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Cancelled Brand Files - L
L.I. Ranches from Rimbey
La Boucan, Alex J. from Minburn
La Chance O. from Alliance
La Chance, J.M. from Lindale
La Change, Nelson from Guy
La Clair, Ella L. from Nanton, Calgary, Aldersyde
La Clair, Miss J.B. from Aldersyde
La Clair, Tom W. from Nanton
La France, J. Rodolphe from St. Paul
La Grand Bascom, Wesley from La Habra, CA, Fort Macleod, Raymond
La Grandeur, Mrs. Peter from Beaver Mines
La Heureux, N.P. from Driftpile, Joussard
La Marsh, Hume from Olds
La Point, Frank from Ferintosh
La Riviere, Dan from Prairie Echo
La Riviere, Louis from Paddle River
La Rose, Rae John from Stirling, Viking
La Valley, Raymond from Coaldale
Laas, Johanna from Brooks
Laba, Nick from Shepard, Olds, Calgary
Labant, Joseph from St. Brides
Labant, Petro from Ashmont, Owlseye
Labelle, Casey from Morley
Labelle, George Maxwell from Seebe
Labelle, Scotty Lorne from Morley
Laberge, Ronald from Edmonton
LaBine, Earl Leon from Elk Point
LaBine, Joseph W. from Shamrock Valley
Labiuk, William from Kitscoty
Lablanc, George from Drumheller
Labonne, Antoine from Cowley
Laboret, Jeremiah from Calgary
Laboret, W. from Calgary
Laboucan, Albert from Peace River
Laboucan, Joe Prairie Man from Lubicon Lake
Laboucan, John Felix from Lubicon Lake
Laboucane, Charles from Vermilion
Laboucanne, Wilfred from Dewberry, Frog Lake
LaBrecque, Adolph from Lafond
Labreque, Ray & Bill McKay from St. Paul
Lacey Bros (A.G & H.G.) from Hythe, Grande Prairie
Lacey, Arthur G. from Hythe
Lacey, Frank Gambell from Hythe
Lachance, Gerard from Vimy
Lachance, Vital from Vimy
Lachange, Alex from Lindale, Alliance
Lachapelle, Louis from Edmonton
Lachapelle, Louis from Edmonton
Lachlan, Lillian M. & Conrad Wagner from Fairview
Lachman, C.R. from Bowden, Olds
Lachman, Christ from Hay Lake, Edmonton
Lachman, Christ from Hay Lake, Edmonton
Lachman, Harold from Hay Lakes
Lachotkievich, Jacob from Calahoo
Lacombe, Lucien from Bonnyville
Lacourse, Albert A. from Falher
Lacourse, Mrs. S. from Therien
Lacquement, Ernest from Seven Persons, Pleasant View
Lacusta, John from Furness, SK, Lloydminster
Lacusta, Mytro from Tofield
Laczkowski, Anton from Schuler, Seven Persons
Laczkowski, John from Seven Persons
Laczo, Louis from Carmangay
Ladan, Joseph from Brainard
Ladd, William R from Sundre
Ladd, William R. from Sundre
Ladds, Harold B. from Priddis
Laderoute, Charles E. from St. Albert
Laderoute, Charles E. from St. Albert
Ladner, Peter from Warner
Ladouceur, Rene from Lac La Biche
Ladwig, Arnold W. from Grande Prairie
Ladwig, Keith L. from Grande Prairie
Ladwig, R. A. from Glen Leslie, Grande Prairie
Laeser, Alfred from Viking
Lafferty, Harold D. from Calgary
LaFollitte, H.F. from Berwyn, Bear Lake
Lafoy, Hobert Clinton from Marwayne
Lafoy, Leonard from Lloydminster
LaFrance, Emile from St. Paul
LaFrance, Joseph from Lafond, St. Paul
LaFrance, Sarto from St. Paul
LaFrance, William Phillip from Smith
Lafreniere, Antelaus from Lafond, St. Paul
Lafreniere, Leo from St. Paul
Lafreniere, Napoleon from Blackie
Lafreniere, Napoleon from Blackie
Lafreniere, Victor from Lafond
Lagace, Ray from Lake Louis, Banff, Seebe
Lagamiere, Eugene from Rosemary
Lagrandeur, Elizabeth from Pincher Creek
Lagroix, Lawrence W. from Chauvin, Andrew, Ponoka
Lahl, E. from Sundre, Enderby, British Columbia
Lahti, John E. from Stettler, Thorhild,
Lahti, John E. from Stettler, Thorhild, Big Valley
Laibida, Ernie from Bruce
Laidlaw, John from High River
Laidlaw, L.N. & George Murray from Medicine Hat
Laidlaw, N.L. from Medicine Hat
Laidler, James from Kinsella
Laidlow, B.J. & L. from Hilda
Laidlow, L.N. from Dog Pound
Laing, Arthur from Innisfail
Laing, Douglas H. from Carseland
Laing, John Kevin from Metiskow
Laing, Neil from Nanton, Innisfail
Laing, Orville R .from Medicine Hat
Laing, Thomas B. from Carbon
Laing, W.A. from Brooks
Laing, William from Medicine Hat
Laird, Archie from Coronation, Red Deer
Laird, H.O. from Hanna, Richdale
Laird, Leslie G. from Fort Saskatchewan
Laird, Leslie G., & Gerald M. from Richdale, Duchess
Lait, Stanley R. from Medicine Hat
Laitinen, Jack T. from Hespero
Lajeunesse, Emile E. from Grand Centre
Lajoie, Joseph from Coronation, Chinook
Lake, John from Gadsby, Stettler
Lake, Ola H. from Elkwater
Lake, W.L.R. from Invermere, BC
Lakeman, John Arnold from Clive
Lakeman, Rosila Ruth & Cornelius from Clive, Haynes, Springdale
Lakeside Farm Industries Ltd. from Brooks
Lakeside Farms from Mirror
Lakevold, Luther Alonzo from High River, Castlegar, BC
Lakevold, Osborne Norman from Cadogan, Oliver, BC
Lakevold, Oscar Calvin from Provost
Lakin, George P. & J.W. Hein & Norman Hillebrand from Hussar
Lakin, George P., J.W. Hein & Norman Hi
Lakusta, O. from Morecambe
Lakusta, William from Beauvallon
Lalonde, Allan A from Hughenden, Wainwright
Lalor, Richard from Innisfail
Lamarre, Fidele from Grandin, Plamondon
Lamarrre, Octave from Grandin
Lamb, Barbara L. from Turner Valley, Whitecourt, Savona, BC
Lamb, Cash & Chad from Cardston
Lamb, Elmer Freeman from Balzac
Lamb, Elmer from Turner Valley
Lamb, Eunice from Turner Valley
Lamb, Homer E. & Bertha from Rowley
Lamb, J.W. from Edberg
Lamb, Kenneth Wesley from Calgary
Lamb, L.D. from Raymond
Lamb, Lawrence from Turner Valley
Lamb, Lorine from Cardston
Lamb, Norman from Cereal
Lamb, Paul J. from Caroline, Crammond
Lamb, R.E. from Rowley Station
Lambden, A.E. from Kinsella
Lambe, John from Consort
Lambert Henry Jr. from Canmore
Lambert, A.P.R. from Standard
Lambert, Charles from Rocky Lane
Lambert, Edward from Leduc
Lambert, Harry from Brainard, Lymburn
Lambert, Henry Richard from Peace River, Vermilion
Lambert, Louis from North Vermillion
Lambert, Mary Anastatia from Elk Point, Derwent
Lambert, Raoul A. from Buck Creek
Lambert, Robert W. from Fort Vermilion
Lambert, W.E. from Drumheller
Lambie, A.P. from Walsh
Lambie, George from Walsh
Lambie, Robert from Landonville
Lambie, Tom from McLeod Valley
Lamble, Gordon C. from Thorhild, Westlock
Lambourne, C.S. from Calgary, Youngstown
Lambright, Edith from Alliance
Lambright, Lawrence W. from Hardisty
Lambson, Earl from Bluffton, Lethbridge
Lammle, Fred J. & Sons from Three Hills, Twining
Lamont, Andrew from Sundre
Lamont, Ronald from Easyford
Lamontagne, Ed from Castor, Makwa, SK.
