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Cancelled Brand Files - F
F & D. Land & Ranch Ltd. from Calgary
F & M Ranch (Art Felesky & H.C. Mantz) from Medicine Hat
F. O. Taylor & Brother from Calgary, Carstairs, Stirlingville
Faas, Otto from Carstairs
Fabbro, John from Lac La Biche
Fabian, John from Tilley
Fabian, John Jr. from Tilley
Fabris, Gary Louis from Red Deer
Fadischuk, Peter from Purple Springs
Faechner, Ella H. from Hanna
Faechner, Herbert P. from Craigmyle
Faechner, James R. from Red Deer
Fagan, George Edward from Harmattan
Fagan, M.A. & Edwin G. Boddy from Hespero
Faggin, J. from Del Bonita
Fague, Charles Leroy from Hayter, Salmon Arm, BC
Fahlman, Albert E. from Edmonton
Fahner, Lue or Lewis from Chauvin
Faichuk, Mike from Oyen
Fair, Alex M. from Elkton
Fair, James from Paradise Valley
Fair, John from Paradise Valley
Fair, Robert from Paradise Valley
Fair, Wesley from Lacombe, Blackfalds
Fairbairn, Adam from Marwayne
Fairbairn, F.W. from Irricana, Calgary
Fairbairn, John Ebenezer from Hughenden
Fairbairn, Stewart from Waterhole
Fairbairn, Walter David from Marwayne
Fairbrother, Carter M. from Tofield, Fleet
Fairbrother, D.A. from Tofield
Fairburn, Arthur R. from De Winton
Fairfield, Donald Joe from Edmonton
Fairfield, Marjorie from Hardisty
Fairmont Cattle Ltd. (Christian Seiersen) from Edmonton
Fairweather, J. from Hanna
Fairweather, John & George from Bowness, Calgary
Fairweather, William from Red Deer
Falardeau, R.P. from Eyremore, Turner Valley
Falconer, George from Bluffton
Falconer, Martha P. from Big Stone
Falconer, Robert L from Coronation, Fort Macleod
Falconer, Stuart from Lethbridge
Falconer, W.S. from Big Stone
Fald, Arthur W. from Spirit River
Fald, Billy R. from Spirit River
Falebrenza, John from Culp
Falk, C.L. from Entrance
Falk, David from Sunnyslope
Falk, Isaac & Annie from Carstairs, Sunnyslope
Falk, Isaac & Annie from Carstairs, Sunnyslope
Falkeid, Nels from Tofield
Falkenberg, Allan Robert from Stettler
Falkenberg, Harold J. from Bulwark, Castor
Falkenberg, Pauline from Castor
Falkins, Edward from Sherwood Park
Fall, John William from Islay
Falla, Arthur from Sedgewick
Fallen Timber Ranch Ltd. (D.G. Fraser) from Cremona
Fallon, Jerrald J. from Taber
Falt, Lawrence H., Douglas, Richard from Westerose
Faminoff, Joe from Cowley
Faminow, Fred P. from Lundbreck
Faminow, Mike S. from Lundbreck
Faminow, Sam & Sons (Sam Mike & Steve) from Lundbreck
Fancourt, Albert Edgar from Blackie
Fandrich, Gottlieb from Tilley, Rainier
Fandrick, Adolf from Robinson
Fandrick, Emil from Ranchville
Fandrick, Ewald & Philip from Thelma, Hays
Fandrick, Fred from Tothill
Fandrick, Gottlieb from Thelma
Fandrick, Phillip from Thelma, Hays
Fandrick, Ray Calvin from Manyberries, Medicine Hat
Fankhamel, Cleo Louis from Bashaw
Fanning, Roy from Nanton
Fano, Ronald from Hanna
Fansett, R.J. from Maybutt, Raymond
Fansett, R.J. from Maybutt, Raymond
Fantin, Louis from Highway, Anselmo
Faoro, Nick from Anselmo, Highway
Faraschuk, Nick from Thorsby
Farewell, Samuel H. from Blackfalds
Farina, William from Lindberg
Farion, Mike from Lavoy
Farish, J. from Calgary
Farley, Ernest S from Vermilion
Farmer, Cary Andrew from Red Deer
Farnalls, John from Halkirk
Farndale, M. from Trochu, Curlew
Farness, A.T. from Ohaton
Farness, Harold Robert from Ohaton
Farnsworth, Joseph Daniel from Beaverlodge, Fort St. John, BC, La Glace, Gordondale
Farnsworth, Lew C. from Heath, Wainwright
Farquharson, Ed from Edmonton, Provost
Farquharson, Ed from Edmonton, Provost
Farquharson, James from Westward Ho
Farquharson, W.G from Provost
Farquharson, William from Alhambra
Farr Bros, Farr (E.A. & Gordon L.) from Calgary
Farr Bros. (E.A. & Gordon L.) from Calgary
Farr, C.G. from Delacour, Enderby, BC
Farr, Leslie from Airdrie
Farr, T. E. from Airdrie
Farran, Clifford Orwill from Boundary Creek, Cardston
Farran, James Robert from Boundary Creek, Cardston
Farrant, C.H. from Lousana
Farrell , Arthur Gilford from Carstairs
Farrell, Alf from Carstairs
Farrell, Jack E. from Carstairs, Didsbury
Farrell, Jesse from Calgary, Carstairs
Farrell, Michael from Calgary
Farrell, Norman B. from Codesa
Farrell, Patricia M. (remarried name Rowland) from Calgary, High River
Farrell, T.J. & R.L. MacMillan from Calgary
Farrell, Thomas A.R. from Calgary, Edmonton
Farrell, Thomas from Grantham
Farrell, William from Islay
Farries, Arnold from Del Bonita
Farries, Cameron from Del Bonita
Farries, John from High River, Purple Springs
Farries, Merrill Colin from Del Bonita, Rolling Hills
Farrington, E.L. from Alhambra
Farrington, William from Trochu, Didsbury
Farrish, Bob from Provost
Farrish, Douglas R. & J.H. Smith from Calgary
Farthing, Harry from Irma, Brosseau
Farus, John S. from Innisfree
Farus, Walter from Innisfree
Farview Farms from Picture Butte
Farvolden, Sigurd from St. Lina
Farwell, Fred E .from Craigmyle, Paddle Prairie
Farwell, Vincent from Coronation
Fasek, William from Willingdon
Fasoli, Ralph & Louis from Calgary
Fast, Hansel J. from Rochfort Bridge
Fast, Hansel J. from Rochfort Bridge
Fast, Henry from Grantham, Vauxhall, Calgary
Fast, John Vernon from Strathmore
Faszer, Jacob from Red Deer
Fath, Benno Clarence from Finnegan, Priddis, Stavely
Faubion, William Alvis from Calgary
Faucher, Euclide from Chauvin
Faught, Ray D. from Olds
Faught, Ray D. from Olds
Faulkner, Donal Hugh from Ardrossan
Faulkner, Harry R. from Medicine Hat
Faulkner, Ray from Walsh
Faulkner, W.S. from Fort Saskatchewan
Fauth, Leo from Burstall, SK, Acadia Valley, Medicine Hat
Fauville Bros. (August & Alfred) from Coleman
