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Cancelled Brand Files - G
Gabas, M. from Innisfail, Tilley
Gabert, Christ from Alliance, Galahad
Gabert, Ed from Halkirk
Gabert, Gustav A. from Fort Saskatchewan, Bruderheim
Gaboury, Ben from Eaglesham
Gaboury, Denis from Brooks, Edmonton
Gaboury, Dominique from Eaglesham
Gaboury, Irving from Valleyview
Gaboury, Lawrence John from Bezanson
Gabrieau, Thomas from Camrose
Gabriel, Richard from Stettler, Erskine
Gabriel, William D. from Big Valley
Gabrielson, E.W. from Wainwright, Calgary
Gabrielson, Frieda M. from Red Deer, Mayerthorpe
Gadbois, Henry Lot from Tofield, Kingman
Gadd. Leonard A. from Ponoka
Gadowski, Andro from Lake Eliza
Gadowski, Mike from St. Paul
Gadsby, Cecil G. from Nanton, Strathmore
Gadwa, Frank from Frog Lake, Primrose
Gadwa, John Sr. from Hoselaw
Gadwa, Mark Peter from Hoselaw
Gaehring, Albert from Lethbridge, Turin
Gaehring, Bob & Garvin from Nemiskam
Gaehring, Carl from Nemiskam
Gaehring, John from Vauxhall, Retlaw
Gaetz, Chris from Medicine Hat
Gaetz, Christian from Medicine Hat
Gaetz, Dave from Hanna
Gafka, Adolf from Vegreville
Gafka, Herman from Vegreville
Gafka, Jacob from Vegreville
Gafka, Phillip from Vegreville
Gagne, Arthur from Therien
Gagne, Francois X. from Carvel, Uncas
Gagne, Taddee from Roselea, Dunstable
Gagnon, Joe & Ernest from Guy, Falher
Gagnon, Louis S. from St. Brides, St. Lina
Gagnon, M. from Busby, Coronado
Gagnon, Paul from La Corey
Gagnon, W. from Gibbons
Gahr, John from New Sarepta
Gahr, Oscar F. from New Sarepta
Gahr, William M. from New Sarepta, Hay Lake
Gailbraith, D.H. from Vulcan, Calgary
Gailey, Ralph Samuel from DeWinton
Gaines, C.L. from Erskine
Gaines, G.R. from Erskine
Gaines, Joe from Coutts
Gaines, William George from Irma
Gair, David Glen from Strome, New Sarepta, Berwyn
Gairdner, Andrew from Kikino
Gaja, John from Tilley, High River
Gajdostik, Anton from Coaldale
Gajdostik, Frank from Coaldale
Gajdostik, Mike from Coaldale, Foremost
Galan, Nick & Vincent Fitzsimmons from Nordegg
Galan, Nick & Vincent Fitzsimmons from Nordegg
Galarneau, Albert from Empress, Sunnynook, Hanna, Finnegan
Galarneau, Don from Finnegan
Galarneau, Irene Mae from Gem
Galarneau, Max Alfred from Finnigan, Gem
Galbraith, Barry F. from Sangudo
Galbraith, Dr. C.C. from Calgary
Galbraith, J. H. Sr. from Brooks
Galbraith, Kenneth from Murraydale, SK
Galbreath, A.R. from Colinton
Gale & Lidgate from Calgary
Gale, C.H. from Consort
Gale, E.W. from Calgary
Gale, Lea Roy from Didsbury
Gales, Urban from Fernie, BC, Boundary Creek
Galganetz, Peter from Duvernay
Galicki, Tony A. from Sheerness, Rose Lynn, Sunnynook
Galicz, John from Duchess
Galipeau, Art from Taber, Bow Island
Galitzine, Prince Leo from Edson
Gall, Charles M. from Leduc
Gall, Frankie from Calgary
Gall, Frederick J. from Hanna
Gall, John from Picture Butte
Gall, John W. from Hanna
Gall, Leslie from Picture Butte
Gall, Richard G., & Daniel W. from Hanna
Gallagher, J. from Lloydminster, Saskatchewan
Gallant, W.J. from Kelsey, Camrose
Gallas, Dan from Bellis
Gallas, Olga from Bellis
Gallaway, Dennis from Czar, Lloyds Hill
Gallaway, Roy from Rolling Hills
Galleberg, Hans J. from Big Valley
Galleberg, Mrs. H.J. from Big Valley
Gallelli, Joe & Sons from Cochrane, Crossfield
Gallelli, Joseph & Sons from Crossfield
Gallenkamp, J.W. from Bashaw
Gallep, Blaine from Cardston, Rosemary
Galliford, Harold from Onoway
Galliford, Murray from Onoway
Gallinger, Claude from Tofield
Gallinger, Ross from Red Willow, Gadsby
Gallion, Elizabeth M. from Gadsby
Gallow, Steve from Brooks
Galloway, Charles H. from Fort Saskatchewan
Galloway, Clarence from Red Deer
Galloway, John K. from Sundre
Galloway, Kenneth Joseph Alexander from Edmonton
Galloway, Maxwell Larry from Red Deer
Galloway, Orville from Red Deer
Galloway, W.M. from Olds
Gallup, Ida Maud & A.L. from Rosemary
Gallup, James Scott from Rosemary
Gallup, M. J. from Rosemary, Eastend, SK, Shaunavon, SK
Galm, Edward from Alliance
Galm, Joe from Alliance
Galuska, Thomas H. & Mrs. from Mannville
Galvin, William from Ogden
Gamache, Adrien J. from St Albert
Gamache, Venzina from Falher
Gambette, Joseph from Fribourg, Beauvallon
Gamble M.H. from Bassano, Gem, Countess
Gamble, Darrel S. from Countess
Gamble, Leander from Rolling Hills
Gamble, M.H. from Bassano, Gem, Countess
Gamble, Terrence C. & Hilda B. (Sedco Ranch) from Midnapore
Gamble, W. John from Minburn
Gamble, W. John from Minburn
Gamblin, Burnice from Mallaig
Gammie, Barbara R. from Cardston
Gammie, John from Drumheller, Beynon
Gammie, Mrs. John S. from Drumheller
Gammie, Mrs. John S. from Drumheller
Gancar, Edward from Peat
Ganly, Pat from Aldersyde
Gannon, W.E. from Calgary, Drayton Valley
Gano, Perry Franklin from Blue Ridge, Windfall, Whitecourt
Ganong, Ken from Hanna
Ganong, Walter from Hanna
Ganshirt, Harry & Laura A. from Gadsby
Ganske, Anna from Wetaskiwin, Millet, Lethbridge
Ganske, Ethyl F. from Magrath, Pincher Creek
Ganske, L. from Torrington
Gansy, Gabor from Picture Butte
Gant, L.C. from Eckville, Gilby
Ganton, A.J. from Vermilion
Gantz, Ken from Grand Centre
Garber, Ed from Claresholm
Garbler, John from Calgary
Garborg, Ivar from Vilna
Garbutt, Charles from Sedalia
Garbutt, Roy from Bingville
Garbutt, Russell G.N. from Consort
Garby, Ivan from Calgary
Garden City Feeders' Assoc. Ltd. from Magrath
Garden, Roy from Calgary
Garden, William from Rowley
Gardener, Ralph H.M. from Sundance
Garder, Albert George from Bawlf, Westerose
Gardin, Henry from Olds
Gardin, Henry from Olds
Gardiner, David G. from Wainwright
Gardiner, Earl & Allan from Edson
Gardiner, Mrs. John from Bowmanton
Gardiner, R.J.E. from Macleod
Gardipee, Richard Joseph from Edson
Gardner, Clint E. from Breton
Gardner, David B. from Cayley
Gardner, Ellen A. from Hanna
Gardner, H.J. from High River
Gardner, L. D. from Delacour
Gardner, Morse W. from Bowmanton, Medicine Hat, Waddington
