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Cancelled Brand Files - K
K & R. Feeders (K. Kartson & Ralph Smit) from Claresholm
K 1 Ranch Ltd. from Wildwood, Edmonton, Calmar
K B Ranch from Calgary
Kabage, Alex from Brosseau
Kabatoff, Bill from Lundbreck, Cowley, Castlegar, BC
Kabatoff, Fred S. from Lundbreck
Kabatoff, Mike from Glenwood, Lundbreck
Kabatoff, Peter from Pincher Creek, Pincher Station, Lundbreck
Kabesh, John from Holden, Jasper
Kabesh, Mary J. from Viking
Kabush, Art from Bawlf
Kabush, Ed from Bawlf
Kabush, Rudolf from Bawlf
Kacerek, Joe from Tilley
Kachman, Nick from Strome
Kachmar, John & Eugene from Musidora
Kachmar, Mike from Musidora
Kachuk, Martin S. from Hairy Hill
Kadylo, Steve, Scott, George H. from Stony Plain
Kaga Bros. Ltd. (Yasuhiro, Tamotsu & Yosuake) from Taber
Kahl, John from Medicine Hat
Kahl, John from Red Willow, Edmonton
Kahl, William C. from Donalda
Kahler, Katie from Bow Island
Kahler, Samuel from Drumheller, Three Hills
Kahles, Josef from Calgary
Kaine, William David from Calgary
Kaiser Holsteins (John L. Kaiser & Sons-Donald J. & Dale A.) from Wetaskiwin
Kaiser, Alex E. from Vulcan
Kaiser, Carl from Wetaskiwin
Kaiser, Elmer F. from Whitelaw, Fairview
Kaiser, Fred J. from Wetaskiwin
Kaiser, Harold William from Wetaskiwin
Kaiser, Helena from Wetaskiwin
Kaiser, John from Carbon
Kaiser, John from Wetaskiwin
Kaiser, Marie Laurette Lorraine from Calgary, Vegreville
Kaiser, William from Gem, Hussar
Kajewski, Anton from Elkwater, Eagle Butte
Kajewski, Leo, & Percy Kennard from Medicine Hat, Ranchville
Kajewski, Louis from Eagle Butte, Medicine Hat
Kakuk, Louis from Delia
Kalberg, Palmer from Ardmore
Kalbhen, Gordon John from Rockyford
Kaldal, Knut from Hays
Kaldy, Miklos S. from Lethbridge
Kalevitch, Alex from Endiang
Kaliel, Robert from Fawcett
Kalinowich, Mike from Skiff
Kalinski, Moses from Iron River
Kalis, Henry from Edmonton
Kallal, Anton Joseph from Ryley
Kallal, E.R from Tofield, Edmonton
Kallal, E.R from Tofield, Edmonton
Kallal, William J. from Tofield
Kallal, William Joseph from Westlock, Tofield
Kallal, William Joseph Jr. from Westlock
Kallbom, Lawrence from Whitecourt
Kallbom, Oscar from Whitecourt
Kallenberger, Donald H. & Ruth Barbara from Calgary
Kallenberger, Jacob from Eagle Butte, Thelma
Kallenberger, Joseph from Elkwater, Thelma
Kallenberger, Olga from Eagle Butte, Manyberries, Medicine Hat
Kallenberger, Wallace from Irvine
Kallis, Leo F. from Mayerthorpe
Kalmakoff, Alex J. from Gleichen, Kamloops, BC
Kalmbach, E. from Endiang
Kalyn, James W. & Robert J. Krejct or Krejci from Stettler
Kalynchuk, Denny from Viking
Kam, Matthew M. from Niton Junction, Carrot Creek
Kam, Wendell from Hays
Kaman, George from Thorsby
Kambeitz, Ben from Grassy Lake
Kamelchuk, John from Prosperity, Boyle
Kamieniecki, Frank Anthony from Hines Creek
Kaminski Bros. (Arthur F. & Harold R.) from Castor
Kaminski, Arthur F. from Castor
Kaminski, Kazimir from Picture Butte
Kaminsky, Maria from Innisfree
Kaminsky, Mike from Innisfree
Kaminsky, Terry E. from Calgary
Kamitoma Bros from Raymond
Kamp, John F. from Tide Lake, Iddesleigh
Kamp, John F. from Tide Lake, Iddesleigh
Kana, Norman from Pendant d'Oreille, Aden, Manyberries, Coutts
Kanai Co-Operative Enterprises Ltd. from Cardston
Kane, Erwin Paul from Picture Butte, Lethbridge
Kane, H.B. from Picture Butte, Iron Springs
Kane, Johnston from Ponoka
Kane, R.L. from Torrington, Trochu
Kane, Richard from Calgary Simons,
Kanegawa, Richard S. from Vauxhall
Kanewischer, Art from Delia, Drumheller
Kanewischer, Rudolph from Schuler, Hilda
Kangas, Annie from Goddard
Kangas, August from Goddard
Kangas, August from Goddard
Kania, Stanley from Stubno
Kanig, Anton Thomas from Faith, Foremost
Kanngiesser, J. from Lacombe
Kanngiesser, John J. from Lacombe
Kanzig, Marvin from Plamondon
Kapalka, Harry (Gay Horizon Farm) from Grande Prairie
Kapcsos, Steve from Hill Springs
Kapel, Ross from Richmond, BC
Kaplan, Joseph Mike from Goodridge
Kaplan, Mrs. S from Okotoks
Kapoor, Mons & Erwin & Willi Zeiter from Edmonton
Kappel, Fred from Medicine Hat
Kapperud, E.G. from Brooks, Rolling Hills
Kappo, Dave from Calais
Kaprowksi, John from Boyne Lake
Kapsalta Farm (A. Kapchinsky) from Wetaskiwin
Kapteyn, John from Stony Plain
Kapteyn, Leonard from Mundare, Tofield
Kapty, Alexander from Warspite
Kapty, Fred from Waskatenau
Kapty, Michael from Claresholm
Kaquitts, Gerald from Morley
Karaki, H. from Raymond
Karakuntie, Ernie from Grovedale
Karas, George from Drumheller
Karas, Harvey Ernest from Drumheller
Karas, Pete from Iron River
Karasek, Frank from Tilley
Karasevich, Mike from Spondin, West Wingham
Karasiuk, Bill from Iron River
Karbulak, Tony from Water Valley
Karch, Rolf from Kipp
Karg, David & Victor Karg from Hanna
Karg, David from Hanna, Craigmyle
Karg, Jack from Calgary, Craigmyle
Kariszi, Kalman from Barnwell
Kark, Julius from Barnwell
Karl, A. from Picture Butte
Karl, C. from Lethbridge, Birdsholm, Foremost
Karl, Ernest from Foremost
Karl, Reinhold from Picture Butte, Barons
Karlsson, Axel from Clive
Karlsson, Lois P. from Paradise Valley
Karman, Andy from Tilley
Karman, John R. from Kitscoty, Islay
Karp, Heinz from Meadow View
Karp, Peter from Alderson
Karpo, Fred from Culp
Karpyshyn, Metro from Edmonton
Karpyshyn, Nick from Spedden
Karpyshyn, Walter from Spedden
Karpyshyn, William from McRae
Karr, John William from Acadia Valley
Karr, R.M. from Acadia Valley
Karsay, L.G. from Warburg
Karsten, R .from Taber
Kary, H.J. from Hemaruka
Kary, Harry R. from Veteran
Kary, Herbert M. from Veteran
Kary, J.J. from Veteran
Kary, Jacob from Hemaruka, Coronation
Kary, Joseph G. from Hemaruka, Drumheller
Kary, Kenneth Edgar from Lacombe
Kary, Lawrence G. from Winfield
Kary, Ronald from Torrington, Olds
Kary, Ronald from Torrington, Olds
Kasa, Gordon from Meeting Creek
Kasa, Ole C. from Meeting Creek, Cereal
Kaser, Joshua from Bittern Lake
Kasha, Peter A. from Daysland
Kaslaskas, Edward from Rivercourse
Kaslaskas, John from Rivercourse
Kaslauskas, K. from Evansburg
Kasner, Clarence from Lethbridge
Kasparsons, H.J. from Condor
Kasper, Jacob (Jakob) from Ashmont, Anning
Kasper, Jacob P. from Ashmont
Kasper, Jacob P. from Ashmont
Kastelic Bros. from Sangudo
Kastelic, Albert Leo from Sangudo
Kastelic, Frank from Sangudo
Kasten, Henry from Irma
Kasten, Wilbert William from Hanna
Kaster Craigmyle, from Craigmyle, Hanna
Kaster, John Thermon from Craigmyle, Hanna
Kastler, Frank from Cadogan
Kaszas, Balasz from Hardieville, Lethbridge
Katan, John from Andrew
Katchen, Samuel from Calgary
Katelmack, Joseph from Brooks
Katerberg, Dirk from Red Deer
Kathan, A.J. from Ryley
Kathol, Ronald William from Rockyford
Kathol, William M. from Rockyford
Kathrein, Carl from Greencourt
Katinos, K.V. & Fred Netter from North Edmonton
Katz, Esar from Vermilion
Kaufman, Robert E. from Didsbury
Kaupp, Paul from Pincher Creek
Kaus, Armin from Andrew
Kaustrup, Peter from Drumheller, Wayne