Fauville, Alfred & Amy from Lundbreck, Bellevue
Fauville, Joseph L. & Wallace Henry from Bellevue
Fauville, Robert Leon from Coleman
Faux, George Bruce from Calgary
Favel, Samuel from Goodfish Lake
Favel, Silvo J. from Spedden
Favero, Jerry from Nordegg, Rocky Mountain House
Favero, Michael from Bellevue
Faviell, William F & R. Diane from Cardston, Lethbridge
Fawcett, Archie F. from Castor
Fawcett, Claude C. from Castor
Fawcett, Donald Cornelius from Consort
Fawcett, G.E. from Ardrossan
Fawcett, G.E. from Ardrossan
Fawcett, L. from Ardrossan
Fawcett, Mrs. J.W. from Bluffton, Lacombe
Fawcett, Mrs. J.W. from Bluffton, Lacombe
Fawcett, Neil Norman from Red Deer
Fawcett, Norman A. from Castor
Fawcett, Norris E. from Castor
Fawcett, Robert from Halkirk, Castor
Fawcett, Russell R. from Dixonville
Fawcett, Samuel T. from Elkwater
Fawcett, William Cornelius from Consort
Fawcett, William D. from Loyalist
Fawcett, William D. from Loyalist
Fawcett, William Douglas from Consort
Fawkes, Spencer Lewis from Namaka, Calgary
Fawkes, William from Strathmore, Namaka
Fawns, Ervin J. from Raymond
Fawns, Willis A. from Stirling
Fayant, Brian Douglas from Sputinow, Heinsburg
Fayant, Victoria from Sputinow
Fearnley, Mrs. C. M. from Coronado
Featherstone, Marie from Ribstone
Featherstone, Nicholas Heneage from Olds
Fechner, Ernie Arnold from St. Paul, Holden, Wainwright
Fedderson, Elmer from Blackie, Nanton, Turner Valley
Fedderson, Elmer from Blackie, Nanton, Turner Valley
Fedechko, Dmytro from Derwent
Fedeli, Lewis from Pekisko
Fedick, Harry from Monitor
Fediuk, Elmer from Cold Lake
Fedoreak, Mike A. from Willingdon
Fedoretz, Steve from Smoky Lake
Fedoruk, Art from Vegreville
Fedoruk, Edward from Hairy Hill
Fedoruk, John from Vegreville, Desjarlais
Fedoruk, Sidor from Brosseau
Fedoruk, William G. from Hairy Hill
Fedun, Mike from Beauvallon
Fedun, Sam from Andrew
Fedyniak, Harry from Delph, St. Michael, Edmonton
Fee, S. J. from Bindloss, Oyen
Feenstra, W.A. from Vermilion, Rusylvia
Feero, C.M. from Whitecourt
Fefferman, Morris from Lethbridge
Fegan, Annie from Lousana, Calgary
Fehr, Cornie M. from Hays, Stratton, ON
Fehr, James from Glenwoodville
Fehr, P.P. from Hays
Fehr, Peter from Worsley
Feil, Elmer from Bashaw
Feil, Emil from Lousana, Red Deer
Feist, Nick & Sons from Nemiskam
Feist, Paul J. from Nemiskam
Fekete, Elles & Mary Esther from Taber
Fekete, Joseph F. from Taber
Fekete, Leslie from Taber
Fekete, Nick from Taber
Feko, Nick J. from Taber
Feldbusch, William from Vauxhall
Feldman, Alex from Halkirk
Feldman, Sam from Calgary
Felesky, Ted from Hilda
Felker, Andrew from Wimborne
Felker, David Larry from Calgary
Felker, Terry Roy from Calgary
Fellger, Charles from Magrath
Fellger, Fred L. from Rainier, Scandia, Vauxhall
Fellows, Melville Dewey from Mayerthorpe
Felske, William & Sons from Ardrossan, Sherwood Park
Felske, William from Brightview
Felstrom, Eric from Bashaw
Felt, Donald P. from Bashaw, Castor
Felt, Donald P. from Bashaw, Castor
Feltis, Oscar & Frank Stewart from Water Valley
Felton, Stanley from Berwyn
Felzien, Merlyn D. from Forestburg
Fench, John Russell from Blackfalds
Fendrick, Christ & Ernest Roth from Consort
Feniak, William from Lake Eliza
Fenneman Brothers Farming Ltd. from Breton
Fennesey, Albert H from Melba, Delacour
Fennesey, Albert H. from Melba, Delacour
Fenske Bros., (Ben, & Joe) from Sedalia
Fenske, Arthur from Ranchville, Manyberries
Fenske, Dan F. from Wetaskiwin
Fenske, Louis from Forestburg
Fenske, Max from Donalda, Forestburg
Fenton, Dean & Doris from Edmonton
Fenton, Dean Purser from Edmonton
Fenton, John Gordon from Irma
Fenton, Lloyd from Cochrane
Fenton, N.M. from Elk Point
Fenton, Neil M. from Elk Point, Edmonton
Fenton, Smith A. from Taber
Fenton, W.E. from Claresholm
Fenton, Waldon from Taber
Fenwick, Arthur from Crossfield
Fenwick, Bros. (Henry & Arthur) from Crossfield
Fercho, Ludwig from Wetaskiwin
Ferchoff, Edmund from Amisk
Ference Bros. (Lester & Raymond) from Kirriemuir
Ference, Andrew from Pemukan
Ference, John from Consort, Sedalia
Ference, M. from Kirriemuir
Ference, Martin from Kirriemuir
Ference, Mike H. from St. Edouard, St. Paul
Ference, Peter from Elk Point
Fergeson, Linda from Peace River
Fergusen, W. S. & Rhoda from Mirror, Tees
Ferguson - Smith, R. from Rocky Mountain House
Ferguson, Adam from Champion
Ferguson, Alonzo John from Ghost Pine Creek, Calgary
Ferguson, Andrew from Marwayne
Ferguson, Charles Harold from Vermilion, Edgerton, Dolcy
Ferguson, Charles Roy from Innisfail
Ferguson, David A. from Barnwell
Ferguson, David from Byemoor, Cornucopia
Ferguson, David J. from Barnwell, Grassy Lake
Ferguson, E.M. from Calgary, Airdrie
Ferguson, E.S. from Rosalind, Camrose
Ferguson, Ernie A. from Delia
Ferguson, Ernie from Dorothy
Ferguson, George from Bowden
Ferguson, George H. from Tofield
Ferguson, Glen Keith & Sons from Fairview
Ferguson, H. J. from Innisfree
Ferguson, Hugh from Pincher Creek
Ferguson, Irwin W. from Three Hills
Ferguson, J. H. from Gleichen
Ferguson, J.A. from Bonanza
Ferguson, James A. & James L. from Rycroft
Ferguson, James A. & James L. Hanna from Rycroft
Ferguson, James A. from Markerville, Innisfail
Ferguson, James T. from Stavely
Ferguson, Joan from Calgary
Ferguson, John C. from Coleman
Ferguson, John D. from Duchess
Ferguson, John W. from Walsh, Maple Creek, SK
Ferguson, L. from Turner Valley
Ferguson, Leslie Harold from Cadogan
Ferguson, Mrs. L.B. from Sundre
Ferguson, R.A. from Duchess
Ferguson, Ralph W. from Bassano, Eckville, Countess
