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Cancelled Brand Files - O
151st Quorum of Seventies from Lethbridge
Oak, A.F. & Kitto, F.O. from Bashaw
Oakes, Cecil from Mystery Lake
Oakes, Roy A. from Innisfail, Knee Hill Valley
Oakford Bros. from Hythe
Oakford, William J. from Hythe
Oatway, James Arthur from Viking
Obee, Brian from Falun
Ober, C.A. from Coaldale, Lethbridge
Ober, Charles Alex from Coaldale, Lethbridge
Ober, Thomas W. from Coaldale, Calgary
Oberg, Clarence C. from Forestburg
Oberg, E.A. from Breton
Oberg, E.A. from Breton
Oberg, Erick from Franchere
Oberhammer, H.J. from Medicine Hat, Pashley
Oberholtzer, Ralph H. from Arrowwood
Obermayr, Matthew from Morecambe
Obermeyer, Cornie from Coronation
Oberten, Frank from Claresholm
Obertowich, Mike Jack from Kinsella
Oberts, John G. from Ponoka
Oberts, John G. from Ponoka
Oborne, L.R. from Water Valley, Eckville
Oborne, Lorna Verdell from Turner Valley
Oborosky, Philip from Provost
O'Bray, Allan from Innisfail
O'Bray, George from Calgary, Innisfail
O'Bray, Mrs. S.E. from Twin River
O'Bray, Ralph from Calgary
O'Brien, A.W. from Lunnford
O'Brien, Anthony from Halkirk
O'Brien, E.J. from Castor
O'Brien, H.J. from Killam
O'Brien, Joseph from Lethbridge
O'Brien, Kenneth Russell from Castor
O'Brien, Mary from Halkirk
O'Brien, Melbourne Hubert from Pibroch
O'Brien, Patrick from Chauvin
O'Brien, W.J. from Calgary
Obrigewitch, Eugene Paul, Peter L. & Ted R. from Bluesky
O'Callaghan, Alex from Elnora
O'Callaghan, Donald from Hubalta, Elnora
O'Callaghan, Timothy from Hubalta, Huxley
O'Carroll, Thomas Joseph from Cochrane
Ockey, Eugene E. from Rosemary
Ockey, Herman R from Rosemary, Beazer, Cardston
Ockley, Harry from Caroline, Priddis
O'Connell, Dennis from Rio Grande
O'Connell, Neil from Rio Grande
O'Connell, Victor from Fort Vermilion
O'Connell, William Henry from Brooks
O'Connor, Dan from Edgerton
O'Connor, Daniel from Watino
O'Connor, Don from Bulwark
O'Connor, Edward from Little Plume, Ranchville
O'Connor, James from St. Brides
O'Connor, M. from Gilt Edge
O'Connor, Margaret T. & Thomas J. from Calgary
O'Connor, Robert Howard from Calgary
O'Connor, William from Gilt Edge, Heath
Oczkowski, Tom from Lundbreck
Odden, Hans from Hughenden
Odden, Ralph E. from Excel
Oddie, A.W. from Claresholm
Oddie, Edward from Burdett
Oddie, J.S. & K.M. from Pincher Creek
Oddie, Thomas H. from Pincher Creek, Grassy Lake
Odegaarden, Andre from Norway Valley
Odegaarden, Knut from Norway Valley, Heinsburg
Odegard, Jacob from Enchant, Turin
Odegard, T. & L. Topfer from Camrose
O'Dell, Albert from Delburne
O'Dell, Edwin from Alliance
Odell, George R. from Calgary, Carstairs
O'Dell, James L. from Barrhead
O'Dell, James L. from Barrhead
Odell, William E. from Alliance
Odell, William I. & D.G. from Carstairs
Odenbach, Albert Edward from Rimbey
Odenbach, Ronald from Spruce Grove
