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Cancelled Brand Files - P
Oakes, Roy A. from Innisfail, Knee Hill Valley
Oberg, E.A. from Breton
Oberts, John G. from Ponoka
O'Connor, Robert Howard from Calgary
Oddie, J.S. & K.M. from Pincher Creek
O'Dell, James L. from Barrhead
Oelke, Albert & Lena from Lundbreck, Coleman
O'Hanlon, Harry Francis from Midnapore, Calgary, High River
Oia, Steffen from St. Edouard, St. Paul
Okemow, William from Grouard
Oler, George Harold from Duchess, Rosemary, Calgary
Oliver, Annie E.M. from Baraga, Sunny Nook, Caroline
Oliver, Everett A. from Lougheed, Edmonton
Oliver, Orin Earl & Rosalie from Whitelaw, Grand Prairie, Barons
Olsen, Alf B. from Barons
Olsen, Clarence H. from Dixonville, Chinook Valley
Olsen, Keith M. from Morrin
Olsen, Theresa I. from Leavitt, Provo, UT, Cardston
Olson, Gary R. from High Level
Olson, Gustaf & Herbert from Didsbury
Olson, Ole from Calgary, Midnapore
Olson, Wilfred M. from Iddesleigh
Olynyk, Peter from Lloydminster
Ominiayak, George from Peace River
Onciul, William from St. Lina, Helina
Onechuk, Rose from Two Hills
O'Neil, James Jesse from Claresholm
O'Neil, William Terrance from Claresholm
Oneill, Don from Edmonton
Onyschuk, Fred from Tofield, Edmonton
Opheim, Charles K. from Millarville
Ornburn, A.E. from Hussar, Strathmore
Osborne, Donald James from Fairview
Osborne, Gene from Vermilion
Osborne, R.N. from Calgary
Oseen, Bryan from Turin
Ostergren, Rose from Red Deer
Ostrup, J.H. from Picture Butte
Ostrup, J.H. Jr. from Picture Butte
Othen, Charles R. from Benton Station, Oyen
Ottiger, Walter from Brightview, Ponoka
Ovard, Clinton L. from Whitla, Seven Persons
Oviatt, Barrie C. from Sherwood Park, Yellowknife, NWT
Oviatt, L. Leland from Cardston
Owchar, Paul from Hylo
Owen, Howard G. from Irma
Owen, Victor William from Grande Prairie, Sylvan Lake
Owens, Elmer L. from Ponoka
Owens, John W. from Calgary, Jenner
Owens, Mary E. from Ponoka
Ozero, Walter Michael from Bonnyville
P & G Feeders from Lethbridge
P & M Ranch - (R. Pedersen & Rick Maisey) from Calgary
P I I Ranches Ltd, from Sundre, Gold River, BC
Paaske, Eric A. from Watino
Pace, Adolphus from Brocket
Pacholek, Fred from Spedden
Pacholek, John from Spedden
Pacific Meat Company (J. Diamond,Pres.) from Vancouver, BC
Padberg, Martin from Sibbald
Paege Bros. (Henry A. & R.F.) from Chipman, Edmonton, Tofield
Paetkau, Peter from Cluny, Calgary
Paetz, James E. from Big Stone
Paetz, Martin & Elizabeth from Big Stone, Red Deer
Paetz, Martin from Red Deer
Paetz, William H. from Brooks
Page, Clint from Seven Persons
Page, Dan from Lorraine, Castor, Alliance, Rimbey, Bluffton, Leslieville, Sundre
Page, Edna from Empress
Page, Frank from Rolling Hills
Page, G.W. from Medicine Hat
Page, John from Westward Ho
Page, Norman A. from Rio Grande, Mount Valley
Page, Robert E. from Medicine Hat, Red Cliff
Page, Sidney from Milo
Paget, Duane Everett from Craigmyle
Paget, F.K. from Swallwell
Paget, Howard & Gordon from Swalwell
Pahal, Ray from Edmonton, Olds
Pahara, Beswick & Lane Cattle Company Ltd. from Lethbridge
Pahara, Mary & Frank from Lethbridge
Pahara, Mike from Coaldale Lethbridge
Pahkle, Gordon Charles& Amy from Grand Centre
Pahl, Alfred from Hanna
Pahl, Herb from Medicine Hat
Pahl, Mark from Richdale
Pahl, Otto F. from Hanna
Pahl, Robert from Devon
Pahl, Walter from Irvine
Paiero, Alex from Nordegg
Paige, Frazier from Priddis
Paish, Mike from Delph
Pakarno, Elizabeth from Hays
Pakarno, Jerome from Hays
Pakarno, Otto A. from Hays
Palamar, Robert M. from Two Hills
Palamarek, Wasyl from Smoky Lake
Palamaruk, George from Lac la Biche
Palechek, Edward P. from Ponoka
Palfrey, H.C. from Taber
Palichuk, Mike from Plain Lake
Palinka, Peter J. from Derwent
Palka, Mike from Eldorena, Radway
Palla, Joe from Burmis, Bellevue, Eckville
Pallo, Jonas from Hinton
Palma, John from Cessford
Palmer, A.V. from Rosemary
Palmer, Burton G. from Strome, Killam
Palmer, Clarence W. from Wetaskiwin, Hughenden
Palmer, D.L. from Enchant, Lethbridge, Travers, Warner
Palmer, Frederick from High River
Palmer, Lloyd G. from Scotfield, Davidson, SK
Palmer, Ray from Westward Ho, Harmattan
Palmer, W. Peter & Donna L. from Lethbridge
Palmer, Walter Israel from Dewberry, Greenlawn
Palmer, Will from Stavely
Palmer, William H. from Medicine Hat
Pals, John from Castor
Pals, Joseph Andrew Louie from Castor, Edmonton
Palsat, Adolph from Grande Centre
Palsky, John from Coaldale
Palun, William from Rocky Mountain House
Palynchuk, John from Lindbergh
Palynchuk, Peter from Cereal, Elk Point
Panas, Helen W. from Edmonton
Panchyshyn, George from Smoky Lake
Pancoast, Orange from Medicine Hat
Pancoast, True from Redcliff
Panczak, John from Coaldale
Paniak, Fred from Mannville, Edmonton
Panisiak, Steve from Rosedale
Pankewicz, Wasyl from Sunnynook
Pankiw, Steve from Innisfree
Pankow, John from Lake Belleview
Pankratz, John from Gem
Pankratz, Victor from Coaldale
Papay, John from Woolchester, Gros Ventre, Eagle Butte
Papke, Herman from Cremona, Big Prairie
Papp, Gabriel from Trochu, Red Deer
Papp, John from Cluny
Papp, John M. from Milo, Queenstown
Papp, Mike A. from Edgerton
Papuska, John from Turin, Lethbridge
Paquette, George & Kathleen from Turner Valley, Black Diamond
Paradis, Albert from Foisy, Lafond, Whitford
Paradis, Leo from La Corey
Paradnik, Joe from Paradise Valley
Parakin, John from Lundbreck
Parakin, Pete P. from Lundbreck
Paraniuk, Alex from Smoky Lake
Paranych, Klem from Innisfree
Paranych, Morris from Innisfree
Parascak, Stephen from Lethbridge, Coaldale
Parcels & Foxwell from Chauvin
Parcels, Delbert William from Chauvin
Parcels, M.S. from Fabyan, Wainwright
Parcels, Nina F. from Chauvin
Parcels, Ruth J.(married name Mrs. N.S. Howe) from Chauvin, Darlington, England
Parcels, Thomas R. from Castor
Parcels, Vincent W. from Innisfail
Pard, Dennis from Brocket
Pardoe Bros from Pine Lake
Pare, Henry from La La Biche
Pare, Louis from Coronado, Monitor
Pare, Victorien from Fabyan
Parenteau, Daniel from Norway Valley, Heinsburg
