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Cancelled Brand Files - I
Iceton, George David from Acme, Turner Valley
Iceton, John S. from Midnapore
Iceton, John S. from Midnapore
Iceton, Joyce L. from Turner Valley
Iceton, Robert H. from Turner Valley
Iceton, William from Turner Valley
Iddens, Elmer F. from Brownvale
Iddings, Glenn D. from Rimbey
Iemmer, Gerhardt from Mayerthorpe, Looma
Iftody, George from Willingdon
Iftody, William from Hotchkiss
Ignatius, George Edward from Eckville, Benalto
Ikeda Farm (Roy Ikeda) from Raymond, Taber
Illingworth, George from Clive
Ilnicki, Adam & Leona from Edmonton, Plamondon
Ilsley, Charles H. from Hardisty
Ilsley, Norman L. from Rochester, Lawsonburg, Ardrossan
Imbery, Ralph G. from Calgary
Imes, R.H. from Wardlow
Imeson, James from Macleod
Imeson, R.G. from Turin
Impey, Nora from Breton
Inda, Dan S. from Brooks
Indergaard, Alfred from Forest Lawn
Indergard, Carl C. from Duchess
Inderhees, Fritz from Loyalist
Indian Residential School (United Church of Canada) from Morley
Indus Barley Growers Ltd. from Calgary
Ingeberg, A. from Bassano
Inglis, A.E .from Strachan
Inglis, E.A. from Ranfurly
Inglis, Elizabeth A. nee Kerr from Ranfurly
Inglis, F.M. from Kitscoty
Inglis, S. & W.D. from Lavoy
Ingraham, George F. from Calgary
Ingraham, George F. from Calgary
Ingraham, Oliver R. from Balzac, Calgary
Ingraham, W.L. from Lacombe
Ingram, Arnett A. from Edmonton
Ingram, Charles G. from Kevisville
Ingram, Duncan George from Holden, Edmonton, Musidora
Ingram, Earl A. from Cherry Grove
Ingram, Earl from Onion Lake, SK
Ingram, Leo W. from Streamstown, Frog Lake
Ingram, Stan from Lloydminster
Ingram, W.D & O.F. (Ingramís Store) from Brooks
Ingram, Zac from Cork
Ings, Fred W. from Nanton
Ings, Fred Walker from Nanton
Ingwall, Sundal from Crossfield, Pincher Creek
Inman Bros from Foremost
Inman, Lester from Bergen, Neutral Hills, Loyalist, Talbot
Innes, Lloyd from Eckville
Innis - Taylor, A. from Entrance
Innis, D.G. from Craigmyle
Innocent, Murray from Hackett, Botha, Stettler
Inscho, Glen from St. Lina, St. Paul
Inverarity, G.P. from Conrich
Ion, Mary from Jenner
Ireland, Ellsworth G. from Lloydminster, Saskatchewan & Alberta
Ireland, R.J. from Vermilion
Ireland, Sam from Red Deer
Ireland, Thomas W., Ireland, Leonard D. from High Prairie
Irion, Art from Endiang, Hanna
Irion, John from New Norway
Irish, R.J. from High Prairie
Iron Creek Feeders from Hardisty
Iron Sheet, Joseph from Cardston, Stand Off
Ironmonger, Arthur from Burmis, Hillcrest
Ironmonger, Brian from Hillcrest
Ironside, Thomas & Beverly from Rocky Mountain House
Ironside, William Mattock from Blackfalds
Ironsides, Telfar & Sons from Garden Plain, Scapa
Irvine, Lula A. & Lula A. Heffren, from Ribstone, Chauvin
Irvine, William from Barons
Irving, Charles William from Huxley
Irving, Clifford from Purple Springs, Barnwell
Irving, Louisa from Barnwell
Irving, Robert from Purple Springs
Irwin, E.J. from Pendryl, South Edmonton
Irwin, Earl from Consort
Irwin, Edna Frances from Carbon
Irwin, Henry & Doris from Carbon
Irwin, J.H. from Arrowwood
Irwin, John R. from Arrowwood
Irwin, Julia from Patricia
Irwin, L.G. from Black Diamond
Irwin, Lawrence H. from Arrowwood
Irwin, Lloyd George from Calgary
Irwin, Paul from Airdrie
Irwin, Robert W. from Calgary
Irwin, W.J. from Airdrie
Isaac Farm (Esther, Luella, William, Peter W.) from Linden
Isaac, Henry from Duchess
Isaac, Jake from Brooks
Isaac, Peter from Crooked Creek
Isaac, Phil from Crooked Creek
Isaac, William from Linden
Isaacs, James Beverly from Calgary
Isaacson, Oscar E. from Harmattan
Isbister, Harold from Gadsby
Isbister, William Walter from Chinook
Isele, Otto from Northmark
Isenor, Annie from Kinuso
Isenor, Robert W. from Kinuso
Isert, Albert C. from Dewberry
Isert, Arthur E. from Hazeldine
Isert, August L. from Hazeldine, Dewberry
Isert, Dalhart from Dewberry
Isert, Ernest C. from McLennan, Lea Park
Isert, Larry from Hazeldine
Iskiw, Steve & Paul from Myrnam
Isley, Maisie from Vermilion
Ismaki, Otto from Carstairs
Ismond, Ronald Murray from Valleyview
Israelson, Herbert from Metiskow, Red Deer
Israelson, Israel George from Amisk
Israelson, V. from Metiskow
Itaya, Wakaichi from Iron Springs
Ivany, Alex from Greenlawn
Iversen, H.E. from Bruce, Alder Flats
Iverson, Bert from Viking
Iverson, Garry Harold from Carbon
Iverson, Harter from Tofield, North Cooking Lake
Iverson, Obert from Griffin Creek
Iverson, Susie from Tofield
Ives, William C. Chief Justice from Calgary
Ivie, Paul from Stirling
Iwanicha, Paul from Calmar
Iwasiuk, Steve from Grantham, Vauxhall
Izinger, Matt from Mcleod Valley

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