey S. from Alliance
Summers, J.G. & George D. from Erskine
Summers, J.G.S. from Erskine
Summers, James F. from Cherry Grove
Summers, James F. from Cherry Grove
Summers, Jewell Harriett from Stettler
Summers, John T. from Donalda
Summers, L. Ed from Mannville
Sumner, Harvey Harold from Hines Creek
Sumner, J.A. from Youngstown
Sunamon, Morton from Sundre
Sunburst Holdings Ltd. from Edmonton
Sundair, Herbert Henry James from Rocky Mountain House
Sundal, Green & Company (Sundal Ingwall & Albert Green) from Picture Butte
Sundal, Ingwall & Albert Green from Picture Butte
Sundal, Ingwall from Crossfield, Picture Butte
Sundance Ranching Co-Operative Ltd. from Gleichen
Sundberg, Guy R. from Carstairs
Sunde, Vernon J. from Etzikom
Sunderland, Edward from Metiskow, Cairns
Sunderland, S.L. from Carnwood, Lindale
Sunderland, Thomas F. from Calgary
Sunderman, Joseph P. from Fork Lake, St. Paul
Sundgren, C.J. from Calgary
Sundholm, Emma from Big Prairie
Sundquist, Verner from Stavely
Suni, Anton from Goddard, Foremost
Sunrise Farm (Bob Black, Ray Roe & Frank McInery) from Stavely
Sunset Ranche Ltd. from Cochrane, Calgary
Sunshine Farm & Ranch Ltd. (Hink, Taz & Tom Urano, Bill Tuerkutes & Bob Allen) from Crawford
Sunstrum, Alex from Hutton
Suntjens, Clifford Francis from Coronation
Suntjens, Dennis R. from Spondin
Suntjens, Felix L. from Coronation
Superior Silver Black Fox Ranch Ltd. from Drumheller
Superior Simmental Ltd. from Cardston
Suprovich, Mike from Willingdon
Supruniuk, Tony from Bonnyville
Sureman, Henry from Wisdom, Seven Persons
Surratt, Donald W. from Bentley
Surratt, William from Bentley
Surrel, Marlowe & Cross from Rimbey
Surtees, John from Kew
Suska, Myron J. from Little Gem
Sussbauer, Joe from Tofield
Sustrik, John from Mannville
Sutherland Canadian Lands Company Ltd (Duke of Sutherland, K.G.) from Brooks
Sutherland, A.J. from Enilda
Sutherland, Angus H. from Wembley, Lake SK
Sutherland, Cecil from Ashmont, Rockyford
Sutherland, David from Bluffton
Sutherland, G.R. from Innisfail
Sutherland, George Frederick from Innisfail, Fort St. John, BC
Sutherland, George from Westward Ho
Sutherland, John from High Prairie
Sutherland, Lloyd Allen from Sangudo
Sutherland, Mary H. from Walsh, Hatton, Forres, SK
Sutherland, Maxwell from Valleyview, Grande Prairie
Sutherland, T. from Majorville
Sutherland, W.R. from South Edmonton
Sutherland, William from DeBolt, Crooked Creek
Sutka, William from Picture Butte
Sutley, Harold C. & Kathleen Mary from Alix
Sutley, Seth R. from Alix
Suto, James from Picture Butte
Sutton, Ella May nee Forbes from Calgary
Sutton, James H. from Tofield
Sutton, James H. from Tofield
Sutton, John R from Sundre
Sutton, L E. from Birdsholm
Sutton, Lloyd G. from Rimbey
Sutton, Percy A. from Tofield
Sveinbjornson, A. from Markerville, Eckville
Sveistrup, Svend from Ponoka
Svendsen, Aage Henry from Stettler
Swabey, J.W. & F.E. from Tofield
Swain, Alfred from Wayne
Swain, David H. from Taber
Swain, Percy W. from Byemoor
Swain, Wanda from Byemoor, Stettler
Swain, Wilfred from Byemoor, Calgary
Swain, William J. from Stettler, Leo, Byemoor
Swaine, Clarence R. from Viking
Swainson, P.R. from Red Deer
Swainson, Thomas William from Sedgewick
Swainston, Fred W. from Acadia Valley
Swalling, George from Delburne
Swallow, George from Rowley Station
Swallow, Rowland from Del Bonita, Magrath
Swampy, Francis J. from Hobbema
Swan Valley Feeder Association Ltd. from Kinuso
Swan Valley Service from Kinuso
Swan, John from Donalda, Wessington
Swan, Mrs. Frank D. from Alliance
Swan, Mrs. J.H. from Heath, Gilt Edge
Swan, Mrs. J.H. from Heath, Gilt Edge
Swan, Tony from Islay, Dewberry
Swan, Verne Gerald from Islay
Swan, William from Donalda, Gadsby
Swanson Bros. (Irving B. & Dale E.) from Cairns, Metiskow
Swanson Bros. from Gadsby
Swanson, A.G. from Bentley
Swanson, Alfred from Hemaruka
Swanson, Blanche from Bentley
Swanson, Carl from Viking
Swanson, Charles E. from Fox, Elkwater, Granlea
Swanson, Claude from Czar
Swanson, David Ronald from Cessford
Swanson, Duane from Scandia, Vauxhall