Parenteau, Joe from Frog Lake, Sputinow
Parenteau, Jules from Norway Valley, Drayton Valley
Parenteau, Robert from Paddle Prairie
Parenteau, Rosaire from Heinsburg
Parham, Earnest from Smoky Lake
Parham, H. & Son from Smoky Lake
Paris, T.P. from Langdon, Calgary
Park, Glenn F. from Ponoka
Park, Howard from Shepard
Park, Thomas from Innisfail
Park, Tobergus A. from Cochrane
Parke Bros. from Onion Lake, SK
Parke, Bruce F. from High River
Parke, Cherstin from Hughenden
Parke, G. Fred from Kitscoty, Islay, Onion Lake, SK,
Parke, Jack from Onion Lake, SK
Parke, Leonard K. from Onion Lake, SK
Parke, Richard from Onion Lake, SK
Parken, Ethyle from Carbon
Parker Bros. (S.R., N.A. & L.C.) from Rosemary
Parker, Abe from Lacombe
Parker, Alton H. from Brant
Parker, Arthur from Lethbridge
Parker, B. from Picture Butte
Parker, Burton from Tring, Kitscoty
Parker, Floyd W. from Buck Lake
Parker, Frederick from Penhold, Red Deer
Parker, George from Penhold
Parker, George Harry from Elkton
Parker, Glen D. & Catherine from Lethbridge
Parker, H.D. from Namaka, Strathmore, Calgary
Parker, Julia A. from Ensign
Parker, Kenneth Richard (Southern Alberta Cattle Holdings) from Taber
Parker, Martha from Onion Lake, SK
Parker, Philip from Calgary
Parker, R.G. Douglas from Sweet Grass, MT
Parker, Ray P. from Buck Lake
Parker, Robert from Brant
Parker, Robert from Coleman
Parker, Robert George from Dewberry
Parker, S.P. from Namaka, Strathmore, Calgary
Parker, Victor W. from Peace River
Parker, W.R. from Dewberry
Parker, William from Calgary, Evergreen
Parker, William Russell from Rosemary
Parkes, Ben from Westerdale, Bergen, Didsbury
Parkhill Silver Fox Company, (S.M. Hartroft) from Calgary
Parkin, George H. from Amisk, Czar
Parkins, Robert H. from Calgary
Parkins, Verne A. from Foremost
Parkinson, William Stewart from St Paul de Metis, St. Paul
Parkland Stables (Robert Peter Antoniuk) from Olds
Parks, William from Vauxhall
Parliament, John Ernest from Fairview
Parnell, John H. from Suffield, Rose Lynn
Parr Motors from Castor
Parr, A.E. from Erskine, Stettler
Parr, Bert from Beaverdam, Dewberry
Parrish, Alvin from Hussar
Parrish, Norman R. (King Ranch Inc.) from Kingsville, TX
Parrott, Ann M. from Stettler
Parry - Jones, David from Ponoka
Parry, B.E. from Bow Island
Parry, Charles Edward Jr. from Calgary
Parsons & Curran Livestock Ltd. from Red Deer
Parsons, Archie J. from Daysland
Parsons, James and Sons from Falun, Wetaskiwin
Parsons, Roy A. from Rocky Mountain House
Partridge, Samuel from Meeting Creek
Paschke, Elsie from Stettler
Paschke, Floyd Robert from Tilley, Duchess
Paschke, Karl from Stettler
Paschke, William from Stettler
Pashniak, George from Beauvallon
Pashniak, William & Dan Pashniak from Beauvallon
Pashulka, John from Derwent
Pask, Bernhard W. from Hanna, Burfield
Pask, James Wallace from Hanna
Paskal, Michael from Turin
Pasko, Garry (P.R. & P. Cattle Co.) from Wabamun
Pasnak, Nick & Sons (Renny, Lawrence, Darrell & Randy) from Holden
Pasquayak, Pierre from Saddle Lake Reserve, Hamlin
Patchett, Albert P. from Strathmore
Patenaude, Homer from Vermilion
Paterson, Anna Irene from Whatcheer
Paterson, Daniel from Etzikom, Gahern
Paterson, Johnston from Looma
Paterson, William from Vegreville
Patjas, Otto from Eckville
Patko, John from Tilley, Calgary
Patko, John Jr. from Langdon, Tilley
Patmore, Rex D. from Bezanson
Patmore, Ronald L. from Bezanson
Patmore, Vincent from Calgary
Paton, Andrew M. from Elnora
Paton, Bruce B. from Bowden
Patrick, John from St. Michael
Patrick, Paul from Mannville
Patrick, Peter N. from Waskatenau
Patrie, Vincent A.J. from Ryley
Patriquin, A. from Brooks
Patriquin, Frank E. from Fenn, Big Valley
Patry, Lawrence, Jones, O. from Clyde
Patry, Marcel Henry from Athabasca
Patterson Bros ( M.J. & H.I.) from Hythe
Patterson Bros. (John A. & A. Ben) from Grande Prairie
Patterson, A.G. from Gadsby
Patterson, Archie L. from Bear Canyon
Patterson, Arthur B. from Grande Prairie
Patterson, Arthur from Barrhead
Patterson, Arthur Johnston from Wainwright, Heath
Patterson, Bros (John A. & A. Ben) from Grande Prairie
Patterson, D.C. from Turin, Lethbridge
Patterson, Dale G. from Brooks
Patterson, E.O. from Olds
Patterson, Earl from Grande Prairie
Patterson, Frederick from Calgary
Patterson, Harry from Diamond City
Patterson, Henry Stuart (Dunbar Ranch) from Calgary, Wardlow
Patterson, Howard N., Straub, Walter from Turner Valley
Patterson, James from Caldbeck, Grand Valley, Cochrane
Patterson, James from Delia, Sexsmith, Hythe
Patterson, John H. from Keg River, Vernon, BC
Patterson, John William from Lloydminster
Patterson, Mrs. Allie from Bezanson
Patterson, Mrs. Mary (Mrs. William King) from Kinuso
Patterson, Phil from Hardisty
Patterson, Rupert & Ann from Pincher Creek
Patterson, Sharon from Irricana
Patterson, V.E. from Vermilion
Patterson, William A. from Medicine Hat
Patterson, William from Midnapore, Black Diamond
Patton, Harold from Ogden
Patton, William Thomas & Madeleine Hamilton Dewar from Coutts
Patzer, Arthur E. from Hanna, Carbon
Patzer, Arthur J. from Hanna
Patzer, Floyd from Medicine Hat
Patzer, Jacob from Irvine
Patzer, Joe from Orion
Patzer, Otto from Spondin
Patzer, Sam from Irvine, Medicine Hat
Paul, Ben from Medicine Hat, Sicamous, BC
Paul, Dan from Medicine Hat
Paul, Dean Lyle from Markerville
Paul, George from Lacombe
Paul, Gordon Paul from Blackfoot
Paul, James from Namao
Paul, John from Grouard
Paul, Keith R. from Calgary
Paul, Mrs. M.A. from Peace River
Paul, Nancy from Darwell
Paul, Peter from Medicine Hat
Paul, Peter from Stanmore, Donalda, S. Edmonton
Paul, Philipp from Rainier
Paul, R. from Calgary
Paul, Robert Gordon from Brownvale
Paul, Turner from Duchess
Paul, Wayne R. from Irvine
Paulencu, Alex from Willingdon, Edmonton
Paulgaard, Henry P. from Rosenheim, Hayter
Paulgaard, Lars from Rosenheim
Paulgaard, Ole H. from Provost
Paulgaard, Otto from Daysland, Calgary
Paulichuk, John from Musidora
Paull, H. from Haynes, Clive
Paull, Lovenda nee Thacker from Coronation
Paull, Percy Charles from Coronation
