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Cancelled Brand Files - E
E.V. Keit Enterprises Ltd from Administrative Enterprises of Canada Ltd
E.W. Holdings Ltd. from Blueberry Mountain, Grande Prairie
Eadie, James from Lacombe
Eadon, S.E. from Midnapore, Calgary
Eagle Bear, Alphonse from Cardston
Eagle Child, Albert from Standoff
Eagle Hill Livestock Feeders Assoc. Ltd. from Olds
Eagle Ridge Quarter Horse Ranch Ltd. from Calgary, Lethbridge
Eagle Speaker, Ike from Lethbridge
Eagle Speaker, Morton from Cardston
Eaglesham, M. from Tofield
Eagletail, Fred from Calgary
Eameron & Houcher from Edmonton, Czar
Eameron & Houcher from Edmonton, Czar
Earl Bros. from Finns Lake, Medicine Hat
Earl, C.E. from Mirror Landing, Sundre, Saunders
Earl, Hugh J. from Mountain View
Earl, Samuel Aubrey from Cardston
Earl, Samuel Aubrey from Cardston
Eason, Robert C. & Grace from Calgary
Eason, Robert C. & Grace from Calgary
East Warner Barley Growers Ltd. from Warner
East, Edward T. from Vermilion
Eastern Beef Packers Ltd. from Montreal, Quebec
Easthope, John from Taber
Easthope, Owen Ross from Calgary
Eastly, A.L. from Sedgewick
Eastman, Padgett Victor from Brooks
Eastman, Verl Roland from Rosemary
Easton, George C. from Coronation
Easton, James Wilson from Ponoka
Easton, R.C. from Edmonton
Easton, R.C. from Edmonton
Eastwood, L. from Maloy
Eatland, Thomas George from N. Edmonton, Calgary
Eaton, Archie from Kitscoty
Eaton, Frank from Alix
Eaton, J.W. & Glen A. Florence from Lloydminster, SK
Eaton, J.W. & Glen A. Florence from Lloydminster, SK
Eaton, Jon A. from Lethbridge
Eaton, L.A. from Leedale
Eaton, Robert from Peers
Eau Claire Sawmills Ltd. from Calgary
Eaves, M.A. from Coaldale
Ebbern, Francis & Mary Gertrude from Wainwright
Ebbern, Francis & Mary Gertrude from Wainwright
Ebbert, W.C from Macewan, Nanton
Ebbesen, Darrell G. from Innisfail
Ebbs, Albert from Calgary
Ebel, Bertha E. from Spondin
Ebel, Oscar from Hemaruka, Spondin
Eben, Alfred from Slave Lake
Eberhardt, Hans from Vegreville
Eberhardt, Otto from Hilda, Medicine Hat
Eberwein, George from Manyberries
Eberwein, John from Orion
Eby, John Wesley from Olds
Eby, O.J. from Airdrie
Eccles, Claude & J.L. from Spruce Grove, Calgary
Eccles, James A from Armada
Eccles, James A. from Armada
Eccles, Jessie T. from Patricia
Eckersley, Albert from Midnapore
Eckert, A.A. from Newbrook
Eckert, Cornelius J from Rosemary
Eckmier, E.R from High River, Vulcan
Eckmier, W.H. from Orion
Eckstrand, Milton from Etzikom
Economic Feed Service Ltd. from Lethbridge
Ed. Klaus & Sons from Big Valley
Edards, Lawrence B. from Taber
Edards, Lawrence B. from Taber
Edards, Robert from Carbon
Eddie, James W. from Calgary, Carstairs
Eddie, R.A from Scotfield, Davidson, SK
Eddy, Bert & Mary from Iola
Edenloff, Henry M. from Lomond, Champion
Edey Bros. (George A. & Clarence E.) from Spirit River
Edey, Barbara C. & M.W. from Watino, Vanderhoof, BC
Edey, Edward Samuel from Spirit River
Edgar, David J. from Innisfail, Mossel Bay, South Africa
Edgar, Howard from Grand Centre
Edgar, Norman Josiah from Innisfail
Edgar, Walter D. from Taber
Edgar, William from Priddis
Edgar, William J. from Big Prairie
Edgar, William J. from Big Prairie
Edge, Edward J. from Lavoy, Vegreville