Odenwald, John from Coaldale
Odgaard, Torben from Taber
Odland, Audrey M. from Enchant
Odland, John from Enchant
Odland, S. Arnold from Taber
Odland, Sam S. from Taber, Enchant
Odland, Sigvar & Lars from Vauxhall
Odland, Swen E. from Wayne, Blackie
O'Donnell, Albert & Leonard from Spruce Grove
O'Donnell, Edmund E. from Taber
O'Donovan, Peter Raymond from North Edmonton
O'Dwyer, J.B. from Calgary
Odynski, Krizon from Hairy Hills
Oedbauer, John W. from New Brigden
Oelke, Albert & Lena from Lundbreck, Coleman
Oelke, Albert & Lena from Lundbreck, Coleman
Oelke, Albert from Bowden, Pincher Creek, Lundbreck
Oelke, Laura from Bowden
Oestreich, William D. & Karen from Fort Macleod
Oestreicher, A. from Blackfoot
Offer, Stanley from Caroline, Victoria, BC
Offet, Vernon Dale from Lacombe
Offord, John from Morrin, Big Valley
Ogan, C.E. from Canmore, Sundre
Ogden, Mervin V. from Camrose
Ogilvie, George E. from Ponoka
Ogilvie, J.W. from Lacombe
Ogilvie, Jack A. from Rocky Mountain House
Ogilvie, Myrtle from Rimbey
Ogilvie, Norman from Caroline
Ogilvie, William from Lacombe
Oglaff, William from Arrowwood
Ogle, Everett E. from Twining
Ogrodnick, Steve & Paul from Holden, Haight, Viking
O'Gryzlo, Milton from Calgary
Ogston, Robert James from Rimbey
O'Hanlon, Harry Francis from Midnapore, Calgary, High River
O'Hara, Exelus from Bulwark
O'Hara, John L. from Masinasin, Milk River
O'Hara, Mike P. from Bulwark, Castor
O'Hara, William Jr. from Masinasin, Milk River
Ohberg, Alice from Rimbey
Ohlendorff, Alfred from Cherhill
Ohler, Ivan from Carmangay
Ohler, W.T. from Carmangay
Ohlhausen, Henry H. from Acme, Carstairs, Calgary
Ohlhausen, Wilhelm from Josephburg, Newburg, Irvine
Ohlhauser, Norman H. from Sundre, Carbon
Ohlmann, Wilbert Henry from Millet
Ohman, Evert from Millicent
Ohman, F.S. from Gwynne
Ohman, Fred from Scandia
Ohman, Victor from Crossfield, Lloyds Hill
O'How, Albert J. from High Prairie
Ohrn, C.H. from Calmar
Oia, Steffen from St. Edouard, St. Paul
OíBray, S.N. from Cardston
Oie, Oscar O. from Lea Park
Ojala, Albert from Eckville, Bingley
Oka, Tom from Cardston
Okamaw, William from Grouard, Sucker Creek
Oke, B.W. from Throne, Veteran
O'Keefe, John from Heath
Okemow, William from Grouard
Oko, John from Tawatinaw
Okotoks & District Feeders Assoc, Ltd. from Okotoks
Okrainetz, George from Willingdon
Okuma, Y. from Vauxhall
Olafson, Albert from Rolling Hills
Olafson, Arthur from Rolling Hills, Armena
Olafson, Ellaf A. from Medicine Hat
Olafson, Roy from Rolling Hills, Robarts, SK
Olafson, Walter from Rolling Hills, Calgary, Olds
Olal, Kenneth from Carbon
Oland, Harold from Waterton Park
Olanski, Nick from High Prairie
Olansky, John from Waskatenau
Old Woman, Floyd from Gleichen
Oldenburg, Richard N. from Kitscoty
Oldenburger, Jacob from Iron Springs
Olderskog, Thorleiv from Valhalla Centre, Beaverlodge
Oldfield, David from Water Valley