Swanson, E.C. from Rainier, Scandia
Swanson, Ernest & J. Linden Swanson from Granum
Swanson, Gordon W. from Scandia
Swanson, Gus from Lake Eliza
Swanson, Gus V. from Spring Park, Lindberg, Elk Point
Swanson, Gust from Westward Ho, Calgary
Swanson, H.S. from Innisfree
Swanson, Herman A. from Kingman
Swanson, Irving B. from Metiskow
Swanson, J.T. from Fox, Elkwater
Swanson, Kenneth Wayne from Lloydminster, Ribstone, Chauvin
Swanson, L.G. from Elk Point
Swanson, Leif from Bonnyville
Swanson, Mabel from Countess
Swanson, N.C. from Rimbey
Swanson, Nils from Grand Centre
Swanson, Orin from Coronation
Swanson, Paul H. from Cochrane
Swanson, Ralph from Wetaskiwin
Swanson, Ronald from Fabyan, Grimshaw
Swanson, Roy from Czar, Camrose
Swanson, William Donald from Edmonton, Bentley
Swanson, William from Brooks
Swanson, William from Sheerness, Calgary, Rose Lynn
Swap, Harmon from Drayton Valley
Swap, Lloyd E. from Rocky Rapids
Swarbrick, Allan M. from Lacombe
Sward, Gus from Ponoka
Sware, Anton from Hay Lakes
Sware, Hjalmar J. from Hay Lakes, Kingman, Tofield
Swartz, F.L. from High River
Swartzenberger, Dale from Lethbridge
Swayne Bros. (Joseph & M.) from Rodino, Kinsella
Swedberg, Leonard E. from Pollockville
Sweeney, Charles from Rosalind
Sweeney, Charles from Vermilion
Sweeney, Hugh from Memiscan
Sweeney, Pat from Rosalind, Kelsey, Ferry Point
Sweet, A.E. from Medicine Hat
Sweet, Alvin Henry from High River
Sweet, Cecil R. from Lacombe, Red Deer
Sweet, James L. from Dodsland, SK, Lloydminster, SK
Sweetman, Stanley William from Bentley
Swekla, John N. from Vegreville
Swennen, Henri from Picture Butte
Swenson, A.B. from Rainier
Swensson, J.A from Buffalo
Swetish, Albert & Wanda from Iron River, Salmon Arm, BC
Swiczkar, A. from Taber
Swidinsky, Mike from Coalhurst, Warner, Lethbridge
Swift, Frank E. from Consort
Swift, Robert C. from Viking
Swift, Sam from Viking
Swingen, Martin from Jarrow
Swistelnicki, John from St. Lina
Switzer, Fred from Vermilion
Switzer, Max from Calgary
Swyripa, Paul & Pearl from Kitscoty
Swyripa, R.G. from Kitscoty
Swyripa, William E. from Kitscoty
Sydor, Alice from McRae
Sydor, William from Ardrossan
Sydora, John from Beauvallon
Sydora, Steve R. from Vegreville, Innisfree
Syer, Thomas A. from Mannville
Sykes, Charles Richard from Mirror
Sykes, Francis P. from Stavely
Sykes, J.C. from Stavely, Banff
Sykes, Jerry from Lac La Biche
Sykes, Laura from Calgary, Cluny
Sykes, R.O & W.N. from Cluny
Sylvan Cattle Co. Ltd. from Sylvan Lake
Sylvester, H. Rudy (Estate) from Crossfield, Verdant Valley, Beaverlodge
Sylvestre, Donat from Tangent
Syme, Peter T. from Viking
Syme, Tom from Granum
Symes, Mrs. J.E. from New Brigden
Symington, Frederick Gerald from James River Bridge
Symington, Gordon J. from Provost
Symington, H.E. from Sundre
Symington, J.B. from Edmonton, Metiskow
Symington, J.B. from Edmonton, Metiskow
Symington, Thomas A. from Cadogan, Provost
Symmonds, James T. from Westward Ho, High River
Symon, Jean H. from Edmonton, Leduc
Symons, James S. from Edmonton
Syroid, Paul from Spedden
Syryda, Ted from Rolling Hills
Sysko, Frank from St. Paul
Syverson, Andrew & Elizabeth from Vale, Medicine Hat
Syverson, Frank from Medicine Hat
Syverson, S.C. from Provost
Sywenky, Walter from Vermilion
Sywolos, Pete from Waskatenau
Szabados, Steve from Edgerton
Szabarowski, Zurhar from Edmonton
Szabo, Joe from Taber
Szandrey, Frank from Viking
Szarka, George from Lethbridge, Milk River
Szarko, Joe from Milk River
Szasz, Charles from Bruce
Szigli, Kenneth Steve from Taber
Szilagyi, Charles from Tilley, Brooks
Szlak, Edmond from Stanger
Szlichcinski, Waclaw from Edmonton
Szoke, Alex from Fabyan
Szoke, Sam from Irma
Szostaczko, Harry from Suffield, Tilley, Brooks
Szpuniarski, Harry from Reno
Szpuniarski, Samuel from Reno
Szteina, Konstenij & Antonina from Diamond City
Szucs, John from Coaldale
Szumada, Ted from Busby, Airdrie, Pembridge, Cherhill
Szybunka, John from Sangudo
Szybunka, John Jr. from Cherhill
Szybunka, Steve Sr. from Pembridge, Cherhill

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