Lamothe, O.H. from Priddis
Lamoureaux, Simon from North Edmonton
Lamoureux, Charles from Lafond, St. Paul
Lamoureux, Douglas J. from Edmonton
Lamoureux, Eugene from Lafond
Lamoureux, Hector from Edmonton
Lamoureux, J.W. from N. Edmonton
Lamoureux, Robert from Lafond, St. Paul
Lamoureux, Rudolph from Coronado
Lampert, Albert A. from Oyen
Lampitt, Andrew Thomas from Blackfoot
Lampitt, Frederick T. from Blackfoot
Lampitt, Reg A. from Blackfoot
Lanaway, Gerald M. from Del Bonita, Raven, Innisfail
Lancaric, Martin from Buck Lake, Wetaskiwin
Lancaster, Mrs. John from Kinsella
Lancaster, R.V. from Red Deer
Lancaster, Robert Roy & Harold Cyril from Beaver Crossing
Lancaster, Roy from Beaver Crossing
Lancos, Mike from Brooks
Lanczik, Karel from Lethbridge
Land, Kenneth Dudley from Halkirk
Landa, Eastwood from Edmonton
Landa, Eastwood from Edmonton
Landeen, Douglas from Didsbury, Olds, C
Landells, Wendell from Islay
Landers, Arthur G. from Kinsella
Landers, Robert from Kinsella
Landis, Bert L. from Bassano
Landman, Francis J. from Provost
Landman, Martin from Cadogan, Provost
Landmark, Elmer C. from Provost
Landmark, Ken Larry from Ponoka
Landon, Guy from Hussar
Landree, Gabriel from Rolling Hills
Landree, Herbert, & Lorne from Rolling Hills
Landry, Stanley W. from Pouce Coupe, BC
Landsiedel Bros. from Delburne, Pine Lake
Landsiedel, Herbert from Bassano
Landymore, Eric H. from Crossfield
Lane Mrs. J.N. from Hand Hills
Lane, Charles David from Neutral Hills, Czar
Lane, Charles E. from Czar
Lane, E.S. from Spring Coulee
Lane, E.S. from Spring Coulee
Lane, Edward Fulton from Spring Coulee
Lane, Florence M. from Claresholm
Lane, Florence M. from Claresholm
Lane, George Ashton from Empress
Lane, J.H. from Cremona
Lane, John E. from Bowden
Lane, John from Castor
Lane, John from Ingleton
Lane, John R. from Maycroft
Lane, John R. from Maycroft
Lane, Joseph G. from Claresholm
Lane, Joseph G. from Claresholm
Lane, Mrs. J.N. from Hand Hills
Lane, Nick (Alberta Ranch) from Pincher
Lane, Nick, (Alberta Ranch) from Pincher Creek, Twin Butte
Lane, Pearl E. from Lundbreck
Lane, Pearl E. from Lundbreck
Lane, R.A. from Westlock
Lane, Robert J. from Westlock
Lane, Thomas E. from Lethbridge
Lane, Thomas Wesley from Burdett
Lane, Wallace from Gull Lake, Assa, Neutral Hills
Lanferman, Henry from St. Paul
Lang, A.W. from Okotoks
Lang, Benny from Carbon, Calgary
Lang, David from Beiseker
Lang, E.B. from Chauvin
Lang, E.B. from Chauvin
Lang, Earl from Beiseker
Lang, Ernest H.F. from Earlie
Lang, Ernest H.F. from Earlie
Lang, George Edwin from Innisfail
Lang, Gotthilf from Tilley
Lang, Hector C. from Medicine Hat
Lang, Hector C. from Medicine Hat
Lang, Herbert from Beiseker, Balzac, Strathmore
Lang, Howard from Olds
Lang, James M. from Red Deer
Lang, Matthias from Kitscoty
Lang, Norman MacDonald from Calgary
Lang, Robert Dale from Calgary
Lang, Roy from Loyalist
Lang, Theo from Calgary
Lang, W.J. from Earlie, Kitscoty
Lang, W.J. from Earlie, Kitscoty
Lang, Walter from Granum
Lang. Fred F. from Beiseker
Lang. Fred F. from Beiseker
Langdon, Allan Woods from Clairmont
Langdon, Jim from Rosebud
Langdon, Sidney A. from Schuler
Lange, Emil from Westerose
Lange, Fred from Millet
Lange, John from Ponoka
Lange, T.J. from Burdett
Langemann, Peter A. from Coaldale
Langenegger, Karl from Hussar
Langenfurth, John from Blackfoot
Langevin, Harry from Innisfail
Langevin, J.J. from Lacombe, Penhold
Langevin, Roland from Lac La Biche
Langford, E.W. from Leo
Langhe, Henry from Falun
Langhe, Stanley from Falun
Langhofer, David from Kipp
Langkaw, Hugo A. from Beauvallon
Langkopf, Ray from Andrew
Langley, Noel from Stauffer
Langlois, Lucien O. from Fort Saskatchewan
Langmuir, Edward from Alder Flats, Rimbey
Lanier, Ike from Lethbridge
Lanier, Louis from Lethbridge
Lanier, Thomas S. (Kentucky Farm) from Lethbridge
Lank, Clarence E. from Morecambe
Lank, Eleanor from Cowley, Pincher Cree
Lanngier, Joseph from Edmonton
Lansing & Stalker from Viking
Lansing, Louisa from Viking
Lanson, Leon from Provost
Lanthier, R. from Penhold
Lanti, Andrew G. from High level
Lanti, Ernie from High Level
Lanuke, Mike from Innisfree
Lanyon, Samuel E. from Edmonton
Lanz, Jack from Schuler
Lanz, Jacob M. from Schuler
Lapachuk, Kelly from Two Hills
LaPalme, Albert from Fabyan, Greenshields
Lapaschuk, Bill N. from Marwayne
Lapaschuk, Edward from Two Hills
Lapierre, Emile from Greenshields
Lapierre, Lucien from Greenshields
Lapierre, Marcel from La Corey
Lapierre, Raymond from Wainwright, Greenshields
Laplante, Paul S. from Cold Lake
Lapointe, Armand from Lafond, St. Paul
Lapointe, Joseph L. from Lafond
Lapp, Esli from Redcliff
Lapp, Ira from Brooks
Lappenbush, A.J. from Tofield, Kettle Valley, BC, Onoway
Lappenbush, James William from Sexsmith
Laqua, Christian Emil from Foremost
Laqua, Emil G. from Foremost
Laqua, William B from Foremost
Laqua, William H. from Lethbridge, Foremost
Laramore, Verna from Grimshaw
Larcombe & Price Cattle Feeders from Lethbridge
Larcombe, Arthur James from Mannville
Larcombe, Ernest H. from Minburn
Larcombe, Frank H. from Minburn
Large, Gilbert Frank from Viking, Czar, Irma
Large, J. Henry from St. Paul
Lariviere, Walter from Paddle River
Larka, Jack E. from Woking
Larka, John Andrew, John Elmer & Don from Woking
Larka, John E. from Stavely
Larkin, Erskin from Slave Lake
Larkins, E.P. from Vulcan
Larochelle, Pete Albert from Redcliff, Bassano, Countess, Suffield
Larocque, Dan from Metiskow
Laroque, Cyprien from Hobbema
Laroque, Dan from Czar
Larratt, David W. from Red Deer
Larsen Bros.(Borge & Svend)from Carstairs
Larsen, Andrew from Bindloss, Empress, Social Plains
Larsen, Arne C. from Wayne
Larsen, Bert from Eaglesham
Larsen, Brian from Tulliby Lake
Larsen, Calvin from Innisfail, Dickson
Larsen, Einer from Dickson
Larsen, F.C. from Claresholm
Larsen, Fritz & August Frieze from Hoselaw
Larsen, H. Burge from Standard
Larsen, Hans from Smith Lake, Minburn
Larsen, Harold H. from Carstairs
Larsen, Harold H. from Standard
Larsen, Ivar from Cummings
Larsen, John from Orion
Larsen, Julius T. from Calgary
Larsen, Lars from Veteran
Larsen, Leo from Standard
Larsen, Mandius from Rose Lynn
Larsen, Martin from Hardisty
Larsen, Martin P. from Vermilion
Larsen, Mary C. from Clive, Haynes, Bingville
Larsen, Mary L. from Calgary
Larsen, Norman from Innisfail, Kevisville
Larsen, Oscar J. from Hardisty, Wetaskiwin
Larsen, Peter from Weston
Larsen, Richard from Lloydminster, SK
Larsen, Robert G. from Calgary
Larsen, Sven E. from Cochrane
Larson, A. from Falun, Chesterwold
Larson, A.J. from Skiff
Larson, A.L. from Irma
Larson, A.W. from Travers
Larson, Alf C. from Irma
Larson, Allan L .from Irma
Larson, Arney (Estate) from Heart Lake, Craigmyle, Endiang
Larson, Arnold G. from Carbon
Larson, Arthur from Roros
Larson, Axel from New Lindsay
Larson, B.L. from Iddesleigh
Larson, C.L. from Nanton
Larson, Carl & Marjorie from Sundre, Entrance
Larson, Carl from Irma
Larson, Charles from Ponoka
Larson, Charles L. from Irma
Larson, Charles M. from Stavely
Larson, Charles O. from Carolside
Larson, Charles R. from Falun
Larson, Christian C. from Lomond, Travers
Larson, Dan from Irma
Larson, E.G. from Devon
Larson, Edgar C. from Manyberries
Larson, Elvin from Viking
Larson, Ernest Oscar from New Norway
Larson, George from Eaglesham
Larson, Gordon Earl from Irma
Larson, Gunnard W. from Irma
Larson, H. from Endiang
Larson, Haakon A. from Irma
Larson, Hans from Rolling Hills
Larson, J.R. & Sons from Stirling
Larson, James Mark D. from Spring Coulee
Larson, John C. from Wheat Centre, Travers
Larson, John Loron & R.J. Fansett from Raymond
Larson, Julia & Louie or Louis from Manyberries, Pakowki
Larson, L. Ejwar from Buck Lake
Larson, L.W. from Metiskow
Larson, Lars O. & Ernest O. from New Norway
Larson, Leonard A. from Craigmyle
Larson, Leslie from Torrington
Larson, Lewis from Rosenheim, Provost
Larson, Louis O. from Eaglesham
Larson, Louis R. from Paradise Valley, Oxville
Larson, Margaret D. from Hussar
Larson, Martin R. from Hardisty
