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Cancelled Brand Files - N
Nabel, Hans from Ponoka
Nachtigal, David from Tofield
Nachtigal, Henry from Tofield
Nachtigall, Henry from Carstairs
Nadal, Jean from Kirriemuir
Nadeau, David from Peace River
Nadeau, Lillian from Lethbridge
Nadeau, Rene B. from Lethbridge
Nadeau, Willard from Nampa
Nadeau, Yvonne from Lethbridge
Nafziger, Joe from Gwynne
Nafzinger, John W. from Mannville
Nagel, Charles R. from Calgary
Nagel, H. from Red Deer
Nagel, Olfert from Innisfail
Nagel, Phillip from Rimbey
Nagge, William T. from Calgary, Kanata, ON
Nagloren, Adolf & Elvind from Wayne, Calgary
Nagloren, David L. from Drumheller
Nagloren, Mrs. I.C. from Dorothy
Nagloren, N.L from East Coulee, Calgary
Nagy, Andrew from Coaldale
Nagy, John from Calgary
Nagy, John from Lethbridge
Nagy, Leslie from Stirling
Nagy, Lewis A. from Peace River, Harmon Valley, Grimshaw
Nahirniah, Joe from Round Hill
Nahirniak, Anton from Round Hill
Nahirnick, John from Innisfree, Vegreville
Nahlob, Axel from Bow Island
Nahlob, Axel, (Kelrose Farm) from Medicine Hat
Nail, Floyd L. from Makepeace
Nail, Harold from Cluny, Makepeace
Nakamura Bros. (Shigeo, Dennis & Henry) from Rosemary
Nakamura, Charles Yoichi & Hatsutaro from Calgary
Nakamura, Dennis from Rosemary
Nakamura, Harry
Nakamuro, Y. from Duchess, Rosemary
Nakonechny, Nick from Ranfurly
Nakonechny, William from Boyle
Namchuk, Alexander from Tomahawk, Drayton Valley
NAME McGowan, J.M. (Edmonton Stock Yards) from Edmonton
Nance, E.J. from Irricana
Nanooch, Joseph from Fort Vermilion
Napier, Alex from Rich Lake
Napora John from Innisfree
Napora, Edward from Innisfree
Napora, John from Innisfree
Napper, Philip S. from Rosemary
Napper, Philip S. from Rosemary
Napper, Sidney James from Rosemary
Narum, Claus P. from Rosemary, Manyberries, Majorville
Nasadyk, Alex from Chapel Rock, Lundbreck
Nasadyk, John from Chapel Rock, Lundbreck
Nasadyk, Stephen J. from Crossfield
Nash Bros (F.A. & L.R) from Irma
Nash, Bernard from Huxley
Nash, Frank from Slave Lake
Nash, Frank J. from Vanesti, Vermilion
Nash, Fred L. from Stirling
Nash, George D. from Minburn
Nash, Harry G. from Livingstone
Nash, J. from Vanesti
Nash, John W. from Minburn
Nash, L.R. from Clyde, St. Albert
Nasheim, O.E. from Rolling Hills
Nashman, Charles from Kingman
Naslund Bros. from Armena
Naslund, Carl G. from Armena
Nast, Carl F. from Round Hill
Nast, Carl F. from Round Hill
Nataros, Fran D. from Claresholm
Nataros, Frank D. & Ed Cochlan & Bryce Campbell from Claresholm
Nate, Alvin from New Dayton, Wrentham
Nate, William G. from Lethbridge, Wrentham
National Beef Incorporated from Montreal, Quebec
National Grain Co. Ltd. from Winnipeg
Natter, James Dan from Elk Point
Nattrass from Manyberries, Minda
Nattrass, D.W. from Manyberries, Minda
Nattrass, Wayne Lyle from Manyberries
Naughton, Glen from Innisfree
Nauss, M.S. from Clive
Nauss, William E. from Midnapore
Navrot, Stanley from Goodridge
Nawrot, Frank from Vegreville
Nay Bros. from Woolford, Cardston
Nay Bros. from Woolford, Cardston
Nay, Lois Jo from Owendale, Cardston
Nay, Steve J. from Mundare
Nay, Steve J. from Mundare
Naylor, Charles William from Calgary
