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Cancelled Brand Files - D
D B R Farms Ltd. from Camrose
D.G. & S.E. Cattle (Derwood Price) from Lethbridge
Dacre, Harry from Redcliff
Dacre, James from Redcliff
Dacyk, Paul from Vilna
Dacyk, Pete from Edmonton, Vilna
Dacyk, Pete from Edmonton, Vilna
Dadensky, Mike from Two Hills
Daffe, Ernest from Gleichen, Milo
Daffurn, Michael P.W. from Vilna
Daffy, Henry or Duffa or Daffe from Schuler
Dafoe, Clarence E. from Hemaruka, Zetland, Hanna
Dafoe, Harold E. from Hemaruka, Veteran
Dafoe, Mrs. F.H. from St. Brides, Hemaruka
Dageforde, Herman from Didsbury
d'Agnone, Domence from Vauxhall
Dahl (Dahle) & Ole Andreasen from Fleet, Lake Thelma
Dahl, Bruce William & Edwin Arthur Rabel from Veteran
Dahl, Bruce William from Veteran
Dahl, E.C. from Beaverlodge, Halcourt
Dahl, Einar from Carmangay
Dahl, Einar from Heath, Wainwright
Dahl, Einar from Heath, Wainwright
Dahl, Endre from Morecambe, Naughton Glen
Dahl, Ernest from Morecambe, Beauvallon
Dahl, George (R & D Motors) from Elnora
Dahl, George (R & D Motors) from Elnora
Dahl, Henry from Duchess, Calgary
Dahl, Lawrence from Heath
Dahl, Louis from Consort, Naco
Dahl, Monte from Raymond
Dahl, Myron from Lethbridge
Dahl, Nels from Claresholm
Dahl, Norman from Claresholm
Dahl, Oscar from Delia
Dahl, Richard from La Glace, Morecambe
Dahl, Svend from Rosedale
Dahle, Andrew George from Raymond
Dahley, Martin from Star
Dahlgren, N.A. from Wainwright
Dahlgren, N.A. from Wainwright
Dahlgren, Viola from Wainwright
Dahlin, R. from Claresholm
Dahm, Diane from Wetaskiwin
Dahms, Ernest & Sons from Ponoka
Dahms, Louis E. from Kevisville, Innisfail
Dahms, Virgil H. from Wetaskiwin
Dahrouge, Adelia Sylvia from Glendon
Daies, Murray G. from Carmangay
Daigle, Francis J. & Matilda from Taber
Daigle, Francis J. & Matilda from Taber
Daignault, Alex A. & Ovila, Alcide R. from Cardston
Daignault, Isaie from Cardston
Daily Double Feeders from Raymond
Daine, Don H. from Coaldale
Daine, H.W. from Coaldale
Daintry, John from Big Prairie, Cremona, Water Valley
Dainty, Albert from Lethbridge
Dake, Mrs. R.M. from Vegreville
Dal Ranches Ltd. from Wetaskiwin
Dalbak, N .from Bindloss
Dale, Lewis from Tofield
Dalen, Jens Herbert from Grande Prairie
Dales, Leslie from Onoway
Daley, Charles H. from Bittern Lake
Daley, Charles H. from Bittern Lake
Daley, E.W. from Vermilion
Daley, Isabel from Sylvan Lake
Daley, Ross from Bittern Lake
Daley, Ted from Bittern Lake
Dalgard, Clinton A. from Sprucefield
Dalke, Abe from Bowness, Calgary
Dallaire, Charles from La Corey
Dallas Feeders Ltd. from Lethbridge
Dallyn, Duane A. from Ribstone, Lloydminster
Dallyn, E.W. from Ribstone
Dallyn, J. Edwin from Ribstone, Bruce
Dallyn, Lawrence from Ribstone, Edmonton
Dallyn, Murray Wayne from Ribstone
Dallyn, Victor from Ribstone
Dalsmon, Karl from Lomond, Wheat Center
Dalstro, J. Norman from Countess
Dalton, E.M. from Carseland, Calgary
Dalton, Raymond from Islay, Keephills
Dalueg, Dennis A. from Forestburg
Daly, Arnold S. from Clover Bar, Ardrossan
Daly, Desmond C. from Edgerton
Daly, John from Granum, Olson Creek
Daly, Joseph from Bulwark
Daly, Joseph J. from Haynes
Daly, T.F. from Clover Bar
Daly, Thomas Frederick from Spruce Grove
Dalzell, Mrs. Dollie from De Winton
Dalzell, Robert & Annie J. from Lacombe, Sunnynook
Damberger, Lyle M. from Stettler
Damestoy, Cadet from Amisk
Damgaard, C. from Standard, Cluny