Kautz, Arnold E. from Hanna
Kautz, Dan from Hanna
Kautz, Edwin from Hanna
Kautz, Eugene & Karen from Edson
Kautz, Fred from Hanna
Kautz, G. A. from Dalemead
Kautz, G.A. from Dalemead
Kautz, Ivan from Hanna
Kautz, Oscar from Stavely
Kautz, Robert from Hanna
Kautz, William Fred from Dalemead
Kavulok, Paul from Athabasca
Kawalik, Steve from Bruce
Kay, Charles from Brooks
Kay, John & Margaret from Onion Lake, SK, Tulliby Lake
Kay, John, Kay & Margaret from Onion Lake, SK, Tulliby Lake
Kay, Omar C. from Sundre
Kay, William from Carnwood
Kaye, Frank from Brownvale
Kaye, Lewis from Lundbreck, Cowley
Kaytar, Gary Frank from Calgary
Kaytor, Steve from Pincher Creek
Kaytor, Tom from Grassy Lake
Kazimir, Nick from Canmore
Kaztonuk, Mike from Brooks
Keany, K. from Fabyan
Kearl, Russell Ried from Cardston
Kearney, J.J. from Sundre
Kearns, Thomas from Macleod
Kearon, Douglas from Carolside, Bluffton
Kearon, J.E. from Carolside
Keast, May from Viking
Keast, Theodore from Gadsby, Hackett
Keast, Vernon from Dewberry
Keating, Florence from Pashley
Keating, Melville B. from Pashley
Keay, Orrin S. from High Prairie
Keay, Wesley Charles from High Prairie
Keay, William from High Prairie
Kebalo, Peter from Teepee Creek, Grande Prairie
Keddie, Dean A. from Fairview
Keddie, R.G. from Calgary
Keding, Frank Robert from Tofield
Kee, David C. from Provost, Prince George, BC
Keebal, Karl from Oyen, Bindloss, Acadia Valley
Keehn, Edmund from Tilley
Keehn, Fred from Rolling Hills
Keeler, Christina from Winnifred
Keeler, Clive Edgar from Medicine Hat
Keeler, David H. from Magrath
Keeler, Mrs. J.M. from Strathmore
Keeler, William P. & Helen May from Bow Island
Keeley, Charles from Mayerthorpe
Keeley, Edgar R from Drayton Valley
Keeley, Edgar R. from Drayton Valley
Keeley, William & H. from Spring Park
Keeling, Bert from Gem
Keeling, Charles A. from Gem
Keeling, Charles A. from Gem
Keely, Pat E. from Mallaig
Keen, Oswald S. from Kew
Keene, Mrs. M.A. from Alcomdale
Keene, Robert Charles from Calgary
Keer, W.E. (Estate) from Nobleford
Keeton, Carrie from Alix
Kehewin Band from Bonnyville
Kehm, Gus & Sons (Mike & Henry) from Millet
Kehoe, David from Youngstown
Kehoe, John from Camrose
Kehoe, M.G. from Camrose
Kehr, Edgar S. from Vulcan
Keibel, A.C. from Endiang
Keibel, Ben from Calgary, Endiang
Keibel, Emil Frederick & Katie from Endiang, Stettler
Keichinger, A. Henry from Lloydminster, SK, Lloydminster, AB
Keichinger, Mike from Alliance
Keil, William from Madden
Keillar, Colin McK. from Ashmont
Keillar, Robert S. from Wanham
Keillor, James from Edgerton
Keim, George from Acme
Keir, W.R. from Bonnyville
Keith, Clayton Vincent from Stettler
Keith, E. from Clover Bar
Keith, E.V. from Calgary
Keith, Ezekiel from Clover Bar
Keith, Joshua from Cochrane
Keith, Mrs. S.J. from Rimbey
Keith, Mrs. S.J. from Rimbey
Keith, O.E. & H.C. Knudtson from Okotoks
Keith, Vincent Sylvester from Stettler
Keith, William W. from Little Prairie, Reno, Peace River Crossing
Keiver, C.A. from Rio Grande
Keiver, Reginald R. from Rio Grande
Keiver, Robert John from Red Deer
Keldson, Chris from Helina
Kell, Dalton James from Red Deer
Kellar, Guiles W. from Orion, Council Bluffs, Iowa
Kelleman, Steve from Coaldale
Kelleman, Steve from Coaldale
Keller, Adam from Compeer, Metiskow
Keller, Alfred from Two Hills, Vegreville
Keller, C.H. from New Norway
Keller, E.A. from Cayley
Keller, Ernest Jack from Calgary
Keller, H.E. from Elk Point
Keller, Harry from Stoppington
Keller, Jack from Twin Butte, Parkland, Pincher Creek
Keller, Karl from Ranchville, Medicine Hat
Keller, Leo R. from Suffield, Ranchville
Keller, Roy from Belloy
Keller, Vernon from Kipp
Keller, William Henry from Carstairs, St. Albert
Kellerman, E. from Hinton
Kellert, Robert from Winfield
Kelley, Archie from Rimbey
Kelley, Donald J. from St. Lina
Kelley, Earl George from Edmonton
Kelley, J.A. from Brant
Kelley, James A. from Stettler
Kelley, Jeanette Bell from Calgary
Kelley, Jesse Alexander from Brant
Kelley, Orin from Rimbey
Kelley, Pat E. from Mallaig
Kelliher, G.L. from Bonnyville
Kelliher, H.J. from Bonnyville
Kelliher, Maurice from Onion Lake, SK, La Corey
Kelliher, Norman E. from Onion Lake, SK
Kelliher, Patrick A. from Edmonton
Kelliher, Reta & Mike Karas from Iron River
Kellogg, Glen from Edgerton
Kells, Robert E. from Hardisty, Lougheed
Kellsey, S.H. from Carstairs
Kelly Bros. from Stettler
Kelly, C.A. from Lougheed
Kelly, C.D. from Chinook
Kelly, Edmund from Minburn
Kelly, Edward from Crossfield
Kelly, Frank from Edgerton, Metiskow, Sulphur Springs, Provost
Kelly, Frank J. Sr. & Mary Elizabeth from Wayne, Calgary
Kelly, Frank J. Sr. & Mary Elizabeth from Wayne, Calgary
Kelly, J. Foley from Bulwark, Ingleton
Kelly, James from Wayne
Kelly, John F. from High River
Kelly, Lar (Lawrence) from Viking
Kelly, Oliver C. from Claresholm
Kelly, Patrick Emmett from Cochrane
Kelly, Patrick from Hussar, Exshaw
Kelly, Robert & Icel Jane from Bentley, Bluffton
Kelly, T.G. from Trochu
Kelly, William from Dixonville
Kelly, William George from Innisfail
Kelm, Arthur from Bruce
Kelm, August from Bruce
Kelm, Chris from Hanna
Kelm, Gottfred from Hanna
Kelm, Gustav from Acme, Craigmyle
Kelm, Melvin Eugene from Stettler
Kelm, Reinhold from Hanna
Kelm, Sam from Hanna
Kelm, Simon from Hanna, Botha
Kelndorfer, Teresa from Killam
Kelson, Harry from Calgary
Keltie, George I. from Edmonton
Keltie, George I. from Edmonton
Kelund, William A. from Sundre
Kemble, Charles (Buckhorn Ranch) from Beaver Mines
Kemble, Charles (Buckhorn Ranch) from Beaver Mines
Kemenius, T. from Highvale
Kemmis, Charles A. from Rimbey
Kemp, Albert from Elnora
Kemp, George W. from Calgary
Kemp, Herbert Frank from Gadsby
Kemp, Millard D. from Calgary
Kemp, Mrs. Jessie M. from Hutton, Gem
Kemp, Mrs. W.J. from Gadsby
Kemp, Nellie C. from Bassano
Kemp, R.L. from Carcajou, Keg River
Kemp, W.J from Gadsby
Kemper, Henry from Metiskow
Kempf, J. & Sons from Botha
Kempken, Peter from Lindale, Castor, Fenner
Kempo, John & Gordon M. Dromrosky from Edmonton
Kempo, John & Gordon M. Dromrosky from Edmonton
Kempt, W.V. from Rosebud Creek
Kendall, Edwin Wallace from Rosebud Creek, Rockyford
Kendall, H. from Lethbridge
Kendren, G.R from Cochrane
Kendrew, K.D. from Chinook Valley
Kendrew, Roy from Eckville, Red Deer, Sylvan Lake
Kendrew, S.W. from Red Deer
Kendrew, Thurston from Chinook Valley
Kendrick, A.R. from Didsbury
Kendrick, John Wiliam from Drumheller
Kendrick, Kenneth from Berwyn
Kendrick, Ralph Hudson from Seba Beach, Edmonton
Kendze, Carl J. from Condor
Kennard, Clayton from Cardston
Kennedy Bros. from Islay
Kennedy, A. from Glendon
Kennedy, Allen from Sangudo
Kennedy, Cecil T. from Vermilion
Kennedy, Donald MacBeth from Fairview, Waterhole
Kennedy, George Albert & Arthur Tilden Davis from Rosebud
Kennedy, George Albert & Arthur Tilden Davis from Rosebud
Kennedy, Harvie from Entrance, Hinton
Kennedy, Hugh from Irma
Kennedy, James P. from Carstairs
Kennedy, James Stanley from Edgerton