Naylor, R.J. from Rimbey, Red Deer
Nazarek, Pete from Ardrossan
NcClennan, John from Nobleford
NcConnochie, Allan from Entrance
Neal, Charles Edward from Eckville
Neal, Claude from Coronation
Neal, Richard from Raven, Strachan
Neal, Robert Richard from Strachan
Neal, Vern F. from Blue Ridge
Neal, W.O. from Caroline, Crammond
Neall, R.A. from Edmonton
Neameyer, F.R. from Heisler
Needham, George Jr. from Hazeldine
Needham, George Jr. from Hazeldine
Needham, Ralph from Elnora
Needham, Roy from Michichi, Big Valley
Needrum, John M. from Medicine Hat
Neff, A.H. from S. Edmonton
Neff, Kinwell from Peace River
Neggers, Dennis & Ellen from Edmonton
Negro, Antonio from Lac la Biche
Negro, M. from Lac La Biche
Neher, Emanuel from Trochu
Neher, George from Picture Butte, Diamond City
Nehring, Edward Alexander from Hines Creek
Neibauer, Johnny from Trochu
Neid, George Peter from Water Valley, Calgary
Neighbor, H.M. from Entrance
Neighbour, Lewis from Rio Grande
Neil, Claude from Skiff
Neil, Robert from Foremost, Penticton, BC
Neill, Jack from Hindville
Neilson, Aage from East Coulee
Neilson, Alfred from Manyberries
Neilson, Andrew from Sundre
Neilson, C. from Bluffton
Neilson, Donald C. from Halkirk, Olds
Neilson, Earl C. & Kay P. from Magrath
Neilson, Earl C. & Kay P. from Magrath
Neilson, Haakon from Manyberries
Neilson, Harry from Manyberries
Neilson, M.C. from Halkirk
Neilson, R.T. & Sons from Bowden
Neilson, Sidney William from Taber, Lethbridge, Edmonton
Neitz, Henry D. from Hays
Nekolaichuk, Steve from Lafond
Nelmes, F.E. from Delia
Nelner, Theo from Craigmyle
Nelson Bros. (Nel O. & G.O.) from Queenstown
Nelson Bros. from Innisfail
Nelson Bros. from Strome
Nelson Bros. Ranching (Darrell A. Nelson) from Glenwood
Nelson, A.E. from Metiskow
Nelson, A.E. from Metiskow
Nelson, A.P. from Kitscoty
Nelson, Albin from Brooks
Nelson, Alfred from High River
Nelson, Andrew from Donalda
Nelson, Andrew from Furman, Willows
Nelson, Andrew Otto from Donalda
Nelson, Arthur F. from Bawlf
Nelson, Arvid & Son (Larry A.) from Provost
Nelson, C. George from Standard
Nelson, C.H. from Donalda
Nelson, Carl from Loyalist, Stettler
Nelson, Carl H. from Lindbergh
Nelson, Chris from Ferguson Flats, Bruce, Lindbergh, Elk Point
Nelson, Clarence K. from Bawlf
Nelson, Dan from Monitor
Nelson, David from Cluny
Nelson, David H. from Veteran
Nelson, Don from Standard
Nelson, E. & A. McCutcheon from Lethbridge
Nelson, E.M.J. from Cluny
Nelson, Earl J. from Wrentham
Nelson, Edward from Craigmyle
Nelson, Elmer W. from Wetaskiwin
Nelson, Elvin from Cochrane
Nelson, Eric from Vermilion
Nelson, Everett J. from Bentley
Nelson, F.J. & H.E. Barclay from Stettler
Nelson, Floyd from Heinsburg, Frog Lake
Nelson, Frances from Fruitvale, BC
Nelson, Frank R. from Manyberries
Nelson, Frank T. from Frog Lake
Nelson, Fred C. from Shepard, Blackfalds
Nelson, G.A. from Veteran
Nelson, Gilbert from High River
Nelson, Gilbert K. R. from High River
Nelson, H.P. from Fleet
Nelson, Harold from Maycroft
Nelson, Henry Fudvig from Enchant
Nelson, Henry Ward from Pincher Creek, Stirling, Maybutt
Nelson, Hugh Edward from Winnifred, Three Hills, Kirkcaldy, Didsbury, Carstairs, Medicine Hat