Larson, Melvin from Manyberries
Larson, Mrs. Lloyd from Atlee, Crowfoot
Larson, N.C. from Medicine Hat, Didsbury, Redcliff
Larson, Olaf E. from Blackfalds
Larson, Olaf from Scapa, Garden Plain, Castor
Larson, Oreen from Veteran
Larson, Otto E. from Manyberries
Larson, Peter L. from Irma
Larson, Philip Alfred from Irma
Larson, Philip from Brutus, Evarts, Eckville
Larson, R.A. from Irma
Larson, Ralph from Viking
Larson, Ray from Hutton
Larson, Richard O. from Irma
Larson, Riley W. from Magrath, Del Bonita
Larson, Swan Oscar from High River, Aldersyde
Larson, Torvald or Torval from Brooks, Suffield, Alderson, Medicine Hat
Larson, Wayne E. from Lethbridge
Larson, Wendell J. & Rosemarie from Gem, Sardis, British Columbia
Larum, William from Corbett Creek, Lone Pine
Larwrence, M.E. from Carstairs
Laschuk, Alex from Smoky Lake
Laschuk, Victor from Andrew
Lasek, Frank from Musidora
Lasell Bros. from Ribstone
Lashburn Feeders Ltd. from Lloydminster
Lasher, Grace from Orion
Lashmar, David B. from Edmonton, Cremona, Big Prairie
Lashmore, J. from Big Prairie
Lashmore, Mrs. George L. from Water Valley, Big Prairie
Lasichuck, Metro W. from Coronation
Lasichuck, Metro W. from Coronation
Lasichuk, Tom from Lake Eliza
Lassiter, B.K. from Brooks
Lassiter, Oscar B. Spring Point, Chin, Bassano
Lastiwka, Alex from Andrew
Lastiwka, Dan from Wrentham
Lastuka, Bill from Irvine
Lastuka, Dan from Lethbridge
Lastuka, Derral H. from Lethbridge
Lastuka, Rose from Wrentham
Latham, Arthur from Elnora, Delburne
Latham, Marvin from Delburne
Latimer, A.B. from Canmore
Latimer, Edward from Consort, Sounding Lake
Latimer, John W. from Dapp
Latimer, Lloyd from Consort
Latimer, R.R from High River
Latta, R.B. from Ardrossan
Latter Days Saints Church - Stettler Branch from Big Valley
Latuk, Charles from Stirling
Latwinski, Ted from Duchess
Laubenstein, Rudolf from Bow Island, Taber
Laudan, William from Okotoks, White Rock, BC
Lauer, Edward from Breton
Lauf, Gus from Rimbey
Laughlin, C.L. from Lindbergh, Elk Point
Laughlin, C.W. from Youngstown
Laughlin, Eva from Gem
Laughlin, J.C. from Youngstown
Laughlin, J.D. from Gem
Laughlin, Lloyd William from Whitecourt, Fox Creek, Hanna
Laughren, Margaret from Majorville
Laughton, D.A. from Granum
Laughton, Wilbert R. from Granum, Lundbreck
Laughy, J.V. from Metiskow
Laukkanen, Oiva from Waskatenau
Laumbach, Anna from Heath
Lauridsen, Nicholas from Calgary
Laurie, Sam W. from Hussar
Lauritsen, William from Olds
Lauritzen, James V. from Elk Point
Lauritzen, Wilson from Claresholm
Lausen, Arnold from Bowden
Lauti, Frank from Crossfield
Lauweryssen, Cornelius from Strathmore
Lauweryssen, Cornelius Jr. from Strathmore
Lavalie, Jack Oliver from Calgary
Lavallee, Cyprien from Kikino
Lavallee, Earl from Lac La Biche
Lavallee, Frederic from Lac La Biche, Brosseau
Lavander, W.A from Frankburg, Blackie
Laveck, Patrick James from Water Valley
Laveque, Andrew L. from Water Valley
Laveque, Andrew L. from Water Valley
Laverdiere, David Paul & Cindy Rae from Stettler
Lavers, Richard F. from Delia
Lavers, Richard James from Delia, Calgary
Laverty, Charley from St. Brides
Laverty, Don from High River
Laverty, Joseph from Medicine Hat
Lavigne, Albert from Leduc
Lavigne, Paul from Calgary
Lavin, A. from Calgary
Lavkulich, Mike from Lethbridge
Lavold, Anna from Tilley
Law, Edwin C. from Glenwood
Law, Edwin T. from Magrath
Law, Frederick T. from Big Valley
Law, Priscilla P. from Lethbridge, Calgary
Law, Raymond James from Hussar
Law, Thomas from Big Valley
Lawes, Donald Whiteman from Viking
Lawes, Jack from Viking
Lawes, Walter from Viking
Lawhead, Baxter from Denwood
Lawler, W.F. from Atlee
Lawlor, James E. from Picture Butte, Ca
Lawlor, James E. from Picture Butte, Calgary
Lawlor, Wayne Don from Picture Butte
Lawrance, F.C. from Sundre
Lawrason, James R .from Metiskow
Lawrason, James R. from Metiskow
Lawrence Bros. from Clandonald
Lawrence, Ada May from High River
Lawrence, Basil from Medicine Hat
Lawrence, Bob from Castor
Lawrence, D.E. from Midnapore, Turner Valley
Lawrence, Edwin E. from Hussar
Lawrence, Edwin E. from Hussar
Lawrence, George M. from Hillsdown
Lawrence, Hardy J. from Lindbergh
Lawrence, J.H. from Edmonton
Lawrence, J.H. from Edmonton
Lawrence, James from East Coulee
Lawrence, Jim from Clandonald
Lawrence, Jim from Parkland, Sundre
Lawrence, Lloyd from Wardlow
Lawrence, Myron M. from Sylvan Lake
Lawrence, Richard C. from Red Deer
Lawrence, S.J. from Linden
Lawrence, Stuart W. from Chauvin, Provost
Lawrence, W.A. from Crossfield
Lawrence, William G. from High River
Lawrence, William G. from High River
Lawrence, Wilson from Peace River, Fort Vermillion
Lawson, Allan from Alliance, Hardisty
Lawson, Annie from Hussar
Lawson, Arthur G. from Jenner
Lawson, C.G.E. from Turner Valley
Lawson, C.G.E. from Turner Valley
Lawson, Frederick L. from Penhold
Lawson, J. Thomas from Gleichen, Hussar
Lawson, John from Scandia
Lawson, Lily from Oyen
Lawson, Walter from Fairview, Calgary
Lawton, Daniel Alexander from Athabasca, Clyde
Lawton, Donald from Clyde
Lawton, Douglas George from Edmonton, R
Lawton, Douglas George from Edmonton, Richmond, BC
Lawton, Howard from Spedden, Ashmont
Lay, Ernest A. from Grande Centre
Lay, Murray H. from Beaverlodge
Laycock, Carla Rose from Beazer
Laycock, J.A. from Fabyan
Laycock, Ruth E. from Calgary
Laycock, William from Beazer
Laycraft, Earl E. from High River
Layden, Allan from Knee Hill Valley
Layden, Clarence Raymond from Olds
Layden, James Ernest from Knee Hill Valley
Laye, B. & Son from Grande Prairie
Laye, Darryl T. from Cadogan
Laye, Duane William H. from Cadogan, Cando, SK
Laye, Marci Marie nee Thomson from Strathmore, Metiskow
Laye, Walter from Sounding Lake, Lacombe, Monitor
Laye, William H. from Cando, SK, Cadogan
Layton, Mrs. F.B & Mrs. John Holzman fr
Layton, Mrs. F.B & Mrs. John Holzmann from Ardmore
Layton, Wallace from Cardston
Lazar, Joe from Taber
Lazaretto, Givonni & John Pontarollo from Beazer
Lazaretto, John & Caterina Pontarollo f
Lazaretto, John & Caterina Pontarollo from Beazer
Lazenrenko, Sargey from Deville
Lazy Otto Ranches Ltd. from Lethbridge
Lazzari, Len from Bowden
Lazzer, E. & W.M. Johnson from Barrhead
LC Farms (A.P.R, G.J. & F.A.T. Groddock) from Ralston
Le Baron, C.M. from Rosemary, Montgomery
Le Baron, Paul from Mountain View, Cardston
Le Blanc, Alyre from Chauvin
Le Blanc, Wilfred from Drumheller, Wandering River
Le Bouthillier, Sylvio from Alix
Le Cleclerq, S.J. from Mayerthorpe, Sangudo
Le Fort, Henry from Medicine Hat
Lea, Artemus W. from Elnora, Calgary
Lea, Lars L. from Carseland, Lacombe
Leach, Donald from Olds
Leach, George from Caroline
Leach, Gordon from Olds
Leach, K.P. from Olds
Leach, O.M. Jr. from Empress
Leach, Roland & Vivian from Bluffton, Arrowwood, Blue River, BC
Leach, Roy from Empress
Leach, Scott L. from Rosebud
Leach, William from Gadsby, Bowell
Leacht, Fred from Irvine
Leacht, John from Irvine
Leader, David E. from Claresholm
Leader, Jane H. from Claresholm
Leadlay, Belva from Hughenden, Puffer, Silver Heights
Leadlay, Mabel from Battle Ridge, Hughenden
Leaf, Harry from Derwent, Angle Lake
Leahy Farms Ltd (G.D. & D.F) from Taber
Leahy, Ida M. from Grassy Lake
Leahy, J.J. from New Hill, Eckville
Leahy, John from Grassy Lake
Leahy, John L. from Grassy Lake
Leake, William from Puffer, Lacombe
Lear, Eva from Kew, Calgary
Lear, Fred from Drumheller
Learned, D.C. from Sylvan Lake
Learned, Harry U. from Sundre, Carstairs
Leary, W.H. from Whitecourt
Leask, Mac M. & Jack H. Robertson from Dog Pound
Leask, Mac M. from Madden, Cochrane
Leatham, Jefferson from Entrance, Hinton
Leathart, Donald from Redland
Leaver, Maurice from Didsbury
Leavitt Bros. from Butte
Leavitt Cattle Co. Ltd. (James Kenneth, Arnold H. & Harold Duane) from Cardston
Leavitt, A.D. from Cardston
Leavitt, Arlen Q. from Cardston
Leavitt, Clive from Hartleyville
Leavitt, Daniel H. from Leavitt
Leavitt, Dorcas Emeline from Cardston
Leavitt, George D. from Butte, Stauffer
Leavitt, James Kenneth from Cardston
Leavitt, Jeremiah from Cardston