Pauls Band Wabamun Indian Reserve from Duffield
Pauls, David from Coaldale
Paulson, Ernest J. from Milton Junction, Edson
Paulson, Harold A. from Claresholm
Paulson, Henry from Donalda
Paulson, Mary Agnes from Claresholm
Pauly, John from Castor
Pavely, Cyril R. from High River
Paverly, Fred from Wembley
Pavka, Frank Jr. from Cranford
Pawlik, Bill from Smoky Lake
Pawlik, John from Rocky Lane, Fort Vermilion
Pawliuk, John from Smoky Lake
Pawliuk, Metro from Ispas
Pawliuk, Nick from Two Hills
Pawloski, Victor from Vilna
Pawlouich, Karl from Keg River
Pawlowski, Frank F. from Edmonton
Pawluk, Joe from Egremont
Pawluk, Mike from Mundare, Fairview
Pawluk, Peter from Millarville
Pawluk, Russell & Doreen from Bon Accord
Pawluski, Andrew from Eaglesham
Pawluski, Annie from Eaglesham, Vegreville, Musidora, Lanuke
Pawluski, Frank from Eaglesham
Pawluski, Mike from Eaglesham
Pawlyk, William from Carvel
Pawsey, Roger Henry from Edgerton
Paxman, E.L. from Glenwoodville
Paxman, William Ross from Glenwoodville
Payne, G.K. from Haddock
Payne, H.T. from Vegreville
Payne, Horace & A. from Gadsby, Shepard
Payne, Horace A. from Gadsby, Shepard
Payne, Luwilla from Rolling Hills
Payne, Marilyne R. from Hondo
Payne, Randall from Rosemary, Countess
Peabody, Lorne Walter & Gary Franklin from Sylvan Lake
Peachey Bros. from Bentley
Peachey Ernest Jr. from Maycroft, Lloyd Hill, Consort, Calgary
Peacock Bros. (Allan & Gordon) from Bawlf
Peacock, Arthur M. from Alliance
Peacock, Bruce from Pibroch
Peacock, Della M. from Delia, Craigmyle
Peacock, Gavin from Gilt Edge, Wainwright
Peacock, Gordon Ernest from Bearberry, Hanna, Carolside
Peacock, John Lewis from Flatbush
Peake, Harry from Finnegan
Pearce, A.E. from Olds
Pearce, Gerald J. from Calgary
Pearson Bros. from Rimbey
Pearson, A.G. from Coaldale, Youngstown, Rimbey
Pearson, Algot from Thorsby
Pearson, Charles A. from Hughenden
Pearson, David from Bashaw
Pearson, E.C. from Red Deer
Pearson, Edward from Clear Hills
Pearson, Edwin from Edmonton
Pearson, Edwin W. from Bon Accord, Edmonton, Wainwright
Pearson, F.W. from Coaldale
Pearson, Gordon Donald from Edmonton
Pearson, J.A. from Meeting Creek, Camrose
Pearson, J.H. from Calgary
Pearson, James Frederick from Clear Hills
Pearson, Jerry from Blairmore
Pearson, Ken H. from Calgary
Pearson, Melvin from Meeting Creek
Pearson, Nels from Busby, Tiger Lily
Pearson, Nils from Cardston
Pearson, Oscar from Donalda
Pearson, Otto from Bassano, Majorville
Pearson, Reg from Bashaw
Pearson, Robert from Red Deer
Pearson, Roger A. & Ernest from Delia
Pearson, Stanley Gordon B. from Calgary
Pearson, Thomas from Clear Hills
Peart, Nicholas from Rife, Hoselaw
Peat, Georgetta Elaine from Millarville
Peat, Seth Turner (Endcliff Stock Ranch) from Millarville
Peat, Sr. James from Millarville
Peck Farms & Ranches Ltd (Rose Peck) from Lethbridge
Peck, Alec (Peck's Corporation Ltd.) from Red Deer
Peck, Donald John from Rocky Mountain House
Peck, George & Son from Leduc
Pecka, Joe F. from Fort Assiniboine
Peddesden, Augustus from Calgary
Peddicord, E.L. from Hughenden, Amisk
Peddicord, Oliver W. from Hughenden, Amisk
Pederen, Fanny from Iola
Pedersen, Aage from Blackie
Pedersen, Alexander from Standard
Pedersen, Anders from Calgary
Pedersen, Andrew from Conrich
Pedersen, Borge from Midnapore
Pedersen, Carl A. from Cochrane
Pedersen, Erling from Boyle
Pedersen, Harry from Conrich, Calgary
Pedersen, Henry from Chancellor
Pedersen, Jorgen from Yarrow, Twin Butte
Pedersen, Julius from Rolling Hills, Tilley
Pedersen, Lorna D. from Okotoks
Pedersen, Martin from Millicent
Pedersen, Martin J. from Kevisville, Innisfail
Pedersen, Otto from Bowden
Pedersen, Pete from Eaglesham
Pedersen, Wendell from Medicine Hat
Pederson Bros. from Chancellor
Pederson, Andrew from Rosebud Creek, Rosebud
Pederson, Anton from Buffalo
Pederson, Arne Martin from Vauxhall
Pederson, Leif from Kinsella
Pederson, Mrs. Ethel Leif nee Lancaster from Kinsella
Pederson, Nord from Daysland, Rosalind
Pederson, Osar from Killam
Pederson, Raymond from Brownvale
Pederson, Stanley M. from Dalemead
Pederson, Vernon R. from Camrose
Pederzolli, August from Medicine Hat
Pedigo, Ralph from Makepeace, Medical, CA
Pedrazzine, Peter from Rocky Mountain House
Pedrini, E. from Diamond City, Lethbridge
Pedrini, L. from Diamond City
Pedro, Joseph V. from Chinook Valley
Peebles, Donald J. from Huxley, Victoria, BC
Peel, Lawrence Moore from Livingstone, Cowley
Peel, Peter from Hussar, Willow Creek, East Coulee
Peel, Robert J. from Cowley, Sardis, BC, Keg River
Peets, Herbert Edward from Edmonton
Pegg, Dennis & Trevor from Hayter
Pegg, Mildred & Harold from Hayter
Pegg, Thomas C. & Jones, Alfred P.(Pegg & Jones) from St. Kilda
Peiche, Joe from Smoky Lake
Peirens, Rene E. & Rene R. from Spring Coulee
Peirson, Gunnard from Bassano
Pejeau, Walter from Gurneyville
Pelchat, J.O. from Rolling Hills
Pelech, John from Spedden
Peleskey, Elles from Taber
Pellerin, Maurice from Cochrane
Pellerin, Mrs. E.M. from Bezanson, Goodwin, Grande Prairie
Pelletier, Alfred from Pincher Creek
Pelletier, Allan E. from Pincher Creek, Lundbreck
Pelletier, Archie from Pincher Creek
Pelletier, Arthur from Cardston, Pericord, SK
Pelletier, Wilfred from Pincher Creek
Pemberton, John Edward from Edmonton
Pence, Don F. from Cayley, Nanton
Penchuk, John from Edwand, Smoky Lake
Pendleton, Elmer Raymond from Ponoka
Pengilly, Dan from Stirling
Penhaligon, Irene & Sylvester from Wayne, Eldorado, SK
Penn, Harry A from Nanton
Penner, Cornelius from Gem
Penner, Dale from Gleichen
Penner, Dave from Duchess
Penner, David from Grassy Lake
Penner, Edward P. from Rosemary
Penner, Frank A. from Tofield
Penner, George from Rosemary
Penner, George J. from Three Hills
Penner, Gordon David from Linden, Three Hills
Penner, Helena from Carstairs, Fort Vermilion
Penner, Helmut William from Gem
Penner, Henry J. from Finnegan, Gem, Tofield, Millicent, Brooks
Penner, Isaac Jr. from Rosemary, Pincher Creek, Renata, BC
Penner, John from Coaldale, Claresholm, Lethbridge
Penner, John from Gem