Nelson, Isabel from Hardisty
Nelson, Ivan Leroy from Edmonton
Nelson, Ivan Leroy from Edmonton
Nelson, J.C. from Standard
Nelson, James C. from Rumsey
Nelson, James LeRoy from Whitla, Iron Springs
Nelson, John from Haynes
Nelson, John from Innisfail
Nelson, John from Vermilion, Lloydminster
Nelson, John H. from Vilna
Nelson, John W. from Grande Cache
Nelson, Kenneth Eugene from Penhold
Nelson, L.J. from Ponoka
Nelson, Leo from Edgerton, Warner, Wrentham
Nelson, Leo from Sexsmith, Teepee Creek, Lisbon, ND
Nelson, Lloyd from New Norway
Nelson, Merle K. from Streamstown, Vermilion
Nelson, Mirrel R. from Kelsey
Nelson, Mrs. E.M. from Cluny
Nelson, Mrs. Harry from Endiang, Leslieville
Nelson, Mrs. Leslie from Streamstown
Nelson, Neil Sam from Calgary
Nelson, Nels from Mountain View
Nelson, Nels G. from Chancellor, Hussar
Nelson, Nels H. from Stirling
Nelson, Nels Jr. from Mountain View
Nelson, Orrin B. from Mallaig
Nelson, P.O. from Sunnynook, Chauvin
Nelson, Patricia Elaine from High River
Nelson, Pete M. from Brightview
Nelson, R.J. from Lloydminster
Nelson, Ralph from High River, Coronation
Nelson, Ray M. from Maycroft
Nelson, Richard Merle from Hinton
Nelson, Robert Q. from Westward Ho, Sundre
Nelson, Robert S. from Del Bonita
Nelson, Roger Clarence from Innisfail
Nelson, S.C. from Westward Ho, Sundre
Nelson, T. from Vermilion, Koknee
Nelson, V.D. from Ponoka
Nelson, Vernon from Wetaskiwin
Nelson, W.P. from Bow Island
Nelson, William R. from Byemoor, Leo
Nemchuk, Walter from Innisfree
Nemchuk, Walter from Innisfree
Nemeth, George from Picture Butte
Nemeth, Mike from Cowley
Nemeth, Mike from Lethbridge
Nemeth, Nicholas from Picture Butte
Nemeth, Paul from Coaldale, Lethbridge
Nemirsky, Harry from St. Michael
Nent, T.C. from Provost
Nepoose, Wallace from Hobbema
Neraasen, Hans C. from Ryley
Nerland, Ole M. from Seven Persons, Medicine Hat
Nerland, Roy from Medicine Hat
Nesbitt, Dale Alexander from Lacombe
Nesbitt, J.A. from High River, Cayley, Nanton
Nesbitt, James from Viking
Nesbitt, Oscar W. from Grainger, Swalwell
Nesbitt, Patricia Maxine from Calgary
Nesland, Pete from Brightview
Neslon, Alice from Mountain View
Ness, Alvin E. from New Brigden
Ness, Andrew from Atlee
Ness, C.K. from Bowden
Ness, Cyrus H. from Castor
Ness, Earl from Scapa, Hanna
Ness, Irving from New Brigden
Ness, Olaf from New Brigden
Ness, Ole from Lougheed
Ness, Oliver from Boyle
Ness, Sverre from Lougheed
Neste, Elmer from Cadogan
Nestman, George J. from Vegreville
Nestorovich, Lawrence Joseph from Westlock
Neth, John from Edmonton
Netter, Henry T. from Edmonton
Netter, Henry T. from Edmonton
Nettrower, C.R. from Carstairs, Coronation
Netzer, Reinhold from Falun, Homeglen
Neubauer, Leslie M. from Calgary
Neubauer, Rudolph from Hanna
Neubert, Ingeborg from Redwater
Neubert, Joseph & Sons from Condor
Neudorf, Peter H. from Edmonton
Neufeld Bros. from Hays
Neufeld, A.D. from Calgary
Neufeld, Agnes from Lethbridge
Neufeld, Cornelius from Tofield
Neufeld, David F. from Rosemary
Neufeld, Frank from Torrington
Neufeld, George from Turin
Neufeld, Gladys M. from Rosemary
Neufeld, Henry H. from Bassano, Gem, Countess
Neufeld, Henry J. from Lethbridge
Neufeld, Jacob from Gem
