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Cancelled Brand Files - J
J & C Farms (Jermain Soenen & Conrad Vanbuuren) from Coalhurst
J & J Farming (Jerry J. Kubik Jr.) from Wrentham
J & J V Feedlots Ltd. from High River
J & P Cattle Co. Ltd. (John & Beryl Paulson) from Ardrossan, Sherwood Park
J. Bird Farms Ltd. from Innisfail
J. Fisher Williams & Co. from Calgary
J.G. Bridgewater Livestock Ltd. from Edmonton
J.W. Nay Bros & Co from Woolford
J.W. Nay Bros & Co from Woolford
Jack, Alfred S. from Vermilion, Kitscoty
Jack, David & Martha M. (Broadview Ranch) from Kitscoty
Jack, David Ernest from Kitscoty
Jack, Ernest from Kitscoty
Jack, George D. from Kitscoty
Jack, Lloyd Whitney from Wimborne, Spirit River
Jack, Walter L. from Veteran
Jackenchenski, Anthony from Provost
Jackins, N.G. from Calgary
Jackman Bros (Lester B. & G. R) from Spring Point, Macleod
Jackman Bros. (Lester B & G. R.) from Spring Point, Macleod
Jackman, G.R. from Carmangay
Jackman, Lester B. from Macleod
Jackpine Lake Ranch from Smoky Lake
Jackson Bros (R.B.) from Mazeppa
Jackson Bros. from Rocky Mountain House
Jackson, A.W. from Didsbury
Jackson, Albert Bruce from New Brigden, Esther
Jackson, Albert from Millet
Jackson, Alex from Edgerton
Jackson, Alfred E. from Breton
Jackson, Almedia from Calgary
Jackson, Arthur P. from Galahad
Jackson, C.E. & Son from High River, Elnora
Jackson, Carmen from Saddle Lake, St. Paul
Jackson, Charles B. & Arthur P. from Edmonton
Jackson, Charles C. from Rimbey
Jackson, D.F. from Lloydminster
Jackson, Edward M. from Delburne
Jackson, Edwin from Didsbury
Jackson, Elmer E. from Greenshields
Jackson, Eric from High River, Delacour
Jackson, Ernest Jay from Galahad
Jackson, Francis J. from Didsbury, Bowness
Jackson, Frank from Keg River
Jackson, Frank J. from Didsbury, Olds
Jackson, G. Richard from Innisfail
Jackson, George A. from Olds
Jackson, George from Olds
Jackson, George H. (estate) from Gadsby
Jackson, Gordon from Brooks
Jackson, Gordon from Wainwright
Jackson, Gordon J. from Claresholm, Irricana, Calgary
Jackson, H.M. from High River
Jackson, Harold P. from Forestburg, Kinuso, Guy, Falher
Jackson, Harry from Mound
Jackson, Hector from Brocket
Jackson, Henry A. from Scotfield
Jackson, Hugh from Nanton, Longview, Swift Current, SK
Jackson, Ira L. from Hill Spring, Cardston
Jackson, Isaac W. from Mazeppa
Jackson, Jacqueline R. from Elnora
Jackson, James A. from High Prairie
Jackson, James from Irma
Jackson, Joe Sr. from Goodfish Lake
Jackson, Joseph from Calgary
Jackson, Joseph from Goodfish Lake
Jackson, Ken from Acme
Jackson, L.C. from Drumheller, Calgary
Jackson, Lancelot Vern from Edgerton
Jackson, Lee D. from Galahad
Jackson, Leslie from Olds
Jackson, M. Jacquline nee Mason from High River
Jackson, Marshall Foch from Greenshields
Jackson, Mary Percy from Keg River
Jackson, Maudie B. from Galahad
Jackson, Mervin A. from Minburn
Jackson, Mrs. Robert from Macleod, Spring Point, Brocket
Jackson, Norman from Cayley
Jackson, Osbert from Byemoor
Jackson, Oscar A. from Brocket
Jackson, Owen from Hill Spring
Jackson, Peter Norman from Claresholm
Jackson, R. Carson from Minburn, Innisfree
Jackson, R. Wayne & Diane from Bonnyville
Jackson, R.A. from Falun, Westerose
Jackson, R.H. from Claresholm
Jackson, R.T. from Delburne
Jackson, Robert A. from Forestburg, Sedgewick
Jackson, Robert from Clairmont
Jackson, Robert J. from Vilna
Jackson, Russell Gordon from Wainwright, Fort St. John, BC
Jackson, Stanley from Galahad
Jackson, Thomas R. from Delburne
Jackson, Thomas W. from Edgerton
Jackson, True from Galahad
Jackson, W. James from Red Deer
Jackson, W.G. from Hazeldine, Tring, Wainwright
Jackson, Walter from Rocky Mountain House
Jackson, Walter from Strathmore, Calgary
Jackson, Wilfred from Brightview, Pemukan
Jackson, Wilfred from Calgary
Jackson, Wilfred from Water Valley, Cremona, Victoria BC
Jackson, William D. from Edgerton
Jacob, Albert from Calgary
Jacober, Edwin from Schuler
Jacober, Emil from Vale
Jacober, Reinhold from Schuler, Medicine Hat
Jacober, Wilbert from Vale, Medicine Hat
Jacobi, Henry P. from Wetaskiwin
Jacobs, Betty from Slave
Jacobs, Broyce G. from Caldwell
Jacobs, Clarence from Cherry Point, Claresholm
Jacobs, David Wesley from Tofield
Jacobs, Elaine from Edmonton
Jacobs, Elmer L. from Amisk
Jacobs, Frank S. from De Winton
Jacobs, Herman A. from Ohaton
Jacobs, L.C. from Consort
Jacobs, Lloyd C. from Stettler