Kennedy, John Daniel from Edmonton
Kennedy, John J. from Holden
Kennedy, John Lamont from Rosalind
Kennedy, L. Kay from Rosalind
Kennedy, Peter from Hanna
Kennedy, R.K. from Viking
Kennedy, R.N. from Onoway
Kennedy, Russell H. from Vermilion, Red Deer, Wainwright
Kenney Bros. from Olds
Kenney, B.B. from Lethbridge
Kenney, Jack from Taber, Raymond
Kenney, Nellie from Rockyford
Kenney, Spence from Coaldale
Kenny, Donald T. & Elizabeth Will from Calgary
Kenny, Gladys M. from Endiang
Kenny, James H. from Endiang
Kenny, Ralph H. from Endiang, Trochu, Byemoor
Kenny, Richard Alexander from Hardisty
Kenny, T.L. from Lougheed
Kent Bros.(Gordon, David & Dennis) from Beiseker
Kent, Eva from Clive
Kent, G.H. from Wainwright
Kent, Gerald R. from Marwayne
Kent, Howard S & Eileen R. from Calgary, Westbank, BC
Kent, Lester James from Clive
Kent, Lowry Gerald from Marwayne
Kent, W.H. from Lyalta
Kentrup, Harold Eldon from Innisfail
Kenyon, Brian from Falun
Kenyon, Clifford T. from Boyne Lake
Kenzie, Anton from Vermilion
Kenzler, Edward from Melba, Scollard
Kenzler, Mrs. A. from Big Valley
Keown, F.A. from Watino
Kepke, A.E. from Elk Point, Lindbergh
Ker, C.W. from Dolcy, Edgerton
Kerber, Alsora nee Brown from Turner Valley, Black Diamond
Kerber, M.H from Black Diamond
Kerber, Merle T. from Black Diamond, Turner Valley
Kerbes, Alex or Alec from Stettler, Big Valley, Fenn
Kerbes, Alma P. from Big Valley
Kerbes, August from Erskine, Big Valley, Sherwood Park
Kerbes, Deane from Stettler, Big Valley
Kerbes, Edward from Stettler, Fenn
Kerbes, Robert from Stettler
Kerbs, Alex from Medicine Hat
Kerch Bros. from Eckville
Kercher, Jacob from Alliance, Vegreville
Kereliuk, George from Hairy Hill
Kereliuk, Steve and Son Ernest from Gibbons
Kerell Farms Ltd. from Kitscoty
Kerfoot, Percy C. from Cochrane
Kerik, Andrew from Bashaw
Kerkland, Terrance Robert from Calgary
Kern, C.H. from Cardston, Glenwood
Kern, Carl George from Rosemary
Kern, David from Innisfail
Kern, Gotthielf from Hilda
Kern, Larry Dean from Rosemary
Kerner, Frank Joseph from Stanmore
Kerner, John from Bow Island
Kerner, Millard Frank from Hanna
Kerner, Viola from Stanmore
Kerner, William C. from Stanmore
Kernick, Donald J. from Calgary
Kernick, Donald J. from Calgary
Kernick, Frank J. from Canmore
Kerr & McKeen from Sangudo
Kerr, A.H. from Brooks, Claresholm
Kerr, Ardell from Sundre
Kerr, B. (Alberta Stockyards) from Calgary
Kerr, Edwin V. from Nevis
Kerr, Frank H. & W.J. Chilton from Claresholm
Kerr, J.B. from Dawson Creek, BC, Millarville
Kerr, Morris from Calgary
Kerr, Myles from Riviere Qui Barre
Kerr, Myron William from Calgary
Kerr, Robert E. from Nevis
Kerr, Rose from Bremner
Kerrison, Leslie Nelson from Calgary
Kerruish, Robert C. from Okotoks
Kersch, Ed. from Bassano, Hussar, Vale
Kerschbaum, Anna from Etzikom, Bow Island
Kerschbaum, John from Etzikom, Bow Island
Kersey, Alfred E. from Rinard, Del Bonita
Kershaw, William Herbert from Calgary, Vancouver, BC
Kerstens, A.J. from Midnapore
Kerstian, Carl from Clyde
Kertesz, Zolton from Coaldale
Kervin, John Kenneth from Fort McMurray, Edmonton
Kerychuck, Mike from Beaverdam
Keshen, A.E. from High Prairie
Keshen, William from High Prairie
Kessel, Jacob from Markerville, Sylvan Lake
Kessel, Jacob from Markerville, Sylvan Lake
Kessir, Alfred A. from Leduc
Kessler, Ellen M. from Acme, Calgary
Kettles, James A. from Pincher Creek
Keuschnig, Richard from Mannville
Keuvelaar, John from Seven Persons, Vale
Kewley, Ada Maude from Kirriemuir
Kewley, Robert E. from Kirriemuir
Key, Edith & Edith Millar from Vauxhall
Keyes, Donovan A. from Bow Island
Keylock, Mervyn Leslie from Balzac
Kibblewhite, A.R. from Okotoks
Kibblewhite, D.L. from Calgary, Sundre
Kibblewhite, Richard J. from Balzac
Kibel, James from Empress
Kibel, Joe from Empress
Kiceluk, Douglas from Brooks
Kicking Horse Ranch Ltd. (Wansbrough, J. L.) from Edmonton
Kicking Horse Ranch Ltd.( Wansbrough, J.L.) from Edmonton
Kidd Bros. (Harold M. & George H.) from Edmonton, Nordegg, Mizpah
Kidd, Albert A. from Stavely
Kidd, David from Gadsby
Kidd, Fred from Morley
Kidd, George from Priddis
Kidd, Prince from St. Vincent
Kidd, Robert Stanley from Elnora
Kiddie, Robert & Son from Endiang
Kiddoo, C.S. from Blackie
Kiddoo, John W. from Blackie
Kiddoo, John W. from Blackie
Kiefer, C.R. from Jasper
Kiefiuk, Edward from Smoky Lake
Kiefiuk, Matt from Angle Lake
Kiehm, Horst from Picture Butte, Lethbridge
Kiel, Carl M. from Blackfoot
Kiel, Carl M. from Blackfoot
Kiemele, David from Queenstown
Kiemele, George J. from Milo
Kiemele, George J. from Milo
Kiemele, John from Cardston
Kienholz, Alberta J. from Cardston
Kientz, Frank & Brian from Calgary
Kientz, Ralph from Calgary
Kienzle, Harold from Hilda
Kienzle, Ruben from Bow Island
Kiersgaard, John Ross from Cremona, Calgary
Kiesal, Chester L. from Forestburg
Kiesal, Richard from Forestburg
Kieselbach, Emil from Lethbridge, Coaldale
Kiever, William from Mount Valley, Rio Grand
Kiffiak, Nicholas from Skiff, Taber
Kilarski, William from Coronado
Kilborn, William Franklin from Grimshaw, Edmonton
Kilburn, Allan E. from North Edmonton
Kildaw, Kenneth M. from Nordegg
Kile, Clifford E. from Amisk, Chetwynd, BC
Kilgour, Glen from Bearberry
Kilik, Anton from Thorsby
Killaly, Percy J. from Fisher Home
Killeen, Jack C. & Reta from Kinuso
Killeen, Joseph H. from Calgary, Tees, Ponoka
Killen, Percy Ira from Lousana
Killen, Thomas Y. from Paradise Valley, New Lindsey, Edmonton
Killen, Thomas Y. from Paradise Valley, New Lindsey, Edmonton
Killick, Gordon H. from Calgary
Killoran, Fred J. from Macleod, Fort Macleod
Killoran, L.J. from Wainwright
Kilmer, Kenneth O. from Lethbridge
Kilpatrick, Dan from Leedale
Kilpatrick, Harry from Mossleigh, Calgary
Kilpatrick, J. Burns from Leedale, Rimbey
Kilpatrick, Nelson from Mossleigh, Calgary, Vulcan
Kilpatrick, R.L. from Foremost, Legend
Kiltheau, Conrad from Redcliff
Kimak, Steve from Vilna
Kimball, Arnold Ernest from Red Deer
Kimball, Ivan from Edgerton
Kimber, H. from Youngstown, Lundor, MB
Kimitt, Harold from Bow Island, Calgary, Rolling Hills
Kimmel, Albert from Torrington
Kimmel, Mrs. M. from Brightview
Kimmett, C.C. from Standard
Kinakin, Fred from Bulwark
Kinakin, Peter from Bulwark
Kinast, Jacob from Medicine Hat
Kinch, Ben from Cochrane, Black Diamond
Kinch, Conrad from Provost
Kinch, George & Herman from Cochrane
Kinch, George & Herman from Cochrane
Kinder, Arlene E. nee Duffy from Calgary
Kinder, E.L. from Calgary, Tilley, Eckville
Kinder, Walter F. from Tilley, Brooks
Kindley, A. from Tofield
Kindon, W.E.F. from Fraserton, Sunnynook
Kindopp, Melvin E. from Beiseker
Kindrat, Tom from Turin
Kindred, Herb G. from Moose Jaw, SK, Rimbey
Kindree, Mrs. A.M. from Scotfield
Kindree, Russell Craig from, Scotfield
Kindt, Howard S. from Calgary, Nanton
Kindt, J.O. from Nanton
Kindt, James Hubert from Nanton
Kinery, J.C. from Glenwoodville
King - Hunter, R. from Sunnynook
King Bros from Indus