Leavitt, Jeremiah H. from Cardston
Leavitt, John Donald from Cardston
Leavitt, Keith W. from Cardston
Leavitt, Kenneth from Glenwood, Harleysville
Leavitt, Lamont from Cardston
Leavitt, Loran from Leavitt, Cardston
Leavitt, Lynn L. from Cardston
Leavitt, Thomas Dudley from Cardston
Leavitt, Thomas H. from Glenwoodville
Leavitt, Wally & Pat from Halkirk
Leavitt, Wayne B. from Cardston
Leavitt, William from Cardston
Lebar, Frank from Picture Butte
Lebedkin, George from Bluffton
Lebel, Leon from Pincher Creek
Lebioda, Michael from Picture Butte
Leblanc, Albert & Louis from Chauvin
Leblanc, Laurier L. from Edmonton, Victoria, BC
Leblanc, Napoleon from Eyremore, Calgary
Leblanc, Regis from Chauvin
Leboe, Martha from Loos, BC, Crescent Spur, BC
Lebsack, Benjamin from Viking, Vauxhall, Langdon
Lebsack, Conrad from Champion
Lebsack, David from Vulcan
Lebsack, Elmer from Vulcan
Lebsack, Jacob from Vauxhall, Champion
Lebsack, Jacob from Viking
Lebsack, Samuel from Innisfail, Lacombe
Lecerf, Ronald F. from Eckville, Rocky Mountain House
Lech, John from Olds, Netook
Leck, Kirkwood from Grassy Lake
Leck, Lindsay from Grassy Lake, Purple Springs
Leckie, J.A. from Mound
Leclaire, G. from Coleman, Didsbury
Lecopoy, Steve from Elk Point
Lecuyer, Joseph M. from Tilley
Lecuyer, Joseph M. from Tilley
Ledbetter, Robert Paul from Calgary
Ledene, Albin from Bawlf, Camrose
Ledene, John O .from Scandia
Ledene, John O. from Scandia
Ledene, Perry from Scandia
Ledene, V.L. from Scandia
Ledoux, A. from Hazelmere
Leduc, Isaie from Greenshields
Leduc, Leopold from Greenshields, Wainwright
Lee Bros. (Selmer & L.S.) from Lousana
Lee Ranch (Terry G. Lee) from Throne, Coronation
Lee, A.M. from Priddis
Lee, Albert from Tide Lake, Hughenden
Lee, Albert W. & Sons from Buck Creek
Lee, Arthur D. from Etzikom
Lee, C. Edward from Ponoka
Lee, Carl R. from Ponoka
Lee, Charles from Mountain Park
Lee, Claude from Edson
Lee, Donald F. from Stettler
Lee, Elif from Islay, Vermilion, Clandonald
Lee, Elling from Carstairs
Lee, Ernest V. from Alder Flats
Lee, Francis J. from Stettler
Lee, Fred from Innisfree, Arneson
Lee, Fred from Viking
Lee, George & Sons from Sibbald, Kyle, SK
Lee, George C. Estate from Lethbridge
Lee, Harry from Calgary
Lee, Ivan from Lloydminster, Kelowna, BC
Lee, J.C. from Tulliby Lake
Lee, Jerry Allen from Ponoka
Lee, John C. from Ponoka
Lee, John from Burmis
Lee, John Hubert from Ponoka
Lee, John Wesley from Rocky Mountain House
Lee, Kirkham Lee from Cardston
Lee, Larson from Barrhead
Lee, Leslie Duane from Etzikom, Beiseker
Lee, Lloyd from Oshawa, ON, Victoria, BC, Bentley
Lee, Lorne from Tofield
Lee, Mary nee Hieb from Bottrel, Innisfree
Lee, Mrs. A.D. from Gahern, Etzikom
Lee, Mrs. J. from Tulliby Lake
Lee, Myles from Marlboro
Lee, Norman from Red Willow, Lundbreck
Lee, Oliver from Iddesleigh
Lee, Ollie T. from Barrhead
Lee, P.P. from Round Hill
Lee, Palmer from Valhalla Centre
Lee, Pat from Clandonald
Lee, Percy from Elnora
Lee, Robert from Erskine
Lee, Robert W. from Lundbreck
Lee, Sam from Bassano
Lee, Samuel Lea from Claresholm
Lee, Saylor Roy from Picture Butte, Mag
Lee, Selmer from Lousana, Brooks
Lee, T.S. from Wainwright
Lee, W.J. from Viking
Lee, Walker M. from Woolford, Cardston
Lee, Wallace Henderson from Kingman, Tofield
Lee, William H & Marline G. from St. Paul, Calgary
Lee. Ellen P. from Heart Valley
Leeb, Laddie J. from Heisler
Leeb, Patrick Henry from Heisler
Leece, W.G. from Calgary
Leech, Clinton H. from Acadia Valley
Leech, Garnet from Empress
Leedholm, Win from Lougheed
Leek, M.C. from Coronation
Leeland, E.V. from Minburn
Leeland, Mrs. I.A. from Innisfree, Minburn
Lees, Alexander from Loyalist, Consort
Lees, James from Loyalist
Lees, John L. from Warner
Lees, John L. from Warner
Leeson, Bert Guy from Beaver Crossing
Leeson, V.P. from Edmonton
Leeson, Wallace from Beaver Crossing
Lefebre, Antoine from Cold Lake
Lefebre, Z.A. from Cold Lake
Lefebvre, Paul from Eaglesham
Lefebvre, Rene from Camrose, Hughenden
Lefever, Donald Alexander from Medicine Hat, Winfield
Leflar, Roy from Parkland
Lefsrud, Dan from Viking
Legerski, D. Roger from Edmonton
Legerski, Dr., Roger from Edmonton
Legg, E.M. from Fenn
Legge, Charles A. from Fox
Legge, Charles A. from Fox
Legge, George Arthur from Fox
Legge, Mrs. George from Medicine Hat, White Rock, BC
Leggett Bros. from Prospect Valley, Ribstone, Roros
Lehenky, H. from Taber
Lehman, Alvin from Ryley
Lehman, Boris from Carlos, Rocky Mountain House
Lehman, Chrissie or Christina A. from Pincher Creek
Lehman, N.D. from Pincher Station
Lehman, Nellie from Arrowwood
Lehman, Peter from Pincher Creek
Lehr, Arthur from Irvine
Lehr, Ben from Irvine
Lehr, David from Irvine, Medicine Hat
Lehr, Edward & Sons from Topland
Lehr, Edward from Walsh, Medicine Hat
Lehr, Emil from Kimball
Lehr, Harvey A. from Barrhead, Topland
Lehr, Henry from Irvine
Lehr, Reuben from Bowden
Lehr, William from Walsh
Lehto, Harry B. from Perryvale
Lehto, Harved R. from Picture Butte, Barons
Leibel, Gordon from St. Albert
Leidl, Clem from Donalda
Leidl, Lawrence Joseph from Viking
Leier, Louis J. from Calgary
Leifson, Gus from Cereal
Leigh, John C. from Silver Heights, Hug
Leigh, John C. from Silver Heights, Hughenden
Leighton, A.G. from Kitscoty
Leighton, Evelyn from Kitscoty
Leimbock, George from Calgary
Leins, Wendel from Pincher Creek
Leinweber, Fred from Rocky Mountain House, Oras
Leirderl, John from Sedgewick
Leis, Emil from Medicine Hat
Leischner, Dan from Torrington, Olds
Leischner, Eli from Innisfail
Leischner, Theodore from Gem
Leishman Bros. (Floyd N. & Reece) from
Leishman, Blaine from Del Bonita
Leishman, Floyd from Del Bonita
Leishman, Floyd from Del Bonita
Leishman, Vern from Owendale
Leishman, Wallace from Chancellor
Leiske, Daniel from Lacombe, Bentley
Leiske, Jacob from Lacombe, Bentley, Beiseker
Leiske, Jerry John from Beiseker
Leiske, Wendell Wayne from Beiseker
Leiskse, John from Beiseker
Leismeister, George from Medicine Hat
Leismeister, Harold from Calgary
Leitch, J.F. from Grimshaw
Leith, Clemence M. & David from Viking
Lejbjuk, Mike from Coalhurst
Lelekach, George from Turin
Lelond, Albert from Clear Hills, Calgary
Lelond, G.M. from Brooks
Lelond, Herb B. from Brooks, Cassils
Lelond, Jack P. from Brooks
Leman, Ed from High River
Leman, John from High River
Lemare, Carl from Acadia Valley
Lemay, Leonard J. from Rich Lake, Lac La Biche
Lemermeyer, Wendelin from Warburg
Lemire, Lucien B. from Hinton
Lemire, Paul from Macleod
Lemire, Remi from MacLeod, Cowley
Lemisha, Tony A. from Sherwood Park, Ardrossan
Lemke, Helmut from Red Deer, Markerville
Lemke, Leslie from Cereal
Lemke, Roy from DeWinton, Bluffton, Ponoka
Lemky Bros. from Grande Prairie
Lemley, C.W. from Nanton
Lemley, Mrs. Cecil from Nanton, Calgary
Lemley, Mrs. Cecil from Nanton, Calgary
Lemon, Tom from Bergen
Lemp, Philip from Dewberry
Lenard, Lucille from Grantham
Lenci, Allan Joseph from Calgary
Lenek, Thomas from Hubalta
Lenfesty, B.W. from East Coulee, Dorothy
Lenglet, Mary Louise from Rosebud Creek
Lengyel, Elizabeth from Coaldale, Lethbridge
Lengyel, Frank from Chin, Coaldale
Lengyel, Joe from Foremost
Lengyel, John from Coaldale
Lengyel, John from Stavely, Calgary
Lengyel, Joseph from Calgary
Lengyel, Vera from Calgary
Lenishka, Anthony from Uncas
Lennie, Thomas from Elkton
Lennon, Kathleen May from Marwayne
Lennox, George Stanley from Calgary
Lenock, Charles from Vegreville, Lavoy
Lens, Henry from Champion, Calgary
Lent, Roy from Duffield
Lenton, Cyril from Throne, Coronation
Lenton, Job from Throne
Lentz, Frank F. from Medicine Hat
Lentz, Fred from Black Diamond
Lentz, Gottlied from Irvine
Lentz, Henry E. from Winterburn
Lentz, Herbert from Irvine
Lentz, Leonard R. from Medicine Hat
Lentz, Martha F. from Medicine Hat
Lenz, Ben from Kitscoty
Lenz, Karl from Olds
Lenz, Willem from Beauvallon
Leonard, A.E. from Olds
Leonard, Albia from Three Hills, Olds, Duchess
Leonard, Clarence Earl from Rocky Mountain House, Olds
Leonard, Earl from Duchess, Olds
Leonard, Stan from Rio Grande