Ferguson, Richard from Barnwell, Lethbridge
Ferguson, Richard K. from High River
Ferguson, Robert W. from Nose Creek, Ghost Pine Creek, Calgary
Ferguson, Roy from Cardston
Ferguson, T.W. from Tofield
Ferguson, Thomas N. from Bearberry
Ferguson, Vernon R. & , Barclay, Ronald E. from Tees
Ferguson, W.C. from Calgary
Ferguson, Wesley Lorne from Vegreville
Ferguson, Wilfred Alonzo from Calgary
Ferguson, William & Alexander from Bearberry, Sundre
Ferguson, William J. from Bassano
Ferlin, Clifford from Bashaw
Ferogen, Peter from Hay Lake
Ferraby, Gordon from Countess, Bassano
Ferrall, Jason J. from Sunnynook
Ferraly, Mamie from Bassano
Ferrel, A.H. from Tofield
Ferrence, Michael from Elk Point
Ferretti, John & Tony from Rainier
Ferretti, John & Tony from Rainier
Ferretti, Tony from Rainier
Ferrier, Harry from Sedgwick
Ferrier, Thomas J. from Seba Beach
Ferries Bros from Del Bonita
Ferris, Calvin Harrison from Onion Lake, SK, Tulliby Lake, Sundre
Ferris, Frank from Olds, Lobley, Sundre
Ferris, G. W. from Glen Leslie
Ferris, Leslie E. from Lea Park
Ferris, Lloyd from Vermilion
Ferris, Pat from St. Brides
Ferris, Robert John from Red Deer
Ferris, William M. from High Prairie
Ferro, Bruno & Bros. from Venice, Lac La Biche
Ferro, C. L. & Son from Clover Bar
Feschuk, Nick from Innisfree
Feser, Dwight E. from Rockyford
Fessey, Albert from James River Bridge
Fessler, Oscar F. from Crossfield, Ponoka
Fesuk, John from Athabasca, Big Coulee, Sawdy
Fetaz, Charles C. from Halkirk, Red Deer
Fetherstone, E. from Calgary
Fetherstonhaugh, J. Earl from Edmonton
Fettic, Adam F. from Grassy Lake
Fettig, Burna Rae from Grassy Lake
Fettig, John P. from Grassy Lake
Fettig, Joseph from Grassy Lake
Feuz, Paul from Lethbridge
Fex, Ernest from Bonnyville
Feyer, Joseph from Brooks, High River
Ffrench, Captain O'Brien ( Fairholme Ranch) from Banff
Fiala, E.S. from Turin
Fickell, Roy John from Edson
Fiddler, William from Elk Point
Fiedler, Fred William from Taber
Fiedler, Herbert from Castor
Fiedler, Raymond from Cremona, Carstairs
Fiedler, W.F. from Fabyan
Fiedler, William from Coaldale, Taber
Field, Betty & Kenneth from Bruce
Field, George Nelson from Ponoka
Field, Mrs. C.R. from Bowden, Kinuso
Field, Mrs. C.R. from Bowden, Kinuso
Field, Murray J. from Carseland
Field, Robert William from Calgary
Fielding, Edward from Ashmont
Fielding, George Randolph from Vermilion
Fielding, Percy from Vermilion
Fielhaber, Art H. from Stony Plain
Fife, James A. from Chigwell, Clive
Fife, James A. from Chigwell, Clive
Fifield, William from Garrington
Fifield, William from Garrington
Figeczki, Mary from Tilley
Figeczki, Steve from Tilley
Figiczki , Imre & John from Tilley
Fiipenko Fred Jr. from Lake Thelma
Fike, Lloyd G. from Calgary, Madden
Filan, Edward E. & James McCulley from Lethbridge
Filas, Stephen from Gwynne
Filatoff, John from Skiff
Filatoff, Nazar from Coaldale
Filatoff, Nick from Skiff
Filewich, Jerry from Spedden
Filewich, Roman from Spedden
Filgas, John from Purple Springs
Filgas, Mike from Purple Springs
Filgas, Steve from Purple Springs
Filipchuk, Steve from Glendon
Filkowski, Katie from Coaldale
Fillingham, Irvin Charles from Kevisville, Crammond, Innisfail, Vilna, Fawcett
Filowych, Larry P. from Smoky Lake
Finch, Robert L. from Grande Prairie
Finders, S. M. from High River
Findlay, Elizabeth M .from Enchant
Findlay, James from Atlee
Findlay, John from Claresholm, Carnforth
Finigan, T. Elwood from Berry Creek
Fink, A.A. from Cowley
Fink, Anne from Vilna
Fink, Ben & Sons from Ponoka
Fink, George from Falun, Ponoka, Chesterwold
Fink, Harold G. from Drayton Valley
Fink, Henry from Forestburg
Fink, Otto from Vauxhall
Fink, R. G. from Rocky Mountain House
Finkbeiner, Emanuel from Veteran
Finkbeiner, Herbert from Veteran
Finkbeiner, Oscar from Rolling Hills
Finkbine, Edward from Hussar
Finkheimer, Mrs. Henry from Rolling Hills
Finkheimer, Mrs. Henry from Rolling Hills
Finlay, David from Dewberry
Finlay, Irwin C. from Mannville
Finlay, M. Kathleen (Parkhill Farm) from Calgary
Finlay, Milton from Mannville
Finlayson, J.M. from Bassano
Finlayson, Morrison H. from Ashmont
Finlayson, Roderick from Mallaig, Coronation, Ashmont
Finley, Darrell from Cardston
Finley, J.R. from Calgary
Finley, J.R. from Calgary
Finley, Janie from Didsbury
Finley, T.J. from Didsbury
Finley, T.J. from Didsbury
Finn, William from Leighmore, Halcourt
Finnemore, C.F. from Viking
Finnemore, James from Viking
Finnerty, Jack from Oyen
Finnerty, Robert Murray from Ardrossan
Finnman, Helmer from Hughenden
Finstad, Kenneth from Pendant d'Orielle
Finstad, Mervin from Pendant díOrielle
Firby, William from Penhold, Hill End
Firkus, Ambrose from Jarrow
Firth, Chris from Taber
Firth, John Henry from Big Valley
Fischbach, G. Werner from Bob Accord
Fischbuch, Herman A. from Oyen
Fischbuch, Reinhold from Oyen
Fischer Bros. (Otto & Frank) from Compeer
Fischer, Anton from Alix, Ponoka, Morningside, Pandora
Fischer, August from Hilda
Fischer, Chris from Stettler
Fischer, Douglas from Hanna
Fischer, Edgar J. from Fallis, Wabamun
Fischer, George E. from Irma
Fischer, Glenn J. from Edmonton
Fischer, Glenn J. from Edmonton
Fischer, Gordon A. from Acme
Fischer, Harold E. from Tilley, Medicine Hat
Fischer, Jack A. from Hilda, Medicine Hat
Fischer, John from Spondin
Fischer, John K. from Schuler, Medicine Hat
Fischer, Lloyd from Keg River, Peace River
Fischer, Lyle Clifford from Hughenden
Fischer, Oscar from Stettler
Fischer, Otto & Sons (Harvey, Rodney, Calvin & Marvin) from Compeer
Fischer, P.M. from Hays
Fischer, Raymond E. from Didsbury