Gardner, N.F & H.A. from High River
Gardner, P.O. from Black Diamond, Dickson, Red Deer
Gardner, Robert from Carstairs
Gardner, Thomas from Lundbreck
Gardner, Thomas G. from Bulwark, Brownfield
Gardon, Frank from Keg River
Gargett, Edward from Medicine Hat
Garland, W. George from Gadsby, Stettler
Garlough, Jack from Eagle Butte
Garneau, Albert from Brule, Hinton
Garner, Gilbert F. from High River
Garner, Herbert E, & William A. Anderson from Raymond
Garner, Herbert from Hill Spring
Garner, Lyman from Hill Spring
Garner, William L. from Hill Spring
Garness, O.M. from Magrath
Garnett, W.C. from Macleod
Garnier, Edward G. from Dewberry
Garon, Leo from Jeffrey
Garrecht, Harry from Medicine Hat, Acadia Valley
Garred, Amelia A. from Pakan
Garrels, J.J. from Botha
Garrett, Cecil D. from Monitor, Rimbey
Garrett, Ellis from Daysland
Garrett, J.E. from Ashmont
Garrett, John from Carbon
Garrett, Richard from Carbon
Garrick, Joe from Taber
Garrow, Alex from Brooks
Garrow, John from Tolland
Garrow, Mrs. A.P. from High River, Craigmyle
Garskie C.O. & Hugh Moore from Pashley
Garson, A.J. from Cochrane, Los Angeles, CA
Garson, Charles S. from Beaver Crossing, Edmonton
Garstka, Aleksander from Flat Lake
Gartner, Adolph from Daysland, Edmonton
Gartner, Adolph from Daysland, Edmonton
Gartner, Jack from Castor
Gartner, Jack Jr. from Ponoka
Garton, Orval William from Riverstone
Garvie, Alvah Cazmer from Viking, Kinsella
Garvie, William from Kinsella, Viking
Garwick, Paul from Leedale, Rimbey
Gaskell, Bernard from Glenister
Gass, Ignace & Sons from Hythe
Gasser, Charles L. from High River, Hartell
Gasser, Charles L. from High River, Hartell
Gates, Alan E. from Calgary, Carstairs
Gates, G.J. from Mannville
Gates, George from Brightview
Gates, George S. from Calgary
Gates, Peter S. from Glenwoodville
Gatine, H. from Carbon
Gatine, H.C. from Nanton
Gatine, Jessie from Nanton, High River, Muirhead
Gatto, Robert from Bellevue
Gatz, Clarence from Bow Island
Gatz, Steve from Bow Island
Gaub, Albert J. from Elnora
Gaub, Jacob from Walsh, Irvine
Gaub, James L. from Thelma
Gaub, John from Thelma, Irvine
Gaub, Mrs. John from Irvine
Gaub, Mrs. John from Irvine
Gaudet, Joseph from Clear Hills
Gauf, Edward Arnold from Fort Saskatchewan
Gaugler, R.S. from Hanna
Gault, William James from Meeting Creek
Gaume, E.W. from Killam
Gaunce, Donald M. from High River
Gaunce, Donald M. from High River
Gaunt Bros (L. & G.) from Moyerton
Gaunt Bros. from Cadogan
Gaunt, Austin B. from Hazelmere
Gaunt, P.J. from Hazelmere
Gauthier, Lawrence E. from Cluny
Gauthier, William H. from Bonnyville
Gawley, A. Floyd from Wainwright
Gay J. M from Baraca, Carolside
Gay, Archibald T. from Elnora, Trenville
Gay, David Ronald from Nanton
Gazdag, Emme Lorraine nee Fries from One Four, Comrey
Gazdag, James E. from Comrey, Manyberries, Medicine Hat
Gazdag, William from Comrey, Manyberries
Geary, J.A .from Ranfurly, South Edmonton
Geary, Walter Herbert from South Edmonton
Geberdt, Christian from Pincher Creek
Geberdt, Christian from Pincher Creek
Geberdt, John from Pincher Creek
Gebhardt, Helmuth from Castor, Donalda, Stettler
Gebhardt, Jacob from Castor
Geddert, Henry from Gem, Coaldale
Geddert, Henry J. from Gem
Geddert, Henry J. from Gem
Geddes, C.W. from Alliance
Gedge, Fred W. from Enilda, Markerville
Gediger, Harry from Calgary
Gedlaman, Lucy from Rosemary
Gedloman, Boyd C. from Rosemary, Duchess
Geduhn, George F. from Hemaruka
Geduhn, George F. from Hemaruka
Gee, Percy T. from Edmonton
Gee, Walter & Son (Myrl S.) from Ponoka
Geel, Arie Cornelius from Dapp
Geeraert, Carl from Rockyford
Geeraert, Henry A. from Vermilion
Geeraert, Henry from Vermilion
Geering, Walter H. from Hartleyville, Fishburn
Geerraert, Gordon from Vermilion
Geerts, Joseph from Strathmore
Geertsma, Owen from Stettler, Cessford
Geffen Company Limited from Calgary
Geffen, Morres from Calgary
Gehring, Albert from Medicine Hat
Gehring, Leonard from Medicine Hat
Gehrman, Wilfred from Cherhill
Geiger, Adolph from Tawatinaw
Geigle, Rueben from Medicine Hat
Geilhorn, Alfred from Knappen
Geinger, James Clarence from Mayerthorpe
Geinger, Leonard from Mayerthorpe
Geinger, Roy from Mayerthorpe, Edgewood, BC, Kelowna, BC
Geise, Edwin from Fleet
Gejdos, Andrew from Foremost, Skiff
Geldrich, Paul from Turin
Gelech, George E. from Clear Prairie, Worsley
Gelety, Alex from Mannville
Gellner & Warren from Cardston
Gemmill, William from Crossfield
Gendre, A. from Erskine
General Farm Supplies Ltd. from Lethbridge
Genert, Alan from Irvine
Genert, Bill from Walsh
Genert, Mike from Vilna
Genge, Jack from Eyremore, Duchess
Genge, Lee W. from Eyremore
Gentles, Herbert from Little gem
George, A.J. from Black Diamond
George, A.J. from Black Diamond
George, Don from Turin
George, Earle E. from Egremont
George, Earle E. from Egremont
George, Everett from Brooks
George, Herbert from Nobleford
George, Herman Melvin from Norway Valley, Heinsburg
George, Leon from Marwayne
George, Mabel from Claresholm
George, Mrs. D. from Cassils
George, Mrs. D. from Cassils
George, Randy from Gem
George, W.F. from Nanton
George, W.F. from Nanton
Gerding, R.S. from Vulcan
Gergely, John Jr. from Coaldale
Gergely, William from Coaldale
Gergley, Steve from Halkirk, Beverly
Gerhard, Joseph from Berwyn
Gerhart Bros. from Mannville
Gerien, Joseph from Marwayne
Gerke, Chauncey from Skiff, Goddard, Gainsford
Gerke, Edith from Fallis, Goddard, Lake Isle
Gerlat, Gust from Milk River
Germain, Alphonse from Wandering River
German, Albert Byron from Hanna
German, C.G. from Hanna, Chilliwack, BC
German, Henry O. from Atlee, Ranfurly
German, Robert M. from Ponoka
German, Robert M. from Ponoka
Germaniuk, Jeffrey Brian from Okotoks, Calgary
Germann, George A. from Edgerton, Lloydminster
Germann, Philip, & Judith from Provost
Gerrish, Edward George from Tofield
Gerry Bros. from Rio Grande
Gertsma, Andrew Waters from Stettler
