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Cancelled Brand Files - H
Hammond, William F & Tina Kuipers from Vilna, Iron River
H & A. Farms from Bluffton
H & D Livestock from Lyalta
H M H Ranch (Harvey R. Thomas, Harold S. Leach & Marlin Schauer) from Sherwood Park
H.A.S. Holdings Ltd. from Olds
H.H. Shaw & Co. from Standard
H.R. Livestock Ltd. from Brooks
Haack, Edward & Mary from Tawatinaw
Haag, Elmer from Hilda, Medicine Hat
Haakon Bros. from Mulga, Mannville, Vermilion
Haaland, Andrew from Viking
Haaland, N. from Vauxhall
Haaland, R.E. from Beyon, Milo, Lomond, High River, Calgary
Haarr, Tobias from Travers, Turin
Haas, Emil from Burstall. SK
Haas, Gustave from Bindloss
Haase, Fred from Bashaw, Ardenode
Haase, Leo G. from Beiseker, Lyalta
Habberfield, Cecil H. from Airdrie
Habberfield, Roy T. from Airdrie
Haberer Bros. (Glen & Ralph) from Rosebud
Haberer, Eugene from Westlock
Haberer, Joe from Rosebud
Habermehl, Gordon E from Cremona
Habermehl, Gordon E. from Cremona
Habiak, Roman from Spedden
Habiak, Steve from Spedden
Habich, John K. from Empress
Habkirk, R.G. & M. George Rodney from Olds
Habkirk, R.G. & Rodney M. George from Olds
Habstritt, Roy James from Islay, Calgary, Clandonald
Hach, J.B. from High River
Hackett, John T. from Lamont
Hackett, John T. from Lamont
Hacking, Earl E. from Cardston
Hackman, George from Ispas
Hackman, Michael W. from Jarvie
Haddow, Russell James from Boston Bar, BC, Reeds Springs, MO
Haden, Blake from Castor, Stettler
Haderer, William K. from Didsbury
Hadfield, Gerald from Waterton Lakes
Hadfield, Gerald J. from Fareham
Hadfield, Harold from Whiskey Gap, Cardston, Fareham
Hadford, Mrs. A.L. from Lethbridge
Hadler, Dirk from Peers
Hadley, Herbert E. from Bearberry, Bragg Creek
Hadwin, Henry from Consort, Monitor
Hadyside, Dale from Erskine
Haeberle, Archie from Halkirk
Haeberle, Charles from Britain, Halkirk, Bruce, Viking, Torlea
Haeh, Gordon & E. from High River
Haener, Hans from Garfield, Cremona
Haessel, Ernest from Scapa
Haffner, Fredrick F. & Jessie from Coutts
Haffner, Lawrence F. from Lethbridge, Coutts
Hafso Bros. from Viking
Hafso, Nels Henry from Viking
Hafso, Selmer A. from Viking
Hagan Bros. from Meeting Creek
Hagan, Harry A. from Carstairs, Cremona
Hage, Douglas Leo from Claresholm, Fort St. John, BC
Hage, Viggo from Picture Butte
Hagel, Albert V. from Beiseker
Hagel, Anton from Beiseker
Hagel, Donald Matthew from Cochrane, Beiseker
Hagel, Frank Joe from Beiseker
Hagel, Ignatz from Schuler
Hagel, Jacob from Beiseker
Hagel, Matt & Gabriel from Beiseker
Hagel, Peter from Beiseker
Hagell, E.F. from Brocket, Pincher Creek
Hagemann, Patrick Charles (Battle River Stock Farm) from Ponoka
Hagemann, Stanley Matthew from Ponoka
Hagen N.T. from Sundre
Hagen, A.H. from La Glace
Hagen, Arthur A. from Calgary
Hagen, Carl from Altario
Hagen, Carl Otto from Battle Lake
Hagen, Harry from Cremona
Hagen, Knute S. from Viking
Hagen, Lloyd Dale from Vauxhall
Hagen, Lloyd M. from Vauxhall
Hagen, N.T. from Sundre
Hagen, Ragnvald, A from Altario
Hagen, Ronald J. from Altario, Consort
Hagen, Sander from Sedgewick
Hagen, Tilfred S. from Sundre
Hagens, John from New Brigden
Hagenson, Anna from Phillips
Hagenson, George from Viking, Heath
Hagenson, Hagen from Philips, Viking
Hager, D.B. from Hayter
Hager, Dale L. from Hayter
Hager, L. from Irma
Hager, Theodore Wilbert from Endiang
Hagey, Ethan from Chinook
Hagg, Bernard Allen from Majorville
Haggart, Charles E. from MacKay
Haggarty, George D. from Castor
Haggarty, George D. from Castor
Haggerty, Allan Lynne from Castor, Ponoka
Haggerty, D.L. from Donalda
Haggerty, Delmar LeRoy from New Norway
Haggerty, Joseph & Son from Olds
Haggerty, Joseph John from Balzac, Calgary
Haggerty, Mary from Dorenlee
Hagglund, Carrie & Otto from Beaver Mines, Blairmore
Hagglund, Carrie & Otto from Beaver Mines, Blairmore
Hagstrom, John from Millet
Hague Bros. from Colinton, Boyle
Hague, Clarence from Cardston
Hague, Jessy from Whiskey Gap
Hahn, Carl from Pincher Creek, Lethbridge
Hahn, Hanke Dietrich from Balzac
Hahn, Norman W. from Pincher Creek
Hahn, Ronald from Fort Macleod
Hahn, Stephen from Cadogan, Metiskow, Camrose
Hahn, William from Granum, Claresholm
Haigh, Ross H. from Walsh
Haight, Alex from Entrance
Hailstone, Allan Smith from Airways, Lakesend
Hailstone, Dean Wilson from Airways
Haimbough, Charles from Stevensville, MI
Haines, E.L. from Iron Springs
Haines, Emerson from Iron Springs
Haines, Thomas H. from Mayerthorpe, Edmonton
Haines, Thomas H. from Mayerthorpe, Edmonton
Haining, D.E. from Sunnyslope
Haining, Lyle Barrie from Acme
Haining, Walter from Red Deer, Acme
Hains, Howard from Cereal
Hainsworth, John Edward from Rocky Mountain House
Hait, Joseph from Michichi
Hajash, James or Jim Sr. from Brooks
Hajash, Joseph & James Jr. from Brooks
Hajash, Joseph, James Jr. & James Sr. from Brooks
Hajash, Zoltan from Calgary, Tilley
Halaas, Annie from Claresholm
Halabisky, William from Keg River
Halas, James G. from Oras, Calgary
Halas, James G. from Oras, Calgary
Halasma, Gerald Henry from Blackfalds
Halbach, E.F. from Wetaskiwin
Halberg & Oberg from Forestburg
Haldenby, Clarence from Lloydminster, Chauvin
Hale, James L. from Airdrie
Hale, James Lm from Airdrie
Hale, Jimmie from Crossfield, Duchess
Hale, Lelia A. from Ribstone
Hale, R.W. from Ribstone
Hale, T.A .from Airdrie
Haley, Bradford Blair from Winterburn
Haley, C.M. from Lomond
Haley, Fred from Athabasca
Haley, James from Cremona
Haley, Stephen from Athabasca
Haley, William Glen from Brosseau
Halislieff, C.P. from Battle Lake
Halitsky, Dennis from Boyle
Hall, Adolv from Edgerton
Hall, Arlene from Medicine Hat, Whitla
Hall, Arthur G. from Calgary
Hall, Bruce from Brooks
Hall, Charles W. from Hussar
Hall, Dallas Laroy from Taber
Hall, David Elmer from Burdette, Taber
Hall, Donald Earl from Innisfail
Hall, E.O. from Taber
Hall, Ernest from Lethbridge
Hall, Everett from Bergen
Hall, Frank Leroy from Raymond
Hall, G.B. from Red Deer
Hall, Garry Clarence from Calgary
Hall, Gordon from Taber
Hall, H.D. from Halliday, Lone Butte
Hall, Harry Gayle from Bow Island, Hanna
Hall, Harry R. from Whitla, Winnifred, Bow Island, Medicine Hat
Hall, J. Duane from Sundre
Hall, J.G from Rosemary
Hall, James from High River, Black Diamond
Hall, James Martin from Calgary
Hall, Jesse D. from Stirling, Raymond
Hall, John A. from Calgary, Keoma, Lyalta
Hall, John C. from Rumsey
Hall, Lyle & M. Lily from Innisfail
Hall, M. E. from Onion Lake, SK
Hall, Peter M. & Meta from Aden, Pinhorn
Hall, Ronald from Nordegg
Hall, Sam from Natal, British Columbia, North Fork,Cowley
Hall, Sid from Marwayne, Edmonton
Hall, T.R. from Pibroch
Hall, Tracy A. from Donalda
Hall, W.E. from Edberg
Hall, Wallace E. from Taber
Hall, William from Ardrossan
Hall, William L. from Medicine Hat
Hall, Willis from Delacour
Halla, Frank from Del Bonita
Hallaby, Sam from Sheerness
Halladay, Charles from Manyberries, Bluffton, Rimbey
Halladay, John from Thorsby
Hallam, Ada Ranaldson from Atlee
Hallam, Grace A. M. from Atlee, Parvella
Hallam, Percy from Calgary
Hallas, Eva from Medicine Hat
Hallas, John from Iddesleigh, Bassano
Hallas, Louis from Raymond
Hallaway, Elizabeth B. from Czar
Hallen, Andrew from Donalda
Haller, John from Trochu
Hallett, George E. & Sons (George Frank & Robert) from Edgerton
Hallett, Harry D. from Calgary, Claresholm
Hallett, Harry from Edgerton
Hallett, Harry Lewis from Edgerton
Hallett, Victor G. from Stettler
Hallett, Wilfred from Blairmore, High River, Cayley
Halley, George from Morinville
Halliday, Edward from Vulcan
Hallman, Alec from Culp
Hallman, David from Culp
Hallman, Walter John from Watino
Hallock, Richard William from Rocky Mountain House
Halloway, J.E. from Fleet
Hallowes, Arthur William from Sangudo
Hallowes, W.E. from Peavine
Hallum, Walter from Sedgewick
Hallum, William from Sedgewick
Hallworth, Fred W. from Carmangay, Taber
Halman, Gilbert from Hoadley, Cochrane
Halmes, H.M. from Raymond
Halmrast, Lawrence & Ernest from Lucky Strike, Milk River
Halmrast, Lawrence W. from Milk River
Halpin, Roger F. from Bow Island, Lethbridge
Halseide, Hans & Beda from Donalda
Halseth, Lewis C. from Donalda, Camrose
Halseth. Conrad from Donalda
Halstead, Bruce C.R. from Priddis
Halstead, Roy from Le Goff
Halvarson, A.C. from Provost
Halvarson, David from Provost
Halvarson, Helmar Isaac from Provost
Halverson, Arent C. from Metiskow
Halverson, Arent C. from Metiskow
Halverson, Howard from Scapa
Halverson, Jessie from Castor
Halverson, Jim Kenneth from Rainier
Halverson, K. from Vauxhall, Cranford, Rainier
Halverson, Ole from Irma
Halverson, Ralph from Sunset House, Berwyn
Halvorson, Alfred from Provost, Cowgill, MO
Halvorson, Anton from Pollockville
Halvorson, Bruce Arent from Metiskow
Halvorson, Dennis from Nemiskam
Halvorson, Halvor E. from Claresholm
Halvorson, Henry G. from Metiskow
Halvorson, Oliver Edward from Scapa
Halvorson, Selmer Augsjen from Nemiskam
Halwa, Albert L. from Villeneuve, St. Albert
Halwa, Edward from Bezanson
Halwa, Theodore John from Grande Prairie
Haly, George or George Healy from Lincoln
Haly, George or George Healy from Lincoln
Ham, Joe A. from Black Diamond
Hamabata, K. from Lethbridge
Hamaliuk, Alex from Andrew
Hamaliuk, Andrew from Andrew
Hamaliuk, John from Hairy Hill
Hambley, Mrs. C.F & Fern M from Berry Creek
Hambling, Lionel from Lac La Nonne
Hambrook, Allan B. from Cochrane
Hambrook, Norman M. from Red Deer
Hamdon, Mohomed from Frog Lake
Hamel, Armand J. from Calgary, Hanna
Hamel, Fred from St. Paul
Hamel, Josephat M. from Bonnyville
Hamel, Roland from St Edouard, St. Paul
Hamers, Norbertus A. from Vermilion
Hames, Donald from Marwayne
Hames, Douglas from Marwayne
Hames, E.A. Jr. from Champion
Hames, Ernest from Cavendish
Hames, Mrs. E.K. from Lloydminster, SK, South Ferriby
Hames, Thomas from Marwayne
Hamill, John from Medicine Hat
Hamilton, Alex from Lac La Biche
Hamilton, Alex G. from Hackett
Hamilton, Alva from Loyalist
Hamilton, B.M. from Athabasca
Hamilton, David S. from Lethbridge
Hamilton, Donald Walter from Daysland, Red Deer
Hamilton, E.M. from Hanna
Hamilton, G.F. from Spruce Grove
Hamilton, Gordon Earl, & Marie Kathleen from Condor, Big Valley
Hamilton, H.D. from Mannville
Hamilton, H.E from Strathmore
Hamilton, Harvey T. from Sedalia
Hamilton, J.W. from Red Deer, Daysland
Hamilton, James from Westward Ho, Harmattan
Hamilton, John A. from Empress, Cavendish
Hamilton, John J. from Red Deer
Hamilton, John Wilfred from Lodgepole, Daysland
Hamilton, Leslie A. from Cavendish
Hamilton, Madge from Foremost
Hamilton, Marvin from Bluffton, Parkland
Hamilton, Neil from Strathmore
Hamilton, Pearl from Bentley, Rimbey
Hamilton, Percey Mansford from Spirit Creek
Hamilton, W.E. from Winnington, Pollockville, Hanna
Hamm, Albert from Wheat Centre, Duchess
Hamm, Albert Sr. from Wheat Centre
Hamm, Albert Sr. from Wheat Centre
Hamm, David from Tofield
Hamm, George from Windy Ridge
Hamm, Oliver D. from Etzikom
Hamman, Charles G. from Taber
Hammel, John from Granlea, Whitla, Maleb, Medicine Hat
Hammel, Simon A. from Medicine Hat, Maleb
Hammell, Mrs. Lawrence from Myrnam, Grande Prairie
Hammell, Rodd from Strachan, Chedderville
Hammer, Andrew from Viking, Kinsella
Hammer, William H. from Olds
Hammergren, George from Brooks, Scandia
Hammergren, Herbert Stanley from Scandia
Hammergren, Mrs. H. from Scandia
Hammerich & Petersen from Drumheller
Hammon, Earl from Turin
Hammon, J. & R.G. Imeson from Turin
Hammond, Albert from Pincher Creek, Pincher Station
Hammond, Arthur from Grimshaw
Hammond, Claude E. from Pincher Creek, Pincher Station
Hammond, Claude E. from Pincher Creek, Pincher Station
Hammond, Hattie E. from Summerview, Pincher Station
Hammond, Hattie E. from Summerview, Pincher Station
Hamnett Bros from Rosyth
Hamper, R. from Didsbury