Jacobs, Martin from Killam
Jacobs, Maurice F. from Edmonton
Jacobs, Melven A. from Scotfield, Leslieville
Jacobs, R.M. from Stettler, Red Deer, Scotfield
Jacobs, Richard from Edmonton
Jacobs, Thomas W. & Son (David Wesley) from Tofield, Puyallup, WA
Jacobsen, Carl F. from Tofield
Jacobsen, Harry from Lacombe, Brooksley
Jacobsen, John H. from Lacombe
Jacobsen, Leland from Westcott
Jacobsen, Morley J. from Tofield
Jacobsen, Peter B. from Tilley
Jacobsen, Walter from Carstairs
Jacobson Bros. (Eric & Ronald) from Marwayne
Jacobson, Alan from Black Diamond, Midnapore, Calgary
Jacobson, Alvin from Vulcan
Jacobson, Anthony from Irvine, Medicine Hat
Jacobson, Carl A. from Minburn
Jacobson, Clark from Midnapore, Millarville, Turner Valley
Jacobson, E.A. from Heathdale
Jacobson, Ernest W. from Rimbey, Wittenburg, Leedale
Jacobson, G.H.M. from Lacombe
Jacobson, H. & A. from Irvine
Jacobson, Harry from Clive, Lacombe
Jacobson, Henry A. from Redcliff, Bowmanton, Medicine Hat
Jacobson, Henry from Elk Point
Jacobson, J.A. from Tofield, Big Stone
Jacobson, Joe from Redcliff, Strathmore
Jacobson, John from Redcliff
Jacobson, John from Ryley
Jacobson, Ken C. from Claresholm
Jacobson, Leslie Alan from Calgary
Jacobson, M.J. from Didsbury
Jacobson, Minnie from Chinook
Jacobson, Mrs. Inger from Delburne
Jacobson, Olaf from Dina
Jacobson, Ronald A. from Marwayne
Jacobson, Theodore from Ryley
Jacobus, G.J from Berwyn, Dawson Creek, BC
Jacoby, Lawrence & Henry from Mayerthorpe
Jacques, Marcel from St. Paul
Jacques, Thomas Roy from Oyen
Jacula, Peter from Derwent
Jadatz, Albert & Arthur Bantel from Caroline
Jadbrea Simmentals (Alex B. Lauder) from Red Deer
Jaffray, Harry from Bentley, Rimbey
Jager, John Charles from Calgary, Hanna
Jahn, Max from Cochrane
Jahn, Rudy Max from Cochrane
Jahnke, Frank from Harmattan
Jahnke, Fred & Emma from Harmattan
Jahnke, Virgil from Claresholm
Jahraus, Edward A. & Minnie A. from Piapot, SK, Gem
Jahraus, J. from Gem
Jahraus, William from Alhambra
Jakamor, Frank from Veteran
Jakeman, F.L. from Lloyd's Hill, Consort
Jakob, Alex from Caroline
Jakober, Mathias from Picture Butte
Jaksitz, Carl from Millet
Jakubec, Stanley from Viking
Jakubow, Mike from Edson
Jalbert, E. & M. from Lake Isle
Jalbert, James Marvin from St. Paul
Jalco Development from Hinton
James G. Cairney & Sons from Dunmore
James, Albert Edward from Red Deer
James, Albert J from Forestburg
James, Albert J. from Forestburg
James, Ben F. from Red Deer
James, Charles from Nanton
James, Clifford from Throne, Veteran
James, D.M. from Ardenode
James, E.C. from Drumheller
James, F. from Hanna
James, Frank from Grassy Lake
James, George R., Hill View Farm from Bulwark, Lindsville, Victoria, BC
James, Giles from Edgerton, Hope Valley
James, Gordon S. & Medard Corsiatto from Olds
James, Hubert from Drumheller
James, John Edward (Mrs.) from Cluny
James, John L. from Forestburg
James, John L. from Forestburg
James, Laurence P. from Dovercourt, Foreman
James, Laurence P. from Dovercourt, Foreman
James, Miss D.M from Ardenode
James, Mrs. John Edward from Cluny
James, Robert Percival from Bulwark, Castor
James, Stan Homer from Carstairs
James, Stanley from Grassy Lake
James, Violet M. from Gem
James, Violet M. from Gem
James, Wes from Hanna
James, William E. from Coronation
James, William E. from Coronation
Jameson, C.B. from Sunnynook
Jameson, Earl from Caroline, Red Deer
Jameson, George Irwin from Byemoor
Jameson, Wade Guest from Innisfail, Byemoor
Jamieson, D.A. from Calgary
Jamieson, David from Carbon
Jamieson, E.J. from Metiskow
Jamieson, Howard from Jarrow
Jamieson, J.J. from Calgary
Jamieson, Jack from Nordegg
Jamieson, John A. from Cornucopia, Halkirk
Jamieson, John A. from Cornucopia, Halkirk
Jamieson, Ronald G. from Delburne
Jamieson, Russell E. from Halkirk
Jamieson, Thomas from Streamstown
Jamison, G.D. from Fort Macleod, Twin Butte, Pincher Creek
Janaszak, Stanley from Vauxhall
Janes, Gordon from Greenshields, Wainwright
Jangula, Peter from Medicine Hat
Janke, Adolph from Walsh, Medicine Hat
Janke, Emil from Medicine Hat
Janke, Jacob from Brooks, Walsh, Medicine Hat, Norton
Janke, M.A. from Westlock
Janke, Maria (Mrs. Adolf) & Maria Enslen from Walsh
Janke, Maria nee Enslen from Walsh
Janke, R. from Duffield
Janke, Wilfred from New Sarepta
Janko, P. from Brooks
Jankuta, Peter from Hardisty
Janosik, John from Brooks
Janostak, Vincent from Coleman