Gertsma, Owen from Stettler
Gertzen, Lewis Ronald from Vauxhall
Gervais, E. from Cluny
Gervais, Edmond from Craigend
Gervais, Fred from Cluny, Ouelletteville
Gervais, Henry Joseph from Black Diamond
Gervais, Julian from Craigend, Lac la Biche
Gerwin, Edward from Olds
Getkate, Marinus from Lethbridge
Getten, Joyce from Rolling Hills, High River
Getz, Christian Ralph from Montgomery, Haddock
Getz, Edward William from Delburne
Getz, John from Medicine Hat
Getz, Lena M. from Delburne
Getz, Valentine from Medicine Hat
Geukel, William from New Sarepta, Hay Lakes
Ghost River Ranch Co. (Norman Libin & Sam Davis) from Calgary
Ghostkeeper, Marguerite from Keg River
Ghostkeeper, Norman from Paddle Prairie
Giachino, Batista Romeo from Bellevue
Gibb, David W. from Manyberries
Gibb, George from Chauvin
Gibb, Henry G. from Sheerness
Gibb, Herbert from Magrath
Gibb, Keith from Edmonton
Gibb, Keith from Edmonton
Gibb, Lyndon from Del Bonita
Gibb, Robert from St. Albert
Gibb, Walter W. & Son (Donald G.) from Garrington, Olds, Bowden
Gibbings, Stanley from Lloydminster
Gibbings, Wilfred from Lloydminster
Gibbon, Albert & Son (Robert L) from Red Deer
Gibbon, Wayne C. from Stettler
Gibbon, Winston from Stettler
Gibbons, Inez V. from Grand Centre
Gibbons, Joseph from Suffield, Brooks
Gibbons, William John from Strathmore, Calgary
Gibbs & Evenson, Luther from Manyberries
Gibbs, Arthur R. from Sugden
Gibbs, Charles H. from Berwyn
Gibbs, Fred J. from Lougheed
Gibbs, Gareth from Strathmore
Gibbs, H.H. from Alcurve
Gibeau, Hector P. from Morinville
Gibeau, Hector P. from Morinville
Gibeau, Oliva from Cluny, Gleichen
Gibeau, Wilfred from Cluny
Giberson, Frank & Wallacae Leishman from Chancellor
Giberson, Frank & Wallace Leishman from Chancellor
Gibson, A.R. from Hardisty
Gibson, Albert Alvin from Castor
Gibson, Arthur from Hope Valley, Edgerton
Gibson, Arthur from Oyen
Gibson, Betsy from Acadia Valley
Gibson, Blanche from Arvilla
Gibson, C.V. from Medicine Hat
Gibson, Daniel E. from Big Valley, Drumheller
Gibson, David M. from Amisk
Gibson, Delbert W. from Millwood, WA
Gibson, Dr. Morris - Okotoks, Alberta
Gibson, Eugene R. from Maleb, Bow Island
Gibson, H.H. from Didsbury
Gibson, J.K from Edmonton
Gibson, J.W.K. from Bingville
Gibson, James G. from Edmonton, Hardisty
Gibson, L.W. from Parkland, Nanton
Gibson, Laurence B. (Palomino Guest Ranch) from Ricinus, Calgary
Gibson, Mrs. H.C. from Beiseker
Gibson, Mrs. H.C. from Beiseker
Gibson, Orval, L. from Castor
Gibson, Owen from Viking
Gibson, Stanley from Carbon
Gibson, Vern from Viking
Gibson, William James from Carbon
Gideon, Ralph O. from Rimbey, Lockhart
Gideon, Ray F. from Bentley
Gideon, Ray F. from Bentley
Giebelhaus, Adam from Holden, Martins
Giebelhaus, Conrad from Alliance, Castor
Giebelhaus, Earl Douglas from Rimbey
Giebelhaus, Harold from Holden
Giebelhaus, John G. from Vegreville
Giebelhaus, John G. from Vegreville
Giebelhaus, R.E. from Holden
Gieck, David from Carbon
Giegle, John from Medicine Hat
Gier, Ernest R. from Turin
Gier, Harvey from Turin
Gier, Julia M. from Turin, Dearing, Retlaw, Enchant
Gier, Leonard from Rolling Hills
Gierent, A.J. from Viking
Gierent, Fred from Lavoy, Vegreville
Gierent, John from Bruce
Gies, Raymond, A. from Barrhead
Giesbrecht, Herman J. from Vegreville
Giesbrecht, Rockwell E. from Crooked Creek
Giese, Frank from Stettler
Giese, Raymond E from Balzac
Giesler, Louise from Pincher Station
Giesler, Roy W. from Pincher Station
Giggs, Ron L. from Chauvin, Green Glade
Gilbert, D.B. from Warden Junction
Gilbert, D.B. from Warden Junction
Gilbert, Emma Annie Florence from Minburn
Gilbert, Frida from Blackie, Calgary
Gilbert, L.M. from Nanton, Midnapore, Calgary
Gilbert, Norah K from Whiskey Gap, Owendale
Gilbert, Norah K. from Whiskey Gap, Owendale
Gilbert, O.N. from Rosebud, Calgary
Gilbert, Richard B. from Cochrane
Gilbert, Thomas from Mannville, Minburn
Gilbert, William from Lethbridge, Grassy Lake
Gilbertson, Arthur from Taber
Gilbertson, Edward H. from Hughenden
Gilbertson, Emil (estate) from Viking, Phillips
Gilbertson, Harry L. from Edson
Gilbertson, John E. from Kessler, Hughenden
Gilbertson, Ken from Hughenden
Gilbertson, M.N. from Gilby
Gilbertson, Mrs. J.H.L. nee Humphrey from Hughenden
Gilbertson, Olle from Kinsella, Phillips
Gilchrist, Alexander Fraser from Hubalta, De Winton
Gilchrist, Don H. from Wetaskiwin
Gilchrist, Edward from New Dayton
Gilchrist, Elizabeth from Cayley
Gilchrist, Jack S. from Botha
Gilchrist, Mil from Medicine Hat
Gilchrist, Opal from Manyberries, Botha
Giles, Alan W. from Edmonton
Giles, Albert A. from Calgary
Giles, B.P. from Madden
Giles, Bruce from Hubalta, Calgary, Didsbury
Giles, John R. from Crossfield
Giles, Mervin from Airdrie
Gilfillan, Jim G. from Delburne
Gilfillan, Lorne Edwin from Brooks
Gilham, Herbert from Bragg Creek, Calgary
Gilkyson Bros. from La Glace
Gill Bros. (Lyle & Carl) from Empress
Gill, Alfred from Anning, Spedden
Gill, Charles from Forest Lawn
Gill, Douglas D. from Calgary
Gill, Neil from Didsbury
Gill, Norman from Irvine, Elkwater
Gill, Parry M. from Leighmore
Gill, Reinhold from Medicine Hat, Irvine
Gill, Wilfred Lawrence from Tofield
Gillard, A.H. from Claresholm
Gillard, Gordon from Bentley
Gillbank, John W. from Stettler
Gillbank, John W. from Stettler
Gillert, Ed from Hay Lakes
Gillese, Francis from Mayerthorpe, Sangudo
Gillespie, Douglas L. from Enchant
Gillespie, H.A. from Rimbey
Gillespie, J. from Edmonton
Gillespie, J. from Edmonton
Gillespie, James from Erskine, Haynes, New Brigden
Gillespie, John M. from Lavoy
Gillespie, Robert A. from Oyen, New Brigden, Leedale, Bluffton
Gillespie, Robert from Morrin
Gillespie, Vera W. & T.A.(Mountain View Ranch) from De Winton, Calgary
Gillespie, William from Sedgewick
Gillham, Hugo from Crossfield, Buffalo
Gillies, Angus William from Tees
Gillies, David from Elkton
Gillies, Hugh from Sexsmith