Hampton, B.W. from Youngstown, Cabin Lake, Brooks
Hampton, Nellie from Scotfield, Hanna, Youngstown
Hampton, O.S. from Knee Hill Valley
Hamre, John A. from Metiskow
Hamren, George from Lacombe
Hamvas, John from Taber
Han, Louis from Iron Springs
Hanan, Leonard M. from Kew
Hanasyn, Alex P. from Lafond
Hanby, William from Federal
Hancher, A.R. from Rimbey
Hancock, A.B. from Marwayne
Hancock, C.H from Kitscoty, Marwayne
Hancock, F.A from Marwayne, Kitscoty
Hancock, Loren E. from Rosemary, Raymond
Hancock, Malcolm W. from Marwayne
Handel, H. Walter from Lloydminster
Handers, Stanley from Carstairs
Handley, Lena M. from Turin
Hands, O.R from Drumheller, Delia
Handsaeme, A.E. & Sons from Raymond
Handsaeme, Edward & Eleanor from Edmonton
Handy, R.C. from Bruce
Hanesen, Axel from Stettler
Haney, E.C. from Ricinus, Dovercourt
Haney, H.D. from Uncas
Haney, Harold from Dewberry, Uncas
Haney, Howard Benton from Picture Butte
Haney, Leonard Kane from Picture Butte
Haney, Martin from Iola
Hangejorden, K.N. from Donalda
Hangen, Nels from Throne
Hangs, Ben A. from Gadsby, Stettler
Hanhem, T.& M. Lingaard from Demmitt
Haniford, Fred M. from Longview
Hanilton, Nancy from Calgary
Hanke, Kay from Rolling Hills
Hankel, Bernard R. from Midnapore
Hankins, Oscar from Donalda
Hankins, Robert Charles from West Arrow Park, BC, Port Clements, BC, Botha
Hankinson, G.B. from Butte
Hanklie, John N. from Suffield
Hanklie, John N. from Suffield
Hanlan, Lillie M. from South Ferriby
Hanna, Charles L. from Islay
Hanna, F.W. from Armada
Hanna, Lloyd from Dewberry
Hanna, Margaret A. from Craigmyle, Hanna
Hanna, Max W. from Armada
Hanna, Mrs. G.P. from Provost
Hanna, Mrs. J.C. from Vulcan
Hanna, Mrs. J.C. from Vulcan
Hanna, Myra Evelyn from Provost
Hanna, Roland N. from Calgary, Lomond
Hanna, W.J.O. from Winfield
Hanna, Walter from Evarts
Hanna, William S. from Islay
Hannaford, E.J. from Howie
Hannaford, Robert & Edmond from Howie, Botha
Hannah, Albert Lee from Hines Creek, Kamloops, BC
Hannah, Clifford O. from Hanna
Hannah, George W. from Cleardale
Hannah, Lorne C. from Hanna
Hannas, Ted from Clairmont, Rycroft
Hanneman, Woodrow H. from Carstairs, Olds, Creston, BC
Hannon, William J from Islay
Hanrahan, Emma from Stavely
Hanrahan, Hugh from Stavely
Hanrahan, John & Phyllis from Fort Macleod
Hansal Farms Ltd. from Lethbridge
Hansauer, Jacob from Irvine
Hanscam, Ray from Rolling Hills
Hanschar, Harry from Thelma, Medicine Hat
Hanschar, John from Thelma
Hanseman, Helmuth A. from Groton
Hansen Bros. from Westward Ho, Sundre
Hansen, Aaron Wilfred from Barnwell
Hansen, Agnes L. from Vauxhall
Hansen, Alfred from Markerville, Hayter
Hansen, Bert Lee from Orion
Hansen, C. from Calgary
Hansen, Chris from Acadia Valley
Hansen, Chris from Mannville
Hansen, Donald J. from Mannville
Hansen, Duane Keith from Tilley
Hansen, E.A. from Elk Point
Hansen, Earl N. from Silver Springs, Eckville
Hansen, Einar from Dorothy, Dalemead, East Coulee
Hansen, Ernest H. from Byemoor
Hansen, Gilbert E. from Foremost
Hansen, Gus from Carstairs
Hansen, Gustav from Pollackville
Hansen, H.A. from Walsh
Hansen, H.C. from Lethbridge
Hansen, H.E. from Bingville
Hansen, H.E. from Bingville
Hansen, H.K from Medicine Hat
Hansen, H.K. from Medicine Hat
Hansen, Halvor from Meadowview
Hansen, Hans from Cremona
Hansen, Hans from Parkland
Hansen, Harry Einar from Foremost
Hansen, Helmer from Duchess
Hansen, Hokon F. from Warburg
Hansen, I. from Shepard
Hansen, Isabella formerly Mrs. Frank Laut from Crossfield, Alta Loma, CA
Hansen, James & Norman from Taber
Hansen, Jens P. from Duchess
Hansen, John E. from Brooks
Hansen, John J. from Innisfail
Hansen, John R. (Little Egglake Ranch) from Watino, Whitemud Creek
Hansen, John R. (Little Egglake Ranch) from Watino, Whitemud Creek
Hansen, Keith C. from Watino
Hansen, L. Alfred from Lessard
Hansen, L.K. from Winnifred
Hansen, Laura from Medicine Hat, Bingville
Hansen, Lena from Markerville
Hansen, Leslie Neils from Cardston
Hansen, N.P. from Cheadle
Hansen, Olga Clarissa from Crowsnest, BC
Hansen, Orene from Woolford, Cardston, Owendale
Hansen, Otto from Boundary Creek, Cardston, Brownfield
Hansen, Paul A. from Viking
Hansen, R.W.& Gordon H. Killick from Nanton, Calgary
Hansen, Ronald from Nanton
Hansen, Ronald W. & Lawrence D. Robertson from Nanton, Parkland, Eugene,OR
Hansen, Soren from Calgary, Carstairs
Hansen, Svend from Belloy, Wanham
Hansen, Thomas from Carbon
Hansen, Thomas William from James River Bridge, Bowness, Crammond
Hansen, Trevor from Parkland, Lethbridge
Hansen, Trevor Jerold from Parkland
Hansen, V.L. from Standard
Hansen, Walter from Alder Flats
Hansen, Walter from Hardisty
Hansen, Walter W. from Hays
Hansen, Wayne from Sangudo
Hansen, William A. from Cherhill
Hansen, William from Hayter
Hanses, H.W. from Swalwell
Hanses, Merle F. from Swalwell
Hansinger, William A. from Rocky Mountain House
Hanson Bros. (A.V. & R.) from Big Valley
Hanson Bros. (Jerme & Roland) from Namaka
Hanson Bros. from Bright View, Wetaskiwin
Hanson, Arthur from Buffalo Lake
Hanson, Arthur from Lethbridge, Enchant
Hanson, August P. from Ponoka
Hanson, Ben L. from Bindloss
Hanson, Cameron C. from Edmonton
Hanson, Carl J. from Patricia
Hanson, Dora N. from Turner Valley, Black Diamond
Hanson, Edward from Kitscoty, Rowley
Hanson, Eleata V. from DeWinton
Hanson, Eric from St. Lina
Hanson, Fred from Viking
Hanson, George Richard from Sedalia, Consort, Lacombe, Stettler
Hanson, Gunnar from Vauxhall
Hanson, H.D. from Cayley
Hanson, H.H. from Bowell
Hanson, H.R. from Metiskow, Cairns
Hanson, Hans Eugene from Viking
Hanson, Hans from Viking
Hanson, Harry from Boundary Creek, Cardston
Hanson, Harry M. & Dave Diemert from Crooked Creek, Valleyview
Hanson, Henry from Holden
Hanson, Jean S. from Lacombe
Hanson, Lisa from Cadogan
Hanson, Magnus from Midnapore, Vulcan
Hanson, Mark S. from Valhalla Centre
Hanson, Mrs. A (Union Milk Co.) from Strathmore, Calgary
Hanson, Nakor from Enchant
Hanson, O.C. from Lake Isle
Hanson, Olav from Monitor, Consort
Hanson, Ole & Sam Edd from Vulcan, Round Up
Hanson, Ole from Monitor
Hanson, Oscar D. from Olds
Hanson, Philip Arlen from Carstairs, Calgary
Hanson, R. from Edmonton
Hanson, Ray from Gwynne
Hanson, Ray H.P. from South Edmonton
Hanson, Richard O. from Innisfree
Hanson, Robert R from Viking
Hanson, Ross from Pincher Creek
Hanson, Russell T. from Viking
Hanson, Thorleif Karsten from Beaverlodge
Hanson, Thorvald from Coronation
Hanson, Vernon from Strathmore
Hanson, Victor from Breton
Hanson, W.L., Hanson, Edith M. from Viking
Hanson, W.R. from Calgary, Bogeta, Columbia
Hanson, Walter from Watino
Hanson, Willard L. from Brooks, Cavendish
Hanusi, Berti from Lethbridge
Happy Acres Farms Ltd. from Edmonton
Haraisi, Joseph from Barnwell
Haraldson, Melvin C. from Provost, Saskatoon, SK
Harasem, Metro from Smoky Lake, Edmonton
Harasulla, Fred from Sprucefield, Waskatenau
Harasym, John from Boyne Lake
Harasym, Nick changed to Harrison from Kinsella
Harasym, Nick, Harrison, Nick from Kinsella
Harasym, Terry from Vegreville
Harasym, Walter from Two Hills
Harasym, William from Elk Point
Harasymiw, John from Star
Harasyn, Johnny from Elk Point
Harasyn, Mike from Hairy Hills
Harasyn, Nicholas from Elk Point
Harasyn, William from Elk Point
Harback, Edwin P. from Wainwright
Harbak, Paul H. from Edgerton
Harband, Charles F. from Athabasca
Harbottle, E.H from Chedderville, Rocky Mountain House
Harcourt, Jack from Beaverlodge
Hardcastle, Lenard from Scotfield, Reist
Harden Farms Ltd. from Calgary
Harden, A.L. from Wainwright
Harden, Leroy Calvin from Thorsby
Harder, Albert Glen from Caroline, Stauffer
Harder, Ben from Pincher Creek
Harder, C.C. from Rosemary
Harder, George from Pincher Creek
Harder, Jack from Bowden, Red Deer
Harder, Jacob P. from Lethbridge, Coaldale
Harder, John B. from La Crete
Harder, John C. from Carstairs, Peace River, Bergen, N. Vermilion
Harder, Peter Ronald from Rosemary
Harder, R.G. from Wetaskiwin
Harder, Trent J. from Calgary
Harder, W.H. from Carstairs
Harder, William Ray from Hanna
Hardie, James from Oyen
Harding Bros. (Alexander & Frank) from Lougheed
Harding, A. from Hardisty
Harding, H.T. from Lougheed
Harding, Harry C. from Sunnynook
Harding, J.L. from Carolside
Harding, John H. from Edmonton, Calgary
Harding, Joseph from Kinsella, Sedgewick
Harding, R.W. from Puffer
Harding, Thomas from High Prairie
Harding, W. from Redcliff
Hardman, Joe from Minburn
Hardman, Pete & J. from Fallis
Hardman, Pete from Fallis
Hardman, Phyllis L. from Edmonton
Hardman, Phyllis L. from Edmonton
Hardstaff, James Herbert from Lloydminster
Hardstaff, W. & Sons from Streamstown
Hardstaff, W.A. from Streamstown
Hardwick, E.A. from Stettler
Hardwick, Edmund Douglas & John de H. from Gleichen
Hardwick, Edmund Douglas from Gleichen, Armada
Hardwicke, H. from Lloydminster, Kitscoty
Hardy, Ben from Pincher Creek
Hardy, C.A. from Irma
Hardy, Clinton R. from Stirling
Hardy, Fred W. from Rosemary
Hardy, Harold Ray from Scotfield
Hardy, Harry Lewis from Irma
Hardy, Ivan H. from Irma
Hardy, John H. from Pincher Creek
Hardy, Lyle from Cherhill
Hardy, Lyman C. from Stirling
Hardy, William E. from Fort Macleod
Hare, K.S. & L.M. from Sundre
Harer, W.R. from Hill Spring
Hargrave, Harry (Lethbridge Experimental Farm) & (Broxburn Farm Ltd.) from Lethbridge
Hargreaves, Edmund from Czar
Hargreaves, Jack A. from Jasper
Hargreaves, Robert Elijah & Hazel Ann from Lloyd's Hill, Czar
Harilstad, Johannes from Stanmore, Stoppington
Harilstad, Ole from Stanmore
Harink, Henry from Lacombe, Monarch
Harju, Matt Emil from Sylvan Lake
Harke, Alvin H. from New Sarepta
Harke, Harvey from South Edmonton
Harke, Norman from New Sarepta
Harker, L. Ray from Magrath
Harker, Mrs. John R. from Raymond
Harker, Myron from Magrath
Harker, Robert from Magrath
Harker, Thomas & Annie B. M. from Consort
Harkin, Robert from Islay, Kevisville, Alcomdale, Sion
Harkins, Ada from Caroline, Raven
Harkness, David G. from Barrhead, Peavine
Harman Acres Ltd. (Don Runham & Donna Harrison) from Mayerthorpe
Harmeyer, W.J. from Rimbey
Harmon, Harold Herman from Bentley
Harmon, Young from Sexsmith
Harms, Henry from Edmonton, Gem
Harnack Bros. (George A., John & Cecil) from Crossfield, Didsbury
Harnack, Russel C. from Crossfield, Calgary
Harnaha, Alex from Boyle
Harnett, Maurice Earl from Calgary, Okanagan Mission, BC
Harold, Guy L. from Hanna
Haroy, Rick & Carren from Wildwood
Harpe, Gerry from Ardrossan, Innisfail
Harpe, John from Lac La Biche
Harper, Barthy from Eaglesham
Harper, Bruce from Dunmore
Harper, C.C. from St. Vincent
Harper, Edmund from Hoselaw
Harper, John A. from Calgary
Harper, O.S. from Boscombe
Harper, Terry Victor & Michael Edward Redmond from Montreal,PQ, Peterborough, ON
Harper, W.J. from Whiskey Gap, Fareham
Harper, W.J. Jr. from Whiskey Gap
Harper, W.J. Sr. from Fareham
Harper, W.P. from Fareham, Whiskey Gap
Harper, William J. from Edmonton
Harray, Gordon from Viking
Harricks, Joe from Mannville
Harrigan, Michael A. from Shepard
Harrigan, Michael A. from Shepard
Harriman, Harold G. from Calgary, Forest Lawn
Harrington, Anna C .from Ranchville, Greenshields
Harrington, Earl E. from Greenshields
Harrington, Mrs. C.R from Pollockville
Harrington, Robert from South Edmonton
Harrington, Thomas from South Edmonton
Harrington, William from Rockyford
Harriott, Ed from Caroline
Harris Bros. from Alliance
Harris, A.C. from Coaldale
Harris, Ben J. from Caroline
Harris, Brian Edward from Lethbridge
Harris, C.C. from Hanna
Harris, C.W. from Calgary, Midnapore
Harris, Daisy A. from Caroline
Harris, David G. from Viking, Lynwood, CA
Harris, E. from Calgary
Harris, E.L. from Coaldale
Harris, F.T. from Magnolia
Harris, Fred W. from Mystery Lake
Harris, George from Tees
Harris, George P. from Bashaw
Harris, George R. from Calgary, Hussar