Janot, Emil from Belloy, Peoria
Jans, August from Irvine
Jans, Fred from Medicine Hat, Irvine
Jans, Henry from Irvine, Medicine Hat
Jans, Herbert from Redcliff
Janscek, Ned from New Sarepta
Janschitz, Otto from Sundre
JAnsen, Katherine Gladys from Worsley, Kelowna, BC
Jansen, Werner F.H. from Edmonton
Janson, T.B. from Lethbridge
Janssen, Amelia from Lacombe
Janssen, Kurt from Countess
Janssen, L. & Sons from Vega, Barrhead
Janssen, William M. from Barons, Bentley, Lacombe
Janssens, A.J.M. from Vauxhall
Jantz, John from Lake Geneva
Janz, Rudolf from Hussar
Janzen, A.E. from Wrentham
Janzen, Abe from Twin Butte
Janzen, Eugene from Vegreville, Saskatoon, SK
Janzen, Frank from Claresholm
Janzen, H.A. from La Glace, Matsqui, BC
Janzen, Jacob E. from Pincher Creek
Janzen, John from Glenwood
Janzen, Nick from Namaka
Janzen, Peter D. from Didsbury
Janzen, Peter from Twin Butte
Janzer, Dwight Nikolas from Medicine Hat
Jaque, E.H. & L.B from Huallen, Beaver Lodge
Jaque, Mervin from Huallen, Beaverlodge
Jarboe, Alex C. from Cayley
Jardie, Malcolm Keith from Hartell
Jardine, Fred Keith from Silver Heights
Jardine, Oliver from Edgerton, Ribstone
Jarema, Joe from Smoky Lake
Jarmin, Joe from Fenn
Jarratt, Charles S. from Bentley, Naco
Jarvie, Charlie from Lethbridge
Jarvis, A.A. from Bashaw
Jarvis, Ben from Pekisko
Jarvis, Cecil from Red Deer
Jarvis, Emerson from Bashaw
Jarvis, G. M. from Beaver Lodge
Jarvis, George E. & G.M. from Beaver Lodge
Jarvis, M.D. from Cremona
Jarvis, Robert Cammidge from Bashaw
Jasinski, Joe from Bellis
Jasman, Myrtle M. from Condor, Ghost Pine Creek
Jaspar, Rene from Fort Kent, Durlingville
Jasper Dairy from Edmonton
Jasper Dairy from Edmonton
Jasper, Keith S. from Okotoks, Castor
Jasper's Horsemen's Association & Jasper Park Rodeo & Turf Club from Jasper
Jaspersen, Jasper from Millicent, Dalroy, Calgary
Jassman, Robert from Fort Macleod
Jaurnault, Joseph from Lafond
Jaycock, F.B. from Dovercourt
Jean, Maurice from Lafond
Jean, Ovila from Lafond, Edmonton
Jean, Philias from Lafond
Jebb, George W. from Lake Saskatoon
Jebb, George W. from Lake Saskatoon
Jeckell, George H. from Hardisty, Amisk
Jefferey, J.A. from Three Hills
Jeffers, James Lewis from Gleichen, Cluny
Jeffers, Orlo from Sundre, Bearberry
Jeffers, Wilbert J. from Gleichen, Lavington, BC
Jefferson Roping Club from Owendale
Jeffery, Charles N. from Islay
Jeffery, Clifford from Vermilion, Ashmont
Jeffery, F.H. from Edmonton
Jeffery, F.H. from Edmonton
Jeffery, John A. from Nanton
Jeffery, John A. from Nanton
Jeffery, John R. from Edmonton
Jeffery, S.R. from Glenevis, Eckville
Jeffrey, Dalton L. from Drumheller
Jeffrey, John from Delburne
Jeffrey, Marion from Calgary
Jeffs, William F. from High River
Jenkins Bros. (Walter G. & Lloyd G.) from Atmore
Jenkins Roy W. from Stavely
Jenkins, A.R. from Cayley, High River
Jenkins, D.D. from Vauxhall
Jenkins, George Neil from Bremner
Jenkins, Gwendolyn from Claresholm
Jenkins, Henry G. from Vulcan
Jenkins, Horace from Pashley
Jenkins, J. & Sons from Kitscoty
Jenkins, John R. from Pashley, Irvine, Dunmore
Jenkins, Leonard (name changed Leonard Adams) from Crossfield
Jenkins, Mrs. Morgan from Kitscoty
Jenkins, S. & Sons from Kitscoty
Jenkins, Walter G. & Lloyd G. (Jenkins Bros) from Atmore
Jenkins, Walter T. from Atmore
Jenkinson & Kelly from Dog Pound
Jenkinson, T.B. from Hilda
Jenks, Irene from Del Bonita
Jenks, Lorne William from Del Bonita, Calgary
Jenks, Mrs. Vern L. from Del Bonita
Jennen, Alton Leroy from Czar
Jennen, Hollis Mike from Czar
Jenner, William from Bindloss
Jenning, Robert J. from Water Valley
Jensen, A. Blair from Raymond, Etzikom
Jensen, A.D. from Delburne
Jensen, A.J. from Wayne
Jensen, A.P. from Tilley
Jensen, Andy H. from Gleichen
Jensen, Anthony M. from Taber
Jensen, Arley A. from Taber, Barnwell
Jensen, C.A. from Lethbridge
Jensen, C.W. from Mannville
Jensen, Carl from Kneehill Valley
Jensen, Carl from Wetaskiwin, Millet
Jensen, Chester from Shaughnessy
Jensen, Chris from Aetna
Jensen, Chris from Caroline
Jensen, Chris from Stettler
Jensen, Chris G.M. from Standard
Jensen, Clarence from Magrath
Jensen, Clifford N. from Calgary, Brant
Jensen, Dorian May from Watino, Eaglesham
Jensen, E.M. from Erskine
Jensen, Elmer A. from Barnwell, Stirling
Jensen, Elvin from Purple Springs
Jensen, Emil from Hardisty, Okanagan Mission, BC, Kelowna, BC
Jensen, Eph from Cardston
Jensen, Forest from Aetna, Cardston