Oldfield, Doug from Water Valley
Oldfield, George from Big Prairie
Oldfield, Winifred from Vulcan
Oldford, J.E.C. from Red Deer
Oldham, Maurice W. from Fabyan
Olds Curling Club from Olds
Olds, Archie from Cappon, Kitscoty
Olds, Eliza from Laughlin
Olds, Gertrude from Kitscoty, Paradise Valley
Olds, Gordon A. from Oyen, Cappon
Olds, Harry Fred from Olds
Oldstad, Everett & Leonard from Edberg
Olechowski, William from Winnifred, Medicine Hat
Olekszyk, D.O. from Ardmore
Oler, Allen LeRoy from Rosemary
Oler, Delbert George from Stirling
Oler, George Harold from Duchess, Rosemary, Calgary
Oler, John from Stirling
Olesen, Edwin H. from Daysland
Olesen, Ole E. from Innisfail
Olesen, Peter from Chauvin, Artland, SK
Olesen, Peter M. from Wayne, Red Deer, Sylvan Lake, Drumheller
Olesen, Ronald E. from Innisfail
Oleski, Annie from Calgary
Oleson, Lars from Ribstone
Olienick, Robert from Midnapore
Olifirowich, Ed & Dave Tizzard from La Corey
Olifirowich, Edward from Fort Kent
Olifirowich, William from Bonnyville
Olin, R.F. from Rolling Hills
Olinek, Stephen from Andrew
Oliphant, W. from Vermilion
Olisek, Frank S. from Viking
Oliver Chemical Company from Lethbridge
Oliver, A.R. from Innisfree
Oliver, Albert C. from Wetaskiwin
Oliver, Annie E.M. from Baraga, Sunny Nook, Caroline
Oliver, Annie E.M. from Baraga, Sunny Nook, Caroline
Oliver, Bill from Peace River
Oliver, D.H. from Iron Springs
Oliver, Ernest from Warwick
Oliver, Everett A. from Lougheed, Edmonton
Oliver, Everett A. from Lougheed, Edmonton
Oliver, Irwin from Richdale
Oliver, Irwin from Sunnynook
Oliver, J. Lloyd from Namaka, Pincher Creek
Oliver, John from Meadow Creek
Oliver, Kenneth Reginald from Lloydminster
Oliver, Levi Parker from Olds
Oliver, Mrs. C. from Strathmore
Oliver, N.M. from Picture Butte
Oliver, Orin Earl & Rosalie from Whitelaw, Grand Prairie, Barons
Oliver, Orin Earl & Rosalie from Whitla, Grand Prairie, Barons
Oliver, Victor from Caroline
Oliver, W. & Son from Blairmore, Cowley
Oliver, Walter Glenn from Battlebend
Oliver, William J. from Claresholm
Olivier, George E. from Calgary
Olleck, Fred A. from Rimbey, Sardis, BC
Ollerenshaw, John from Olds, Lobley
Olmshead, R.A. from Ardley
Olmstead, Arden Ray from Looma
Olmstead, C.L. from Kevisville
Olmstead, Milton from Ponoka
O'Loughlin, Norris from Bruce
Olsen, A.D. from Homeglen
Olsen, A.S. from Bowell
Olsen, Alexander from Castor
Olsen, Alf B. from Barons
Olsen, Annis Verena from Beazer, Cardston
Olsen, Arne from Beaverdam, Bonnyville
Olsen, B. Frank from Cardston
Olsen, C.L. from Morrin
Olsen, Chris from Smith Lake
Olsen, Clarence H. from Dixonville, Chinook Valley
Olsen, Clifford John F. from Ferintosh
Olsen, Erastus from Cardston, Beazer
Olsen, Erling from Warner
Olsen, F.B. from Cardston
Olsen, Garry Edward from Ferintosh, Fernie, BC
Olsen, George from Wanham
Olsen, George Gane from Beazer