Harris, Gordon from Hardisty
Harris, Gordon T.,Stephen R.,Leslie F.,Leonard A.,Robert William from Alliance
Harris, H.A. from Lloydminster
Harris, H.J. from Retlaw, Parkland
Harris, H.W. from Caroline
Harris, Ira from Taber
Harris, Irl from Crossfield
Harris, J. & Son from Edberg, Sherwood Park
Harris, K.W. from Lloydminster, Saskatchewan
Harris, L.E. from Penhold
Harris, Leonard A. from Alliance
Harris, Leslie F. from Hardisty, Lougheed, Alliance
Harris, Marilyn J. from Chauvin
Harris, Norman O. from Chauvin
Harris, Pete Paul from Seba Beach
Harris, Richard H. from Pine Lake
Harris, Robert William from Hardisty, Lougheed, Alliance
Harris, Roy from Viking
Harris, Samuel L. & Ellen from Crossfield
Harris, Stephen R. from Alliance
Harris, Thomas Earl from Magrath
Harris, Wilford H. from Taber
Harris, William Reginald from Chauvin
Harrison, Alex from Bottrel, Crossfield
Harrison, Arthur from Big Valley, Fenn
Harrison, Bernice from Sundre
Harrison, Dennis G. from Sundre
Harrison, E. from Lake Thelma
Harrison, E.A. from Monitor, Vancouver, BC
Harrison, George A. from Big Prairie, Carstairs
Harrison, George from Paradise Valley
Harrison, Gertrude from Calgary
Harrison, J.A. from Monarch, Lousana, Picture Butte
Harrison, J.G. from Crossfield
Harrison, Jack from Cochrane
Harrison, James from DeWinton
Harrison, John W. from Edgerton
Harrison, John Wesley from Ryley
Harrison, M. from Hanna
Harrison, Miltin F. from Wainwright
Harrison, Neil Clarence from Stettler, Calgary
Harrison, Neil Edward from Vermilion
Harrison, Nellie from Sundre
Harrison, Nichols W. from Hairy Hill
Harrison, P.H. from Red Willow
Harrison, R.H.C. from Calgary
Harrison, Ralph J. from Tofield
Harrison, Ray S. from Red Willow
Harrison, Robert C. & Wayne R. from Stettler, Red Willow
Harrison, Susan from Bow Island
Harrison, Thomas from Lea Park, Tulliby Lake
Harrison, W. from Foothills, Entrance, Brule, Wabamun
Harrison, W.G. from Stettler
Harrison, W.T. from Foothills, Entrance, Brule, Wabamun
Harrison, Wilfred from Bowden
Harrod, George from Ponoka
Harrsion, Frederick Harry from Leedale, Rimbey
Harry Bros. from Craigmyle
Harry, Gordon from Viking
Harsany, Andy from Coaldale, Fort Macleod, Lethbridge
Harsatd, H.B. from Millicent, Patricia, Brooks, Vancouver, BC
Harsch, August L. from Cadogan
Harsch, T.L. from Cadogan
Harshman, Myra K from Calgary
Harshman, Ronald Clark from Calgary
Harstad, H.B., Allen, Robert from Millicent
Harstead, R.G. from Duchess, Brooks
Hart, Angus from Hemaruka
Hart, Barney from Hays
Hart, C.W. from Longview
Hart, Charles W. from Rose Lynn
Hart, Denver Charles from Lomond, Bassano, Sundre
Hart, Donald from Medicine Hat
Hart, George M. from Schuler, Winnifred, Iron Springs
Hart, Harold from Morley, Cochrane
Hart, Jack from Niton Junction
Hart, John from Bowmanton, Medicine Hat
Hart, John from Calgary
Hart, John from Consort
Hart, John from Drinnan
Hart, Lorne L. from Calgary
Hart, Orville C. from Winnifred, Sunnyslope
Hart, Orville Charles from Carbon
Hart, Pearl from Purple Springs, Taber
Hart, Richard E. from Okotoks, Banff
Hart, W. from Brooks
Hart, William Frank & Lydia from Calgary
Hart, William from Vauxhall, Whitla
Hartell, Lillian from Black Diamond
Hartgerink, Dennis Walter from Iddesleigh
Hartje, William from Whitla
Hartley, Albert from Stirling
Hartley, Alexander from Grande Prairie
Hartley, B.F. from Bassano, Okotoks
Hartley, Darrell from Calgary
Hartley, Edward from Hythe
Hartley, G.S. from Glenwoodville, Hartleyville, Cardston
Hartley, Harvey H. from Stirling
Hartley, J.R. from Lethbridge
Hartley, L.N. from Calgary
Hartley, Leonard Earl from Pincher Creek
Hartley, Wayne & Burton from Stirling
Hartley, William Burton from Stirling
Hartling, Roy from Wainwright
Hartman, D.A from Watino
Hartman, Garry & Earl Lysons Brooks from Blackfalds
Hartman, James R from Hartell
Hartman, R.C. from Kimball, Cardston
Hartman, Wayne from Grande Prairie, Watino
Hartman, William John from Calgary
Hartmann, Gus J. & Son from Ponoka
Hartmann, Herman from Kitscoty
Harton, Walter from Gadsby
Hartt, G.C. from Didsbury
Hartt, N.H. from Watts, High River
Hartt, Raymond L. from Hanna
Hartt, Robert from Cessford
Hartum, William from Busby, Stony Plain
Hartung, George from Champion, Vulcan
Hartung, Henry from Champion
Hartung, John Sr. from Champion
Hartwell, Stanley R. from Vermilion
Hartwell, Stuart R. from Vermilion, Dewberry
Hartwick, Charles Howard from Lomond
Hartwick, Mrs. M from Lomond
Hartwick, U.G. from High River
Harty Bros. from Nemiskam, Faith
Harty, George P. from Nemiskam, Foremost
Harty, James V. from Milk River, Yahk, British Columbia
Harty, Joseph from Etzikom, Faith
Harty, Martin from Etzikom, Faith
Harvey, C.T from Banff, Claresholm
Harvey, J.A. from Calgary
Harvey, John from Hardisty
Harvey, John L. from Hardisty
Harvey, S.A. from Scapa
Harvey, Tom from Dog Pound, Sundre
Harvie , William Jr. from St. Kilda
Harvie, David Dunlop from Milk River
Harvie, James from St. Kilda
Harvie, Mrs. C. from Dolcy
Harvie, Robert from St. Hilda
Harvie, William from St. Kilda
Harvilow, Olga from Eckville
Harwood, Katie from Cardston
Harwood, William Arthur from Strathmore
Harwood, William from Strathmore
Hasenuik, William Steve from Warburg
Hashman, Ben from Coronation, Calgary
Hashman, Harry from Calgary
Haskayne Bros.(Stanley & Richard) from Bassano
Haskell, Chris from Metiskow, Dewberry
Haskell, R.W. from Sundre
Haskell, Raymond R. from Marwayne
Haslam, Hyrum from Beazer
Haslam, James A. from Redcliff, Claresholm
Haslam, James A. from Redcliff, Claresholm
Haslam, James from Cardston
Haslam, Jerry Wayne from Taber
Haslett, Sophie Fleuring from Ranching
Hassall, Mrs. E. from Mannville
Hassard, Claude from Eagle Butte
Hassard, Elwin R. from Lethbridge
Hassard, J.R. from Eagle Butte
Hassard, Ralph from Eagle Butte
Hassard, Tom from Beaverlodge
Hassett, John from Strathmore
Hassett, Roy from Owendale
Hastie, Cameron A. from Innisfail
Hastie, William Norman from Trochu
Hastings, W.C. from Lloydminster, SK, Lloydminster, Alberta
Hasz, David D. from Fleet
Hat Cattle Holdings (Dan Rose) from Medicine Hat
Hatch, David M. from Cardston
Hatch, George J. from Rainier
Hatch, Lyle from Cherry Grove
Hatch, Reid P. from Cherry Grove
Hatch, Stuart from Calgary
Hatch, Thomas H. from Lethbridge, Gleichen, Stavely, Cardston
Hatch, Thomas R. from Cardston
Hatch, Victor from Glenwoodville, Frankburg, Cherry Grove, Cardston
Hatch, Wayne from Cherry Grove
Hatchel, Edward from Carlos
Hately, Anne from Magrath, Del Bonita, Lethbridge, Coutts
Hatfield, Captain A.C from Pincher Creek
Hatfield, Major H.S. & Captain A.C. Hatfield from Pincher Creek
Hathaway, Dan J. from Hondo, Cassils
Hathaway, Harold A. E. from Marwayne
Hathaway, William from Mossleigh, Blackie
Hatt, Erick George from Rumsey
Hatton, A.A. from Fort Macleod
Hatton, James from Rowley
Hatton, John Albert from Fort Macleod
Hatton, Ralph from Sage Creek, Thelma
Hatton, Walter W. from Fort Macleod, Lacombe
Hatzell, Horace G. from Glenevis, Sedgewick
Hauck, David from Robinson
Hauck, Edward from Robinson
Hauck, Emanuel from Medicine Hat, Robinson
Hauck, Fred & Ed (Little Smoky Ranch) from Valleyview
Hauck, Fred & Ed Hamilton (Little Smoky Ranch) from Valleyview
Hauck, Fred Jr. from Robinson, Bowell, Redcliff
Hauck, Gertrude from Langdon, Irricana, Calgary
Hauck, John from Thelma
Hauck, Lesley from Thelma
Hauck, Peter from Medicine Hat
Hauck, Peter from Oyen
Hauck, Peter from Robinson, Forestburg
Hauck, Reuben & Delsie from Fox, Medicine Hat, Thelma
Hauck, Rudolph from Robinson, Tothill, Manyberries, Medicine Hat
Hauer, Helen A. from Consort, Red Deer
Haug, H.M. from Demmitt
Haug, Halfdan from Dina, Rivercourse
Haug, T. from Clyde
Hauge, H.M. from Tupper Creek, BC
Haugen, A.E. from Pemukan
Haugen, James from Richdale
Haugen, Norman Lynn from Medicine Hat
Haugen, Ole H. from Edgerton
Hauger, George from Beaverlodge
Hauger, Norman from Beaverlodge
Haughian, Donald James from Kinuso
Haughian, Howard Anthony from Medicine Hat
Haugsett, Thorleif A from Rosalind
Hauk, William from Huxley
Hauka, Mitchell A. from Taber
Hauka, Samuel from Claresholm, Taber, Fingal,ON, Gibson, BC
Hault, Keleel from Wardlow
Haun, Burton from Irma
Haun, Edward A. from Irma
Haupt, Edward from Medicine Hat
Haupt, F. from Markerville
Haus, August from Cassils, Brooks
Haus, Joseph Andrew from Brooks
Hausauer, Jack from Woolchester, Medicine Hat
Hausauer, John H. from Irvine
Hausauer, John H. from Irvine
Hausauer, Ted from Pashley, Irvine
Hausauer, Victor Charles from Medicine Hat
Hauschar, John from Thelma
Hauser, Charlie from Minburn
Hauser, John from Carmangay
Hauser, Ken A. from Strome
Hauser, Louis from Minburn
Hauser, Theodore from Medicine Hat
Hausher, George from Scapa
Hausman, Ed from Cadogan
Hausman, Mrs. Bert from Cadogan
Hausness, J. from Cavendish, Buffalo
Hausness, Martha J. formerly Rodsit, from Atlee
Haustein, Gertrude from Stettler
Havanka, Gilbert from Falun
Havell Bros. (Leslie & Eric) from Lousana
Havell, Arthur G. from Ralston
Havell, Elsie L. from Lousana
Havens, D.C. from Hussar
Havens, Dempster from Patricia
Havens, Walter from Crossfield
Haviland, John William from Calgary
Havinga, John from Granum, Nobleford
Havinga, Joseph Leonard from Calgary
Hawaleshka, George from Ispas, Two Hills
Hawes, W.H. from Countess, Bassano, Wichita, KS
Hawk, Robert S. from Nanton
Hawken, E.F. from Provost
Hawkes, Philip H. from Greencourt
Hawkes, Vernon from Dimsdale, Grande Prairie
Hawkings, Edmund F. from Bentley
Hawkings, Ernest T. from Bentley
Hawkings, F.E. from Bentley
Hawkins, A.J. from Iola
Hawkins, Dr. G.W. from Calgary
Hawkins, Ernest from Rolling Hills
Hawkins, Fred from Bassano
Hawkins, H. & S. from Olds
Hawkins, Harold Edward from Calgary
Hawkins, James from Raymond
Hawkins, Mary & W.R. Sandercock from Drumheller
Hawkins, Mary & W.R. Sandercock from Drumheller
Hawkins, Resiel Dewey from Leighton, Lloydminster
Hawkins, Wilfred J. from Pine Lake, Big Valley, Sylvan Lake
Hawksworth, Dessie from Hythe
Hawley, G. Basil from Vermilion
Hawley, Percy from Mannville
Hawn, Gordon from Bassano
Hawn, Howard J. from Countess, Bassano
Hawn, J.T, from Bassano
Hawrelak, Nick P. from Willingdon
Hawreluk, Fred from Lake Eliza
Hawreluk, William from Rycroft
Hawryliak, K. from Spedden
Hawryluk, B. from Bezanson
Hawryluk, Dmetro from Elk Point
Hawryluk, Karl V. from Rycroft
Hawryluk, William from Dewberry, Vermilion
Hawrysh, Sam from Kinsella, Edmonton
Hawrysh, Sam from Kinsella, Edmonton
Haws, Allen from Duchess, Rainier
Hawthorne, D.L. from Albright, Hythe
Hawthorne, J. E. from Olds
Hawtin, Alwyne Ernest from Cadogan
Hawtin, Arthur E. J. from Cadogan
Hawtin, Arthur Leslie F. from Cadogan, Provost
Hawtin, Reg. W.A. from Cadogan
Hay, A. Walter from Brightview, Wetaskiwin
Hay, Albert from Kingman, Enderby, BC
Hay, Alice from Carbon
Hay, Arnold Edwin from Condor
Hay, C.E. from Kitscoty
Hay, Donald from Acme
Hay, Earle from Atlee
Hay, Elmer from Onoway
Hay, Harry B. from Edmonton
Hay, J.R. from Kitscoty
Hay, James H. from Elnora
Hay, John from Sundre
Hay, W.A. from Mossleigh
Hay, W.D. & Joe Tell from Lethbridge, Brooks
Hay, William W. from Nanton
Hayball, Desmond J. from Rosscarrock, Didsbury
Hayday, Nick from Fort Vermilion
Hayden, John LeRoy Danial from Vauxhall
Hayden, Lew from Calgary
Hayder, Louis from Edgerton
Haydey, Peter, Mike & William from Willingdon
Haydon, Bethell (Devon Ranch) from Mayerthorpe, Heldar
Haydon, Douglas M. from Viking
Haydu, William from Edgerton
Hayes, C. from Cremona
Hayes, Calvin W. from Rose Lynn, Hanna
Hayes, Charles from Onion Lake, Saskatchewan
Hayes, Charles Wesley from South Ferriby, Onion Lake, SK
Hayes, Charles William from Fort Macleod
Hayes, D.P. from Alix
Hayes, Elizabeth from Breton
Hayes, Harry Gordon from Rochfort Bridge
Hayes, Jim from Hardisty
Hayes, John Robert from Sundre