D'Amour, Patrick Edward, Sabo William Edward from Calgary
Damping, Clarence & Burnice from Peace River
Damron, C.F. from Bentley
Damsgard, J.F. from Chinook, Hanna
Dana, David L. from Goodwin
Danard, Lorne Alex from Edmonton
Danard, Lorne Alex from Edmonton
Dancey, Douglas from Castor
Dancey, Stanley from Castor
Dancoisne, David L. from Coaldale
Dancy, William L. from Lundbreck
Danderfer, Henry from Dewberry
Dando, Rupert Hill from Lousana
Dandrea, Nick from Lethbridge
Danforth, A.E. from Rolling Hills
Danforth, A.E. from Rolling Hills
Danforth, Donald A. from Rolling Hills, Lethbridge
Daniel, Albert J.C. from Gold Spring, Rainier
Daniel, Albert J.C. from Gold Spring, Rainier
Daniel, I.T.W. from Minburn
Daniel, Richard W. from Minburn
Daniel, Thomas W. from Minburn
Daniels, C.N. from Cousins, Metiskow
Daniels, Frederic Walter from Rolling Hills
Daniels, Jerold from Rolling Hills, Estavan, SK
Daniels, John W. from Caslan, Frog Lake
Daniels, Mabel Jean from Rolling Hills
Daniels, Mrs. Thomas from Greenshields
Daniels, Mrs. Thomas from Greenshields
Daniels, Robert C. from Rolling Hills
Daniels, Ross from Sputinow
Danielson, Ben from Coutts
Danielson, Dan from Fairview, MT
Danielson, Daniel from Czar
Danielson, Eldor D. from Edmonton, Vancouver, British Columbia
Danielson, Ernest from Czar
Danielson, Hans from Riviere Qui Barre
Danielson, J. O. from Fort Macleod, Winnifred, Granum
Danielson, Ola & Loretta from Sedgewick
Danilowich, Roy from Calgary
Dann, Ben J. from Vulcan
Dann, Robert I. & Son from Leslieville
Danvelor Cattle Co. Ltd. from Cardston
Danyliuk, Steve from Sunset House
Danyliuk, Walter from Musidora
Danyluk, Domka from Edwand
Danyluk, Mike from Smoky Lake
Danyluk, Peter from Elk Point
D'Aoust, H. from Beaverlodge
Daradics, Mike Joe from Rocky Lane
Darago, Nick from Tilley
Darby, Clyde from Sundre
Darby, R.K. from Cardston
Darch, Fred T. from Claresholm
D'Arcy, B.H from Sedgewick, Killam
D'Arcy, Richard from Hanna
D'Arcy, William Hall from Hanna
Dargatz, A. H. from Hay Lake, New Sarepta
Dargatz, Nellie from Ranfurly
Darke, Roy M. from Rocky Mountain House
Darkes, Alan R. from Hardisty, Hughenden
Darling, Adam from Priddis, Midnapore
Darling, E.F. from Vermilion
Darling, Edna from Clandonald, Vermilion
Darling, Nubert (Herb) Walter from James River Bridge, Mound, Drumheller
Darling, Robert C. from De Winton
Darque, Philip Railton from Bottrel
Darr, Gottlieb from Hilda
Darragh, John from Milk River
Darroch, James R. from Calgary, Airdrie
Darrow, Grant L. from Castor, Swift Current, SK
Dart, Den F. from Buffalo
Daruda, J. from Milo, Queenstown
Dary, Nick from Hamlin
Dary, William J. from Bruce
Dascalo, Louie from Lonebutte, Dorothy, Wembley
Dascavich, William D. from Mundare
Dase, Melitta A. from Taber
Dase, Mike from Pincher Creek
Dash, L. H. from Calgary
Dashevsky, Jake or Jacob from Hythe
Dasistuik, Thodor from Bellis
Dask Holdings (D.H. Espey) from Calgary
Datema, George from Rocky Mountain House
Daubert, Edward from Forest Lawn, Calgary
Daum, Ernest R. from Edmonton, Bon Accord, Grande Prairie
Davey, G. Ray from Fleet
Davey, Ralph O .from Calgary, Jenner, Brooks
Davey, Ralph O. from Calgary, Jenner, Brooks
Davey, William Maurice from Craigmyle
Davia, Calom Percival from Eckville, Rocky Mountain House
Davick, E.N. from Ryley
David, Deon Phillip from Fort Macleod
David, Donald from Lomond
David, Frank from Sheerness, Tilley
David, Freddie from Watino
David, Horst from Watino