Olsen, Gunder from Prairie Echo, High Prairie
Olsen, Hannah from Angle Lake, Shamrock Valley
Olsen, Henry M. from Cereal
Olsen, Jalmer C. from Etzikom, Valley View
Olsen, John from Olds
Olsen, John G. from Leedale
Olsen, John R. from Strome
Olsen, Kai H. from Airdrie
Olsen, Keith M. from Morrin
Olsen, Leonard B. from Morrin, Calgary
Olsen, Lewis E. from Claresholm
Olsen, Lloyd from Sedgewick
Olsen, Mrs. Iver from Morrin
Olsen, Mrs. Iver from Morrin
Olsen, Muriel E. from Beazer
Olsen, Murray J. from Munson
Olsen, Nora from Leavitt
Olsen, Olaf N. from Burfield, Finnegan
Olsen, Oscar from Cereal
Olsen, Oswald E. from Sedgewick
Olsen, Phoebe A. nee McNaughton from Carstairs, Red deer
Olsen, Ray V. from Glenwood
Olsen, Reed from Leavitt
Olsen, Sverre from St. Paul
Olsen, Theresa I. from Leavitt, Provo, UT, Cardston
Olsen, Thomas Walter from Glenwoodville
Olsen, Tonnes from Viking
Olsen. Lind from Sedgewick
Olsenberg, M.N. & Davis, S.W. from Beaverlodge
Olsenberg, Olaf from Camrose, Meeting Creek
Olset, Alfred from Brooks
Olson or Olsen, Oliver T. from Smith, Moose Portage, Craigmyle
Olson, A. Rudolph from Grovedale
Olson, Albert & Nan from Sundre
Olson, Alfred from Glen Leslie, Lake Majeau, Lake Isle
Olson, Alfred from Taber, Cassils, Raymond, Welling, Skiff, Etzikom, Nemiskam, Spring Point, Manyberries
Olson, Algot Eberhard from Leo, Byemoor
Olson, Arthur C. from Wainwright
Olson, Arvid from Foremost
Olson, Ben N. from Rocky Mountain House
Olson, Chester S. from Armena, Camrose
Olson, Chris from Sedgewick
Olson, Clara A. from Okotoks, Carseland, Lomond
Olson, Clarence from Kingman
Olson, Clarence O. from Coutts
Olson, Donald K. from Lloydminster
Olson, Ed P. from Edgerton
Olson, Edna V. from Turner Valley
Olson, Elmer G. from Rimbey
Olson, Emil from Hanna
Olson, Eris Gustaf from Didsbury, Penticton, BC
Olson, Fred & Son from Hardisty
Olson, G.A. from De Winton, Caroline, High River, Airdrie
Olson, Gary R. from High Level
Olson, Gust from Lindale
Olson, Gustaf & Herbert from Didsbury
Olson, Harold A. from St. Albert
Olson, Harold Otto from Ryley
Olson, Harry from Heath
Olson, Herbert V. from Okotoks, Ardmore, Beaver Crossing, Ohaton
Olson, J.H. from Carmangay
Olson, John E. from Glenwoodville
Olson, L.W. from Lousana, Calgary
Olson, Leon from Wainwright
Olson, Leonard A. from Red Deer
Olson, Maurice Emmanuel from Calgary
Olson, Minnie H. from Valhalla
Olson, Moses T. & Albert L. from Bergen
Olson, Mrs. Oscar L., (Olive), Johnnie W., Edward & Roy) from Ohaton, Camrose
Olson, Nordahl from Redcliff, Bowell
Olson, Olaf from Big Prairie, Clivale
Olson, Olaf from Kingman
Olson, Ole from Calgary, Midnapore
Olson, Ole H. from Yetwood, Lomond
Olson, Ole Peter from Caroline
Olson, Ollie B. from Puffer, Silver Heights
Olson, Orlando Duane from Camrose
Olson, Oscar L. from Ohaton, Camrose
Olson, Palmer E. from Seven persons