Hayes, Norman Everett from Priddis
Hayes, Patrick A. from Hanna
Hayes, Roger C. from Tees
Hayes, St. Clair G.E. from Peers
Hayes, Thomas James from Calgary
Hayland, John P. from Claresholm
Hayland, John P. from Claresholm
Hayman, Milton from Edson
Haymond, Roy C. from Drumheller
Hayner, Dr. Ernest from Edmonton
Haynes, Bernice from Taber
Haynes, Clarence Lee from Taber
Haynes, F.C .from Easyford
Haynes, F.C. from Easyford
Haynes, Floyd from Westlock
Haynes, G.H & Mildred V. from Sundre
Haynes, Harold from Taber
Haynes, Harry R. from Red Deer
Haynes, J.M. from Airdrie
Haynes, J.R from Ogden
Haynes, J.R. from Ogden
Haynes, Lloyd D. from Greenshields
Haynes, Lloyd D. from Greenshields, Ponoka
Haynes, Lynn from Lethbridge, Taber
Haynes, M.M. from Wainwright, Greenshields
Haynes, Mrs. E.P. from Rainier, Medicine Hat
Haynes, Mrs. E.P. from Rainier, Medicine Hat
Haynes, Ralph F. from Lacombe
Haynes, Robert from Gadsby, Winnington
Haynes, Ross (formerly Sam Herchuk) from Edmonton
Haynes, Ross from Taber
Haynes, Theodore A. from Taber
Haynes, Warren from Taber
Hays & Earl Ltd. from Lethbridge
Hays Feeders Association from Hays
Hays, C.I. from Carstairs
Hays, Dorothy R. from Alix
Hays, Leona B. from Hardisty
Hays, Russell from Hardisty
Hayter, Jessie Evelyn from Edmonton
Hayter, Jessie Evelyn from Edmonton
Hayter, Lock H. from Macleod
Hayward, Caroline from Delia
Hayward, J. from Ashmont, Abilene
Hayward, R.E. from Leedale
Haywood, Percy T. from Wainwright
Haywood, Robert James from Wainwright
Hayworth, Ralph from Monitor, Consort
Hazel, Gordon Aubrey from Wetaskiwin
Hazell Bros. from Nampa
Hazell Bros. from Nampa
Hazell Harry B. & Thomas Charles from Nampa
Hazelwood, Betty from New Brigden, Cereal
Hazen, R.S. from Rosalind, Edmonton
Hazlett, W.J. from Red Deer
H-D Farms (David Wiebe) from Hines Creek, Chinook Valley
Heacock, A.H. from Gleichen
Head, A.L. from Grande Prairie
Head, James from Vulcan, Vauxhall
Head, Percy Lorne from Grande Prairie
Head, Sherman F. from Grovedale
Headon, Jack from Fabyan
Headon, Richard from Wainwright, Fabyan
Heah, Beverley A. from High River
Heaivilin, C.T. from Hardisty
Heal, F.J. from Maycroft
Heal, Thomas & Son from Delburne
Healey, Earl from Cardston
Healey, George from Hemaruka
Health of Animals Board Canada Dept. of Agriculture from Ottawa, ON
Healy, E.W. from Bawlf, Lincoln, Daysland
Healy, Harold Warnock from Cardston
Healy, Lorne C. from Vulcan
Healy, Stan from Cardston
Healy, W.G from Penhold
Heaney, Lawrence S. from Esther
Heaney, Stephen from Esther, Oyen
Heard, Ernest from Sedgewick
Heard, J.B. from Maclean
Heare, Alice & Son (C.O) from Stauffer
Heare, Frank L. & Harry A. Penn from Nanton, Raven
Heare, G.A from Nanton
Heare, W.R from Stauffer
Hearonemus, Jacob from Stettler
Hearts, Charley from Granum
Heater, Chester from Okotoks, Aurora, ON
Heath, Annie Josephine & William Herbert from Fort Macleod
Heath, Clayton B. from Rosebud
Heath, T.G. from Berwyn
Heath, Thomas from Chauvin
Heath, W. Herbert from Macleod
Heath, William from Fort Macleod
Heather, Edwin Otto from Calgary
Heather, Katherine & Ludwig from Medicine Hat, Thelma
Heather, Stuart from Bashaw
Heather, Sue H. from Thelma
Heatherington, E. from Sedalia
Heatherington, G.W. from Sedalia
Heatley, Robert G. from Cremona, Edmonton, High Prairie
Heaton, Amy A. from Maycroft, Pincher Creek, Lundbreck
Heaton, Kathleen Louise from Lundbreck
Heaton, Robert P. from Lacombe
Heaton, Sheila Joanne from Lundbreck
Heaton, William from Paradise Valley
Heavy Runner, Andy from Cardston
Heavy Shields, Herman from Cardston
Hebblethwaite, Peter from St. Paul
Heberling, Mildred E. from Rosebud
Heberling, Robert Spurrie from Rosebud
Hebert, Joseph from Villeneuve
Hebert, Mrs. James from Bonnyville
Hebert, Mrs. James from Bonnyville
Hebert, Rosaire from St. Albert
Hebert, Simon from Cold Lake
Hebrard, Vincent & Laura from Monitor, Lumby, BC
Hecht, Alvin Harold from Alix
Hecht, H. from Clive
Heck, Dallas from Caroline
Heck, Fred W. from Cappon, Knee Hill Valley
Heck, George from Edmonton, Fairview, Eaglesham, Daysland
Heck, Harry from Wanham
Heck, J. B. from Caroline
Heck, John A. from Bodo, Daysland
Heck, Pearl from Vauxhall
Hecko, Peter from Clover Bar
Hecko, Peter from Clover Bar
Hecktor, Larry Blair from Carbon
Hector, Joseph from Knee Hill Valley
Hector, Sam from Calgary
Hedalen, Carl from Raymond, Czar
Hedalen, Theodore or Ted from Czar, Edgerton, Dolcy
Hedberg, Oscar from Lake Eliza
Heddinger, George from Calgary
Hedemark, P.B. from Blackfalds
Hedges, Sebert J. from Namaka
Hedin, E.J. from Whitecourt
Hedley, Mrs. T.R. from Manyberries
Hedlund, Albert W. from Heath
Hedlund, August from Malmo
Hedlund, Cherie & June from Ranchville, Medicine Hat
Hedlund, David & L.N. Laidlow from Dog Pound
Hedlund, David from Ranchville, Medicine Hat
Hedman, John & Gust from Leicester
Hedstrom, Alfred A from Carbon
Hedstrom, Alfred A. from Carbon
Hedstrom, Ernest W. from Carbon
Heelan, P. from Onion Lake, SK, Cold Lake
Heemeryck, Bruno from Saunders
Heemeryck, Jerome A. from Alix
Heer, Emanuel from Stettler
Heer, Henry from Gadsby
Heer, John from Gadsby, Hackett
Heer, Ted & Johnny Neibauer from Trochu
Heerkens, Martin from Burdett
Heesch, Otto from Usona
Heffel, Bernhard Ernest from Pincher Creek
Heffel, R.E. from Alliance, Sedgewick
Hefferman, E.T. Jr. from Buffalo, Lymburn, Primrose, Lindbergh, Bear Flat, BC
Heffernan, Joseph G. from Cappon, Primrose, Bindloss, Spennymoor
Hefflebower, Rine M. from Cluny
Heffler, Harry from Brooks
Heffner, Roscoe W. from Bearberry, Rumsey, Victoria British Columbia
Heffren, L.E. from Ribstone
Heft, Gerald R. from Penhold
Hegel, Paul from Hythe
Heggen, Hilmer E. from Spondin
Heggie, A.S. from Raymond
Heggie, George S. from Raymond
Hegland, Olaf P. from Beaverlodge
Heguy, Dominica from Amisk, Vancouver, British Columbia
Heguy, Fabien from Amisk, Nilrem
Hehn, Mattis from Bulwark
Hehr, Clifford from Calgary
Hehr, Ernest from Crossfield
Hehr, William from Crossfield, Calgary
Hehter, Gottlieb from Bowmanton, Medicine Hat
Heichert, E.B. from De Winton
Heichert, William from Calgary, Alix
Heide, Jake from Ensign
Heidebrecht, Peter from Lacombe
Heidecker, Henry Fred, & William from Coronation
Heiden, William Anthony from Acadia Valley, Vandyne
Heidinger, Albert from Woolchester, Medicine Hat
Heidinger, Amanda from Medicine Hat, Calgary
Heidinger, Clarence from Seven Persons
Heidinger, Fred from Wisdom
Heidinger, Herbert from Woolchester, Medicine Hat
Heidinger, John F. from Seven Persons
Heidinger, Leonard Allan from Medicine Hat
Heidt Bros. from Delia
Heier, Emil & Helga from Gadsby
Heigh, H.M. from Ardmore
Heighes, Clifford from Coaldale
Heimbecker, Donald H. from Midnapore
Heimbecker, H.O. from Calgary
Hein, Arthur from Spondin
Hein, Charles Raymond from Hussar
Hein, E.W. from Hanna
Hein, Gottfried from Beiseker
Hein, Gottlieb C. from Trochu
Hein, R.A. from Hanna, Richdale
Hein, Reinhold from Spondin
Hein, Sam from Halkirk, Castor
Heine, Albert J. from Crossfield, Calgary Schlosser,
Heine, Bernard J. from Carstairs
Heine, Edwin from Crossfield, Carstairs
Heinemann, Darvin Ernest from St. Albert
Heinig Bros. (William & Arnold) from Ryley
Heinig, William from Ryley
Heinrich, Bob from Medicine Hat
Heinrich, Ernst Christoph from Hines Creek
Heinrich, George from Medicine Hat
Heinrich, George Jr. from Walsh
Heinrich, Jona from Walsh
Heinrich, Ronald Douglas from Kirriemuir
Heinz, Henry from Medicine Hat
Heinzman, Herbert from Fox
Heisler, Ambrose from Longview, Black Diamond
Heisler, Donald John from Calgary
Heisler, Frank J. from Perryvale
Heisler, John from Amisk
Heisler, Phil from Edberg
Heistad, Henry from Falun, Wetaskiwin
Heistad, Philip from Veteran, Calgary
Heistad, Reynold B. from Veteran
Heisz, Opal V. from High Prairie
Heisz, Roy from Donalda
Heitman, Mrs. Herman from Twin Butte, Fishburn
Heitman, Mrs. Herman from Twin Butte, Fishburn
Heitman, Ralph from Pincher Creek, Twin Butte
Heitrich, Daniel Matthew from Heart Valley
Heitrich, George from Etzikom
Heitrich, Kasmer from Etzikom
Heitrich, Max & Mary from Etzikom
Heitrich, Rose or Rosie Marie from Etzikom
Helber, Andreas & Son from Hilda
Heldahl, Jens from Morrin
Helderweirt, Ed from Calgary
Heldrith, Daisie M. from Vermilion, Hindville
Helfer, Jesse from Donalda
Helferty, Isaiah W. from Priddis, Midnapore
Helfrich, Henry C. from Viking
Helfrich, Henry C. from Viking
Helfrich, John J. from Empress
Helfrich, Martin from Empress
Helfrich, S.C. & Martha from Viking
Helfrich, S.C. & Martha from Viking
Helland, Lars from Lomond
Hellawell, John A.C. from Lethbridge
Hellekson, Claude H. from Peers, Haddock, Malaska
Heller, Emanuel from Fox Valley, SK, Medicine Hat
Heller, EmanuelE. from Walsh
Heller, Emil from Irvine
Heller, John from Wisdom
Heller, Otto from Walsh, Brooks, Souris, MB
Heller, Rueben from Medicine Hat
Hellerud, Paul Lawrence from Grande Prairie
Hellevang, C.A. from Milo
Hellevang, Oscar from Milo
Hellmer, Alex & Marven from Tilley
Hellquist, Gus E. from Lindberg, Elk Point
Hellwig, Albert from Picture Butte
Hellwig, Arthur from Irricana, Bassano
Helm, Alex from Raven
Helm, Harvey from St. Francis
Helm, J. from Claresholm
Helm, Jack from Hilda, Olds
Helm, John from Olds
Helm, Oliver from Calgary
Helm, Wilbert from Hays
Helman, John W. from Hays
Helmar, Godfrey from Coalhurst
Helmer, George from Claresholm
Helmer, Henry M. from Claresholm
Helmsley, J.M. from Vauxhall
Helton, LaMont from Hartleyville
Helwig, Herbert from Olds
Helwig, Sam from Olds
Hembree, E.E. from Calgary, Stavely
Hembree, Lottie from Stavely, Calgary
Hembree, Mildred from Stavely
Hembree, Patrick B. from Stavely
Hemeniuk, Harry & Ed Sadownyk from Vegreville
Hemens, Walter H. from Priddis, Midnapore
Hemenway, V.L. from Pemukan
Hemeyer, William Henry from Erskine
Hemingway, Harold J. from Nanton, Calgary
Hemkel, William from Burtonsville
Hemmaway, Harold from Hussar
Hemmaway, Jason John from Claresholm
Hemmaway, William Harry from Claresholm
Hemphill, Harry Wallace from Bentley
Hemsing, Sylvester B. from Rolling Hills
Hemsworth, Mrs. E.M from Turner Valley, Wetaskiwin, N. Vancouver, BC
Henchel, Fred from Medicine Hat
Henchel, George & Gerald from Medicine Hat
Henchel, George & Gerald from Medicine Hat
Henchell, George & C. H. Sewell from Medicine Hat
Henchell, George & C. H. Sewell from Medicine Hat
Hendel, Casper J. from Rosalind, Ferry Point
Hendel, Martin from Holden, Peguis
Henderson Bros. from Forestburg
Henderson, A.W. from Flatbush, Grimshaw, Ryley
Henderson, C.J. from Barnwell
Henderson, Charles C. from Haddock
Henderson, Douglas W. from Calgary
Henderson, E.E. from Hythe
Henderson, Eugene W. from Calgary
Henderson, J. . from Fairview
Henderson, J.S. from Hughenden
Henderson, J.V. from Innisfail
Henderson, James from Macleod, Lomond
Henderson, John A. from Edmonton
Henderson, John from Cochrane
Henderson, Keith from Rycroft
Henderson, Mrs. J. from Grossmont
Henderson, O.C. from Magrath
Henderson, R. from Edmonton
Henderson, Randal Leroy from Forestburg
Henderson, Richard A. from Lethbridge
Henderson, Rod from Forestburg
Henderson, Thomas J. from Sundre
Henderson, W.S. from Calgary
Henderson, William A. from Lacombe, Campbell River, BC
Henderson, Wilson M. from High River, Cayley, Nanton
Hendricks, Jacob Wilhelm from Lethbridge
Hendricks, John L. from Hughenden, Amisk, Czar
Hendricks, Martin from Lethbridge, Travers, High Prairie
Hendrickson, Anna from Edberg, Faith
Hendrickson, George E. from Tofield
Hendrickson, George E. from Tofield
Hendrickson, P.B. from Dickson
Hendrickson, Reuben from Nanton
Hendrie, Keith from Owendale, Cardston
Hendrie, Murray (Valley Ranch) from High River
Hendry, Kenneth Everett from High Prairie
Hendry, William from Buffalo
Hendzuik, Carl from Tomahawk
Heninger, B.V. from Raymond
