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Cancelled Brand Files - M
M & M Cattle from Coaldale
M & M Feeders Ltd. from Rosebud
M. & O Holdings Ltd. from Edmonton
Maack, Friedrich from Bow Island
Maas, Adriaan Casteleyn from Barnwell, Nobleford
Maas, Leo John from Westward Ho
Maas, Mrs. E.M from Milk River
Maas, P. from Fort Macleod
Maas, W.J. from Lea Park
Maas, Wilber William from Sundre
Mabbott, B. H. from Castor
Mabbott, Herbert from Castor
Mabley, Jim D. from Delacour
Mabley, O.W. from Delacour, Sidney, BC
Mac Gillivray, B. W. from Rimbey
Macartney, W.H. from Bindloss
Macartney, William M from Bindloss
MacAulay, Hector Ross from Calgary
MacAulay, Mrs. J.R. from Monitor
MacAuley, Gordon from Donalda, Red Deer
MacAuley, Mabel from Red Willow, Donalda
MacColl, A.D. from Minburn
MacConochie, Duncan from Fenn
MacCormack, John C. from Carseland
MacDonald Bros. (Angus & L.) from Alhambra
MacDonald, A. J. & William Dunstall, Pete Hardman from Fallis
MacDonald, Alan M. from Calgary
MacDonald, Angus & Mary from Midnapore
MacDonald, Angus E. & M. E. from Bindloss
MacDonald, Angus, MacDonald & Mary from Midnapore
MacDonald, Archie from Sundre
MacDonald, Charles H. from Harlech, Slave Lake
MacDonald, Charles H. from Harlech, Slave Lake
MacDonald, D.H. from Edmonton
MacDonald, D.H. from Edmonton
MacDonald, D.M. from Medicine Hat
Macdonald, D.W. from High River
MacDonald, Donald from Sundre
MacDonald, Donald Neil from Monitor, Consort
MacDonald, E.A. from Pancras, Cavendish
MacDonald, Edward Leander from Lethbridge
MacDonald, Helen W. from Raymond
MacDonald, Hugh A. from Manyberries, Moon Lake
MacDonald, Jack from Macleod
MacDonald, John from Champion
MacDonald, John from Florann
MacDonald, John from Rocky Mountain House
MacDonald, John Stanley from Brownfield, Castor
MacDonald, Lachlan from Alhambra
MacDonald, M.S. from Bow Island, Okotoks, Raven
MacDonald, Norman A from Rose Lynn, Halliday
MacDonald, R.D. from Olds
MacDonald, Rebecca from Bow Island
MacDonald, Ruth Elizabeth & Robert Bruce Walker from Calgary, Tacoma, WA
MacDonald, Sam from Bottrel
MacDonald, Stewart L. from Craigmyle
MacDonald, Walter from High Prairie
MacDonald, William from Herronton, Calgary
MacDonnell, Edwin from Hill Spring
MacDonnell, Father from Red Deer
MacDougal, A.G. from Carstairs
MacDougall, Muriel & Ed Foley from Banff
MacDowell, Harold D. from Cochrane, Calgary
Mace, George L. from Carseland
Mace, Spotswood M. from High River, Pekisko
MacEachren Milling Co. Ltd. from Wetaskiwin
MacFarland, Grace from Viking
MacFarlane, Robert from Minburn, Rodino
MacFarlane, William G. from Minburn, Kinsella
Macfarquhar, Alex & R. D from Cremona
MacFarquhar, C.H. from Cremona
MacFarquhar, C.H. from Cremona
MacFayden, D.U. from Islay
MacGillvary, J. Donald & Ida from Sunnynook
MacGowan, Alfred J. from Fort Macleod
MacGregor, C. & A. from Granum
MacGregor, Charles from Granum
MacGregor, Neil from Schuler
MacGregor, Stuart Wesley from Holden
Machacek Bros (Frank & Charles) from Turin
Machacek, Charlie & Stanley from Turin
Machacek, Frank from Turin
Machacek, Joe from Barnwell, Cranford, Turin
MacHardy, N.V. from Vermilion
Machatis, Henry from Beaver Crossing
Machiewich, John from Vilna
Machin, George Frederick from Mannville, Vermilion
Machtemes, L.F. from Fort Assiniboine
Machum, Kenneth R. from Calgary
Maciborski, Carl from Winfield
Maciborski, John from Vegreville
Maciborski, William from Tofield
Maciborski, William, & Mike J. Stawnychy from Edmonton
MacIndoe, Eliza from Wheat Centre, Vauxhall
MacIndoe, George from Lethbridge
MacIndoe, William from Vauxhall
MacInnis, Donald C. from Islay
MacInnis, Donald C. from Islay
MacIntosh, Dale from Rimbey, Bluffton
MacIntosh, Fred from Munson, Apple Hill, ON
MacIntyre, Betty Marion from Hardisty
MacIntyre, C.W. from Hayter
MacIntyre, Donald from Clandonald
MacIntyre, Eva from Metiskow
MacIntyre, Lawrence Wilbur from Hardisty
MacIntyre, W.A. from Hayter
MacIsaac, John Henry from Claresholm
MacIsaac, Ronald J. from Patricia
MacIver, George (Parkhill Fox Ranch) from Calgary
MacIver, George (Parkhill Fox Ranch) from Calgary
Mack, D.B. from Bindloss, Stavely
Mack, Daniel Donald David from Brosseau, Viking
Mack, David from Clive
Mack, Donald & Doreen Lattin from Calgary
Mack, Edwin from Robinson
Mack, Fred from Manyberries
Mack, Fred from Robinson
Mack, Jacob from Irvine
Mack, James from Driftpile
Mack, John from Coleridge, Dunmore
Mack, Mary from Bremner
Mack, Phil from Rochester
Mack, Robert Allan, Leonard Joseph from Fort Saskatchewan
MacKay, A. John from Bow City, Edmonton
Mackay, George C. from Acme
MacKay, George from Gem
MacKay, J.B. from Auburndale, Vermilion, Wainwright
MacKay, John K. & Christina from Fairview
MacKay, John K. & Christina from Fairview
MacKay, John W. from Lethbridge
MacKay, Mack M. from Lomond, Kelfield, SK
MacKay, R.A. from Innisfail
Mackay, Richard J.S. from Ardrossan
MacKay, Robert M. from Black Diamond
MacKay, William from Wetaskiwin
MacKay, William J. from Calgary
MacKay, William K. from Calgary, Blackie
MacKensie, S. B. from Etzikom
MacKenzie & Blacklock from Grantham
MacKenzie Co-Operative Feeders Association from Manning
Mackenzie, Alex from Rimbey, Ponoka
MacKenzie, Angus H. from Rimbey
MacKenzie, Arthur F. from Camrose
MacKenzie, Bessie from Airdrie, Calgary
MacKenzie, Charles E. from Edmonton, Sangudo
MacKenzie, Dan from Falun, Entwistle, Ponoka
MacKenzie, Dan from Falun, Entwistle, Ponoka
MacKenzie, Dan from Heinsburg
MacKenzie, Donald D. from Airdrie
MacKenzie, Donald from Vauxhall
MacKenzie, Donald George D. from Sedgewick
MacKenzie, Henry D. from Lloydminster
MacKenzie, Hugh from Athabasca
MacKenzie, J.F. from Lethbridge, Spring Coulee
MacKenzie, John from Vulcan, Hearnleigh
MacKenzie, Mrs. Jack from Lacombe
MacKenzie, R. from Rimbey
MacKenzie, Samuel B. from Etzikom
MacKenzie, Thomas from Bassano
MacKenzie, William from Bassano
MacKenzie, William from Grantham
MacKenzie, Willist, & Mildred MacKenzie from Calgary
MacKenzzie, Donald George D. from Sedgewick
Mackey, Irena M. from Kinsella
Mackey, Odo R. from Nanton
Mackie, Claude from Namaka
MacKie, J.C. & E. H. Logan from Grande Prairie
Mackie, J.R. from Alix, Red Deer
Mackie, John from Calgary
Mackie, T.M. from Rimbey
Mackiewich, Tony from Vilna
MacKinley, Gordon Arthur from Vermilion
MacKinnon, Darrel Grant from Calgary
MacKinnon, Donald Roy from Rimbey
MacKinnon, John W. from Calgary, Penhold
MacKinnon, Melvin from Blairmore, Hillcrest Mines
MacKinnon, R A. from Olds
MacKinnon, Richard Scott from Olds, Blackfalds
Macklin, Fred from Warner
Macklin, George Staples from Elmworth
Macklin, H.G. from Midnapore, Ryley
Mackney, Charles from Minburn, Innisfree
Mackney, Michael from Innisfree
Mackoruk, Peter from Dapp
Mackowichuk, P. from Red Deer
MacLachlan, Frank from Sedalia
MacLachlan, George Evans from Cecil Lake, BC
MacLachlan, J.P. from Cecil Lake, BC
MacLaine, Elfiel from Lethbridge
MacLaine, Mrs. Warren from Lethbridge
MacLaren, W.R. from Sedgewick
MacLean, A.L. from New Fish Creek, Kelowna, BC
MacLean, Alex from Hoselaw, Rife
MacLean, Allan from Huxley, Blackie, High River, Spirit River
MacLean, D.J. from Calgary
Maclean, Donald K. from Rosemary
MacLean, Edwina (formerly Mrs. M. Whidden) from Markerville
Maclean, Frank O. from Lethbridge
Maclean, George R. from Calgary
MacLean, Gordon C. from Delburne
MacLean, Hettie Reid, Eliza & Ida from Macleod
MacLean, Howard J. from Calgary, Montreal, PQ, Pointe Furtune, PQ
MacLean, Hugh from Blackie, Huxley
MacLean, James R. & Sons from Macleod
MacLean, John Edward from Killam
MacLean, John from Sputinow
MacLean, Ken from Calgary
MacLean, Malcolm J. from Rife
MacLean, Mrs. M.B. from Bassano
MacLean, R. C. from Bassano
MacLean, Robert R. & Hettie R. from Fort Macleod
MacLean, Robert William from Edmonton
MacLean, Ronald Alex from Sundre, Edmonton
MacLean, Ross from Rife, Bonnyville, Hoselaw
Macleay, Laura S. from High River
MacLennan, J.D. from Twin Butte
MacLennan, T.N. from Cochrane
Macleod, A.R. from Lake Isle
MacLeod, Colin from Okotoks
Macleod, Donald from Viking
Macleod, James F. from Cowley
MacLeod, M.J. from Vegreville
MacLeod, Margaret I. from Craigmyle
Macleod, Norman from Red Deer
Macleod, Roderick J. A. from Champion, Tees
MacLeod, T.H. from Craigmyle
MacLeod, Wilson Alex from Pincher Creek
MacMillan Bros. from Clandonald
MacMillan Bros. from Clandonald
MacMillan Colony from Cayley
MacMillan, Alexander from Rusylvia
MacMillan, Charles & M. G. Smith from Lethbridge
MacMillan, Donald from Hinton
MacMillan, Helen F. from Black Diamond, Hartell, Millarville
MacMillan, M.A. from Gadsby
MacMillan, M.A. from Gadsby
MacMillan, Malcolm K. from Cowley
MacMillan, P. Harry from Millarville, Devon
MacMillan, Robert Longworth & Thomas John Farrell from Calgary
MacNAir, Kenneth Alexander from Edmonton, Sherwood Park
MacNair, Kenneth Alexander from Edmonton, Sherwood Park
MacNaughton, Peter from Ranfurly
MacNaughton, W.D. from Ranfurly
Maconochie, R.L. from Leslieville
Macphee, Donald E. from Penhold
MacPhee, Hugh from Rusylvia
MacPherson, D.A from Olds, Bowden
MacPherson, J.L. from Viking, Kinsella
MacPherson, Murdoch from Bulwark
MacPherson, P.A from Nanton
MacPherson, Vermena from Calgary
MacQuarrie, A. from Coleman
Macrory, Brian F.J. from Peace River, Grande Prairie
MacTavish, Daniel Robert from Stony Plain
Madaro, Joseph Dale from Coronation
Maddams, E.J. from Cadomin
Maddams, James from Cadomin
Maddaugh, Omer E. from Fort Macleod
Madden, Dale C. from Lloydminster, St. Walberg, SK
Madden, Harold from Lacombe
Madden, Robert from Sedalia
Madder, George W. from Fabyan
Maddex, P.J. from Wainwright
Maddex, William A. from Dewberry
Maddock, John Ernest from Coronation
Maddock, John G. from Leduc
Maddox, Max Avon from Campo, CA, Coronada, CA
Madge, Douglas W. from Delia
Madge, F.A. from Janet, Calgary, Sundre
Madge, Frank W, & Larry from Milk River
Madge, Paul & Son from Milk River
Madge, Richard Alexander from Calgary
Madge, William M. from Milk River
Madgten, L.A. from Morningside
Madill, Edwin J. from Calgary
Madill, Gordon Oscar from Bentley
Madorsky, M. from Calgary
Madsen, Axel from Calgary, Conrich
Madsen, Carl from Chancellor, Standard
Madsen, Frank from Faust
Madsen, H.P. from Glenwoodville
Madsen, John from Manyberries
Madsen, N.R. from Hussar
Madsen, Nels from Standard, Lamont, Olds
Madsen, W. Kenneth from Drayton Valley
Madson, MacKinley C. from Dunstable
Madson, William Harvey from Shoal Creek, Barrhead
Madu, Edward from Millet, Wetaskiwin
Madu, M.B. from Lousana
Maertz, Gottlieb from Three Hills
Maerz, Adam from Three Hills
Maerz, Art from Three Hills
Maerz, Arthur A. from Three Hills
Maerz, Carl from Three Hills
Maerz, Enoch from Three Hills
Maerz, John from Three Hills, Sunnyslope
Maerz, S.E. from Allingham, Three Hills
Maetche, Alvin A. from Craigmyle
Maetche, Belva from Craigmyle
Maetche, David William from Holden
Magarrell, D.C. from Chinook, Beaverlodge, Halcourt
Magdall, Steve from Lethbridge
Magee, J.W.E. from Fort Saskatchewan
Magee, Ralph S. from Paradise Valley
Maglin, Walter from Fox
Magnuson, Ethel from Winfield
Magnuson, Ingvald from Lomond
Magnuson, Swan R. from Etzikom, Pakowki
Magnusson, Clifton M. from Armistice, Elk Point
Magrath Trading Company Ltd. (J. Alfred Ririe) from Magrath
Maguire, Andrew F. from Rosemary, Airdrie
Maguire, Edward from Wimborne, Olds
Magwood, Lorne Charles from Donalda, Gadsby
Magyar, Frank E. from Edson
Magyar, Gabor from Coaldale, Barnwell
Mah, Dan from Fort Chipewyan
Mah, Joe from Elk Point
Mahon, Mrs. Michael from Vermilion
Mahoney, Bruce W. from Calgary
Mahoney, Gertrude from Edgerton
Mahoney, Patrick E. from Edgerton
Mahoney, Roderick from Edgerton
Mahowich, Elizabeth from Edmonton
Mahura, Norbert Louis from Medicine Hat
Mai, Daniel from Magrath
Maiden, John & Griffiths from Aden
Maiden, John & John Maiden Griffiths from Aden
Maier, Berthold from Calgary
Maier, David & William from Medicine Hat
Maier, Donald D. from Calgary
Maier, Garth Eugene from Medicine Hat
Maier, Henry from Medicine Hat
Maier, Jacob from Tilley, Rainier
Maier, Oscar from Lomond
Maier, Ralph W. from Taber
Maier, W.H. from Taber
Maik, Ann from Pincher Creek
Maik, Edward from Glenwoodville
Maik, James from Glenwoodville
Maik, Mike from Glenwood
Maik, Steve from Derwent
Mailer, George from Alix
Mailer, James & Dorothy R. from Cadogan, Maughan, Cairns
Mailer, Marjorie from Cadogan
Mailer, Robert from Alix, Cairns
Mailer, Stanley from Didsbury, Cremona
Mailer, William from Cadogan, Czar, Big Valley
Mailman, Norman from Alderson, Madden
Main, William from Pincher Creek
Mainaes, Herbert William from Edmonton
Maingot, Josephine & Phillippe from Enilda
Mainland, Mary from Blackie
Mainwaring, Ralph G. (Hilly Fields Stock Farm) from Dunstable
Mainwaring, Ralph G. (Hilly Fields Stock Farm) from Dunstable
Mairland, J.B. from Turin
Maitland, Douglas Ramsay from Winterburn
Maitland, Harold Elroy from Calgary
Majcher, June from Calgary
Majcher, Lee & James from Calgary
Majeau, Gilbert from Mannville
Majer, Fred from Mayerthorpe, Anselmo
Majestic Pines & Destiny Holdings Ltd. from Delburne
Major, Donald K. from Olds
Major, James Bruce from Burdett
Major, Ray A. from Edmonton
Majury, Arthur C. from Vermilion
Makal Ranches from Peers
Makar, Joseph from Kinsella
Makar, Metro from Kinsella
Makarenko & Pask from Fairview
Makaruk, J. from Fleet
Maki, John from Eckville
Maki, Matt from Eckville
Makinaw, Narcisse from Wetaskiwin
Makinson, Mary T. from Taber
Makofka, Juanita nee Lambert from Iola, Leedale
Makofka, William & Henry from Gage
Makofka, William & Henry from Gage
Makokis, Vernon from St. Paul
Makowsky, Bruno from Thorhild
Maksymiuk, Dick from Myrnam
Maksymiuk, George D. from Musidora, Two Hills
Maksymiuk, George D. from Musidora, Two Hills
Maksymuik, Mike D. from Edmonton
Malak, Fred T. (Milky Way Dairy) from Caroline
Maland, Martin D. from Morrin
Malarchuk, John from Vilna, Edmonton
Malard, Charles from Gilt Edge
Malchow, G. & Sons from Stavely
Malchow, Harry from Stavely
Malcolm, James from Richdale, Hanna
Malcolm, Ted from Tofield
Malcolmson, L.H. from Calgary
Maldaner, Karl from Tilley, Duchess, Coaldale
Malec, S. from Vermilion
Malech, Paul from Lac Bellevue
Maley, Laverne from Rose Lynn
Maley, Nickolas C. from Calgary
Maley, Paul & Edith from Parkland
Malica, Wauro from Rodef
Malieux, Gabrielle A. from Cowley, Blairmore
Malingren, Edward from Metiskow
Malinsky, Nick from Taber
Mallaig Processors Co. Ltd. from Mallaig
Mallard, Gertrude from Gilt Edge
Mallas, Oddny from Plamondon
Maller, Clarence R. from Clive, Haynes
Mallett, Carl P. from Forestburg
Mallett, W.E. from Forestburg
Mallloch, D. from Airdrie
Malloch, Willard Campbell & Fern Opal from Airdrie
Mallock, William from Crossfield, Airdrie
Mallon, Patrick from St. Brides
Mallory, John from Sundre
Mallough, John from Hayter
Malm, Andrew from Retlaw
Malm, Helmer from Luscar
Malmas, Theodore from Wetaskiwin
Malmberg Bros. from Spring Coulee
Malmberg, Leah B. from Blairmore
Malmberg, Robert Orville from Spring Coulee
Malmquist, Einar from Fort Vermilion
Malo Bros. from Lafond
Malo, Aime from Lafond
Malo, Bernard from Lafond
Malo, Florimont from Mallaig