Olson, R.O.E. from Red Deer, Markerville
Olson, Robert H. from Stavely
Olson, T.H. from Carmangay
Olson, W.C. from Midnapore, Calgary
Olson, Waldemar from Calmar
Olson, Wilfred M. from Iddesleigh
Olson, William Martin from Ardrossan
Olssen, Ralph from Bergen, Sundre
Olsson, Rudolv from Pendant D'Oreille, Medicine Hat, Seven Persons
Olstad, Archie & D.R. Francour from Edberg
Olstad, Carl from Rosalind
Olstad, J.J. from Donalda
Olstad, Oscar & Son from New Norway
Olstad, Wayne D. from Rimbey, Red Deer
Olszowska, Charles from La Corey
Olynyk, Nick from Kaleland
Olynyk, Peter from Lloydminster
O'Mears, O.H. from Winfield
Omeasoo, Jim from Hobbema
Omeosoo, Joe A. from Hobbema
Ominiayak, George from Peace River
Omness, Matt from Islay
Omness, Orley A. from Islay, Vermilion, Clandonald
Onciul, William from St. Lina, Helina
Onda, Hedviga from Tilley
Onda, John from Tilley
Ondrik, Louis from Beaver Mines
Ondrik, Steve from Beaver Mines
One Spot Cattle Co-Op Ltd. from Standoff
One Spot, George David from Calgary
Onechuk, Rose from Two Hills
O'Neil, Barney from St. Brides
O'Neil, Eugene L. from Edmonton
O'Neil, Frank from Water Valley
O'Neil, Frank M. from Etzikom, Medicine Hat
O'Neil, George E. from Worsley
O'Neil, J.P from Blairmore
O'Neil, James Jesse from Claresholm
O'Neil, Mrs. K.O. from Nanton
O'Neil, N.C. from Edmonton, Glenwood
O'Neil, P. from Uncas, Ardrossan
O'Neil, Stanley from Smith
O'Neil, William Lorne from Airdrie, Calgary
O'Neil, William Terrance from Claresholm
O'Neill, Arthur from St. Brides
Oneill, Don from Edmonton
Oneill, Don from Edmonton
O'Neill, Frank M. from Etzikom
O'Neill, Greg from St. Brides, St. Paul
O'Neill, John A. from Wainwright
O'Neill, John from Battle Bend
O'Neill, Nellie M. from Etzikom
O'Neill, Patrick from St. Paul
Onerheim, W.O. from Red Deer
Oneschuk, George from Two Hills
Oneschuk, John W. from Two Hills
Onespot, Reg from Calgary
Onischuk, Alex from Grandin, Lac La Biche
Onody, Steve from Bow Island
Onstad, H.A. "Pat" from Airdrie
Onstine, Keith St. Clair from Kinuso
Onstine, Myrl from Wildwood
Ontkean, John Harold from Lethbridge
Onychuk, Mark from Sundance
Onyschuk, Fred from Tofield, Edmonton
Onyschuk, Fred from Tofield, Edmonton
Onyschuk, Sam from Sundance
Onyschuk, Steve from Highvale
Onyshchuk, Mike from Lac Bellevue
Onyskiw, Joseph from Spedden
Opalonski, Thomas from Edmonton
Opanavicius, Ussule from Lindbergh, St. Paul
Openshaw, Glenn Arthur from Fairview, Tatla Lake, BC
Oper Bros. (Donel D. & Clyde Hugh) from Ricinus, Caroline
Oper, Clyde Hugh & Violet Olive from Ricinus, Rocky Mountain House
Opgraden, John from Halkirk
Opheim, Charles K. from Millarville
Opp, Richard from Hilda, Medicine Hat
Oppelt, Harold R. from Edmonton
Oram, Lila M. & David Scott from Marwayne
Orbeck, Edward from Lloydminster, Blackfoot
Orbeck, Robert from Lloydminster, Blackfoot
Orchard, Lawrence from Vulcan