Edgecombe, Harry from Rocky Mountain House, Nordegg, Saunders, Ricinus, High Level
Edgell, Francis from Halkirk
Edgell, Mark from Gadsby
Edgington, M. L. & Son from Gold Springs, Cavendish
Edgson, Cleave from Fairview
Edin, E.M. from Falun
Edin, P.M. from Falun
Edinger, Alfred from Rimbey
Edington, F.E. from Edmonton
Edler, Anne & Eric from Seven Persons, Bow Island
Edler, Conrad from Medicine Hat, Burdett
Edler, Erik from Seven Persons
Edler, George Otis from Youngstown
Edler, Julia M. from Sevens Persons
Edler, Mary from Orion, Medicine Hat, Burdett
Edler, Stanley from Seven Persons, Bow Island
Edmonton, E.K. from Tawatinaw
Edmunds, George David from Calgary
Edson Feeders from Edson, Peers
Edvardson, C. from Medicine Hat, Brooks, Cassils, Nanaimo, BC
Edward Hubbell from Medicine Hat
Edwards, A.E. from Stony Lake
Edwards, Allen from Red Deer
Edwards, Brian & Claude Gerald Davidson from Drayton Valley,
Edwards, C.W. from Oyen, Excel
Edwards, Chester N. from Bassano
Edwards, Clarence Austin from Diamond City
Edwards, D. from Tofield, Westerose
Edwards, D.L. from Oyen, Excel
Edwards, Eric G. from Sherwood Park
Edwards, Ernest from Scotfield
Edwards, Gordon M. from Majorville, Bassano
Edwards, Gwendoline from Mayerthorpe, Edmonton, Oyama, BC
Edwards, James from Banff
Edwards, Joe from Taber
Edwards, John W. from Hanna
Edwards, Leo B. from Lindbergh, Mooswa, Trail, BC
Edwards, M. & Mrs. & Stephen (Wheat Sheaf Farm) from Streamstown
Edwards, Mrs. Jack from Excel, Delia, Big Valley
Edwards, Nell from Cheadle, Ogden
Edwards, Nellie L. from Caroline, Okanagan Centre, BC
Edwards, Orion from Cheadle
Edwards, R.S. from Gem, High River
Edwards, R.T. from Cluny
Edwards, Ronald Lewis from Medicine Hat
Edwards, Stephen J., Cloverdale Farm from Marwayne, Kitscoty
Edwards, Walter Gerald from Big Valley
Edwardson, Roald from Medicine Hat
Edwardson, T. from Medicine Hat
Edwardson, T.A. from Lone Butte, Dorothy, Yoeford
Edworthy, Myrle G. from Calgary, High River
Eeelen, J.K from Wainwright
Efird, B.C. from Oyen
Efrom, Bruno E. from Warner
Egan, Allen Jr. from Bow Island
Egan, John from Bow Island
Egan, William from Bow Island
Egeland, Carl from Vauxhall, Enchant
Egeland, Magnus from Enchant
Egeland, Marcus N. from Acadia Valley
Egeland, N.M. from Blackie
Egert, Alfred from Edberg
Eggen, Martin H. from Lloydminster
Eggenberger, E.W. from Rainier
Eggenberger, F. from Little Gem, Calgary
Egger, Christian from Carmangay, Barons
Egger, Donald C. from Duchess, Buffalo, Fort St. John, BC, Quesnel, BC
Egger, George from Stavely
Egger, Ray S. from Duchess, Lethbridge
Eggers, Mary & Otto from Teepee Creek
Eggli, Alfred & Mary from Grimshaw
Eggli, Hans from Bear Lake
Egidius, Antonius from Calgary, Manyberries
Eglinski, G.M. from Two Hills
Egri, Julius from Tolland
Egri, Louis from Tolland
Eherer, John M. from Athabasca
Ehlert, James & Son (Larry) from Calmar
Ehlert, Marion from Milk River, Duchess, Glenwood
Ehman, Jacob from Medicine Hat, Wisdom, Rosebeg
Ehnes, George from Faith
Ehrenholz, Ehrenhard from Barrhead, Fort Assiniboine
Ehrenreich, M.W. from Cremona, Carstairs
Ehrensperger, Hans from Beaverlodge
Ehret, Alice from Thelma
Ehret, Jacob M. from Torrington, Olds
Ehret, Jake E. from Torrington