Neufeld, Marvin G. & Anthony J. Rossi from Leduc
Neufeld, Neil Brian from Didsbury, Red Deer
Neufeld, P.A. from Rosemary, Carstairs, Didsbury
Neufeld, P.D. from Irma
Neufeld, Peter from Calgary
Neufeld, Peter from Grassy Lake
Neufeld, Rudy from Gem
Neuman, Butta from Little Plume
Neuman, Daniel from Coleridge
Neuman, Joe from Viking
Neuman, Julius M. from Bulwark
Neuman, Leonard (Lake McGregor Ranch Ltd) from Alix
Neuman, Leonard (Lake McGregor Ranch Ltd.) from Alix
Neuman, Otto & Sons from Vega
Neuman, Richard Garth from Bulwark
Neumann, August from Cardston
Neumann, Fred B. from Rochfort Bridge
Neumann, Gustav from Hanna
Neumann, H.D. from Gem
Neumann, Samuel from Bulwark
Neumiller, Salvin A. from Sunnyside, Torrington
Neut, Wilfred B. from Provost
Nevil, Edward from Coaldale, Vauxhall
Neville, Dorothy L. & Albert A. from Coaldale, Lethbridge
Neville, Fred R. Jr. from Mountain View
Neville, Fred Sr. from Mountain View
Neville, Stella from Mountain View
Nevue, Donat from Fort Kent, Durlingville, New Norway
Nevue, Germaine E. from St. Paul
New Elm Spring Colony from Magrath
New Oxley (Canada) Ranche Company from New Oxley
Newby, George from Mallaig
Newby, J.W. from Lethbridge
Newell, H.K. from Namaka, Gleichen
Newell, Raymond J. & Alvin K. from Strathmore
Newfield, Albert A. from Magrath
Newing, Harold & Ralph M. Sorsoleil from Calgary
Newland, J.G. from Bergen
Newman Bros. from South Edmonton
Newman, Arthur G. from Loyalist
Newman, James from Sedgewick
Newman, L.A. from Blackie
Newman, M.F. & R.M. from Stanger
Newman, Melford from Bezanson, Goodwin
Newman, Michael from Wetaskiwin
Newman, Mrs. A.J. from Red Deer
Newman, Mrs. William from Lindale
Newsham, Cyril from Innisfail
Newsome, Bud from Coleman, Calgary
Newsome, Darrell John Edward from Calgary
Newstad, Wilbur Harry from New Norway
Newstead, Ralph R from Chauvin
Newstead, Ralph R. from Chauvin
Newsted, Marilyn Audrey Mae from Claresholm
Newsted, Terrance Robert from Claresholm
Newton, Henry David from Oyen
Newton, John S. from Red Deer
Newton, John W. from Blacktail, Furman
Newton, Kenneth from Robb, Qualicum Beach, BC
Newton, P.B. from Rainier
Newton, P.B. from Rainier
Newton, R.A. from Dalemead, Langdon
Newton, R.A. from Dalemead, Langdon
Newton, S.M. from Dalemead
Newton, Thomas E. from Bluffton, Rimbey
Newton, Trevor W. from Rumsey
Newton, W.A from Lomond
Newton, W.F. from Nanton
Nice Cutter, Dick from Lethbridge
Nic-El Holdings & Management Co. Ltd. (Nick Hendricks) from La Corey
Nichaolls, A. Edward & Cliff Wheatcroft from Calgary
Nichelson, D.C. from Ardmore
Nichol, Bertha from Longview
Nichol, Earl from Rio Grande
Nichol, Elton R. from Killam, Victoria, BC
Nichol, K.R. from Cold Lake
Nichol, Mrs. F.W. from Calgary, Lomond
Nichol, Ron from Atlee
Nicholas, Glen James from Campsie
Nicholas, James Woolf from Redwater, Barrhead
Nicholas, Robert from Bow Island, Winnifred
Nicholls, A. Edward from Calgary, Lethbridge
Nicholls, Bruce from Wainwright
Nicholls, James Oliver from Calgary
Nichols, A.R. from Rosalind
Nichols, Alfred R. from Tolland
Nichols, Alvin from Elk Point
Nichols, Ben from St. Louis, Missouri
Nichols, Bryon Edward from Medicine Hat, Dunmore
Nichols, Clifton from Calgary