David, Percy from Claresholm
Davidge, James A.F. from Delburne
Davidoff, John from Pincher Creek, Lundbreck
Davidoff, Mackifa from Pincher Creek
Davidoff, Marvey N. from Cowley, Pincher Creek, Pincher Station
Davidoff, Nicholas ÏNickÓ N from Pincher Creek, Pincher Station, Thrums
Davidoff, Vasilie Nikoleavitch & Bernice Dianna from Pincher Creek
Davids & Cooper from Lethbridge
Davids & Kane from Lethbridge
Davids, A.L. (Estrin Bros) from Lethbridge
Davids, Abraham L. from Lethbridge
Davids, Abrahm L. & Morris Fefferman from Lethbridge
Davids, Abrahm L. & Morris Fefferman from Lethbridge
Davids, Esther from Picture Butte
Davids, Hymie from Lethbridge
Davids, Saul Luther from Calgary, Bow City
Davidson Bros. from Suffield, Vulcan, Black Diamond
Davidson, Alan L. from Hardisty
Davidson, Alex from Meadow View
Davidson, Alison L. from High River, Blairmore
Davidson, Alison L. from High River, Blairmore
Davidson, Bobby Warren from Patricia
Davidson, C.E. from Glendon
Davidson, C.E. from Glendon
Davidson, C.H. from Three Hills
Davidson, Carman John from Lloydminster
Davidson, Clarence B. from Homeglen
Davidson, Claude Gerald from Drayton Valley
Davidson, David Clarence from Rainier, Lougheed
Davidson, G.E. from Suffield
Davidson, Gail from Patricia
Davidson, George from Sherwood Park
Davidson, Gordon H. from Lacombe
Davidson, John Alvin from Clive
Davidson, Leo L from Cardston
Davidson, Leo L. from Cardston
Davidson, Lyle William from Nanton, Clive
Davidson, M.G. from Flat Lake, Glendon
Davidson, Max W. from Pointe Claire, PQ, Calgary
Davidson, Norman from Clive, Lacombe
Davidson, O.J. from Mountain View
Davidson, O.J. from Mountain View
Davidson, Philip C from Iddesleigh
Davidson, Philip C. from Iddesleigh
Davidson, R.A. from Innisfail
Davidson, R.A. from Innisfail
Davidson, S. from West Kildonan, Manitoba
Davidson, S. H from Ghost Pine Creek
Davidson, S.H. from Ghost Pine Creek
Davidson, Stanley L. from Paradise Valley, Vermilion
Davidson, Tim from Lethbridge
Davidson, Walter T. from Lloydminster
Davidson, William from Kelsey
Davidson, Zelda Irene from Rimbey
Davie, A.S. & V. Marjorie Stoneman from Morrin, Rumsey
Davie, N.E. from Hughenden
Davie, P.A. from Youngstown
Davies, A.O. from Medicine Hat
Davies, Alfred B. & Son (Doug) from Ardrossan
Davies, Arthur from Bowmanton
Davies, Arthur H.W. from Breton
Davies, Arthur Wayne from Grande Prairie
Davies, Aubrey from Huxley
Davies, Charles N. from Claresholm
Davies, Daniel from Hanna, Finnegan
Davies, Daniel P. from Bow Island
Davies, Daryl G. from Blackie, Calgary
Davies, Dave R. from Lethbridge
Davies, Donald Alfred from Medicine Hat
Davies, Dorothy from Islay
Davies, Douglas H. from Bowmonton, Medicine Hat
Davies, Douglas from Cheadle, Strathmore
Davies, Douglas, H. from Bowmonton, Medicine Hat
Davies, E.C. (Chuck) from Tilley, Alderson
Davies, Emrys from Cochrane, Nanton
Davies, George from Dewberry
Davies, Ivor E. from Ponoka
Davies, James A. from Islay
Davies, James F. from Red Deer
Davies, James J. from Streamstown
Davies, John from Lethbridge
Davies, John McAllister Jr. from Rocky Mountain House
Davies, Peter P. from Ponoka, Kelowna, BC
Davies, Thomas from Del Bonita
Davies, Vandy from Chauvin
Davies, W. George from Carmangay
Davies, W. Harvey from Lloydminster
Davies, W.P. from Cochrane
Davies, Walter from Lloydminster
Davies, William A. from Rosyth, Hardisty
Davies, William from Calgary
Davies, William from Furman, Pincher Creek