King Bros. (William George & David) from Coaldale
King, A.W. & Son from High River
King, Agnes C. from Cochrane
King, Ansley from High River
King, Arthur from Lone Butte
King, Clyde E. from Rocky Mountain House
King, Daniel J. from Athabasca
King, Edward from Lethbridge
King, Elizabeth from Hussar
King, Ernest P. from Aden
King, Floyd from Picture Butte
King, George & W.N. from Rimbey
King, George E. from Stettler
King, George from Hardisty
King, George from Rimbey
King, Henry R. from Chinook
King, Jack G. from Lloydminster
King, James Alfred from Carbon
King, Jesse L. from Highland Park
King, Joan L. nee McNab from Fort Macleod, Calgary, Lethbridge
King, John from Wainwright, Edmonton
King, Joseph F. from Bassano
King, Kenneth James from Whitecourt
King, Lance from Calgary
King, M.M. from Cochrane
King, Mason George from Hemaruka, Youngstown
King, Maurice R. from Lundbreck
King, Mrs. W.P. from Coutts, Aden, Lethbridge
King, Nora Konstance from Picture Butte
King, Percy E. from Ponoka
King, Percy from Dorothy
King, Ralph from Egremont, Fabyan
King, Ralph from Pincher Creek
King, Robert L. from Calgary
King, Thomas James from Carbon
King, W.A. from Buffalo
King, W.B. from Calgary, Midnapore
King, Wallace E. from Lethbridge, Aden
King, William Arthur from Acme
King, William Richard & Sons (Leslie & Larry) from Calgary
King, Yetta from Plamondon
Kingcott, Roland E. from Berry Creek, Michichi
Kingham, Wayne Douglas from Edmonton
Kinghorn, Andrew Gordon from High River
Kingsbury, N.I. from Lucky Strike
Kingscote, R.P. from Claresholm
Kingshott, Gerald from Edmonton
Kingsland, David John from Trochu
Kingsley, Arthur Morton from Craigmyle
Kingston Bros. (J.T & W.C) from Patricia
Kingston, John T. from Duchess, Rosemary
Kingston, William C. from Patricia
Kingwood, Ernest Walter from Heath
Kinisky, John from Whitla
Kinley, James from Lowalta, Lacombe
Kinley, John Victor from Calgary
Kinley, William J. from Lacombe
Kinnee, Albin Russell & Sons from Edmonton
Kinnee, Albin Russell & Sons from Edmonton
Kinney, Leland G. from Rockyford
Kinney, W.F. from Nanton, Claresholm
Kinniburgh, Fred D. from Airdrie
Kinniburgh, James S. from Airdrie
Kinniburgh, L.E. from Airdrie, Calgary
Kinniburgh, M.H. from Airdrie, Kelowna, BC
Kinnunen, Seppo from Lac La Biche
Kinsella, Leona Madge from Innisfail
Kinsey, Charles from Raymond
Kinsey, Roy from Taber, Claresholm, Lethbridge
Kinshella, Charles from Dewberry
Kinvig, Edgar Hayes, & Ellen B. from Brooks
Kinzell, Bertha from Retlaw
Kinzell, John from Vauxhall, Retlaw
Kinzer, Philip from Killam
Kinzer, Richard Conrad from Killam
Kipps, John H. from Tulliby Lake
Kipta, Joseph from Medicine Hat
Kipta, Peter from Rolling Hills
Kipta, Steve from Rolling Hills
Kirby, Charles F.G. & Irene from Redland, Rockyford, Drumheller
Kirby, Lawrence E. from Grande Prairie
Kirby, Lea from Hanna
Kirechuk, Andrew from Lac La Biche
Kirick, T.A. from Bashaw
Kirk, Arthur & Norris from Three Hills
Kirk, Chester R. from Ponoka
Kirk, Guy from Ponoka
Kirkendall, Dale S. from Escondido, CA
Kirkham, George D. from Eckville, Forest Lawn
Kirkland, Mrs. Samuel from Blueberry Mountain
Kirkland, Mrs. Samuel from Blueberry Mountain
Kirkland, Sam from Blueberry Mountain, Heart Valley
Kirkoff, Byron Robert from Calgary
Kirkpatrick, B. from Markerville, Red Deer
Kirkpatrick, John Bennett from Hussar, Cluny
Kirkpatrick, John from St. Brides
Kirkpatrick, John R. & William M. from Pincher Creek
Kirkpatrick, John R. & William M. from Pincher Creek
Kirkpatrick, Mrs. K. from Slave Lake
Kirkton, Richard from High River
Kirkvold & Green from Taber, Manyberries
Kirkvold, Peter from Manyberries
Kirkwood, David from Hillsdown
Kirkwood, H. H. from Edmonton
Kirkwood, H.H. from Edmonton
Kirr, John from Stettler, Botha
Kirsch, R. Walter from Tees
Kirschman, Jacob from Burstall, SK
Kirstein, Edward from Cluny
Kirstein, Otto from Gleichen
Kirsten, Kurt from Innisfail
Kirton, T. from Red Deer
Kisch, Paul E. from Brownfield, Water Valley
Kisch, Steve from Coronation, Brownfield
Kischek, M.J. from Brooks
Kisell, Joseph Jr. from Consul, SK
Kish Bros. (Joe & Leslie) from Calgary
Kish, Andy from Taber, Diamond City, Iron Springs
Kish, John Joseph from Diamond City
Kiski, Annie from Ranfurly
Kisko, Demko & Annie from Ranfurly
Kiss, Andrew from Tolland
Kiss, John from Lake Eliza, Brooks
Kiss, John from Lake Eliza, Brooks
Kissinger, W.F. from Calgary, Portland, OR
Kisters, Albert & Elizabeth from Redcliff
Kistner, Daniel J. from Red Willow
Kit, John M. from Vegreville
Kit, Mike from Innisfree
Kitchen, E.R from Cayley, High River
Kitching, G.E. from Earlie, Paradise Valley
Kitching, Mahlon from Paradise Valley
Kitt, Bill T. from Two Hills
Kitt, John from Ranfurly
Kitt, Karl from Myrnam
Kitt, Mike from Two Hills
Kitt, Myles from Two Hills
Kitt, Peter from Two Hills
Kittler, Mildred from Hanna
Kittlitz, Albert from S. Edmonton, Sherwood Park
Kittlitz, R.D. from Bruderheim
Kitto, F.O. from Bashaw
Kitz, Mike from Innisfree
Kitz, William from Warwick, Vegreville
Kizema, Metro from Beauvallon
Kiziak, Peter from Derwent
Kiziak, Raymond from Derwent
Kiziak, Robert Lloyd from Midnapore, Calgary
Kiziak, Wilmer from Derwent
Kjaring, John from La Glace
Kjarlano, Olai J. from Buffalo
Kjeldsen, Jeppe Holst from Taber
Kjelland, Herman from Viking
Kjelland, Pete from Viking
Kjenner, Kenneth from Ponoka
Kjinserdahl, Erik from Nanton
Kjorlien, Arnt S. from Mayerthorpe
Kjorsvik, Cliff from Olds, Eagle Hill
Kjos, Thomas from Cadogan, Provost
Kjosness, Paul S. from Holden
Klacko, Carl from Brownfield
Klaczek, Anton from St. Michael
Klaesson, John from Naco
Klaffke, Fritz from Botha, Stettler
Klaiber, Andrew F. from Walsh, Seven persons, Medicine Hat
Klaiber, Edward H. & Carol M. from Strathmore, Medicine Hat, Delburne, Alix
Klaiber, Fred from Eagle Butte, Manyberries
Klaiber, Frederick J. from Woolchester, Medicine Hat
Klaiber, Mary & Andrew from Little Plume
Klaiber, Michael from Woolchester
Klammer, C.B. from New Sarepta, Vegreville
Klamzuski, Walter from Drumheller
Klan, Arthur L. from Delia, Eston, SK
Klapper, Paul from Darwell
Klapstein, Oscar from Alcomdale
Klaschinsky, B. from Vermilion
Klassen Bros. from Rocky Mountain House
Klassen, Abraham W. (Knee Hill Stock Farm) from Acme, Swalwell
Klassen, Abraham W. (Knee Hill Stock Farm) from Acme, Swalwell
Klassen, Albert E. from Linden
Klassen, Allen from Ellscott
Klassen, Alvin from Linden
Klassen, Cornelius Edwin from Ellscott
Klassen, D. from Brooks
Klassen, David P. from Gem
Klassen, G.H from Hughenden
Klassen, George Claire from Camrose
Klassen, H.P. from Gem, Coaldale
Klassen, Henry "Bud" from Calgary
Klassen, Henry from Coaldale
Klassen, Henry P. from Vauxhall
Klassen, J.K. from Vauxhall
Klassen, J.W. from Rosemary
Klassen, Jacob A. from Rosemary
Klassen, Jacob F. from Coaldale
Klassen, Jacob from Gibbons, Creston, BC
Klassen, Jacob J. from Coaldale
Klassen, John C. from Tofield
Klassen, John J. from Irma
Klassen, Katarina from Namaka, Gem