Penner, John from Minburn
Penner, John from Provost
Penner, John I. from Rosemary
Penner, Pete from Gem
Penner, Peter from Castor, Lacombe
Penner, Peter J. from Rosemary
Penner, Peter P. from Coaldale
Penner, Peter, & Schmidt, Werner G. from DeBolt, Crooked Creek
Penner, Wesley from Edberg
Penney, Fred from Olds
Pennington, Peggy M.H. from Marwayne
Pennock, George from Knee Hill Valley, Calgary
Pennock, George Harry from Perbeck, Elnora, Innisfail
Pennock, Harold from Morrin
Pennock, Harry L. from Kneehill Valley, Grande Prairie
Pennock, R.D.G. from Elnora, Calgary
Penosky, Kenneth P. from Botha, Stettler
Penrice, Alex from South Cooking Lake
Penstock, Iva from Ensign
Penstock, Lester A. from Ensign
Penstock, Peter from Ensign, Coaldale
Pentelchuk, Nick from Wayne
Pentelechuk, William from Smoky Lake
Penzloff, Thomas & Helen M. from Claresholm
Percy, Reginald F. from Lousana
Perepeletza, Tom from Andrew
Pereverziff, John from Lethbridge
Perin, George from Barnwell
Perin, Joe or Joseph from Barnwell, Taber
Perkins Bros. (Fred & John) from Edgerton
Perkins, Alfred from Edgerton, Chauvin
Perkins, Harry from Vermilion
Perks, L.H. from Onion Lake, SK
Perra, Frank from Veteran, Sylvan Lake, Castor
Perras, Victor C. from Spirit River
Perrerault, Louis from Tinchebray, Galahad
Perrett, Heber J. from Stirling
Perrett, Robert Dale from Lethbridge, Stirling
Perrin, Jack & Ralph from Thorsby
Perrin, Lillian & Harvard from Cochrane
Perrin, Oron from Fort Macleod
Perrin, Ralph from Thorsby
Perrin, Wilfrid from Macleod
Perrott, Thomas from Penhold
Perry, Angus from Edmonton
Perry, Carol from Rainier
Perry, Clarence from Wanham
Perry, Fred A. from Cessford, Winnington
Perry, George H. from Elnora, Perbeck
Perry, George L. from Taber
Perry, H.M. from Talbot
Perry, Jim from Rainier
Perry, L.W. from Calgary
Perry, Lyle Charles from High Prairie
Perry, M.J.L.& Reid, Mrs. J.J. from Grassy Lake, Grantham
Perry, N.G. & A.C. from Buckhorn
Perry, Raleigh from Arvilla, Edmonton
Perry, Richard M. from Del Bonita
Perry, Stanley E. from Didsbury
Perry, W.A. from Bashaw
Perry, W.G. from New Brigden
Perry, Walter B. from Lethbridge, Coaldale
Persinger, Eli from Olds
Persinger, John Harold from Mannville
Persinger, Russel from Didsbury
Persinger, Walter from Donalda
Person, J.A. from Hay Lakes
Person, Richard from Hay Lakes
Person, Viola from Lloydminster
Persson, Gunnar from Valleyview
Persson, Ragnor & Gwen from Vauxhall
Peruche, Nick from Dovercourt
Peruzzo, Erminio from Beazer
Perverziff, Peter from Lethbridge
Peschl, Frank from Medicine Hat
Petek, Steve from Vauxhall
Peters, A.A. from Bearberry
Peters, A.E. from Whitelaw
Peters, B.T. from Castor
Peters, C.D. from Hays
Peters, E.L. from Battle Bend, Mulhurst, Weed Creek, Forestburg, Castor
Peters, Edward from Mayerthorpe
Peters, Erdman from Claresholm, Pincher Creek
Peters, Henry from Gem
Peters, Herman from Eureka River, Hines Creek
Peters, John from Delburne
Peters, Joseph Delbert from Claresholm, Woodhouse
Peters, Klaas from Calgary, Nanton
Peters, Mike from Coaldale
Peters, Norah L. from Pincher Creek
Peters, William G. from Three Hills
Petersen, Adolf from Enilda
Petersen, C.A. from Monitor
Petersen, Carl A. from Lacombe, Cassils, Millicent, Sangudo
Petersen, D.S. from Claresholm
Petersen, E.P. from Olds
Petersen, Francis A. from Cranford, Calgary, Vauxhall
Petersen, Frank J. from Erskine
Petersen, Harold from Jenner, Cassils
Petersen, Henry from Hays
Petersen, James Peter from Stirling
Petersen, John from Tofield, Alix
Petersen, Jorgen Chris from Markerville, Innisfail
Petersen, L. from Tilley
Petersen, Laura from Warner
Petersen, Lorna M. & Son from Erskine
Petersen, Nels from Madden, Paradise Valley
Petersen, Niels Oscar from Millet, Sundre
Petersen, Norman from Ardenode, Rosebud
Petersen, Otto from Entrance, Brule
Petersen, Peter G. from Chinook
Petersen, Rasmus from Halkirk, Britain
Petersen, Richard from Drumheller, Wayne
Petersen, Soren from Tilley
Petersen, Soren K. from Sedgewick
Petersen, Victor Sr. from Sundre, Millet
Petersen,Victor B.Jr. from Sundre, Admiral, SK
Petersen,Victor Sr. from Sundre, Millet
Peterson Bros. from Meeting Creek
Peterson, A.E. from Chauvin, Ribstone
Peterson, Albert from Beaverlodge
Peterson, Albert from Sundre
Peterson, Arne from Sunnynook
Peterson, Arnold from Forest Lawn
Peterson, Arnold from Meeting Creek
Peterson, Arthur from Strathmore
Peterson, Carl from Brownfield
Peterson, Carl from Hayter
Peterson, Charles from Royalties, Calgary
Peterson, Clarence from Brownfield
Peterson, Claus from Kevisville, Garrington, James River Bridge
Peterson, Conrad from Hayter, Wetaskiwin
Peterson, David from Elk Point
Peterson, Dorothy from Provost
Peterson, E.J. from Ponoka
Peterson, Edgar J. from Condor, Patricia
Peterson, Elizabeth from New Dayton
Peterson, Emil from Czar
Peterson, Ernest R. from Hesketh
Peterson, Foster W. from Coaldale, Taber
Peterson, George E. from Chinook
Peterson, George from Sedgewick
Peterson, George L. from Namaka
Peterson, Gus from Minnihik
Peterson, Gust from Notikewin
Peterson, Gustave L. from Rose Lynn
Peterson, Harry C. from Gladys, High River, Okotoks, Didsbury
Peterson, Hartman from Redcliff
Peterson, Helmot from Hughenden
Peterson, Herman S. from Viking
Peterson, Hugo E. from Donalda, Cloverdale, BC
Peterson, J.K. from Claresholm, Granum
Peterson, John A. from Metiskow, Wetaskiwin
Peterson, John Niel from Grande Centre
Peterson, Larry from Grande Prairie
Peterson, Leland D. from Hill Spring
Peterson, Leo H. from Cranford
Peterson, Margeret J. from Czar
Peterson, Mearl from Caroline, Montgomery
Peterson, Mrs. A. H from Suffield
Peterson, Mrs. Alve from Hughenden
Peterson, Neils Oscar from Sundre
Peterson, Nellie from Craigmyle
Peterson, Nels from Burdett
Peterson, Noel, Peterson, Betty from Hanna
Peterson, Olaf from Cardston, Seven Persons
Peterson, Oscar A. from Sunnynook, Pollockville, Earlstone
Peterson, P. from Kinsella
Peterson, Peter from Calgary
Peterson, Rasmus from Viking
Peterson, Robert & Edward Wiens from Lethbridge