Ehret, Victor from Thelma
Ehret, Wallace Norman from Thelma, Calgary
Ehret, Werner from Calgary
Ehret, William from Medicine Hat, Thelma
Ehrman, Cecil from Irvine, Beaverlodge
Ehrman, Christina from Medicine Hat, Irvine
Ehrman, Marian nee Brown from Torrington
Eichel, J.D. from Cremona
Eichler, Henry from Rocky Mountain House
Eidsvig, Peter from Lea Park
Eidt, Harold from Ponoka
Eigaard, William from Pendant de Oreille
Eigaerd, Cecil F. from Raymond
Eigeard, William from Countess
Eigler, Harold Arthur William from Lousana
Eikaas, Soren from Throne, Coronation
Eikerman, Friederike & William from Duhamel
Eiklor, James J. from Ashmont, Goodridge
Eimer, Guenther from Patricia, Crossfield
Eiserman, Francis H. from Medicine Hat
Eiten, David from Airdrie
Eitzen, C.H. from Midnapore
Eitzen, Dan from Acme, Didsbury
Eitzen, Denver Lavern from Acme
Eitzen, George from Carstairs
Eitzen, J.H. from Acme
Eitzzen, Cornelius H. from Elk Point
Ekanger, Mons from Kinuso, S. Burnaby, BC
Ekelund, Aron E. from Twin Butte
Ekelund, Eunice Maxine from Didsbury
Ekelund, William from Sundre
Ekert, Julius from Camrose
Ekholm, Donald E. from Red Deer
Ekholm, Emil E. from Donalda
Ekholm, Mrs. H from Scapa, Donalda
Ekin, L.H. from Mannville
Ekiss, Gordon W. from Olds
Eklund, Arnold from Calmar
Eklund, Carl from Orion
Eklund, Kenneth from Calgary
Eklund, Peter from Seven Persons, Orion
Ekman, Andrew from Fleet
Ekman, Carl from Fleet
Ekman, Edwin & Louis from Fleet
Ekman, Edwin & Louis from Fleet
Ekman, Edwin & T.A. Wraight from Coronation
Ekrol, John from Veteran
Ekron, Tony K. from Rainier
Ekroth, Lionel Douglas from Westerose
Ekroth, Walter Virgil from Westerose
Ekstrand, Daniel V. from Calgary
Elaschuk, George T. from Smoky Lake
Elaschuk, John from Turin
Elaschuk, Peter G. from Smoky Lake
Elaschuk, William from Turin
Elchyshyn, Alex & Sam from Kipp
Eld, Chester R from Nanton
Eld, Chester R. from Nanton
Elder, Adam from Clive
Elder, Allan Garth from Coaldale
Elder, Brian from Ponoka
Elder, D.S. from Milo
Elder, George from Queenstown
Elder, Lyal from Millet
Elder, M.J. from Coaldale
Eldhuis, Henry from Monarch
Eldridge, Horace R. from Woolford, Cardston
Elford, E.P. from Kitscoty
Elford, Edward Lindsay from Edmonton
Elford, Edward Lindsay from Edmonton
Elfring, Bernardus Wilhelmus from Picture Butte
Elfveen, Lim Andrew from Mannville
Elgaard, Bodil from Ponoka
Elgert Bros from Wetaskiwin
Elgie, Elizabeth Frances from Hythe
Elgie, George from Hythe
Elgie, Jack from Hythe
Elgie, Mrs. G.A from Minburn
Elgie, Robert J. from Minburn
Elgin, Ernest L. from Claresholm
Elgin, Gordon M. from Fort Macleod
Elhart, Emanuel from Medicine Hat
Elhorn, Alvin Oscar from Wanham
Eliason Bros. from Wetaskiwin
Eliason, C.R. from Turin
Eliason, Oscar D. from Wrentham
Eliason, Roldo M. from Wrentham
Eliuk, Bill G. from Hairy Hill
Eliuk, George from Midnapore
Eliuk, Nick G. from Two Hills
Eliuk, William John from Hairy Hill
Elizabeth Colony Co-Op Association from Beaverdam
Elkhorn Ranch Ltd from Vancouver, BC
Elkin, R.H. from Didsbury
Elkink, G.H from Suffield
Elkow, Alex from Two Hills
Elkow, Joseph P. from Morecambe
Elkow, Mike & Son from Morecambe
Elkow, Mike J. from Musidora
Elkow, William F. from Musidora
Ell, Ben from Grassy Lake