Malo, Josaphat from Lafond
Malo, Richard Aime from Lafond
Maloff, Fred from Bearberry, Sundre
Maloff, George & Son from Cowley
Maloff, George from Crowfoot
Malone, J. from Mayerthorpe
Maloney, Edward from Edmonton
Maloney, Edward from Edmonton
Maloney, Thomas D. from Athabasca
Malowany, Paul M. from Edmonton
Malson, H.E. from Rockyford
Maltais, Charles from Hazeldine, Dewberry
Maltais, Ernest & Frances from Breton
Malyk, Alfred F. from Airdrie
Malyk, J.M. from Airdrie, Creston, BC
Malysh, Andrew from Vilna
Malyx, George from Buffalo
Malyx, Mrs. P.S. from Buffalo
Manana Farming & Contracting Ltd. (Kenneth Isaac) from Crooked Creek
Manary, Lyle C.H. & Alex G. Stewart from Ardrossan
Manchakowsky, Stanley from Warspite
Manchester, Alvin B. from Gainford
Manchur, Ernie Wallace from Tilley
Mandel, Isaac J. from Medicine Hat
Mandel, Jacob from Cardston
Mandel, Menashe & Ben Zelcovitch from Winnipeg, MB
Mandel, Menashe & Ben Zelcovitch from Winnipeg, MAN
Mandel, Mike J. from Monarch
Mandeville, W. from Rainier, Warner
Mandrusiak, Mick A. from Morecambe
Mandrusiak, Nick A. from Morecambe
Mandrusiak, Steve from Morecambe, Vegreville
Mandrusiak, William A. from Morecambe
Mandryk, Bill from Smoky Lake, Edmonton
Mangan, J.A. from Crossfield, Innisfail
Mangan, Joseph from Midnapore
Mangles, Robert Newton from Priddis
Mann, A.R. Investments Ltd from Vancouver, BC
Mann, Annie from Stettler
Mann, Bryan Ira from Alix
Mann, H.H. from Alix
Mann, Henry J. & Daniel Kreger from Edmonton
Mann, Mike from Picture Butte
Mann, Newell G. R. from Nemiskam
Mann, Peter from Hutton
Mann, W.J. from Penhold
Manness M Bar Quarter horses Ltd. from Rosebud
Manness, Charles F. from Brooks
Manness, Elizabeth A. from Brooks, Rosebud
Manness, Frederick W. from Brooks, Rosebud
Manness, Holly E. from Brooks, Rosebud
Manning, David from Provost
Manning, Ernest C. from Edmonton
Manning, Frank from Cadogan
Manning, Frank from Edmonton, Amisk, Beverly
Manning, George Alfred H. from Ardrossan
Manning, James W. from Amisk
Manning, James Warren from Okotoks
Manning, John Chester from Delburne
Manning, L.W. from Dapp
Manning, Richard Edward from Amisk
Manning, Russell Frank from Edmonton, Fort St. John, BC, Swift Current, SK
Mannix, Fred & Rose from Paradise Valley
Mannix, Rose nee Blume from Hayter, Paradise Valley
Manolson, M.F. from Calgary
Mansell, R.E. & W.G. from Innisfree, Castor
Mansell, W.G. from Innisfree
Manser & Brandley from Foremost
Mansfield, Sydney from Horburg, Rocky Mountain House
Manske, Gust from Hayter
Manske, Stella M. from Hayter
Manske, William Herman Paul from Hayter
Manson Bros. from Kitscoty
Manson, Philip from Chauvin
Mantai, Rudolf from Brightview, Wetaskiwin
Mantei, Arnold Herbert from Cynthia
Mantie, Edward Albert from Bassano
Mantik, Fred from Bruce, Edmonton
Mantik, Fred from Bruce, Edmonton
Mantle, Wilfred from Edmonton
Mantz, Theo from Hilda
Manuel, Leonard from Plamondon
Manuel, Norman A. from Plamondon
Manville, Osborne & E. G & G.Y from Calgary, Airdrie
Manwaring, Jack L. from Lethbridge
Many Bears, Albert from Cluny
Many Bears, Aloysius from Cluny
Many Bears, Dorothy from Cluny
Many Bears, Jack from Fort Macleod, Stand Off
Many Bears, James from Cluny
Many Bears, Philip from Cluny
Many Bears, Winston from Cardston
Many Chief, Ray from Cardston
Many Fingers Sr. Albert from Cardston
Many Fingers, Albert Jr. from Cardston
Many Fingers, Herbert William from Cardston
Many Guns, Carl from Gleichen
Many Guns, Doris from Brocket
Many Guns, Matthew from Gleichen
Many Guns, Roger from Gleichen
Many Guns, Tom from Gleichen
Many Heads, Levi from Gleichen
Manywounds, Amos from Calgary
Manz, Ray from Berwyn
Manzke, Hermann from Del Bonita
Maple Leaf Coal Company Ltd from Drumheller
Maple, Gust from Mannville, La Glace, Buffalo Lake
Mapstone, W. from Minburn
Maquire, Emmett from St. Paul
Maquire, M.J. & Kathleen from Gem, Bassano
Mar, John & Arthur Rowe from Medicine Hat, Bingville, Brutus
Maranda Holdings Ltd. (M. J. Miller) from Calgary
Marceniuk, Harry from Spedden
Marceniuk, William from Spedden, Elk Point
Marcetta, Marko from Hinton
Marc-ette Holdings (Marcel Ernest Joly) from St. Paul
March, August from Hilda
March, Louie from Hilda, Medicine Hat
March, Walter from Fox
Marchak, Steven Alex from Legal
Marchand, Clifford from Wainwright
Marchand, Donald H. from Wainwright
Marchand, Harvey from Evansburg, Wainwright
Marchand, James from Fabyan
Marchand, Jerry from Wainwright
Marchant, Ian M. from Westward Ho, Knee Hill Valley
Marchant, Robert from Calgary
Marchi, Avellino from Michel, BC, Natal, BC, High River
Marchildon, Peter Thomas from Rimbey
Marchildon, Wilfred Thomas from Rimbey
Marchuk, Joseph from Fort McMurray
Marcil, Aurele from Fraserton, Castor
Marcil, Charles from Castor
Marcil, Charles from Castor
Marcil, Melchior &C.A. Freeburn (Flying N Ranch) from Paddle River, Mannville, Dawson Creek, BC
Marcinka, Joe from Wrentham
Marcinko, John from Taber, Wrentham
Marcinkowski, Arthur from Forestburg, Two Hills
Marck, Oscar from Dickson
Marcoux, Frank from Burdett
Marcoux, Jean Thomas from St. Paul, St. Edouard
Marcoux, Orphila from Bonnyville
Marcy, N.F. from Brooks
Mardian, H.F. & J.M. Hammel from Medicine Hat
Mardian, John Tony from Hays, Medicine Hat
Mareck, A.H. from Provost
Marfleet, Jack from Vermilion
Margrand, Edward from Viking
Marian, William from Beauvallon
Maricle, H.E. from Vegreville, Hythe, Hamblin
Maricle, H.E. from Vegreville, Hythe, Hamlin
Maricle, Leslie Herbert from Hythe
Marieno, Frank from Kevisville
Marjerison, Florrie I. from Kipp
Mark, Alois from Evergreen
Mark, G.E. from Kinsella
Mark, Jr. Frank from Fort Macleod
Markel, N.B. from Dorothy
Markell, W.E. from Ashmont
Markentin, John from Beaumont
Markentine, Helene from Gem
Markham, Reed from Innisfail
Markle, C.G. from Red Deer
Markley, J. from Watt Lake, Coronation
Marklund, Karl B. from Koknee, Vermilion
Marko, Philip from Edmonton
Markovich Bros. from Rycroft
Markovich, John from McLennan
Markowski, John from Lake Eliza
Marks, Clara Ann from Hanna
Marks, Frank T. from Delburne, Stoppington
Marks, Fred T. from Milo
Marks, Hazel from Lomond
Marks, Julia Lavelle from Armada, Lomond
Marks, Karl from Calgary
Marks, Leonard from Armada
Marks, Tom from Lomond
Marks, V.J. from Armada
Markus, Steve from Coaldale, Lethbridge
Markussen, Phyllis from Taber
Marler, G. from Clover Bar, Edmonton, Sherwood Park
Marler, J. K. from Bremner
Marler, Walter W. from Camrose
Marlow, H. from Alliance
Marnoch, Jonathan from Endiang
Maron, Emil from Hemaruka
Maron, Ernest from Manville
Maron, Helen P. from Consort
Maron, John from Loyalist, Consort
Maron, Leo from Brownfield
Maron, Walter H. from Mannville
Maronda, Carl W. from Lomond
Marose, Douglas from Taber
Marose, Rudolph from Taber
Marosevich, Celia from Taber
Marple, L.E. & R.J.N. Hendersen from Ricinus
Marple, Robert Allen Cook from Calgary, Fort McMurray, Fox Creek
Marquand Bros. (George & Charles) from Alderson
Marquand, George from Innisfail
Marquandt, Bruce from High Prairie
Marquandt, George from Drumheller
Marquandt, John from Calgary, Sundre
Marquardsen, Eva May nee Pestell from Coronation, Nanton, Stavely, Okotoks, Aldersyde
Marquardt, George from Drumheller
Marquess, Clarence & Emmett from Gem
Marquess, James F. from Gem
Marquess, Lynne D. from Gem
Marr, George A. from Youngstown
Marr, George S. from Cereal
Marr, Glenn Eldon from Medicine Hat
Marr, J.C. from Twin Butte, Pincher Creek
Marr, L.M from Millet
Marr, Walter from Pincher Creek
Marra, Dr. R.J. from Red Deer, White Rock, BC
Marryat, Peter Ramsay from Alix
Marsden, Frank from North Edmonton
Marsden, J J. from Spring Coulee
Marsden, Marvin Jay from Spring Coulee
Marsden, Marvin Joseph from Spring Coulee
Marsh, Albert C. from Vulcan
Marsh, Charles W. from Sundre
Marsh, Eddy from Foisy
Marsh, Kenneth Walter James Earl Marsh from Vauxhall
Marsh, Stanley G. from Cherry Grove, Grand Centre
Marshall Bros. from Bluffton
Marshall Bros. from Bluffton
Marshall, A.R from Lethbridge
Marshall, A.R. from Lethbridge
Marshall, Albert & James from Highvale
Marshall, Albert & James from Highvale
Marshall, Albert E. from Rimbey
Marshall, Britta M. from Twin Butte
Marshall, C. Douglas from Macleod
Marshall, Cecil J. from Castor
Marshall, Charles Thomas from Viking
Marshall, Clem G. from Acadia Valley
Marshall, Clem G. from Acadia Valley
Marshall, Ed from Mannville
Marshall, Frank P. from Springpoint
Marshall, Fred A. from Innisfail
Marshall, Fred B. from Minburn
Marshall, George Ross from Alsask
Marshall, Gerald from New Dayton
Marshall, Greg & Glen from New Dayton
Marshall, H.B. from Clear Prairie, Fairview
Marshall, H.B. from Clear Prairie, Fairview
Marshall, Hazel F. from Vulcan
Marshall, Hazel F. from Vulcan
Marshall, J. Keith from Rimbey, Donalda
Marshall, James B. from Vulcan
Marshall, Joe from Delia
Marshall, John & George W. Jones from Calgary
Marshall, John Edwen Owen from Grand Centre
Marshall, John, Jones, George W. from Calgary
Marshall, Joseph Bond from Vulcan
Marshall, Kenneth J. from Rowley
Marshall, Leonard & Sharon from Alix
Marshall, Lorne J. from Castor
Marshall, M.E. from Nevis, Bonanza
Marshall, Stan W. from Nevis
Marshall, Thomas C. from Vermilion, Langley, BC
Marshall, Walter L. from Macleod
Marshalsay, George S. from Lethbridge
Marshman, C.J. from Champion
Marshman, Edward from Champion
Marskell, Phillip W. from Ashmont
Marson Ranching Ltd.(J.H.Simpson) from Calgary
Marston, William A. from Elnora
Martell, Lewis from Brightview
Martell, Roy from Brightview, Wetaskiwin
Marten, John from Waskatenau
Marteniuk, Wendy Katherine from Edmonton, Gibbons
Martens, Abram A. from Lethbridge
Martens, Cornelia from Three Hills
Martens, Frank from Clive, Haynes
Martens, Fritz from Haynes
Martensen, Hans from Lea Park
Martfeld, Arthur S. from Luseland, SK
Marthaller, Simon G. from Faith, Taber
Marthaller, Simon G. from Faith, Taber
Marthinsen, Rolf from Vermilion, Tolland
Martin Bros (Martin & Edward) from Manyberries
Martin Norman Robert from Calgary, Nanton
Martin, A.J. from Silver Heights
MArtin, Adam from Okotoks
Martin, Alice I. from Tolland
Martin, Allan C. & Sarah from Barnwell
Martin, Anthony J. from Olds
Martin, Armand A. from East Coulee, Hussar
Martin, Arthur Johnston from Wainwright
Martin, Bert & Martin & Enoch from Sugden, St. Lina, Sideview
Martin, Charles Alva from Vauxhall
Martin, Charles O. from Carbon
Martin, Christopher T. from Cassils
Martin, Clarence Guy Rayner from Meanook, Athabasca
Martin, D.R. from Edmonton
Martin, Dale E. from Duchess, Brooks
Martin, Darrel M. from Nanton
Martin, David A. from La Corey
Martin, Don F. from Mound
Martin, Donald A. from Hill Spring
Martin, Donald from Red Deer
Martin, Donald Richard from Strathmore
Martin, E.C. from Makepeace, Pullman, WA
Martin, E.J. from Waterhole
Martin, Earl D. from Nanton
Martin, Eben N. from Makepeace
Martin, Evert H. & Edwin C. Colter from Drumheller
Martin, F.G. & Son (F.G. Jr.) from Lougheed
Martin, Fred B. from Beaver Crossing, Neutral Hills
Martin, Fred from Bentley
Martin, Fred from Coronation
Martin, Fred from Lone Butte
Martin, Gordon from Hughenden
Martin, Gordon Stanley from Medicine Hat, Calgary
Martin, H.N. from Calgary
Martin, Hanby W. from Vermilion, Wildmere, Tolland
Martin, Harold from Rosemary
Martin, Harry from Castor, Penticton, BC
Martin, Hilbert from Coronation
Martin, Howard from Beaver Mines
Martin, Hugh J. from Etzikom
Martin, Hugh W. from Sylvan Lake
Martin, Izetta Gertrude from Hill Springs
Martin, J.B. from Duchess
Martin, J.E. from Makepeace
Martin, J.G. from Scandia, Brooks
Martin, J.H. from Provost
Martin, James Alix from Red Deer
Martin, James H. from Delia
Martin, Jeffrey L. from Tolland, Vermilion
Martin, Jim & Alice from Red Deer
Martin, Joe L. from Condor
Martin, John Clifford from Nanton, Alix, Calgary
Martin, John from Hanna
Martin, John J. from Warner
Martin, John L. from Rocky Mountain House, Eckville
Martin, L.O. from La Corey
Martin, Lester R. from Grassy Lake
Martin, Lorne from Delia
Martin, Marcel from Edmonton
Martin, Melvin J. from Lousana
Martin, Paul from St. Paul
Martin, R.A. from Barnwell
Martin, R.J. from Bow Island
Martin, Raymond Ronald & Barbara D. from Edmonton
Martin, Rene J. from Forestburg, Camrose
Martin, Reynold from Trochu, Three Hills
Martin, Robert H. from Wildmere
Martin, Robert K. from Conklin
Martin, Russell H. from Scandia, Barnwell
Martin, S.H. from Duchess
Martin, S.M. from Cochrane
Martin, Sam from Olds
Martin, Simon from Beaver Crossing
Martin, Stephen Bosworth from Glenbow
Martin, Tom from Buffalo
Martin, W. & Sons from Coronation
Martin, W.P. from Craigmyle, Delia
Martin, Walter S. from Mayerthorpe
Martin, William from Cherhill
Martine, John Miner from Bassano, Sundre
Martineau, Allan from Paddle Prairie
Martineau, Arvada Mary from Hughenden
Martineau, John L. from Fort Saskatchewan
Martineau, John Leonard & Sons (David, Norman) from South Edmonton
Martineau, Joseph from Hughenden
Martineau, Lloyd from Paddle Prairie, Beaver Crossing
Martinson, James from Wildwood
Martinusen, Donald from Airdrie
Martland, Richard from Edmonton
Martynes, Jack from Lousana
Martyniuk, Paul from High Prairie
Martz, Adam from Schuler, Medicine Hat
Martz, Emanual from Winnifred
Martz, Jackob from Schuler
Maruno, T. from Rosemary
Maruno, Yosh from Rosemary
Marusiak, Mike from Mannville
Marusyk, Tom from Iddesleigh
Marvin, G.W. from Bindloss, Empress
Marx, Ray & Symen Hortmer from Bowden
Marx, Raymond from Bowden, Calgary
Marx, William H. from Innisfail, Dickson, Raven
Marynovich, Henry from Lake Bellevue
Marynowich, Walter from Willingdon
Maschke Bros. & Sons from Forestburg
Masear, Raymond J. from Mannville
Maser, Allan from Medicine Hat
Maser, Chris from Walsh, Medicine Hat
Maser, Christian from Elkwater, Josephburg, Irvine
Maser, Clara & Edward from Elkwater, Irvine, Medicine Hat
Maser, Constantine from Irvine
Maser, Constantine or Konstantin from Irvine
Maser, Howard E. from Irvine
Maser, Lloyd from Delia
Maser, Pauline from Irvine
Maser, Theodor from Irvine, Medicine Hat
Maser, William from Irvine
Mashford, Robert W. from Trochu
Mashon Bros. (Albert F. & Francis J.) from Dorothy
Mashon Bros.(Albert F. & Francis J.) from Dorothy
Mashon, C.H. from Clivale, Dorothy
Mashon, Henry A. & Ann from Dorothy, Clivale
Mashon, Henry A. & Ann from Dorothy, Clivale
Maskaliuk, Lewis or Louis from Turin
Masker, George C. from Castor
Masker, George C. from Castor
Mason, Charles from Caroline
Mason, E.W. from Calgary
Mason, F.R. from Delia
Mason, F.R. from Delia
Mason, Frank & Albert from Eureka River
Mason, Harold R. from Rimbey, Leedale
Mason, Murray Frederick from Calgary, Kamloops, BC
Mason, Peter & Prue from Rocky Mountain House
Mason, R.A. from Leedale
Mason, William Terry from Winfield, Tomahawk
Massay, Camile from Wainwright
Masse, Armand from Bonnyville
Masse, Robert E. from Drayton Valley
Masse, Roland from Bonnyville
Masse, Ted from Bonnyville
Massey, Marcel L. from Rainier
Massey, Theron O. from Erskine
Massez, Paul from Elkwater, Carrot Creek
Massie, Allister W. from Midnapore
Massie, Arthur from Fabyan, Wainwright
Massie, Dale from Madden
Massie, Peter from Madden
Massige, Adolph from Hutton, Cottonwood, MINN.