Fischer, Roy from Hilda
Fish Creek Cattle Co. Ltd. (Francis Scout) from Hill spring
Fisher Bros. from Steveville, Gadsby
Fisher, A. from Innisfree
Fisher, A.E. from Lousana, Delburne
Fisher, A.H. from Rowley
Fisher, A.M. from Ashmont
Fisher, Alfred from Rocky Mountain House
Fisher, Alfred from Watino
Fisher, Charles V. from Edgerton
Fisher, Clark Roland from Burdett
Fisher, Clayton from Edmonton, Hardisty
Fisher, Dennis from Edgerton
Fisher, E.K. from Rolling Hills, Bowden
Fisher, Eric from Cremona
Fisher, Eunice from Bearberry
Fisher, Franklin Paul from Lethbridge
Fisher, Fred H. from Lacombe
Fisher, George Patrick from Fort Saskatchewan
Fisher, Gerald from Raymond
Fisher, H.M. from Cochrane
Fisher, Irven Lemmual from Nanton
Fisher, Ivy Albert from St. Albert
Fisher, James A. from Ashmont
Fisher, John A. from Clandonald
Fisher, John from Medicine Hat
Fisher, Joseph H. from Eckville
Fisher, Morley P. from Innisfail
Fisher, Norman from Hazeldine
Fisher, Norman William from Hazeldine, Marwayne
Fisher, Orrin P. from Hill Spring, Cardston
Fisher, Orvil from Cluny
Fisher, P. J. from Taber
Fisher, Pat from Calgary
Fisher, Robert from Calgary
Fisher, Robert M. from Vauxhall
Fisher, Roger B. from Lacombe
Fisher, Sidney W. from Innisfree
Fisher, Thomas from Neutral Hills
Fisher, Thomas Richard from Coronation
Fisher, W.C. from Provost, Gadsby
Fisher, W.J. from Innisfree
Fisher, William E. from Wainwright
Fisher, William J. from Hazeldine
Fisk, C.G. from Cairns
Fisk, Edward B. from Cousins, Cadogan
Fisk, Murray Henry from Alliance
Fiske, Robert W. from Pine Lake, Red Deer
Fitch, G.R. from Red Deer, Sylvan Lake
Fitch, I.F. & E.D. Arnold from Calgary
Fitchett, George Theodore Jr. from Pollockville, Sunnynook, Sheerness
Fitger, Alan E. from Bindloss
Fitger, Eugene R. from Suffield, Bindloss, Vandyne
Fithen, Darrell from Edmonton
Fitzel, Ambrose from New Sarepta
Fitzgerald, David from Carstairs
Fitzgerald, E. from Ohaton
Fitzgerald, Floyd Carl from Westerose
Fitzgerald, Frank E. from Camrose
Fitzgerald, J.P. from Canmore
Fitzgerald, Joe & Sons from Hardisty
Fitzgerald, Joe from Red Deer
Fitzgerald, Thomas from Crossfield
Fitzgerald, William from Grantham
Fitzpatrick, Archie from Lomond, Yahk, BC
Fitzpatrick, Donald P. from Twin Butte
Fitzpatrick, George B. from Twin Butte
Fitzpatrick, Glen D. from Twin Butte
Fitzpatrick, Jerry from Donalda
Fitzpatrick, Joan from Wardlow
Fitzpatrick, Murray from Spirit River
Fitzsimmons, Charles J. from Fort Macleod, High River
Fitzsimmons, Charles J. from Fort Macleod, High River
Fitzsimmons, Michael from Alix
Fitzsimmons, Vincent from Nordegg
Fitzsimmons, W. E. from Hanna
Fitzsimmons, W.W. from Sunnynook
Five Star Ranch Ltd. from Calgary
Fiwchuk, Nick from Bowden, Winfield, BC
Fix, Donald Gerome from Stettler
Fjelberg, O.H. from Bindloss
Fjeld, Henry from Bruce
Fjellstrom, A. from Lake Eliza, Armistice
Flad, Frank from Bodo
Fladhamer, H. from Gem
Flaherty, Patrick Frank from Calgary, Myrnam
Flaig, Frederick from Medicine Hat
Flaig, George Jr. from Coleridge, Dunmore
Flaig, J. D. from Tothill, Eagle Butte
Flaig, James E. from Medicine Hat
Flaig, John from Tothill, Medicine Hat
Flaig, John from Vegreville
Flaig, John from Walsh, Medicine Hat
Flake, E.L. from Markerville
Flamand, William James from Heath
Flanagan, Arthur M. from Hussar, Hutton
Flanagan, Don James from Bassano
Flanagan, Thomas M. from Medicine Hat
Flannery, Gerald P. from Milk River, Manyberries, Maple Creek, SK
Flansbury, W. J. from Springdale
Flaska, John V. from Grande Prairie
Flaskay, John from Calgary
Flatbush Ranch Ltd. from Slave Lake
Flater, Kenneth N. from Drumheller
Flathen, John from Therien
Flathers, R.E from Lindale
Flatla, A. Raymond from Tilley
Flatla, Lars from Tilley
Flavelle, Claire Stewart Lee from Didsbury
Flebotte, Napoleon J. from Ensign
Fleck, Elfegus from Bodo, Macklin, SK
Fleck, Jacob from Veteran, Calgary
Fleck, Leo, Heinrich, Bob from Medicine Hat
Fleckvieh Sires Ltd. from Edmonton, Crossfield, Great Falls, MT
Fleenor, Joseph H. from Cochrane, Calgary
Fleet, Edward from Caroline
Fleetwood, Alfred W. from Champion
Flegal, Paul from Morningside
Flegal, William R. from Morningside
Fleischman, William from High River
Fleischmann, Johann from Raven
Fleming John A. from Neutral Hills, Tete Jaune, BC
Fleming, A.W. from Onion Lake, SK
Fleming, Andrew J. from Neutral Hills, Louis Creek, BC, Tete Jaune, BC
Fleming, B.A. from Bluffton, Rimbey
Fleming, Charles from Vulcan
Fleming, Clarence from Brooks
Fleming, Francis P. from Ponoka
Fleming, G. from Coleman, Champion, Lundbreck, Burmis
Fleming, George from Kew
Fleming, Harold from Tulliby Lake
Fleming, John E. from Coronation
Fleming, John from Sunnyslope
Fleming, John J. from Calgary
Fleming, John T. from Irma, Zoldovara
Fleming, Lawrence from Marwayne, Kitscoty, Lea Park
Fleming, Leslie from Medicine Hat
Fleming, Mrs. R.A. from Lundbreck
Fleming, O. N. from Vulcan, Okotoks
Fleming, Peter from Bashaw, Ponoka
Fleming, W. from Red Deer
Fleming, W. O. from Mannville
Fleming, William from Milk River, Lundbreck
Fleming, William V. from Red Deer
Flemmer, Clarence from Hanna
Flemmer, Walter from Medicine Hat
Flemming, Harold from Barons
Flemming, Harvey Borden from Haddock
Flesher, Kenneth Albert from Edmonton
Fleshman, Boyd E. from Fenn
Fleshman, LeRoy from Fenn
Fleshman, Walter C. from Stettler
Fletch, Peter from Olds
Fletcher Bros. from Brant
Fletcher, Charles Joseph from Barons
Fletcher, Clifford H. from Wainwright
Fletcher, D.M. from Lea Park, Kitscoty
Fletcher, Douglas E. from Purple Springs