Orchison, John from Seba Beach
Orchison, Lawrence S. from Erskine
Orcutt, H.A. from Champion
Orcutt, Ray from Lucky Strike, Milk River
Ordway, George from Redcliff, Medicine Hat, Coquitlam, BC
Ordway, H.J. from Wainwright
Ordze, L.A. from South Edmonton
O'Reilley, E.T. from Winfield
O'Reilly, Ed from Oyen
O'Reily, G.L. from Sunnynook, Rockyford
Orfino, John from Lavoy
Orford, R.C. & Son from Rose Lynn
Orlecki, George from Two Hills
Orlecki, John from Two Hills
Orlesky, Alec from Mundare
Orliczki, Bert from Tilley
Orlita, Tony from Millicent
Ormiston, Norman S. from Wanham, Belloy
Ornburn, A.E. from Hussar, Strathmore
Ornburn, Denis from Hussar
Oro Bros. (Alex & Martin) from Stettler
Orom, Frank from Bashaw
Orom, Lawrence Peter from Bashaw
Orom, Louis J. from Bashaw
O'Rourke, John from Coronado, Drayton Valley
Orpwood, R.E. from Pekisko
Orr, Andrew from Viking
Orr, Charles Edgar from Stavely
Orr, Clarence from Macleod
Orr, George E. & May E. from Rosalind
Orr, Grant L. from Fort Macleod
Orr, J. Milton from Bonnyville
Orr, James & Thomas from Lethbridge
Orr, James from Lethbridge
Orr, John from Pincher Creek
Orr, Joseph Emerson from Val Marie, SK, Coronation
Orr, Kenneth from Hartleyville, Coutts
Orr, L. Grant from Macleod
Orr, Leon from Coutts
Orr, Melvin Frank from Strome
Orr, Mrs. Charles from Warburg
Orr, Mrs. Charles from Warburg
Orr, Mrs. M. remarried name Mrs. Charles S. Loomer from Endiang, Joffre
Orr, Thomas Albert from Rosalind
Orr, Wallace L. from Fort Mcleod
Orr, Wayne M. from Fort Macleod
Orr, Wesley from Lethbridge, Raymond
Orr, William T. from Glenwoodville, Fort Macleod
Orrison, Bert from Enilda
Orrison, Burns J. from Chinook
Orser, Jessie Reba from Cavendish, Buffalo
Orser, John Arthur from Buffalo
Orsten, John Bernhard from Enchant
Orsten, Mattie H.S. nee Ottison from Enchant, Wheat Centre
Orsten, Richard John from Enchant
Orsten, Stuart Edward from Vauxhall
Ortwein, C.L. from Halkirk, Drayton Valley
Orum, Harry & Pauline from Kew, Millarville
Orvis Bros. from Bashaw, Mirror
Orwald, August J. from Alderson, Tilley
Osadchuk, Jack George from Westward Ho
Osadczuk, Mary from Iddesleigh, Brooks
Osatiuk, G. from Homeglen, Bluffton
Osbak, Hans from Sedgewick
Osbak, Jens, or Jens Osback from Kinsella, Sedgewick
Osbak, Leif from Sedgewick
Osberg, Fred from High Prairie
Osberg, Howard from Eaglesham
Osborn, W. from Mannville
Osborne, Allan C & Gordon C. from Water Valley
Osborne, Brian Lawrence from Rolling Hills
Osborne, C.E. from Strachan
Osborne, Donald James from Fairview
Osborne, Donald James from Fairview
Osborne, Gene from Vermilion
Osborne, Hannah from La Pearle, Ribstone
Osborne, J.E. from Wrentham
Osborne, Jonathan from Wainwright, Dunn, Ribstone
Osborne, Mary L. nee Chamberlain from Cochrane, Airdrie, Rosebud Creek, Strathmore
Osborne, N.A. from Westward Ho
Osborne, Ostbo from Turin, Iron Springs