Masson, August from Metiskow
Masson, David from Sputinow
Masson, Ed from Metiskow
Masson, George from Sputinow
Masson, Rose from Metiskow
Massy, Larry from Medicine Hat, Thelma
Mast, Jacob from Vegreville
Mast, John from Vegreville
Mast, Mrs. J. from Vegreville
Mastel, Jacob from Maleb, Granlea
Mastel, Joseph P. from Winifred, Bow Island
Mastel, Thomas from Maleb
Mastel, William from Medicine Hat, Maleb
Masters, David from Medicine Hat
Masters, Douglas Lloyd from Calgary, Cochrane
Masters, Ernest Edgar, Robert W. & H. S. Hilton from New Brigden
Masters, Henry O. from Bashaw
Masters, Kathleen L. from Bashaw
Masters, Robert W. from New Brigden, Oyen
Masterson, Mabel from Mayerthorpe
Masuch, David from Eckville, Rimbey
Matchett, Ellis John from Rocky Mountain House
Matchett, G.W. from Raven
Matechuk, Ivan from Andrew
Matejovie, Adam & Gejdos Adam from Legend
Matenchuck, Tony from Ardrossan
Matenchuck, Tony from Ardrossan
Matenchuk, Tony M. from St. Michael
Mathenson, Kenneth Andrew from Edmonton
Mather, Angus from Innisfail
Mather, William from Monitor, Lindsville
Mathes, R.G. from Calmar, Rimbey, Edmonton
Matheson, Allan D. from Balzac
Matheson, Bert from Provost
Matheson, D. from Midnapore, Millarville, Calgary
Matheson, Donald from Medicine Hat
Matheson, Farquar from Granum
Matheson, Gerald Jerry G.H. (Manager Waldron Ranches Ltd.), Waldron Ranches Ltd. from Lundbreck
Matheson, Kenneth J. & Ruby from Edmonton
Matheson, Kenneth J. & Ruby from Edmonton
Matheson, L.A. from Paradise Valley, Lloydminster
Matheson, Margaret V. & Donald from Granum
Matheson, R.E. from Rumsey
Matheson, Richard Gordon from Breton
Matheson, William D. from Sedalia, Hanna
Mathews, Felix from Eckville
Mathews, G.H. from Bowness
Mathews, Stan from Winfield
Mathewson, Richard A. from Skiff, Outlook, Saskatchewan
Mathias, Herbst from Faith
Mathiesen, Chris & Clifford from Brooks
Mathiesen, Leo A. from Calgary
Mathieson, Alex from Halkirk
Mathieson, Sona E. from Pincher Creek
Mathison, Kenneth Frank from High Level
Mathison, Melvin N. from Dewberry
Mathison, Thomas Almond & Tony Lawrence Luca from High Level
Mathison, Thomas Almond & Tony Lawrence Luca from High Level
Mathison, W.A.C. from Strathmore, Kitscoty
Mathison, William Andrew Carmichail from Lloydminster, SK
Matiison, Hendo from Edmonton
Matiks, Albert from Medicine Hat
Matil, Joe from Beaver Mines
Matiushyk, Max from Edmonton
Matiushyk, Max from Edmonton
Matkin, Bert from Leavitt
Matkin, Garth from Leavitt
Matkin, Henry from Cardston, Waterton Park
Matlock Bros. (James & Arthur) from DeBolt
Matlock, Albert from Claresholm
Matlock, Dorothy M. from Lethbridge
Matlock, Ira Louis from Drayton Valley
Matney, E.J. from Cherry Grove
Matoba, K. from Rosemary
Matsen, Nels from Standard
Matson, Clarence from Claresholm
Matson, Clarence M. from Raley
Matson, E.S. from Claresholm
Matson, George E. from Warner, Victoria, BC
Matson, Henry from Bentley, Manyberries, Rimbey
Matson, John from Manyberries
Matson, Melvin T. from Breton, Sunnybrook
Matson, Mildred from Rimbey
Matson, R.M. from Spring Coulee, Magrath
Matson, Richard J. from Eckville
Matson, Robert Wilton from Magrath, Lethbridge
Matson, Roy from Vale, Redcliff, Schuler
Matson, Vilho from Manyberries
Matsumo, T. & Sons from Raymond
Matsumoto, Frank from Coaldale
Matsuno, T. & J. Saruwatari from Raymond
Matt, Emil from Ponoka
Matt, Theodore from Innisfail, Pine Lake
Mattern, Albert from Ponoka
Matters, George from Mannville
Mattewson, Ronald from Wainwright
Matthew, C.A from Fairview
Matthews, A.E. from Claresholm
Matthews, A.G. from Lloydminster
Matthews, Bryan Robert from Lethbridge
Matthews, Dr. R.J. from Clarinda, Iowa
Matthews, Earl Hector from Claresholm
Matthews, George from Hardisty
Matthews, Gordon from Morley, Cochrane, Seebe
Matthews, Harold B. from Clive
Matthews, Harold I. from Turin
Matthews, J. William from Irma, Orbindale
Matthews, Joseph from Duchess, Morrin, Innisfail
Matthews, Mrs. R. from Bentley
Matthews, Thomas S. from Sheerness
Matthias, A.H. from Castor
Matthieu, A.W. from Coronado
Matthieu, A.W. from Coronado
Mattick, Alvin from Countess
Mattie, Adolph W. from Alix, Nevis
Mattis, Edmund from Stanger, Sangudo
Mattis, Fritz from Bruce
Mattis, Gordon Henry from Hanna
Mattis, Henry from Hanna, Scapa
Mattson, Axel from Orion
Mattson, Gordon from Mayerthorpe
Mattson, Mat P. from Sylvan Lake
Mattson, Rodney Neil from Brooks
Mattson, Vern A. from Wainwright
Matwychuck, Joseph from Spedden
Maty, George from Taber
Mauch, Mrs. P. from Hilda
Mauck, Everett J. from Olds
Maudee, Fred from Lyalta
Maudsley, J.E. from Coutts, Raymond
Maugh, Ernest from Erskine
Maul, Henry from Edmonton
Maul, Henry from Edmonton
Maul, Willi from Elk Point
Maull, Fred from Metiskow
Maull, Peter from Metiskow
Maunder, Harry from Islay
Maunsell-Wybrants, George from Macleod, Strathmore
Maurer, E.F. from Hussar, Bassano
Maurer, Frank from Cochrane
Maurer, Isabelle J. from Bassano
Maurer, Keith from Chinook
Maurer, Mona from Okotoks
Maurstad, James Henry from Gleichen, Namaka
Maurstad, Oluf from Sundre
Maves, William from Forestburg, Heisler
Mawer, E.R. from Stettler
Maxie, Harry Gustav from Midnapore
Maxson, Ralph R. from Drumheller, Stauffer
Maxson, S.K. from Markerville
Maxson, Vic from Condor
Maxson, Walter (estate) from Innisfail
Maxwell Bros. (John Alexander & George) from Vermilion, Maughan
Maxwell Bros. (John Alexander & George) from Vermilion, Maughan
Maxwell, Eva from Brocket, Pincher Creek
Maxwell, Fleming from Wainwright, Cadogan, Cairns
Maxwell, Glen W. from Whitecourt
Maxwell, John from New Brigden, Edmonton
Maxwell, John from New Brigden, Edmonton
Maxwell, Joseph, & Shaver, Henry J. from Brocket
Maxwell, Neil R. from Wetaskiwin
Maxwell, Robert from Metiskow
Maxwell, William M. from Metiskow
May, Boyd W. from Cremona
May, Dave J. from Hilda
May, Dave J. from Hilda
May, Doreen from Pincher Creek
May, Edward from Manning
May, Frederick from Dovercourt
May, Hugh M. from Aetna
May, Hugh M. from Aetna
May, J.W. from Ponoka
May, J.W. from Ponoka
May, Norman & Boyd from Vermilion
May, Richard W. from Water Valley, Cremona
May, S.I. & Leavitt, A. D. from Cardston
May, Samuel J. from Metiskow, Cremona
May, Sheldon A. from Vermilion
May, Walter & Barnard Gramham from Cremona
May, Walter V. from Cremona
Mayan, Louie from Kinuso
Mayberry, J.O. from Castor
Mayer, Adolph from Pashley, Medicine Hat
Mayer, August from Elkwater, Fox, Irvine
Mayer, Benjamin from Fox
Mayer, Charles from Wainwright, Coleridge, Dunmore
Mayer, Clarence from Irvine, Medicine Hat
Mayer, David from Fox
Mayer, Edward E. from Huallen
Mayer, Emil from Medicine Hat, Irvine
Mayer, Florian from Beiseker, Calgary
Mayer, Henry from Fox, Irvine
Mayer, Herbert from Tothill
Mayer, John from Beiseker, Fox
Mayer, Ludwig from Irvine, Newburg
Mayer, Lyle J. from Boyle, Athabasca
Mayer, Martin from Beiseker
Mayer, Melwin from Thelma
Mayer, William from Fox, Irvine
Mayfield, Alex from Gleichen
Maygard, Dale from Mayerthorpe, Rochfort Bridge
Maygard, John from Gwynne
Maygard, John from Gwynne
Mayhew, Avril R. from Millarville
Mayhew, Edward from Calgary
Mayland, Albert Henry from Calgary, Nanton
Mayland, Albert Henry from Calgary, Nanton
Maynard, Albert from Cluny
Maynard, George from Cluny
Mayne, Frank G. from Sedgewick
Mayner, Henry John from Rimbey
Maynes, A.L. from Hythe
Maynes, Patrick & R.L. Bracken from Cremona
Mayson Bros. from Onaway, Noyes Crossing
Mazankowski, Ray from Viking
Mazereeuw, J. from Burdett
Mazu, Reynold from DeWinton, Blackie, Bluffton
Mazur Bros. (John & Fred) from Beaver Mines
Mazur Bros. (John & Fred) from Beaver Mines
Mazur, Marshall from Morecambe
Mazur, Stanley from Tofield
Mazur, Walter from Tofield
Mazurkewich, Tony from Codesa
McAdam, Charles C. from Onion Lake, Saskatchewan
McAdam, Janet from Innisfail
McAdam, R. from Innisfail
McAdam, Wesley from Marwayne, Onion Lake, Saskatchewan
McAdie, Andrew from Hanna
McAfee, John Millen from Red Deer
McAleer, Peter from St. Paul
McAlister, Donald Leo from Lomond
McAlister, John from Stettler, Byemoor, Gopher Head
McAlister, John from Stettler, Byemoor, Gopher Head
McAlister, Mrs. C.A.from Lomond, Badger Lake
McAllister, Claude William from Olsen Creek, Macleod
McAllister, Doris nee Adams from Cousins, Lloyds Hill
McAllister, E. from Penhold
McAllister, Earl W. from Macleod
McAllister, George from Airways
McAllister, Irvin G. from Friedenstal
McAllister, J.T. from Pincher Creek
McAllister, James Fraser from MacLeod
McAllister, John Duncan from Mundare, Beaver Lake
McAllister, John E. from Stettler
McAllister, John from Big Valley
McAllister, John from Lloyds Hill
McAllister, Lloyd George from Stettler
McAllister, Mary from Pincher Creek, Twin Butte, Waterton Lakes, Lethbridge
McAllister, Roy from Morinville
McAllister, S.J. from Elnora
McAllister, Sam & Pernullo from Consort, Sedgewick, Czar
McAllister, Sam J. from Lloyds Hill, Consort
McAlpine, J.C. from Rose Lynn
McAlpine, W.S. from Carmangay
McAmmond, John W. from Paradise Valley
McAmmond, Mrs. John from Pemukan, Provost
McAmmond, William Foster from Midnapore, Sundre
McAndrews, Albert from Retlaw
McAndrews, Anastasia from Retlaw, Vauxhall, Calgary, Rockyford
McAndrews, Jerome Ambrose from Vauxhall
McAnulty, Lew Williard & Melinda from Big Prairie
McArthur Jessie A. from Bruce
McArthur, Annie V. from Retlaw
McArthur, Ed from Metiskow
McArthur, Eddie Jr. from Nanton, Dog Pound
McArthur, J.H. from Taber
McArthur, John C. from Bruce
McArthur, John D. from Viking, Bruce
McArthur, John Henry from Trochu
McArthur, John T. from Botha
McArthur, L.W. from Carstairs
McArthur, Robert Gordon from DeWinton
McArthur, W.H. from Lacombe, Lousana
McAuley, Duncan John from Fairview
McAuley, Murdock from Fairview
McAuly, Duncan D. from Waterhole, Fairview
McAvany, Edwin from Marwayne
McBain, Alex S. from Carstairs
McBain, Alex S. from Carstairs
McBain, K. from Helmsdale, Cereal
McBeath, Gordon B. from Vermilion, Mannville
McBeath, J.R. from Turin
McBeath, William G. from Metiskow, Vermilion, Cadogan
McBride, David from Cremona
McBride, E. from Benalto
McBride, F.C. from Edgerton
McBride, Faye from Sunnynook
McBride, Hamilton James from Hackett, Leo
McBride, Mary J. from Edgerton
McBride, Merlin from Kinsella
McBride, Mrs. Walter from Cessford, Wardlow
McBride, Robert from Bon Accord
McBride, Stuart Clare from Edgerton
McBride, Thomas J. from Coronation
McBride, William from Minburn
McBrine, Thomas Jr. from Countess
McBryan, William C. from Grande Prairie
McBurnie, John from Jenner, Iddesleigh
McBurnie, Margaret Jane from Jenner, Patricia
McCabe, Harold E. from Butte
McCaghren, Hershel from Stauffer
McCaig, Stanley Harold from Lacombe, Millet, Medicine Hat
McCalder, Merl from Hartell, Leduc, Edmonton
McCall, C.B. from Rumsey
McCallman, John W. (estate) & R.W. Gillis from Water Valley
McCallman, John W. (estate) & R.W. Gillis from Water Valley, Big Prairie
McCallman, John W. from Water Valley, Big Prairie
McCallum, Albert from Lacombe
McCallum, D.A from Lamont
McCallum, D.A. from Lamont
McCallum, D.R. & C.E. from Erskine
McCallum, Daniel from Empress
McCallum, Eva from Mannville, Mayerthorpe
McCallum, James Sinclair from Mayerthorpe
McCallum, John from Taber, Purple Springs, Leduc
McCallum, John T. from Mundare, Westlock, Vancouver, BC
McCallum, Marvin from South Edmonton
McCallum, Max & Evelyn from Burdett
McCallum, Pete & George Welsh from Suffield
McCallum, Pete & George Welsh from Suffield
McCallum, Victor from Calgary
McCallum, Wray W. from Queenstown, Milo
McCann Bros. from Coaldale
McCann, Gertrude from Eckville
McCann, John & Patrick from Fawcett
McCann, Patrick from Cowley, Ponoka, Bluffton, Westlock
McCann, Patrick Henry from Battle Creek, SK
McCann, Patrick J. from Bezanson, Goodwin, Vermilion
McCann, Richard from Wainwright
McCann, Thomas Andrew from Innisfail
McCann, W.A from Red Deer
McCardell, John J. from Carstairs
McCargar, Phil from Edmonton
McCarley, J.V. from Vauxhall
McCarley, Walter P. from Bow Island, Vauxhall
McCarracher, George from Red Deer
McCarragher, Robert from Bowden, Red Deer, Brooks
McCarragher, William James from Patricia, Pandora, Brooks
McCarroll, Dave from Daysland
McCarroll, Dean J. from Sunset House
McCarroll, James from Daysland
McCarroll, James Jr. from Daysland
McCarroll, Vernon from Valleyview, Sunset House
McCarroll, W. A. from Camrose, Daysland
McCarthy, Alex from Gurneyville
McCarthy, Fred & Viola from Vauxhall
McCarthy, Joe from Twin Butte
McCarthy, Patrick Thomas from Calgary, Vauxhall
McCarthy, Thomas & Grace from Buffalo
McCarty, Edward from Byemoor
McCarty, J.B. from Kelsey
McCarty, John from Byemoor, Red Deer
McCarty, Kenneth Stanley from Stettler
McCaugherty, Lila & Mrs. McKenzie from Lethbridge
McCaugherty, Lila from Lethbridge
McCauley, A.E. from Scandia
McCauley, E.W. from Wembley
McCauley, Frank from Mannville
McCharles, Edward from Pincher Creek
McCheyne, Mrs. B.M from Hoadley, Lake Cowichan, BC
McClain, Donald Neil from Strathmore
McClain, W.R. from Rimbey
McClatchy, N.W. from Mannville, Pollockville
McClellan, William P. from Warner
McClelland, David from Bluffton
McClelland, James from Islay
McClelland, Mrs. L.M from Cowley
McClelland, Robert from Brooks
McClements, James from Hardisty, Lougheed
McClements, John D. from Brainard, Lynnburn, Lake Saskatoon
McClintock, O.K. from Calgary
McClintock, Orlo Verne from S. Edmonton, Looma, Sherwood Park
McCloy, Douglas Charles from Holden
McClung, Robert Jr. from Cardston
McCluskey, Harvey J. from Ribstone, Chauvin
McCluskey, James R. from Ribstone, Edmonton
McCluskey, John from Ribstone
McClusky, Nelson from Edgerton, Alix, Ribstone
McColeman, John from Bentley
McColl, Dugald from Granum, Schuler
McColloch, Alex from Fort Macleod, Coutts
McCollum, Martin Luther from S. Edmonton
McCollum, Mary E. from Spring Point
McColman, John from Cousins
McColman, Mrs. E. from Cousins
McComb, Edward C. from Claresholm
McComb, Rockey from Claresholm
McConachie, Len from Luscar, Carbondale, Wabamun, Fernie, BC
McConkey, Florence E, from Cayley
McConkey, Florence E. from Cayley
McConkey, Hilliard C, from Drumheller
McConkey, John S, from Cayley
McConkey, John S. from Cayley
McConnell Bros. from Bremner
McConnell Bros. from Monitor, Pemukan
McConnell, Bruce from Bremner
McConnell, Gordon W. from Easyford
McConnell, Hugh Delmer from Ashmont
McConnell, Sam from Bremner
McConnell, William J. from Boyne Lake, Spedden
McConnell, Winston Philip from Patience
McConochie, M. & G, from Hill Spring
McCord, Theodore M. & Anna re-married name Clark from Barons, Claresholm
McCorkle, D.C, from Shaughnessy, Lethbridge
McCorkle, J.E. & Son from Berwyn
McCormack, Henderson from High River, Cayley, Nanton
McCormack, Richard J. from Lethbridge
McCormack, William from Lindbergh, Mooswa
McCormick, Arnold Theodore from Gem, Winnifred
McCormick, Clifford John & Ada from Vermilion
McCormick, Margaret from Retlaw
McCormick, Wolla P. from Vauxhall
McCowan, D. & Son from Tofield, Edmonton
McCox, Ida from Clyde, Westlock
McCoy, C.K. from Bonanza
McCoy, Donald J. from Milk River
McCoy, E.A. from Stauffer
McCoy, Kelly Don from Milk River, Coaldale
McCoy, Kenneth from Duchess
McCoy, Kenneth from Duchess
McCoy, Mrs. W.B. from Butte, Stauffer
McCracken Bros. (Robert Abram, Donald Mike, Robert Art, William R,
McCracken Bros. from Carbon
McCracken, A. Ross from Hardisty
McCracken, G.C. from Carbon
McCracken, G.J.A. from Bowden, Olds
McCracken, Gordon L. & Irven W. from Carbon
McCracken, Gordon L. from Carbon, Calgary
McCracken, I.W. from Carbon
McCracken, J. & Sons from Carbon
McCracken, J. & Sons from Carbon
McCracken, Jessie from Carbon
McCracken, Nathan from Jenner, Carlstadt
McCracken, W.B. from Carbon
McCrady Bros. & Co. (Alfred & Albert) from Inglis
McCrady Bros. & Co. (Alfred Andrew & Albert James) from Inglis
McCrady, Alfred Andrew from Lochend, Inglis, Calgary
McCrady, Ida from Bassano
McCrae, George R from Kevisville, Taber
McCrae, George R. from Kevisville, Taber
McCrae, Lloyd from Vermilion
McCrimmon, Neil Angus from Vermilion
McCrimmon, R.M. (Scotford Farm) from Fort Saskatchewan
McCrindell, Frank M. from Dovercourt, Chedderville
McCuaig, Donald from Monitor
McCulley, Sandra from Calgary
McCulloch, James C (Midway Farms) from Didsbury
McCulloch, James C. (Midway Farms) from Didsbury
McCulloch, Robert A. from Rimbey
McCulloch, W.E. from Foreman, Erskine
McCulloch, Walter from Didsbury
McCullough, Frank Sr. from Buffalo, Gold Springs
McCullough, Henry from Wembley
McCullough, J.S. from Homeglen
McCullough, James Jr. from Aldersyde, Edmonton, Drayton Valley
McCullough, James Jr. from Aldersyde, Edmonton, Drayton Valley
McCullough, Josephine & Bernard from West Wingham, Richdale, Hanna, Scapa
McCullough, L.E .from Lacombe
McCully, A.C. from Hanna, Delia
McCusker, W.C. from Onion Lake, SK