Heninger, C.W. from Picture Butte, Lethbridge, Scandia
Heninger, E.S. from Raymond, Magrath
Heninger, Ellis A. from Cardston
Heninger, H. Peery from Beazer, Cardston
Heninger, James from Raymond
Heninger, John Thomas from Cardston
Heninger, Mabel K. from Raymond
Heninger, Morgan W. from Lethbridge, Bow City
Henke, Alfred J. from Rockyford
Henke, Arthur from Bloomsbury
Henke, F.J. from Rockyford
Henke, Fred A. & Emma from Donalda
Henke, Harry John & Sandra Lynn from Bluffton
Henke, Herman from Brightview
Henkel, George from Burtonsville, Bawlf, Carvel
Henkel, Joe E. from Minburn
Henker, Marvin F. from Claresholm, Granum, Summerland, BC
Henker, R. from Granum, Leavings
Henker, William O. from Granum, Leavings
Henley, E.J from Donalda
Henley, E.J. from Donalda
Henley, W.R from Stettler
Hennel, Alexander & William from Stettler
Hennel, Joseph from Stettler
Hennig, Adolph from Hilliard
Hennig, Adolph from Hilliard
Hennig, Erwin W. from Winterburn
Hennig, Philip H. from Stony Plain
Henninger, John Thomas from Aetna
Hennsey, Vera A. from High Prairie
Henrich, Joe from Brooks, Eyremore, Bow City
Henrickson, J.A from Elk Point
Henrie Bros. (Gaylon, James & Edwin) from Chedderville
Henrie, Edwin from Rocky Mountain House
Henrie, Gaylon from Calgary
Henrikson, F.A. from Elk Point
Henrsud, George from Compeer
Henry, Albert from Berwyn
Henry, Alexander from Arrowwood, Gleichen, Gilby
Henry, Alvin Stewart from Calgary
Henry, Clarence from Rolling Hills
Henry, Ernest Roy from Stone, SK, Ravenscrag, SK, Keeley Springs, SK
Henry, Floyd from Paradise Valley
Henry, Gordon S. from Red Deer, Ricinus
Henry, Howard from Goodwin
Henry, J.W. from Eaglesham
Henry, Kenneth from High River
Henry, Oliver from Rainier, Brooks
Henry, R.H. from Paradise Valley
Henry, R.H. from Paradise Valley
Henry, Ray from Champion, Sexsmith
Henry, Robert A. from Calgary
Henry, Roy from Rainier, Brooks
Henry, Stuart M. from Scandia
Hensch, Fred M. from Calmar
Henschell, Arthur from South Edmonton
Henschke, Arnold from Medicine Hat
Hensel, Mike from Schuler
Henshall, Thomas from Fedorah
Hensman, Adelaide from Cochrane
Hensman, Fred from Cochrane, Grand Valley
Henty, Edward Jack from Drumheller
Henwood, George from Veteran
Heorge William Hood Ltd. from Edmonton
Hepburn, Percy C. from Mayerthorpe
Hepler, George E. from Pincher Creek, Beaver Mines
Heppner, Abram from Calgary
Heppner, Joseph from Pincher Creek
Heppner, Mrs. A.R from Pincher Creek
Heppner, Theresa from Pincher Creek
Herba, Stanley from Vauxhall
Herbermann, Erik F. from Vauxhall
Herbert Nelson from Crammond, Mission City, BC
Herbert, Arthur from Pine Lake, Lousana
Herbert, Charles William from Fort Saskatchewan
Herbert, Donivan from Haddock
Herbert, Frank from Didsbury
Herbert, M.B. from Delburne, Red Deer
Herbert, Norton from Heath
Herbert, Roland from Deville, Irma
Herbert, Walter H. from Westerdale, Didsbury
Herbig, R.F from Dalroy, High River
Herbold, Walter, & Hubert H. Petzoldt from Coronado
Herbstreit, Arnold from Chipman
Herchuk, Sam (changed to Ross Haynes) from Hilliard
Hereford, A.A. from Rocky Mountain House, Bearberry, Jumping Pound, Maycroft
Hereford, B.E. from Nordegg, Rocky Mountain House
Hergert, Conrad from Carstairs
Hergert, Edward from Carstairs
Hergert, George from Didsbury
Herget, Albert H. from Stirling
Heringer, Charlie Karl from Rocky Mountain House
Herle, A. & Margaret from Heisler
Herle, George A. from Provost
Herle, George A. from Provost
Herlick, Lulu H. from Coronation
Herman Ranches Ltd. from Innisfail
Herman, Agnes R. from Bindloss
Herman, Gustave from Medicine Hat, Irvine, Robinson
Herman, John Albert & Leroy Thomas from Bindloss
Herman, Lorane A. from Cluny
Herman, Mrs. Frank from Lundbreck
Herman, Robert from Eagle Butte
Herman, Samuel from Irvine
Hermann, Carl from Schuler, Medicine Hat
Hermann, George from Priddis
Hermann, Kurt from Newbrook
Hermanutz, Lawrence J. from St. Albert, Lethbridge
Hermon, D. from Calgary
Herner, John from Didsbury, Carstairs, Cremona, Garfield
Herold, Roy F. from Rimbey
Heron, Bruce from Le Goff, Longview
Heron, Donald A. from Okotoks, Gem
Heron, Robert J from Longview
Heron, Robert J. from Longview
Heron, William James from Alix
Herpich, Adolph from Bassano
Herr, George from Hanna
Herrick, A.R. from Eyremore
Herrick, Clarence from Woking
Herrick, Clifford W. from Woking
Herrick, H.E. from Minburn
Herrick, John J. from Kinsella
Herrick, Robert & Ann from Woking
Herrle, H. from Wimborne
Herrle, Henrietta from Halkirk
Herrle, Lewellan & Julia from Olds
Herrmann, Horst from Wanham
Herrmann, John from Medicine Hat, Schuler
Herron, Francis or Frank from Eagle Butte
Herron, S.C. from Metiskow
Herselman, Cor from Millicent, Brooks
Herter, Dan from Medicine Hat
Hertz, Adam from New Brigden
Hertz, Dan from New Brigden
Hertz, Innozenz from New Brigden
Hertz, Nick, & Rose from New Brigden, Oyen
Hertzke, William from Nanton, Calgary, Edmonton
Hervey, E.S from Endiang, Leo
Hervey, Jim from Raymond
Heryford Bros from Makepeace
Heryford, H.S. from Gem
Heryford, Lloyd from High River, Gem
Heryford, Robert Elton from Bassano
Herzig, Adolph from Provost
Hesby, John E. from High River
Hesby, Paul from Lloydminster
Hescott, June from Twin Butte
Hesketh, H. from Three Hills
Heslett, Sophie E. from Ranching
Heslip, Lew from Enilda
Heslop, Fred from Castor
Heslop, James from Pincher Creek, Twin Butte
Heslop, James from Viking, Phillips, Fort McMurray, Yellowknife, NWT
Heslop, John F. from Viking
Heslop, John W. from Pincher Creek
Heslop, William from Viking
Hesp, D.F. from Alliance
Hesp, David Forest from Consort, Alliance, Cochrane
Hesp, Dorothy Dean from Westerose
Hess, Arthur L. from High River, Kamloops, BC
Hess, Frederick Arthur from Trochu
Hess, George from Bowden
Hess, J.E. from Clyde
Hesse, Frank from Manning
Hession, James from Bentley
Hester, John from Consul, SK, Wild Horse
Hestness, Alfred from Donalda
Hetesy, Michael & Son (Robert) from Coaldale
Hetherington Bros. (Charles E & C.G.H.) from Ottawa, ON, Vauxhall, Taber
Hetherington, W.G. from Vermilion
Hetherington, William A. from Vermilion, Auburndale
Hettler, Adam from Hobbema
Heukeroth, Earnest from Gadsby, Stettler
Heureux, Joseph A.L. from Pierce Landing, Cold Lake
Heward, C.P. from Granum, Claresholm
Heward, John E. from Granum
Heward, John E. from Granum
Hewitt, A.J. from Rimbey
Hewitt, Alice & D.N, P.B. Hewitt from Cowley
Hewitt, Alice, D.N. & P.B. from Cowley
Hewitt, Ernest from Knee Hill Valley
Hewitt, Frederick Gordon & Edward Chapman from North Fork
Hewitt, John Samuel from North Fork, Carbonado, BC
Hewitt, Robert John from Castor
Hewitt, Samuel Sr. from Big Valley
Hewitt, Thomas Garnet from Calgary, Marwayne
Hewitt, Wilfred V. from Cowley
Hewitt, William J. from Castor, Lindsville, Bulwark
Hewka, Mike from Mundare
Hey, Beth from Calgary
Heyash, Gabriel from Brooks
Heyde, R.J. from Rosemary
Heydlauff, Mabel from Wild Horse, Sage Creek
Heydorf, Mrs. E. from Altario
Heyland, Boyd Errol from Claresholm
Heyland, Ed from Claresholm
Heyland, Errol from Claresholm
Heyland, John C. from Turner Valley
Heyland, John Douglas from Claresholm
Heyler, L.G. from Sunnynook, Carolside
Heyler, T.M. from Solberg, Carolside
Heysa, Herbert from Calgary
Heywood, Ira from Crossfield
Hibbert, Albert from Innisfail
Hibert, Frank from Hindville, Kitscoty
Hickey, James & Lois from Grande Prairie
Hickle, Agnes L. from Red Deer
Hickle, J.C. from Rose Lynn
Hickle, John E. from Rose Lynn
Hicklin, William from Turner Valley
Hickox, Harry( Black & White Ranch )from Innisfail, Nevis
Hicks, A.T. from Cadogan, Cousins
Hicks, E.J. from Eaglesham
Hicks, Eleanor M. from Fishburn
Hicks, Joseph R. from Raymond
Hicks, Richard from Edmonton, Easyford
Hicks, Richard from Edmonton, Easyford
Hicks, Sarah A. from Cousins, Cadogan
Hicks, Walter from Cousins, Provost, Cadogan
Hicox, Cecil Allan from Wainwright
Hicox, Cecil Preston from Wainwright, Heath
Hider, Patricia E. nee Sauer from Medicine Hat
Hieb, Rubon from Medicine Hat
Hieb, T.F. from Claresholm
Hiebert, Abraham from Gem
Hiebert, C.H. from Swalwell
Hiebert, Con from Wetaskiwin, Scandia
Higa Bros. from Lethbridge
Higa Thomas T. from Lethbridge
Hi-Gain Custom Feedlot Ltd. (D.A. Wobeser) from Lloydminster
Higginbottom, L. from Elnora
Higgins, J.E. from Retlaw
Higgins, R J. from Owendale
Higgins, R.L. from Retlaw, Vauxhall
Higgins, W.D. from Owendale, Westward Ho
Higgs, Lillie Ellen Doreen from Bay Tree, Dixonville
High, Clayton from Crossfield
High, N.W from Coronation
Highet, Thomas William from Brooks
Highmoor, Jonathan from Empress
Highmoor, William from Empress
Higley, Elsa from Calgary, Langdon
Hikida Bros. from Picture Butte
Hildahl, Darwin from Medicine Hat
Hildebrand, George G. from Skiff
Hildebrand, Lillian Mildred remarried name Thorsen from Innisfail, Berrymoor
Hildebrandt, Ben D. from Swift Current, SK, Taber, Blumenhof, SK
Hildebrandt, Fred H. from Rumsey, Scollard
Hildebrandt, Gottlieb from Champion
Hildebrandt, Walter from Grand Centre
Hilderbrand, Fred from Wetaskiwin, Little Plum, Woolchester
Hildreth, Stan from Sullivan Lake, Castor
Hilger, Mrs. W.J. from Claresholm
Hilker, F.J. from Ribstone, Edmonton, Vermilion
Hilker, Gustave from Red Willow, Stettler
Hilker, Ralph A. from Red Willow
Hill Bros. from Stirling, Raymond
Hill, A.R. from Calgary, Turin, Claresholm
Hill, B.A. from Edgerton
Hill, Burdett from Taber
Hill, Clara M. from Travers
Hill, David from Lacombe
Hill, E.S. from Torlea, Viking
Hill, Earl N. from Alliance
Hill, F.W. from Kinuso
Hill, Frank W. from Vermilion
Hill, Fred from Rocky Mountain House, Stettler
Hill, Fred H. from Turner Valley, Erskine, Stettler
Hill, Geoffrey from Sherwood Park
Hill, Gordon A. from Red Deer
Hill, J.E. from Milk River
Hill, J.F. from Bowden, Monitor
Hill, Jack from Greenshields
Hill, James Maxwell from High Level
Hill, James Nile from Turin
Hill, John Leslie from Monitor
Hill, Joseph from Minburn
Hill, Kurt from Calgary
Hill, L. & Sons from Consort
Hill, L.L. from Consort, Neutral Valley
Hill, Leo B. from Taber
Hill, Norman from Sedalia
Hill, Peter from Lacombe
Hill, R. C. from Sundre
Hill, R.A. from Vulcan
Hill, Rebecca from Purple Springs, Taber
Hill, S.G. from Calgary
Hill, Smith from Monitor
Hill, Tom from Greenshields
Hill, W.H. from Tilley
Hill, W.S. from Vulcan
Hill, W.T. from Hardisty
Hill, Walter E. from Penhold
Hill, William F. from Calgary
Hill, William from Gleichen, Vulcan
Hillaby, C.G. from Cherry Grove
Hillaby, E.J. from Marwayne
Hillaby, Harry from Marwayne
Hillaby, Harvey Nile from Waterways
Hillaby, Robert from Camrose, Donalda
Hillaby, Robert from Marwayne
Hillaby, Ronald from Donalda
Hillaby, W.H. from Donalda
Hillaby, W.H. from Marwayne, Penticton, BC
Hillaby, William H. from Chaton
Hillard, Albert E. from Carmangay
Hille, Hans O. from Cereal
Hillebrecht, Charles from Olds
Hiller Bros from Olds
Hiller, Alice & Andrew from Sedgewick
Hiller, Alice, Hiller, Andrew from Sedgewick
Hiller, Edmund from Edmonton
Hiller, Emiel from Cluny, Hussar
Hiller, Roland E. from Edmonton
Hiller, Samuel from Hays
Hillerud, M. (The Claresholm Stock Company) from Claresholm
Hillestad, Lars J. from Bow Island, Medicine Hat, Whitla
Hillhurst Farms (Robert Allen Akins) from Duffield
Hillier, Harold from Twin Butte
Hilliker, A.J. from Calgary
Hillis, Reginald from Blackfoot, Lloydminster
Hillman, A.R. & Sons from Sexsmith
Hillman, Barry L. from Bluffton
Hillman, J.C. from Forestburg
Hillman, M.A. from Peace River
Hillman, S.A. from Grande Prairie
Hillman, William Earl from Taber
Hillman's Black Eagle Ranching Company from Thelma
Hillmer, Ernest from Magrath, Del Bonita
Hills, A.J. from Coronado
Hills, Bros. (Douglas H & Garry H.) from Legal
Hills, George G. & Edith from Halfway Lake
Hills, George G. & Edith from Halfway Lake
Hills, James from Mannville, Payndale