Peterson, Ronald Frank from Bonanza
Peterson, Seth from Brooks
Peterson, Terrence from Valleyview
Peterson, Vern D. from Welling
Peterson, Wesley from Forest Lawn, Calgary, Standard
Peterson, William D. from Magrath, Fort Saint John
Peterson, William Gustav from Weston, ON, Nanton, Claresholm
Petherbidge, A.E. from Coronado
Petherbridge, James from Gibbons, Edmonton
Petiot, Frank from Cowley
Peto, Steve from Edmonton
Petre Bros. from Leslieville
Petrie, Burns from Busby, Surrey, BC
Petrie, Gordon W. from Fort SK
Petrie, William from Chauvin
Petro, Albert John from Calgary, Rocky Mountain House
Petro, John from Taber
Petroff, Martin from Kirriemuir
Petrosky, Paul from Lake Eliza, Innisfree
Petrosky, William from Innisfail
Petrowski, Dan from Innisfree
Petrowski, Mike J. from Innisfree, Edmonton
Petrowsky, Mike from Waskatenau
Petrs, Joyce from Lethbridge
Petruk, George J. from Ranfurly
Petruk, William & Son (John W.) from Ranfurly
Petruk, William from Hairy Hill
Petrukovich, Nick from New Lindsay, Furness, SK, Lloydminster, SK
Petryshen, Mike from Clyde
Pettersen, Alfred L. from Lundbreck
Petterson, Ernest E. from Sylvan Lake
Pettis, Rosamund from Erskine
Pettit, Ray E. from Calgary
Petzholdt, Hubert H. from Coronado
Pewonka, Ed from Chedderville
Peyto, Mrs. Ethel from Banff
Pezderic, Anton from Claresholm
Pfahl, Ernie W. from Hanna
Pfahl, Frederick from Torrington
Pfanmuller, Barry J. & & William W. from Edmonton
Pfannmuller, Karl from Mayerthorpe
Pfannmuller, Max Julian from Mayerthorpe
Pfannmuller, William from Edmonton
Pfau, Gust from Huallen
Pfau, Joseph from Goodfare
Pfefferle, Anthony from Three Hills
Pfeifer, Art from Chinook, East Coulee, Drumheller
Pfeifer, George from Beiseker
Pfeifer, Henry from Walsh
Pfeifer, Jacob from Bowell, Medicine Hat
Pfeifer, Otto from Irvine, Walsh
Pfeifer, Rudy from Little Gem, Drumheller, Innisfail
Pfeiffer, Edward from Red Willow
Pfeiffer, John from Calgary
Pfeiffer, John W. from Stettler, Gadsby
Pfenning, Herman from Hackett
Pfenning, Peter from Lowden Lake, Gadsby, Hackett
Pfluger, Hans from Greenshields
Pfoh, Mike from Fairview
Phalempin, Etienne A. from Rimbey, Ponoka, Winfield, BC
Pharis, Charles L.
Phay, Luther from Nemiskam
Pheasey, George from West Salisbury, Saltaux, Mannville
Phelan, Harry I. from Fort Assiniboine
Phelan, John from Red Deer
Phelan, John J. Jr. from Consort, Edmonton, Wetaskiwin
Phelan, William from Fort Assiniboine
Phelps, Albert, L. from Fort St. John, BC
Phelps, Nathaniel from Cochrane
Phibbs, Edgar from Edmonton
Philipchuk, Arthur from Sundre
Phillippe, E.V. from Paradise Valley
Phillippe, Vincent from Paradise Valley
Phillips, Arthur from Castor
Phillips, Brad from Lacombe
Phillips, Catherine A. from Carseland
Phillips, Charles George S. from Ponoka
Phillips, Charles Wesley from Delia
Phillips, Cyril F. from MacKay
Phillips, Dunford George from Duchess, Beaverlodge
Phillips, Edward W. from Seba Beach
Phillips, Eldon from Castor
Phillips, Frances from Bindloss
Phillips, Francis Wayne from Tilley
Phillips, Frank from Bindloss
Phillips, G.J. from Edmonton
Phillips, George Gordon from Innisfail, Bowden
Phillips, Gordon Percy from Calgary
Phillips, Herbert F. from Watino
Phillips, Herbert J. from Granum, Lethbridge
Phillips, Ivan E. from Tofield
Phillips, J. & S. Slyzen from Sundre
Phillips, John from Calgary
Phillips, Keith from Lacombe
Phillips, Keith M. from Bow Island, Cayley
Phillips, Leland A. from Carseland
Phillips, Mrs. A.A. from Eckville
Phillips, Paul from Mannville
Phillips, Pauline I. nee Betts from Ponoka, Rimbey
Phillips, R.H. from Tofield
Phillips, R.N. from Beaver Mines
Phillips, Robert Charles from Sundre
Phillips, Ronald Murray from Trochu
Phillips, Thomas from Millarville
Phillips, W. from Westward Ho, Sundre
Phillips, William from Bingley
Phillips, William R. from Innisfail, Bowden
Philpott, W.A. from Brooks
Phippen, William from Westerose
Phipps, Keith & Margaret from Langdon
Piasetsky, William from Spedden
Piasetzki, Doris Lee from Medicine Hat
Picard, Raoul from St. Paul
Picard, Raymond from Lloydminster
Pich, Andrew from Chipman
Picken, John from Castor, Sullivan Lake
Pickering, George William Edwin from Brooks
Pickering, Leonard from Claresholm
Pickering, Mrs. Frances from Vauxhall
Pickering, Robert L. from Brooks
Pickersgill, John Frederick from Calgary
Pickett, Rose Marie & Pickett, Wallace C. from Orion
Picketts, Harold from Rimbey
Pickford, Charles from Joussard
Pickford, John G.E. from Lloydminster
Pickford, Trevor W. from Drumheller, Oliver, BC
Picture Butte Ward Church from Jesus Christ from Latter Day Saints from Picture Butte
Pidgeon, John L. & Thomas A. from Hanna, Richdale
Pidhirney Bros. from Hemaruka
Pidhirney, Frederick John from Tees
Pidhirney, H.M. from Hemaruka
Pidhirney, John from Coronation, Hemaruka
Pidruchney, Mike from Pathfinder, Myrnam
Pidsadowski, Paul from Halach
Piechocki, James from Bow Island
Pienkowski, Zygmunt from Fort Macleod, Red Deer
Pieper, George E. from Didsbury
Piepgrass, Darrell G & Henry F. from Raymond, Calgary
Pierce & Rice from Kinuso
Pierce, Benjamin F. from Drumheller
Pierce, C.R. from Lousana
Pierce, Carl from Delia
Pierce, John R. from Claresholm
Pierce, W.H. from Leslieville, Wetaskiwin
Pierlot, R.W. from Rimbey, Fort Langley, BC
Pierrard, Florent from Gleichen
Pierson, Anton from Cheadle, Calgary
Pierson, David from Picture Butte
Pierson, Gunnard from Duchess, Bassano
Pierson, J.H. from Steveville, Wardlow
Pierson, Nils from Metiskow
Pierson, Randal Keith from Wardlow
Pierson, Ray from Taber, Calgary
Pierson, Richard M. from Lethbridge
Pietz, Emil from Schuler
Pigeon, Joe from St. Paul
Pihl, Alfred Richard from Olds
Pihl, Rasmus from Lathom
Pihonsky, Steve from Thorsby
Pihooja, Albert from Eckville
Pike, Albert from Strachan, Victoria, BC
Pike, Alfred George from Calgary
Pike, Mrs. Frank from Rimbey, Rocky Mountain House
Pilgaard, Simon from Provost
Pilgrim, H.H. from Wainwright
Pilhofer Bros. (Steve & Frank & Paul) from Claresholm
Pilhofer, Paul from Claresholm
Pilhofu, Steve from Claresholm