Gillin, William & Peter, Comrie from Namaka
Gillis, Lois May nee MacKay from Cessford
Gillis, R.W. from Water Valley
Gillivray, L.W. from High River, Dawson Creek, BC
Gillot, Charlotte nee Lasalle from Pincher Creek
Gillrie, A. from Didsbury
Gillrie, Walter Dorn from Didsbury
Gillund, N.B. from Rimbey
Gilmar, Clarence R. & Mickey from Blairmore
Gilmer, Lloyd from Patricia
Gilmore, O. from Harmattan
Gilmour, Leslie from De Winton
Gilpin, A.T. from Viking
Gilroy, F.W. from Edmonton
Gilroy, F.W. from Edmonton
Gilroy, Frank W. from Calgary, Kathryn
Gilroy, Robert A. from Whitla, Warner
Gilroy, Yeoman from Warner
Gimbel, Jacob A. from Beiseker
Gimbel, Jacob A. from Beiseker
Gimby, C.W. from Edmonton
Gimby, C.W. from Edmonton
Gingles Bros from Chinook
Gingles Bros. from Chinook
Gingles, Hugh from Halcourt
Gingles, James Stewart from Beaverlodge
Gingras, A.R. from Venice
Gintaut, Mrs. Ila L. from Deville, Clover Bar
Ginther, C.F. from Huxley
Ginther, Patrick John Sr. from Vilna
Giocobbo, Gino from Hylo
Gira, Vince from Viking
Girard, Albert & Emile from Barrhead
Girard, Claude Joseph from Rocky Mountain House
Girard, F.J.B. from St. Paul
Girard, Leon T. & Noella F. from Calgary, Sylvan Lake
Girling, D.E. from Ponoka
Girling, D.E. from Ponoka
Giroux, Roy Anthony from Driftpile
Gisle, John from Sundre
Gissing, Roland from Cochrane
Gittins, Jim E. from Bentley
Gitz, Henry from Pincher Creek, Cowley
Gitzel, Larry & Steve from Thorsby
Gitzel, Larry V. from Thorsby
Given, Norman from Turner Valley, Priddis
Given, W.G. from Debolt
Givens, Milford from Solberg, Carolside, Pollockville
Givens, Mrs. G.P. from Pollockville, Carolside
Gladden, C.R. from Nightingale, Calgary
Gladdish, Brian David from Hanna
Gladeau, Edward from Sputinow
Gladstone, Louisa from Twin Butte
Gladstone, Louisa from Twin Butte
Gladstone, William from Dry Fork, Twin Butte
Gladstone, William from Dry Fork, Twin Butte
Gladue, George from Lac La Biche
Gladue, Joe from Lac La Biche
Gladue, Philip from Sputinow
Gladue, Samuel from Peace River
Gladue, Sylvester from Sputinow
Gladue, William from Gurneyville
Gladwin, Frank G. from Acme
Gladys M. from Whitla
Glaister, David Ballantine & Ronald Herbert Birkness from Midnapore
Glaister, David Ballantine & Ronald Herbert Birkness Herbert from Midnapore
Glaister, Rowland L. from Delia
Glanville, Kenneth Roy from Grande Prairie
Glasco, Edna M. from Vale, Schuler
Glasener, H.W. from Ryley
Glasgo, Ray S. from De Winton, Okotoks
Glasgo, Ray S. from De Winton, Okotoks
Glasgow, Albert David from Irma
Glasier, Clifford from Stettler, Erskine
Glasier, Fred C. from Coronation
Glasier, Irwin A. from Gadsby
Glasier, William E. from Coronation
Glasir, James from Gadsby
Glass, A. from Midnapore
Glassens, George & Manfred Bunschoks from Calgary
Glazier, Edward from Coronation
Glazier, Edward William from Coronation
Glazier, Ernest from Consort, Peace River
Gleave, Alfred from Bellevue, Lundbreck
Glendenning, Fred from Nevis, Alix
Glenn, Darrell L. from Edmonton
Glenn, Reginald from Hardisty, Alliance
Glennie, Robert J. from Sedgewick
Glidden, E.K from Vermilion
Gliege, Arnold, & Emil from Peoria
Gliege, T. from Rosemary
Gling, W.E. from Elnora
Glock, Andrew & Charles from Irvine
Glover, A.R from Crowfoot
Glowacke, John from Lac La Biche
Glubish, Eugene M. from Thorsby
Glubrecht, G. from Scapa
Glyde, David G. from Springdale
Gnamm, Mrs. Henry from Seven Persons
Gnamm, Mrs. Henry from Seven Persons
Gnida, John from Bellevue, Beaver Mines
Gnyra, William J. from Innisfree
Gobeil, Harvey from Rolling Hills
Gobeil, J. from Rolling Hills
Gobin, Alcide from Goodfare
Gockij, Ted from Taber
Gocko, Peter from Lindbergh, Primula
Goczan, Csaba from Coaldale, Lethbridge
Goczan, Geza from Coaldale
Godard, A. from North Edmonton
Godberson, George C. from High Prairie
Godbout, George from Bluffton
Godbout, Minerva from Calgary
Godbout, Stanley from Fort Saskatchewan
Godbout, Wilfred from Fort Saskatchewan
Goddard Bros (M. & L.C.) from Olds
Goddard, Austa from Olds
Goddard, Cynthia from Calgary
Goddard, H.K from Olds
Goddard, L.C. from Olds
Goddard, O.E. from Olds
Goddu, G.M. from Peace River
Godfrey, Fred from Lousana
Godfrey, Gilbert H. from Ardenode
Godfrey, H.B. from Pincher Creek
Godfrey, John H. from Lousana
Godfrey, W.R. & Hutchinson, Thomas (Godfrey & Hutchinson ) from Coleman
Godfrey, W.R. & Thomas Hutchinson (Godfrey & Hutchinson) from Coleman
Godfrey, W.R. from Coleman
Godfrey, William from Strathmore, Ardenode
Godin, Herb A. from Hobbema
Godkin, S.W. from Rolling Hills
Godley, E.A. from Ricinus, Red Deer
Godlonton, Arnold Barnett from Del Bonita
Godlonton, Hilda May from Calgary
Godlonton, J.R. from Del Bonita, Whiskey Gap, Spring Coulee
Godlonton, Owen L. from Calgary, Bonanza, Silver Valley
Goebel Bros. (Roy & Robert) from Dapp
Goebel, John from Rainier
Goebel, Val from Huallen
Goedicke, Werner Otto from Youngstown
Goerlitz, E.J. from De Winton
Goerlitz, F.A. from Acme, Westbank, BC
Goersen, John from Gem
Goertzen, J.H. from Eagle Hill
Goertzen, Jake F. from Stettler
Goertzen, John P. from Sunnyslope
Goeson, Theo from Macleod
Goethals, J. from Edmonton
Goethals, J. from Edmonton
Goetjen, R.J. from Carstairs
Goettler, George from Okotoks
Goettling, Nelson W. from Lindbergh
Goetz, John from Glenwood
Goff, R.W. from Granum
Gogal, L. J. from Scollard, Big Valley, Alberta Beach
Gogal, Louis Albert from Kingman, Round Hill
Gogal, Vernon Raymond from Kingman
Gogel, Herbert from Trochu, Kelowna, BC
Gogowich, Frank from Floating Stone, Boyne Lake, McRae
Goin, John H. from Millet
Goin, Tom from Lethbridge
Going, Brent A. from Black Diamond
Going, Mike from Black Diamond
Goings, Gordon W. & Chester J. & John F. Hoffert from Champion
Goke, Carl from Cardston, Woolford, Spring Coulee
Gold Bar Cattle Co. Ltd. (S.R.Huff) from Edmonton
Gold, Elsie Alexandra from New Westminster, BC
Goldbeck, Peter from Red Deer