Hills, James from Manville, Payndale
Hillstad, Gerhard from Whitla
Hillstad, Gerhard from Whitla
Hillsted, Swen M. from Buffalo, Pancras, Lethbridge
Hilman, Alfred from Nanton
Hilman, Marvin from Red Deer
Hiltbrand, Arthur & Fred from Scotfield
Hiltbrand, Fred from Scotfield
Hilton Bros. (George & William J.) from Millarville, Calgary
Hilton, Henry Stanley from New Brigden, Alix
Hilton, Jerry from Montgomery, Caroline
Hilton, Ronald J. from Strathmore
Hilts, Nelson A. from Alsask, SK, Lloydminster, AB, Didsbury
Him, Harry from Leslieville
Himmelreich, R.F. from Carstairs
Himmler, Klaus G. & Michael Moertl from Calgary
Hinch, Beatrice C. from Nemiskam
Hinch, Ed from Nemiskam
Hinchey, W.G. & Sons from Vermilion
Hinchliffe, Joseph from Marwayne, Tring, Kitscoty
Hinckelman, John from Whitecourt
Hind, Richard Pedder from Kitscoty, Hindville
Hinde, Gordon from Cochrane
Hinde, William from Calgary
Hinds Bros. from Iron Springs
Hinecker, Fred from Mannville, La Corey
Hiner, John Henry from Macleod
Hiner, Leo from Macleod
Hines, A.T. & Sons from Marwayne
Hines, A.V. from Streamstown
Hines, Agnes from Marwayne
Hines, Edith from Heisler
Hines, Edith L. & Audrey from Nanton
Hines, John B. from Etzikom
Hingley, Charles B. from Majorville, Champion, Lomond
Hingley, Harry from Bonanza
Hininger, H.J. from Clive, Botha
Hink, John H. from Walsh
Hinkey, Darrell Frank from Hardisty, Cardston
Hinkey, Emil from Bassano
Hinkey, Jack from Gem, High Prairie
Hinkey, Leslie from High Prairie
Hinkie, R. from Jarrow
Hinman, Nolan from Cardston, Calgary
Hinrup, Karen Kristine from Medicine Hat
Hinrup, Mrs. M L. from Medicine Hat
Hinteregger, J.S. from Comrey, Peers, Manyberries
Hinton, C.R. from Dovercourt
Hinton, Frank from Saltaux, Mannville
Hinton, Ollie from Amber Valley
Hinton, Percy & Hinton & Arthur from Mannville, Saultaux
Hintz, A.J. from Viking, Strome
Hintz, Michael from Alderson
Hintz, Ted from Stettler, Endiang, Pemberton, BC
Hintz, Walter from Viking
Hinz, Victor R. from Calgary
Hippe, Berthold from Sibbald, Medicine Hat
Hippe, Robert from Medicine Hat, Blackfoot
Hirch, Alfred from Coaldale
Hirch, Helmut from Bow Island
Hirney, John from Rolling Hills
Hirsch, A.H. from Bawlf, New Sarepta
Hirsch, Anthony M. from Parkland, Claresholm
Hirsch, Bennie from Oyen
Hirsch, Frank from Granum
Hirsch, Fred & Son from Camrose
Hirsch, Mrs. Paul from Bluffton
Hirsch, Paul from Willesden Green
Hirsche Bros. from Stirling
Hirsche, Jay Delryn from Wrentham
Hirsche, Norman E. from Stirling, Raymond
Hirsche, Samuel from Stirling
Hirschkorn, Alfred & Lilly from Rolling Hills, Brooks
Hirsekorn, F.J. from Clover Bar
Hisey, Russell from Tofield
Hislop, George & Jessie from Sedalia
Hislop, Stewart K. from Alsask, SK
Hissett, R.C. from Wainwright
Hitchcock, Harry from Bassano
Hitchins, Arthur & Laura Hutchins from Pincher Creek
Hitman, August from Camrose
Hitt, Otis from Del Bonita
Hittinger, Peter from Morinville
Hittle, Harry L. from Leo
Hitz, Clifford L. & Henry R. Hodgson from Dixonville
Hitz, H. from Clear Hills
Hix, T.D. from Sunnynook
Hixson Bros. (D.& Clifford Sheldon) from Lake Isle, Stanger
Hixson Bros. D. & Clifford Sheldon from Lake Isle, Stanger
Hjelter, H. from Darling
Hjelter, Ole from Ryley, Tofield
Hjorth, Harry from Tilley
Hlady, John & Sons from Two Hills
Hlavoy, Frank from Buck Lake
Hleucka, N.A. from Vauxhall
Hleucka, William V. from Hays
Hlewka, Jim from Two Hills
Hlibka, George from Fort Macleod
Hlookoff, Mike from Blackie
Hlus, Fred from Innisfree
Hlus, William from Innisfree
Hnatiuk, George from Vilna
Hnery, Eva & Ray from Ponoka
Hnery, William E. from Drayton Valley
Hoag, Delmer Leslie from Sexsmith
Hoar, Lyle L. from Ponoka
Hoar, W.C. from Ponoka
Hoar, W.C. from Ponoka
Hoard, Clarence C. from Lindbergh
Hoare, Stanley C. from Stavely, Claresholm
Hoban, Thomas from Mayerthorpe
Hobbes, Jonathon Lord from Buffalo, Bow Island
Hobbis, J. William & F.N. from Vermilion
Hobbis, William P. from Vermilion
Hobbs, A.E. from Calgary, Ponoka
Hobbs, Charles Eric from Gahern
Hobbs, George F. from Penhold
Hobbs, George F. from Penhold
Hobbs, Harry from Dorothy
Hobbs, Thomas H. from Tolland
Hobden, Mrs. J.H from Vermilion
Hobeck, Ed from Rimbey
Hobson, Charles V. from Brooks
Hobson, Jack from Eyremore, Bow City, Bassano, Fort St. John, BC
Hochman, Peter from Raymond
Hocken, Bruce from Innisfail
Hockin, A.W. from Big Valley
Hockley, Jackson from Big Valley
Hockley, James S. from Big Valley, Innisfail
Hockley, Reg J. from Delia
Hodge, Allen from Olds
Hodge, Gordon L. from Ponoka, Lacombe
Hodges, Charles J. from Olds
Hodges, V.C. from Beaverlodge
Hodgins, Hiram from Vermilion
Hodgins, L.J. from Edmonton
Hodgins, R. from Nanton
Hodgkin, Catherine Margaret from Kew
Hodgkin, F.M. from Millarville
Hodgkin, Frank A. from Priddis, Midnapore
Hodgkin, Fred H. from Millarville
Hodgkin, Mrs. G.M. from Millarville, Turner Valley
Hodgkinson, George S. from Stettler
Hodgkinson, George S. from Stettler
Hodgkinson, Hugh from Red Deer
Hodgman, Paul Gary from Calgary
Hodgson Bros. (Clinton & Marl) from Winnifred, Bow Island
Hodgson, Alan S. from Lac St. Anne, Edmonton, Yellowknife, NWT
Hodgson, Donald N. from Morrin
Hodgson, E. Monica from Dorothy
Hodgson, George Arthur from Bruderheim, Drayton Valley
Hodgson, Henry R. from Dixonville
Hodgson, John F. from Hythe
Hodgson, John George (estate) from Eagle Hill, Olds, Leo
Hodgson, John Robert from Rowley
Hodgson, W.B. from Claresholm, Battle Creek, MI.
Hodinski, Cyril from Beaverdam
Hodinski, Cyril from Beaverdam
Hodson, Fred from Rearville
Hodson, John Strong from Cheadle, Delburne
Hoecherl, Alfred from Pioneer, Edson
Hoecherl, Melvin Frank from Vermilion, Tofield
Hoeffling, Arthur from Alliance
Hoefling, Donald C. from Alliance
Hoefling, John from Forestburg
Hoeksema, H.L. from Fort Macleod
Hoeksma, John F. from Cochrane, Millarville
Hoeksma, John F. from Cochrane, Millarville
Hoekstra, Peter from Lake Isle
Hoel, Hans from Bow Island
Hoel, Hjalmar from Bow Island
Hoel, Melvin from Burdett, Canmore, High River
Hoel, Nels from Bow Island
Hoetmer, Symen from Tilley, St. Paul
Hofbauer, Stephen H. from Ponoka
Hofer, Earl from Calgary
Hofer, James from Raymond
Hofer, John & Jacob Kirschman from Burstall, Saskatchewan
Hofer, John & Jacob Kirschman from Burstall, SK
Hoff, Dan from Irvine, Medicine Hat
Hoff, Eldon from Cherhill
Hoff, Emil from Irvine, Medicine Hat
Hoff, John & Sons from Irvine, Medicine Hat
Hoff, John from Irvine
Hoff, Vernon from Cluny
Hoffarth, David from Nanton
Hoffarth, Stanley S. from Bluffton, Creston, BC
Hofferd, Clifford William from Edson
Hoffert, John F. from Champion
Hoffman, Adelaide from Rochester
Hoffman, Anton from Glenwoodville
Hoffman, Hannah from Walsh
Hoffman, J.L. from Taber
Hoffman, Jesse J. from Brocket
Hoffman, John from Barrhead
Hoffman, John J. from Ponoka
Hoffman, Morris from Stony Plain
Hoffman, R.E. & F.T. from Grande Prairie
Hoffman, R.E. & F.T. Johnson from Grande Prairie
Hoffman, Ray, & William F. Laing, from Medicine Hat
Hoffman, Raymond from Calgary
Hoffman, Roy from Medicine Hat
Hoffner, Martin from Medicine Hat
Hoflin, Andrew J. from La Glace
Hofman, Ralph from Rolling Hills
Hofmann, Alois M. from Scandia, Brooks
Hofmann, Roman from Calgary, Scandia
Hofmann, Steve from Rolling Hills
Hogarth, A.E. from Cabin Lake, Delano, Youngstown
Hogarth, J. from Cabin Lake, Delano, Youngstown
Hogbin Bros. (Douglas & A.B. & J.C.) from Harmon Valley
Hogbin Bros. (Douglas & A.B.) from Harmon Valley
Hogbin, Douglas Samuel from Harmon Valley
Hoge, Frank J. from Violet Grove
Hoge, Mary Ann nee Prosk from Granum
Hogenes, Gerrit from North Edmonton
Hogenson, Clell E. from Magrath, Stirling
Hogenson, Neil from Stirling
Hogenson, Reed Lynn from Stirling
Hogeveeit, John from Rich Lake
Hogg Bros. from Kinsella
Hogg, E.D. from Dunstable
Hogg, James K. from Kitscoty
Hogg, M.J. from DeBolt
Hogg, Matt from Lacombe
Hogg, Rosemarie Dorothy from Medicine Hat
Hogg, Ruth May from Sundre
Hogg, Wilbur William from Calgary
Hoggan Bros. (Jack A. & Cecil) from High River
Hoggarth, D.M. from Sexsmith, Buffalo Lake
Hoglund, Alf G. from Kinsella
Hoglund, Ingemar from Kinsella
Hohn H. from Tomahawk
Hohn, Arthur William from Stirling
Hohn, W.F. from Vegreville
Hohnstein, Conrad from Duffield, Carvel
Hohnstein, Harry from Duffield
Hohstein, Catherine from Duffield
Hoiland, Anton Paul from Calgary
Hoivik, Alfred from Carbon
Hok, Reginald from Hanna, Spondin
Hokanson, Peter from Wetaskiwin
Hola, Otto from Lomond
Holbert, Bernice from Schuler
Holden Bros. from Clear Hills
Holden, Al from Brooks
Holden, E.L. from Clear Hills, Heffley Creek, BC
Holden, G.J. from Holden, Camrose
Holding, William J. from Granum, (Belle Green Farm) from Granum, Carnforth
Holdsworth, Fred from Royalties
Holdsworth, Lloyd George from Endiang
Holdsworth, M.C. from Hay Lakes
Holdsworth, Thomas D. from Bruce
Hole, B.H. from Elkton
Hole, Georgia L. & George from Twin Butte
Hole, Georgia L. & George from Twin Butte
Hole, James L. from Airdrie
Hole, James L. from Airdrie
Hole, John Arthur from Airdrie
Hole, Lewis from Twin Butte
Holgate, Edward from Hanna
Holgate, J.E. from Vermilion
Holgate, John W. from Paradise Valley, Moyerton
Holgerson, Edward E. from Ponoka
Holladay, George Wren from Magrath
Holland, Blair from Lethbridge
Holland, Clifford Edward from Lethbridge
Holland, David H. from Cardston
Holland, Garth from Cardston
Holland, Gladys E. from Marwayne
Holland, Harold from Devon
Holland, Harry E. from Tomahawk
Holland, Hazel A. from Cardston
Holland, J.E. from Gleichen
Holland, Paul & Ethel from Youngstown
Hollander, J. from Pincher Creek
Hollander, Karl Fred from Scandia
Hollander, Richard from Monarch
Hollar, Glen C. from Kinsella
Hollar, Herbert R. from Mundare
Hollar, Mary from Kinsella
Hollar, Ruby from Kinsella, Viking
Hollar, Texas Clauda from Minburn
Hollen, Charles L. from Vermilion, Creston, BC
Hollenbeck, Earl from Beaver Mines, Burmis, Bellevue
Holler, Donald M. from Grande Prairie
Holley, Andrew from Kelsey
Holley, John E. from Vermilion, Elk Point
Hollick, George from Sundre
Hollihan, D.H. from Birdsholm, Bluffton
Hollihan, Richard D. from Foremost
Hollinda, John from Tilley
Hollinger, Catherine from Redcliff
Hollinger, Robert from Winnipeg, Manitoba
Hollingshead, Clarence from Brownvale
Hollingshead, Gerald E. from Fairview
Hollingsworth, Artia from Gahern, Etzikom
Hollingsworth, David L. from Rocky Mountain House, Eckville
Hollingsworth, Earl Alton from Leedale
Hollingsworth, H.W. from Etzikom, Manyberries, Foremost
Hollingsworth, Harlan L. from Etzikom, Bow Island
Hollingsworth, Lee & Wade Casey from Rimbey
Hollingsworth, R. from Leedale
Hollingsworth, Stanley from Leedale, Rimbey
Hollingworth, H.L. from Beverly, North Edmonton
Holloway, J.E. from Fleet
Holloway, Jack E. from Castor
Holloway, Robert from Castor, Fleet
Hollstein, Regena from Orion
Hollyoake, William H from Mannville
Holm, Harold from Rosebud
Holman, Earl L. from Devon
Holman, Glenn R. from Millicent
Holman, Leonard from Rocky Mountain House
Holman, Lester E. from Taber
Holman, U.W. from Tolland
Holman, Zora from Taber
Holmberg, Alfred M. from Viking
Holmberg, Andrew from Viking
Holmberg, Bertha from Seven Persons
Holmberg, Eric from Seven Persons, Medicine Hat
Holmberg, Oscar W. from Viking
Holmen, Iver from Sedalia
Holmen, John from Wayne
Holmen, Melvin from North Edmonton
Holmen, Ole from Tees
Holmes, Clarence V. from Etzikom
Holmes, David from Dorothy
Holmes, David Hanson from Dorothy, Hussar
Holmes, E. E. from Hanna
Holmes, F. H. from Consort
Holmes, Fred M. from Tring, Marwayne
Holmes, Godfrey from Raymond
Holmes, J.A. from Sundre
Holmes, J.E. from Fort Saskatchewan
Holmes, Norval C. from Olds
Holmes, R. C. from Duchess
Holmes, Robert from Rolling Hills
Holmes, William N. from Cayley
Holmgren, Victor from Calgary