Klassen, Marie from Consort
Klassen, Peter & Dietrich from Duchess
Klassen, Peter from Coaldale
Klassen, Ronald D. from Trochu, Linden
Klassen, Walter from Rosemary
Klassen, William D. from Rocky Mountain House
Klatt, Gus from Ardrossan
Klatt, Jacob from Calgary
Klatt, Katie from Halkirk
Klatt, Reginald B. from Forestburg
Klaudt, Albert from Medicine Hat, Burstall, SK
Klaus, A. & J. from Ewing
Klaus, John from Alliance, Castor
Klautt, Arthur Raymond from Duchess
Klautt, Emil from Duchess
Klautt, R.L. from Duchess
Klebannowsky, Mike from Marwayne
Kleeman, Warren E. from Turin
Klein, Alex from Forestburg
Klein, George D. from Drayton Valley, Easyford
Klein, Joe from Falun
Klein, John Theodore from Medicine Hat
Klein, Oscar A. from Wembley, Lacombe
Klein, Philip from Edmonton
Klein, Ted from Wetaskiwin, Falun
Klein, William from New Brigden
Klein, William J. from Viking
Kleiner, Ida from Bow Island
Kleinknecht, Norman Wayne from Medicine Hat
Kleist, Oscar August & Son (Byron Norman) from Iron Springs
Klem, George from Ellscott
Klementovich, Anton from Bellis
Klemp, Daniel from Picardville
Klepper, Dick & V.G. Leonard from Caroline
Klepper, Dick, Leonard, V. G. from Caroline
Kleven, Orin Melvin from Elnora
Kleysen, Wayne Harry from Calgary
Klics, Frank & Leona from Taber
Kliem, Raymond George from Brant
Klimack, Albert from Grande Prairie
Klimck, John from Hazeldine, Dewberry
Klime, Mrs. Warren from Wimborne
Klimowicz, Victor from Vauxhall
Klimp, Arthur from Camrose
Klinck, William Raymond from Jenner, Medicine Hat
Kline, Brian Lyle from Olds
Kline, Carl from Donalda
Kline, Cecil M. from Calgary
Kline, Donald from Rosemary
Kline, Ernest from Airdrie, Cochrane
Kline, Izzy from Calgary
Kline, James from Cochrane
Kline, Marie A. from Airdrie
Kline, Sam from Calgary, Lethbridge
Kling, Karl from Rosebud
Klinger, Lawrence C. from Hardisty
Klingstal, Oskar & Mrs. L. Vander Arend from Wimborne
Klink, William Raymond from Medicine Hat, Jenner
Klipper, William from Hanna
Klippert, Alvina from Wainwright
Klitgaar, Sam from Namaka
Klitzke, Albert E. from Carstairs
Klitzke, Albert E. from Carstairs
Kloeck, Mrs. S. from Heatherdown
Kloepfer, Helen Elaine from Stettler
Klok, Henry from Taber
Klonin, Victor from Purple Springs
Kloosterman, Bruce from Calgary
Klopp, Barney from Elnora
Klopp, Roy Thomas from Red Deer
Kloster, Norbert P. from Vermilion
Klug, Adam from Irving
Klug, Andrew & Mary from Irvine, Medicine Hat
Klug, William P. from Seven Persons, Walsh
Kluin, Hank from Calgary, Fort Assiniboine, Hardisty
Klukus, Otto from Medicine Hat
Klump, Chris Daniel from Lone Butte, Dorothy, Delia
Klunker, Frederick from Pincher Creek, Fishburn, Twin Butte
Klutz, Leslie from High Prairie
Klutz, Nick from Vermilion
Klymchuk, Ernest from Andrew
Klys, Cornelius from Carstairs
Knadel, Mathias from Lloydminster, SK
Knapcik, Jacob from Hythe
Knapen, A.J. from Knappen, Coutts
Knapp, C.L. from Brant, Vulcan
Knapp, Cless from Mayerthorpe
Knapp, Ezra from Patricia
Knapp, Mervin from Iron River
Knapp, Percy Ernest from Rimbey
Knappen, A.J from Knappen, Coutts
Knaresboro, John from Castor, Calgary
Knauft, August from Hanna
Knauft, Mrs. R.G. from Hanna
Knauft, Roy from Exshaw
Knauft, William from Hanna
Knecht, Gottlieb from High Prairie
Knecht, Theo from Big Valley, Bowden, Torrington
Knechtel, E.C. from Bashaw
Knee Hill Valley East Feeders Association Ltd. from Innisfail
Knee Hill Valley Feeders Association from Innisfail
Kneeland, Francis from Stettler
Kneeland, Homer from Stettler
Kneeland, Lawrence from Halkirk
Kneller, Adolf from Castor
Kneller, Oscar from Carstairs
Knesh, Mrs. N. from Medicine Hat
Knibb, F.G. from Grassy Lake
Knibb, Reginald Grandon from Grassy Lake
Knibbs, J.W. from Grassy Lake
Knievel, George Lawrence from Trochu
Knight, Albert E. from Alix
Knight, Albert E. from Alix
Knight, David from Caroline
Knight, Edith from Castor
Knight, G.C. from Tees
Knight, J. E. from Rockyford
Knight, J.E. from Rockyford
Knight, R.D. from Allingham, Torrington, Innisfail
Knight, W.G. from Bon Accord
Knight, W.L. from Standard, Calgary, Rockyford
Knight, Walter B. & Hugh W. Pettit from Lundbreck, Luscar, Mountain View
Knight, Walter B. & Hugh W. Pettit from Lundbreck, Luscar, Mountain View
Knight, Walter S. & Hugh W. Pettit from Lundbreck
Knight, Walter S. from Cowley, Lundbreck, Luscar, Mountain Park
Knights, Arthur R. from Lousana
Knights, John from Elnora
Knights, Mrs. Jack from Sundre
Knights, Norman C. from Lousana
Knights, Richard from Millarville
Knights, Wayne from Delburne, Red Deer
Knippleberg, Oscar R. from Lousana
Knispel, Adolf from Halkirk
Knitel, Francois Johan Marie from Tangent, The Netherlands
Knittle, Peter from Clyde, Athabasca
Knobbe, Mike from Bezanson, Goodwin, Calgary
Knoblich, Emanuel from Schuler, Medicine Hat
Knoblick, Fred from Cardston
Knoblick, Harold from Cardston
Knodel, Albert from Tilley
Knodel, Andrew from Medicine Hat, Irvine
Knodel, Ben from Medicine Hat, Irvine
Knodel, Fred from Irvine
Knodel, Jimmie from Medicine Hat
Knodel, Oswald from Killam
Knor, Joseph from Paradise Valley
Knorr, Herman from High River, Dovercourt, Ricinus
Knotek, Mike from Turin
Knott, Anton E. from Stettler
Knott, Raymond from Stettler
Knowles, C.E.B. from Medicine Hat, High River
Knowles, C.E.B. from Medicine Hat, High River
Knowles, Jonathan from Byemoore
Knowles, Maura Lynn from Lethbridge
Knowles, Sydney G. from Irma
Knowles, Sydney G. from Irma
Knowlson, Mark from Banff
Knox, Erna from Wayne
Knox, La Verne from Peace River
Knox, Lorne M. from Cremona
Knox, Robert S. from Wardlow
Knudsen, Karl from Hussar
Knudsen, Larry from Delburne
Knudsen, Segred from Hussar
Knudsen, Tage from Bulwark
Knudsgaard, Frans Ericksen from Olds
Knudslien, Elvin Oliver from Ryley
Knudslien, Johnnie O. from Ryley
Knudslien, Robert R. from Tofield
Knudson, A.S. from Viking, Wainwright
Knudson, H.K. from Provost, Calgary
Knudson, Roald M. from Calgary, Claresholm
Knull, Edward R. from Camrose, Hay Lakes, New Sarepta
Knull, Gus from Patience
Knupp, A.D. from High River
Knupp, Ada from High River
Knupp, Richard L. from High River
Knutsen, Knut from Jenner, Medicine Hat
Knutson, Anton from Iddesleigh, Jenner
Knutson, C.E. from Czar
Knutson, Charles from Edgerton
Knutson, Clarence, & Victor Kochan from Vermilion
Knutson, Earl from Coronation
Knutson, Edwin from Minburn
Knutson, Harold M. from Jenner Iddesleigh
Knutson, Norman B. from Iddesleigh
Knysh, August from Wostok
Kobelwich, Nick from Bodo
Kober, Arthur Eugene from Cochrane, Calgary
Kober, Dorothy from Hanna
Kober, Edward from Trochu
Kobi, Barbara from Endiang
Kobi, W.A from Scollard, Byemoor, Donalda
Kobi, William Sr. from Castor
Kobilkewich, Nick from Bodo
Kobley, James M. from Medicine Hat
Kobley, James M. from Medicine Hat
Kobol, William from Calgary
Kobol, William G. from Brooks
Kobsar, George from Provost, Sedgewick, Paradise Valley
Kobsar, Matt from Sedgewick
Kobylawski, Sam from Rycroft