Ell, Martin from Grassy Lake
Ellard, Ellwood C. from Leduc
Ellefson, I. & J. from Enchant
Ellefson, Mrs. A. from Enchant
Ellehill, Ivan from Huxley
Ellerby, Ben from Veteran
Ellerby, Jonathan Wilbur from Throne, Veteran
Ellert, Jack from Milk River
Ellertson, Gordon L. from Cereal
Ellertson, Leonard August from Cereal
Ellingsen, Gunner from Longview
Ellingson, Earl Hugh from Taber
Ellingson, Floyd L. from Kipp, Bonanza
Ellingson, Hans Alvin from Kipp
Ellingson, John William from Calgary, Dorenlee, New Norway
Ellingson, John William from Lacombe
Ellingson, Wilfred J. from Irricana
Elliott, Alex from Red Willow
Elliott, Carl E. from Brooks, Millet
Elliott, Dorsay Ernest from Calgary, Madden
Elliott, F.W. from Whitla
Elliott, G.R. from Irma
Elliott, George & Isabella Hay from Delburne
Elliott, George William from McLaughlin
Elliott, Gordon E. from Victoria, BC, Nanton, Lomond
Elliott, Harold George from Etzikom
Elliott, Howard M. from Newbrook
Elliott, J. from Sundre
Elliott, J.J. from Magnolia, Edmonton
Elliott, James from Hanna
Elliott, James Gordon from Jasper
Elliott, John F. from Athabasca
Elliott, M.J. from Endiang
Elliott, Martha from Dog Pound, Penticton, BC
Elliott, Roger W. from Taber, Warner
Elliott, Roland A. from Blackie
Elliott, Ruth A. nee Tompkins from Gage, Eureka River
Elliott, Simon A. from Delia
Elliott, Vera M. from Chancellor, Redland, Calgary, Garrington, Madden
Elliott, Walter from Carseland
Elliott, Walter from Innisfree
Elliott, William Frederick from Calgary, Medicine Hat
Elliott, William L. from Lethbridge, Calgary
Ellis, A.E. from Bottrel
Ellis, A.E. from Bottrel
Ellis, Alec Walter from Erskine, Stettler
Ellis, Betty Mayland from Calgary
Ellis, Chris from Hanna
Ellis, E.J. from Collholme
Ellis, E.J. from Collholme
Ellis, Edward C. from Warden
Ellis, F.A. & A.H. from Schuler, Rose Glen
Ellis, F.A. & A.H. from Schuler, Rose Glen
Ellis, H. & Angus Smith from Bassano
Ellis, H.H. from Standard, Gleichen
Ellis, H.S. from Granum
Ellis, Harold E. from Medicine Hat
Ellis, Jean from Schuler
Ellis, Joe F. from Clivale, Finnigan
Ellis, Joe F. from Clivale, Finnigan
Ellis, Kathryn L. from Red Deer
Ellis, Oral from Claresholm
Ellis, Pearl G. from Roseglen, Arrowwood
Ellis, Sydney W. from Red Deer, Innisfail
Ellis, Walter from Endiang, Erskine
Ellis, Walter Napier from Delburne
Ellison, Alta from Cardston, Fort Macleod
Ellison, C.G. from Lundbreck
Ellison, Ed from Champion
Ellison, Gary M. from Lethbridge
Ellison, Howard R. from Lethbridge
Ellison, James from Parkland
Ellison, Joe Samuel from Stettler
Ellison, John F. & Mrs. Frankie H. from Aetna, Cardston
Ellsworth, Clarence from Bentley, Rimbey, Vernon, BC
Ellsworth, Harry J. from Bentley
Ellsworth, Roger from Bentley
Ellwood, Ada from Kinsella, Irma
Ellwood, Joseph Isaac from Lochend
Ellwood, Roy from Czar
Elm, Enoch from Bittern Lake
Elm, Homer L. from Hardisty
Elman, Dennis from Warner
Elmer, Nigel from Metiskow
Elmquist, Frank from Mayerthorpe, Edmonton
Elniske, A.M. from Myrnam
Elock, A.D. from Glendon
Elock, Paulette from Glendon
Elson, L.R. from Vermilion
Elves, Douglas Charles from Priddis, Victoria, BC
Elves, Edward from Cayley
Elves, from Bellcamp, Marwayne
Elves, M. E. from Bellcamp, Marwayne