Jensen, Frederick Blythe from La Corey
Jensen, Frode M. from Drumheller
Jensen, Gene M. from Winnifred
Jensen, Gordon L. from Nanton
Jensen, H.H. from Tilley
Jensen, Hans from Markerville, Innisfail
Jensen, Hans from Shouldice
Jensen, Hans S. from Viking, Wavy Lake
Jensen, Henry from Raymond
Jensen, Henry P. from Cherry Grove
Jensen, Herman from Ryley
Jensen, Ingemann from Dickson, Red Deer
Jensen, Ingvard M. from Picture Butte
Jensen, J.H. from Wayne
Jensen, James Elvin from Purple Springs
Jensen, Jennie C. from Purple Springs
Jensen, Jesse from Edmonton
Jensen, Jesse from Edmonton
Jensen, John from Whitla
Jensen, Jorgen from Hussar
Jensen, K.S. from South Makwa
Jensen, Karl from Conrich
Jensen, Kenneth C. from Ponoka
Jensen, Kenneth Louis from Grand Centre
Jensen, Lamont from Cardston
Jensen, Lloyd from Vauxhall, Calgary
Jensen, Marvin from Bezanson
Jensen, Mary J. from Magrath
Jensen, Mary L. from Raymond
Jensen, Melvin from Drumheller
Jensen, Mrs. A.C. from Tilley
Jensen, N. from Gleichen, Standard
Jensen, N.P. from Knee Hill Valley
Jensen, Neils from Hussar
Jensen, Nels W. from Hardisty
Jensen, Niels Braac from Nanton, High River
Jensen, Norman from Calgary
Jensen, Norman H. from Cardston
Jensen, Norman, & Boyd from Cardston
Jensen, Ole Nygaard (Larwill Farm) from Okotoks
Jensen, Oluf from Hardisty
Jensen, Otto from Homeglen
Jensen, Owen J. from Cardston
Jensen, P.K. from Ribstone
Jensen, Philip from Millicent
Jensen, R.H. from Cardston
Jensen, Ray from Del Bonita
Jensen, Reed Wayne from Mountain View
Jensen, Rodney C. from Bluffton, Homeglen
Jensen, S. from Airdrie
Jensen, Serina from Stettler
Jensen, Stenia from Aetna
Jensen, Verner from Calgary
Jensen, Vilmer from Delburne
Jensen, Walter Daniel from Rosebud
Jensen, Wesley from Barnwell
Jenson, George from Bluffton
Jenson, Sarah E. from Innisfail, Knee Hill Valley
Jeppeson, Karl from Tilley
Jerard, Conrad M. from Stettler
Jerard, Conrad M. from Stettler
Jerome Development Inc. & Jerome Cattle Co. Ltd. (Merville Vincent Stewart) from Airdrie
Jerram, Walter from Wainwright
Jerrick, Val from Canmore
Jerry, Edward from Cluny
Jerry, George from Cluny
JES Agricultural Enterprises Ltd. from Vegreville
Jeschke, Ernest W. from Barrhead, Edmonton
Jeske, Andrew from Schuler
Jeske, Emanuel & Harvey from Medicine Hat
Jeske, Emil from Medicine Hat
Jeske, Fred from Schuler
Jeske, George from Medicine Hat, Irvine
Jeske, Harvey from Strathmore
Jeske, Howard from Medicine Hat
Jesney, Charles from Bonnyville
Jespersen, C.L. from Black Diamond, Okotoks
Jespersen, Jesper C.U. from Riest, Calgary, Fenner
Jesperson, Chris from Taber
Jesperson, David C. from Taber
Jess, G. from Hanna
Jesse, Emil from Rolling Hills
Jesse, Frank W. from Dunmore, Medicine Hat
Jessiman, Robert S. from Calgary, Leduc
Jessop, Robert N. from Spring Coulee
Jessop, Tom from Rimbey
Jett, Joseph B & Company, Charles E. Furman (Bow River Cattle Company Ltd.) from Taber
Jeune, Robert E. from Entwistle
Jevne, Carl O. & Freeman F. from Wetaskiwin
Jevne, R.E. from Rocky Rapids
Jevne, Tristan A.F. from Rimbey
Jewell, Mrs. Chester "Bud" H. from Hubalta, Cochrane
Jewell, Mrs. Chester Bud H. from Hubalta, Cochrane
Jewett, Alfred & W. from Cassils
Jewett, Joseph from Loyalist
Jewett, Oner Albert from Loyalist
Jewett, Oner Albert from Loyalist
Jeziorny, Walter from Purple Springs
Jimmy John, Elvina from Longview
JML Charlois Ranches from Calgary
Joachim, Jimmie from Entrance, Grande Cache
Joachim, Milton from Entrance
Job, John from Burstall, Holden, Kelowna, BC
Job, L. A. from Edmonton
Job, L.A. from Edmonton
Job, Louis E. from Burstall, Saskatchewan
Jobin, Nora C. from High Prairie
Jobs, Ludwig August from Eckville, Markerville
Jochem, Kenneth A. from Milk River
Jodoin, Edwin M from Picture Butte, Calgary, Cardston
Johannesson, Julius from Beaver Crossing
Johannsen, Johann from Beaverdam
Johannson, Arman from Innisfail
Johannson, Benedikt Peter from Innisfail
Johannson, J.H.S. from Markerville
Johansen, Beatrice from Calgary
Johansen, Chris from Rockyford
Johansen, Jens from Pemukan
Johansen, John A. from Woolford, Cardston
Johansen, Soren Peter from Calgary
Johanson, Axel from Vauxhall, Grantham, Carseland
Johanson, Frederick Alfred from Rochester
Johanson, I. from Kinsella
Johanson, I. from Kinsella
Johanson, Louis from Bodo
Johansson, Seth from Meeting Creek
John Edward from Edmonton, Spruce Grove, Arthur
John, Robert from Tulliby Lake