Fletcher, E.L. from Taber, Purple Springs
Fletcher, Frank from Sundre, Mound
Fletcher, Hugh from Red Lodge, Stanmore
Fletcher, J.L. & M. J. & A. C., (Scollard Trading Company) from Scollard
Fletcher, John Paul from Airdrie
Fletcher, Lenore E. from Coaldale
Fletcher, William from Canmore
Flett, Charles from Wild Horse, Edmonton
Flett, Charles from Wildhorse, Edmonton
Flett, Frank Wilson from Fort Vermilion
Flett, John from Medicine Hat, Wild Horse
Fleury, A. Joseph from Turner Valley
Flewell, Alex from Paradise Valley
Flewell, Fred P. from Streamstown
Flewell, Garry Lee from Paradise Valley
Flewell, William R. from Streamstown, Marwayne
Flewelling, Wayne Charles from Calgary, Bashaw
Flexhaug, Alvin L. from Foremost
Flexhaug, Leonard A. (Fish Lake Ranch) from Drumheller
Flexhaug, Leonard A. (Fish Lake Ranch) from Drumheller
Flexhaug, Peter from Medicine Hat
Flibotte, Mrs. A. from Onion Lake, SK
Flick, Chris from Carstairs, Calgary
Flickinger, Elias Paul from Skiff
Flickinger, Howard from Taber, Grassy Lake, Skiff
Flinchbaugh, George from MacLeod
Flinn, Edward W. from Innisfail
Flinn, Henry J. from Westward Ho
Flinn, Russell Eugene & Wayne Larris (Mayton Farms) from Dapp
Flinn, Stewart J. from Knee Hill Valley, Dawson Creek, BC
Flinn, W.E. from Olds, Calgary
Flint, Arthur William from Paradise Valley
Flint, Kenneth F. from Lloydminster
Flitton, Grace & George from Claresholm
Floden, Earl from Lindale
Florence, Eric & J. from Nanton
Florence, Eric, J from Nanton
Florence, Glen A. - Lloydminster, Saskatchewan
Florkewich, Peter from Carvel
Floyd, Lewis T. from Lloyds Hill, Lakesend
Floyd, Norman from Clover Bar
Fluery, Eddie from Rocky Mountain House
Fluet, Albert & Alex from Mosside
Fluet, Albert & Alex from Mosside
Flug's Family Farm (Gary & Mary Ann Flug) from Fort Assiniboine, Ponoka
Fluker, Redge from Fort Saskatchewan
Flynn, David from Water Valley
Flynn, Tom from Coleman
Fobes, Charles L. from Olds
Fodchuk, Bill from St. Paul
Fodchuk, John from St. Brides
Fode, Clarence from Roseglen, Schuler, Medicine Hat
Fode, John from Medicine Hat
Fodor, Nick from Byemoor
Fofonoff, John J. (estate) from Queenstown, Vauxhall
Fofonoff, John J. (estate) from Queenstown, Vauxhall
Fofonoff, Paul from Queenstown
Foggin, James Hedley from Del Bonita, Lethbridge
Foley, Albert from Kinuso
Foley, D.E. from Tod Creek
Foley, Dwayne & Dean from Crooked Creek
Foley, Ed from Banff
Foley, Edward T. from St. Paul, MIN
Foley, Edward T. from St. Paul, MIN
Foley, Fred N. from Wainwright
Foley, J.B. & L.M. from Shepard, Calgary
Folkins, H.G. from Chauvin
Folkmann, Henry W. from Didsbury
Folkmann, Otto from Ferintosh
Fondrick, Christian from Thelma
Fondrick, Jack (Black Eagle Ranch) from Thelma, Tothill
Fondrick, John J. from Thelma
Fondrick, John J. from Thelma
Fontaine, Isidore from St. Paul
Fontaine, Louis from Rimbey, Claydon, SK
Fooks, Jesse R. from Kinsella
Fooks, Jesse R. from kinsella
Fooks, Thomas from Cochrane
Foore, W.D. from Sexsmith
Foose, William from Cayley, High River, Stavely, Claresholm
Foot, Wayne E. from Carstairs
Foote Bros. from Fort Macleod
Foote, A.E. from Welling
Foote, C.M. from Nemiskam, Purple Springs
Foote, Charles E. from Purple Springs
Foote, Guy S. from Welling
Foote, John D. from Purple Springs, Grassy Lake
Foote, Ross Wayne from Fort Macleod
Foothills Cattle Co-Op Ltd. from Cardston
Forbes, Arthur Gordon from Grimshaw, Bear Lake
Forbes, Bob from Dovercourt, Rocky Mountain House
Forbes, C.W. from Hanna
Forbes, Caeron from Alcurve
Forbes, Donald Dorsey Eloff from Peace River
Forbes, Ian M. from Onion Lake
Forbes, J.L. & B.I. Tricker from Two Hills
Forbes, John from Onion Lake, SK
Forbes, John H. from Onion Lake, SK
Forbes, John L. from Two Hills
Forbes, Mrs. J. G. from Two Hills
Forbes, Mrs. J.G. from Two Hills
Forbes, W. E. from Consort
Forchuk, George from Vauxhall
Forcier, Larry from Bearberry
Ford, Charles H. from Red Lodge, Bowden
Ford, D.L. from Tolland
Ford, Ernest M. C. from Irma
Ford, Fred S. from Heath
Ford, Garth A. from Marwayne
Ford, George E. from Coronation, Drumheller
Ford, Grace E. from Didsbury
Ford, Henry from Patricia, Duchess
Ford, J. W. from Heath
Ford, James Charles & Sons from Wainwright, Fabyan
Ford, James Frederick from Marwayne
Ford, Jimmy Francis from Irma
Ford, Milton H. C. from Carstairs
Ford, Norman C. from Heath, Wainwright
Ford, Patrick from Metiskow
Ford, Robert A. from Tofield
Ford, Robert L. from Irma
Ford, Wilfred Lloyd James from Tofield
Ford, William from St. Kilda
Fordham, Frederick from Vegreville
Fordyce, Charles H. from Brocket, Lundbreck
Fore, J.M. from Duchess
Foreman, William C. from Irricana
Forest Heights Dairy from Ponoka
Forester, Bernard from Dickson
Forester, Mrs. Ed from Bearberry
Forester, Roy from Meniak
Forget, Telesphor from Marie Reine
Forlow, Tom from Airdrie
Forman, Martin G. from Clear Hills
Forrayi, Gasper from Picture Butte
Forrayi, John from Enchant
Forrest, John from Talbot
Forrest, W. from Calgary
Forsdahl, P.A. from Provost, Ribstone, Edgerton
Forster, Alvin Kenneth from Warburg
Forster, Fred W. from Pincher Creek
Forsyth, Charles from Cardston
Forsyth, Charles from Erskine
Forsyth, Clarence Albert from Monitor
Forsyth, James & William from Bearberry
Forsyth, James from Bearberry
Forsyth, James Woodrow from Cardston
Forsyth, Jean & Sons from Cardston
Forsyth, Thomas W. from Magrath, Raymond, Bountiful, Utah
Forsythe, William from Berwyn
Fortems, Lucien from Lyalta
Forth, Henry A. from Wetaskiwin
Forth, Julius from Wetaskiwin
Fortier Farms Ltd. (Leo A. Fortier) from Peace River