Elvin, Miss M.C. from Vancouver, BC
Emann, Gustav from Hilda
Emann, Jacob from Hilda, Medicine Hat
Emann, Oswald from Medicine Hat, Hilda
Emann, Otto from Drumheller, Delia, Hilda
Embleton, A.J. from Hines Creek, Vanrena
Embree, Cecil F. from Howie
Embree, Clifford Douglas from Howie
Embree, Cora Bell from Howie
Emerson, Charles B. from Manyberries
Emerson, Charles B. from Manyberries
Emerson, Lloyd W. from Burdett
Emerson, Lloyd W. from Burdett
Emery, A.C. from Stavely
Emery, Clinton from Beaver Crossing
Emery, Gloria Grace from Kamloops, BC
Emery, Robert from Beaver Crossing, Grand Centre
Emmelkamp, H.E. from Brant, Okotoks
Emmelkamp, J.O. from Macleod
Emmerson, Johnny Jr. from Duchess
Emmerson, Matthew from Pollockville, Blackie
Emmett, Don from Delburne
Emmons, John Lewis from Winfield
Emons, Lara Kim from Edson
Empey, P.H. from Viking
Empey, W.H. from Viking
Empire Collieries Ltd from Calgary
Empress Ranching Co. from Manyberries, Swift Current, SK
Emsland, Chris from Vermilion
Emsland, James A. from Vermilion
Emsland, James A. from Vermilion
Emsland, Roy & Haakon & Bros. from Mulga, Mannville, Vermilion
Emsland, Roy Haakon & Bros. from Mulga, Mannville, Vermilion
Emslie, James from Brooks
Enbysk, Elmer from Claresholm
Endersby, Bill from Duchess
Endersby, Daniel H. from Duchess
Endersby, James R. from Brooks, Duchess
Endresen, Peder from Eaglesham, Sexsmith
Enes, Charles from Pincher Creek, Pincher Station
Enes, Dorothy from Pincher Creek
Enes, Joseph (Estate) from Pincher Creek
Enfield, D.W. from Mannville
Enfield, Victor Gail from Vermilion
Enford, W.F from Gleichen
Engblom Bros. from Wetaskiwin
Engblom, Eric from Pendryl
Engblom, John from Pendryl, Winfield
Engblom, Walter from Winfield
Engbloom, Gordon Marshall from Calgary
Engbloom, Robert J. from Calgary
Engel Bros. from Halkirk
Engel, Albert from Hanna
Engel, Alexander from Fleet, Castor
Engel, Allen Albert from Irvine, Monarch
Engel, Ewald from Rolling Hills
Engel, Frank from Bremner
Engel, Frederick H. from Castor
Engel, John from Endiang, Halkirk
Engel, John from Fleet
Engel, Kazmer from Mundare
Engel, Louie from Halkirk
Engel, Mrs. T.L. from Irvine
Engel, Percy from Hays
Engel, Stanley Gordon from Clover Bar, Bon Accord
Engel, Walter W. from Castor, Bowden
Engel, William from Castor
Engelbert, John from Woking
Engelhardt, Eugene from Keephills, Duffield
Engelking, H.G. from Manyberries
Engen, C.K. from Enchant, Turin, Sundial, Lethbridge
Engen, John from Vulcan
Enger, Gunder from Heinsburg
Enger, Martin from Fabyan, Irma
England, G. H. from Red Deer
Engler, Ludwig from Rolling Hills
Engleson, Elvin L. from Taber
English, Alfred Harold & James Sidney Morton from Sundre
English, Alfred Harold, Morton, James Sidney from Sundre
English, Cora B. from Hussar
English, Cora B. from Hussar
English, Edmund from Fleet, Castor
English, F.D. from Two Hills
English, G.W. from Two Hills
English, George A. from Two Hills
English, James A. from Thelma
English, James A. from Thelma
English, John from Crossfield
English, John William from Fort Macleod
English, Mrs. Thomas from Hussar
English, Omer from Brocket
English, Parkin from Fleet
Englund Bros (Adolph & Fritz Theodore) from Strathmore
Englund Bros. (Adolph & Fritz Theodore) from Strathmore