Pilipchuk, Joe from Warspite
Piller, Jerry from Stauffer
Pilling, Charles W. from Leavitt
Pilling, Clair from Cardston, Leavitt
Pillman, Fulton H. from Castor, Alliance
Pillman, Richard L. from Chigwell, Lorainne, Castor
Pillsbury, Wayne A. from Rimbey
Pinch, Donald from Brule
Pinder, Harold Alvin from Elk Point
Pinder, I.C. & A.F. from Vermilion, Elk Point
Pine Ridge Farm (Grant Nelson Headrick) from St. Paul
Pine Ridge Ranche Ltd. (Donald M. Holler, Pres.) from Grande Prairie
Pine Sands Ranching Ltd. from Edmonton
Pink, Harold C. from Olds
Pinkerton, Floyd F. & S. Gussie from Walla Walla, WA
Pinkoski, Kenneth M. from Leduc
Pinnell, Larry Wayne from Edmonton
Pinsch, John from Grande Prairie
Pinske, Albert F. from Marwayne
Pinter, John from Turin
Pinter, Steve from Rosedale
Pioker, Joseph from Fabyan
Pioker, Steve from Wainwright, Irma
Pioneer Gelbvieh Ltd. from Fairview
Pioneer Ranche, (Booker Paul Reed Estate) from Macleod
Piontek, Tom from Benyon, Chancellor
Piotrowski, Rudolph from Elk Point, Stony Lake
Pipe, Richard Lawrence from Calgary, Rockyford
Pipella, Mike from Andrew
Piper, Agnes from Goose Lake
Piper, Frank Henry from Monitor
Pique, Joachim August from Redcliff
Pirnak, Dave E. from Lamont, Chipman
Pirnak, William from Smoky Lake
Pirnek, John from St. Paul
Pirtz, John from Beaver Mines
Pisko, Mrs. John from Delburne
Pitcher, Arthur LeRoy from Cardston, Woolford
Pitcher, Leo from Cardston
Pitcher, Nellie H. from Cardston
Pitcher, Willis & Kent from Cardston
Pitfield, Anthony Campbell from Maycroft, Lundbreck
Pitfield, Sylvia Gladys from Maycroft, Lundbreck, Calgary
Pitruck, John from Rearville
Pittendreigh, Don & Pat from Cluny
Pitula, Alex from Minburn
Pixley, R.W. from Innisfail
Place, William R. from Viking
Plachner, John from Star
Plachner, M. from Skaro
Plain, M.J. & Sons from Pibroch
Plamondon, Dominic from Beaver Crossing, Canoe, BC
Plamondon, Donat from Bonnyville
Plamondon, Roy from Plamondon
Plandowski, Sam from Beaverdam, Streamstown
Plandowski, Walter from Beaverdam
Planger, Cordula from Cowley, Fishburn, Twin Butte
Plant, Ned from Sundre, Bergen
Plante, Felix from Entrance, Hinton
Plante, Hector from St. Paul
Plante, Isaac from Entrance
Plante, Norman from Entrance
Plante, Roger from St. Paul
Plantier, Jean from Castor, Lorraine
Plaskett, Robert from Spring Point
Plato, Ewalt from Ponoka
Platonow, George from Clyde
Platt, Samuel A. from Innisfree
Platten, David from Provost
Platz, Gordon from Buck Creek
Plaxton, Aaron from Homestead, Wainwright
Plaxton, W.J. from Wainwright
Plaxton, William Earl from Wainwright
Playne, F.S. from Vermilion
Plaza, Walter from Lundbreck, Calgary
Pleasure Valley Investments Inc from Calgary
Plehnert, Henry from Federal
Plested, Allan from Parkland, Innisfail
Plested, Stevie from Turner Valley
Plester, Edwin P. from Falun
Plett, Cornelius from Gem
Plews, George from Dunmore, Medicine Hat
Plihon, Jean & Georgette from Chauvin
Ploger, Millie or Mildred E. from Big Prairie, Calgary
Plouffe, Alfred from La Corey
Plouffe, Henry from Olds
Plouvier, August from Halkirk
Plouvier, Emmanuel from Halkirk
Plouvier, Pierre from Britain
Plowman, Dollie nee Smith from Buffalo
Pluger, Hans from Greenshields
Plum, Clarence Lester from Rocky Mountain House
Plumb, Herbert A from Bearberry
Plume, Dean from Cardston
Plumley, James from Medicine Hat
Plummer, J.H. from Midnapore
Plunet, August from Fareham
Plunkett, Thomas D.B. from Rocky Mountain House
Plut, Frank from Sangudo
Plut, John from Sangudo
Pobst, Arnold R. from Arrowwood
Pobuda, George from Viking
Pobuda, William John from Viking
Poch, Ladi from Pincher Creek, Burmis, Lundbreck
Poch, Paul from Lundbreck
Poch, Tony Fred from Chapel Rock
Poche, John from Stirling, Lethbridge, Maybutt
Pochynok, Joseph from Edmonton
Podmaroff, Alex from Calgary, Carstairs
Podritske, Peggy from Ponoka
Podulsky, Tony, & Mary from Bezanson
Poeckens, Joseph from Camrose, Heathdale
Poelman, Ralph Peter from Granum
Poeter, Ferdinand from Anselmo, Mayerthorpe
Poettcker Bros. from Springridge
Poettcker Cousins (John A. & A.A.) from Springridge, Pincher Creek
Poettcker, Henry A. from Pincher Creek
Poettcker, John A. from Springridge, Pincher Creek, Vauxhall, Acme
Poffaht, John from Lobley
Poffenrorth, H.B. from Madden, Crossfield
Poffenroth, Alex from Ponoka
Poffenroth, Alfred from Delacour
Poffenroth, Debbie & Carol Roenish from High River
Poffenroth, Edward J. from Midnapore
Poffenroth, Garry H. from Beiseker
Poffenroth, George from Esther
Poffenroth, Harold from High River, DeWinton
Poffenroth, John P. from Ponoka
Poffenroth, John Philip from Elnora
Poffenroth, Lawrence from Ponoka
Poffenroth, Ryan from Crossfield
Poffenroth, Vernon E. from High River
Pogmore, G. William from Stettler, Red Deer
Pogson, Charles A from Turner Valley
Pohl, Clarence C. from Caroline
Pohl, Emanual from Blackfalds, Lousana
Pohl, Gottlieb from Leduc
Pohl, Otto August from Markerville
Pohl, Walter from Wetaskiwin
Poholski, Mike from Hylo
Pointkoski, Fred from Ohaton
Pointkoski, Walter from Camrose
Poirier, A.A. from Sexsmith
Poirier, Albert from Calgary
Poirier, Arthur from Ashmont
Poirier, Edmund A. from St. Paul
Poirier, Fred from Ashmont, Boyne Lake
Poirier, Hildege from Morinville
Poirier, Louis from Rocky Mountain House, Pink Mountain, BC
Poirier, Oscar from St. Paul
Poirier, R.M. from Carstairs
Poitras, Fred from Ashmont
Poitras, Myles Pat from Frog Lake
Poitras, Raymond from Dewberry
Pokorski, John from Edmonton
Polard, Frank from Sunset House
Pole, G.A. from Airdrie
Pole, Lawrence A.E. & Beatrice from Claresholm
Pole, Russell J. from Balzac
Pole, William R. from Airdrie
Poliakiwiski, Peter from Mannville
Pollack, Albert Carl from Bowden
Pollack, John from Olds
Pollack, Walter from Bowden
Pollard Bros. (Gilbert & George) from Westlock
Pollard, Alfred from Wainwright
Pollard, Joseph from Marwayne
Pollitt, Edward W. from Sunset House
Pollock, Gladys May nee Hammond from Pincher Creek, Pincher Station, Brocket
Pollock, James from Claresholm
Pollock, James M. from Strachan