Holmquist, Elsa N. from Provost, Cadogan
Holmsted, Brigham A. from Thelma
Holmsted, Wayne from Thelma, Medicine Hat
Holoboff, Fred from Mossleigh
Holoboff, George from Mossleigh
Holoboff, Mike from Nanton
Holoboff, Pete from Nanton, Cayley
Holoboff, William W. from Vulcan
Holoida, Paul from Cereal
Holoida, Steve from Cereal
Holomis. Max from St. Paul
Holowachuk, Mike from Ispas
Holowatiuk, Paul from Round Hill
Holowaychuk, Adam from Krakow
Holowaychuk, John from Chipman
Holowaychuk, John from Marwayne
Holowaychuk, Mike from Primrose
Holowaychuk, Mike from Primrose
Holowaychuk, Nick J. from Chipman
Holowaychuk, Robert from Two Hills
Holownia, Sam Jr. from Edmonton
Holownia, Sam Sr. from Vilna
Holroyd, Dean E. & Claude J. from Warner
Holroyd, E.W. from Boyne Lake, Floating Stone
Holroyd, George W. from Warner
Holroyd, George W. from Warner
Holroyd, J. Charles from Twin Butte, Calgary
Holscher, Kai from Granum
Holst, John M. from Hays, Vauxhall
Holst, Stanley Thomas from Gibbons
Holst, William from Boyle
Holstein, David from Cochrane
Holstein, Peter from Orion
Holstrom, Gordon S. from Edmonton
Holt, Alley M. & Mrs. Hassen from Wardlow
Holt, Alley M. & Mrs. Hassen from Wardlow
Holt, Clarence from Innisfail
Holt, Clayton from New Sarepta, Edmonton
Holt, Donald W. I .from McLaughlin
Holt, Donald W.I. from McLaughlin
Holt, Edward from Roma, Peace River
Holt, Fred (Rockdale Farm) from Medicine Hat
Holt, Fred, Rockdale Farm from Medicine Hat
Holt, Gary Carl from Stony Plain
Holt, H.B. from Hanna
Holt, H.B. from Hanna
Holt, Harry from Medicine Hat
Holt, Harry from Medicine Hat
Holt, Isaac B. from Calgary
Holt, Mack L. from Edmonton
Holt, Sam from Stony Plain
Holt, Samuel from Roma
Holt, Sarah Ann & Harry from Medicine Hat
Holt, William from Roma
Holt, William M. & Trudy A. from Irma
Holtan, Margaret E. from Jenner
Holte, A.O. from Amisk, Vedder Crossing, BC
Holte, Arthur E. from Hughenden
Holte, Clarence from Bittern Lake, Hughenden
Holte, Robert Halvor from Sundre
Holten, Ronald W. & Fred Swetitch from Spruce Grove
Holter, Flora M. from Bruce
Holterman, A.J. from Coronation
Holthe, Art from Bluffton, Turin
Holthe, Mrs. N. from Taber
Holtman, Billy & I .M. Holt from Coaldale
Holtman, Billy & I.M. Holt from Coaldale
Holtz, Albert from Beaverlodge, Rio Grande
Holtz, Dale Henry from Red Willow
Holtz, Henry from Rio Grande
Holtz, Joseph from Hackett, Botha
Holvick, Arne from Innisfree, Edmonton
Holvoet, Ernest from Taber
Holvoet, Flavie from Taber
Holyk, Bill W. from Mundare
Holzer, Albert from Spondin
Holzer, Elsie from Coronation
Homan, Alfred E. from Talbot, Silver Heights
Homan, Alfred E. from Talbot, Silver Heights
Homan, Clyde from Veteran, Talbot
Homan, John V. from Coronation
Homan, Lester E. from Talbot, Throne, Veteran
Homeniuk, Harry from Myrnam
Homeniuk, Metro J. from Mundare
Homeniuk, Mike from Myrnam
Homeniuk, Paul from Mannville
Homeniuk, Walter from Camrose
Homeniuk, Walter S. from Mundare
Homenuk, P from Edmonton
Homenuk, P. from Edmonton
Hommy, Garnet from Hythe
Hone, G.W. from Elkton
Honen's & Edwards from Calgary
Honens & Hutchings from Calgary
Honens, Henry Harry from Calgary
Honens, William Harold from Irricana, Calgary
Honess Bros. from Lomond
Honess, Gilbert from Lomond
Honess, R.J. from Badger Lake
Honeywell, Arthur L. from Big Valley
Honeywell, Charles W. from Big Valley
Honner, Alfred F. from Pakowki, Etzikom
Hoobenoff, John from Lundbreck
Hoobenoff, N.S. from Lundbreck
Hoobenoff, N.S. from Lundbreck
Hood, Andy from Bassano
Hood, David from Chauvin
Hood, J.W. from Hussar
Hood, Rod M. from Gem
Hood, Roy from Gem
Hoog, Gary M. from Grande Prairie, Valemount, BC
Hooge, George from Vauxhall
Hook, George from Purple Springs
Hooke, Alfred John from Halkirk
Hooker, C. from Streamstown
Hookland, J.M. & S.S. from Cardston, Woolford
Hoole, Thomas from Rocky Mountain House
Hooper Bros. from Viking, Torlea
Hooper Bros. from Viking, Torlea
Hooper, Annie Pearl from Sundre
Hooper, Benjamin Lemuel from Knee Hill Valley
Hooper, Donald E. from Tomahawk
Hooper, Ernest R. from Ribstone
Hooper, Ernest R. from Ribstone
Hooper, Robert G. from Innisfail, Knee Hill Valley
Hooper, Robert George & Victor Benjamin from Knee Hill Valley, Breton
Hooper, Sandra Ann nee Bernier from Stavely
Hooper, Victor Benjamin from Breton
Hooper, William G.H. from Alhambra, Sundre
Hoopfer, William S. from Red Deer
Hoover, Christina from Edmonton
Hoover, Don from Jasper Park
Hoover, Henry from Sheerness, Patricia
Hoover, Joe J. & Joe Derhousoff from Throne, Coronation
Hoover, L.L. from Calgary
Hoover, Larry & Lawrence Derhousoff from Throne
Hoover, Larry or Lawrence Derhousoff from Throne
Hoover, Lester R. from Hines Creek
Hoover, Lester R. from Hines Creek, Worsley
Hoover, R.G. from Hanna
Hop, F.J. from Calgary
Hopaluk, A. from Wainwright
Hopaluk, Anton from Wainwright
Hope, Dr. G.J. from Edmonton
Hope, Dr. G.J. from Edmonton
Hope, Pearl from Acme
Hope, Robert J. from Acme
Hope, W.K. from Cochrane, Seebe
Hopf, Ralph from Tofield
Hopfe, Archie E. from Camrose
Hopfe, Clarence from Hardisty
Hopfe, George from Rosyth
Hopfe, Ida from Hughenden, Battle Ridge, Hardisty, Rosyth
Hopkins, Charles Edgar from Duffield
Hopkins, Donald S (Buckhorn Ranch) from Spokane, WA, Beaver Mines
Hopkins, Donald S. (Buckhorn Ranch) from Spokane, WA, Beaver Mines
Hopkins, Fred from Lathom
Hopkins, Glen J. & Frank W. Dobinson from Haynes
Hopkins, Henry H. from Lacombe
Hopkins, Jason W. from Breda, Innisfail
Hopkins, R.A. from Peace River
Hopkinson, Rob from Edmonton
Hopkinson, Rob from Edmonton
Hopps, Mrs. Thomas from Rimbey
Horban, Ale from Glendon
Horbec, Michael from Andrew
Hore, J.J. from Heath
Horinek, Clarence R. from Kinsella
Horinek, Enoch R. from Kinsella
Horinek, James from Kinsella, Sedgewick
Horinek, Louis from Kinsella
Hormann, Gerhard Paul from Mannville
Hormann, Leonard Paul from Mannville
Hormoth, Ivan from Iron Springs
Horn, Allan R. from Irma, Hughenden
Horn, Andrew C. from Olds
Horn, Andrew from Manyberries
Horn, Charles from Manyberries
Horn, D.G. from Red Deer
Horn, D.G. from Red Deer
Horn, Frederick William from Red Deer
Horn, Harold J. from Olds
Horn, Peter L. from Sundre
Hornady, C.E. from Gadsby
Hornberger, Nephi from Shaughnessy
Hornberger, P.J. from Fort Macleod
Hornberger, Ray from Vulcan
Hornby, Richard from Rose Lynn
Horne, Albert & Hugh from Halkirk
Horne, Albert & Hugh from Halkirk
Horne, Fairfield from Lethbridge
Horne, Genevieve from Brocket
Horne, James & Maryann Uptigrove from Priddis
Horne, James & Maryann Uptigrove from Priddis
Horne, Jenny from Fort Macleod
Horner, J.V. from Edmonton
Horner, J.V. from Edmonton
Horner, Joseph from Macleod, Spring Ridge
Horner, Wilber H. from Calgary
Horness, Donald from Lea Park, Marwayne
Horness, Ray from Marwayne
Hornett, A.E. from New Brigden
Hornett, Benjamin from New Brigden
Horney, Walter from Delburne, Red Deer
Horneyak, Steve from Hill Spring
Hornick, P.D. from Stavely
Hornsby, E. Gary from Vermilion
Hornseth, S.H. from Haynes
Hornsey, Eric Thomas from Donalda
Horodezky, Fred from Bellevue
Horon, Nick from Lavoy
Horon, Victor & Myron Humeniuk from Edmonton
Horpestad, Aron from Kitscoty
Horricks, George from Edmonton
Horricks, T.J. from Forestburg
Horricks, T.R. from Forestburg
Horricks, W.J. from Forestburg
Horricks, William from Edmonton
Horsburgh, George A. from Fort Macleod
Horsburgh, George A. from Fort Macleod, Nanton
Horse Co-Operative Marketing Association Ltd from Swift Current, SK
Horton, E.H. from Vermilion, Heinsburg
Horton, John William from Gadsby
Horton, Joseph Leslie from Nanton
Horton, Walter from Gadsby
Horutko, Norman & Sons from Clive
Horvath, Andy J. from Lethbridge
Horvath, Frank from Sangudo
Horvath, Jim Sr. from Breton
Horvath, Julius from Fort Macleod
Horvath, Urban from Taber
Hosegood, A.J. & Son from South Edmonton
Hoskins, Morley from Castor
Hosler, Leo from Wardlow, Duchess, Brooks
Hotop, Frank from Fairview
Hotte, Louis from Wembley
Hotte, Louis P. from Plamondon
Houcher, Charles from Czar
Houcher, Charles William from Czar
Houcher, John William from Czar
Houcher, M. Mabel from Amisk, Czar
Houck, Simon from Bodo
Houde, Ted A. from Buck Lake
Houff, Brian Dale from Medicine Hat
Houff, Jacob from Medicine Hat
Houff, Valerie Gayle from Medicine Hat
Hougard, Peter A. from Ponoka
Houger, J.B. from Comrey
Hough, George W. from Patricia
Hough, George W. from Patricia
Hough, Mrs. I. from Atlee
Houghton, E. from Hutton, Pollockville, Brooks
Houghton, E.W. from Taber
Houghton, Herbert M. from Calgary
Houghton, Herbert M. from Calgary
Houghton, Neville from Hutton, Sheerness
Houghton, William C. from Cochrane
Houlden, R.H. from Cayley
Houlden, R.H. from Cayley
Houlder, Cyril R. from Berwyn
Houle, Clarence W. from Paddle Prairie
Houle, George from Goodfish Lake
Houle, George Jr. from Goodfish Lake
Houle, Louis from Clear Hills
Houle, Tommy Sr. from Goodfish Lake
Houlette, H.M. & E.S. Rutledge from Kinuso
Housch, Ella M. from Hanna, Calgary
Housch, Herb from Hanna
Housch, John from Hanna
Housch, Lawrence John from Edmonton
House, Dale from Rocky Mountain House
House, David Herbert from Arrowwood
House, E.A. from Manyberries, Champion
House, Frank J. from High River
House, George R from Wabamun
House, George R. from Wabamun
Houseman, F.P. from Fleet
Houseman, Henry O. from Brooks
Housenga, Jacob from Carmangay, Rolling Hills
Houser, C.J. from Castor, Calgary
Housley, John from Raymond
Housley, William from Manyberries
Housman, Harvey L. from Sexsmith, Buffalo Lake
Housman, Harvey L. from Sexsmith, Buffalo Lake
Houston, Dale M. from Edmonton
Hovde, Harold J. from Carmangay
Hovelkamp, Gerry from St. Paul
Hoven, A.M. from Eckville
Hovey, Alonzo from Kimball
Hovis, Athol from Glenwood
Howard Bros. from Spirit River
Howard John L. from Lousana, Innisfail
Howard, Archie or Archibald R. from Cochrane
Howard, Bertha nee Tamlin from Paradise Valley
Howard, Fred K. from Calgary, Sundre
Howard, Harry J. & Ethel P. Stone from Big Prairie
Howard, Henry W. from Knee Hill Valley, Innisfail
Howard, L.G. & J. W. from Amisk
Howard, R.R. from Knee Hill Valley
Howard, Robert Lee from Bashaw
Howard, Vincent from Rainbow, Drumheller
Howarth, Robert from Red Deer
Howatt Bros. (William & Harry H.) from Elmworth, Acme
Howatt, Bruce from Innisfail
Howatt, Ronald D. & J.C. Reid from Drayton Valley
Howden Bros. from Carstairs, Cremona
Howden, B.G. & Paul Sowers from Vanesti, Paradise Valley
Howden, B.G. & Paul Sowers from Vanesti, Paradise Valley
Howden, D.J. from Shepard, Calgary
Howden, Ira E. from Calgary, Shepard
Howe, Ben from Coronation
Howe, F.H. from Carstairs
Howe, F.H. from Carstairs
Howe, Gerald F. from Castor
Howe, Henry from Alix
Howe, Jim from Irricana
Howe, Robert W. from Halkirk
Howe, Tessie from Duchess
Howe, Vernon from Veteran
Howeiler, Fred & Mrs. from Sullivan Lake, Castor
Howell, C.D from Elnora, Pine Lake
Howell, E.C from Red Deer
Howell, J.B from Glenford, Busby, Morinville
Howell, William from Elnora
Howerton, Ethel from Big Stone
Howery, V.A. from Spondin, Hanna, Viking
Howey, Clarence F. J. from Vancouver, BC
Howey, James from Kew
Howey, William from Coronation
Howg, Arthur E. from Silver Heights
Howg, C.M. from Enchant
Howg, Eugene Leroy & Ellia Beatrice from Enchant
Howg, Merlyn Richard from Enchant
Howitt, Andrew from Alix, Milk River
Howlett, Eldon from Stony Plain, Winterburn
Howlett, Ernest from Kitscoty
Howlett, George G. from Byemoor
Howlett, George G. from Byemoor
Howorko, Edie N. from Innisfree
Howorko, John from Mannville
Howorko, Peter from Hairy Hill, Tofield
Howrisch, John from Holden
Howse, Adolphus W. from Kikino
Howse, Andrew from Millet, Hardisty
Howse, Ernest J. from Caslan
Howse, Frank L. from Raven, Vilna
Howse, George Robert from Raven, Innisfail, Calgary
Howse, Jeffery from Caslan
Howse, Joseph or Joe from Empress, Leader, SK, Bindloss