Englund, Adolph M. from Calgary, Strathmore
Englund, Herbert D. from Fairview
Engman, T.R. from Eckville
Engst, A.P. from Provost
Engst, Leo C. from Provost, Sangudo
Engstrom, Carl from Irvine
Engstrom, Lawrence from Lake Isle
Ennis, A.S. from Hays
Ennis, Floyd Grant from Coutts, St. Kilda, Milk River
Ennis, Harry G. from Entrance, Nordegg, Milk River, Red Deer
Enns, Abram from Purple Springs
Enns, Charles H. from Calgary
Enns, D. from Rosemary
Enns, Edward John from Gem
Enns, Kelly A. from Crooked Creek, Vernon, BC
Enns, Nicholai Jacob from Gem
Enns, Pete Jr. from Gem, Bassano
Enns, Peter Abram from Grassy Lake
Enns, Theodore from Medicine Hat
Enns, Waldo from Vauxhall
Ensign, Albert L. from Pincher Creek
Ensign, Albert L. from Pincher Creek
Ensign, Ronald K. from Pincher Creek, Whitla
Enslen, Albert from Tilley
Enslen, Edward from Seven Persons
Enslen, Roy from Wisdom, Medicine Hat
Enslen, William from Wisdom, Medicine Hat
Ensminger, Emil from Granum
Ensminger, Kenneth Wayn from Granum
Ensminger, Ronald & Emil from Granum
Enstrom, Knut A. from Metiskow
Entnicknap, Evelyn from Claresholm
Entzminger, Albert from Fox
Enzenauer, Arthur from Eastway, Vulcan, Lloydminster, AB, Lloydminster, SK
Eoff, Susannah from Pincher Creek
Epp, D.C. from Carstairs
Epp, D.P. from Hussar, Rosemary
Epp, Dr. Peter P. from Hussar
Epp, Peter from Hussar
Epp, Wilfred G. from Bear Canyon
Eppie, Frank from Picture Butte
Erais, Peter from Iron Springs
Erb, Henry from Didsbury
Erckman, J. from Wainwright
Erdelyi, Julius from Halkirk
Erdman, Alvin V. from Barons
Erdman, Gustav from Barons, Blayney
Erdman, William Peter from Granum
Erdmann, Barney from Waugh, Vimy
Erdos, Vincent from Picture Butte, Lethbridge
Erena, Dan from Turner Valley, Sundre, Bearberry
Erford, Ray from Gleichen
Ergang, Harvey Alfred from Rochester
Erichson, William & A.R. from Gadsby
Ericksen, Lars Peder or Peter from Suffield, Olds, Westward Ho
Erickson & Gracey from St. Kilda
Erickson Bros. (Axel & Arthur) from Bruce
Erickson, A.J.T. from Calgary
Erickson, A.R. from Cherry Point
Erickson, Abe from Stettler
Erickson, Adolph from Scandia, Penhold, Brooks
Erickson, Alfred from Lethbridge
Erickson, Alif D. from Stirling
Erickson, Alvin G. from Ranfurly
Erickson, Andre from Girouxville, Edmonton
Erickson, August from Stettler
Erickson, Autry R. from Lethbridge, Claresholm
Erickson, Ben from Sunnynook
Erickson, Berit S. from Big Prairie, Cremona
Erickson, Bernard James from Wanham, Torrington
Erickson, Carol Grace from Claresholm
Erickson, Chris from Travers
Erickson, David August from Nevis, Stettler
Erickson, E.B & F.W from Sundre, Bergen
Erickson, Edward from Coutts, Milk River
Erickson, Edward from Hanna
Erickson, Einar John from Wainwright
Erickson, Emil H. from Pincher Creek
Erickson, Erick O. from Cherry Point, Bear Canyon
Erickson, Fred from Eckville
Erickson, Fred W. from Donalda
Erickson, G. Martin from Hythe
Erickson, George from Metiskow
Erickson, Glen J. from Garth
Erickson, Gordon from Rimbey
Erickson, Grace Leola from Drayton Valley
Erickson, J.A. from Erskine
Erickson, J.U. from Camrose
Erickson, James B. from Armena
Erickson, Jewel Palestine from Meadowview
Erickson, John from Scandia
Erickson, John W. from Loyalist, Veteran