Leonard, W.E. from Olds, Sundre
Leonhardt, Jacob from Drumheller
Leonhardt, Julius from Drumheller
Leonhart, Mrs. Jacob from Drumheller
Leonhart, Mrs. Jacob from Drumheller
Leonty, George from Shalka
Leopp, Jacob from Gem
Lepard, Anna & George from Claresholm
Lepard, Anna & George from Claresholm
Lepatsky, John from Smoky Lake, Edmonton
Lepihowsky, Joe from Lindbergh
Lepine, Euclide from Mallaig
Lepp, Henry from Rosemary
Leppard, Harold from Medicine Hat
Lerohl, Chris from Aden, Knappen
Lerohl, Ole A. from Picture Butte
Lerohl, Stella from Picture Butte
Leroux, Charles from St. Paul
Leschert, H.C. from Forestburg
Lescinkas, Mat from Lethbridge
Lesher, Elmer E. from Clive
Lesher, William L. from Clive
Lesiuk, A.J. from Warwick
Leska, John from Coaldale
Leskosek, Louise & Joseph from Beaver Mines, Bellevue
Leskosky, Tommy from Burmis
Leskow, Ivan W. from Edgerton
Leslie, Frank from Castor, Consort
Leslie, John G. from Leslieville
Leslie, Murray J. from Mossleigh, Lethbridge
Leslie, R.G. from Olds
Leslie, Robert J. from Milk River
Lesnik, Theodore A. from Edmonton
Lessard, Alphonse from Normandeau
Lessard, Ephrem from Falher
Lessard, Henri from New Fish Creek
Lessard, Henri from Normandeau
Lessard, Henry from Bonnyville
Lessard, Joseph from Normandeau
Lessard, Louis from Normandeau, Bonnyville
Lessard, Napoleon from Normandeau
Lessard, Zelia from Bonnyville
Lester, James S. from Sundre
Lester, Lloyd W. from Keoma, Irricana
Lester, Mabel Grace from Rolling Hills
Lester, W.C. from Keoma, Calgary, Irricana
Lester, William G. from Rolling Hills
Lestus, Mike from Strome
Lestus, Tony from Innisfree
Lesuik, William from Stubno, Lavoy
Letal, Joe from Barons
Letal, Ludwig from Iron Springs, Raymond
Letendre, William from Sputinow
Leth, Laust S. from Olds
Lethbridge Central Feeders Association Ltd. from Lethbridge
Lethbridge Feeders Association Ltd. from Lethbridge
Lethbridge Junior Calf Club (Peter Jami
Lethbridge Junior Calf Club (Peter, Jamieson) from Lethbridge
Lethbridge Sheep Company. (P. McLeay-Manager Margaret A. & Frank) from Irvine, Medicine Hat
Letniak, John D. from Loyalist
Letniak, John D. from Loyalist
Letniak, John from Loyalist
Letourneau Farms (Real Letourneau) from Shoal Creek
Letourneau, Cora from Onion Lake, SK
Letourneau, Jerry from Westlock
Letourneau, Real C. from Westlock
Letwin, Bill A. from Lamont
Letwinetz, John from Ponoka
Levagood, H.O. from Didsbury
Levang, Gerald from Edberg
Levang, Henry from Edberg, New Norway
LeVasser, Henry from Pincher Creek
Leveck, Samuel from Cremona, Big Prairi
Leveck, Samuel from Cremona, Big Prairie, Water Valley
Leveillie, Percy Cornelius from Spedden
Levere, H.L. from Cochrane
Leversedge, Fred from Vermilion
Levesque, Albert J. from Lathom, Bassano, Countess
Levesque, Emil from Pincher Creek
Levesque, Henry from Pincher Creek
Levesque, Jean B. from Pincher Creek, Dry Fork
Levesque, Jeanne from Pincher Creek
Levesque, Joseph from Dry Fork, Pincher Creek
Levie, George from Consort
Levins, J.M. from Sheerness
Levins, Thomas George from Calgary, Stanmore, Carbon
Leviski, Peter from Aden, Pinhorn
Levitt, Donald Arthur from Paradise Valley
Levitt, Hyman & Jack from Hubalta
Levitt, W.H. & J. Dvorkin from Calgary
Levitt, William R. from Hayter
Levy, Paul from Stanger
Lewandowski, Jan or John from Jenner
Lewendon, Edgar from Cassils
Lewin, B.F. from Calgary
Lewin, Robert C. from Stavely
Lewis & Emblau from Sangudo, Mountain Park
Lewis, A.O. from Morrin
Lewis, Charles from Lac La Biche
Lewis, Charles Lancelot from Innisfail
Lewis, Clarence E. from Vermilion, Tolland
Lewis, David & Morgan from Dog Pound
Lewis, David & Pat from Rimbey, Drayton Valley
Lewis, David T. from Okotoks, Vulcan
Lewis, Donald G. from Claresholm, Sedgewick
Lewis, Frank R. from Veteran
Lewis, Garry L. from Knee Hill Valley
Lewis, Harold from Pincher Station, Cowley
Lewis, J.B & Edna L. from Claresholm, Calgary
Lewis, Leon from Westlock
Lewis, Leslie G. from Travers
Lewis, Leslie George from Lethbridge, P
Lewis, Lily from Pashley
Lewis, Loren D. from Hinton
Lewis, Lyle L. & Della M. & Elsie from Claresholm
Lewis, Merle D. from Fort Assiniboine
Lewis, Milton Robert from Travers
Lewis, Mrs. George F. from Jenner
Lewis, Mrs. M.E. from Okotoks
Lewis, Mrs. W.H. from Claresholm
Lewis, Oliver A. from Vulcan, Travers
Lewis, Robert from Suffield
Lewis, Robert G. from Edmonton
Lewis, Robert G. from Edmonton
Lewis, Roy Alfred from Rimbey
Lewis, Sanford Boyd from Didsbury, Cremona
Lewis, T.P. from Claresholm
Lewis, Vincent from Sunnyslope
Lewis, W.G. from Sangudo
Lewis, Wayne H. from Champion
Lewis, William G. (The Flying H Farm) from Sangudo, Edmonton
Lewison, Ken from Milk River
Lewison, Lewis from Milk River, Masinasin, Kippenville
Lewitski, Peter from Myrnam
Ley, William K. from Veteran
L'Heureux, A.L. from Egg Lake
L'Heureux, Edward from Egg Lake, Prince George, BC
L'Heureux, Joseph from Egg Lake
L'Heureux, Leon from Lac La Biche
L'Hirondelle, Emile from Peace River
L'Hirondelle, Emma from Gift Lake
L'Hirondelle, Joseph from Prairie Lake, Peace River
L'Hirondelle, P. from Salt Prairie, High Prairie
Libby, Clifford W. from Thorsby
Liboiron, Joe G. from Irvine
Lichtenhaeler, Henry F. from Winnipeg, MB
Lichti, Horst from Rocky Mountain House
Lickiss, G.R. from Hays
Lickiss, Ray J. from Scandia, Retlaw, Vauxhall
Lidberg, Alfred E from Meeting Creek
Liddell, Donald from Water Valley, Cremona, Red Deer
Liddell, Milda from Madden, Carstairs
Liddell, Robert from Mirror, Ponoka
Liddle, George Stanley from Briereville
Liddle, Harold from Innisfail, Burdett, Bow Island
Lider, Alvin from Kitscoty, Tulliby Lake
Lider, E.A. from Norway, Tulliby Lake
Lidgett, Fred from Ponoka
Liebling, Roland A. from Lacombe
Lien Bros. (Jess & Kore) from Lake Eliza
Lien, Alfred from Edberg
Lien, Edward Kore from Elk Point
Lienau, Walter from Spruce Grove
Lier, Ed from Lea Park
Liesinger, W.R. & W.H. Kaufman from Donalda
Liesinger, William Robert from Donalda
Liggit, W.E. from Irvine, Medicine Hat
Light, Vernon & Irene from Carstairs, Summerland, BC
Lighthart, Donald J. from Lundbreck
Lightizer, John from Laird, Montana, Ad
Lightizer, John from Laird, Montana, Aden
Lightizer, Kathleen from Smokey Lake, Pinhorn, Aden
Lightizer, Ralph from Pinhorn
Likar, Peter from Vilna
Likes, Ralph from Vanrena, Gage
Liknes Bros. Holding Ltd. From Edmonton
Liknes, Albin from Consort
Liknes, D.J. from Irma, Monitor
Lilge, Wilfred Walter & Robert James Sc
Lilge, Wilfred Walter & Robert James Scott from Spirit River
Lillehei, Hans N. from Scandia
Lillico, Keith & Marion from Peace Rive
Lilly, Allen D. from Edmonton, Stony Plain
Limoges, A. from Bonnyville
Limpert, W.D. & Bertha M. from Delia
Limpert, W.V. from Rowley, Delia, Craigmyle
Lincoln, Roy from Stettler
Lind, Agnes from Nanton
Lind, Albert R. from Nanton
Lind, Basil from Federal, Bulwark
Lind, Basil from Federal, Bulwark
Lind, Carl from Cayley
Lind, G.H. from Falun
Lind, H.C. from Nanton
Lind, Hjalmar from Bluffton
Lind, James from Sullivan Lake
Lind, Ray J. from Nanton
Lind, Thomas L. from Lindsville, Bulwark
Lindberg, C.A. from Kingman
Lindberg, Wilton from Rimbey
Lindbergh, Gordon from Owlseye
Lindblad, Mrs. E.A from Leslieville
Lindburg, Hans Jorgen from Countess, Gem
Lindburg, Reinhold & Muriel from Metiskow
Lindburg, Stan from St. Paul
Lindell, Peter from Coronation
Lindeman, John W. from Irvine
Lindeman, John W. from Irvine
Lindeman, Pauline from Irvine
Linderman, Fred from Cessford, Pollockville
Linderman, Mrs. Rosalie from Foremost, Goddard
Lindgren, C.R. from Czar
Lindgren, Otto from Tofield
Lindholm, C.V. from Burnt Lake, Sylvan Lake
Lindland, J.T. from Tide Lake
Lindner, John B. & William from Cochran
Lindner, John B. & William from Cochrane
Lindquist, Alf Marvin, & Charles Lawrence Bliss from Sunset House
Lindquist, Carl from Bear Canyon
Lindquist, V.L. from Blackie
Lindroth, S L. from Vermilion
Lindsay, A.P. from Little Plume
Lindsay, A.P. from Little Plume
Lindsay, Hugh from Leedale
Lindsay, I.R. from Clover Bar
Lindsay, R. D. (Circle L Ranching Co.)