Howse, M. from Empress
Howse, Robert Alex from Medicine Hat, Touchwood Hills, SK, Empress, Islay
Howton, Rose Leda from Sundre, Elkton
Hoy, Henry from Bashaw
Hoyme, Norman Arnold (Wenham Valley Ranches Ltd.) from Wetaskiwin, Westerose
Hoyteniuk, A. John from Lavoy
Hozack, Albert from Streamstown
Hozouski, Stanley L. & Verena G. from Sundre
Hozuda, Mike from Coaldale
Hrabak, John from Edberg
Hrabec, Nick A. from Myrnam
Hrabets, Peter from Myrnam
Hramalak, Michael from Bonnyville
Hrchirchek, Sam from Chipman
Hrehorchuk, W. from Coleridge
Hriskow, Tom from Sexsmith
Hronek, Ben from Halkirk
Hronek, Joe Jr. from Halkirk
Hrstic, Branko from Picture Butte, Calgary
Hrubey, Mike from High River, Shaughnessy
Hrushenski, Harry from Bluffton, Medicine Hat
Hruska, Joe Jr. from Coaldale
Hruska, Josef from Coaldale
Hryciw, John from Two Hills, Warwick, Kaleland
Hryhirchuk, John P. from Two Hills
Hryhirchuk, William from Lac Bellevue, Brosseau
Hrynewich, Stephen Reginald from Bassano
Hryniw, Mike from Morecambe
Hrynkewich, William from Wandering River
Hrynyshyn, Harry from Kinuso
Htach, S.W. from Lethbridge
Hubalta Hog Ranch (Robert, Barry & Albert Smolkin) from Calgary
Hubbard, Arteric from Lethbridge
Hubbard, George W. from Mannville, Lavoy
Hubbard, Leroy John from Lacombe, Ponoka
Hubbard, Lillian from Lethbridge
Hubbard, Roger W. from Champion
Hubbard, W.A. from Mannville
Hubbell, Edward from Medicine Hat
Hubbell, Edward R. from Lloydminster, McLaughlin, Rising Sun
Hubek, Matus from Barnwell
Huber, A.P. from St. Lina
Huber, Hans from Peace River
Huber, Michael from Taylorville
Huber, Philip from Olds
Huber, Richard from Carstairs
Huber, William from Burstall, SK
Hubert, A. from Notikewin
Hubert, A. from Notikewin
Hubert, Jacob F. from Coaldale
Hubka, Rudolf E. from Carmangay
Huck, J.A. from Midnapore
Huck, Joseph A. Sr. from Midnapore
Huckerby, A.D. from Calgary
Huckstepp, Frank from Big Prairie
Huckvale, Charles Cuthbert from Medicine Hat
Hucul, Dmytro from St. Michael
Huculak, Alex S. from Whitford
Huculak, Clarence from Kinuso
Huculak, Henry A. from Lavoy
Huculak, Jack from Bonnyville
Huculak, Joe from Kinuso
Huddlestun, Lorne from Twin Butte
Hudema, Peter from Hotchkiss
Hudson, A. from Bowden
Hudson, Charles Raymond from Brownfield
Hudson, Clifford from Rolling Hills, Bowden
Hudson, Don from Spirit River
Hudson, Ellsworth W. from Innisfail, Iron Springs
Hudson, Emma & K.E. from Lucky Strike, Lethbridge
Hudson, Foster Lee from Brownfield, Puffer
Hudson, George L. from Edmonton, Wainwright
Hudson, Gladys from Hardisty
Hudson, James from Carbon, Elnora, Calgary
Hudson, Melvin E. from Coronation, Brownfield
Hudson, Olaf J. from Calgary, Airdrie
Hudson, Otto & Willa from Cherhill
Hudson, Stanley from Bowden
Hudson, T.A. from Iron Springs, Innisfail
Hudson, Warner from Airdrie
Hue, Bertrand L. from Calgary
Huebert, Mrs. D.P. from Federal
Hueppelsheuser, O.W. & Sons from Blackfalds
Huether, Albert from Carbon, Rockyford
Huether, Ben from Beiseker
Huether, Willard S. from Carbon
Huff, A. from Lomond
Huff, Henry from Lomond
Huff, Howard David from Wetaskiwin
Huff, Luther A. from Bulwark
Huff, Mrs. Roy from Ponoka
Huff, Mrs. Roy from Ponoka
Huff, Paul from Cochrane, Dog Pound
Huff, R K. from Edmonton
Huff, R.K. from Edmonton
Huff, Ray from Faith, Etzikom, Gahern
Huff, S.R from Edmonton
Huff, T. K. from Edmonton
Huff, T.K. from Edmonton
Hufnagel, Christian from Valleyview
Hufnagel, Frank from Magrath
Hufnagel, John from Jenner, Nobleford
Huget, Karl from Anning
Huggard Bros. (James G. & C. M.) from Balzac
Huggard Bros. (James G. & C.M.) from Balzac
Hughes, Charles Albert from Gadsby
Hughes, Digby A. from DeWinton
Hughes, Donald Edward from Longview
Hughes, Edward from Czar, Calgary, Balzac
Hughes, Evan Dave from Vermilion
Hughes, George R. from Wainwright, Greenshields
Hughes, Gerry David from Jenner
Hughes, Gordon from Buffalo, Rose Lynn
Hughes, Griff from Reid Hill, Turner Valley
Hughes, Henry James from Gadsby
Hughes, Jim from Jenner
Hughes, John Melvin from Edmonton
Hughes, Kenneth A. from Calgary
Hughes, Lorne A. from Rosebud, Standard, Calgary
Hughes, Margaret from Heath, Wainwright
Hughes, Margaret Lois remarried name Krupa from Gadsby, Grande Prairie
Hughes, Michael L. & John J. from Willowlea, Lloydminster, AB, Leighton, Alcurve
Hughes, Ray W. from Bergen, Didsbury
Hughes, Sher A. from DeWinton
Hughes, Stanley from Mayerthorpe
Hughes, Thomas from Buffalo
Hughes, V.O. from New Fish Creek, Pincher Creek, Veteran
Hughes, Wilfred E. from Camrose, Kinsella
Hughes, William & O. from Bassano
Hughson Bros. from Whitford, Willingdon
Hughson, J.A. from DeBolt
Hughson, R.D. from Whitford, Willingdon
Hughson, S.J. from Lucky Strike
Hugo, John F, Carl V. & Frank E. from Ghost Pine Creek
Hugo, Peter from Ghost Pine Creek
Huising, Albert from Kipp
Huisman, Harry from Monarch
Huistel, Rupert from Brooks, Warner
Huither, Adolf name changed to Adolf Heather from Thelma
Huither, Adolf name changed to Adolf Heather from Thelma
Huither, Ludwig from Thelma
Hulberg, A. from Ribstone
Hulberg, I.C. from Rocky Mountain House
Hulett, L.A. from Vegreville
Hulgaard, W. & G.D. from Condor
Hull, Edna Holmes nee Holmes Hill from Nanton, Furman
Hull, John from Vermilion
Hull, John W. from St. Paul
Hull, Rita from Taber
Hull, Roy W. from Cardston, Hill Spring
Hull, William Roper from Calgary
Hulland, John from Alderson, Redcliff, Medicine Hat
Hulme, John from Sedalia
Hultgren, A.C. from Barons, Pincher Creek
Hultgren, Kenneth from Pincher Creek
Hum, Mike from Sangudo
Humble, George K. from Marwayne
Humble, Mary Isabelle from Calgary
Humble, Thomas S. from Streamstown
Hume, Dan from High River, Millarville
Hume, Fred from Turner Valley
Hume, John W. from Mirror
Humenny, Joe from Medicine Hat
Humeny, Elias from Sunland
Humes, Omar L. from Sedgewick
Hummel, Christ from Castor
Hummel, Emil from Hilda
Hummel, Herbert from Veteran
Hummel, John from Lethbridge
Hummel, Jonathon or John from Castor, Vancouver, BC
Hummelle, L. from Barrhead
Humphrey, A.A. from Masinasin
Humphrey, Alva Owen from Blackie
Humphrey, George A. from Delia
Humphrey, Lloyd Phillip from Drumheller
Humphrey, Mrs. O.M. from Silver Heights, Hughenden, Calgary
Humphrey, Thomas from Blackie
Humphreys, Mrs. D.M from Scollard
Hunchak, Thomas W. from Willingdon
Hunchak, William from Willingdon
Hunder, Albert from Lloydminster
Hunder, Fred W. from Dawson Creek, BC
Hunike, J.B. from Ferguson Flats, Primrose
Hunka, Harry from East Coulee, Rosedale
Hunsperger, Alvin from Didsbury
Hunt, Alice from Carbon
Hunt, Aubrey from Green Glade
Hunt, C.M. from Obed, Pedley
Hunt, Elsie Mary M. from Fairview
Hunt, Fred C. from Killam
Hunt, Gilbert A. from Innisfail
Hunt, H. Salome from Nobleford
Hunt, Helen Isabel from James River Bridge
Hunt, Herman R. from Balzac
Hunt, Horace H. from Hobbema
Hunt, J.W.C. from Lacombe
Hunt, L. & L. from Lacombe
Hunt, L.C. from Hinton
Hunt, Michael from Stavely
Hunt, Raymond Charles from Mayerthorpe
Hunt, Robert F. (Eden Valley Ranch) from Longview
Hunt, Roy S. from Innisfail, James River Bridge
Hunt, Wilfred J. from Kinuso
Hunt, William & Anne E. from Midnapore, Priddis
Hunt, William from Lethbridge
Hunter Bros. (Ernest & Stephen) from Spring Point
Hunter Bros. from Marwayne, Tring
Hunter James & Catherine from Goodfare, Moose Valley, SK
Hunter Robert H. from Grande Prairie
Hunter, Bill from Calgary
Hunter, Charles S. from Pincher Creek, Banff
Hunter, George F. from Glenevis
Hunter, George F. from Glenevis
Hunter, George from Garden Plains
Hunter, Howard from St. Paul, Saddle Lake, St. Brides
Hunter, Ira C. & Sons from Hughenden, Silver Heights
Hunter, Isaac from Porcupine Hills
Hunter, J.A. from Big Valley
Hunter, Joe E. from Didsbury
Hunter, John J. & Chris Sauer from Calgary
Hunter, L. from Edgerton
Hunter, L.E. from Edgerton
Hunter, Lazarus from Saddle Lake
Hunter, Lorne from Craigmyle
Hunter, M.B. from Alhambra, Turner Valley, Caroline
Hunter, Norman J. from Craigmyle, Hanna
Hunter, Paul W. from Inglewood, CA, Lomond
Hunter, Robert W. from Michichi, Delia
Hunter, Sam from Calgary
Hunter, Theodore J. from Penhold
Hunter, Thomas from Rimbey
Hunter, Thomas Roy from Lloydminster
Hunter, William & James & Ronald from Carstairs
Hunter, William & Ronald James from Carstairs
Hunter, William from Carstairs
Hunter, William from Monarch
Hunter, William Louis from Calgary
Hunter, Wilmer G. from McRae
Huntley, E.R. from Lacombe
Huntley, John R. from Seven Persons, Medicine Hat
Huntley, P.F. from Lacombe, Onion Lake, SK
Huntley, Peter M. from Loverna, SK
Huntley, Randall W. from Mayerthorpe
Hupka, Alex T. from Smoky Lake
Huppie, George from Lac La Biche
Huppie, Gilbert from Grandin
Hurl, Clarence from Buffalo
Hurl, Stanley J. from Buffalo, Cavendish
Hurlburt, George Wesley & Mrs. from Empress, Alcomdale, Calgary
Hurlburt, George Wesley from Empress, Alcomdale, Calgary
Hurlburt, K. Brant from Fort Macleod
Hurlburt, William John from Empress
Hurley & Jameson from Edmonton
Hurley & Jameson from Edmonton
Hurley, Norah I. from Wainwright
Hursh, Myrtle from Hussar, Bassano
Hurst, Edna, Janet & Lorraine Richer from Calgary
Hurtibise Bros. from St. Paul
Husband, Alfred from Innisfail
Husband, James Frederick from Medicine Hat
Husband, Roy from Innisfail
Husby, F.S. & K.C. Horsfield (Echo Glen Ranch Ltd.) from High River
Husby, H.A. from High River, Montgomery
Huseby, John from Eckville
Huser, George G. from Crossfield
Huser, George G. from Crossfield
Hussar Barley Growers Ltd. from Hussar
Hussar, Simon from Innisfail
Hussar, Simon from Innisfail
Hussin, Kathleen from Cochrane
Hussin, Kenneth J. & Lloyd R. Moore from Innisfail
Husted, Dean H. from Stavely
Husted, W. L. from Stavely
Huston, George from Blackfalds, Lacombe
Huston, Hiram Brownel from Alsask, SK.
Huston, Wallace L. from Sibbald
Husty, Frank from Duchess
Hutch, Raymond Phillip from Brooks
Hutchings, Alma Edith from Calgary
Hutchings, James Ervin from Consort
Hutchins, Arthur from Pincher Station, Pincher Creek
Hutchins, Joseph Sidney from Fort Macleod
Hutchins, P.J. from Edmonton
Hutchins, P.J. from Edmonton
Hutchinson, Bruce A. from Edmonton
Hutchinson, C. from Vanesti, Paradise Valley
Hutchinson, David & Andrew from Wainwright
Hutchinson, Duncan from Calgary
Hutchinson, E.O. from Easyford
Hutchinson, Joe from Barons
Hutchinson, John Wesley from Bindloss
Hutchinson, Lester N. from Bindloss, Creston, BC
Hutchinson, R.D. from Warner
Hutchinson, Raymond from Hanna
Hutchinson, Richard J. from Calgary
Hutchinson, Thomas from Coleman
Hutchinson, William M. from Hanna
Hutchison, David from Wainwright
Hutchison, O.W. from Wainwright
Hutson, Ralph from New Sarepta
Hutton, Don & Mick Fluker from St. Paul
utton, Edith A. & Muriel E. from Islay
Hutton, Edith from Islay, Koknee
Hutton, George & Pearl A. from Macleod, Springpoint
Hutton, George & Pearl A. from Macleod, Springpoint
Hutton, William Standish Haley from Islay
Huvenaars, William from Hays
Huxley, F.J. from Three Hills, Ghost Pine Creek
Huybregts, Adr from Langdon, Lyalta, Strathmore
Huzar, Mike from Oyen
Hvame Bros (Lars & Ole) from Bowell
Hyatt, Edward T. from Lea Park, Marwayne
Hyatt, Harold M. from Dewberry, Lea Park
Hyatt, Mrs. Thomas H. from Lea Park, Dewberry
Hyde, Delbert B. from Calgary, De Winton
Hyde, Delbert L. from De Winton, Calgary
Hyde, Edward from Medicine Hat
Hyde, Murray Cecil from Calgary
Hyde, Samuel from Atlee
Hyder, Nick from Halfway Lake, Bragg Creek
Hy-Grade Coal Co Ltd from Drumheller
Hymanyk, Robert Carl from Bremner
Hyrve, Norman K. from Gem Brooks
Hyrvei, Harold from Gem
Hyshka, Mike from Ranfurly
Hyslip, Amond H. from Vulcan
Hyslop, John from Dunstable, Busby
Hyssop, Abe from Lethbridge
Hyssop, Winston from Lethbridge, Calgary

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