Goldberg, George Gilman from Alix
Golden, George W. from Edmonton
Golden, George W. from Edmonton
Golden, Joseph I. from Provost
Goldenbeld, Albert from Monarch
Golder, Amelia A. from Lacombe, Ponoka
Golder, T.G. from Lacombe
Golding, Ashton Reginald from Fabyan
Golding, Geoffrey Ashton from Wainwright
Golding, Geoffrey Baldwin from Wainwright
Goldsmith Bros. from Landonville
Goldsmith, O. Harry & Sons (Oliver Arlo, Keith Harry & Kenneth Burdett) from Rocky Mountain House, Vanderhoof, BC
Goldsworthy, Henry C. from Okotoks
Goldthorpe, Harold from Veteran
Goldthorpe, Mervin K. from Vulcan
Goldthorpe, Mervin K. from Vulcan, Milo
Goldthorpe, Norman J. from Veteran
Golinsky, Albert from Glenevis
Golka Bros (Louis & Emil E.) from Viking
Golka Bros (Louis & Emil E.) from Viking
Golka, Elnora C. from Viking
Golka, Floyd from Viking
Golka, John Louis & Dion, Paul from Hardisty
Gollan, Murdo from Neuchatel
Gollan, R. from Lougheed
Goller, Dora & Lucille Lenard from Grantham
Goller, Francis A. from Grantham
Goller, Francis A. from Grantham
Gomke, Connie Blanche from Brooks
Gomke, Edwin from Hilda
Gomke, William from Duchess
Gommerud, Leo from Magrath
Gomorie, Mike from Delburne
Gongaware, B. from Delburne
Gongaware, H. from Delburne
Gongaware, O.B from Delburne
Gonta, Jim from Lac Bellevue
Gooch, Philip Marshell from Gleichen
Good Bros. from Red Deer
Good Rider, Margaret from Cardston
Good Striker, Celina from Cardston
Good, A. E. from Edmonton
Good, Arthur S. from Cremona, Garfield
Good, Benjamin from Westcott, Bergen
Good, Gordon from Aldersyde
Good, Gordon from Islay
Good, John K. from Ellscott
Good, Lawrence & Harvey from Irvine
Good, Mildred from Medicine Hat
Good, Walter & Jacob & Harvey from Irvine
Goodall, J.M. from Chauvin
Goodall, R. from Coronation
Goodband, John B. from Youngstown
Goodband, John B. from Youngstown
Goodbrand, Thomas from Youngstown
Goodbrand, Walter W. from Youngstown
Goodbun, H. B. & W.R. Bassil from Didsbury, Charlie Lake, BC
Goode, Erick & Henry from Fox
Goode, Erick & Henry from Fox
Goodenough, Bob from Westerose
Goodfellow, A.M from Vale
Goodine, Al & Margaret A. from Oyen
Gooding, Trevor from Didsbury, Crossfield
Goodland, Glen Harry from Sundre, Calgary
Goodman, Mervin Allan from Calgary
Goodman, Samuel H. from Brocket
Goodmanson, G. from Markerville
Goodmundson, John B. from Markerville
Goodrich, Everett S. from Hardisty
Goodstriker, Helen from Fort Macleod
Goodwill, Seth from Cereal
Goodwin Bros. from Trentville
Goodwin, Harry from Boundary Creek, Cardston, Calgary
Goodwin, K.M. from Pincher Creek
Goodwin, Morley from Sundre
Goodwin, N.W. from Elnora
Goodwin, Olive Rhoda from Cardston
Goodwin, Ruby from Moose Portage, Athabasca Landing, Lloydminster
Goodwin, W.H. from Gleichen
Goossen, M.K. from Whitecourt, Hardisty, Pembridge
Goossen, Norman from Carbon, Linden
Goossen, Robert James from Edberg, Kelwood, MB
Gopsill, Frank K. from Sheerness
Goranson, Mabel formerly Mrs. Kemp from Brooks
Gorash, Nick from Mannville
Gorasht, Sam from Calgary
Gorchichuk, Dan from Two Hills
Gordanier, Arthur B. from Okotoks
Gordey, Fred from Hotchkiss
Gordey, J.W. from Soda Lake, Willingdon
Gordey, Ronald B. from Hotchkiss
Gordey, William from Spedden
Gordon Fletcher Enterprises Ltd. from Didsbury
Gordon, J.W & Sons ( J.E. & T.C.), (Killafassy Farm) from Chauvin
Gordon, Alex from Caslan, Seba Beach
Gordon, Annie from Hespero
Gordon, Elmer from Bruderheim, Fort Saskatchewan
Gordon, Essey P. & Margaret Manne from Vermilion
Gordon, Frank from Olds, Fruitvale, BC
Gordon, George Ernest from High River, Okotoks
Gordon, Gladys E. nee Cook from Pincher Station, Pincher Creek
Gordon, Gregory from Bulwark
Gordon, Harvey William from Whitecourt
Gordon, James from Strome
Gordon, John from Innisfree
Gordon, John R. from Atlee
Gordon, John R. from Atlee, Buffalo
Gordon, Laura B. from Jenner
Gordon, Laura B. from Jenner
Gordon, Lyle George from Drayton Valley
Gordon, Martin H. from Knee Hill Valley
Gordon, Maxwell F. from Bindloss, Craigmyle
Gordon, Myrtle from Medicine Hat, Rolling Hills
Gordon, Richard from Fort Saskatchewan
Gordon, Ronald C. from Athabasca
Gordon, T.C. from Hayter
Gordon, Thomas A. from Castor
Gordon, W. C. & Henrietta May from Youngstown
Gordon, W. H. from Islay
Gordon, Warren from Cluny
Gordon, Wilbur from Sundre
Gordy, A. from Ispas
Gordy, Sandy from Kitscoty
Gore, Blaine from Swalwell
Gorgichuk, Eugene from Two Hills
Gorham, Elmer W. from Taber
Gorham, Elmer W. from Taber
Gorham, L.R. from Edmonton
Gorham, L.R. from Edmonton
Gorley, George from Rosyth
Gorman, Jim from Ghost Pine Creek, Three Hills
Gormley, Leo & Lawrence from Halkirk
Gorney, Frank from Bentley, Rimbey
Gorney, Gustav from Rimbey
Gorr, Henry from Didsbury
Gorrill, H.F. from New Dayton
Goruk, William from Bellis
Gorver Bros from Delburne
Gosling Bros. from Dalemead, Langdon
Gosling Brothers from Dalemead, Langdon
Gosling, Alan Murray from Brooks
Gosling, Sidney E. from Gem, Lathom
Gosling, Sidney E. from Gem, Lathom
Gosnell, Joshua from Rocky Mountain House
Goss, Victor from Okotoks
Gossett, J.A. from Spruce grove
Gossman, L.S. from Holden
Gossman, L.S. from Holden
Gossman, Norman from Holden
Gossman, Verne F. from Holden
Gostalo, Dale from Del Bonita, Iron Springs
Gothard, J.E. from De Winton, Nanton
Gott, Gordon from Westlock, Clyde
Gottenberg, Fred from Champion, Vulcan
Gottenberg, Russell from Vulcan
Gottschalk, Fred from Ponoka
Gottschlich, Irwin F. from Lacombe
Gouchey, Roy R. from Bezanson, Beaverlodge, Athabasca
Goudie, Victor from Bassano
Goudie, Win C. from Gem
Gouge, Jessie from Drumheller, Acme
Gough Farms Ltd. from Calgary
Gough, Joseph T. & Lillian from Fenn
Gouin, Gus from Nose Hill District
Gould, Cliff from Nanton
Gould, Edwin from Lindbrook, Tofield
Gould, Frank from Lindbrook
Gould, Fred from Darling, Newbrook
Gould, Gordon from Islay
Gould, Henry James from Lloydminster