Fortier, Bing from Vimy
Fortier, J. W. from Cowley, Calgary
Fortier, Marcel from Bonnyville
Fortier, Phillippe from Cowley, Macleod
Fortier, Sheila M. from Cowley, Calgary
Fortin, A. Sr. from Tulliby Lake
Fortin, Adrien Garry from Tulliby Lake
Fortin, Gilbert H. from Tofield
Fortin, Mrs. Albert from Pincher Creek
Fortin, Wilfrid from Legal
Fortuna, Adam from Pincher Creek, Spring Ridge
Foss, Arthur M. from Edmonton, Calgary, Sherwood Park
Foss, Charles G. from Rumsey, Eastpine, BC
Foss, Kenneth from Beaver Crossing
Foss, R.O. from Enchant
Fossen, Andy L. from Spondin, Cadogan
Fossen, Anna C. from Cadogan
Fossen, Anton from Cadogan
Fossen, Arthur A. from Amisk, Czar, Cadogan
Fossen, J.E. from Forestburg
Fossen, Palmer J. from Coronation
Fossen, Stephen A. from Cadogan
Fossen, Stephen A. from Cadogan
Fossheim, Allen Einar from Edson
Fossum, Albert from Hardisty
Fossum, Henri from Amisk, Battle Ridge
Foster Bros. (Gordon & George) from Fishburn, Glenwoodville
Foster, Alan Waterton from Waterton Park, Pincher Creek
Foster, Alva K. from Granlea, Etzikom
Foster, Arnold from Breton, Cremona
Foster, Bert C. from Cowley, Pincher Creek, One Four
Foster, C.A. from Coronation
Foster, David C. from Edmonton, Seven Persons, Tilley
Foster, David C. from Edmonton, Seven Persons, Tilley
Foster, Elmer C. from Rosemary, Bottrel
Foster, F.R. & Bert from Picture Butte
Foster, F.R. from Wetaskiwin, Coronation
Foster, Frank Earl from Fairview
Foster, Guy from Bassano
Foster, Harry from Water Valley
Foster, Jack from Dalemead
Foster, John Hy from Midnapore, Kew
Foster, Kenneth from Garfield
Foster, L. F. from Shepard
Foster, Maurice F. from Coronation
Foster, Mrs. M.G from Halkirk
Foster, N.H. from Travers
Foster, Neil from Cabin Lake, Wardlow
Foster, Nita from Midnapore
Foster, Richard Edward from Fairview
Foster, Robert Stuart from Waterton Park, Pincher Creek
Foster, Roy H. from Czar
Foster, Tillie from Hines Creek, Midnapore, Millarville
Foster, Vera B. from Red Deer
Foster, W.B. from Waterton Park, Cardston, Wynndel, BC
Foster, William from Midnapore
Foster, William Herbert from Cowley
Foulkes, Edward from Taber
Foulkes, Richard from Lethbridge
Fountain, Charles R. from Barrhead
Fountain, W. from Innisfail
Fouquette, Mrs. A. from Ponoka
Fouquette, Mrs. A. from Ponoka
Four - L- Farm from Carvel
Four Horns, Rhoda May from Fort Macleod
Four Square Ranching Ltd. (Warren W. Rottocker) from Peoria
Four Way Livestock (Roy George, Cliff Smoole, Bill Nilsson & J.A. Rain) from Edmonton
Fourner, Frank L. & Norman B. Walden from Calgary
Fournier, D. from Sunset House
Fournier, Edithe M. from Pincher Creek
Fournier, Maurice from Pincher Creek
Fournier, Yvon J. from Calgary
Foursha, Zeb from Calgary
Fouty, W.A. & Son (Noel) from Ashmont
Fowkos, John from Stirling
Fowler Bros. from Whitla
Fowler, A.S H. from Mazeppa
Fowler, Beatrice from Hoadley, Bluffton
Fowler, D.L. from Taber
Fowler, Dr. B.D. from Lethbridge
Fowler, Edward C. from Worsley
Fowler, G.J. from De Winton
Fowler, Gordon from Stettler, Halkirk
Fowler, John E. from Halkirk, Brooks
Fowler, Louise K. from Lethbridge
Fowler, Robert from Innisfree
Fowler, Sandra from Seven Persons
Fowler, Vera nee Hansen from Magrath
Fowler, W.E.E. from Bituma, Big Prairie
Fowler, William James from Breton
Fowley, William, Thomas Athey from Duchess
Fowlie, Marion A. & John from Bindloss, Medicine Hat
Fowlie, Marion A. & John from Bindloss, Medicine Hat
Fox, Charles H. from Crossfield, Calgary
Fox, Charles H. from Nanton
Fox, Charles Perry from Mound
Fox, Clifford L. from Morley
Fox, Edward George from Cardston
Fox, Elmer E. from Carstairs
Fox, Florence from Stoppington, Vanesti, Calgary
Fox, Francis from Onion Lake, SK, Forbesville
Fox, George E. from Cassils
Fox, Gerald R. from Edmonton, Iddesleigh
Fox, Herbert V. from Tees, Lacombe
Fox, Howard from Ashmont
Fox, James Ronald from Trochu
Fox, Josephine from Cardston
Fox, Kent from Morley
Fox, Kirstine from Onion Lake, SK
Fox, Maurice from Calgary, Vanesti
Fox, Mrs. S. from Herronton
Fox, S.V. from Innisfail
Fox, Stanley Cecil from DeWinton
Fox, T. from Lacombe
Fox, Thomas William from Edmonton
Fox, Thomas William from Edmonton
Fox, William Ewart from Nanton
Foxwell, Albert Edward from Langdon, Chauvin
Foy, John from Clandonald
Foyda, Czar from Big Valley
France, A.G. from Stanmore, West Wingham
France, Beatrice Annie from West Wingham, Leslieville
Franchuk, Ernest from Smoky Lake
Franchuk, Metro W. from Smoky Lake
Franciotti, Genio from Craigmyle
Francis, A. E. from Ranfurly, Viking
Francis, F. John from Taber
Francis, Howard E. & Sons from Taber
Francis, I. W. from Rimbey
Francis, I.W. from Rimbey
Francis, James from Viking
Francis, Keith from Scotfield, Red Deer
Francis, Mrs. Sam J. from Shouldice, Majorville
Francour, D.R. from Edberg
Frandsen, N. Holgar from Claresholm, Ralston
Frank, A.J. Slim from Cochrane, De Winton
Frank, Adam from Castor
Frank, Harold Harvey from Star
Frank, Harry R. from Valhalla Centre
Frank, J. L., Frank & Lawrence from Provost
Frank, Otto from Medicine Hat
Frank, Walter L. from St. Albert
Frank, William from Walsh
Frankcombe, Brian James from Pincher Creek
Frankhonel, Tony from New Norway
Frankish, J.. from Beaver Mines, Twin Butte
Frankish, Tom A. from Foremost
Franklin, Charles Edward & Ingwall Sundal from Crossfield, Picture Butte
Franklin, Charles Edward from Empress
Franklin, Charles from Medicine Hat
Franklin, Clifford from Enilda
Franklin, Darwin Lee from Marwayne
Franklin, Dwayne from Marwayne
Franklin, Frances B. nee Devlin from Hilda, Medicine Hat