Nichols, Frank Andrews from Black Diamond
Nichols, George E. from Castor
Nichols, H.A. from Rosalind
Nichols, J.O. from Minburn
Nichols, John Henry from Haynes
Nichols, Roy A. from Rosalind, Donalda
Nichols, Stephen from Haynes
Nichols, Wallis from Boyne Lake, McRae
Nichols, William Burl from Calgary
Nichols, William P. from Bearberry, Sundre
Nicholson, Angus from East Coulee
Nicholson, C.W. from Caroline, Markerville
Nicholson, Dan from Medicine Hat, McBride, BC
Nicholson, Earl G. from Minburn
Nicholson, George from Bowden, Chinook
Nicholson, George from Tongue Creek, Rearville, Chinook
Nicholson, Harold M. from Innisfail, Raven
Nicholson, Henry from Cherhill
Nicholson, John from Ardmore
Nicholson, Joshua (Joe) from Shepard
Nicholson, Lola from East Coulee
Nicholson, M.J. from Edmonton, Ribstone
Nicholson, M.J. from Edmonton, Ribstone
Nicholson, Neil & W.R. Cochrane & George Richards from Granum
Nicholson, Richard from Bowden
Nicholson, Robert from Midnapore
Nicholson, W.R. from Calgary, North Fork
Nicholson, Walter from Berwyn
Nicholson, William from Brooks
Nicholychuk, Bill from Northbank, Warspite, Smoky Lake
Nickel, C.A from Acadia Valley, Stavely
Nickel, Harry & George from Provost, Grande Centre, Edgerton
Nickel, J.D. from Rosemary
Nickel, Peter Herbert from Rosemary, Cranbrook, BC
Nickersen, G.H. from Hinton
Nickerson, Emma from Hinton
Nickle, Henry from Green Glade, Lloydminster
Nicklom, Johannes from Big Valley
Nicklom, Otto from Big Valley
Nicklom, William from Stettler
Nicklome, Joan from Big Valley
Nickolson Bros. (Ernest & Tim) from Minburn
Nickolson, Carl from Edmonton
Nickolson, Ernest R. from Minburn
Nickolson, Fannie, Herrick, Fannie from Minburn
Nickolson, Peter from Minburn
Nicks, H.C. from Rosemary, Pincher Creek
Nickyporuk, Pete & Son Steve from Horen
Nicodemus, Clarence from Sheerness
Nicoll, Gerald Charles from Mannville
Nicoll, Louis D. from Jumping Pound
Nider, William from Killam
Nidzielski, Mike from Vegreville, Innisfree
Nieboer, B. from Iron Springs
Niedermier Bros. from Lethbridge
Niedzielski, George from St. Paul
Niedzielski, Stanley from St. Paul
Niehaus, Gilbert C. from Strome, Camrose
Niehaus, John from Strome
Niehaus, Michael F. from Strome
Niehaus, Michael from Strome
Nielsen, Allan William from Didsbury
Nielsen, Andrew from Penhold
Nielsen, Carl Wayne from Red Deer
Nielsen, Charles from Madden
Nielsen, Chris from Allingham
Nielsen, Elaine from Sundre
Nielsen, Ernok from Stony Plain, Calmar, Edmonton
Nielsen, Eyvind from Tilley
Nielsen, F.I. from Ponoka
Nielsen, Gotfred & Constance from Hussar
Nielsen, Gotfred O. from Camrose
Nielsen, Gunnar from Hussar
Nielsen, Helvig Norgaard from Allingham, Didsbury
Nielsen, Henry from Dickson, Raven
Nielsen, John from Duchess, Brooks, De Winton
Nielsen, John. F. from Benalto, Markerville
Nielsen, Kristian or Chris Peter from Sundre
Nielsen, L.P. from Grimshaw
Nielsen, Lawrence from Alix
Nielsen, Marie T. from Edmonton
Nielsen, Marie T. from Edmonton
Nielsen, Martin from Patricia
Nielsen, Niels E. from Donalda
Nielsen, Niels Kristian from Crammond
Nielsen, O.F. from Barnwell
Nielsen, Olar from East Coulee
Nielsen, Olav H. from Cambria, Wayne