Lindsay, R. from Clover Bar
Lindsay, R.D. (Circle L Ranching Co.) from Claresholm
Lindsay, Robert Stanley from Balsam, ON, Jenner, Pickering, ON
Lindsay, Roy from Delia
Lindsay, W.E. from Tofield
Lindsay, William P. from Wisdom, Anchorage, Alaska
Lindseth, Knut from Wainwright, Stavely
Lindsey, L.B. from Falun
Lindsey, M.C. & Sons from Goodwin
Lindsey, T.W. from Falun
Lindskoog, Ernest from Hughenden
Lindskoog, Ernest J. from Hughenden
Lindskoog, Lawrence A. from Hughenden
Lindstrand, Kenneth G. from Ponoka
Lindstrom, H. from Coronation
Lindstrom, H. from Coronation
Lindstrom, Louis & Leonel from Onoway
Lindstrom, Wally from Airdrie
Lindstrom, Y.L. from Heisler
Line, Archie from Forestburg
Line, Herbert J. from Jenner
Line, Howard Alfred from Countess, Aird
Line, Irene from Redcliff
Lineham, Mabel E. from Calgary, Midnapore
Liner, R. from Rimbey
Lingaars, M. from Demmitt
Lingrell, A.K. from Grand Centre, Beaver Crossing
Lingrell, Ada J. from Heinsburg, Grand Centre, Le Goff, Beaver Crossing
Lingrell, E.W. from Edson, Rio Grande
Lingrell, L.P. from Grande Prairie, Beaverdam
Lingren, Frank from Eckville
Link, David A. from Beaver Mines
Link, Ewald from Medicine Hat
Link, Fred from Pincher Creek, Beaver Mines
Link, Leola from St. Paul, Rainier
Link, Marilyn A.M. from Medicine Hat
Link, Mrs. Fred from Pincher Creek, Beaver Mines
Link, Steve from Cereal
Link, Waldemar from Medicine Hat
Link, Westly from Rainier, St. Paul
Linkewich, Joseph from St. Paul
Linkiewich, Frank from Mannville, Myrnam
Links, Harold from Edmonton
Linn, Carl from Tod Creek, Lundbreck
Linn, Kenneth E. from Finnegan, Hanna
Linstedt, Irvine J. & Arthur J. from Lomond
Linstedt, Joseph from Lomond
Linton, A. & A.W. from Islay
Linton, Charles W.H. from Bragg Creek
Linton, Perry from Islay, Norman Wells, NWT
Linton, Russell from Islay
Lipka, Albert from Evergreen, Red Deer
Lipka, Henry & Hazel from Eckville, Evergreen
Lipp, Steven Patrick from Ralston
Lippa, Joseph from Knappen
Lippa, Nicole from Knappen
Lippert, Christ from Burstall, SK
Lippert, Emil from Burstall, SK, Hilda
Lippert, Fred from Bassano, Big Valley
Lippert, Isabella E. from Edgerton
Lischka, Jack & Patricia from Lavoy
Lischynski, John from Viking, Edmonton
Liska, John from Lethbridge, Champion
Liska, R.H. from Lacombe
Liske, Albert & Reingard from Bruderheim
Liske, Gordon Elmer from Fort Saskatchewan
Liske, William & Gordon & Gerhard from Fort Saskatchewan
Liske, William, Gordon & Gerhard from F
Liss, Jonathan from Sangudo
Lissa, Domenico from Burmis, Bellevue
Lister, Ronald from Edmonton
Liszkay, Joe from Brooks
Litchfield, Arlene nee Champney from Fort Macleod, Pincher Creek
Litchfield, Ernest from Raymond
Litchfield, Floyd O. from Raymond
Litchfield, Grant Ray from Raymond
Litchfield, Leapha from Taber
Litchfield, Linden LeRon from Taber
Litke, Alfred from Hanna
Litke, Brian from Easyford
Litke, Charlie from Beiseker, Crossfield, Calgary
Litke, Emil from Carbon, Hanna, Craigmyle
Litke, James from Forestburg
Litke, Mike from Hanna
Litster, J. from Dorothy, Drumheller
Littan, Abe from Condor, Red Deer
Littan, Gottlieb from Galahad
Littan, Mrs. George from Grantham
Littan, Mrs. George from Grantham
Littke, Samuel from Hythe
Little Bear, Gilbert from Cardston
Little Bear, Morris from Cardston
Little Jay Carlyle from Stavely
Little Light, Francis from Gleichen
Little Man, Sam from Cardston
Little, A. & A.C. from Nanton, Lomond, Stavely
Little, Frederick from Congresbury, Rocky Mountain House
Little, Gordon from Manyberries, Ranchville
Little, Herbert G. from Little Plume, Ranchville, Medicine Hat
Little, James R. from Olds
Little, James R. from Olds
Little, May Margaret from Cochrane
Little, William J. from Bow Island, Nanton
Littlechild, Cleophas from McRae
Littlechilds, Raymond from Kikino
Littlechilds, Robert J. from Whitford
Littleton, Algernon E. from Winnipeg, MB, Teddesley, Midnapore
Littlewood, J.S. Barry from Foremost
Littman, Emanual from Wanham
Litun, Harry from Tofield
Litwiller, Stanley Roy from Calgary, Bergen
Litwin Bros. from Tofield
Litwin, Ben from Roadway, Eldorena
Litwin, Harold R. from Tofield
Litwiniuk, Edward L. from Horen
Litz, Elmer from Swalwell
Litz, William E. from Hanna
Litzenberger, Fred from Barrhead
Livestock Development Board from Edmont
Livestock Development Board from Edmonton
Livestock Genetics International Ltd. from Rimbey
Liviney, Owen O. from Leighton
Living, Dale Michael from Fort Saskatchewan
Livingston, Anna from Lethbridge, Burdett, Grassy Lake, Bow Island, Coalhurst
Livingston, D.S. from Battle Bend, Hardisty
Livingston, Gordon A. from Edmonton
Livingston, Gordon A. from Edmonton
Livingston, Ivan J. from Coutts
Livingston, Mrs. Ira A. from Landonville, Lindbergh
Livingston, O.E.I. & J.C.E. from Milk River, Coutts
Livingston, Orval E. from Coutts
Livingston, Richard Edward from Claresholm
Livingston, Wayne from Milk River
Livingstone Bros. (Norman & H. Clayton) & R. Hyden, from Milk River
Livingstone, Byron P. from Coutts
Livingstone, H. Clayton from Milk River, Hot Springs MT.