Osborne, R.N. from Calgary
Osborne, R.N. from Calgary
Osborne, Reginald N. from Airdrie
Oseen, Bryan from Turin
Oseen, C.W. from Turin
Osepiuk, Nick from Spirit River, Grande Prairie
O'Shea, E.D. from Ranfurly
O'Shea, John Alvin from Mayerthorpe, Lethbridge
Oshiro Bros. from Coaldale
Oshust, Jack Benjamin from Rocky Mountain House
Oshust, Peter from St. Michael, Star
Oshust, Walter from Warspite
Osinchuk, James from Morecambe
Osinchuk, John from Smoky Lake
Osinchuk, Kost from Chipman
Osipow, Anna from McLeod Valley, Peers
Oslanski, Gabriel from Raymond
Osler, W.E. from Calgary
Osmond Bros. from De Winton
Osmond, Arthur L. from Hillsdown, Red Deer
Osmund Bros. from Youngstown
Oss, Alf M. from Orion, Medicine Hat
Ost, Carl Leo from Lomond
Ost, Gust from Seven persons
Ost, Robbie from Seven Persons
Ostafichuk, Helan from Patricia, Brooks
Ostafichuk, John from Patricia
Ostaficiuk, George from Vauxhall
Ostapchuk, Norman from Thorsby
Ostapchuk, Steve from Thorsby
Ostapchuk, William from Tomahawk
Ostapovich, George from St. Paul, Owlseye
Ostapowich, Jim from Andrew
Ostashek, Metro from Andrew
Ostashek, Mike from Ispas
Ostaszewski, Alex from Lousana, Crammond
Ostawski, Dick from Innisfree
Oster, Fred from Hemaruka
Oster, Jacob from Medicine Hat, Hemaruka
Osterberg, Earl from Bassano, Smoky Lake
Osterberg, R. from Vermilion
Ostercamp, A. from Lacombe
Ostercamp, Clarence J. from Red Deer
Ostergaard, Axel from Rolling Hills
Ostergaard, Peter from Wayne, Drumheller
Ostergren, Rose from Red Deer
Osterman, Casimir from Hays
Osterman, J. from Carstairs
Ostero, D.R. from Barons
Ostero, Nels from Claresholm
Ostgaard, June from Enilda, 86
Ostiguy, Isais from Egg Lake
Ostrensky, Henry from Twin Butte
Ostrom, Algot from Claresholm
Ostrom, Andrew from Carseland
Ostrom, Jakob from Granum, Carnforth
Ostrom, Orla from Bindloss
Ostrom, Warren Rockney from Carseland
Ostrowski, John from Vermilion
Ostrup, J.H. from Picture Butte
Ostrup, J.H. from Picture Butte
Ostrup, J.H. Jr. from Picture Butte
Ostwald, Mary from Walsh
O'Sullivan, D.E. from Pincher Creek, Lundbreck
Oszust, Ignace from Esther
Oszust, Nancy & Kenneth from Kirriemuir
Oszust, Paul from Kirriemuir
Othen, Charles R. from Benton Station, Oyen
Othen, Charles R. from Benton Station, Oyen
Othen, Robert J. from Calgary, Langdon, Cheadle, Balzac
Otis Staple Lumber Company & Clarindale Stock Farms Ltd. from Vauxhall
O'Tolle, J. Lawrence from Bruce
O'Toole, James from Viking
O'Toole, Wilfred C. from Bruce
Otrahalek, Frank from Coaldale
Ott, Kurt from Shaughnessy
Ottenbreit, Eva from Tofield
Otter, Alfred from Sarcee Indian Reserve
Otter, Daisy from Sarcee Indian Reserve
Otter, Victoria Jane nee Crowchild from Calgary
Otterholm, Chris from Dixonville, Clear Hills
Otterholm, George from Whitecourt
Otterloo, W. from Tilley
Otteson, Harold R. & Henning H. from Wheat Centre