Franklin, Lindsay from Marwayne
Franklin, Lorne from South Ferriby
Franklin, Marshall H. from Marwayne
Franklin, Oswell from South Ferriby, Marwayne
Franklin, Ruby L., Darwin L. & Marshall H. from Marwayne
Franklin, Russell R. from Tilley, Fort Vermilion
Franklin, Sarah I. from Marlboro
Franklin, Terry from Marwayne
Franklin, Walter from Northminster, SK, South Ferriby
Franks, Blaine from Heinsburg
Franks, Harry from Madden
Franks, William & George Oldfield from Big Prairie
Franks, William & George Oldfield from Big Prairie
Franks, William from Water Valley, Madden
Fransen, Claus from Helmsdale
Fran-Tel Ranches from Pincher Creek
Franus, Stanley from Bruce
Franz, Fred from Irvine
Franz, Frederick from Irvine
Franz, Gottlieb from Irvine, Josephburg
Franz, Helmut from Medicine Hat
Franz, Jake from Vauxhall, Grantham
Franz, John from Vauxhall
Franz, Laurence from Wainwright, Beaverdam
Franz, Mrs. John from Thelma
Franz, Mrs. John from Thelma
Frasch, Norman Eugene from Bow City
Fraser Bros. (Kenneth M. & Fraser) & H. Strang from Cluny, Hussar
Fraser Bros. (Kenneth M. & Strang H.) from Cluny, Hussar
Fraser George A. from Furness, SK
Fraser, Alastair P. from Big Prairie, Penhold
Fraser, Alastair P. from Big Prairie, Penhold
Fraser, Alexander from Turner Valley, Nordegg, Hinton
Fraser, Archie from Darwell
Fraser, Archie from Empress
Fraser, Barnett John from Wainwright
Fraser, Colin & Myrtena from Knee Hill Valley
Fraser, Colin & Myrtena from Knee Hill Valley
Fraser, D.G. from Westlock, High River, High Ridge
Fraser, D.G. from Westlock, High River, High Ridge
Fraser, D.M. from Lloydminster, Furness, SK
Fraser, Daniel William from Langdon
Fraser, Fred R. from High River, Brooks, Brocket
Fraser, George from Elnora
Fraser, Gordon T. from Edmonton
Fraser, Gordon William from Edmonton
Fraser, Gordon William from Edmonton
Fraser, Hazel from Calgary, Westerose
Fraser, Hugh & Sons (George & Eric D.) from Cherry Point
Fraser, J.D. from Pincher Creek
Fraser, Matthew M. & Douglas from Cluny, Hussar
Fraser, Matthew M. & Douglas from Cluny, Hussar
Fraser, Mrs. Dan William from Langdon
Fraser, Mrs. Dan William from Langdon
Fraser, Mrs. M from Edgerton
Fraser, Mrs. M. from Edgerton
Fraser, Norman from Wimborne
Fraser, Peter from Leedale, Rimbey
Fraser, Richard from Carmangay
Fraser, Robert H. from Lacombe
Fraser, Ruby M. from Edmonton
Fraser, S.L. & Elias Thompson from Claresholm
Fraser, Shirley from Youngstown
Fraser, Stewart & Stang from Hussar, Cluny
Fraser, W.E. from Conrich, Delacour
Fraser, W.E. from Furness, SK
Fraser, W.G. from Penhold
Fraser, William A. from Cochrane
Fraser, William A. from Cochrane
Fraser, William from Monitor, Consort
Fraser, William J. from Irma
Frasier, Charles W. from Gadsby
Frasier, Mildred from Lougheed, Hardisty
Frauenfeld, Arthur from Bruderheim
Frayn, Alfred G. from Calgary
Frayn, Arthur Melvin from Rimbey
Frayn, G.H., & T.M. from Rimbey
Frayn, S.G. from Rockyford, Calgary
Frazier, David William from Cardston
Freadrich, Willie Henry from Killam
Frebowski, Adolph B. from Ryley
Frebowski, Joe P. from Ryley
Frech, Adam from Picture Butte, Lethbridge
Fred Brewster's Rocky Mountain Camps Ltd. (Fred Brewster Ltd.) from Jasper
Fredell, Melvin W. from Carstairs
Fredell, O.A. from Carstairs
Frederick, Daniel Ivan from Strathmore
Frederick, E.W. from Carmangay, Champion
Frederick, Emil from Hays
Frederick, Kenneth from Millet
Frederick, Michael Rene from Strathmore
Frederick, Patricia J. from Strathmore
Frederick, Paul from Champion, Carmangay
Frederick, Paul Tyler from Strathmore
Frederick, William Perry from Strathmore, Nightingale
Fredericks, Elmer H. from Hilda
Fredericks, Elmer H. from Hilda
Fredericksen, Fred from Paradise Valley
Frederickson, C.R. from Berwyn
Frederickson, Fred from New Norway
Frederickson, Holgar from New Norway
Fredrickson, William Helmer from Strathmore
Freeborn, Bruce G. from Cardston
Freeborn, Fred from High Prairie
Freed, Jesse F. from Erin Lodge, Blue Sky
Freehill, Maurice Michael from Marwayne
Freeland, Doreen Elizabeth nee Flewell from Paradise Valley
Freelove, A.E. from Excel, Alix
Freelove, Otis H. from Lacombe, Erskine
Freeman Bros. from Penhold
Freeman, A Eldredge from Jumping Pound, Beaver Mines
Freeman, A.E. from Lougheed
Freeman, Alfred from Bassano, Lathom
Freeman, Charles P. from Enilda, High Prairie
Freeman, James from Bentley
Freeman, John from Bassano, Lathom
Freeman, Mrs. W.A. from Bassano, Brooks
Freeman, Ron from Midnapore, De Winton, Millarville
Freemantle, Stewart from Hythe
Freestone, Archie from Cold Lake, Provost, Cadogan, Dolcy, Sulphur Springs
Freestone, J.R. from Edgerton, Ribstone
Freigang, Dr. Druno from Calgary
Freiman, Mrs. Art from Brightview
Freiman, Mrs. Art from Brightview
Freimarck, Emanuel from Medicine Hat
Freimark, Edward from Irvine, Medicine Hat
Freimark, Emanuel from Medicine Hat
Freimark, Emil from Medicine Hat, Irvine
Freimuth, Albert from Tilley
Freimuth, Chris from Rolling Hills
Freimuth, John from Byemoor
French, Elsie from Calgary
French, Gawn from Brownvale
French, Ivan L. from Hines Creek
French, Merritt H. from Millarville
Frencheater, Chuck from Rocky Mountain House
Frencheater, John from Rocky Mountain House
Frend, Albert E. from Bashaw
Frend, Albert E. from Bashaw
Freng, Gordon from Metiskow
Freng, Oliver from Metiskow
Freng, Shirley A. formerly Mrs. Potratz from Edmonton
Frere, Louis from Trochu
Frerichs, Hans from McLaughlin, Oxville, Social Plains
Frerichs, William D. from Sedgewick
Frey, Bert W. from Bruderheim