John, William from Bonnyville
Johnny Chinook Cattle (1971) Ltd. from Medicine Hat
Johns, Harley from Meniak, Ponoka
Johns, Lee Donald from New Norway
Johns, Lee Williams from Camrose, New Norway
Johns, Leo Perry from Edgerton
Johns, Paul from Clear Hills
Johnson Bros. (C.W. & A.E.) from Morrin
Johnson Bros. (Severin, & William J.) from Vauxhall
Johnson Bros. from Edson, Gilby, Eckville
Johnson Jr. & W.S. & J.A. Wilcox from Vauxhall
Johnson Jr., August from Medicine Hat, Walsh
Johnson Jr., Thomas from Nanton
Johnson, A.C. from Viking
Johnson, A.E. from Morrin
Johnson, A.J. & William G. from Granum, Claresholm
Johnson, A.M. Oscar Michalovsky & M. Muhly from Claresholm, Granum
Johnson, A.T. from Hobbema, Wetaskiwin, Ponoka
Johnson, A.V. & Son from Lougheed
Johnson, Aaron, C. from Provost
Johnson, Al from Brooks
Johnson, Albert from Bergen
Johnson, Albert J. & Martin from Vauxhall
Johnson, Albert Victor from Lomond, Eyremore
Johnson, Albin from Edmonton, Sangudo, Cherhill
Johnson, Alex from Hanna
Johnson, Alex from Stavely
Johnson, Alexander from Nobleford
Johnson, Allan from Calgary
Johnson, Allan H. from Scandia
Johnson, Amanous from Hay Lake
Johnson, Andrew from Rocky Mountain House
Johnson, Andrew H. from Rivercourse, Dina
Johnson, Andrew Hunter from Drayton Valley
Johnson, Arne from Valleyview
Johnson, Arnel from Marwayne
Johnson, Arnold from Tofield, Vernon, BC
Johnson, Art from Monitor, Blackfalds, Red Deer
Johnson, Arthur from McLaughlin, Dina
Johnson, Arthur from Redcliff
Johnson, Axel B. from Owendale
Johnson, Axel from Camrose, Ribstone
Johnson, Axel from Fort Macleod
Johnson, B.P. from Elk Point, Greenwood, BC
Johnson, Beatrice Winnifred from Vandyne, Acadia Valley
Johnson, Bernard from Scandia
Johnson, Betty from Heart River
Johnson, Bill from Calgary, Water Valley
Johnson, Bruce Hjalmar from Tees
Johnson, C.A. from Esther
Johnson, C.M. from Islay
Johnson, C.V. from Sedgewick
Johnson, Carl from Lacombe
Johnson, Carl Helmer from Marwayne, Kitscoty, Maughan
Johnson, Carl I. from Grimshaw
Johnson, Carl O. from Carbon, Stanmore, Ardley, Delburne
Johnson, Caroline from Birdsholm
Johnson, Charles & Sophie from Empress
Johnson, Charles A. from Duchess
Johnson, Charles E. from Claresholm
Johnson, Charles Edwin from Aden, Mannville, Whitlash, MT.
Johnson, Charles from Fabyan, Wainwright
Johnson, Charles G. from Ardenville
Johnson, Charles S. from Black Diamond
Johnson, Charles V. from Picture Butte, Fort Macleod, Milk River, Skiff, Cardston
Johnson, Charlie M. from Eckville
Johnson, Chester from Battle Lake
Johnson, Clarence G. from Provost
Johnson, Clifford from Donalda
Johnson, Clifford from McLaughlin
Johnson, Clinton R. from Mannville
Johnson, Collin from Czar
Johnson, Conrad from Edberg
Johnson, Cyril O. from Barnwell, Kitchener, ON
Johnson, Dale Calvin from Wetaskiwin
Johnson, Dan from Hobbema
Johnson, Daniel S. from Newbrook, Darling, Provost
Johnson, Darlene Dorrian from Sundre
Johnson, David C. from Calgary
Johnson, Delvin Wallace from Bowness, Prince George, BC
Johnson, Don Wynn from Halkirk
Johnson, Donald from La Glace
Johnson, Dora V. from Glen Park, Calmar
Johnson, Douglas K. from Calgary
Johnson, Duane Andreas from Claresholm
Johnson, E. Arthur from Iddesleigh, Tofield
Johnson, E.J. from Hoadley, Iola
Johnson, Earl M. from Campsie
Johnson, Edgar from Alderson, Westward Ho, Mound
Johnson, Edwin A. & Vera E. from Turin
Johnson, Edwin from Fort Macleod, Cowley, Pincher Creek
Johnson, Edwin from Whitelaw
Johnson, Edwin Roy from Bow Island
Johnson, Einer E. from Didsbury
Johnson, Einer from Okotoks, High River
Johnson, Eino Elmer from Hughenden
Johnson, Elizabeth Rose from Wildwood
Johnson, Ella A. from Granum
Johnson, Elmer Frances from Sundre
Johnson, Elmer from Gilt Edge
Johnson, Elmer from Vauxhall, Innisfail
Johnson, Elmer O. from Calgary, Botha, Meeting Creek
Johnson, Elmer R. from Atlee, Calgary
Johnson, Elsie E. from Lloydminster, Kitscoty
Johnson, Emil from Brooks, Medicine Hat
Johnson, Eric N. from Bodo, Hayter
Johnson, Erick from Tide Lake, Iddesleigh
Johnson, Erl from Calgary, Langdon
Johnson, Erl from Calgary, Langdon
Johnson, Ernest from Wetaskiwin
Johnson, Ernest G. from Gleichen, Cadogan
Johnson, Ernest H. from Maughan, Leslieville
Johnson, Ernest W. from Cardston, Lethbridge, Taber
Johnson, Esther M. from Spedden
Johnson, Eva M. from Lavoy
Johnson, Floyd, & Floyd Nolan from Camrose, Strathmore