Kobza, Albert from Beaver Mines, Coleman
Kobza, John from Cardston, Beaver Mines, Pincher Creek
Koch Bros. from Altario
Koch, Alfred from Fort Saskatchewan
Koch, Alfred from Fort Saskatchewan
Koch, Allan from Lomond
Koch, Edward P. from Three Hills
Koch, Gustav A. from Bow Island, Vulcan
Koch, Harald C. from Lomond, Lethbridge
Koch, Milton C. from Lomond, Vulcan
Koch, Mrs. E.J. from Ardenode
Koch, Orville Glen from High Level
Koch, R.G. from Three Hills, Forest Lawn
Koch, Roy A. from Nanton
Koch, T.J. from Strathmore
Koch, William from Hilda, Irvine, Medicine Hat
Kochan, Robert William from Vermilion
Kocken, Tom from Fort Macleod
Kocmoski, John from Coaldale
Kocowski, Harry from Vermilion
Kocsis, Mike from Lethbridge
Kodak, Frank from Lacombe
Kody, Albert from Lethbridge
Koefoed, Maude from Gleichen
Koehli, Ernest J. from Sedgewick
Koehli, Gerald A. from Sedgwick
Koehli, Werner from Daysland
Koehn, Douglas E. from Pincher Creek
Koehn, Verle from Pincher Creek
Koekeritz, Clark from Medicine Hat
Koenen, Ray Thomas from Coaldale
Koenig, Charlie from Robinson, Medicine Hat
Koenig, Daniel from Norton, Medicine Hat
Koenig, Elmore from Medicine Hat
Koenig, John from Monitor
Koenig, Marvin from Monitor
Koepke, Harold J. from Bowden
Koester, Joseph A. from Rockyford
Koester, Ralph O. from Water Valley
Koffler, Carl from Berwyn
Koffler, Mike from Prosy, Beiseker, Berwyn
Koffler, Mike from Prosy, Beiseker, Berwyn
Kofman, A.K. from Tofield
Kofoed & Thomsen from Coronation
Kofoed, A.E. & J.A. Rasmussen from Hanna, Spondin
Kofoed, A.E. & J.A. Rasmussen from Hanna, Spondin
Kofoed, A.E. from Coronation, Richdale, Hanna, Spondin
Kohalyk, Frank from Grande Prairie, Bezanson
Kohl, August F. from Wainwright
Kohlman, Joseph Lawrence from Devon
Kohut, L. from Didsbury, Calgary
Koivisto, Elmer from Rocky Mountain House
Kojola, E. from Bingley, Rocky Mountain House
Kokas, Henry from Wetaskiwin
Kokosha, Arthur Allan from Sexsmith
Kokosha, Nick from Sexsmith, Cochrane, Spirit River
Kokosha, Tom from Sexsmith
Kokotailo, Bill T. from Willingdon
Kokotilo, Bill from Smoky Lake
Kokotovich, Milan from Niton
Kolada, Mike from Lloydminster
Kolarik, Liddie from Rumsey
Kolba, Mathew from Spruce Grove
Kole, J.K. from Milo
Koles, Joe from Heinsburg
Koles, Wayne from Edmonton
Kolesar, Margaret T. from Milk River
Kolesar, Maria Simon & Maragret Kolesar from Diamond City, Milk River, Lethbridge
Kolesar, Mary Simon or Marie or Maria from Diamond City, Milk River, Lethbridge
Kolesar, S.H. from Warner
Kolewaski, Mike from Thorhild, Clyde
Koll, Henry from Sedgewick, Grouard
Kollar, Mike from Beaver Crossing
Koller, Ora H. from Goddard, Warner
Kolodkewych, William from Mundare
Kolody, Alex from Smoky Lake
Kolody, Pete from Bow Island
Kolody, Shirley Jo-Anne from Smoky Lake
Kolodychuk, Mike A. from Innisfree
Kolodychuk, Stanley from Holden
Kolotyluk, Eugene G. from Smoky Lake
Kolstad, H. from Airdrie
Kolwyck, W.B. from Eagle Butte
Koma, Doris from Lethbridge
Komar, K. from Hubalta, Calgary
Komarnisky, P.A. from Holden
Komhyr, Dan (Dmytro) from Spedden
Komix, Ruth Elaine from Calgary
Komlak, Con from Chailey
Komm, William from Cardston
Kondas, Frank & Margaret from Barnwell
Kondrat, Steve from Holden
Kondrat, V.W. from St. Paul, Elk Point
Konduc, Alex from Genesee
Konduc, John from Genesee
Konkin, Alex from Cowley
Konkin, Andrew from Gibbons, Ardrossan
Konkin, Mabel from Carseland
Konkin, William from Vauxhall
Konopelka, Marlene nee Hagerman from Spirit River, Rycroft
Konosevich, Archie from Mannville
Konrad, Edward from Medicine Hat
Konrad, Heinrich from Dunstable
Konschuh, Adam from Cluny
Konschuh, Conrad from Crossfield
Konschuh, D. from Cluny
Konschuh, Harvey Albert from Westcott
Konschuh, Katharine from Red Willow
Konschuh, Rod from Crossfield
Konschuk, Dan from Crossfield, Beiseker
Konshuh, Douglas C. from Calgary
Koochin, Mike Maxwell from Didsbury
Kool, Margaret from Kinuso, Swan Hills
Kool, S.W. from Kinuso
Koole, Arie from Kipp
Koole, Marvin Wayne from Monarch
Koole, Peter from Pearce
Koop, Peter J. from Gem, Calgary
Koopman, Albert from Iddesleigh
Koopman, J.T. from Grainger
Koopman, John from Tide Lake
Koos, Martin from Wrentham
Koots, John from Eckville
Kooy Bros. from Nobleford
Kooy, Peter from Nobleford
Kooznetsoff, Sam from Cowley
Kopchia, John from Tawatinaw
Kopchuk, Pete from Sundre
Kope, Abe J. from Ryley
Kope, Peter Jacob from Tofield
Kopfmann, Roy from Castor
Kopjar, Andrew Martin from Three Hills
Kopores, John from Midnapore, Dalemead, Ponoka
Kopp, Denis Robert from Seba Beach
Kopp, Eva from Marwayne
Kopp, John C. from Duchess
Kopp, Karl from Cremona, Bottrel
Koppenol, Cor from Coronation
Koppenol, M. from Coronation
Koppenol, Mart Jr. from Coronation
Koppenstein, Melita from Irvine, Taber
Koppenstein, Samuel from Taber, Lethbridge
Kops, Alfred from Redcliff
Korba, Alex from Innisfree
Korba, Joe from Innisfree, Edmonton
Korba, Joe from Innisfree, Edmonton
Korbut, Sam W. from Smoky Lake
Korechuk, William from Two Hills
Korek, Stanley from Strathmore
Koren, Robert Joseph from Elk Point
Korethoski, John from Carstairs
Korger, Richard G. from Eckville
Kormendy, John from Clyde, Westlock
Kormos, Bert from Coaldale
Kornelowich, William J. from Stettler, Erskine, Red Deer
Kornelsen, Henry from Coaldale
Korneman, Fred Edward from Wildwood
Kornsee, John from Mulga, Mannville
Korobka, Nick from Carstairs
Korsa, George from Hanna
Korsberg, Melford from Warner
Korstanje, J. from Pinhorn
Kortgaard, Orin from Coronation
Kortgaard, Peter from Coronation
Korth, Edward from Sedgewick
Korth, Leonard from Hardisty
Korth, Roy from Hardisty
Korthuis, Lloyd from Iron Springs
Korver, Nick Sr. from Coaldale, Claresholm
Korver, William from Coaldale
Korzun, Dan from Highvale
Kosar, Nick from High River
Kosh, George from Smoky Lake
Koshuta, Steve from Beauvallon, Vegreville
Koshuta, William from Naughton Glen, Beauvallon
Kosier, W. from Jenner
Kosinski, Larry from Holden
Koski, Art from Rocky Mountain House
Koski, Arthur from Eckville
Koslowski, John J. from Sexsmith
Koss, Alex from Mundare
Kossey, John James from St. Brides
Kostashuk, Nick from Willingdon, Luzan
Kostawich, John from Consort
Kostelansky, Louis from Barnwell
Kostelansky, Wallace S. from Lethbridge
Kostenuke, Theodore W. from Calgary, Sundre
Koster, Tony from Blackie
Kosteriva, Jeff from Blackfoot, Lloydminster
Kostin, Irene Evelyn remarried Pedersen from Perryvale
Kostin, John from Perryvale
Kostin, Victor from Perryvale
Kostiuk, Kosma from South Makwa
Kostiw, Mike & Son from Westlock
Kostiw, Victor from Westlock, Picardville
Kostrosky Bros.(A.R. & Donald) from Grainger, Acme
Kostrub, John from Boyne Lake
Kostrub, Walter from Boyne Lake
Kostyal, Mike from Picture Butte
Kostyk, Alex from Westlock
Kostyk, John from Beauvallon
Kostyk, Mike & John from Nestow, Weasel Creek
Kostyniuk, Joseph from St. Lina
Kostynuik, Dick from Ranfurly
Kostynuk, J. from Nordegg
Kostyshyn, John from Vegreville