McCutcheon, William from Lavoy
McDaniel, D.P. (Windham - High River Wheat & Cattle Co. Ltd.) from High River
McDaniel, Fred from Kinuso
McDermott, Edwin from High Prairie
McDermott, Flora from Grouard
McDermott, George G. from High Prairie
McDermott, Jacob from Alliance
McDermott, Ruth from High River, High Prairie
McDermott, William Dale from Hotchkiss
McDiarmid, Lawrence from Vegreville
McDonagh, Daniel Lon from Red Deer
McDonal, Franklin & Leslie from Duchess, Rosemary, Brooks
McDonald, A.G. from Calgary
McDonald, A.K from Delia
McDonald, A.S. from Cochrane
McDonald, Albert from Finnegan, Gem
McDonald, Alex D. from Lloydminster, Loyalist
McDonald, Alex F. from Edmonton
McDonald, Alex F. from Edmonton
McDonald, Alex from Mayerton
McDonald, Alex from Moyerton
McDonald, Alexander M. from Calgary
McDonald, Alistair W. D. from Alix
McDonald, Allan from Clandonald
McDonald, Carson from Strachan
McDonald, Conrad from Stand Off
McDonald, Dan F. from Lougheed
McDonald, Daniel from Drayton Valley
McDonald, Ewen from Alix, Haynes
McDonald, F.M. from Mirror
McDonald, Fredrick Floyd from New Brigden, Laverna, SK
McDonald, George Harold from Edmonton
McDonald, Helen M. from Okotoks
McDonald, J. from Kinuso
McDonald, J.N. from Empress
McDonald, J.T. from Hartell, Black Diamond
McDonald, Jackson from Hanna, Hamlin
McDonald, James A. from Irma
McDonald, James A. from Lloydminster
McDonald, James P. from Warner
McDonald, James William from Didsbury, Olds
McDonald, John from Grande Cache, Entrance
McDonald, Lawrence A. from Calgary
McDonald, Lorraine from Hylo
McDonald, Louis from Grosmont
McDonald, Maxine from Banff
McDonald, R.D. & D.A. from Brant
McDonald, S.M. & Sons from Eckville
McDonald, Sam from Cochrane, Bottrel
McDonald, William Orput from Medicine Hat
McDonell, Clifford A. from Hutton
McDonell, Clifford A. from Hutton
McDonell, W.D. from Lethbridge
McDonnell, E. A. from Streamstown
McDonnell, Lloyd from Warner
McDonnell, Mrs. B.J. from Winnifred
McDonnell, William from Tees
McDougall, D.C. from Penhold
McDougall, Dalton from Carmangay, Lethbridge, Cowley, Blackie
McDougall, J.A. from Linfield
McDougall, James from Onoway
McDougall, P.J. from Medicine Hat, Halkirk, Los Angelos, CA
McDougall, W.D. from High River
McDougall, William James from Hobbema, Ponoka
McDowall, Emma from Beaver Mines
McDowell, Mrs. E.E. from Ponoka
McDowell, Percy from High River
McDowell, Roy A. Jr. from De Winton
McDuffe, John Ronald from Okotoks
McEachen, Lauchie from Lacombe
McEachren, Arthur F. & Sons (Ken & Morley) from South Edmonton
McEachren, N.P. & A.J. from Viking
McEathron, Jean nee McKay from Okotoks, Midnapore
McEathron, John W. from Okotoks
McEillis, O.A. from Airways, Magnolia, Evansburg, Cherhill
McElhinney, Mr. from Ribstone
McElroy, D.S. from Cadogan
McElroy, Ewart from Lethbridge
McEvoy, Richard Vincent from Midnapore
McEwan, Fred from Priddis
McEwen Bros. (Mel & Stan) from Didsbury
McEwen, Charles Peter Allan from Sundre
McEwen, E.E. from Sundre
McEwen, Ewart Duncan Elmer Jr. from Sundre
McEwen, George W. from Chauvin
McEwen, J.J. from Edmonton
McEwen, James from Bowness, Cochrane
McEwen, M.O. from Calgary
McEwen, Ronald & Dorothy from Vermilion
McEwen, William Albert from Red Deer
McFadden Bros. from Red Deer, Hespero
McFadden Bros. from Red Deer, Hespero
McFadden, A.R. from Springdale
McFadden, David & Freda from Mannville
McFadden, Eber from Mannville
McFadden, Frank A. from Delia
McFadden, Fred S. from Mannville
McFadden, Frederick L. from Delia
McFadden, Grant S. from Alliance
McFadden, Jarvis G. from Claresholm
McFadden, John from Irma
McFadden, R.D. from Rocky Mountain House
McFadden, Sam from Tapscott, Carstairs
McFadden, William from Cardston
McFadyen, James R. from Vermilion, Prairie River
McFall, Gary T. from Medicine Hat, Etzikom
McFall, Thomas Earl from Etzikom, Edmonton
McFall, Thomas Earl from Etzikom, Edmonton
McFarland, Evelyn R. from Viking
McFarland, H.J from Delia
McFarland, James Harvey from Viking
McFarland, L.J. from Twin Butte
McFarlane, D.A. & Vera from Coronation, Consort
McFarlane, Herbert from Excel, Cereal, Tolland
McFarlane, Howard from Coronation
McFarlane, James from Lake Saskatoon, Wembley
McFarlane, Melba R. from Fort Macleod
McFarquhar, Alex from Cremona
McFarren, Mrs. Raussie from Kelsey
McFaul, H.E. from Calgary
McFaul, Samuel from Claresholm
McFayden, George from Islay
McFayden, N.A. from High Prairie
McFayden, Ronald N. from Islay
McGaffin, Joe from Elkton, Buck Creek, Rockyford
McGartner, John M. from Bodo, Bawlf
McGarva, Robert from Pincher Creek
McGarva, Robert Orr from Pincher Creek
McGee, Fay from Rimbey
McGee, Neal from Koknee, Islay
McGee, R.F. from Rimbey
McGennis, Myrtle May remarried name Muir from Nanton
McGhan, L.C. from South Edmonton
McGhan, Rae James from Sherwood Park, Bremner
McGhee, Joe from Horburg, Vernon, British Columbia
McGhee, Robert John, William James Sr. & Jr. from Camrose
McGhee, William from Kitscoty
McGhie, Roy from Tees
McGhie, Walter V. & George H. Gaudin from Mirror
McGhie, William M. from Maycroft
McGibbon, Daniel from Burfield, Finnegan
McGibbon, Robert from Burfield
McGillawee, Archie & Sons from Greenlawn
McGillis, Blanche from Innisfail
McGillis, Phillip from Frog Lake
McGillivray, Hattie remarried name Montgomery from Nanton
McGillivray, Hugh O. from Nanton
McGillvary, George F. from Raymond
McGillvary, George F. from Raymond
McGillvray, E. Pearl from Innisfail
McGillvray, William J. from High River
McGinnis, A.D. & Bertha C. from Elk Point
McGinnis, Arthur Raymond from Elk Point
McGinnis, Clarence Harvey from Gwynne
McGinnis, Douglas R. from Elk Point
McGinnis, Gordon A. from Elk Point
McGinnis, Kenneth G. & Leslie Trach from Spedden, St. Paul
McGinnis, Kenneth R. & Raymond Labrugue from Spedden
McGinty, Connell from Grimshaw
McGladrie, Jack from Erskine, Red Deer
McGladrie, Robert from Nevis
McGlynn, Clayton from Pincher Creek
McGlynn, Edward B. from Pincher Creek
McGlynn, John D. from Pincher Creek
McGonical, Bernard from St. Brides
McGougan, Albert from Trochu
McGowan, Edith L. from Vegreville
McGowan, George H. from Frog Lake, Benalto
McGowan, J.M. (Edmonton Stock Yards) from Edmonton
McGowan, James Ralph & Jean from Nanton
McGowan, M.W. from Medicine Hat
McGowan, M.W. from Medicine Hat
McGowan, Mrs. Daniel from Standard
McGowan, Mrs. Daniel from Standard
McGowan, N. Herbert from Kelsey, Lavoy, Killam
McGowan, Royce Adele from Calgary
McGrath, W.D. from Dixonville, Peace River
McGrath, W.H. from Ryley
McGregor, C. A. & Margaret Shirley from Midnapore
McGregor, C.A. & Margaret Shirley from Midnapore
McGregor, Dan from Seven Persons
McGregor, Darryl Allan from Consul, SK, Olds
McGregor, G.E. from Calgary, Clive
McGregor, G.S. from Chedderville, Caroline
McGregor, K.C. from Sedgewick
McGregor, K.C. from Sedgewick
McGregor, Ray L. from Bow Island, Medicine Hat
McGregor, W. from Black Diamond
McGregor, W. from Black Diamond
McGregor, W.Y. from Halkirk
McGregor, W.Y. from Halkirk
McGregor, William from Lethbridge
McGuckie, Martin from Wayne
McGuckin, Peter from Clandonald
McGuire, Andrew from Viking
McGuire, Pete from Jumping Pound
McGullivray, H. A. from Coleman
Mchaffie, Charles A from Big Valley
McHardy, D.F. & Son from Vermilion
McHarg, Ronald from Okotoks
McHattie, Mrs. W. from Balzac
McHenry, John M. from Lavoy
McHugh, Barry Joseph from Calgary
McHugh, James from Elk Point
McHugh, John from Esther, Sibbald
McHugh, Lee from Nemiskam, Lethbridge
McIlmoyle, Stuart Nugent from Olds
McIlroy, Lester from Ponoka, Hills Down
McIlvride, A.W. from Cayley
McIlvride, Andrew from Cayley, High River
McIlvride, Robert John from Edmonton
McIlwraith, C.E. from Frog Lake
McInenly Bros from Delburne
McInenly Bros. from Delburne
McInenly, Ellen R from Red Deer, Pine Lake
McInenly, Frank from Arrowwood
McInnes, John from Granum
McInnis, James from Coutts
McInnis, R.M. from Cadogan, Cairns
McInray, Tom from Mannville
McInroy, Carl M. from Mannville
McInroy, Carl M. from Mannville
McInroy, Marshall from Mannville
McInroy, Marshall from Mannville
McIntee, E.R. from Pincher Creek
McIntosh, C.E. from High River
McIntosh, Donald McPherson from Black Diamond
McIntosh, G.C. from Manyberries, Vermilion
McIntosh, George W. from High River
McIntosh, Percy D. from Spring Coulee
McIntosh, Robert from Carbon
McIntosh, T. from Halkirk
McIntosh, T.W. from Ponoka
McIntosh, Thomas from Brocket, Dawson Creek, BC
McIntosh, W. from Viking
McIntosh, William from Midnapore, Uncas, Alhambra
McIntyre Bros. (Duncan Alex & George Gordon) from Kitscoty
McIntyre Bros. from Hayter
McIntyre, Alexander from Talbot, Silver Heights
McIntyre, Annie Catherine from Cadogan
McIntyre, Buryl (M & V Ranch) from Norwich, ON, Bearberry
McIntyre, D.S. from Okotoks
McIntyre, Donald from Raven
McIntyre, Ian R. from Pollockville
McIntyre, J.J. from Calgary
McIntyre, John Lamont from Edmonton
McIntyre, Louis E. from Westcott
McIntyre, Malcolm from New Norway, Battle River
McIntyre, May E. from Claresholm
McIntyre, Mrs. E. from Sundre
McIntyre, Nat from Claresholm
McIntyre, O. & J. Vinson (M & V Ranch) from Bearberry
McIntyre, O. from Burlington, ON, Bearberry Valley
McIntyre, William C. from Calgary, Sundre
McIsaac, E.N. from Dunstable
McIsaac, James or Jim from Alliance
McIvor, T.D. from Bowness, Erskine, Sundre, Cochrane, Calgary, Carstairs
McKain, Harry from Kevisville
McKain, Raymond L. from Markerville
McKane, Robert from Talbot, Coronation
McKay, Adelia from Red Deer
McKay, Andrew from Cavendish, Buffalo
McKay, Ben from Clairmont
McKay, Boyd from Vulcan
McKay, C.D. from Meadow View
McKay, Carson from Vulcan
McKay, Charles from Gadsby
McKay, Donald from Mercoal
McKay, Francis from Vermilion
McKay, Fraser from Stettler, Viking
McKay, Gordon E. from Ardrossan
McKay, H.N. from Calgary
McKay, Jack Robert from Cremona
McKay, K. Grant from Lethbridge
McKay, Leonard from Harmattan
McKay, Margaret E. from Hughenden
McKay, Mrs. B.J. from Lomond
McKay, Neil from Brooks
McKay, Ralph G. from Turner Valley, Breton
McKay, Robert Percy from Calgary
McKay, Robert Stuart from Calgary, Cremona
McKay, Roy from Grande Prairie
McKay, W. Verne from Keoma
McKay, William J. from Midnapore
McKay, William J. from Pincher Creek
McKeage, Edward J. from Brant, Blackie
McKeage, Thomas J. from Gladys, Scotfield, Youngstown
McKeague, John from Vermilion, Jarvie
McKeague, W.A. from Vermilion
McKean Braton, Carol from Dickson
McKean Braton, Sheila, from Dickson
McKean, C.H., Brown, James from Vauxhall
McKean, Clarice from Dickson
McKearney, J.F. from Granum
McKearney, Wendell F. from Granum, Edmonton
McKechie, Alfred G. from Munson
McKechnie, Allan Leroy & Robert from Nanton
McKechnie, Robert from Nanton
McKee, A.W. from Vermilion
McKee, Arthur V. from Irma
McKee, George H. from Hartell
McKee, H.L. from Rowley
McKee, Margaret from Lloyds Hill, Consort
McKee, V.W. from Vermilion
McKee, William from Cappon
McKee, William J. from Lessard
Mckeever, James from Chauvin, Artland, SK
McKeever, James from Chauvin, Artland, SK
McKeever, W.H. from Turner Valley
McKellar, Archie William from Brooks
McKellar, Edmund D. from Youngstown
McKellar, Leslie W.E. from Rose Lynn, Hanna
McKellar, W.D. from Condor, Blind Bay, British Columbia
McKelvey, Herbert Little from Youngstown
McKelvie, John Franklin from Calgary
McKendrick William from Calgary
McKenna, Ed from Wetaskiwin
McKenna, Sharon Lavelle from Lomond
McKenzie, Alex from Claresholm
McKenzie, Alex from Jarrow
McKenzie, Alex from Jarrow
McKenzie, David Marshal from Leedale
McKenzie, Diane Elizabeth from DeWinton
McKenzie, E.J. from Innisfail
McKenzie, George from High River
McKenzie, Herold J. from Westlock
McKenzie, Herold J. from Westlock
McKenzie, Kenneth J. from Calgary, Hubalta
McKenzie, L. W. from Keoma
McKenzie, L.W. from Keoma
McKenzie, M.I. from Knee Hill Valley
McKenzie, M.I. from Knee Hill Valley
McKenzie, Mrs. from Lethbridge
McKenzie, R.B. & D.M from Bentley
McKenzie, R.B. & D.M. from Bentley
McKenzie, Ross from Big Prairie
McKenzie, Roy & Linda (Ro-Lin Meadows Ranch) from Bonnyville
McKenzie, Roy A. from Bonnyville
McKenzie, Thomas from Stauffer
McKenzie, W.C. from Lethbridge
McKerral, James from Tofield
McKerricher, Jessie F. from Pincher Creek
McKervey, Harry from Rocky Mountain House
McKibben, Harry from Taber
McKibbin, John from Lacombe
McKibbin, R.A. from Alix
McKibbin, William J. from Lacombe
McKillican, George A. from Purple Springs
McKillican, George A. from Purple Springs
McKillop, Donald from Sundre, Irricana
McKimm, G.F.(Buck Ranch) from Turner Valley, Calgary
McKimmie, Gordon W. from Mayerthorpe, Golden, BC
McKinlay, F. from Brooks
McKinlay, F.O. from Bonnyville, La Corey
McKinlay, Thomas S. from Huxley
McKinley, Frances Cecil from Calgary
McKinley, George Calvin from Viking
McKinley, J.G. from Bowell, Redcliff
McKinney Bros. (Harry & Archibald) from Viking
McKinney, Arnold & Sons from Millet
McKinney, Beecher from Puffer
McKinney, Melvin from Turin
McKinney, Roy B. from Hussar, Dorothy
McKinnon, Allan L. from Michichi
McKinnon, Archie B. from Black Diamond, Nanton
McKinnon, Archie B. from Black Diamond, Nanton
McKinnon, Ethel from Eyremore, Innisfail
McKinnon, Grace Bower & J. P. from Red Deer
McKinnon, Grace Bower & J.P. from Red Deer
McKinnon, Ian C. from Cochrane
McKinnon, Ian C. from Cochrane
McKinnon, J.A. from Nanton
McKinnon, J.A. from Nanton
McKinnon, J.C. from Kinnondale, Hussar
McKinnon, J.C. from Kinnondale, Hussar
McKinnon, Jeanette Ethel from Kinnondale, Innisfail
McKinnon, John A. from Stavely
McKinnon, John A. from Stavely
McKinnon, Lorne N. from Cochrane
McKinnon, Mae (Mrs. J. A.) from Nanton
McKinnon, Robert from Kinnondale
McKinnon, William James from Rimbey, Willesden Green
McKivor, Henry Mrs. from Standard, Furness, SK, New Lindsay
McKivor, Mrs. Henry from New Lindsay
McKnight, James from Gadsby
McKnight, John E. J. from Milk River
McKnight, Kenneth from Red Cliff
McKnight, Lora M. from Taber, Bow Island
McKnight, Owen from Big Valley
McKnight, William John from Milk River
McLachlan, Alex from Coutts
McLachlan, George from Tofield, Edmonton
McLachlan, Jack D. from Fairview
McLachlan, John W. from Iddesleigh, Bingville
McLachlan, Leslie Howard from Fairview
McLachlin, Lillian M. (Dunvegan Heights Farm) from Fairview, Dunvegan
McLane, Mary from Acadia Valley
McLannan, James from Chinook
McLaren, John M. from Bowden
McLaren, Kenneth S. from Bowden
McLaren, Lloyd W. & Carl D. Guthrie from Edmonton
McLaren, Newton from Rolling Hills
McLaren, P.L. from Alix
McLaren, Wayne from Ponoka
McLarty, Hugh from Silver Heights, Talbot
McLarty, W.R. from Silver Heights, Cowichan Station, BC
McLaughlin Bros. (Craig & Dale) from Kinuso
McLaughlin Bros. from Dalroy, Forest Lawn, Calgary
McLaughlin, A.H. from Carstairs, Calgary
McLaughlin, Elmer from Bezanson
McLaughlin, J. Harold from Spruce Grove
McLaughlin, J.R. from Winfield
McLaughlin, James from Dorothy
McLaughlin, June from Bezanson
McLaughlin, L.S. from Strathmore
McLaughlin, Lenard A. & Kenneth A. from Lyalta
McLaughlin, Neil E. from Grande Prairie
McLaughlin, R.G. from Saunders
McLaughlin, Robert George from Paradise Valley
McLaughlin, Robert T.E. from Edmonton
McLaughlin, Robert W. from Mannville
McLaughlin, W. Nelson from Mannville, Rutland, BC
McLaughlin, Wallace from Kinuso
McLauglin & Johnston from Brocket
McLaws, J. from Czar
McLaws, P.E.A, & D.P. from Calgary
McLay, Frank A. from Cardiff, St. Albert, North Edmonton
McLay, Gladys from Kew, Millarville
McLean, A. from Sunnynook
McLean, A.V. from Delia, Beaverlodge
McLean, Alec from Wainwright
McLean, Archie from Jumping Pound
McLean, Bruce from Black Diamond
McLean, Bruce from Black Diamond
McLean, C.W. from Peace River
McLean, Clare from Delburne
McLean, Clarence S. from Tolland, Wainwright
McLean, Clark R. from Viking
McLean, Cora from Elk Point
McLean, Edward George from Phillips, Kinsella
McLean, Eva A. nee Towns from Bindloss, Oyen
McLean, F.J. from Pincher Creek, Lethbridge
McLean, George from Calgary, Pipestone, MINN
McLean, H.N. from Didsbury
McLean, Howard W. from Calgary
McLean, J.C. from Irma
McLean, J.R. from Hussar, Bassano
McLean, Janace Eileen from Bindloss
McLean, John E. from Lundbreck
McLean, John Peter from Strathmore, Calgary
McLean, M.S. from Hazeldine
McLean, Maude from Macleod
McLean, Mrs. A. from Cheadle
McLean, N.D. from Edmonton
McLean, Neil from Ardrossan
McLean, P.C. from Lakesend
McLean, Richard from Highvale
McLean, Stan from Olds
McLean, William from Paradise Valley, Sidcup
McLeavy, George L. from Garfield
McLeay, A.N. from Gleichen
McLelan, Thomas G. from Grande Prairie, Alhambra, Rocky Mountain House
McLellan, A.G. from Donalda
McLellan, H. from Fairview
McLellan, H.K. from Donalda
McLellan, J.H. (Poplar Grove Farm) from Donalda
McLellan, John James from Purple Springs