Johnson, Frank from Morley, Cochrane
Johnson, Frank from Woolford
Johnson, Fred C. from Red Deer, Eckville
Johnson, Fred from Wildmere
Johnson, Garry Lee from Hughenden
Johnson, Gerald M. from Picture Butte
Johnson, Glen Howard from Sundre
Johnson, Gordon from Peers
Johnson, Gus W. from Irricana
Johnson, Gust from Clear Hills
Johnson, Gustav A. from Suffield
Johnson, H.E. from Taber
Johnson, H.N. from Minburn
Johnson, Harold O. from Vulcan
Johnson, Harry from Airdrie
Johnson, Harry from Cochrane, Brushy Ridge
Johnson, Harry from Edgerton
Johnson, Harry S. from Winfield, Pendryl
Johnson, Harry Walter from Mayerthorpe
Johnson, Henning Victor from Rosemary
Johnson, Henry Ward & Alexander Bishop from Didsbury
Johnson, Henry Ward from Didsbury
Johnson, Herbert W. from Lyalta, Walsh, Medicine Hat
Johnson, Hjalmar from Elk Point
Johnson, Hugo from Donalda
Johnson, Ira M. from Olds, Mound
Johnson, Irvin from Ribstone
Johnson, Iva L. from Calgary
Johnson, Ivar from Drift Pile
Johnson, J. Carol from Diamond City
Johnson, J. Donald from Wetaskiwin
Johnson, J.A. from Monitor
Johnson, J.A. from Stavely
Johnson, J.L. from Scandia, Brooks
Johnson, Jack from Nanton
Johnson, Jack W. from Sexsmith
Johnson, James C. from Darling
Johnson, James W. from Sexsmith
Johnson, Jarvin from Edgerton
Johnson, Jessie from Galahad, Halkirk
Johnson, John A. from Otville, McLaughlin
Johnson, John E. from Grande Prairie
Johnson, John from Claresholm
Johnson, John from Hughenden
Johnson, John from Olds, Clairmont, Grande Prairie
Johnson, John K. from Sundre
Johnson, John William from Granum, Claresholm, Burnaby, BC
Johnson, John William from Granum, Fort Macleod
Johnson, Jonas from Spring Point, Meadow Creek
Johnson, Joseph from Meadow Creek
Johnson, K.A. from Grimshaw
Johnson, Karl H. from Claresholm
Johnson, Keith & Clayton from Sedgewick
Johnson, Keith G. from Calgary
Johnson, L.E. from Wetaskiwin
Johnson, Lenin from Gadsby
Johnson, Leonard from Lea Park
Johnson, Leonard from Lethbridge, Barnwell
Johnson, Leonard from Walsh
Johnson, LeRoy Jr. & Schneyder, Mike Jr. from Magrath
Johnson, Lester from Kevisville, Garrington
Johnson, Lester from Kevisville, Garrington
Johnson, Lewis from Red Willow
Johnson, Lloyd from New Norway
Johnson, Lorenda E. from Nanton
Johnson, Louis from Taber
Johnson, Loyd from Richdale
Johnson, Lucy E. from Hinton
Johnson, Ludwig from New Norway
Johnson, Marion A. from Alliance
Johnson, Martin A. from Chauvin, Ribstone, Roros
Johnson, Martin from Carolside
Johnson, Martin from Lake Eliza
Johnson, Marvin J. from Granum
Johnson, Marvin Lloyd from Valhalla
Johnson, Mary from Alliance
Johnson, Maurice from Elk Point
Johnson, Melvin T. from Sedalia, Scapa
Johnson, Mervyn Ralph from Newbrook, Edmonton
Johnson, Mike T. from Barons
Johnson, Milo from Lea Park
Johnson, Mirrel W. from Mannville
Johnson, Morris from McLaughlin
Johnson, Mrs. Gilbert T. from Grantham
Johnson, Mrs. Russell nee Edith Sawley from Nanton
Johnson, N.E. from Calgary
Johnson, Nels Peter from Carstairs
Johnson, Norman from Gull Lake, Saskatchewan
Johnson, Norman O. from DeWinton
Johnson, O.B. from Carstairs
Johnson, O.C. from Kinsella, Monitor
Johnson, O.F. from Scandia
Johnson, O.J. from Lee Park, Islay
Johnson, O.W. from Bashaw
Johnson, Orvil A. from Olds
Johnson, Osborne from Bottrel
Johnson, Oscar & Dorothy from Clandonald
Johnson, Oscar A. from Rivercourse, Dina
Johnson, Oscar from Bashaw
Johnson, Oscar from Lake Eliza
Johnson, Oscar from Raymond, Yanke, BC
Johnson, Paul Clarence from Haddock, Peers
Johnson, Peder H. from Granum, Enchant
Johnson, R.C. from Calgary
Johnson, R.C. from Irma
Johnson, R.L. from Red Willow, Botha
Johnson, R.R from Barons
Johnson, Ralph Henry from Grassland
Johnson, Ralph S. from Carstairs, Red Deer
Johnson, Ralph W. from Woking
Johnson, Randolph from Rich Lake
Johnson, Ray from Westlock, Viking
Johnson, Ray K. from Maybutt
Johnson, Reuben from Westerose, Gwynne
Johnson, Revell C. from Calgary
Johnson, Richard E. from La Glace
Johnson, Robert A from Metiskow, Irma
Johnson, Robert from Nordegg
Johnson, Ronald Norman from Millet
Johnson, Russell W. from Nanton, Fort Macleod
Johnson, Samuel F. from Mound
Johnson, Sanford August from New Norway
Johnson, Sheldon from Rivercourse
Johnson, Sigurd James from Minburn
Johnson, Telman from Vauxhall
Johnson, Thomas Jr. from Nanton
Johnson, Thore from Cherry Point
Johnson, Thorval from Claresholm