Kot, L. from Coronation
Kotasek, Frank from Lethbridge
Kothke, Erich from Cherhill
Kotoluk, Matt & Borden from Andrew
Kotosz, Steve from Brooks
Kotowich, John from Innisfree
Kotowich, Walter from St. Paul
Kotowich, William A. from Innisfree
Kott, John Henry from Lavoy
Kottmeier, E.F. from Tolland
Kottmeier, Fred from Tolland, Vermilion
Kotyk, Mike from Rycroft
Koukol Bros. from Milk River
Koustoff, Platon from Sundre
Kovach, Joe (Joseph) from Magrath, Picture Butte
Kovach, John from Burmis
Kovach, William A. from Hillcrest
Kovacs, Steve from Tilley
Koval, Dmytro from Fort Vermilion
Kowalchuk, Dan from Innisfree, Morecambe
Kowalchuk, George & Sons from Willingdon
Kowalchuk, Louis M. from Ghost Pine Creek, Three Hills
Kowalchuk, Mike from Elk Point, Heinsburg
Kowalchuk, Mike from Elk Point, Heinsburg
Kowalchuk, Peter from Holden
Kowalchuk, Richard Dale from Calgary, Cochrane
Kowalesky, Walter from Vegreville, Bellis
Kowalski, Alvin from Westlock
Kowalski, Elvin from Pibroch
Kowalski, Maggie from Viking
Koynenbelt, Hank H. from Nobleford
Koyoko, Walter from Tomahawk
Koza, John from Tilley
Koza, Martin from Tilley
Koza, Stefan & Martin from Tilley
Kozack, John from Ryley
Kozak, Fred from Tofield
Kozak, Harry from Hollow Lake
Kozak, Ludwig from Kingman
Kozak, Peter from Rimbey, Bentley, Forshee
Kozak, Steve from Tofield
Kozak, Tony from Kingman
Kozakevich, George from Lac La Biche
Koziol, Alex from Thorsby
Kozlow, Fred from Grand Centre, Beaver Crossing
Kozlow, Patricia from Edmonton
Kozma, Andrew from Waskatenau
Kozuchowski, Gregor from Spedden
Kozy, Mary from Iddesleigh
KPM Ranches from Calgary
Kraaikamp, Dirk from Didsbury
Kraatz, H.A. from Tilley
Kraatz, Herbert Leonard from Calgary
Krabsen, L.P. from Chancellor, Standard
Krabsen, L.P. from Chancellor, Standard
Kraemer or Kramer, Henry from Duchess
Kraemer, Joseph A. from Stanmore
Kraemer, Werner from Edmonton
Kraemer, Werner from Edmonton
Kraft, Arnold J. from Ponoka
Kraft, Aubrey Roy from Provost
Kraft, Gordon E. from Ponoka
Kraft, Gottfred from Wimborne
Kraft, John from Seven Persons
Kraft, Victor Henry from Whitecourt
Kragner, E.L. from Paradise Valley
Kragner, Robert E. from Paradise Valley
Krahn, George from Rosemary
Krahn, Henry from Duchess
Krahn, Henry from Halkirk
Krahn, John Jacob from Duchess, Rosemary
Kraisosky, Sam from Consort
Krall, Patricia Ann from Edmonton
Krall, Rudolph from Olds
Kramer, Bernard J. from Fairview
Kramer, David from Duchess
Kramer, Edward from Duchess
Kramer, Jake from Elnora, Rocky Mountain House
Kramer, Jake from Rocky Mountain House, Elnora
Kramer, Joe from Ponoka
Kramer, John from Bluffton
Kramer, Sam from Raymond
Kramer, Simon from Raymond
Kramer, William H. from Vauxhall, Suffield
Krampl, Victor from Shaughnessy
Kramps, Anthony Joseph from Crooked Creek
Krankowski, Joe from St. Paul
Krankowski, John & William J. from St. Paul
Krankowsky, Mike from Lake Eliza
Krantz, Eric A. from Bear Canyon, Cherry Point
Krantz, Ronald C. from Bear Canyon, Cherry Point
Kranzler, Gottlieb B. from Carbon
Kranzler, Stanley from Champion
Krassman, Michael A. from Calgary
Kratky, Orville from Minburn
Kratky, Wilford D. from Blackfoot, Mannville
Krato, Michael & John from McLeod Valley
Krato, Michael & John from McLeod Valley
Krause, Adam from Calgary, Caroline
Krause, Alex from Ryley
Krause, Alfred from Hilda, Medicine Hat
Krause, David from Edgerton
Krause, Edward from Wetaskiwin
Krause, Emil from Kilda, Hanna
Krause, Ernest from Medicine Hat
Krause, Frederick from Hilda
Krause, G. C. from Hilda, Medicine Hat
Krause, Jacob from Lethbridge, Skiff, Nanton
Krause, Jacob from Rosebeg, Medicine Hat
Krause, Jake R. from Vauxhall
Krause, Norman from Skiff
Krause, Reinhold F. from Wetaskiwin
Krause, Theo from Gleichen
Krause, Victor from Walsh
Krause, Walter & A. Sommers from Wetaskiwin
Krause, Wilbert Leonard from Eckville
Krauss, Adolf from Olds
Krauss, Emanuel L. from Medicine Hat
Krauss, John from Norton
Krauss, Lavern from Medicine Hat
Krauss, Theodore C. & Hugh A. Brown from Keg River, Manning
Krauss, William H. from Norton
Krauss, William Jr. from Norton, Coleridge, Dunmore
Krausz, Frank W. from Irvine
Krausz, Paulina from Irvine, Medicine Hat
Krausz, Ruth Margarete from Irvine
Kraut, Maurice from Edmonton
Kravik, Ole from Dorenlee
Krawiec, John from Bonnyville
Krebs, Allen C. from Didsbury
Krebs, Arthur & Son from Fort Saskatchewan
Krebs, Emilie from Castor
Krechuniak, Steve from Edmonton
Kreddig, Bruno from Anselmo
Kreft, Peter James from Coaldale
Kreil, Ralph Frederick from Rolling Hills
Krein, Gottlied, Hofer, J. from Burstall, SK
Kreiner, Helmut from Tulliby Lake
Kreiser, Frank Michael from Dapp
Kreisz, Louie from Hughenden
Kreitzer, Conrad from Medicine Hat
Krekoski, J.H from St. Paul
Krekoski, Oscar from Mannville
Kreller, Albert D. from Social Plains, Bindloss
Kreller, Leslie from Mannville, Vermilion
Kreller, Orval from Bindloss, Social Plains
Kremen, Edward M. & Irene Harriett from Vilna
Kren, Louis from Taber
Krenz, Louis from Chauvin
Krenzler, Darrel from Acme
Krenzler, Garry Glen from Sundre
Kresge, Floyd Wilson from Peace River
Kresge, Millard from Patricia
Kreskoski, Edwin from St. Paul
Kress, Daniel from Hays
Kress, David Robert from Hays
Kress, Leo from Hays
Kress, Paul from Hays
Kreuger, Herman from Tolland
Krewenchuk, Alexander from Musidora
Krewenchuk, John from Musidora
Krewenchuk, Maftey from Vilna
Krewusik, Mike from Two Hills
Kriaski, Edmund S. from Sugden
Krieger, A .from Bluffton
Krietz, Carl from Vermilion
Krill, Annie from Delph
Krinbill, George J. from Driftpile, Wainwright
Krinbill, Ronald Phillip from Kinuso
Kringle, Ovedia M. from Provost, Gadsby, Red Deer
Krinke, Paul A. from Out Post Island, NWT, Peace River
Krisher, Mrs. E. & Cherry, Elias from Woolchester, Forestburg, Arvilla
Krisher, William, Cherry, Elias from Woolchester
Krissa, Hypolite from Lac Bellevue, St. Paul
Kristensen, Henry C. from Ponoka, Rimbey
Kristensen, Karl from Vanesti
Kristensen, Rudolf Svenstrup from Edmonton
Kristiansen, Gordon from Big Valley
Kristianson, Clarence from Rolling Hills
Kristianson, Elton from Rolling Hills, Hanna
Kriwokon, John from Brooks
Krizson, Andrew from Barnwell
Kroeger, Nick from Monitor
Kroeker, Frank from Craigmyle
Kroeker, Harry Jacob from Burdett
Kroetsch, Ambrose G. from Heisler
Kroetsch, Goar F. from Heisler
Kroetsch, Michael John from Lougheed
Kroetsch, Paul from Heisler
Krofta, James from Ponoka
Krogh, Victor L. from Coronation
Krohn, Carl from Wild Horse
Krohn, M.J. from Loyalist, Neutral Hills, Veteran, Wetaskiwin
Kroker, Carl from Sedalia, Consort
Kroker, Gerald from Sedalia
Kroker, John from Coaldale
Kroker, John from Sedalia
Kroker, Peter P. from Sedalia
Kroker, Sidney J. from Consort
Kroker, William Ralph from Sedalia, Clandonald
Krom, Cecil from Carstairs
Krom, Dave from DeWinton
Krom, Henry D. from Carstairs, Midnapore
Kromm, Henry from Red Willow, Stettler
Kromond, Karl from Olds
Kronkowsky, Frank from Lake Eliza