Erickson, Karl from Rocky Rapids
Erickson, L.J. from Sedgewick
Erickson, Lafey M. from Blakesville, Warner
Erickson, Lloyd S. from Taber
Erickson, M. from Tofield
Erickson, Milo from Coronado
Erickson, Nelson from Canmore
Erickson, Olaf from Bruce
Erickson, P.E. from Erskine
Erickson, Peter E. from Cherry Point, Bear Canyon
Erickson, Ralph from Irma
Erickson, Ralph from Stirling
Erickson, Roy from Girouxville
Erickson, Sven E. from Lethbridge
Erickson, Sven from Meadowview
Erickson, T. & James from Claresholm
Erickson, Theodore from Redcliff
Erickson, V. A. from Penhold
Erickson, Vance W. from Drayton Valley
Erickson, Walter from Black Diamond, Lathom
Erickson, Walter N. from Edgerton
Erickson, William C.L. from Rimbey
Eriksen, Louis from Calgary
Erikson, Chris from Hussar
Erikson, E. from Strome
Erikssen, Gudmunn K. from Sedgewick, Kinsella
Eriksson, Isak Johan from High Prairie
Eriksson, Mrs. M.R. from Hughenden
Erion, Arnold A. from New Norway
Erksine, Luther H. from Coronation
Erlam, Gerald A. from Ponoka, Rimbey
Ermantrout, John from Fabyan
Ermantrout, Mike from Compeer
Ermineskin Indian Mission School from Hobbema
Ernst, Carl from Olds, Knee Hill Valley, Innisfail
Ernst, Edna & Alex from Bench, SK, Barrhead
Ernst, H.W. from Spring Coulee
Eros, Leslie from Milk River, Calgary
Errickson, Inga from Youngstown, Hanna
Erricson, J.F. from Kinuso
Erskine, R. from Stauffer
Erskine, W. from Stauffer
Ertman, Ervin L. from Wetaskiwin, Hardisty, Lindbrook
Ervick, Peter from Big Stone
Erwin, Craig Clark from Calgary
Erwin, Edwin F. from Rimbey
Esak, Peter from Desjarlais
Esau, Allan from Stettler, Three Hills
Esau, Dean from Linden, Donavan, SK
Esau, Edwin W. from Fort Vermilion, Crooked Creek
Esau, John from Gem
Eschak, Allan A. from Mundare
Esco Service from Calgary
Eshpeter, Kenneth Joseph from Fairview, Barrhead
Eskeland, Joseph Raymond from Drumheller
Eskelund, J.O. from Carmangay, Optic
Eskesen, Niels from Sundre
Eskestrand, Alma from Medicine Hat
Eskestrand, Iver from Medicine Hat
Eskestrand, Ivor J. from Medicine Hat
Eskow, Harry from Lac Bellevue
Eskrick, J.M. from Sundre
Eslinger, Elmer Clifford from DeBolt
Espedal, S. from Edmonton
Espedal, S. from Edmonton
Espedal, Stanford R. from Cadogan
Espedal, Sven from Cadogan
Espeseth, Alfred from High Prairie
Espetveidt, C.I. from Marwayne
Esselink, Richard from Blueberry Mountain
Esser, Walter from Granum, Magrath, Lethbridge
Essington, Harvey H & Theresa from Alliance, Tinchebray
Essington, Harvey H. & Theresa from Alliance, Tinchebray
Esslinger, David from Bruce
Esson, Charles from Rockyview
Estby, E. F. from Bowness
Estes, Winkler from Carstairs
Estrin Bros from Lethbridge
Estrin, H. & H. Sheftel from Calgary
Estrin, Harry from Vancouver, B.C., Calgary
Estrin, L. from Lethbridge
Etherington, James F. from Claresholm
Etherington, Thomas H. from Claresholm
Etmanski, Hans from Monarch
Etrin & Kustan from Calgary
Etson, Merle & Wilbur Frank from Edgerton
Etson, Wilbur N. from Edgerton, Ribstone
Etter, William G. from Edmonton, Millet
Etter, William G. from Edmonton, Millet
Ettinger, Henry from Olds
Ettinger, Henry from Olds
Ettinger, Roscoe from Edgerton, Caroline
Eubank & Sons from Edmonton, Didsbury
Evans Brothers Farms from Raymond