Frey, H.M. from Pincher Creek
Frey, Harvey Peter from Elkwater, Robinson, Medicine Hat
Frey, Jacob from Josephburg, Irvine, Elkwater
Frey, Jake from Calgary, Acadia Valley, Arneson
Frey, Joseph Paul from Rochester
Frey, Meinrad from Medicine Hat
Frey, P.G. from Alliance, Castor
Fricke, H.W. from Bottrel, Crossfield
Frieburg, Ames from Hays
Friebus, Charles David from Ponoka
Fried, Amelia from Vegreville, Innisfree
Fried, Helmut from Olds
Fried, John from Vegreville
Fried, Karl from Innisfree
Friedenberg, Daniel from Onoway
Friedenberg, F. from Nemiskam, Granlea
Friedenberg, William from Medicine Hat, Maleb
Friedrich Bros. (Erwin & T.) from Picture Butte
Fries, Albert Ralph from Nanton, Ardrossan
Friesen Bros. from Tees, Lacombe
Friesen Cattle Co. Ltd. (Richard Friesen) from Calgary, Olds
Friesen, Abram from Jasper, Vauxhall
Friesen, Clarence from Taber
Friesen, D. D. from Brooks
Friesen, G. from Gem, Campden, ON
Friesen, G. Sr. from Vauxhall
Friesen, G. Sr. from Vauxhall
Friesen, Harold, Blake & Grant from Vermilion
Friesen, Henry from Carstairs
Friesen, Jacob P. from Duchess
Friesen, John from Rosemary
Friesen, John from Vauxhall
Friesen, John S. from La Crete
Friesen, Martin from Peace River
Friesen, P.W. from Crooked Creek
Friesen, Pete H. from Vauxhall, Wynnder, BC
Friesen, Peter H. from Picture Butte, Lethbridge
Friesen, Sam from Edmonton, Vauxhall
Friesz, Alfred from Dalemead
Friesz, Carl S. from Dalemead
Frieze, August from Hoselaw
Frigstad, Omund from Youngstown
Frisby, Charles F. from Lindbergh, Elk Point
Frisby, F.H. from Vegreville, Mooswa, Lindbergh
Frisch, Ida from Norton, Red Deer
Frisch, John from Oyen, Hilda
Frisch, Peter from Gros Ventre, Hilda
Frissell, W.A .from Vermilion
Fritz, Frank from Warburg
Fritz, John from Genesee
Fritz, Joseph from Warburg
Fritzler, Herbert from Vulcan, Champion
Fritzler, Leo from Vulcan, Champion
Fritzler, Peter from Vulcan
Fritzler, Peter Jr. from Vulcan
Frizzell, Allan Bryce from Sundre
Froese, Abram A .from Lindbrook
Froese, Willy from Deville
Froggat, E.L. from Sedalia
Froggat, E.L. from Sedalia
Frohberger, Albert from Patricia
Froland, Kathleen nee Sannachan from Metiskow
Froland, Lester from Metiskow
Froland, Melvin K. from Czar
Frolick, Henry from Hinton
Frost, Lester from James River Bridge
Frost, Oscar from Minburn
Frost, Rupert from James River Bridge
Frowd, John from Pine Lake
Froysland, Mons from Lousana
Froysland, Tilda from Lousana
Fry, John from Elkwater
Fry, Walter T. from Lethbridge
Fry, Wayne A. from Vermilion, Lloydminster
Fryberger, John from Wardlow
Fryingpan, Doplhus J. from Heinsburg
Fryingpan, Mary Grace & Francis from Heinsburg
Fuchs, David from Turner Valley, Beiseker
Fuchs, Henry from Edmonton
Fuchs, John from Torrington
Fuder, F.A. from Irma
Fuder, Harold E. from Irma
Fudra, Steve Jr. from Coaldale, Lethbridge
Fuerst, Max from Darwell
Fuhrer, Albert from Gadsby
Fuhrman, Peter Roy from Thelma, Manyberries
Fuite Bros & Herman Bruggeneate from Throne
Fuite Bros & Herman Bruggeneate from Throne
Fuite Bros. from Throne
Fujimoto, George from Rainier
Fukami, M.K. from Bow Island
Fukami, Thomas from Nobleford
Fukuda, Tak from Patricia
Fulgham, Orvel from Paradise Valley, Lloydminster, Provost
Fulk, J. S. from Grande Prairie
Fulkerth, W. Joe from Didsbury
Fuller, A.R. from Carbon
Fuller, Arthur from Delburne, Red Deer
Fuller, D. E. from Vauxhall, New Dayton
Fuller, Fred F. from Drumheller, Carbon
Fuller, John H. from Castor
Fuller, Leroy from Vegreville
Fuller, M.B. from Whiskey Gap, Lethbridge
Fuller, R.R. from Indus
Fuller, Reginald Arthur from New Norway
Fuller, Wayne Larry from Calgary, Rockyford
Fullerton, Dale Burgess from Wetaskiwin
Fullerton, Frank S. & Isabel from Dorothy, Clivale, Lone Butte, Drumheller
Fullerton, Robert Jr. from Provost
Fullmer, Melvin H. from Glenwoodville
Fulmek, Steve from Tilley, Midnapore
Fulton, Bruce H. from Bluffton
Fulton, Charles M. from Ardrossan
Fulton, E.P. from Wimborne
Fulton, Foster from Minburn
Fulton, Frank G. from Indus
Fulton, George A. from Vulcan
Fulton, Harlan W. from Walsh, Duchess, Kinsella
Fulton, J.P. from Indus
Fulton, James V. from Kevisville, Bowden
Fulton, James V. from Kevisville, Bowden
Fulton, Joseph Jr. from Delia
Fulton, K.G. from Cardston
Fulton, S.M. from Minburn
Fulton, Thomas G. from Moose Ridge, Innisfail, Rocky Mountain House
Fulton, W.R. from Alcomdale
Fulton, Warren C. from Duchess, Wardlow
Fulton, Wendell R. from Walsh
Funk, Edward from Bow Island
Funk, H.H. from Beaver Flat, Saskatchewan
Funk, Larry from Irma
Funk, Martin from Tolland
Funk, William from Endiang, Clearwater, BC
Funkhouser, E.M. from Calgary
Funnell, Arthur V. from Wetaskiwin
Funnell, George E. from Metiskow, Vermilion, Koknee, Buck Lake
Furgala, Mike from Spedden
Furgala, Peter from Edmonton
Furgason, Ken from Lethbridge
Furgeson, Eric from Taber, Moosehorn, MB
Furhman, A. from Clear Hills, Dixonville
Furiak, John or Furak from Cardston, Hill Springs
Furiak, John or John Furak from Cardston, Hill Spring
Furlong, G.W. from Lacombe
Furlotte, Joe from Chauvin
Furman, Carl C. from Meeting Creek, Edmonton
Furman, J.C. from Macleod
Furmanek, J.B. from Viking
Furtis, Jack from Paradise Valley
Furyk, Alex from Carvel
Fuson, Grant Sherman from Dixonville
Fuss, Harry H. from Brightview
Fuss, Harry H. from Brightview
Futoransky, George from Jarvie
Fyfe, George Charles from New Dayton
Fyfe, J.T. from Islay
Fystro, Knut from Ponoka, Millet
Fyten, Robert Earl from Strome
Wightman, John from Rosedale

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