Kroper, Nick from Sedalia
Kropielnicki, from Ryley
Kropinak, Albert from Lundbreck
Kropinak, John from Tod Creek
Kropinak, Maurice F. from Tod Creek
Kropinak, Steve from Lundbreck
Kropp, Edward from Edmonton, Bruce
Krossa, O.W. from Bluffton
Krueger, D. from Hilda
Krueger, F.H. from Orion
Kruger, (Vellmund) Cassandra from Whitecourt
Kruger, Albert from Gadsby
Kruger, August from Torrington
Kruger, Daniel & Rudolf from Alberta Beach
Kruger, Emil H. from Hilda, Medicine Hat
Kruger, F.W. from Stettler
Kruger, Harvey Wallace from Torrington
Kruger, John from Medicine Hat
Kruger, Len from High Prairie
Kruger, R.L. from Olds, Carstairs
Kruger, Rudolf from Alberta Beach
Kruger, S.H. from Chauvin
Kruize, A. from Vauxhall
Kruk, Harry Z. from Spedden
Kruk, John Joseph from South Cooking Lake, Flatbush
Krukowski, Frank from New Brigden
Krukowski, John from New Brigden, Monitor
Krukowski, Stanley from New Brigden, Sedalia, Consort Duggan,
Krumpitz, Julius from Wetaskiwin
Krunholm, Helmer from Valley View
Krupka, Martin Paul & John Caspar Zunti from Cherry Point
Krupka, Martin Paul & John Caspar Zunti from Cherry Point
Kruschel, Rosalie from Compeer
Kruse, Eva from Rimbey
Kruse, Hans (Farm Manager Alberta Cooperative Farming Co.) from Baintree, Carstairs
Kruse, Rudolf from Heisler
Krushinsky, Steve from Vermilion
Kryklywicz, Mac from Willingdon
Krysko, Joseph from Lamont
Krysko, Paul from Ardrossan
Krysowaty, Bill from Smoky Lake
Kryvonishka, Harry from Stubno
Krywcun, A .from Drumheller
Krywiak, John S. from Morecambe
Krywiak, John S. from Morecambe
Kshyk, John from Musidora
Kubasek, Joe or Joseph H. from Tod Creek, Pincher Creek
Kubasek, Steve from Lundbreck
Kubbernus, Emil from Perryvale
Kube, Alfred from Winterburn, Duffield
Kubic Bros. (Martin, Emil, Jerry & Jacob) from Iron Springs, Turin
Kubik, Frank from Turin
Kubik, Koralina from Tod Creek
Kubinchak, Lydi remarried name Levie from Monitor, Consort
Kubinchak, Walter from Ashmont
Kubinski, Tony from Vegreville
Kublik, Edwin J. from New Sarepta
Kubota, T. from Coaldale
Kuch, Alec from Ranfurly
Kucharski, J. from Wrentham
Kucher, George N. from Andrew
Kucher, George N. from Andrew
Kuchle, R.G. from Makepeace, Hussar
Kuchle, W.E. from Bassano, Makepeace, Hussar
Kuciurean, Fred from Hairy Hill, Boian
Kudelka, W. from Rumsey
Kuefler, Barthel from Waskatenau
Kuefler, J. Gordon from Alcomdale
Kuefler, P.J. from Galahad
Kuehn, F.L. from Olds
Kuehn, Frank from Warner
Kuehn, Louise from Olds
Kuehn, Maurice W. from Fort Kent
Kuehn, W.A. from Olds
Kuester, Peter J. from Wetaskiwin
Kufeldt, O. William from Strathmore
Kuftinoff, Nick from Skiff
Kugler, Erwin from Edmonton
Kuhl, G. from Duchess
Kuhler, Otto S. from Bashaw
Kuhler, Otto S. from Bashaw
Kuhn, Ben from Leduc
Kuhn, Ernest from Mannville
Kuhn, Mary from Tofield
Kuhn, Peter from Acadia Valley
Kuiper, John from Brooks
Kuiper, Lorraine F. from Brooks
Kuipers, Cameron Peter from Lethbridge
Kujala, Matt from Sylvan Lake
Kuldanek, Adam from Evergreen
Kulhawy Nicholas from Calgary
Kulicki, Alex from Hinton Trail
Kulkosky, Joseph or Kulkovsky from Beaver Mines
Kullberg, C.A. from Taber
Kully, Bill from Vilna
Kult Bros. from Hespero
Kultgen, Donald from Rimbey
Kultgen, Grace from Taber
Kultgen, Henry from Foremost, Goddard
Kultgen, Jacob from Foremost
Kulyk, Bohdan & Walter from Cappon
Kulyk, Evan from Buffalo
Kulyk, Mike from Lac la Biche, Craigend
Kumlin, Cecil from Blackie
Kump, W.J. from Edmonton
Kumpula, Mauel & Fiina from Rich Lake
Kumpula, Ray from Rich Lake
Kundert, Chris from Elkwater, Eagle Butte
Kundert, Gordon Wesley from Olds
Kungel, Christ from Eagle Butte, Tothill
Kungel, Fred from Tothill
Kunish, Rudolph from Bruce
Kunkel, F.E. from Pincher Creek
Kunkel, Henry E. from Pincher Creek
Kunkel, Louisa from Pincher Creek
Kunkel, Norman from Lomond, Armada
Kunsman, May from Owendale, Lethbridge
Kuntz Bros. (Marvin & Sylvester) from Heisler
Kuntz, A.D. from Kinsella, Fawcett
Kuny Bros. (Julian P.& Carl J.) from Leduc
Kunysh, Mike from Edmonton
Kunz, Paul & Michael from Stavely
Kunzel, Adam from Medicine Hat, Tothill
Kunzel, Jim from Tothill
Kunzli, Robert from Pinhorn
Kupchanko, George from Lac La Biche, Amesbury
Kupchenko, William from Lac La Biche
Kupchenko, William J. from Musidora, Two Hills
Kupecsek, Paul from Tilley
Kurek, Lee from High River, La Corey, Bonnyville
Kuresh, John from Millet
Kurken Holdings Ltd. (Orville W. Matheny) from Calgary
Kurney, Peter from Lacombe
Kuropatwa, Chester from Barrhead
Kuropatwa, Ernie from Barrhead
Kurp, Robert Charles & John Theodor from Edmonton
Kurpil, John from Mannville
Kurpjurveit Bros. from Seven Persons, Medicine Hat
Kurtz, Andrew from Stettler, New Dayton
Kurtz, Arthur from Scandia
Kurtz, Olga from Nobleford, Shaughnessy
Kurtz, Theodore from Shaughnessy
Kurtzwig. John E. from Goddard, Florann
Kurutz, John from Lethbridge
Kurylo, Harry from Mannville, Vermilion
Kurylo, Jacob from St. Michael
Kurylo, John from Delph
Kurylo, Nick H. from Delph
Kurylo, Nick H. from Delph
Kurylowicz, Paul from Coalhurst
Kuryvial, Miles S. from Edmonton, Spirit River, La Glace
Kusalik, Joe from Taber, Grassy Lake
Kusch, Mrs. C. or D from Kinuso
Kuschminder, Klaus G. from Barrhead
Kushner, Pete from High Prairie
Kussman, Eric from Brosseau
Kustan, Sol from Calgary
Kutash, Sidore from Bellis
Kutny, Bill from Beaverdam
Kutryk, Dmetro from Beauvallon
Kutryk, Nick from Beauvallon
Kutsch, Maria from Glenwoodville
Kutsch, O. from Glenwood
Kutsch, Rudolf from Glenwoodville
Kuusman, D.B from Taber, Lethbridge
Kuvala, Joe from Sylvan Lake
Kuwica, Roman from Mannville
Kuwica, Walter from Irma, Edmonton
Kuyendall, C.L. from Vulcan
Kuykendall, E.R from Vulcan, Sundre
Kuykendall, Grace Ross from Vulcan
Kuysters, W.A. from Fairview
Kuyten, Allan from Rockyford
Kuyten, Francis John from Rockyford
Kuyten, Frank W. from Rockyford
Kuyten, Norman Mitchell from Baintree, Calgary
Kuz, Tony from Pollockville, Cessford, Coleman, Brooks
Kuziemsky, Alec J. from Smoky Lake
Kuzio, Marshal from Stubno
Kuzio, Oliver William from Two Hills
Kuziw, Morris W. from Heinsburg
Kuziw, Steve from Heinsburg
Kuznetsoff, P. from Bluffton
Kuzyk, Peter from Coronation
Kuzyk, Stanley from Rivercourse
Kuzz, Michael from Edmonton
Kvale, Thomas M. from Vauxhall, Manyberries
Kvam, Sven from Sunnynook, Caroline
Kvigstad, Clarence from Cairns, Cadogan
Kvigstad, John from Cairns
Kvill, David from Marwayne
Kwasnecha, Andrew from Tofield
Kyllo, Art W. from Beaver Mines
Kyllo, Roy (Buckhorn Ranch) from Pincher Creek, Beaver Mines
Kyllo, Roy (Buckhorn Ranch) from Pincher Creek, Beaver Mines
Kyncl, Joseph Jr.from Sundre
Kyncl, Joseph Sr. from Elkton, Didsbury
Kynoch, Don Larry from Drayton Valley
Kynoch, Gordon Jr. from Drayton Valley
Kynoch, Gordon Jr. from Drayton Valley
Kynoch, John from Calgary
Kyrtak, Fred from Hope Valley
Kyryliuk, Peter from Kaleland
Kyte, Cameron & Ted R. from Calgary

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