Nielsen, P.C. from Brooks, Tilley
Nielsen, Paul from Onoway
Nielsen, Peter from Calgary, Sundre
Nielsen, Reece from Edmonton
Nielsen, Robert A. from Streamstown
Nielsen, Russell A. from Hill Spring
Nielsen, Verner from Hussar
Nielsen, Viggo C.R. & Paul Wasdal from Raven
Nielsen, Werner from Ponoka
Nielson Bros. from Vermilion
Nielson, Douglas J.A. from Carbon, Drumheller
Nielson, Elmo R. from Cardston
Nielson, Gustave from Cardston
Nielson, Guy L. from Cardston
Nielson, J.M. from Manyberries
Nielson, John H. from Manyberries
Nielson, Martin from New Brigden
Nielson, N.S. from Carseland
Nielson, Rae from Glenwood
Nielson, Rex L. from Raymond
Nieman, Erult from Medicine Hat
Niemann, August from Edgerton
Niemann, Edward Heinrich from Edgerton, Wainwright
Niemetz, George from Tofield
Niemetz, Joe from Tofield, Ladner, BC
Niemi, Aarne A. from Trochu, Calgary
Nier Investments from Calgary
Nietupski, J. Leonard from Ellscott
Nieuwkerk, Arie from Duchess, Patricia
Nigel, Gust from Medicine Hat, Fort Macleod
Nightengale, Robert Wayne from Pincher Creek, Copeland, KS
Nightingale, George J. from High River
Nightingale, George J. from High River
Nightingale, Raymond G. from High River
Nihill, E.C. from Glenwood
Nikiforuk, Dmytro from Lamuke, Two Hills
Nikiforuk, William D. from Two Hills
Nikkel, Abe from Coaldale
Nile, Donald from Barons
Niles, A.B. from Hughenden, Wetaskiwin
Nillson, Bill from Rosemary, Raymond
Nilson, Andrew from Rimbey
Nilson, John from Ranchville
Nilsson, David Jay from Clyde
Nilsson, E.H. from Raymond
Nilsson, Harold C. from Lethbridge, Stirling
Nilsson, J.C. from Rosemary
Nilsson, Linden J. from Stirling
Nimitz, Ernest K. from Calgary
Nimmo, Henry Hugh from Delia
Nimmons, Lorne from Didsbury
Niper, Adolph from Alix
Nip-N-Tuck Feeders from Cardston
Nish, Dale L. from Cardston
Nish, Frank from Kimball, Cardston
Nish, Gary Lee from Owendale
Nish, Glenn from Owendale
Nish, Lee from Cardston
Nish, Lynn Charles from Cardston
Nish, Nephi from Taylorville, Kimball, Cardston
Nish, Ray from Kimball, Cardston
Nishida, G. from Countess
Nishida, Kei from Rosemary, Taber, Bassano
Nissen, Dorothea from Calgary
Nissen, Helge & Christian Konig from McLaughlin
Nitsch, William from Brooks
Nitschke, G. from Leo
Nitschke, Reinhold from Leo, Hackett, Stettler
Nittel, Arthur from Woolchester, Medicine Hat
Nittel, Fred from Woolchester
Nittel, Jacob from Little Plume
Nittel, John from Woolchester
Nittle, Mike from Medicine Hat
Nitz, Gotlieb Edwin from Medicine Hat
Nitz, Karl from Irvine
Nitz, Martin from Irvine
Nitz, Michael from Irvine, Many Island
Nitz, Michael Jr. from Walsh, Redcliff
Nitz, Michael Jr. from Walsh, Redcliff
Niwa, Joseph from Acadia Valley, Broderick, SK
Nix, Harold L. from Edmonton
Nixdorf, George from Bow Island
Nixdorff, C.W from Airdrie
Nixon, A.H. from Trochu
Nixon, Arnold W. from Daysland
Nixon, C.E. from Edmonton
Nixon, C.E. from Edmonton
Nixon, E.W. from Duchess, Brooks
Nixon, N.T. from Duchess
Nixon, William Glenn from Hackett, Byemoor
No Runner, Laurence from Cardston
Nobel, Ralph from Elkwater
Nobert, J. from Black Diamond
Nobert, Maurice from Entwistle, Drayton Valley
Nobert, W.T. from Morinville, Riviere Qui Barre