Evans, A.F. from Cadogan
Evans, Alice M. from Lindbergh
Evans, Arthur from Phillips, Viking
Evans, Austin Rhys from Parkland
Evans, Charles S. from Water Valley
Evans, David from Didsbury
Evans, Douglas R. from Edgerton
Evans, E. & Sons from Forestburg
Evans, Edmund N. from Edgerton
Evans, Edward O. from Viking
Evans, Frank from Scapa
Evans, Fred from Red Deer
Evans, George from Elnora
Evans, George from Parkland
Evans, H. & Hugh Pritchard from Ponoka
Evans, Isaac from Edgerton
Evans, J.D. & Son from Phillips
Evans, J.W. from Raymond
Evans, Jack E. from Gem
Evans, Jock from Pincher Creek
Evans, John E. from Cadogan
Evans, John from Richdale, Hanna
Evans, Keith from Parkland
Evans, L.B. from Ponoka
Evans, Leslie D. from Didsbury
Evans, Lindsay A. from Earlie, Monitor
Evans, Lloyd from Parkland
Evans, Mary from Winnifred
Evans, Mike from Chapel Rock, Lundbreck
Evans, Phillip A. from Sugden, St. Lina
Evans, Redvers B. from Parkland
Evans, Rev. John from Ardenode
Evans, Robert Allen from St. Albert
Evans, T.R. from Claresholm
Evans, W.H. from Cold Lake
Evans, Walter P. from Red Deer
Evans, William from Oyen
Evans, William Powell from Fairview
Evanson, Harold E. from Taber
Evart, E. from Sundre
Evashkevich, Alex from Kirriemuir, Salmon Arm, BC
Evasuik, John from Duvernay
Evenson, Harry from Strathcona, Owlseye Lake, Edmonton
Evenson, Mrs. B.J from Manyberries
Evenson, Roy from Holden
Evenson, Rudolf from Longview, High River
Everett, A.J. from Drumheller, Hesketh
Everett, Alex from Wainwright
Everett, R.A. from Gadsby
Evernden, T.F. from Leedale, Rimbey
Eversman, Joseph from Lacombe
Everts, Richard V. from Pincher Creek
Everts, Richard V. from Pincher Creek
Evetts, William M. from Pincher Creek
Ewanchuk, Nick from Brosseau, Two Hills
Ewanchuk, Steve from Lac La Biche
Ewanciw, Walter & John Wolanski from Smoky Lake
Ewanciw, Walter & John Wolanski from Smoky Lake
Ewanowich, John from Andrew
Ewart, Robert C. from Wetaskiwin
Ewashen, Alex J.Jr. from Lundbreck, Creston, BC
Ewashen, Jacob from Nanton, Cayley
Ewashen, Mike from Nanton
Ewashen, Nick J. from Nanton
Ewashen, Peter J. from Lundbreck
Ewashen, Walter James from Nanton
Ewashik, Harry from Stavely, Nanton
Ewashin, George & John from Cowley
Ewashin, George & John from Cowley
Ewashko, Paul from Innisfree
Ewasiuk, Marshall from Two Hills
Ewasko, Frank from Thorhild
Ewasuik, Peter from Ryley
Ewasuik, Walter John from Ryley
Ewbank, Richard (Dick) from Federal
Ewen, Norman from Brooks
Ewers, George from Mannville, Chailey
Ewert, William from Irma, Fabyan, Wainwright
Ewing, Clarence from Mannville
Ewing, Frederick from Donalda
Ewing, Larry from Rocky Mountain House
Ewing, S. from Gibbons
Ewing, William Clarence from Mannville
Ewing, William F. from Carmangay
Ewoniak, Steve J. from Willingdon
Ewoniak, Tom from Willingdon, Desjarlais
Exner, Ferdinand F. from Deadwood
Eyben, Carl Martin from Streamstown
Eyben, F.H. from Auburndale, Vermilion
Eyben, John B. from Vermilion, Cummings, Auburndale
Eyben, Margaret J. nee, Arnett from Vermilion
Eye, Ada C. from Langdon, Cheadle
Eykelborh, Bert & Nick Kazimir from Canmore
Eyma, Clay Laverne from Cochrane
Eyremore Grazing Association from Bow City

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