Gould, Oliver J. from Czar, Buffalo View
Gould, Wyndham from Islay
Goulden, Gordon William from Tees
Goulet, Adeline from Springburn
Goulet, Louie Z. from Manyberries
Goulet, Robert E. from Salt Prairie
Gourdinne, Honore from Harmattan
Gourlay, Archibald from Hanna
Gourlay, William A. from Alberta Beach
Gourley, John from Clandonald
Gouy, Alexis from Midnapore, Priddis, Kew
Gouy, Germaine from Kew, Priddis, Midnapore
Govaerts, B. from Castor, Sullivan Lake
Gove, John A. from Vauxhall
Gove, R.S. from Innisfree
Govenlock, J. Stanley from Whitecourt
Gow, Bonar Alexander from Edmonton
Gow, Foster & Gladys M. from Whitla
Gow, Foster & Mabel Goranson (formerly Kemp) from Brooks
Gow, William W. from DeWinton, Midnapore
Gowan, Frank from Hubalta
Gowans, Robert from Evarts
Gowen, Julia from Sexsmith
Gowling, Lorne D. from Hartell
Goydostik, Frank from Coaldale
Gozdek, Joe from Rycroft
Graavac, Val from Raymond
Grabas, Jacob from Innisfree
Grabas, John J. from Innisfree
Grabek, Edward from Nordegg
Grabher, Charles from Colinton
Grabler, Norris P. from Meadowview, Cherhill
Grabo, Albert from Stettler
Grabowicz, William from Jenner
Grace, Earl from Westward Ho
Grace, I.H. from Didsbury, Cessford, Wardlow, Westward Ho
Grace, I.H. from Didsbury, Cessford, Wardlow, Westward Ho
Grace, Robert from Westward Ho
Graf Bros from Irricana, Crossfield
Graf, George E. from Calgary
Graf, Henry from Donalda
Graf, Joseph from Bellevue
Graf, Otto from Twin Butte
Graff Bros. (Otto & Robert) from Yarrow, Twin Butte
Graff Robert & Otto (Graff Bros.) from Yarrow, Twin Butte
Graham Brothers from Bassano
Graham, A. Fawcett from Irma
Graham, Alfred from Mannville
Graham, Benson L. from Bassano
Graham, David from Longview
Graham, Donald M. from Stavely
Graham, Drew Charteris from Midnapore, High River
Graham, George Mure from Calgary
Graham, George Rodger from Edmonton, Rocky Mountain House
Graham, H.C. from Tring, Riverton, Heinsburg
Graham, Helen remarried Barker from Caroline
Graham, Ivan from Crammond, Caroline
Graham, J.C. from Priddis
Graham, J.E. from Picture Butte, Cremona, Calgary
Graham, James H. from Rainier
Graham, James W. from Bergen
Graham, John from Millet, Etzikom
Graham, John M. from Trenville, Lousana
Graham, John Samuel from Olds
Graham, Keith from High River
Graham, Max from Midnapore
Graham, Myron G. from Camrose
Graham, O.J. from Grassy Lake, Purple Springs
Graham, R.T. from Raymond
Graham, Ralph Ormsby from Midnapore
Graham, Robert A. from Irvine
Graham, Robert E. from Lac la Biche
Graham, Rodger Franklin from Lethbridge, Warner
Graham, Roger & Paul Stanley from Warner
Graham, Roy J. from Olds, Bittern Lake, Brooks, Rosemary
Graham, Theodore John & Shirley from Calgary
Graham, Vera nee Budzilka from Wetaskiwin, Islay
Graham, W.E. from Edberg
Graham, William R. from Darwell
Grahn, Edith from Willowlea
Grain - Beef Co-Op Ltd. from Wainwright
Grainger Fox Farms Ltd from Grainger
Grainger, Arthur James from DeWinton, Midnapore
Grainger, Clifford from Picture Butte
Grainger, J.D. from Duchess
Gram, Peter from Bowell
Gramlick, Peter from Bodo
Grammer, Leo E. from Beaver Crossing, Le Goff
Gran, Hilmer from Hay Lakes
Granbois, J.B. from Beaver Crossing
Grand Valley Estates Ltd. (Dr. Roland Watson) from Cochrane
Grand, Karl & Frank from Duffield
Grandbois, Margaret from Beaver Crossing
Grande Prairie Feeders Association Ltd. from Grande Prairie
Grande Prairie Roping Club from Grande Prairie
Grandish, Walter from Smoky Lake
Granger, Earl from Heinsburg
Granger, Leroy Edwin from Kinsella
Granger, Roy M. from Galahad, Kinsella
Granlien, Olaf J. from Stavely
Grant - Smith & Company & McDonnell from Calgary
Grant Birch Valley Ranches Ltd. from Saddle Lake
Grant Smith & Co. & W.C. Arnett (Buffalo Hills Ranch) from Arrowwood
Grant Smith & Co. & W.C. Arnett (Buffalo Hills Ranch) from Arrowwood
Grant, Alex from Ethelwyn, Clandonald
Grant, Arthur D. & Ralph A. from Medicine Hat
Grant, Dan from Elk Point
Grant, E.J. from Grand Prairie, Sexsmith
Grant, F.M. from Telfordville
Grant, Fraser Harold from Beaverlodge
Grant, Fred C. from Nevis
Grant, Harold R. from Cochrane
Grant, J.W. from McRea, Red Deer
Grant, J.W. from McRea, Red Deer
Grant, Jack Alexander from McRea
Grant, John G. from Blackie, Calgary, Gladys
Grant, John G. from Blackie, Calgary, Gladys
Grant, John Harry, & Shirley R. from Vermilion, Clandonald
Grant, Mary from Twin Butte
Grant, Neal from Westward Ho
Grant, Norman E. from Blackie, Devon, Leduc
Grant, Peter from Lacombe
Grant, Russell A. from Fairview
Grant, W.P. from Killam
Grant, William from Onion Lake, SK
Grant, William from Thelma
Grapentine, Clarence Henry from Millet, Sherwood Park
Grapentine, F. J., Warm, W. from Olds
Grasdal, Martin from Lea Park, Marwayne
Grattidge, Robert Elwyn from Elnora
Gratton, Arthur from Clandonald, Edson
Gratz, H. from Sunnyslope
Gratz, H.G. from Sunnyslope
Gratz, R.P. from Carstairs
Gratzer, Fred from Endiang, Calgary
Grauman, E.A. from Heinsburg, Elk Point
Graumann, Albert E. from Hanna
Graumann, Gerhart Walter from Hanna
Graumann, Lawrence from Hanna
Graveland, C. from Del Bonita
Graveland, N. from Del Bonita
Graves, H.L. from Mulhurst
Graves, J.L. & Sons from Lea Park
Graves, O.C. Jr. from Elk Point
Graves, O.C. Sr. from Elk Point, Spring Park
Gravett, Herschel & Thelma from Buffalo
Gravette, James A. from Brooks
Gravette, Mrs. R.S. from Buffalo
Graville, Laurier from Coronation
Gray, A.E.A. & A. Harding from Hardisty
Gray, Alan from Lacombe
Gray, Alex from Scotfield, Youngstown
Gray, Alexander from Chauvin, Green Glade, Provost
Gray, Allan George from Dewberry
Gray, Charles from Simons Valley
Gray, David Aaron from Alhambra
Gray, Dixie Lynn from Lethbridge
Gray, Donald from Panima NWT, Okotoks
Gray, Donald S. & Delia C. from Sangudo
Gray, Elliott William from Calgary
Gray, Emanuel from Stettler
Gray, Francis E. Jr. from Dewberry