Noble, A.S. from Eastway, Aldersyde
Noble, Albert John from Vermilion
Noble, D.A. from Purple Springs, Grassy Lake
Noble, David E. from Purple Springs
Noble, Eva from Rimbey
Noble, Frank & Ralph from Thelma, Elkwater, Medicine Hat
Noble, Henry J. from Dixonville
Noble, Irvine G. from Edgerton
Noble, James Dale from Sundre
Noble, John from Turin, Iron Springs
Noble, Mark from Bowden
Noble, Mrs. C.M. from Purple Springs, Taber
Noble, Rosemary remarried name Brocklebank from High River
Noble, Sylvia from Fort Macleod
Noble, Wilfred Earl from Okotoks
Noble, William from Thelma
Noble, Willis I. from Paradise Valley
Nobles & Muldoon Ranches Ltd. (C.W. Nobles & E. Muldoon) from Burtonsville, Edmonton
Noden, William Andrew from Stonelaw
Nodwell, Pat from High River
Noel, A.L. from Magrath
Noel, Gilbert from St. Paul
Noel, John G. from Westlock
Noel, Kathleen from Okotoks, De Winton
Noel, Ralph from Winnifred
Noel, Roger from St. Paul
Nofziger, Douglas from Wembley
Nokleby, Clifford from Hardisty
Nokleby, Mrs. Orland from Lougheed
Nolan, Floyd from Camrose, Strathmore
Nolde, Otto from Westvale, Wanham, Peoria
Nolderman (Nolderman & Worthy) from Medicine Hat
Nolin, Leona from Tulliby Lake
Nome, Jasper from Kinuso
Nome, Theodor (Ted) from Kinuso
Nonay, Mike from Edmonton
Nookes, E.C. & A.A. from Harmattan, Bearberry
Noonan, John V. & Dirk Bouma from Coronation
Nord, Carl from Ryley
Nordblem, J. from Ohaton, Meeting Creek
Nordegg Stock Assoc. from Nordegg
Nordendahl, Arne J. from Jarrow
Nordin, E.E. from Enilda
Nordin, E.P. from Hay Lakes
Nordin, Lennart from Hay Lakes
Nordine, Emil A. from Lea Park, Hughenden
Nordlund, Lauri A. & Mary F. from Seebe
Nordsstrom, Axel from Hoselaw
Nordstrom, Eric A. from Sedgewick
Nordstrom, Robert Carl from Bonnyville
Nordwoski, Fred from Ryley
Norell, Larry E. & Dywane M. Kyler from Ardrossan
Norem, A.C. from Calgary
Norem, D.M. from Leduc
Norhton, Harvey Lloyd from Consort
Norhton, Steve from Loyalist, Consort
Noris, Philip from Bearberry
Norkosky, Anton from Avalon
Norland, Oscar J. from Edgerton
Norlin, Harold Runo from Nelson, BC, Lethbridge
Norman Paul from Duchess, Roseberg, Millicent, High River
Norman, Alrick from Donalda, James River Bridge
Norman, Anson from Buffalo Lake
Norman, Douglas L. from Airdrie
Norman, Harold from Vauxhall
Norman, Mrs. Charles from Wainwright
Norman, Robert F. G. from Jumping Pound, Calgary
Normandeau, Dale from Cochrane
Normandeau, Daniel from Westerose, Wetaskiwin
Norndon, J.W. from Hughenden
Norre, Ruth from Rolling Hills
Norre, Soren from Dickson, Warner
Norris, Albert R. from Drinnan, Hinton, Grande Cache
Norris, E. F. from Slave Lake
Norris, Edward Francis from Slave Lake
Norris, Ethel D. from Crossfield, Airdrie
Norris, F.D. from Onoway
Norris, George L. from De Winton
Norris, Gordon Stanley from Calgary
Norris, James (Circle N Ranch) from Airdrie
Norris, Jean E. from Edmonton
Norris, N.B. & Son (G.C.) from Erskine
Norsworthy, Slim Maurice from Lethbridge, Canfield, ON
Northcott, Harvey from Balzac
Northcott, James E .from Metiskow
Northcott, James E. from Metiskow
Northcott, William Henry from Balzac, Airdrie
Northern Alfalfa Farms Ltd. from Edmonton
Northern Jade Ranch from Calgary