Otteson, Nicoline H. & Harold R. from Enchant, Wheat Centre
Ottewall, Frank Colinton from Clover Bar
Ottiger, Walter from Brightview, Ponoka
Ottman, Harvey from Drayton Valley
Otto, Allen G. from Coronation, Medicine Hat
Otto, Benjamin from Irvine, Medicine Hat
Otto, Claus O. from Rocky Mountain House
Otto, Edward E. from Ardrossan
Otto, Edward from Bruce
Otto, Karl from Viking
Otto, M.J. from Deer Hill
Otto, Ora from Nightingale
Otto, Stewart H. from Hughenden, Amisk
Otto, William from Nightingale
Ouellet, J.M. from St. Paul
Ouellet, Jack from Tangent
Ouellet, Jean Gerard from Stettler, Nevis, Tangent
Ouellette Cattle Co Ltd. from Brosseau
Ouellette Packers Ltd. from Edmonton
Ouellette, Andre from Milk River
Ouellette, Bertrand A. from Brosseau
Ouellette, Daniel Lee from Elk Point
Ouellette, Donald from Eckville
Ouellette, Paul from Grand Centre
Ouellette, Sylvio from Brosseau
Ougland, T.M. from Provost
Ouimet, Antonin from Bonnyville
Oulton, Charles M. from Tofield
Oulton, Wesley T. from Breton
Ousdahl, W.H .from Elnora
Ovans, W.M. from Skiff
Ovard, Clinton L. from Whitla, Seven Persons
Ovelson, Raymond & Kenneth from Kingman
Overbo, Herman Lewis from Kinsella
Overbo, Olaf from Kinsella
Overbo, Thomas & Olaf from Jarrow, Kinsella
Overbo, Thomas J. & Herman J. from Jarrow
Overby, Arthur from Jarrow, Kinuso
Overguard, Martin & Berndt from Sundre, Mound
Overguard, Martin from Medicine Hat
Overguard, S.W. from Sundre
Overland, Robert Lloyd from Calgary
Overman, Marvin from Hardisty
Overman, Orey from Hardisty
Overpass Feeders Co. td. from Medicine Hat
Oviatt, Barrie C. from Sherwood Park, Yellowknife, NWT
Oviatt, Clifford L. from Stavely
Oviatt, John Ellis from Parkland
Oviatt, L. Leland from Cardston
Oviatt, Randy Connolly from Ardrossan, Sherwood Park
Oviatt, Sheldon L. from Glenwood
Owchar, Paul from Hylo
Owen , James from Lacombe
Owen, Allan Henry from Edmonton
Owen, Ernest Francis from Sheerness, Hanna
Owen, Ernie Blaine from Irma
Owen, Howard G. from Irma
Owen, Lillian from Lethbridge
Owen, M.L. from Twin Butte
Owen, V.W. from Dovercourt
Owen, Victor William from Grande Prairie, Sylvan Lake
Owen, William L. from Wetaskiwin
Owens, C.N. from Vauxhall
Owens, E.E. & Sons from Carstairs
Owens, Elmer L. from Ponoka
Owens, Elmer L. from Ponoka
Owens, Esther L. from Breton, Alsike
Owens, J.M. from Didsbury
Owens, John W. from Calgary, Jenner
Owens, John W. from Calgary, Jenner
Owens, Kate from Veteran
Owens, Leo E. from Oyen
Owens, Mary E. from Ponoka
Owens, Mary E. from Ponoka
Owens, Ronald from Ponoka
Owens, Russell from Vauxall
Owens, Thomas from Ardenode
Oxland, A.C. from Delburne
Oxtoby, Fred M. from Innisfail
Oystryk, George J. from Lloydminster
Ozero, Alex from Bonnyville
Ozero, Walter Michael from Bonnyville
Ozeroff, Paul from Nanton
Ozimko, Dan from Elk Point

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