Gray, Frank & William from Greenlawn
Gray, Fred from Fort Macleod
Gray, George from Simon's Valley
Gray, Henry L. from Claresholm, Calgary
Gray, Ira Doyle, & Josephine Amelia from Ferrier, Rocky Mountain House
Gray, James E. from Marwayne
Gray, James from Marwayne
Gray, Malcolm D. from Dewberry
Gray, Marjorie F. from Viking, Haight
Gray, Melvin W. from Edmonton
Gray, Mrs. Boyd from Viking
Gray, Mrs. Boyd from Viking
Gray, N.C. from Lacombe
Gray, Percy N. from Airways, Lakesend, Edmonton
Gray, R.A. from Minburn
Gray, R.G. from Dewberry
Gray, Robert from Brooks
Gray, Robert from Czar, Drumheller
Gray, Robert from High Level
Gray, Sarah Jane from Carmangay
Gray, T.W. from Ferrier, Rocky Mountain House
Gray, W.B. from Stettler, Donalda
Graydon, John A. from Lacombe
Graydon, John from Lacombe
Grayston, F. from Wainwright
Grayston, L. from Hubalta
Greaves, George M. from Queenstown, Bassano, Majorville
Greaves, George M. from Queenstown, Bassano, Majorville
Greaves, Morris Leslie from Majorville, Calgary
Greckol, Mike N. & Son from Hairy Hill
Green, A.H. from Auburndale
Green, C.C. from Millicent, New Castle
Green, C.C. from Millicent, New Castle
Green, Charles from Busby
Green, Clarence from Mossleigh
Green, D.E. from Hanna
Green, D.E. from Hanna
Green, F.W. from Irvine
Green, F.W. from Irvine
Green, Fred from Kinsella, Sedgewick
Green, Fred from Kinsella, Sedgewick
Green, Fred L. from Vanrena, Waterhole, Fairview
Green, Fred L. from Vanrena, Waterhole, Fairview
Green, H. T. from Rumsey
Green, H.T. from Rumsey
Green, James I. from Nanton
Green, John from Delburne
Green, John I. from Lacombe
Green, John I. from Lacombe
Green, Ken & Ed Tobler from Medicine Hat
Green, Ken & Ed Tobler from Medicine Hat
Green, Kenneth from Enchant
Green, L.H. from Dalroy, Millicent
Green, L.H. from Dalroy, Millicent
Green, Leta Audrey from Sundre
Green, Lloyd V. from High River, Millicent, Gem
Green, Marvin Glen from Edmonton
Green, Marvin Glen from Edmonton
Green, R. E. & Sons from Crossfield, Carstairs
Green, R.E. & Sons from Crossfield, Carstairs
Green, Ralph George from Edmonton
Green, Ralph George from Edmonton
Green, Wallace T. from Thorsby
Green, Wilfred A. from Wetaskiwin
Green, William from Edmonton
Green, William from Rolling Hills
Greene, Addison A. from Cardston, Glenwoodville
Greene, Allan H. from Carmangay, Calgary
Greene, Delmar Loran from Carmangay
Greene, Edwin K. from Glenwood
Greene, Gustav T. from Carmangay
Greene, Portineus from Glenwoodville
Greene, Rosanna G. from Glenwoodville, Cardston
Greene, T.F. from Rose Lynn
Greene, Vernon L. from Carmangay
Greene, Wilfred A. from Champion
Greenhalgh, G.E. from Clover Bar
Greening, Emil Edward from Meeting Creek
Greenlaw, Bert from Cremona, Calgary
Greenlee, Lloyd from Botha
Greenlees, A. from Byemoor, Heart Lake
Greeno, Russell W. from Lethbridge
Greenslade, Hugh from Rose Lynn, Sheerness
Greenslade, W. H. from Rose Lynn
Greenstein, Ben from Blackfoot
Greenwald, Alvis from Ryley
Greenwood, Bud from Paradise Valley
Greenwood, Cliff from Calgary
Greenwood, Connie & Mrs. H. C. Cloud from Cadogan, Abilene, TX
Greenwood, Connie & Mrs. H.C. Cloud from Cadogan, Abilene, TX
Greenwood, Dennis Dryden from St. Albert
Greenwood, Freeman from Kinsella
Greenwood, James from Kinsella
Greenwood, Norman from Kinsella
Greenwood, Sarah Jane from Kinsella
Greenwood, William from Kinsella
Greenwood, William from Trenville, Elnora, Pine Lake, Lousana
Greer, John M. from Irma, Wainwright
Greer, Robert L. from Calgary
Greer, Sam C. from Irma
Greer, William Wesley from Carmangay, Lethbridge
Greff, George from Berwyn
Greftegreff, Kaare from Nanton
Greger, Janet P. from Heinsburg
Gregerson, Charles H. from Pincher Station, Pincher Creek
Gregerson, F.J. from Pincher Creek
Gregg, Frank T. from Calgary
Gregg, J.W. (Sarcee Farms) from Calgary
Gregg, J.W. (Sarcee Farms) from Calgary
Greggains, J.L. from Claresholm, Seven persons
Gregoire Bros. (Aurele & Donat) from Calahoo
Gregor, John from Heinsburg
Gregor, Merlin Frank from Taber
Gregor, William from Heinsburg
Gregoraschenko, Andrew from Little Plume
Gregoraschuk, Tony from Lafond
Gregory, J.R. from Sundre
Gregory, J.R. from Sundre
Gregory, James from Pincher Creek, Brocket
Gregory, John R. from Two Hills
Gregory, Laura from Provost
Gregory, Ottie from Claresholm
Gregory, Romayn from Standard
Gregory, S. from Claresholm
Gregson, O. Lloyd from Cardston
Gregson, Williene from Cardston
Gregus, Rudy from Taber
Greibrok, S.J. from Edgerton
Greidanus, Johan L. B. from Tees
Greig, John G. from Calgary
Greig, Mrs. William John from Nanton
Greig, Norman J. from Vermilion
Greissinger, Frank from Castor, Fleet
Grekul, Victor from Hairy Hill
Grenfield, Robert from Consort
Grenier, Auguste from Greenshields
Grenier, Henry J & Sons from Onoway
Grenier, Joseph A. from Carbon, Hesketh, Drumheller
Gresko, Alex from Fleet, Castor
Grewer, Ada D. from Sunnynook, Carolside
Grewer, Allan E. from Finnegan
Grey, Adolphus from Atikameg
Grey, John A. from Okotoks
Grey, May Margaret from Bearberry
Grice, Arthur from Claresholm
Griebel, Leo from Castor, Clandonald
Grier, D. J. from Macleod
Grier, Edward Francis from Bluffton, Peachland, BC
Grier, Ernest from Brocket
Grier, Norman E. from Fort Macleod
Grieve, David S. from Gem
Grieve, Doris from Drumheller
Grieve, G.L. from Berwyn
Grieve, Oscar M. from Drumheller
Griffel, Robert from Ponoka
Griffin Bros. (H.A. & L.E.) from Retlaw, Cochrane
Griffin, A.H. from Calgary
Griffin, F.F. from Olds
Griffin, Floyd F. from Bearberry, Sundre
Griffin, Floyd Irvin from Cochrane
Griffin, Roderick William from Calgary
Griffin, W. from Loverna, SK, Esther
Griffin, Walter from Breton
Griffith, Donald W. from Cessford
Griffith, Donald W. from Cessford
Griffith, E. H from North Cooking Lake
Griffith, Edward from Marwayne
Griffith, Gae C. from Cessford
Griffith, Harley from Cessford
Griffith, J.H. from Tees