McLelland, Bruce Daniel from Finnigan
McLenahan, John Leroy from Seebe
McLennan & Nolin from Frog Lake
McLennan, Daisy Ethel from Edmonton
McLennan, Dan G. from Chinook
McLennan, Frances from Blackfalds
McLennan, J.S. from Calgary, Didsbury, Hussar
McLennan, Joel Beaman from Tofield
McLennan, John W. from Edmonton, Chinook
McLennan, John W. from Edmonton, Chinook
McLennan, Katherine Jane from Bindloss, Medicine Hat
McLennan, Malcolm from Kelowna, BC
McLeod Bros (D.R & R.G) from Schuler
Mcleod, A.G. from Ponoka
McLeod, Alan Theodore from Pibroch
McLeod, Angus from Pemukan
McLeod, Archie Ross from Tide Lake
McLeod, Audrey K. from Stettler
McLeod, Don from Black Diamond
McLeod, Donald Hugh from Edmonton
McLeod, E.A.J. from Black Diamond
McLeod, Edward A. & Jeanette Beasley from Okotoks
McLeod, Edward H. from Okotoks
McLeod, Edward H. from Okotoks
Mcleod, Ethel from Okotoks
McLeod, George F. from Minnehik
McLeod, George F. from Minnihik
Mcleod, Grace from High River
McLeod, H.V. from Plato, Saskatchewan
McLeod, Hugh from Lousana
McLeod, Jack from Grande Prairie
McLeod, James Frank from Banff
McLeod, John Archibald from Rose Lynn
McLeod, John William from Millarville, Calgary
McLeod, Joseph John from Onoway
McLeod, M.J. from Rycroft, Spirit River
McLeod, Malcolm M. from Berry Creek
McLeod, Neil from Majorville
McLeod, Norman from Rose Lynn
McLeod, R.G. from Schuler
McLeod, R.G. from Schuler
McLeod, R.J from Clive
McLeod, R.J. from Clive
McLeod, Richard A. from Enilda, High Prairie
McLeod, Robert A. from Alliance
McLeod, Robert George from Delburne
McLeod, Robert Ross from Furness, SK, Lloydminster, Pendryl
McLeod, Russell from Travers, Lethbridge
McLeod, Russell W. from Carmangay
McLeod, W.O. from Hartell
McLeod, Warren L. from Stavely, Nanton, Banff
McLeod, William A. from Sullivan Lake, Tide Lake
McLeod, William Alexander from Pincher Creek
McLinaghan, George O from Edmonton
McLinaghan, George O. from Edmonton
McMahon, John A. from Cochrane
McMann, George from Ribstone
McMann, Glen W. from Carbon
McMann, Joe A. from Ribstone, Wainwright
McManus, John from St. Paul
McMartin, Henry B. from Cherry Creek
McMaster, Donald from Cluny
McMath, James from Ranfurly
McMath, James from Ranfurly
McMeckan, Willam M. from Ashmont
McMeekin, Maurice from Rocky Mountain House
McMichael, Albert Leslie & Dena J. from Medicine Hat
McMillan, A.I. from Water Valley, Cremona
McMillan, A.I. from Water Valley, Cremona
McMillan, Alexander Anton from Airdrie, Nelson, BC
McMillan, Angus D. from Irma
McMillan, Angus I. from Water Valley
McMillan, C.L. from Water Valley, Dawson Creek, BC
McMillan, Charles LeRoy from Cremona
McMillan, Clifford from Byemoor
McMillan, D.H. from Mannville
McMillan, D.L. from Lindale
McMillan, D.L. from Lindale
McMillan, D.M. from Ponoka
McMillan, D.M. from Ponoka
McMillan, Donald from Innisfail
McMillan, Emma from Blackie
McMillan, Emma from Blackie
McMillan, Gwen from Alhambra, Leslieville
McMillan, James from Airdrie
McMillan, John from Lindale
McMillan, Malcolm K. from Irma, Cowley
McMillan, R.A. from Rosebud
McMillan, R.A. from Rosebud
McMillan, S.H. from Alhambra
McMillan, W.D. from Lacombe, Quesnel, BC
McMillan, W.D. from Lacombe, Quesnel, BC
McMillan, Zoe Labelle (Chair Ranch) from High River, Cayley, Calgary
McMillan, Zoe Labelle (Chair Ranch) from High River, Cayley, Calgary
McMillen, Merle from Ponoka
McMillin, Clarence F. from Fairview
McMillin, Raymond from Bezanson, Grande Prairie
McMorran, Bryce W., from Lethbridge
McMow, D.H. from Innisfail, Bowden
McMullen, Albert Ross from Picture Butte
McMullen, Archibald M. from Edmonton
McMullen, Gordon A. from Heinsburg
McMullen, Harold S. from Bruce
McMullen, Howard Garfield from Hughenden
McMullen, Mercedis from Claresholm, Diamond City, Okotoks
McMullen, Willard from Bruce
McMullen, William from Heinsburg, Greenlawn
McMullen, William from Heinsburg, Greenlawn
McMullin, A.L. from Raymond
McMullin, Thomas from Granum
McMurchy, David John from Helmsdale, Cappon
McMurdo, A.R from Pincher Creek
McMurray, John from Calgary
McNab, Jack from Bragg Creek, Bearberry
McNabb, Colin F. from Vermilion
McNabb, Leonard Renols from Acadia Valley
McNabb, Robert from Forestburg
McNabb, Tom E. from Forestburg
McNabb, W.T. from Hanna
McNae, William R from Nanton
McNain, Hugh from Millarville, Midnapore
McNair, J.D. from Delia
McNair, Walter B. from Brooks, Turin, Lethbridge, Medicine Hat
Mcnall, Robert from Kinsella, Hayter
McNalley, Irene Jane from Chauvin
McNalley, Ralph Harrison from Edmonton
McNalley, Ralph Harrison from Edmonton
McNalley, Stephen from Grande Prairie
McNallie, Jack L. from Greencourt
McNally, Bob from Teepee Creek
McNally, James Edward from Erskine
McNally, Paul from Atlee
McNally, W.C. from Cadogan
McNamara, James from Boyle
McNamara, M.J. from Kinuso
McNamara, P. H from Vermilion, Langdonville
McNamee, Ivor from High River, Cayley, Calgary
McNamee, James L. from Spirit River, Wanham, Gainford
McNary, Olive & S.A. from Hartell, Priddis
McNary, Walter L. from Lacombe, Fairview, Camrose, Bittern Lake
McNaught, Charles William from Bentley
McNaught, Crosbie from Halcourt
McNaught, Samuel C. from Halcourt
McNaught, Samuel C. from Halcourt
McNaughton, H.M. from Eagle Hill, Edmonton
McNaughton, H.M. from Eagle Hill, Edmonton
McNaughton, Harold Edwin from Rumsey
McNaughton, Peter H. from Halcourt
McNaughton, Phoebe A. married name Olsen from Carstairs, Red deer
McNaughton, W.W. from Sexsmith
McNeil, Alfred B. from Evergreen
McNeil, Angus from Eckville
McNeil, Ella from Stand Off, Fort Macleod
McNeil, J. Jr. from Lethbridge
McNeil, Malcolm from Delia
McNeil, Thomas Sherman from Viking
McNeill, A.O. from Seven Persons
McNeill, John F. from Sundre
McNeill, John from De Winton
McNeill, P.D. from St. Paul, Edmonton, Langley, BC
McNeill, P.D. from St. Paul, Edmonton, Langley, BC,
McNeill, Wilbur Floyd from Sundre, Calgary
McNeill, William D. from Uncas
McNelly, Garth from Halfway Lake, Clyde
McNern, Bruce from Wainwright
McNern, Rieta from Heath
McNern, William (Estate) from Gilt Edge
McNichol, A.W. from Debolt
McNicol, Frank K. from Crossfield, Madden, Enderby, BC
McNicol, George from Madden
McNicol, James, F. from Enderby, BC
McNiven, Charles Russell from Vulcan, Okotoks, Blackie, High River
McNiven, Frank from Vulcan, Blackie
McNutt, Gerald F, from Caroline
McNutt, Harold from Rocky Mountain House
McNutt, J.J. from Caroline
McPeak, J. Troy from Nanton
McPhail, Archie from Brant
McPhedran, John W. from Dinant
McPhedran, John W. from Dinant
McPhee Bros, from Halkirk
McPhee, Jessie from Elnora
McPhee, Robert N, from Glen Leslie
McPhee, Wallace H. from Lake Louise
McPheeters, D.B. from Rumsey
McPherson, David G. from Metiskow
McPherson, P from Nanton
McPherson, Robert from Cayley
McPherson, Robert from Phillips, Kinsella
McPherson, Roy from Dolcy
McPherson, S.W. from Sangudo, Rochfort Bridge
McPhillamey, Jess from Berwyn
McPolen, John from Cherhill
McQuaig, D. Scott from Teepee Creek
McQuaig, Duncan J. from Consul, SK
McQuarrie, L. from Retlaw
McQueen, Gerald from Fort Assiniboine
McQueen, Hugh from Finnegan
McRae, Andrew & J. from Fawcett
McRae, Andrew Burns from Pekisko, Nanton
McRae, Andrew J. from Fawcett
McRae, F.D. from Morinville
McRae, H.S. from Scapa
McRae, John Howard from Nanton, Pekisko
McRae, Norman M. from Rosemary
McRae, Wesley Donald from Edmonton
McRee, Harry from Kinuso
McRee, Joseph from Kinuso
McRee, Sloco from Kinuso
McRee, Zanny from Kinuso
McRobbie, Howard from Rocky Mountain House
McRobbie, Howard Thomas from Red Deer
McRobbie, William George from Bon Accord
McRobert, A. from Dewberry
McRobert, Ian from Lea Park, Marwayne
McShane, Gerald from Hardisty
McShane, Leo from Hardisty
McShane, Lloyd F. from Hardisty
McSporran, Alex from Tofield
McSweeney, James from Wanham
McTaggart, John from Calgary
McTaggart, John from St. Kilda
McTaggart, John from St. Kilda
McTavish, Ferguson from Carmangay
McTighe, Phillip J. from Red Deer
Mctrunec, Nick from Derwent, Mannville
McTurk, Nicholas W. from Heath
McVeety, Hubert from Rocky Mountain House
McVey, Barry from South Edmonton
McVey, Mrs. W.H. & Alva Passey from New Dayton, Magrath
McVicar, George D. from High River, Cayley
McVicar, George D. from High River, Cayley
McVinnie, Gordon from Carmangay
McVinnie, James from Paradise Valley, Sidcup
McVittie, R.H. from Viking
McWade, W. from Ponoka
McWade, W. from Ponoka
McWatters, V.L. from Lethbridge
McWde, Joseph L. from Ponoka
McWherter, Elias from Didsbury
McWhirter, J.L. from Pincher Creek
McWhirter, James from Wainwright
McWilliam, Angus M. from Picture Butte, Seven Persons, Iron Springs
McWilliam, Gerald Dougald from Lundbreck
McWilliams, Alexander from Sundre
McWilliams, Alvin from Nanton, Blackie, Claresholm
McWilliams, J & J.P. Beach from Ponoka
McWilliams, J. & J.P. Beach from Ponoka
Mead, A.R. from Vermilion
Mead, George B. from Vermilion
Mead, R.C. & Son from Clandonald, Vermilion
Mead, Vera & Sons (Robert Murray & Ronald Tommy) from Vermilion
Meade, Harry from Bellevue
Meade, V. from Bindloss
Meador, Ralph from Brooks
Meadors, W.C. from Vermilion
Meadow Sweet Dairies Limited from Coleman, Bellevue
Meadows & McDonald from Calgary
Meadows, Donald Charles from Blackie
Meadows, Roy K. from Blackie
Meadowview Ranches Ltd. from Edmonton
Meakin, Arthur J. from Lindale, Carnwood, Breton
Meakins, Frances from Yarrow
Meakins, H. from Jarrow
Meakins, Robert Jr. from Jarrow
Meardi, Carlo from Hylo
Mearon, Victor from High Prairie
Mears, Charles E. from Cairns
Mears, Charles E. from Cairns
Measor, S.R. from Big Prairie
Mecham, Sina Wilhelmina from Taber
Mechlenborg, Fred from Dickson
Meckelberg, John A. from Sundre
Meckelberg, John A. from Sundre
Meckler, Theodore from Galahad
Meda, John from Spedden
Meda, William from Spedden
Medhurst, Richard P. from Calgary, Cloverdale, BC, Pitt Meadows, BC, Maple Ridge, BC
Medicine Shield, George from Cluny
Medicine Tree Holdings (R.D.Tanner) from High River
Medley, Jesse E. from Wainwright
Medue, Bert Leslie from Picture Butte
Medynski, Leonard & Richard from St. Michael
Medynski, Mike from Kinsella
Medynski, Peter from Star
Meehan, Francis William from Alix
Meehan, Harry T. from Innisfail
Meehan, James from Hanna
Meek, Harry from Edmonton
Meekin, James from Duchess
Meekin, Samuel from Duchess
Meeks Bros. from Raymond
Meeks, Farrell from Raymond
Meer, Anna from Goddard
Meer. John from Warner
Meers, Gordon from Acadia Valley
Meers, H.S. from Calgary, Innisfail
Meers, Kathleen from Innisfail
Meers, Robert Edward from Deville, North Cooking Lake
Megella, John Mike from Lomond
Meger, Lloyd from Heinsburg
Meger, Rudolph from Heinsburg
Meggitt, Wilbert from Cassils
Megli, Aaron from Linden, New Norway
Megli, Erny from Three Hills
Megli, Lewis from Linden, Acme
Megli, S.P. from Three Hills
Megyer, Andy from Taber
Megyes, Antal from Taber
Megyes, Elmer Andrew from Taber
Mehalko, George from Turin
Meheden, Fred from Lethbridge
Mehew, J. Leonard from Welling
Mehl, G.F. from Excel
Mehl, Marshall H. from Excel, Oyen
Mehlaff, Viola J. from Hays
Mehlen, Olaf from Iron Springs
Mehlhaff, Eugene from Winnifred, Hays, Whitla
Mehlhaff, Fred from Hays
Mehlhorn, William & Sons from Olds
Meidinger, Elmer & Marvin from Bassano
Meidinger, Elmer & Marvin from Bassano
Meidinger, Milton from Bassano
Meidinger, Reinhold from Medicine Hat
Meidinger, Wilbert from Schuler
Meier, Anton Jr. from Hays
Meier, Dan from Norton, Coleridge, Dunmore
Meier, Ed from Norton, Medicine Hat
Meier, Elias from Dunmore
Meier, Fred from Medicine Hat, Thelma, Fox
Meier, Isaac from Medicine Hat
Meier, John from Hays
Meier, John K. from Walsh, Fox, Thelma
Meier, Lawrence from Fox, Medicine Hat
Meier, Nick from Bodo, Altario
Meier, Philip from Hays
Meier, Reinhold from Medicine Hat, Meadow View
Meier, Rueben from Fox
Meinzinger, John George from Breton
Meirle, C. from Calgary
Melanchuk, Dan from Grand Centre
Melba Ranches Ltd. (J.M. Woods) from Calgary
Melcher, Earl H. from Czar
Melchinuk, Mrs. P. Myrnam
Meldrum, John A. from High River
Melenka, Alexander from Fort Saskatchewan
Melenka, Jack F. from Warwick
Melenka, Michael from Delburne
Melin, Carl from Czar, Metiskow
Melland, Christian John from Claresholm
Meller, Ralph W. from Calgary, Morrin
Melling, T. from Midnapore, Calgary
Mellon, Alice (formerly Mrs. Fry) from Winfield, Water Valley
Mellon, Mont M. from Grovedale
Melnechuk, Mike from Beauvallon
Melnichuk, James from Myrnam
Melnichuk, John from Myrnam
Melnychuk Bros. from Hollow Lake
Melnychuk, Harry from Iron River
Melnychuk, J.T. from Mannville
Melnychuk, Mike from Lake Eliza
Melnychuk, Orest from Myrnam
Melnychyn, Phillip from Big Valley
Melnyk, Fred from Innisfree
Melnyk, Henry P. from Warspite
Melnyk, Henry P. from Warspite
Melnyk, James from Ardrossan, Sherwood Park
Melnyk, John N. from Waskatenau
Melnyk, William from Chipman
Melom, A.J. from Stavely
Melom, M.O. from Stavely
Melton, Tommie from Calgary
Melvin, James from Nanton
Melvin, Richard James from Grande Prairie
Memnook, Paul from Goodfish Lake
Menard, Lucien from Balzac
Mendelman, M. from Calgary
Mendenhall, J.B. from Rosemary, Vernon, BC
Mendenhall, Wayne Jay & Mrs. from Rosemary, Provo, UT
Mendiuk, Orest from Andrew
Meneau, Frank from Big Valley
Meneice, A.L. from High Prairie, Marwayne
Meneice, A.L. from High Prairie, Marwayne
Meneice, Gordon L. from High Prairie, Fort McMurray
Meneley, N.A. from Calgary
Mensaghi, Giovani from Macleod, Pincher Creek
Mensaghi, Reno J. from Macleod
Menschau, Juliana from Bruce
Menzies, Albert Roderick from Evansburg
Menzies, D.R. from Stettler, Botha
Menzies, Harold from Balzac, Airdrie
Menzies, Howard from Provost
Menzies, William from Countess
Mequinis, Phillip from Calgary
Mercer Holdings Ltd. from Lethbridge
Mercer, Edward from Pincher Creek
Mercer, George E. from Hussar, Calgary
Mercer, Ivan G. from Bearberry, Sundre
Mercer, Walter E. from Strathmore
Mercier, A.H. from Vegreville, Beauvallon
Mercier, Andrew from Islay
Mercier, Armand from Bonnyville, Durlingville
Mercier, Ed or Edouard from Le Goff
Mercier, Julien from Bonnyville
Mercier, R. from Islay
Mercier, Treffe from Dirleton, Bonnyville
Meredith, Fred from Ponoka
Mereshka or Mereshki, Nick from Fleet
Mereshka, John from Fleet, Coronation, Stettler
Mereshki, Steve from Castor, Stettler
Meridian Transport Ltd. (Don Styner) from Lloydminster
Merithew, E.H. from Bassano
Merithew, Edward & Reuben & Annie Smith from Wardlow
Merkel, Bart from Munson
Merkel, Edward A. from Vegreville
Merkel, Frank A. from Rockyford
Merkel, Larry E. from Munson
Merkel, R.J. & Edward A. from Vegreville
Merkel, S. from Viking
Merkle, Joe from Taber
Merkle, Kurt from Lac La Biche
Merkle, Tony Jr. from Taber
Merkley, Clifford L. from Magrath
Merklin, Jerry Neil from Wanham
Meronuik, Mike from Legend
Merrell, N. Bruce from Calgary
Merriam, Richard A. & Frank Brazil from High River
Merrian, Richard J. from High River
Merrick, George from Sidcup
Merrifield, H.D. from Bircham, Acme
Merrifield, Marshall E. from Red Deer
Merriken, L.S. from Federalsburg, MD, Veteran
Merrill, Donald F. from Lethbridge
Merrill, Eric from Viking
Merrill, M.M. from Hill Spring
Merriman, J.A. from Hayter, Killarney
Merta, George F. from Viking
Mertler, Joe from Grande Prairie, Bezanson
Mertz, Carl T. from Stirling
Mervin, Lawrence from Drumheller, Conner Creek
Mesal or Missel, Edward from Bruce
Messerli, C. Edwin from Claresholm, Stavely
Messerli, H.H. from Stavely
Messerli, William F. from Spring Point, Elkton, Furman, Claresholm
Messier, Clara from Heath
Messier, R. from Wainwright
Messner, Helena & Sons from Forestburg, Heisler
Messner, W.J. from Heisler, Forestburg, Vilna
Messner, W.J. from Heisler, Forestburg, Vilna
Meston, Alex from Three Hills
Metcalf, Joseph B. from Kitscoty
Metcalf, Leonidas L. from Aden
Metcalfe Gary, Wayne Tester & Bill Veitch from Wainwright
Metcalfe, B.B. from Rocky Mountain House & Dickson
Metcalfe, B.B. from Rocky Mountain House & Dickson
Metcalfe, Bertha from Eyremore
Metcalfe, Stephen O. from Rocky Mountain House
Metchewais, Jim from Beaver Crossing
Metheral, J.P. from Crossfield
Metheral, Norman Clarence from Foremost
Metis Beach Silver Fox Ranch (O.E. Astle) from North Edmonton
Metolsky, Fred E. from Bassano
Metro, Steve from Ponoka, Bentley
Metz, H.J. from Lougheed
Metz, Wolfgang from Grande Prairie
Metzger, Archie from Carbon
Metzger, Carl from Rolling Hills
Metzger, David George from Calgary, Okotoks
Metzger, George from Innisfail
Metzger, William from Pine Lake, Beiseker
Metzler, Regina from Twin Butte, Fishburn
Meyer Bros. (John & William) from Seven Persons
Meyer, Albert from Bergen
Meyer, Alex from Richdale
Meyer, Ambrose J. from Sheerness, Richdale, Castor
Meyer, Chris from Galahad, Halkirk
Meyer, Henry from Richdale
Meyer, Jacob M. from Irma
Meyer, John from New Norway