Livingstone, James from Waskatenau
Livingstone, Stanley from Lacombe, Clive
Liviniuk, Peter from Horen, Seba Beach
Lizotte, Clifford from Rocky Lane
Lizotte, John Harold from Fort Vermilion, North Vermilion
Lizotte, Johnnie from North Vermilion
Ljunggrn, Axel from La Corey
Lloyd, George E. from Consort
Lloyd, Helen A. from Maycroft
Lloyd, Helen A. from Maycroft
Lloyd, John T. from Hardisty, Kinsella
Lloyd, Mrs. A.W. nee McKenzie from Viki
Lloyd, Mrs. A.W. nee McKenzie from Viking
Lloyd, Ralph James from Calgary, Pincher Creek
Lloyd, William Heaton from Dorothy, Lousana, Trochu
Lloydminster Feeding Association from Lloydminster
Loader, Reginald A. from Rainier
Loades, George A. from Viking
Loades, George A. from Viking
Loblaw, Jack from Bottrel
Loblaw, T.C. from Bragg Creek, Ricinus, Rocky Mountain House
Loblaw, William J. from Cochrane, Bottrel, Dawson BC, Blind Creek, Fort St. John, BC
Lochhead Bros. (L.H. & R.C.) from Millarville
Lochhead, C.H. & Sons (L.H. & R.C.) from Midnapore
Lochhead, Gordon John from Hines Creek
Lochhead, L.H. from Kew
Lock, Otto from Edmonton
Locke, Jim & Winnie from Cherry Point
Locken, Hans Jr. from Bearberry
Lockhard, Orrin from Fort Macleod
Lockhart, Bryan from Chinook, Mannville
Lockhart, Earl from Bluffton
Lockhart, Edwin from Ponoka
Lockhart, Henry from Edmonton
Lockhart, Ivan Bruce from Hythe
Lockhart, W.B. from Youngstown
Lockie, Don from Calgary
Lockrem, George from Westward Ho
Lockrem, Leonard Ralph from Sundre, Westward Ho
Lockrem, Nancy Irene from Sundre
Lockstidt, H. from Pincher Creek
Lockton, Cecil F. from Patricia, Calgary
Lodder, Paul from Olds
Lodermeier, Albert A. from Milk River
Lodoen, E.K. from Consort, Cairns
Loesch, W.J. from Heisler
Loetscher, John from Lethbridge
Loetsher, John from Fort Macleod, Warner
Loewen, Alfred from Knee Hill Valley, Lacombe
Loewen, Ben D. from Swalwell
Loewen, Clifford Randy from Debolt
Loewen, D. from Gem
Loewen, Frank P. from Dunmore, Coleridge
Loewen, Jacob P. from Gem
Loewen, John J. from Vauxhall, Enchant
Loewen, Leonard from Linden
Loewen, Peter J. from Vauxhall
Loewen, Peter P. from Rosemary, Countess, Gem, Bassano
Loewen, Ronald B. from Linden
Loewen, Vern from Linden
Loewen, Walden Herbert from St. Paul
Lofgren, E.L. from Sundre, Huallen, Spirit River, Silver Valley
Lofgren, Eric J. from Hay Lakes
Loft, Arthur from Milk River
Loftus, A.A. from Innisfree
Logan, Charles W. from West Wingham
Logan, Charles W. from West Wingham
Logan, Edd C. from Holden
Logan, Fred from Lorraine, Castor
Logan, James from Bluffton, Eagle Hills
Logan, John R. from Tofield
Logan, Mrs. B.Y. from Mannville
Logan, R.A. from Sundre
Logazar, Metro from Musidora, Duvernay,
Logelin, F.C. from Richdale
Logie, Annie B. from Calgary
Logozar, Nick from Brosseau
Lohr, Williard C. from Red Deer, Edmonton, Fenn
Loitz, George from Gunn
Lokier, Thomas I & W.A. Murphy from Medicine Hat
Lomas, Henry from Duchess
Lommatzch, Barney R. from Vulcan
Lomow's Holding (Sask) Ltd. from Calgary
London, Eric from Claresholm
London, Rhoda from Claresholm
Lonely Pine Ranch (Michael Patrick Walton) from Beaverlodge, Stirling
Loney, Dora E. from Holden, Bruce
Loney, Richard B. from Holden, Alix
Long Lake Ranching Co. (Emily Findlay) from Edson
Long, Amar A. from Innisfree
Long, C. from Orion
Long, C.F. from Veteran
Long, C.L. from Claresholm
Long, Clarence from Duchess
Long, F. A. from Clandonald, Landonville
Long, Frank from Granum
Long, G.B. from Claresholm
Long, Harriet from Pendryl
Long, Hollis from Rocky Mountain House
Long, Howard R. from Rocky Mountain House
Long, Ken from Claresholm
Long, L.E., Chalmers, David from Medicine Hat
Long, L.H from Cowley
Long, Maurice from Balzac
Long, Norman E. from Vermilion, Edmonto
Long, Norman from Edmonton
Long, Norman H. from Rosebud
Long, R.O. from Claresholm
Long, Roy from Cardston
Long, Rufus from Claresholm
Long, Stanley W. from Claresholm
Long, Wilfred from Kinsella
Longacre, Lewis E. from Retlaw, Red Deer
Longeway, Bessie & Evan S. from Calgary
Longhorn Cattle Co-Op (Gerald Shade) from Cardston
Longhurst, Francis James from Red Deer, Prince George, BC
Longman, L. from Unity, SK, Cowley
Longmuir, Robert S. from Finns Lake, Medicine Hat
Lonnberg, C.S. from Mirror
Lonowski, Leo from Viking
Lonsdale, C.C. from Grand Centre
Lonsdale, Jean H. from Beaver Crossing
Lonsdale, Leonard B. from Dunmore
Lonsdale, Morris from Hughenden
Lonsdale, Mrs. R. from Grand Centre
Lonto, Mabel from Innisfail
Look, Adolfiene from Rimbey, Bluffton, Hoadley
Look, Cheryll from Pincher Creek
Look, Fred from Craigmyle
Look, J. & M. from Lucky Strike
Look, J. & M. from Lucky Strike
Look, Jack M. from Lucky Strike, Lethbridge
Look, Margaret A. from Lucky Strike, Lethbridge
Look, Morrison from Lucky Strike
Looma Farms Ltd. from Edmonton, Sherwood Park
Loomer, Charles S. from Endiang
Loomer, Charles S. from Endiang
Loon, Mark from Big Valley
Loonen, C. from Castor
Loose, Fred from Airdrie
Loose, Henry from Calgary, Airdrie
Loose, Vernon Francis from Cherry Grove
Looy, Cornelius from Coronation, Okotok
Looy, Dick Jr. from Coronation
Looy, Joseph John from St. Brides
Lopeter, A.L. from Halkirk
Lopeter, A.L. from Halkirk
Loran, Adam from Burstall, SK, Brock, SK
Lord, Wesley Emmerson from Elk Point, Lacombe
Lore, John Sidney from Edmonton
Loree, John Charles from Innisfree
Loree, Joseph from Youngstown
Lorenson, Leslie John from Edmonton
Lorenson, Maria from Warwick
Lorenson, Mrs. H. from Heinsburg
Lorenson, Ralph W. from Clive
Lorenson, Richard Donald from Edmonton, Fort Saskatchewan
Lorenson, Robert from Lindbergh
Lorenson, Rony from Heinsburg
Lorentson, Doris A. from Bindloss, Red Deer
Lorentz, Ed from Millet
Lorentzon, Fred from Cowley
Lorentzon, H.O. from Cowley
Lorenz, Edward from Hayter, Provost
Lorenz, Hannelore from Hinton
Lorenz, Leo & Norman from Strome
Lorenz, Milton M.& John L, Huyghe from Breton
Lorthios, Lucien, & Lance King from Calgary
Loskot, J.J. from Brooks, Melfort, SK
Lothrop, G.R & H. Hambley from Hussar
Lotosky, Julia from Smoky Lake
Lotosky, Russel from Smoky Lake
Lotsberg, Albert from Glendon
Lottos, John from Taber
Lotzien, Herbert from Bremner
Loucks, Archie & Doug from Whitecourt, Armstrong, BC
Loudenback, Nora K. from Cheadle
Loudenback, S.R. from Cheadle
Lougheed, G.R. from Benalto
Lougheed, Isaac from Youngstown
Lougheed, Ivan from Morley
Lougheed, L.C. from Rocky Mountain House, Dovercourt
Lougheed, Ralph from Caroline, Condor
Lougheed, Ralph from Caroline, Condor
Lougheed, Roy from Red Deer, Cremona
Lougheed, W.S. from Grande Prairie
Lougheed, Walter & Albert from Dovercou
Lougheed, Walter from Dovercourt, Rocky
Loughlean, Howard from Ferintosh
Loughlean, Robert C. from Bashaw
Loughlin, C.J. from Viking
Loughran, Gary from Mayerthorpe
Loughran, Randy from Mayerthorpe
Loughridge, Isabella McBain from Bindloss
Loughridge, Melven from Bindloss
Loughridge, Stan from Alix
Loughridge, William Carson from Bindloss
Louis, Jacob from Hobbema
Lourdes Farm from Lethbridge
Love, Alexander from Auburndale
Love, Charles from Edmonton, Czar, Wain
Love, Charles from Edmonton, Czar, Wainwright, Camrose
Love, Edmund R. from Hythe
Love, J.E. from Calgary
Love, Jack from Calgary
Love, Marjorie M. from Calgary
Love, Robert J. from Ardrossan
Love, Wesley Douglas from Calgary, Okotoks
Lovelace, Leonard C. from Kinuso
Lovelock, Thomas Frank from Alcomdale
Loveseth, Olaf from Viking
Lovig, Gilbert from Jarrow
Lovoen, Louis from Manyberries
Low, Allan James from Bear Canyon
Low, Brigham Y. from Cardston
Low, Carrie from Cardston
Low, Clasen from Cardston
Low, Fred from Minburn
Low, Kenneth Lucien from Milk River
Low, Lorin H. from Cardston
Low, William E. from Kimball
Low, William from Cardston
Lowe, Jack, Lowe, Robert from Cardston
Lowe, John from Sexsmith
Lowe, Joseph Maxwell from Hardisty
Lowe, Melvin L. from Carlos, Leedale
Lowe, Melvin R. from Cardston
Lowe, Mervyn from Priddis
Lowe, Mrs. William remarried name Mrs. William Blackie from Priddis
Lowen, Abraham from Grantham
Lowen, Agatha from Grantham, Vauxhall
Lowen, Jacob from Vauxhall
Lowen, T.H. from Drumheller
Lowery, Earl from Strathmore, Cheadle
Lowery, George O. from Beaver Mines
Lowery, George O. from Beaver Mines
Lowery, H. R. from Calgary
Lowes, Lawrence Leo from Nanton
Lowis, Joe from Coronation
Lowrey, James Bruce from Blackie, Stett
Lowrie, Al E. from Marwayne
Lowrie, David H. from Marwayne
Lowrie, James E. & Sons from Marwayne
Lowrie, James W. from Alcurve
Lowrie, John from Leighton
Lowrie, John Murray from Marwayne
Lowrie, Orvell J. from Lloydminster, Alcurve
Lowrie, Ronald George from Marwayne