Griffith, Larry C. from Cessford
Griffith, Mrs. J.M. from Cessford
Griffith, Mrs. J.M. from Cessford
Griffith, Robert Winning from Cessford, Hanna
Griffith, W.C. from Cessford
Griffith, W.C. from Cessford
Griffith, William & Glenn from Winnington, Cessford
Griffiths, Allan Conrad from Greencourt
Griffiths, Bert from Fleet
Griffiths, E.L. from Myrnam, Morecambe
Griffiths, George M. from Aden
Griffiths, George M.J. from Aden
Griffiths, Harold R. from High Level
Griffiths, Richard from Sexsmith
Griffiths, Rodney from Aden
Grigg, O.R. from Sunnynook
Grigor, Orville C. from Barnwell
Grigor, Walter J. from Barnwell
Grimaud, Cyrus from Lac la Biche
Grimes, Larry Charles from Pearce
Grimm, B. and Sons from Rycroft
Grinde Bros. (Reuben A. & Edward B.) from Holden
Grinde, Fred from Holden
Grinde, Henry from Holden, Bruce
Grinde, Paul from Wetaskiwin
Grisack, Nickolas from Coalhurst, Lethbridge
Grisedale, J.G. from Cochrane
Groat, Peter from Endiang, Cornucopia
Grobe, C.M. from Calgary
Grochmal, Robert Stanley from Calgary, Airdrie
Grochmal, Stanley from Hubalta
Grocock, Agnes from Veteran
Grocock, Albert Edwin from Czar
Grocock, Albert from Czar
Grocock, T. from Neutral Hills, Loyalist
Gronberg, Hans from Standard
Groscop, Harry from Vermilion
Gross, Anna M. & Henry F. from Pincher Station, Pincher Creek
Gross, Anton from Grassy Lake
Gross, D. from Madden
Gross, Frank from Grassy Lake
Gross, Katie from Manyberries
Gross, Robert from Craigmyle
Gross, Rudolf from Czar
Gross, Shirley from Hanna
Gross, Wayne from Calgary
Grosse, Fred G. from Langdon
Grosse, Herman from Hillsdown, Red Deer
Grosso, Raymond E. from Rocky Mountain House
Grosul, B. & A. Makarenko from Hardieville,
Grotkowski, Adam from Sexsmith
Grotkowski, Alex from Sexsmith
Groundwater, Robert from Endiang
Grove, Arnold E. from Red Deer, Coronation, Scapa
Grove, Chester A. M. & Olive from Lake Majeau, Gunn
Grove, Erbin L. from Scapa
Grove, Lyman from Scapa
Grove, Peder from Lougheed
Grove, Peter from Lougheed
Grove, William Charles from Boyle, Paxson
Grover, Edwin from Champion, Manyberries, Ranchville, Vauxhall,, Hays, Travers, Lomond
Grover, Johanna from Manyberries
Grover, Stephen M. & Donald E. Risky from Lacombe
Groves, George from Islay, Dewberry
Groves, J.M. & Sons from Botha
Groves, Marvin Frederick from Patricia, Red Deer
Growstra, Frank from Seba Beach, Crescent Valley, BC
Grube, Heinz from Viking
Grube, Johanna from Viking
Grube, Wilhelm from Viking
Gruber, Fritz from Tomahawk
Grudecki, William from Acadia Valley
Grue, Lars from Hay Lake
Grue, Oliver T. from Camrose, Armena
Gruidl, Stephen from Manfred, Delburne, Deville
Grummett, Don W. from Tofield
Grummett, Garry E. & Son from Sherwood Park
Grummett, Lorne N. & Sons from Red Deer
Grund, Frank from Duffield
Grunewald, W.B. from Coaldale
Grunow, Albert from Czar
Grunow, Karl from Czar
Grusendorf, Hazel M. from Rosemary, Vauxhall, Purple Springs
Grusie, Arthur G. from Torrington
Grussing, Heinz, & Berthold Maier from Calgary
Gruszie, Gustav from Medicine Hat
Grynoch, Robert Louis & Catherine E. from Fort Macleod
Gschaid, George from Lethbridge
Gschaid, Ronald & Robert from Lethbridge
Gubersky, Mike from St. Michael
Gudmundson, Eric from Coleman
Gudmundson, Leo from New Sarepta, Tofield
Gudmundson, Lorne from Dodds
Gueldenhaar, Maynard from Olds
Guenette, Paul from Edmonton
Guenter, Abe from Taber
Guenther, Jennie from Seven Persons
Guenther, Norman H. from Alhambra
Gugins, Bill from Calgary
Guida, Martin from Beaver Mines
Guilbert, Francois or Frank from Blackie, Calgary
Guilbrault, Severin from Red Deer, St. Paul
Guinand, Edmund from Normandeau
Guitard, Albert S. from Mound
Gulayets, Dan from Peat, Medicine Hat
Gulbe, Donald Charles from Olds
Gulbraa, B.M. from Irma
Gulbroa, Knute from Irma
Gulevich, Eddie from Vegreville
Gullekson, E.L. & C.R. from Wainwright
Gullian, W.E. from Pakan, Saddle Lake
Gullickson, Selma from Onion Lake, SK
Gulmick, Walt from Taber
Gulseth, Vernon P. from Fort Saskatchewan
Gunderman, D.W. from Lethbridge
Gundersen, Borup from Dickson
Gunderson, A.E. from Bowell, Kettle Valley BC
Gunderson, A.E. from Bowell, Kettle Valley BC
Gunderson, Conrad M. from Bawlf
Gunderson, Dave & Jack Duke & Ralph Saunders from Cremona
Gunderson, E.O. from Albert Park
Gunderson, E.O. from Albert Park
Gunderson, Eddie & Arthur from Minburn
Gunderson, Eddie from Innisfree
Gunderson, Graff from Champion
Gunderson, Gust from Provost
Gunderson, Nels from Pibroch
Gunderson, Reynold from Colinton
Gunn, Henry Aitkin from Brocket, Lundbreck, Cowley, Pincher Creek
Gunn, Mary A. (married name Mrs. Harry Nash) from Livingstone, Victoria, BC
Gunn, R.C. & M.G. from Hines Creek, Clear Prairie, Peace River
Gunn, R.E. from Darwell
Gunston, Mrs. M.E. from Knee Hill Valley, Innisfail
Gurin, Nick from Iron River
Gurnett, Jack from Berry Creek
Gurney, Peter from Vermilion
Gurr, Phillip from Lethbridge
Guse, David from Coronation
Gusse, William from Wetaskiwin
Gusseck, Mrs. L. from Warner
Gustafson & Ostrom (Granum Meat Market) from Granum
Gustafson, Arvid from Ardrossan, Lindbergh
Gustafson, Herman from Hardisty
Gustafson, O.A. from Jarrow
Gustafson, Oscar V. from Clear Hills, Beaverlodge
Gustavsen, Aksel C. from Cheadle
Gustum, Fred from Vauxhall, Enchant
Gustus, Edwin Lysle from Airdrie, Chicago, IL
Guthmiller, Vern from Medicine Hat
Guttau, O.H. from North Star
Guy, A L. from Edgerton
Guy, Donald from Worsley
Guy, W. & Donald from Worsley
Guydash, Matt from Rycroft
Guynup, Charles M. from Delburne
Guynup, Clarence N. from Delburne
Guynup, Ed from Delburne, Clive
Guynup, William from Hillsdown, Delburne
Gwinn, M.D. from Scollard, Omak, WA
Gwinner, Edna from Irvine
Gwinner, Edward from Knee Hill Valley
Gylling, Magnus from Raven
Gyulai, Sara from Pincher Creek
Gyulay, Frank (Rayner Farms) from Calgary
Gyuricza, Michael from Lethbridge

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