Meyer, John J from Irma, Kinsella
Meyer, John Sr. from Seven persons
Meyer, John W. from New Norway
Meyer, Leo, & Guido Wuest from Rolling Hills
Meyer, Linus from Clover Bar, Edmonton
Meyer, Lloyd from Wetaskiwin
Meyer, Oscar H. from Clover Bar, Sherwood Park
Meyer, Peter from Galahad, Britain
Meyer, William from Seven Persons
Meyer, William J. from Richdale, Stanmore
Meyers, Archie from High Prairie
Meyers, D.R. from Brownvale
Meyers, E. from Midnapore
Meyers, E.J. from Withrow, Eckville
Meyers, J.V. from Berwyn, Kerndale
Meyers, Joseph F. from Taber, Sunburst, MT., Shelby, MT
Meyers, Margareth from Taber
Meyers, Mrs. Alex from Edgerton
Meyers, William N. from Coaldale
Mezei, Alex from Retlaw
Mezei, Bert from Carmangay, Lethbridge
Mezei, Gabriel from Retlaw, Vauxhall, Medicine Hat
Miasnikoff, George F. from Falun
Miasnikoff, George F. from Falun
Michael, Claude H. from Jarrow
Michael, Thomas from Bowness, Calgary, Blackfalds
Michaelis, Fred W. & Ida from Milk River
Michaelis, W.H. from Milk River
Michaelis, William A from Milk River
Michaels, Ken from Excel, Cereal
Michalchuk, Everett from Keg River
Michalchuk, Mike from Keg River
Michalchuk, Paul from Glendon
Michalchuk, Paul Peter from Keg River, Victoria, BC
Michalovsky, Oscar from Claresholm, Granum
Michalski, Bruno R. from Lundbreck
Michalsky, Emil & Albert from Calgary
Michalsky, Mike from Burmis
Michaud, A. from Gibbons
Michaud, Herbie from Brocket
Michaud, Joseph Rolland from Kinsella, Edmonton
Michel, Arnold A. from Crossfield, Calgary
Michelazki, Mike from Bow Island
Michelsen, Niels from Stirling
Michelsen, Verda from Stirling
Michelson, E. from Erskine
Michelson, Ejner from Erskine
Michetti, George from Hylo
Michie, John from Lousana
Michiels, Jean-Pierre from Calgary
Michta, Mabel from Kitscoty
Michta, William from Burstall, SK, Hilda
Mickelberry Bros. (Norman & Wilfred) from Vauxhall
Mickla, W.L. from Daysland
Mickleborough, Murray E. from Edmonton
Mickleson, J.M. from Sedgewick
Mickleson, Morris Wilfred from Sedgewick
Micklich, William from Vegreville
Micku, James from Buck Lake
Micoud, Felix from Coronation
Middleton, Jane from Cereal
Middleton, N. from Calgary
Middleton, Theodore from Shepard, Cereal
Midgley, Garfield Thomas from Marwayne
Midgley, George W. from Lea Park
Midgley, George W. from Lea Park
Midgley, Richard from Norway Valley, Lea Park
Midland Collieries Limited from Drumheller, Midlandvale
Mielnichuk, David from Duffield, Edmonton
Mielnichuk, Mike from Edmonton
Mielnichuk, Ronald from Duffield
Mierzewski, Edward K. from Hines Creek
Mihalcheon, Lorrie from Lac La Biche
Mikal, J. from Sundre
Mikalson, A.J. from Vauxhall
Mikalson, B.J. from Enchant
Mikalson, Olivia A & Ingbert A from Enchant
Mikkelson Bros. from Glendon
Mikkelson, Gregory Rae from Enchant
Mikkelson, J. A. from Kinsella
Mikkelson, Merril & Leland from Chauvin
Mikklesen, Arthur from Lathom, Brooks
Mikklesen, Niels from Rochester
Mikkleson - Birkness, Martha from Sedgewick
Miklos, John from Calgary
Miklos, Wilfred John from Fort Macleod
Miko, Earl from Edmonton, New Sarepta
Mikoula, Nicholas from Burdett
Milbradt, B. from East Coulee
Milburn, Della Kathleen & James H. from Caroline
Milburn, Ernest from Lacombe, Leo
Milburn, James & Cecil Gill from Caroline
Milburn, James from Dovercourt
Mildinberger, Adam from Pollockville, Brownvale
Milenchuk, Claude from Wainwright
Miles, Bruce MacKinnon from Calgary
MIles, D.A. from Bragg Creek
Miles, Edith S. nee Lancaster from Kinsella
Miles, Ellwood from Arrowwood
Miles, Florence L. from Edgerton
Miles, G.B. from High River
Miles, J.A. from Kinsella, Edmonton
Miles, Larry O. from Strathmore
Milford James F. from Edgerton
Milford James F. from Edgerton
Milham, Alfred Herbert from Vancouver, BC, Port Hardy, BC
Milham, Stanley Newton from Hardisty
Milk River Grain Ltd. from Milk River, Lethbridge
Milkereit, Erich Gustav from Calgary
Millar, Alan from Albert Park, Calgary
Millar, Alfred A.S. from Bow Island
Millar, C.E. from Calgary
Millar, David Allan from Peace River
Millar, H. from Calgary
Millar, J.J. from Smoky Lake
Millar, William from Mallaig, Ashmont
Millard, Albert from Edmonton
Millard, Joseph from Edgerton
Millard, Norman L. from Bearberry
Millard, W.H. from Jenner
Milldale Farms from Grande Prairie
Millen, Marie Jane from Brooks, Duchess
Miller and Miller from Bashaw
Miller Bros. (Charles & Marco) from Sugden, St. Lina
Miller, A. Vivian & Jane from Gadsby
Miller, A.D. from Balzac
Miller, A.F. & Sons from Castor
Miller, A.J. from Lethbridge
Miller, Adolph from Fox
Miller, Adolph Ronald from Walsh, Medicine Hat
Miller, Albert from Etzikom, Medicine Hat
Miller, Allan Clay from Goose Lake
Miller, Annie from Maybutt, Lethbridge
Miller, Arthur Day from Olds
Miller, Ben H. from Medicine Hat, Walsh
Miller, Bentley R. from Buffalo, Yorkton, SK
Miller, Burton from Alderson
Miller, C.H. from Macleod
Miller, C.T. from Fawcett
Miller, C.W. & Son from Kitscoty
Miller, Carl Christian from Rosedale
Miller, Charles E. from Rocky Mountain House
Miller, Charles from Rockyford
Miller, Charlie Bud from Alderson
Miller, Cheryl Rose from Innisfail, Vernon, BC
Miller, Chester from Caroline, Crammond
Miller, Chester from Erskine
Miller, Chris from Wayne, Rosedale, Craigmyle
Miller, Clarence from Kevisville, Raven, Innisfail
Miller, Cliff E. from Donalda
Miller, Clifford D. from Castor
Miller, Clifton Frederick from Beaverlodge
Miller, Darlene B. nee Rowley from Twin Butte, Innisfail
Miller, Dave from Lethbridge, Orion
Miller, Dave J. from Strathmore
Miller, Douglas from Taber
Miller, Dwen Ronald from Walsh
Miller, Ed from Elmworth
Miller, Ed from Hays
Miller, Edwin W & Nettie J. from Sundre, Lobley
Miller, Elmer from Milk River, Masinasin
Miller, Elmer L. from Milk River
Miller, Emil T. from Didsbury, Hubalta
Miller, Ennet from Ponoka, Wetaskiwin
Miller, Ernest from Caroline
Miller, Ernest William from Rocky Mountain House
Miller, Evelyn Norma from Hinton
Miller, F.A. from Alliance
Miller, Florence M. from Beaverlodge
Miller, Frank from Medicine Hat
Miller, Fred from Hay Lakes
Miller, Fred from Hilda
Miller, Fred G. from Estuary, SK
Miller, George (Gottlieb) from Orion, Etzikom, Thompson, Pakowki
Miller, George Ed & Son (Robert) from Stony Plain
Miller, Gordon L. from Calmar
Miller, Guido F. from Bergen, Obed Lake
Miller, Guy from Hazeldine
Miller, H.B. from Patricia
Miller, Harold M. from Castor
Miller, Harry R. from Ponoka
Miller, Helen C. from Rimbey, Calgary
Miller, Helen M. from Macleod
Miller, Henry & Edward from Irvine
Miller, Henry from Forestburg
Miller, Henry from Fox, Medicine Hat
Miller, Henry from Fox, Medicine Hat
Miller, Henry W. from James River Bridge, Penhold
Miller, Herbert from Warden, Atlee, Buffalo
Miller, Herbert L. & Sons from Wetaskiwin
Miller, Hugh from Jarrow, Kinsella
Miller, J.A. from Walsh
Miller, J.D. from Olds, Wiste
Miller, J.D. from Pekisko
Miller, J.E. from Islay
Miller, J.P. from Eyremore
Miller, James from Medicine Hat
Miller, James from Pincher Creek
Miller, Jerry from Walsh, Busby
Miller, Joe from Calgary
Miller, Joe from Dorothy, Airdrie, Hussar
Miller, John D.S. from Craigmyle, Finnigan
Miller, John from Halcourt
Miller, John from Meadowbrook
Miller, John from Stony Plain, Duffield
Miller, John Harvey from Innisfail
Miller, John M. from Leduc
Miller, John Malcolm from East Coulee, Three Hills
Miller, Joseph from Ardrossan
Miller, Joseph M. from Ardrossan
Miller, Lawrence Gus from Wetaskiwin
Miller, Lawrence Martin from Coaldale
Miller, Leonard A. from Breton
Miller, Leonard John from Innisfail
Miller, Lillian from Bowden
Miller, Ludwig from Leduc
Miller, Matthew from Medicine Hat
Miller, Maurice L. from Rosyth
Miller, Mrs. Catherine from Taber
Miller, Mrs. E.E. from Twin Butte, Hill Spring, Medicine Hat
Miller, Mrs. Farris S. from Bowden
Miller, Myron J. from Calgary
Miller, Myrtle from Rocky Mountain House
Miller, N. from Calgary, Conrich
Miller, Neils from Hussar, Chancellor
Miller, Norman from Brightview
Miller, Norman from Fox
Miller, Oral James Alexander from Hespero
Miller, Percy E. from Irma
Miller, R.M. from Macleod
Miller, Ray from Beiseker
Miller, Raymond from Medicine Hat, Chinook
Miller, Raymond J. from Ardrossan
Miller, Reginald L. from Pincher Creek
Miller, Reinhold & Son (William) from Hanna
Miller, Robert from Calgary
Miller, Robert from Caroline
Miller, Robert Louis from St. Albert
Miller, Roxy Gail from Innisfail
Miller, Roy from Rycroft
Miller, Rudolph from Hilda
Miller, Rudolph from Youngstown
Miller, S.W. from Olds
Miller, Thomas from Delburne, Hillsdown
Miller, Vernon L. from Lacombe
Miller, Vernon R. from Grovedale
Miller, W.B. & R.D. Mowat from Millet
Miller, W.H. from Coronation
Miller, W.M. from Edmonton
Miller, W.O. from Didsbury
Miller, Wanda & John D. from Bassano
Miller, Warden O. from Delburne
Miller, Warren C. from Markerville
Miller, Wayne Douglas from Olds
Miller, Wesley D. from Calgary
Miller, Wilfred from Eagle Hill
Miller, William A. from Mountain View
Miller, William F. from Fox
Miller, William from Hanna
Miller, William from Wetaskiwin, Millet
Millett, Mrs. J.C. from Water Valley
Milley, Fred from Coleman
Millham, Ann Jane from Hughenden
Millham, Dana Belle from Hughenden, Hardisty
Millham, O.C. William from Hughenden
Millham, Oliver Charles from Hughenden
Millham, Stanley Newton from Hughenden, Hardisty
Milligan Bros. from Coronado
Milligan, George Whitney from Calgary
Milligan, John from Bon Accord
Milligan, John from Drumheller
Milligan, Kenneth Harold from Craigmyle
Milligan, Roy E. from Rocky Mountain House
Milligan, William M. from Drumheller
Millikan, Donald from Stettler, Oxnard, CA
Milliken, S.L. from Carmangay
Millington, Arthur Leslie from Medicine Hat
Millins, C.A from Moose Portage
Millions, J.B. from Eagle Hill
Millions, R.A . from Kew, Airdrie
Mills & Knowlden from Lethbridge
Mills, Annie C. from Metiskow
Mills, Betty J. from Byemoor, Red Deer, Regina, SK.
Mills, C.H. & Elsie from Hussar
Mills, Edwin L. & Annie from Metiskow, Wainwright, Dolcy
Mills, Everett S. from Sangudo, Magrath, Youngstown
Mills, George Edward from Edmonton
Mills, Godfrey L. from Calgary
Mills, J.H. from Wainwright
Mills, John Edwin from Metiskow, Edgerton
Mills, John Ernest & Aleta Erie Belle from Shepard, Buck Lake
Mills, Mary J. from Waskatenau
Mills, Mrs. E.G. from Phillips
Mills, Ralph Eugene from Granum
Mills, Raymond from Wainwright
Mills, William J. from Endiang, Cornucopia
Milne Bros. from Stettler
Milne, Albert J. from Didsbury
Milne, Donald Len from Viking
Milne, Duncan L. & Mary Elizabeth from Didsbury
Milne, George M. from Stettler
Milne, Harold Wells from Coronation
Milne, Jack S. & Gordon M. Dombrosky from Edmonton
Milne, James G. from Coronation
Milne, John from Marwayne
Milne, Owen from Didsbury
Milne, Robert M. from Delia
Milne, Roy William from Didsbury
Milner, H.R (Old Hermitage Farm) from Edmonton
Milner, H.R. (Old Hermitage Farm) from Edmonton
Milner, Joe, & Stan A. from Edmonton
Milner, Leonard Stanley from Barons, Lethbridge
Milner, R.W. (Alberta Pacific) from Calgary
Milnes, Robert & John from Marwayne
Milnes, Robert & John from Marwayne
Milnichuk, John P. from Myrnam
Milnichuk, John P. from Myrnam
Milroy, John from Hardisty
Milton, W. M. from Clark Manor, Fabyan, Wainwright
Miltz, Louise from Trochu
Milz, Melvin E. from Trochu
Minchau, Herbert & Norman from Spedden
Minchau, Michel from Bruce
Minchau, Norman from Vilna
Minchau, Reinold R. from Bruce
Minchau, Ronald Herman from Vilna, Edmonton
Minde, Joe from Hobbema
Minde, Sam from Hobbema
Mindek, John from Sundre
Mindrum, Percival A. from Bluffton
Minelli, Frederick Anthony from Haddock, Peers
Miner, Clint from Red Deer
Miner, Denzil Ralph from Mayerthorpe
Minion, Gerald D. from Chin
Minks, W.E. from Leedale
Minnes, Patricia A. from Calgary
Minnick, W.J. from Ribstone
Minor, Lybert & Carl from Rosemary
Minor, O.B. from Kelsey
Minor, Percy A. from Medicine Hat
Minter, Alfred Edward from Kitscoty
Miogley, Allen Thomas from Marwayne, Kitscoty, Cache Creek, BC
Mirlach, Alex from Mayerthorpe
Misal, Oscar from St. Paul
Mischanchuk, Joe from McRae, Redwater
Mishanes, Alex from Weasel Creek
Mishaniuk, Fred from Myrnam
Mishler, & Swanson (Galen E. Mishler & Jack Swanson from Calgary, Indus
Mishukoff, A. & C. from Rimbey
Misiak, Max from Hazeldine
Misick, Dan from Vermilion
Misik, Peter from Mannville
Misik, Victor from Mannville
Misio, Steve from Innisfree
Misner, Harold A. from Leedale
Misner, Vance W. & Sons from Bingley, Rocky Mountain House
Misner, Vance W. from Muirhead, Leedale, Carlos
Missel Bros. from Bruce
Mission Bay Cattlemen's Co-Op from Lac La Biche
Mission Farm from Valleyview
Mission Steers from Grande Prairie, Red Deer
Mistaken Chief, Philip from Edmonton
Mistol, Peter from Elk Point
Mitansky, Annie from Andrew
Mitansky, Sam from Andrew
Mitchel, Annie from Pincher Creek
Mitchell, Alex W. from Hughenden
Mitchell, Allan George from Calgary
Mitchell, Andrew Robert from Calgary
Mitchell, Anne Rose from Strathmore
Mitchell, C.G. & D. Norem from Edmonton
Mitchell, C.I. from Albert Park
Mitchell, C.R. from Lundbreck, Maycroft
Mitchell, Charles (estate of Chief Justice) from Arrowwood
Mitchell, Charles R. & Mrs. M. Wood from Lundbreck, Maycroft, Milk River, Beaver Mines
Mitchell, Clara nee Strand from Harmattan, Sundre, Olds
Mitchell, Donald from Dalroy
Mitchell, Donald Leslie from Calgary
Mitchell, Fred E. from Sundre
Mitchell, Fred from Success, SK, Stewart Valley, SK
Mitchell, Fred from Sundre
Mitchell, George S. from Hughenden
Mitchell, Glen from Amisk
Mitchell, Harold D. from Empress
Mitchell, Harold from Pakan, Smoky Lake
Mitchell, Harris W. from Edmonton
Mitchell, Henry & J.H. from Medicine Hat
Mitchell, Henry J. from Twin Butte
Mitchell, Ivan U. from Tofield
Mitchell, J.B. from Beaverlodge, Rosemary
Mitchell, Jack from Nordegg
Mitchell, James A. from Pincher Creek
Mitchell, James A.P. Burns from Medicine Hat
Mitchell, James W. from Twin Butte
Mitchell, John A. from Bezanson
Mitchell, John from Wyndell, BC
Mitchell, Mrs. M. from Hughenden
Mitchell, Nan from Lloydminster, Saskatchewan
Mitchell, Norman Henry from Calgary
Mitchell, R.L. from Bow Island
Mitchell, R.R. & F.G. (Arrowwood Farming Co.) from Arrowwood
Mitchell, Ralph L. from Bow Island
Mitchell, Robert from Maple Creek, SK
Mitchell, Robert S. (Picture Butte Cattle Company) from Picture Butte
Mitchell, Roy F. from Sundre, Olds, Breton
Mitchell, Vern from Edmonton
Mitchell, W.G. from Czar
Mitchell, William from Lloydminster, SK
Mitchell, William from Vermilion
Mitchell, William L. from Clive, High River
Mitton, Cedric L. from Blackie
Mitty, Nick from Hemaruka
Mitzner, Edward R. from Withrow, Eckville
Mix, Albert from Castor, Stettler
Mix, Alvin from Castor
Mix, Ben from Leduc
Mix, Henry from Castor
Mix, Henry William from Bentley
Mjolsness, J.A. & Endrid C. from Bergen
Mjolsness, Louis from Sundre
Mjolsness, Margaret Lois from Rocky Mountain House
Moberg, Arvid from Congresbury, Dovercourt, Rocky Mountain House
Moberg, John from Ricinus
Moberley, Paul from Grande Cache
Moberly, Adolphus & Clarice from Entrance, Hinton
Moberly, Bill from Entrance
Moberly, Dave from Entrance
Moberly, John from Entrance
Moberly, Malcolm from Entrance, Grande Cache
Mochenross, Vic from Hillsdown
Mock, Harvey from Irvine
Mock, Howard from Irvine
Mock, Joe J. from Ranfurly
Mock, Reinhold from Irvine, Walsh
Mock, Simon from Ranfurly
Mockerman, O. from Breton
Moden, Gust from Ashmont, Boyne Lake, Medicine Hat
Modin, Benjamin E. from Bruce
Modin, Eric from Bruce
Modin, Harry from Mannville
Modin, O. from Bruce
Moe, L.A. from Craigmyle
Moe, Paul H. from Hanna
Moe, Stanley & Allen from Buffalo Lakes
Moedt, John B. from Coaldale
Moen, A.C. from Camrose, Sedgewick
Moen, B.B. from Compeer
Moen, E.A. & Son from Tofield
Moen, Iver from Tofield
Moen, Lars from Edgerton
Moen, Ola from Bad Heart, Sexsmith
Moen, T. from Calgary
Moen, Walter L. from Airdrie
Moench, Albert from Craigmyle
Moench, John from Craigmyle
Moessner, Maria A, & Jean M. from Rosalind, Camrose
Moessner, William P. from Rosalind
Moffat. Douglas Gordon from Calgary, Okotoks
Moffat. J. Harold from Knee Hill Valley, Innisfail
Moffatt, Barry Dean & Denton Lee from Hussar, Calgary, Dawson Creek, BC
Moffatt, James L. from Worsley
Moffatt, Robert from Wainwright
Mogck, John L. from Walsh
Mogensen, Axel from Cardston
Mogensen, Joe from Owendale
Moger, Oliver A. from Picture Butte, Whitla
Moger, Signe from Edmonton
Moger, Signe from Edmonton
Mogus, Paul E. from Red Willow
Mohl, Adam from Hanna
Mohl, Albert from Hanna, Spondin
Mohl, Arthur H. from Hanna
Mohl, Fred from Hanna
Mohl, Victor from Hanna
Mohl. Ronald F. from Hanna
Mohler, Frank, & Nellie Mae from Camrose
Mohler, James from Ohaton
Mohler, Millard N. from Medicine Hat
Mohr Bros. (Louis & Marshall E.) from Social Plains