Pollock, Mrs. E.M. from Gem
Pollock, Mrs. Peter nee Gladys May Hammond from Pincher Creek, Pincher Station, Brocket
Pollock, Ray Wilton from Grande Prairie
Pollock, Raymond M. from Red Deer
Pollock, Roy Thomas from Olds
Pollock, Tom from Olds
Polnau, Lawrence & Marie from Rocky Mountain House
Polnau, Willie from Hemaruka, Leslieville
Polowy, Walter from Vermilion
Polowy, William from Lac Bellevue
Pols, Arthur J.H. from Medicine Hat, Coleridge
Pols, Arthur L. from Medicine Hat
Pols, Edward James from Coleridge, Medicine Hat
Polson, David from Grassy Lake
Polson, Ernest Edward from Tees, Airdrie
Polson, Janet I. from Rocky Mountain House
Pommen, Harvey A. from Tabor
Pommen, William from Lethbridge, Coaldale
Pommersheim, Josef from Castor, Alliance
Pondarosa Farms Ltd. from Edmonton
Ponich, George from Bremner
Ponipal, Emil from Evansburg
Ponoka Feeders" Assoc. Ltd. from Ponoka
Ponomareff, Alexander from Arrowwood
Pontarollo, Antimo & Guido & Reno from Beazer, Cardston
Pontarollo, Caterina from Beazer
Ponto, Berthold from Galahad
Pooke, Joe from Holden
Pool, Frank from Nobleford
Pool, G.A. from Vulcan
Pool, Lee R.O. from Goodfare
Poole, Clifford W. from Carbon
Poole, H. J. from Trochu
Poole, John L. from Viking
Poole, Ronald Barry from Camrose
Poole, Rueben from Burdett
Poole, William H. from Trochu, Wimborne, Curlew
Poole, Zella from Viking
Pooley, Harvey from Delburne
Poor Eagle, Douglas from Cluny
Poor Eagle, Joe from Cluny
Poor Eagle, Ross from Cluny
Poor Eagle, Walter from Cluny
Pope, Frank Wilford from Sundre
Pope, Fred (Lakeside Farm) from Haven
Popek, Albert from Eaglesham
Popek, Jan from Kinsella
Popik, Mrs. Andrew from Glen Park
Popik, Walter from Thorsby
Popovich, Nick from St. Paul
Popowich, Alex from Lac Bellevue
Popowich, Peter J. from Smoky Lake
Popowich, Wasyl from Beauvallon
Poppe, Joseph from Lethbridge
Popson, Sophie from Lethbridge
Popyk, Robert from Ardmore
Porath, Charles from Clyde, Consort, Westlock
Porkka, Walter from Picture Butte
Porodo, Henri from Atmore
Porteous Bros. from Calgary, High River
Porteous, C.G. from Calgary, High River
Porteous, Harry from Baintree
Porteous, J.G. from Calgary, Baintree
Porteous, James A. from Athabasca, Cheadle
Porter Bros. (Joseph & Alex) from Lousana, Breda
Porter Shane from Lethbridge
Porter, A.J. from Spring Point
Porter, Allan Robert from Edmonton
Porter, Fred S. from Taber
Porter, J.K. & Son from Edmonton
Porter, Jack from Crossfield
Porter, John from Dewberry
Porter, Joseph from Lousana, Trochu
Porter, Joyce from Taber
Porter, Karl from Lyalta
Porter, Robert George from Duffield
Porter, Samuel from Medicine Hat
Porter, W.J.D. & Will C. from Czar
Porter, Will C. from Czar
Poscente - Pitman Enterprises from Calgary
Posegate, Ernest Hope from Driftpile
Posegate, Frank from Kinuso
Posey, Howard from Kinuso
Posterski, Albert from Picture Butte
Postey, Alex from Wanham
Postlethwaite A. from Diamond City, Bottrel, Madden
Postlethwaite, Frank Jr. from Bottrel
Postlethwaite, Frank Sr. from Bottrel, Diamond City
Postlethwaite, Sid from Cochrane, Erikdale, MB
Postlethwaite, William from Bottrel, Cochrane
Postman, Henry from La Glace
Pot, Jacob from Fort Macleod
Potapoff, William P. from Cowley
Poter, Hilda from Koknee
Potratz, Harold Valentine from Watino
Potter, E.J. from Stettler, Hackett, Botha
Potter, Frank E. from Vermilion
Potter, George from Calgary
Potter, H.C. from Bawlf, Rosalind
Potter, Henry from Lougheed
Potter, Idwal Harry from Lethbridge
Potter, John from Sheerness
Potter, M. E. from Spring Coulee
Potts Bros.(Henry S. & George) from Elk Point
Potts, J.A. from Coalhurst
Potts, James from Hobbema
Potts, Joseph from Duffield
Potvin, Damaze from Vermilion, Stockkeville, Heath, Vermilion
Potvin, Ralph from Picardville
Potvin, W.J. from Islay
Poucette, Pete Jr. from Longview
Pouilsen, Niels from Grand Centre
Poulsen, Poul from Paradise Valley
Poulsen, Severt Martin from East Coulee, Evansburg, Obed
Pound, Mason from Daysland
Povaschuk, John H. from Elk Point
Povey, George from Medicine Hat
Pow, David S. from Cochrane
Powder, Gabriel from Pickardville
Powder, Robert James from Sputinow
Powell Bros. (W.J. & J.L.) from Edmonton
Powell, A. from Hillsdown
Powell, C.R. from Kinsella, Viking
Powell, C.T. from Hardisty
Powell, Clarence R. & Marion Jasper from Blackfalds
Powell, Ester & Rees from Innisfail
Powell, Frank from Beynon, Calgary, Wayne, Vancouver, BC
Powell, Lawrence L. from Viking
Powell, Percy from Bassano
Powell, Perry & Paul from Rosyth, Hughenden
Powell, W.F. from Hanna, Sunnynook
Powell, Wallace McWayne from Balzac
Powell, William from Taber
Powelson, Bert P. from Raymond
Powelson, Selbe P. from Raymond
Powers, John Wallace from Whitecourt
Powers, Mary from Whitecourt
Powley, Mike from Ryley, Vegreville
Powley, Peter from Ryley
Powlowitch, John from Keg River
Poxton, Walter from Coleman
Poynter, W.R. & Sons from Provost, New Westminster, BC
Poynton, Jack Alvin William from Vauxhall
Pozanski, Sam from Floating Stone, Boyne Lake, Spedden
Pozer, Hugh W. from Lac La Biche
Pozsgai, Steve from Buck Lake, Minnihik
Prairie Animal Breeding Enterprises Ltd. from Edmonton
Prairie Cattle Co-Operative Ltd. from Cardston
Prairie Chicken, Allan from Stand Off
Prairieville Char-Angus Ranch Ltd. from Calgary
Prakopas, Thomas from Sheerness
Prater, Edwin Wallace from Brant, Calgary
Pratt, A.E. from Didsbury
Pratt, Edwin, & Jean from Rosemary, Brooks
Pratt, Ernie from Claresholm
Pratt, Frank from Highland Park
Pratt, John Harold from Esther
Pratt, Joseph from Onion Lake, SK
Pratt, T.A. from Stettler
Pratt, William Kenneth from Tees
Prediger, Fred & Hazel from Cadogan
Prediger, Joe from Ponoka
Pregnier, Henry from Leedale
Pregoda, John Arthur from Rimbey
Prehn, Emil Nick (estate) from Forestburg
Prentice, Claude from Esther
Prentice, Lawrence A. from Caroline, Victoria, BC
Presakarchuk or Presse, Mike from Deadwood
Presant, Mrs. Fred from Carbon
Prescott, Jimmy Richard from Cowley
Prescott, Margaret from Elnora
Prescott, Thomas W. from Elnora
Presley, Lyle J. from Blackie, Nanton