Johnson, Torval from Granum
Johnson, V.J. from Wetaskiwin, Falun
Johnson, Vera E from Turin
Johnson, Viola from Grande Prairie
Johnson, Violet from Stanmore, Carbon
Johnson, W.R. from Clive, Ponoka, Whitelaw
Johnson, W.V. from Red Deer
Johnson, Walter from Elk Point
Johnson, Walter from Halkirk
Johnson, Wayne from Red Willow
Johnson, William from Brooks
Johnson, William G. from Winfield
Johnson, William R. from Cochrane
Johnson, Williard Joachim from Bonnyville, Beaverdam
Johnson. T.M. from Hardisty
Johnston Bros. from Kitscoty
Johnston, A. from Brooks
Johnston, A.A. from Rocky Mountain House, Scotfield, Bingley
Johnston, A.D. from Calgary
Johnston, Albert from Grassy Lake
Johnston, Allan from Ponoka, Athabasca
Johnston, Allen H. from Halkirk, Fawcett, Sylvan Glen
Johnston, Alvin C. from Rimbey
Johnston, Archie B. & Sybil from Lamont
Johnston, Arvid H. from New Norway
Johnston, Billy from Kinsella, Viking
Johnston, C.V. from High Prairie
Johnston, Carl from Kitscoty
Johnston, Charles H. from Vanesti, Paradise Valley
Johnston, Clarence H. from Nemiskam
Johnston, Donald A. from Bowden
Johnston, Donald Asher B. from Brownfield, Edmonton
Johnston, Donald Asher B. from Brownfield, Edmonton
Johnston, Donald B. from Pincher Creek
Johnston, Donald Harley from Carseland
Johnston, E. from Kinsella
Johnston, Francis A. from Lethbridge
Johnston, Francis C. from Edgerton
Johnston, Fred from Slave Lake
Johnston, Fred Joseph from Viking
Johnston, George from Big Valley
Johnston, George from Turner Valley
Johnston, George W. from Loyalist, Consort
Johnston, Helga E. from Kinsella
Johnston, Hugh B. & O.T. Cornwell from Hussar
Johnston, Irene from Wainwright, Fabyan
Johnston, J.S. from Edmonton
Johnston, J.S. from Edmonton
Johnston, Jack H. from Tofield
Johnston, James O. from Nemiskam
Johnston, John W. from Kitscoty
Johnston, Joseph from Viking
Johnston, Mary & Mrs. John Peacock from Barons
Johnston, Mary & Mrs. John Peacock from Barons
Johnston, Mrs. E. from Calgary
Johnston, Mrs. Fred nee Rosa E. Crawford from Lundbreck, Ross Creek
Johnston, R.H. from Lamont, Spruce Grove
Johnston, Reid from Grouard, Leicester
Johnston, Russell from Pandora
Johnston, Stan from Priddis
Johnston, Sydney C. from Irma
Johnston, Victor from Drumheller
Johnston, W.C., Union Stock Yards from Claresholm
Johnston, W.D. from Bezanson
Johnston, William Dodds from Kinsella
Johnston, William M. from Botha, Stettler
Johnston, William R. from Medicine Hat
Johnston, Willis D. from Bezanson
Johnstone, Arnold from Stettler
Johnstone, David Ross from Bashaw
Johnstone, Ed from Lomond, Westlock
Johnstone, Edgar A. from Brownfield
Johnstone, George A. from Hoadley, Rimbey
Johnstone, Lloyd H. from Stettler, Bashaw
Johnstone, Reg from Black Diamond, Bluffton
Johnstone, William D. from Aden, Iron Springs, Coutts
Jo-Ho Feeders from Lethbridge
Jole, Zacharias from Calgary
Jolitz, William from Pollockville
Jolivette, Jules H. from Westlock
Joly, Joseph from Cardston
Joncas, Robert C. from Lac La Biche
Jones and Sarvis from Bindloss, Social Plains
Jones Bros. (H.B. & A.P.) from Grassy Lake
Jones Mrs. C.W. from Dorothy, Drumheller
Jones, A. Leonard from Picture Butte
Jones, A.F. from Innisfree, Vegreville
Jones, A.G.F.(J & W. Ranch)from Lethbridge, Pincher Creek
Jones, Albert Edward from Lougheed
Jones, Albert from Stettler, Big Valley
Jones, Albert from Tofield
Jones, Albert from Travers
Jones, Alfred P. from Knappen, St. Kilda, Coutts, Lethbridge
Jones, Andrew from Wrentham, Barons, Picture Butte, Nobleford
Jones, Arnold from Balzac
Jones, Arthur from Bentley, Rimbey
Jones, Arthur L. from Edmonton
Jones, C.H. from Rife
Jones, C.W. from Gem, Beynon
Jones, Caleb W. from Dorothy
Jones, Carl Frank from Lacombe, Eckville
Jones, Charles B. from Cluny
Jones, Charles C. from Granum
Jones, Charles W. from Ardley, Delburne
Jones, Clifford R. from Foreman, Gadsby, Donalda
Jones, Cyril L. from Donalda
Jones, Daniel from Nordegg
Jones, David Charles from Bentley
Jones, David from Grimshaw, Dixonville
Jones, Dena from Ponoka
Jones, Dennis Harold from Lethbridge
Jones, Douglas from Erskine
Jones, E. Ward from Calgary
Jones, Earl F. from Coronation, Caseyville
Jones, Edgar from Irma
Jones, Edmond from Picture Butte
Jones, Edna M. from Bingville
Jones, Edward E. from Innisfree
Jones, Frank from Lacombe
Jones, Fred W. from Gleichen
Jones, G.T. from Buffalo
Jones, Gary L. from Scandia, Picture Butte