Lowrie, Verne H from Leighton
Lowry Nelson Ranch (Thomas E. Lowry) from Glenwood
Lowry, Dale from Taylorville, Cardston, Picture Butte
Lowry, George E. from Lacombe
Lowry, Mary L. from Cardston
Lowther, Eugene Leslie from Parkland, Ponoka, Lacombe
Lowther, James from Cassils
Lowther, Richard from Lougheed, Killam
Lowther, S.O. from Parkland
Lowther, Vernon M. from Nanton, Parkland
Loxton, Deloy from Magrath
Loye, A.C. from Czar
Loyek, Fred W. from Rimbey
Loyek, Leonard William from Rimbey, Valleyview
Loyst, Boyd from Fort Macleod
Loyst, Walter Leonard from Fort Macleod
Lozeau, Joseph from St. Lina
Lozeau, Maurice A. from St. Lina
Lozeau, Maurice from St. Lina
Lozowski, William from Innisfree
Lubchynski, John from Mercoal
Lublinkhof, Alex M. from Calgary, Crammond
Luca, Tony Lawrence from High Level
Lucas, Albert from James River Bridge
Lucas, Charles R. from Pincher Creek
Lucas, Donald T. from Grand Centre
Lucas, Eileen May from Pincher creek
Lucas, George E. from Grand Centre
Lucas, H.A. from Grand Centre
Lucas, Joe from Lobley, James River Bridge, Sundre
Lucas, John H. from Reid Hill, Calgary
Lucas, Kenneth from Elkton
Lucas, Leon A. from St. Albert, Stony Plain
Lucas, Mrs. Fred from Olds, Bluffton
Lucas, Robert E. from Elkton
Lucas, Susie from Stavely
Lucas, Wilbur from Red Willow, Calgary
Lucas, William from Stavely
Lucas, Wray & Roy from Cochrane, Rosema
Lucas, Wray & Roy from Cochrane, Rosemary
Luce, Robert R. from Ponoka
Luchak, Alexander from Willingdon
Luchkow, John from Innisfree
Luchyk, John from Vanesti
Luchyk, Mary from Vanesti
Luchyk, William from Paradise Valley
Luciak, Harry O. from Kaleland
Luciuk, Mike from Beaverdam
Lucken, Lars E .from Stavely
Luckwell, Edward George from New Norway, Hawksdale, Strathmore, Pollockville, Dorenlee
Lucky 6 Feeders from Raymond
Lucky Feeders Ltd. from Cardston
Luco, John from Pincher Station, Pincher Creek, Barons
Ludlow, F.C. from Castor
Ludtki, Frank from Suffield
Ludwig, Erich E. from Vermilion
Ludwig, J. & O. Kudszus from Irricana
Ludwig, Otto from Clandonald
Ludwig, Raymond Clarence from Lloydminster
Luft, Adam from Elkton, Calgary
Luft, John R. from Didsbury, Westcott
Luft, John R. from Didsbury, Westcott
Luft, Sam from Calgary
Luhenchuck, Metro L. from Vegreville
Luiken, Jacobus B. "Koos" from Manning
Luka, Orest & Elsie from Hines Creek
Luka, Walter, Ernest, Orest & Joe from Hines Creek
Lukacs, Mike from Monarch
Lukacs, Richard David from Vauxhall
Lukan, Joseph H. from Cessford
Lukasiewich, Vincent & Fred Sigmund Kosch from Sundance
Lukenda, Steve from Picture Butte
Lukens, Anna M. from Irma, Halkirk
Lukens, Bob from Hardisty
Lukens, Francis from Irma
Lukey, Alexander from Deadwood, Calgary
Lukey, Leonard A. from Sunnynook
Lukian, John from Hairy Hills
Lukianow, Paul from Beaverdam
Lukinchuk, John W. from Lake Eliza
Lukinchuk, John W. from Lake Eliza
Lukiwski, Katherine from East Coulee
Lukosky, George & Fred from Three Hills
Lukosky, George & Fred from Three Hills
Lukowitch, Allan from Edmonton
Lull, W.L. from Bulwark
Lumley, Alvin from Dewberry, Paradise Valley, Vanesti
Lumley, George from Greenlawn, Heinsburg
Lumsden, Keith William from Hanna
Lumsden, W.D. from Hanna
Lumsden, William from Benton
Lun, Mark Kun from Big Valley
Lund Bros. (Lawrence E & Albert N.) fro
Lund Bros. (Lawrence E. & Albert N.) from Forestburg
Lund, Andrew DeLoss from Raymond
Lund, Andrew from Bergen
Lund, Charles from Hughenden, Fort Kent
Lund, E.M.A. from Clear Prairie
Lund, Ed from Clear Prairie
Lund, Einor from Lovettville
Lund, Elmer from Hughenden, Abbottsford, BC
Lund, George Egene & Muriel E. from Bas
Lund, Melvin from Hughenden
Lund, Peter C. from Drumheller, Wayne
Lund, Ruth from Hines Creek
Lund, Zeba from Delburne
Lundblad, Pete from Holden
Lunde, Hanas B. from Amisk, Hughenden
Lundel, Ole from Sedgewick
Lundell, Carl from Meeting Creek
Lundell, Robert from Meeting Creek
Lunden, Omer A. from Heinsburg
Lundgard, Charles from Hines Creek
Lundgard, Martin & Sons (Elroy M. & Leo
Lundgard, O.P. & Sons from Royce
Lundgren, Axel from Kevisville
Lundgren, Edwin from St. Paul
Lundgren, Norman B. from Fenn, Erskine
Lundie, J. Murray from Lacombe
Lundie, Richard Beverley from Lacombe
Lundin, Oscar from Orion
Lundle, Harold from Sedgewick, Edmonton
Lundstrom, Warren from Edberg
Lunevich, Archie from Stettler
Lunevich, Steve from Stettler
Lungle, William & Dorothy from Fairview, Highland Park
Lunn, E.A. from Big Valley, Scollard
Lunn, Lee from High River
Lunn, William David from Codesa
Luno, Patrick Samuel from Worsley
Lunseth, Lloyd from Bow Island
Lunty, Garth from Forestburg
Lupaschuk, George from Andrew, Vilna, Veillette
Lupiliak, Steve from Cereal, Oyen
Lupka, Isaac from Derwent
Lupul, Meron Peter from Whitford
Lupyczuk, Isabella M. & John W. from Strathmore
Lupyczuk, William from Rockyford
Luscombe, Ray & Kathleen from Waterton
Luse, John M. from Halkirk
Lust, Emil, Lust & Mrs. from Thelma, Medicine Hat
Lust, George from Lindbrook
Lust, George from Lindbrook
Lust, Gerald from Dunmore, Medicine Hat
Lust, Glenn from Medicine Hat, Dunmore
Lust, Herbert from Medicine Hat, Irvine
Lust, Jack from Etzikom, Medicine Hat, Bowell
Lust, Sam from Norton
Lutchyn, Annie from Ranfurly
Luth, Leora from Bottrel
Luther Bros. (Eric Dwight & Edgar Clifton) from Cardston
Luther, Eric Dwight from Cardston
Luther, Martin Edgar from Winnifred
Luther, Ruth M. from Nanton
Lutman, G.R. from Berwyn
Luttmer, Frank from Sheerness
Luty, Mike from Edmonton
Luty, Zygmont from Iddesleigh
Lutz Bros. (Andrew, Joseph & Anthony) from Morinville
Lutz, Dora from Irvine
Lutz, Emil from Seven persons
Lutz, Fred from Schuler
Lutz, Glen from Red Deer
Lutz, Gus from Hilda
Lutz, Jack from Foremost, Bow Island
Lutz, Jack Jr. from Orion
Lutz, Jacob Sr. from Orion
Lutz, Jacob Sr. from Orion
Lutz, John R. from Bluesky
Lutz, Laverne from Hilda
Lutz, Leon from Coronation
Lutz, Ralph from Irvine
Lutz, Reinholt from Manyberries, Medicine Hat
Lutz, Willie A. from Olds
Lutzak, Mike W. from Hairy Hill
Lutzak, William G. from Hairy Hill
Luutmer, Charles from Sheerness
Lux Farms Ltd. from Grande Prairie
Luyckfassel, P.J. from Nordegg
Luyendyk, Jean nee Burkholder from Cremona
Lyall, Alex from Millarville, Midnapore
Lyall, Stephen from Kippenville, Lucky Strike
Lyall, Thomas H. from Midnapore, Calgary
Lybbert, C. Lester from Glenwoodville, Beaver Crossing
Lybbert, Calvin K from Beaver Crossing, Calgary
Lybbert, Carl W. from Rosemary
Lybbert, Daniel from Beaver Crossing
Lybbert, John S. from Taber
Lybbert, Wayne B. from Glenwood, Cherry Grove
Lychak, Harry R. from Derwent
Lychuk, Stephen from Derwent
Lyckman, Arvid from Carmangay
Lyle, Dale G. from Camrose
Lyle, Garnet John from Edberg, Bashaw
Lyle, Robert from Grimshaw
Lyman Lloyd from Rocky Mountain House
Lyman, M.G. from Vulcan, Calgary
Lyman, Ross M. from Vulcan
Lymburner, Herbert E. from Magnolia
Lynch, Alma from Armada, Lomond
Lynch, Edward from Medicine Hat
Lynch, H.H. from Medicine Hat
Lynch, Margaret D. from Mannville, South Burnaby, BC
Lynch, Raymond D. from Mannville
Lynch, Ronald Lee from Calgary
Lynch, Tom from Trochu
Lynch, W.F. from Mountain Mill, Beaver Mines, Pincher Creek
Lynch-Staunton, A.D. from Pincher Creek
Lynde, Tommy H. from Jarrow, Kinsella
Lynn, Cecil F. from Burdett
Lynn, Don from Markerville, Innisfail
Lynn, James B. from Youngstown
Lynn, James B. from Youngstown
Lynn, James I. from Wetaskiwin, Castor
Lynn, Lowell Harry from Nevis
Lynn, Walter from Nevis
Lynn, Walter H. from Rimbey
Lyon, A.M. from Vauxhall
Lyon, Albert from Clear Hills
Lyon, Ethan T. from Vauxhall
Lyon, Ethel from Whitla
Lyon, Frances Victoria from Nanton, Calgary
Lyon, Francis Samuel from Nanton
Lyon, Robert W. from High River
Lyon, Roy F. from Drayton Valley
Lyons, Earl J. from Strathmore
Lyons, H.G. from Caroline
Lyons, L.A. from Ponoka
Lyons, Lloyd V. from Okotoks, Calgary
Lyons, M.J. from Riley
Lyons, Mrs. A.M. from Suffield, Vauxhall
Lyons, Murray. J. from Ryley
Lyons, Oswald W. from Ponoka
Lyons, William C. from Patricia, Calgary
Lypka, Isaac from Derwent
Lyseng, Lyle S. from Armena
Lyseyko, John from Vilna
Lysgaard, Olaf & Marjorie E. from Altario
Lysgaard, Roy Norman from Kinsella
Lyslo, J.B. from Ryley
Lysons, Brooks Earl from Tolland, Vermilion, Edmonton
Lystang, George A. from Rochfort Bridge
Lystang, Lynn from Whitecourt
Lyste, Chester from Cherry Point
Lyster, William Leslie from Burmis
Lyttle, Cecil J. from Ashmont
Lyttle, Gordon A. from St. Lina
Lyttle, James Sr. from Edgerton, Edmonton
Lyzaniuk, Andrew & Son from Musidora

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