Presley, Thomas W. from Macleod
Prestidge, George William Clarence from Vegreville, Wildwood
Prestlien, Elster from Hughenden, Kelowna, BC
Prestlien, Nels from Airways, Hughenden
Prestlien, R.L. from Calgary, Hughenden
Preston, Archie T. from Talbot
Preston, Ed from Water Valley
Preston, Fred from Richdale
Preston, Robert from Richdale
Preston, Winnifred from Vermilion, Koknee
Prete, Earl R. from Duchess, Lethbridge, Rosemary, Provo, UT
Prete, Lyle M. from Rosemary
Preuss, Emil from Medicine Hat
Price and Doncaster from Bruce
Price Bros. (Kenneth W. & Ellis H.) from Lloyd's Hill
Price, E.H. from Lloyds Hill, Consort
Price, Elaine & Elaine Olsen from Finnigan
Price, Ellis H. from Consort
Price, Frank from Nanton, Muirhead
Price, Harold from Vauxhall
Price, J. Floyd from Three Hills
Price, John Barry from Tofield
Price, Joseph from Elk Point
Price, L.J. from Black Diamond
Price, M.G. from Pine Lake
Price, Mrs. V.J. from Finnigan
Price, Oscar C. from Cochrane, Calgary
Price, Pearl from Vauxhall
Prichard, Vernon from Viking, Strome
Prichard, W.H. from Strome
Pride, Joe E. from Madden, Bottrel
Priebe, Harvey A. from Ferintosh
Prier, Harry from New Sarepta
Priest, Frank from Madden, Vernon, BC
Priest, Frank L. from Madden, Bowness, High Prairie, Vernon, BC
Priest, Thomas from Dalemead, Springbank, Okotoks, Madden, Calgary, Gladys, Crossfield
Priestley, Samuel from Elnora
Prieur, Robert F. from Water Valley, Calgary
Prill, Leo from Mannville
Pri-Mac Farms Ltd. from Pickardville
Prime, A.V. from Swalwell
Primrose, John A. from Calgary
Primrose, Melvin U. from Barrhead
Primrose, Robert Scott from High River, Okotoks
Prince, J.W. from Glenwoodville, Cardston
Prince, Lyle from Waterton Park, Twin Butte
Prince, Marion from Beazer
Prince, Thomas from Grande Cache
Pring, Herbert from Vale, Medicine Hat
Pring, J.B. from Woking, Shawville, PQ
Pringle, Andrew from Lousana
Pringle, James from West Wingham, Scotfield
Pritchard, Agnes from Whitecourt
Pritchard, Roy A. from Gem
Prlich, Ivan from Picture Butte
Prochnau, Edward from Bruderheim
Procinsky Alex from Lamont
Procinsky, Edward from Iron River
Procinsky, William from Warspite
Prociuk, Harry from Gunn
Prockiw, Steve from Warspite
Proctar, David Wayne from Rochester
Proctor, Artie L. Vere & Sons (David W. & Gerry) from Calmar, Rochester, Creston, BC
Proctor, Charlie from Rolling Hills
Proctor, John W. from Calgary
Proctor, W.C. from Wetaskiwin
Prodaniuk, John from St. Paul
Producers Livestock Marketing Association from Lethbridge
Proehl, Ernst from Lethbridge, Bow Island
Proehl, Frank from Foremost
Prohaszka, Steve from Brooks, Tilley
Prokopchuk, Frank from Big Coulee, Athabasca
Prokopos, Peter from Hanna, Sheerness
Prokosch, John C. from Provost
Prosk, Caroline from Coaldale
Proskiev, Steve from Myrnam
Proskiw, John S. from Myrnam
Proskiw, Lawrence from Myrnam
Proskiw, William J. from Myrnam
Proskurniak, William from Hotchkiss
Proskurnik, Walter from Kavanagh, Sangudo
Prosser, Dale William from Minburn, Viking
Prosser, Gerald from Mannville, Terrace BC
Prosser, J.C. from High River
Prosser, Martha E. from High River, Bluffton
Prosser, Sherman from Irma, Stanger, Sangudo
Protsch, Garry from Dewberry
Protsch, John from Dewberry
Proud, Robert J. from Dewberry
Proudfoot, Fred from Mannville, Edmonton
Prouse, George from Dewberry
Prouty, Ernest from Comrey
Provincial Auxilary Mental Hospital from Raymond
Provo, William from Thelma
Provost, Andrew from Brocket
Provost, Dorothy from Brocket
Provost, Vivian Irene from Red Deer
Prowse, Dale from Cluny
Pruden, Floyd Percival from Lac La Biche
Pruden, Howard from Kikino
Pruden, John Angus from Silver Heights
Pruden, Omer Patrick from Lac La Biche
Prufer, Earl G. from Edmonton
Prus, Albin from Taber
Prusko, Anthony from Smoky Lake
Prusko, John from Smoky Lake
Prusko, Joseph H. from Smoky Lake
Prutton, Charles from Elk Point
Prybylski Bros. from Viking
Pryor, M.H. & Son from High River, Tomahawk
Prystupa, Steve from Sexsmith
Pryszlak, Steve from Hollow Lake
Przekop, Peter from Smoky Lake
Pshyk, John from Innisfree
Publicover, George Roy from Calgary
Puch, Lydia from Pincher Creek
Puckett, Rae Charles from Halkirk
Pudar. George from Sangudo
Pudwell, Alexander from Perryvale
Pudwell, Daniel from Schuler
Pudwell, John from Medicine Hat
Pugh, John Lovell from Edgerton, Hope Valley
Pugh, May Helen from East Coulee
Pugh, Stanley from Edgerton
Pulay, Rose Marie Marjorie from Bingley
Pullin, Earle from Clear Hills
Pullin, Rodney A. from Clear Hills
Pullin, Wallace from Clear Hills
Pullishy Bros. (Vaughn, Gerald, James & Peter) from Star
Pullishy, Fred M. & Sons from Star
Pulst, Silas F. from Lacombe
Pulyk, Julian from Mannville
Pundyk, Steve Robert from Opal
Purcell, E.W. & Ralph W. from Darwell
Purcha, Stanley from Tangent
Purcha, Walter from Watino
Purdy Bros. from Macleod
Purdy Bros. from Millarville
Purdy, John James Nelson from Wetaskiwin
Purdy, Reginald from Fort Macleod
Purnell Belbert Cooper from Ponoka
Purnell, Lloyd Rubley from Eckville
Purnell, Moval from Whiskey Gap
Purtell, Frank Bernard from Halkirk
Purves, Annie Jane from Islay, Delano
Purves, William from Sundre
Purvis Bros. (Gordon Francis & Charles Duncan) from Crossfield
Purvis, Frank (Francis) Albert from Crossfield
Purvis, Gordon Francis from Crossfield
Purvis, James Edward from Teepee Creek
Putman, Roy Lee from Gibbons
Putnam, Albert Walter from Grassland
Putnam, Forest Glen from Gibbons
Putnam, Lila D. from Gibbons, Edmonton
Putnik, John from Calgary
Putzi, Jack from Claresholm, Rimbey
Putzi, John from Warner
Putzi, Ralph from Warner
Puzey, Henry from Stettler, Woking
Pydde, Walter E. from Millet
Pye, Ronald from Penhold
Pyke, Amos from Viking
Pyke, Elgin from Didsbury, Kinsella
Pyke, Eva from Viking
Pyke, Leslie from Kinsella
Pyke, Wilfred from Viking
Pyllarz, John from Travers
Pylypiuk, Walter from Minburn
Pylypow, Wasyl from Star
Pyne Bros. from Warner
Pyne, Lucille from Warner
Pytel, Steve from Smoky Lake

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