Jones, George E. from Mountain View
Jones, George from Balzac
Jones, George R. from Crossfield
Jones, George W.L. from Rosemary
Jones, Gertrude from Bassano, Calgary
Jones, Gordon A. from Pollockville
Jones, Gordon from Makepeace
Jones, H.E. from Amisk, Wetaskiwin
Jones, Harold E. from Granum
Jones, Harold W. from Fawcett, Westlock
Jones, Horace A. from Picture Butte
Jones, Howard from Irma
Jones, Hugh from Lundbreck
Jones, Hugh O. from Lac St. Anne, Alberta Beach
Jones, I.C. from Brutus, Bingville
Jones, J.H. from Leedale
Jones, J.W. from Notikewin, Manning
Jones, Jesse from Tofield
Jones, John Phillip from McLennan
Jones, John S. from Solberg, Eckville
Jones, K.S. from Calgary
Jones, L. Trevor & D.G. from Fairview
Jones, Leland. E. from Talbot, Coronation, Blackfalds, Lacombe
Jones, Leo & Darcy from Dewberry
Jones, Leonard V. from Travers, Vulcan, Alix
Jones, M.E. from Brainard
Jones, Marquis E. from Brainard, Grande Prairie
Jones, Norma R.L. from Calgary
Jones, Oliver W. from Commerce
Jones, Orval K. from Brownvale
Jones, P.T. from Calgary
Jones, Percy E. from Irma
Jones, R.C. from Balzac
Jones, R.L. from Vulcan
Jones, Ralph L. from Czar, Maple Creek, SK
Jones, Rees L. from Ponoka
Jones, Robert from Coaldale
Jones, Robert L.V. from Irma
Jones, Robert P. from Caroline, Bearberry
Jones, Robert S. from Lacombe
Jones, Roy W. from Vermilion, Dewberry
Jones, Samuel from Balzac
Jones, Stanley W. from Irma
Jones, T.W. from Dorothy
Jones, Theodore Ernest, (Pridalta Stock Farm) from Priddis
Jones, Theodore R. from Maycroft
Jones, Thomas A. from Tofield
Jones, Thomas from Calgary
Jones, Thomas J. from Maycroft
Jones, Thomas W. from Dorothy
Jones, Tom from Trochu
Jones, Vernon M. from Stettler, Red Willow
Jones, W.G. from Claresholm, Barons
Jones, W.H. from Bindloss
Jones, William A. & Tillie from Vegreville
Jones, William Gilbert from Big Prairie, Didsbury
Jones, William Gilbert from Big Prairie, Didsbury
Jones, William H. from Edmonton
Jones, William H. from Vulcan, Travers
Jones, William Wellington from Granum
Jongeling, T. from Alix
Jordan, Carman from Vulcan, Champion
Jordan, Don G. from Beaverlodge
Jordan, Edmond Stan from Ponoka, Rainier, Calgary
Jordan, George from Bluffton, Homeglen
Jordan, J.C. from Madden
Jordan, J.C. from Madden
Jordan, J.H. from Elnora, Ardley, Delburne, Hackett, Gadsby, Botha, Stettler
Jordan, James L. from Champion
Jorgensen, A.H. from Wayne
Jorgensen, Chris C. from Bassano, Cluny
Jorgensen, J.W. from Atlee
Jorgensen, James Edward from Picture Butte, Iron Springs
Jorgensen, James from Falun, Ponoka
Jorgensen, Jorgen from Nanton, Parkland
Jorgensen, Olivia from Cluny, Makepeace
Jorgensen, Ray Kay from Twin Butte, Twin River
Jorgensen, Sven from Beaverdam
Jorgensen, Viggo from Markerville
Jorgenson, Arne from Viking
Jorgenson, Clarence from Strome, Killam
Jorgenson, Gerald from Lethbridge
Jorgenson, Hans Herman from Makepeace
Jorgenson, Hans P. from Viking
Jorgenson, Ove from Granum
Jorgenssen, Ben W. from Cluny
Jorgesen, Peter from Bonnyville
Jorgeson, Henry from Sedalia
Jorgeson, Walter from Marwayne
Jorstad, Elmer, Norman from High River, Brant
Jorstad, Sever J. from High River, Nanton
Joseph, Philip from Wardlow
Joss, Wayne L. from Calgary
Jouan, Gascon E. from Tomahawk
Joussard Indian Residential School from Joussard
Joy, Henry D. from Vermilion
Joy, Marian I. from Cherry Point, Clayhurst, BC
Joyal, Dominique from St. Paul
Joyce, Joseph O. from Edmonton
Joyce, S.R. from Derwent
Jubinville, Arthur from Lousana, Fort Kent
Jubinville, Bernard from Lousana
Judd Bros. from Raymond
Judd, S.S. from Stettler
Juggins, Henry C. from Lloydminster, SK & AB
Juhas, Steve from Tilley
Juhasz, Joe Sr. from Milk River
Juhasz, John from Calgary, Midnapore
Juhasz, John Jr. from Milk River
Jukich, Mike from Rocky Mountain House
Julson, Julius M. from Delia
Jundert, Henry J. from Endiang
June, Cecil & Son (Laverne C.) from Evansburg
Juneau, H. from Hythe
Juneau, Louis E. from Rocky Lane
Jung, Herold from Hythe
Junker, Peter from Hanna, Reist, Scotfield
Jurgensen, H. from Castor
Jurijew, Mike from Big Valley
Juris, Steve from Picture Butte
Jurkat, Walter from Granlea, Etzikom
Just, Elsie formerly Mrs. Arthur Heighs from Bonnyville
Just, Fred L .from Grand Centre, Edberg, Ardmore, Beaver Crossing, Beaverdam
Just, William from Le Goff
Justin, William from Swalwell

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