Northern Valley Cattle Co-Op from Cardston
Northey Bros. from Red Deer
Northey, Chester Vernon from Red Deer
Northey, Elmer K. from Peace River
Northey, Olive Vera from Fort Vermilion
Northey, Robert L. from Whitecourt
Northey, Thomas J. from Donalda
Northland Bank from Calgary
Northland Indian Mission from Peace River
Northup, Charles from Rimbey
Northwood, S.R. (Hillcrest Ranch) from Coronation
Northy, Cephas C. from Peace River
Norton, Al from Strathmore
Norton, Blaine from Magrath
Norton, C.J. from Delburne
Norton, Charles L. from Rosemary
Norton, Clair Harker from Raymond
Norton, Ernest I & C.L. Norton (Norton Bros.) from Arrowwood
Norton, Loraine I. from Rosemary
Norton, O.B. from Erskine
Norton, Ralph John from Pincher Creek, Wembley
Noskey, P. from Peace River
Noskeye, Bill from Peace River
Nota, B. from Tilley
Notland Bros. (Magne B. & Alf C.) from Morrin
Nott, Ed from Eagle Butte
Nott, John from Eagle Butte
Nottell, Donald William & Eileen Hazel Shoults from Calgary
Nottell, Harry from Hanna
Nottell, John & Emma Janet from Hanna
Nottingham, Ernest G. from Warner
Nouch, J.J. from Weald
Noullett, Dominic from Fairview
Noullett, Kenneth Joseph from Fairview
Noullette, Joe D. from Bawlf, Camrose
Nourse, Clive Ransom & Belinda Annie from Fenn
Novacluse, William J. from Calgary, Didsbury
Novak, Fred from Lloydminster, Endiang
Novodvorski, Ronald Edward from Grimshaw
Nowak, Lawrence John from Goodridge
Nowicki, Edward from Lac La Biche
Nowitsky, Mike from Chailey
Nowlin, Dora Marie from Mirror
Nowlin, Ernest L. from Claresholm, Carmangay
Nowlin, George W. from Claresholm
Nowlin, Ray Levell from Carmangay, Champion, Mirror
Nowlin, T.H & R.H. Wiley from Cochrane
Nowlin, Thomas W. from Claresholm, Turin
Nowry, Loren from DeBolt
Noyce, Francis S. from Baintree, Gadsby
Noyce, Francis S. from Baintree, Gadsby
Noyen, Charlie H from Edmonton
Noyen, Charlie H. from Edmonton
Noyes, C. George from Innisfail
Noyes, D.M. from Dinsdale
Noyes, Noel from Midnapore, Innisfail, White Rock, BC
Noyes, Porter from Garrington
Nugent, Ellen from Halfway Lake
Nugent, Ian & J.J. Smith from Bashaw
Nummela, Helmi & Otto Ismaki from Picture Butte
Nummela, Helmi & Otto Ismaki from Picture Butte
Nunn, Maude G. from Carstairs
Nunn, O. & J. (Graham Ranch) from Calgary, Brandon, MB
Nunn, Virginia R. from Carstairs
Nunnemaker, Chip from Arrowwood
Nunweiler, Norman & Elaine from La Porte, SK
Nussbaumer, Martin G. from Edmonton
Nutbrown, Alvin Thomas from Mannville
Nutkins, Marilyn Verne from Midnapore
Nutt, James Leo from Minburn, Hardisty
Nuttall, L.G. from Carlos
Nuttall, O.W. from Lloydminster
Nyberg, Richard from Amisk
Nydokus, Mike Nelson from Mannville, Hemaruka
Nyeste, Frank G. from Peace River
Nygaard, B. from Jenner
Nygaard, Carl from Rolling Hills
Nygard, Dorothy Kay from Carbon
Nyhart, Joseph from Bassano
Nyhof, Gerrit from Monarch
Nyhus, John E. from Calgary
Nykolychuk, John A. from Smoky Lake
Nykyroriuk, William G. from Hairy Hill
Nystrom, Clifford E. from Wetaskiwin
Nystrom, Clifford E. from Wetaskiwin
Nystrom, Jacqueline Ann from Wetaskiwin
Nystrom, Sulo Edwin from Rocky Mountain House

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