Mohr Bros. (Louis & Marshall E.) from Social Plains
Mohr, Gus H. from Consort
Mohr, Henry from Fort Saskatchewan
Mohr, Herbert & Irma from Fort Saskatchewan
Mohr, Louis from Social Plains
Mohr, Marion (Gattey, Frank - executor Marion Mohr) from Consort, Penticton, BC
Mohr, Marion from Consort, Penticton, British Columbia
Mohr, Marshall E. from Social Plains, Bindloss
Mohs, Frank H. from Holden
Moir, Gilbert B. from Barons
Moir, Gilbert B. from Barons
Moir, John from Chauvin
Moisey, Arnold N. from Andrew
Mokon, Metro from Kinsella
Mokrey, John from Innisfree
Mokry, William from Innisfree
Moland, A. from Edberg
Moland, Ole from Edberg, Penticton, BC
Molander, Fred from Eckville
Moldenhauer, Blanche M. from Wetaskiwin
Moldenhauer, Edward from Breton
Molenaar, Jerry from Nobleford
Molenaar, William from Clover Bar, New Sarepta, Leduc
Moline, Andrew from Dalgren, Olla, Faith
Moline, Sam from Barnwell
Molinnis, John from Carstairs, Strathmore, Baintree, Calgary
Moller, Irene Loretta from Rimbey
Molnar, E. Steve from Picture Butte, Lethbridge
Molnar, Gabor from Macleod, Calgary
Molnar, Joseph A. from Raymond, Calgary
Molnar, Joseph from Taber, Barnwell
Molnar, Joseph from Taber, Barnwell, Lindbergh
Molnar, Steve from Raymond
Molodianovich, Kathrine from Hackett
Moloff, Fred from Crowfoot
Molohan B.Jr. from Coronation, Veteran, Calgary
Molohan, B.J. from Veteran, Talbot
Molyneux, Tom from Bowden
Monaghan, Sam from Bowmanton, Medicine Hat
Monagle, Ernest from Loyalist
Monagle, John E. from Consort
Monagle, John E. from Consort
Monarch Ranch from Lethbridge
Moncey, W.H. & Ray W. Teynor from Elkton
Moncey, W.H. & Ray W. Teynor, from Elkton
Moncrieff, C.W. from High River
Moncrieff, Laura from Esondido, CA
Money, L. from Gadsby
Money, Roland from Priddis
Mongeon, Alphonse from Pincher Creek
Monkman, Erma nee Buchanan from Calgary
Monkman, W.R. from Buffalo
Monkman, William I from Nanton
Monroe, L.K from Rosebud
Monson, Alma M. from Turin
Monson, Andrew from Cadogan
Monson, Richard from Clive
Montalbetti, Joe from Bluffton
Montegue, L. from Chauvin
Monteith, Amelia from New Hill
Monteith, John C. from Bluffton
Monteith, Virgil from Drayton Valley, Red Deer
Montgomerie, John from Stanmore
Montgomerie, T.S. from Hilda, Medicine Hat
Montgomery Silver Fox Co. (Montgomery Fur Ranch) from Wetaskiwin
Montgomery, A.H from Hussar, Crowfoot
Montgomery, A.W. L. from Edgerton
Montgomery, Albert A. from Nanton
Montgomery, Arnold Oscar from Dorothy, Gem
Montgomery, Charles from Leo
Montgomery, Clifton A. from Elkton
Montgomery, Don from Vermilion
Montgomery, G.G. from Hussar
Montgomery, Homer Isaac & Anna from Nanton
Montgomery, J. W. from Donalda
Montgomery, J.H. from Winter,SK
Montgomery, J.W. from Donalda
Montgomery, James from Heinsburg, Greenlawn
Montgomery, John from Dapp
Montgomery, Mark from Delia, Dorothy
Montgomery, Ollie from Nanton
Montgomery, Robert from Sunnynook
Montgomery, Samuel & Gertrude from Rimbey
Montgomery, Thomas Leslie & Sons from Hussar
Montney, Leroy G. from Cadogan
Montour, William from Wild Horse, (Gang Ranch) Kamloops, BC
Monvoisin, Raymond from Calgary
Moodie, Allan from Hythe
Moodie, Stanley O. from Sexsmith
Moody, August M. & Margaret from Cardston, Owendale, Spring Coulee
Moody, E.E. from Home Glen
Moody, Eric from Cardston, Spring Coulee
Moody, Francis George from Woking
Moody, H.H. from Hardisty, Amisk
Moody, James from Grande Prairie, Vegreville
Moody, Joseph Charles from Woking
Moody, R. from Woking
Moody, Ralph from Ashmont
Moody, Ray from Rosyth, Hardisty
Mook, John from Irvine
Moon Bros. (Peter J. & W.G.) from Glen Leslie, Bezanson
Moon, Dennis Harry from Kitscoty
Moon, Fred from Glen Leslie
Moon, Mary K., Dykes & Jean L. from Bezanson, Grande Prairie
Moon, P.J. from Glen Leslie, Bezanson
Moon, R.W. from High River
Moonen, Lawrence from Beaverlodge
Moonen, T. Anne from Beaverlodge
Moonen, Ted from Beaverlodge
Mooney, J.M. from Nateby, Cessford, Wardlow
Mooney, James B. from Shepard
Mooney, James B. from Shepard
Mooney, Lyle Berry from Wardlow, Barons
Mooney, Mrs. L.M. from Wardlow
Moor, Henry from Lethbridge
Moor, Samuel from Hardisty
Moore Bros. (Fred M. & Howard Roy) from Harmattan
Moore Bros. (Walter W. & Donald C.) from Innisfail, Kneehill Valley
Moore Farming Co. Ltd. (Howard Roy Moore) from Harmattan, Olds
Moore, A.K from Red Deer
Moore, B.E. from Tees
Moore, Brian Vance from Alix
Moore, C.N. from High River
Moore, D.W. from Cremona
Moore, E.C. (Estate) from Lacombe
Moore, E.S. from Edmonton
Moore, Earl from Salt Prairie
Moore, Edward from Rio Grande, Beaverlodge, Mount Valley
Moore, Elmer from Bowden
Moore, Emily from Stauffer, Bowness
Moore, Ernest from Calgary
Moore, Ernest R. from Hanna
Moore, Franklin James from Daysland
Moore, Fred from Lacombe
Moore, Fred J. from Minburn, Veteran
Moore, G.J. from Markerville, Red Deer
Moore, G.L. from Carmangay
Moore, Harold J. from Innisfail
Moore, Harvey from Calgary
Moore, Henry from Delia
Moore, Herbert from Rumsey
Moore, Hugh from Pashley
Moore, J.E. from Hope Valley, Edgerton
Moore, J.S. from Grande Prairie
Moore, James T. from Hines Creek, Fairview
Moore, John J. from Calgary
Moore, L. from Hope Valley, Edgerton
Moore, L.A. from Cochrane, Millarville, Turner Valley
Moore, Lawe Lee from Innisfail
Moore, Lloyd George from Lavoy, Vegreville
Moore, M.B. from Red Deer
Moore, M.M. from Enilda
Moore, Oethe O. from Excel, Sundre, Bergen
Moore, Ora B. from Rimbey
Moore, P.A. from Banff
Moore, R.F. from Westlock
Moore, Richard V. from High River
Moore, S.C. from Calgary
Moore, Thomas from Wainwright
Moore, Thomas Orville from Innisfail
Moore, Thomas Owen from Innisfail
Moore, Victor from Red Deer
Moore, W.H. from Harmattan
Moore, W.J from Daysland
Moore, Yoto Henry from Coronation
Moorey, H. from Fort Macleod, Ewelme
Moorhead Bros. from Marwayne
Moorhead, F.D. from Blue Ridge, Willesden
Moorhead, Robert J. from Heisler
Moos, Chris from Tofield
Moos, Lottie J. from Tofield
Moose Meadows Guest Ranch Ltd. from Pincher Creek
Moostoos, John David from Enilda
Moraes, S.G. from Grantham
Moran, Albert from Edmonton
Moran, Albert from Edmonton
Moran, Carl S. from Lamont
Moran, David O. from Mayerthorpe
Moran, Francis Bruce from Ribstone
Moran, Simon from Beaver Dam
Morand, Charles from Wildmere
Morasch, Daniel A. from Didsbury
Morasch, Daniel from Castor
Morasch, John from Forest Lawn
Morash, Adam from Didsbury
Morawski, William from Tofield
Morden, Mrs. J.R. from Lacombe
Morden, Nellie from Lundbreck
Moreau, Betty A. from Sundre, Caroline
Moreau, Leo E. from Gibbons
Moreau, Mrs. M.B.A. from Fort Saskatchewan
Moreau, Rene Leon Joseph from Gibbons, Penticton, BC
Morehouse, Clayton from Lacombe
Morel, L. from Calgary
Moreland Farms Ltd. from Wrentham
Moreland, George R. from Wrentham
Moren, Pete J. from Armistice, Elk Point
Moreno, Louis F. from Lineham, Turner Valley, Kew, Millarville
Morey, Frederick Avory Alvin from Peoria, Winlaw, BC
Morey, William from Water Valley
Morgan, Barney from Clear Prairie, Worsley
Morgan, Belva, & Ruth Lund from Hines Creek
Morgan, Benjamin T. from Halkirk
Morgan, Cecil from Sundre
Morgan, Charles William from Busby, Forestburg
Morgan, D.R. from Ponoka
Morgan, Eugene from Killam
Morgan, Fannie R, Riverview Farm from Calgary
Morgan, Frank from Hines Creek
Morgan, Fred E. from Veteran, Airways
Morgan, J.B. from Pine Lake, Elnora, Innisfail
Morgan, Jack E. from Harmattan
Morgan, John & M. from Amisk
Morgan, L.C. from Hackett
Morgan, L.E. from Sundre, Olds, Eagle Hill
Morgan, Leonard H. from Hackett
Morgan, Lily M. from Botha
Morgan, Mary Elizabeth from Hines Creek
Morgan, Richard H. from Blairmore
Morgan, Robert S. from Redland
Morgan, Ted from Jumping Pound, Cochrane
Morgan, Trevor from Didsbury
Morgan, William Henry from Killam
Morgensen, Harold Alva from Stettler, Briereville, Kaleland
Morgensen, M.J. from Stettler
Morhart, Joe from Mayerthorpe
Moric, Tony from Vilna
Morien or Moreno, Luis Francisco Antonio from Bragg Creek, High River
Morien, Antonio Francisco from St. James, Manitoba
Morien, Mrs. Louis F. from Bragg Creek, Black Diamond
Morien, Mrs. Louis F. from Bragg Creek, Black Diamond
Morieno, Frank from Innisfail
Morigeau, Frank P. from Evergreen
Morin, A.E. from Alcomdale
Morin, Charles from Hobbema
Morin, Earl J. from Coronado
Morin, Edouard from Gibbons
Morin, Lucien from Normandeau
Morin, Mrs. from Onoway
Morin, Mrs. S. from Onoway
Morin, Robert Ray from Ponoka
Morin, Stanley from Vega
Moris, Dave from Brownvale
Moris, R. from Tulliby Lake
Morison, Rufus from Sexsmith
Moritz, Raymond A. from Olds
Mork, Ronald L. from Cheadle
Morken, George Edward from Grande Prairie, Clairmont
Morken, Lloyd Edwin from Sedgewick, Viking
Morkin & Nagle from Claresholm
Morkin, Gerard from Claresholm
Morkin, Helen Grace from Claresholm
Morkin, Hugh from Claresholm, Grande Prairie
Morkin, R. from Claresholm
Morland, Jens J. from Bruce
Morley, Claire from Barrhead
Morley, George Edward from Calgary
Morley, Wayne from St. Paul
Morley, William G. & Sons (Tom & Roy G.) from Torrington, Mayton
Morlock, H.H. from Byemoor
Morlock, J.P. from Delia
Morneault & Plourd from Carstairs
Morning Bull, Isabelle from Brocket
Morning Bull, Ronald from Brocket
Morow, A.J. from Nanton
Moroz, John George from Drayton Valley
Moroziuk, Joe P. from Mundare
Moroziuk, Nick from Derwent
Morr, Ralph L. from Viking
Morr, Ralph L. from Viking
Morrell, John Thomas from Provost
Morrell, William from Belloy
Morrell, William Peter from Grande Prairie
Morrill, Forest A. from Duchess, Brooks, Rainier
Morrill, Maurice L. from Rochester, Olds
Morris, Argyle E. from Tulliby Lake
Morris, Cecil E. from Cochrane, Drayton Valley
Morris, Cody from Patricia
Morris, Dolph from Olds, Etzikom
Morris, F.G. from Alix
Morris, G.W. from Cochrane, Carstairs
Morris, George A. from Tulliby Lake
Morris, Grace from Foremost
Morris, J.E. from Bowden
Morris, Jean from Medicine Hat
Morris, John R. from Hardisty
Morris, Malvina from Spring Point, Waterton Lakes, Fort Vermilion
Morris, Paul from Rimbey
Morris, Scott J. from Waterton Lakes
Morris, William from Greenlawn, Dewberry, Riverton
Morris, William James from Vilna
Morrisette, Harriette from Greenshields
Morrisette. Chas. J. from Greenshields
Morrison, Alex J. from Cummings
Morrison, Arthur George from Delburne
Morrison, Benjamin T. from Bulwark
Morrison, Charles from Minburn
Morrison, D.A. & Sons from Elkton, Olds
Morrison, D.V. from Medicine Hat
Morrison, Dan from Salmon Arm, BC, Grande Prairie
Morrison, David (estate) from High River
Morrison, David G. from High Level
Morrison, Donald A. from Medicine Hat
Morrison, Donald from Red Deer
Morrison, Earl from Legal
Morrison, F.J. from New Dayton
Morrison, G.L. from Claresholm
Morrison, George Edwin from Nevis
Morrison, George L. from Bruce
Morrison, Gordon from Wild Horse
Morrison, Guy A. from Medicine Hat
Morrison, Harry from Bruce
Morrison, Hugh R. from Edgerton, Edmonton, Ribstone
Morrison, I.W. from De Bolt
Morrison, J. H. & K. MacQuarrie from Delia
Morrison, J.D. from High River
Morrison, Jack from Ribstone
Morrison, Jean from Medicine Hat
Morrison, John A. & Alex J. from Cummings
Morrison, John from Darwell
Morrison, John Harold & Charles Franklin Broughton from Hardisty
Morrison, Kenneth Henry from Ribstone
Morrison, Margaret T. from Eagle Hill
Morrison, Marvin A. from Barrhead
Morrison, Neil D. from Collholme, Chinook
Morrison, Neil Joseph from Grande Prairie
Morrison, Percy Alexander from Sexsmith
Morrison, Robert from Drayton Valley, Roselea
Morrison, Robert from Mannville
Morrison, Robert R. from Delia
Morrison, S.G. from Rainier, Haynes, Ponoka
Morrison, Sanders from Aldersyde
Morrison, Vern from Ribstone
Morrison, Wellington from Ribstone
Morrison, William Stanley from Elkton, Didsbury
Morrow, Annie L. from Provost, Ribstone
Morrow, B. Albert from Bluffton
Morrow, Delmer from Ribstone
Morrow, Earl J. from Midnapore
Morrow, Hersey from Lacombe
Morrow, John from Deville
Morrow, John G. from Abee
Morrow, L.A. from Calgary
Morrow, M.C. & Mrs R.W. Hansen from Nanton
Morse, C.H. & Sons from Huxley
Morse, Douglas from Elnora, Medicine Hat
Morse, F.N.O. from Perbeck, Huxley
Morse, Robert W. from Elnora
Mort, Marion from Grosmont
Mortensen, J. from Brooks
Mortimer Bros. from Cochrane
Mortimer, Andrew & James Irvin from Carbon
Mortimer, Larry Andrew from Carbon
Mortimer, Wilson from Sundre
Mortinsen, M.C. from Dolcy, Leduc
Morton Bros. from Smith, Slave Lake
Morton, Alfred James from Sundre
Morton, Charles K. from Calgary, Rumsey, Donalda
Morton, Curtis from La Corey, Onion Lake, SK, Cambria
Morton, David from Innisfail
Morton, Irvin from Del Bonita
Morton, John Charles from Gleichen
Morton, Leonard J. from Rimbey
Morton, T. H. from Didsbury
Morton, Thomas C. & Mrs. from Innisfail
Mosa, Karl G. from Legal, Gwynne
Mosand, Ernie Alton from Bawlf
Mosby, John T. from Rolling Hills
Mosby, John T. from Rolling Hills
Moschenross, A.J. from Pine Lake
Moschenross, Clarence from Red deer, Calgary
Moscovich, Saul Shirley from Lethbridge
Moser, Carl from Killam & Eva Moser from Acadia Valley, Burstall, SK
Moser, Earl L. from Bassano, Harbor Springs, Michigan
Moser, Karl from Acadia Valley
Moser, Laurence from Claresholm
Moser, Martin from Killam
Moser, R.E. from Crossfield
Moser, Ray J. from Acadia Valley
Moser, Ray J. from Acadia Valley
Moseson, Lovell S. from Wetaskiwin
Mosgaard, P. from Dickson, Innisfail, Markerville
Mosier, Clark Murry & Robert Clark from Daysland
Mosier, Walter C. from Calgary
Mosley, Harry E. from Claresholm, Hinton Trail, Halcourt
Mosley, Harry E. from Claresholm, Hinton Trail, Halcourt
Moss, M.L. (Mrs.) from Edmonton
Moss, Mrs. M.L. from Edmonton
Moss, Roy from Bluesky
Mossee, Henry from Wainwright, Fabyan
Mossman, D.L. from Puffer, Hughenden
Mossman, Frank I. from Hughenden, Edmonton
Mossop, Matilda, John W. & Jesse N. S. from Warburg
Mostertz, Francis William from Carbon
Mostyn, Frank L. from Woolford
Mostyn, Trevor Angus from Fort Macleod
Mote, Clarence S. from Vulcan, Ensign
Moth, Percy from Monitor, Edmonton
Moth, Percy from Monitor, Edmonton
Motick, Nick from Hoadley
Motowylo, John from Musidora
Mott, Blanche from Bassano
Mott, Edward N. from Stettler
Mott, Harry from Longview, Sundre
Mott, John from Eckville
Mott, W.J. from Lousana
Mottern, Lloyd from Calgary
Mottl, Orly from Blairmore
Mottley, Thomas from Czar
Mottus, Albert A. from Leslieville
Mottus, Arthur E. from Eckville, Withrow
Motyko, Mike from Raymond
Motyl, M. from Edson
Mould, Joseph from Calgary, Sunnyside, Bearberry
Moulder, A.W. from Hardisty
Moulding, L.W from Edmonton
Moulding, L.W. from Edmonton
Moult, William C. from Donalda
Moulton, L. from Ashmont
Mound, A.W. from Trochu, Carbon
Mountain View Charolais Ranch Ltd. (Ivan Ohler) from Claresholm
Mountain, W.O. from Pibroch
Movold, Art & Son (Wayne) from Hay Lakes
Movold, Caroline from Woodbend
Movold, Leo from Wrentham
Movold, Lina from Foremost
Mow, Harley G. from Castor
Mow, W.G. from Castor
Mowat, R.D Ltd from Edmonton
Mowat, R.D. Ltd from Edmonton
Mowat, Ronald Douglas from Edmonton
Mowat, V.A. from Royalties
Mowatt, Neil Angus & Margaret Imogene from Parkland, St. Albert
Mowry, Lester from Darwell
Moxley, G.L. from Elnora
Moyah, Eli from Frog Lake
Moyah, Oliver from Frog Lake
Moyan, Thomas from Frog Lake
Moyes, Johnny from Entrance
Moyou, Eddie from Frog Lake
Mrach, William C. from Medicine Hat
Mrakava, Steve from Tilley, Brooks
Mrashall, J.C. from Castor
Mrazek, Steve from Turin
Much, Carl from Rimbey
Much, Carl from Rimbey
Muchka, Peter from Trochu
Muckleroy, Rose from Skiff, Goddard
Muckleston, Art from Irma, Vermilion, Lougheed, Strome
Mudd, J.E. from Clivale, Dorothy
Muddle, A.J. from Wainwright
Muddle, Frederick Charles from Wainwright
Muddle, Herbert I. from Monitor
Mudie, James from Consort
Mudry, Steve from Donalda
Mudryk, Michael P. from Clandonald, Derwent
Mudryk, Mike from Derwent
Mudryk, Walter P. from Derwent
Mueller, Eberhard J.M. from Edmonton
Mueller, Fred from Gunn
Mueller, Gerhard from Wanham
Mueller, Heinz from Calgary
Mueller, John J. from Masinasin
Mueller, Karl from Ponoka
Mueller, Katie from Masinasin
Mueller, Louis from Innisfail, Champion
Mueller, Mike from Warner
Muellner, G.W. from Edmonton
Muenchrath Bros from Rockyford
Mugridge, W.L. from Condor
Muhlbach, Fred from Stettler
Muhlbeier, Ed from Cassils, Brooks
Muhlbeier, Howard from Brooks
Muhlbeier, John from Castor
Muhly, M. from Claresholm, Granum
Muir Bros. from Provost
Muir, Albert from Nanton, Grande Prairie
Muir, Charles from Nanton, Stavely
Muir, J.W. from Islay
Muir, R.J. from Delburne
Muir, Robert W. from Mound, Westward Ho
Muir, William from Mound, Garrington
Muirhead, A.E. from Picture Butte
Muirhead, Elizabeth from Bon Accord
Mukaida, Mynn from Picture Butte
Mulawka, M. from Kinsella
Mulder, F.R. Erick from Turner Valley
Mulder, Harry from Seven Persons
Muldon, Ernest F. from Robb
Mulgrove, George from Veteran
Mulholland, Cordia from Tide Lake, Bearberry
Mulholland, J. from Claresholm
Mulik, John from Kinsella
Mulkay, Suzanne from Cold Lake, Grand Centre
Mullen, A.B from Edmonton
Mullen, A.B. from Edmonton
Mullen, George from Lethbridge, Lomond
Mullen, J. from Didsbury
Mullen, Robert W. from Makepeace, Rainier, Vermilion
Mullen, Thomas from Makepeace, Brooks
Muller, Elizabeth from Hussar
Muller, Harry L. from Hussar
Muller, Maurice George from Jarvie
Muller, Max from Warburg
Muller, Siegfried K. from Edmonton
Muller, Siegfried K. from Edmonton
Mullett, E.G. from Priddis
Mulligan, Allan Kenneth from Therien, Bellis
Mullins Bros. from Hobbema, Ponoka
Mullins Bros. from Hobbema, Ponoka
Mullins, W. from Ponoka, Hobbema
Mullins, W. from Ponoka, Hobbema
Mulloy, George S. & Christie Bros. from Calgary
Mulloy, Norman from Wetaskiwin
Mulzet, Frank from Bashaw
Mumm, Mrs. A. from Granum
Munawych, Fred from Lac La Biche
Muncaster, William A. from Wainwright, Greenshields
Munce, Agnes from Lacombe
Muncipal District from Burlington no. 2 from Foremost
Muncy, Melvin from Halkirk
Munday, Laurence from Calgary
Munday, Ray from Hartell, Rimbey, Bluffton
Mundie, Beatrice C. from Seven Persons, Lundbreck
Mundle, Rusel from Hardisty, Wilkie, Saskatchewan
Mundle, W. E. from Alliance, Red Deer
Mundorf, Lemuel G. from Hackett
Mundorf, Zachary E. from Lodgepole
Mundy, R. & Clifford Armstrong from Bashaw
Munger, G.H. from Iddesleigh
Munger, R.J. from Jenner
Municipal District from Beaver Dam no. 281 from Dog Pound
Municipal District from Burlington no. 34 from Foremost
Municipal District from Forty Mile no. 64 from Maleb, Foremost
Municipal District from Forty Mile no.12,
Municipal District from Kinsella no. 424 from Kinsella, Sedgewick
Municipal District from Lac Ste. Anne no. 93, County from Lac Ste. Anne no. 28 from Onoway, Sangudo
Municipal District from Mountain View no. 310 from Didsbury
Municipal District from Spirit River from Spirit River
Municipal District from Starland no. 307,
Municipal District from Starland no.47 from Rowley Station, Rowley, Morrin
Municipal District from Woodford no. 550 from Onoway
Municipal District of Acadia no. 241 & no.34 from Acadia Valley
Municipal District of Argyle no. 100 from Stavely
Municipal District of Argyle no. 99 from Granum, Stavely
Municipal District of Arthur no. 340 from Innisfail
Municipal District of Ashmont no. 605 from Ashmont, Boyne Lake
Municipal District of Barrhead no. 106 from Barrhead
Municipal District of Battle River no 423 from Irma
Municipal District of Beaver Dam no. 281 from Dog Pound
Municipal District of Bertawan no. 271 from Sibbald
Municipal District of Bigstone no 459 from Falun
Municipal District of Birch Lake no. 484 from Innisfree
Municipal District of Black Mud no. 488 from Leduc
Municipal District of Blackfoot no. 218 from Gleichen
Municipal District of Blackie no.30 from Blackie
Municipal District of Bonnyville no 87 & no 572, Municipal District of Glendonno. 88, Municipal District of St. Vincent no 573 from Bonnyville, St. Vincent
Municipal District of Bow Island no.3 from Bow Island
Municipal District of Bright no.16 from Fort Macleod
Municipal District of Buffalo Coulee no. 453 from Saultaux, Irma
Municipal District of Bulyea no 215 from Pandora
Municipal District of Carbon from Carbon
Municipal District of Cartier No. 637 from Boyle
Municipal District of Castle River no 40 from Beaverlodge
Municipal District of Celleholme no 243 from Chinook
Municipal District of Champlain no 544 from Lafond
Municipal District of Clear Lake no. 129 from Stavely
Municipal District of Clifton no. 127 from Lomond
Municipal District of Clover Bar no. 517 from Fort Saskatchewan
Municipal District of Columbia No. 460 from Wenham Valley, Battle Lake
Municipal District of Cornhill no. 487 from Tofield
Municipal District of Crown no. 399 from Lacombe
Municipal District of Dinton no. 189 from Blackie
Municipal District of Eagle No. 545 from Soda Lake
Municipal District of Ethelwyn no 512 from Dewberry
Municipal District of Evergreen no. 427 from Edberg
Municipal District of Fertile Valley no. 429 from Ponoka
Municipal District of Flowery Plains no 33 from Etzikom, Foremost
Municipal District of Ghost Pine no 308 from Trochu
Municipal District of Gilt Edge no 422 from Wainwright
Municipal District of Golden West no. 371 from Sylvan Lake
Municipal District of Grasswold no. 248 from Rockyford
Municipal District of Grizzly Bear no 452 from Wildmere
Municipal District of Grizzly Bear no 452 from Wildmere
Municipal District of Grosmont no. 6678 from Athabasca
Municipal District of Haig no. 396 from Donalda
Municipal District of Harmony no. 128 from Champion
Municipal District of Hayes no. 338 from Delburne
Municipal District of Highwood # 31 from High River, Okotoks
Municipal District of Hillcrest no 362 from Metiskow
Municipal District of Hiram no. 304 from West Wingham
Municipal District of Huamha no. 393 from Amisk
Municipal District of Iron Creek no. 455 from Viking
Municipal District of Kerr no. 39 from Pincher Creek
Municipal District of Kinsella no 424 from Kinsella, Sedgewick
Municipal District of Lakeview no. 454 from Viking
Municipal District of Lambton no. 306 from Craigmyle
Municipal District of Lamerton no. 398 from Alix
Municipal District of Last West no. 67 from Bluffton, Leedale
Municipal District of Laurier no. 545, Municipal District of St. Paul no. 542, Municipal District of St. Paul no. 86, County of St. Paul no. 19 from St. Paul e Metis, St. Paul
Municipal District of Leslie No. 547 from Lamont
Municipal District of Liberty no. 489, Municipal District of Leduc no. 489, Municipal District of Leduc no.75 from Leduc
Municipal District of Lincoln No. 542 from Lindbergh
Municipal District of Lloyd George no. 457 from Camrose
Municipal District of Lockerbie no 580 from Paddle River, Manola
Municipal District of Lorne no. 400, Municipal District of Lacombe no.398, County of Lacombe no.14 from Bentley
Municipal District of Marquis no 157 from Vulcan, Milo
Municipal District of Merton no. 451 from Dina, McLaughlin
Municipal District of Michichi no. 277 from Munson
Municipal District of Montgomery no 458 from Wetaskiwin
Municipal District of Morthen no. 551 from Sangudo
Municipal District of Mountain View no 310 from Didsbury
Municipal District of Norma no. 515 from Vegreville
Municipal District of Norquay no 279 from Acme
Municipal District of Opal No. 578 from Waugh
Municipal District of Parkland no. 456 from Daysland
Municipal District of Patricia no. 485 from Vegreville
Municipal District of Peace no. 857, Municipal District of Peace no 135 from Berwyn
Municipal District of Pembina Number 552 from Evansburg
Municipal District of Pembina Number 94
Municipal District of Pershing no. 581 from Meadowview
Municipal District of Pines no. 516 from Mundare
Municipal District of Pioneer no 490 from Sunnynook
Municipal District of Poplar Grove no. 341 from Innisfail
Municipal District of Prairie Creek No. 343 from Rocky Mountain House
Municipal District of Raven no. 57 from Rocky Mountain House
Municipal District of Ribstone no. 421 from Chauvin
Municipal District of Richdale no 274 from Stanmore
Municipal District of Rosebud from Crossfield
Municipal District of Sheep Creek no. 190
Municipal District of Sifton no. 391 from Provost
Municipal District of Smoky Lake from Smokey Lake
Municipal District of Sounding Creek no. 273 from Youngstown
Municipal District of Spirit River no. 133 from Spirit River
Municipal District of Spirit River no. 829,
Municipal District of Springbank no 221 changed to, Municipal District of Springbank no 45 from Calgary
Municipal District of Spruce Grove No. 519 from Spruce Grove
Municipal District of St. Lina from Boyne Lake
Municipal District of Sterling no. 425 from Killam
Municipal District of Stewart no. 302 from Sedalia
Municipal District of Stockland no.191, Municipal District of Turner Valley no. 91, Municipal District of Turner Valley no.32 from Turner Valley, Millarville
Municipal District of Stocks no.363 from Hughenden
Municipal District of Strathcona no 518 & no 83, County of Strathcona no.20 from Edmonton, Sherwood Park
Municipal District of Streamstown no. 511 from Staplehurst, Marwayne
Municipal District of Sturgeon no. 548 & no. 90, Municipal District of Ray no. 549, Municipal District of Morinville no.91 from Morinville, Edmonton, St. Albert
Municipal District of Success no 336 from Cornucopia, Byemoor
Municipal District of Tawatinaw No. 608 from Tawatinaw
Municipal District of the town of Castor from Castor
Municipal District of Tomahawk from Tomahawk
Municipal District of Turner Valley no. 191 from Turner Valley
Municipal District of Turner Valley no. 32 from Turner Valley, Millarville
Municipal District of Ukrania no. 513 from Myrnam
Municipal District of Unity no. 577, Municipal District of Smoky Lake no. 575 & no. 89, County of Smoky Lake no. 13 from Radway, Smoky Lake
Municipal District of Vale no 392 from Edgerton
Municipal District of Vermilion River no. 450 & 71, County of Vermilion
Municipal District of Vimy no. 337 from Big Valley
Municipal District of Warner No. 4, Municipal District of Warner No. 36, County of Warner No. 5 from Warner, New Dayton
Municipal District of Waterloo no. 56 from Sundre
Municipal District of Waverly no. 367 from Erskine
Municipal District of Wellington no. 481 from Lloydminster
Municipal District of Wiste no. 303 from Ensleigh
Municipal District of Wostok No. 546 from Andrew, Zawale
Municipal District Rosenheim No. 361 from Rosenheim
Municipal District Vermillion Valley No. 482 from Vermilion
Municipal from Champlain # 544 from Lafond
Municipal from Haig # 396 from Donalda
Municipal from Lockerbie # 580 from Paddle River, Manola
Municipal from Morthen # 551 from Sandugo
Municipal from Richdale # 274 from Stanmore
Municipal from Sifton # 391 from Provost
Municipal from Success # 336 from Cornucopia, Byemoor
Municipal of Ashmont no. 605 from Ashmont, Boyne Lake
Municipality from Blackie # 30 from Blackie
Municipality from Norma # 515 from Vegreville
Municipality from Shepard # 220 from Calgary
Municipality of Asquith no 394 from Lougheed
Municipality of Battle River no 423 from Irma
Municipality of Shepard no 220 from Calgary
Munkholm, Olvie from Claresholm
Munn, Monna G. & Douglas N. from Carstairs
Munn, Monna G. & Douglas N. from Carstairs
Munn, Richard from Ponoka
Munro, A.E. from Nanton
Munro, D.C. from Verdant Valley
Munro, D.C. from Verdant Valley
Munro, Fred from Goodwin
Munro, G.L. from Didsbury, Carstairs
Munro, G.L. from Didsbury, Carstairs
Munro, George from Federal
Munro, Henry S. from Carolside
Munro, Henry S. from Carolside
Munro, Hilda May from Coronation, Castor
Munro, James Barry from Calgary
Munro, John W. from Carstairs
Munro, Kathrine (remarried name Wesley) from Etzikom, Lethbridge
Munro, Lewis from Lathom, Bassano
Munro, Murray from Innisfail
Munro, Reginald S. from Whitelaw
Munro, Ross from Cremona
Munro, Tom from Schuler
Munro, Ward J from Legal, Edmonton
Munroe, Gene from Arrowwood
Munsey, Roscoe P. from Champion, Vulcan, Arrowwood
Munson, Evan from Olds
Munton, Stanley from Champion
Munz, Mrs. H. from Barons
Murat, H.E. from Donalda
Murchie, Alex from Clairmont, Grande Prairie
Murdoch, Robert from Kinuso, Gleichen
Murdock, Bert from Notikewin
Murdock, Gordon from Morningside, Lacombe
Murdock, Hugh from Hughenden
Murdock, John from Donalda
Murdock, Robert N. from Olds
Murfin, James Richard from Pincher Creek
Murfin, Robert J. from Bluffton
Murfin, Robert John from Pincher Creek, Brocket
Murfin, Terry from Pincher Creek
Murfitt, Mirton W. from Yeoford, Westerose
Murgatroyd Bros. from Innisfail
Murgatroyd, Frank Vincent from Pine Lake, Delburne
Muri, David E. from High River
Muri, Theodore A. from Finnegan
Muriel Ranch Ltd. from Elk Point
Murphy, A.A. from Sundre
Murphy, A.A. from Sundre
Murphy, A.W. from Cowley
Murphy, A.W. from Cowley
Murphy, Alfred G. from Bulwark
Murphy, Alfred G. from Bulwark
Murphy, Arthur W. from Grain Exchange - Winnipeg
Murphy, C.W. from Hartleyville, Rosemary
Murphy, C.W. from Hartleyville, Rosemary
Murphy, Clarence W. from Orion, Glenwood
Murphy, Clarence W. from Orion, Glenwood
Murphy, Clayton Allan from Wetaskiwin
Murphy, Dale from Rainier
Murphy, Elmer D. from Hartleyville, Glenwood, Raymond
Murphy, Elmer D. from Hartleyville, Glenwood, Raymond
Murphy, Esther from Eckville
Murphy, Francis Benton from Cowley
Murphy, G.A. from Elnora, Herrenton
Murphy, George T. from Hanna
Murphy, Jack D. from Rainier
Murphy, James & Rita Birkigt from Athabasca
Murphy, James & Rita Birkigt from Athabasca
Murphy, James A. from Milo, High River
Murphy, James J. from Brant
Murphy, James Lyle from Rainier
Murphy, LeRoy from Edmonton, Minburn
Murphy, LeRoy from Edmonton, Minburn
Murphy, Lorin Merle from Rocky Mountain House
Murphy, P.F. from Hanna
Murphy, P.F. from Hanna
Murphy, T.E. from Cowley
Murrary, Sam T. from Marwayne
Murrary, Thomas M. from Sheerness
Murray, A.C.E. from Hanna
Murray, Alex J. from Marwayne
Murray, Angus from Salt Prairie
Murray, Anne from Rocky Mountain House, Sylvan Lake
Murray, Benjamin from Edmonton, Marwayne
Murray, Benjamin from Edmonton, Marwayne
Murray, Charles Robert from Leslieville
Murray, Colin Alexander from Grande Prairie, Grovedale
Murray, Donald Frank from Brooks
Murray, Donald W. from Claresholm
Murray, Edward John from Crossfield
Murray, Ernest G. from Ashmont
Murray, Frank George from Sylvan Lake
Murray, Frank Thomas from Sylvan Lake
Murray, Garney W. from Wainwright
Murray, George W. from Nevis
Murray, J.D. from Hythe
Murray, J.F. from Kinsella
Murray, J.R. from Red Deer
Murray, James from Tofield
Murray, James Keith from Tofield
Murray, John Edward from Hussar
Murray, John from Chauvin
Murray, John Peter from Heath
Murray, John W. from Bowden
Murray, Joseph F. from Kinsella
Murray, Joseph from Tofield
Murray, Louis from Bentley
Murray, Mildred J. from Calgary
Murray, Morris & Howard from Woking
Murray, Peter from Lousana
Murray, R.D. from East Coulee, Innisfail
Murray, R.D. from Tofield
Murray, Robert Dickson from Caroline, Sicamous, BC
Murray, Ross A. & Donald H. from Brooks
Murray, Sam T. from Marwayne
Murray, T.N. from Scandia, Hanna
Murray, Thomas G. from Ashmont
Murray, Thomas M. from Sheerness
Murray, Thomas N. from Scandia
Murray, W.B from Coalhurst, Magrath
Murrey, James from Fort Vermillion
Murry, Arthur G. & Art L. Murry from Fort Assinaboine
Murry, Muriel from Fort Assiniboine
Murschel Bros. from Nanton
Murschel, Ernest from Ponoka, Medicine Hat
Murschell, Christ from Schuler
Mururichan, Nick from Andrew
Muryn, Justin from Coleridge, Medicine Hat
Musak, Andrew from Wainwright, Vermilion
Musak, John from Wainwright
Musak, Walter from Wainwright
Mushta, Anthony & Peter M. Saliken from Lundbreck
Musiuk, Steve from Innisfree
Mutchler, Lulu May from New Norway
Mutchler, T. W. from New Norway
Mutlow, John Samuel from Fort Saskatchewan, Sherwood Park
Mutschler, Sam from Lloydminster, Innisfree
Muttart, Merrill Edmund from Calgary
Mutual Investors Syndicate from Morinville
Muza, J.J. from Empress
Myck, Karl from Ponoka
Mydland, T.T. from High River, Calgary, Bowness
Myer, Harry from Wainwright, Castor
Myer, Mrs. Earnest from Wainwright
Myers Bros. from Bremner
Myers, Annie from Ronan
Myers, Ben C. from Hemaruka
Myers, Bertha from Grand Centre
Myers, C. V. from Midnapore
Myers, C.V. from Midnapore
Myers, Charles E. from Hanna, Hemaruka
Myers, Chris from Metiskow
Myers, E.E. from Vulcan
Myers, Fay from Byemoor
Myers, George L. from Redcliff, Suffield
Myers, Herman A. & G. William & Violet from Edmonton
Myers, Jack from Medicine Hat, Irvine
Myers, Julia nee Tomkinson from Grand Centre
Myers, L.M. Leslie from Bremner, Sherwood Park
Myers, Lena Justine from Vulcan
Myers, Leon Pearle from Calgary, Hemaruka
Myers, Mary Matilda from Foreman
Myers, R.H. from Lloydminster
Myers, Richard from Vulcan
Myers, Roy from Hamlin
Myers, Russell from Byemoor
Myers, Wallace from Irma
Myers, Wilbert E. from Irma
Myers, William J. from Calgary, Littleton, CO
Myggland, Floyd G. from Wainwright
Myggland, Lars A. from Claresholm, Wainwright
Myhre, Oscar from Iddesleigh
Myhre, Wegger from Veteran
Myles, James from Medicine Hat
Mynzak, Mike from Norma
Myram Dorothy remarried name Schmidt from Cremona
Myram, Cecil William from Bottrel
Myram, Cecil William from Bottrel
Myram, James from Bottrel, Dog Pound
Myram, James from Bottrel, Dog Pound
Myrleen Cattle (Donald Lloyd Glimsdale & Vince Borschneck) from Claresholm
Myrthu, Anton from Standard
Myrthu, William from Standard
Myshaniuk, Irene from Lavoy
Myskiw, John from Stubno
Myskiw, Steve from Morecambe, Wainwright

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