Davies, William from Islay
Davies, William George from Lloydminster
Davis Bros. from James River Bridge
Davis Farms Ltd (William) from Irricana
Davis, A.D. from Elnora
Davis, A.M. from Leduc
Davis, Arthur A. from Drumheller
Davis, Arthur Tilden & Charlotte K. from Rosebud, Wayne, Drumheller
Davis, Buck from Hughenden
Davis, Charles F. from Chauvin
Davis, Charles Marshall from Edmonton
Davis, Chester W. from Gilt Edge
Davis, Clayton from Vermilion
Davis, Clifford from Hussar, Dorothy
Davis, D. from Kinuso
Davis, Donald from Rochfort Bridge
Davis, Elmer from Gadsby
Davis, Eugene P. from Beaverlodge
Davis, F.A. & G.C. McIntosh from Manyberries, Vermilion
Davis, Frederick George from Edmonton
Davis, G. M. from Halcourt
Davis, George from Cardston
Davis, George E. from Marwayne
Davis, Gordon from Cardston
Davis, Gordon W. from Colinton
Davis, Grant from Elk Point
Davis, H.J. from Byemoor
Davis, Harvey Gary from Innisfail
Davis, Iris Daphne from Cardston
Davis, J.L. & A. & Donald from Penhold, Hillsdown
Davis, James Albert from Cardston
Davis, James Erle from Edmonton, Niton
Davis, James M. from Ranfurly
Davis, John from Rivercourse
Davis, Joseph Wavell from Cardston
Davis, L. F. from Caroline
Davis, Larrie E. from Innisfail
Davis, Larry from Pincher Creek
Davis, Lee from Hughenden
Davis, Leslie A. from Tees
Davis, Leslie from Edmonton
Davis, Leslie from Edmonton
Davis, Lloyd Leslie from Heath
Davis, M.E. Jr. from Green Bay Wisconsin, USA
Davis, M.E. Jr. from Green Bay Wisconsin, USA
Davis, Mary from Veteran
Davis, Mrs. W.L. from Elnora, Stoney Plain
Davis, Mrs.W.L. from Elnora, Stoney Plain
Davis, Oron E. from Wainwright
Davis, Ray K. from DeWinton
Davis, Ray Oliver from Acme
Davis, Roy from Ponoka, Delia
Davis, S.A. from Fort Saskatchewan, Dewberry, Marwayne
Davis, Sam & Hilda from Vauxhall, Lethbridge
Davis, Sidney W. from Seven Persons, Pakowki
Davis, Thomas H. from Vermilion
Davis, W.J. from Butte, Cochrane
Davis, W.L from Byemoor
Davis, William F. from Edgerton, Wainwright
Davis, William James from Halkirk
Davis, William Roger from Coalhurst, Lethbridge
Davison, Alfred from Cochrane
Davison, H. J. from Ponoka
Davison, H.J. from Ponoka
Davison, J. Harry from Claresholm, Meadow Creek, Lundbreck, Bellevue, Passburg, Edmonton, Daysland
Davison, J. Harry from Claresholm, Meadow Creek, Lundbreck, Bellevue, Passburg, Edmonton, Daysland
Davison, J.C. Davison, William from Calgary, Bowness
Davison, Margaret from Bowell, Medicine Hat
Davison, Mrs. Raymond G. from Innisfree
Davison, Mrs. Raymond G. from Innisfree
Davison, Walter from Bowell
Daw, Alfred from Gleichen
Daw, Raymond W. from Three Hills
Dawn Bros & F. M. King from Ghost Pine Creek, Three Hills
Dawson, A.C. from Vauxhall
Dawson, Donald & Sons from Camrose, Owendale
Dawson, George E. from Rosebud
Dawson, K. R. from Irma, Edmonton
Dawson, K. R. from Irma, Edmonton
Dawson, L. F. from Vulcan
Dawson, Leonard W. from Elnora
Dawson, W.J. from Medicine Hat
Dawson, William S. from Olds
Day & Talpash from Colinton
Day Rider, Henry Sr. from Cardston
Day, Allan Melvin from Red Deer
Day, Austen from Nanton
Day, Clinton from Penhold
Day, Delvyn R. from Carvel
Day, Donald Arthur from Consort
Day, Frederick Earl from Dewberry
Day, George S. from Medicine Hat
Day, H.A. from Lacombe, Clive
Day, H.W. from Water Valley
Day, Harvey P. from Edmonton
Day, Hilda from Sundre
Day, L. R. from Edmonton
Day, Mary E. from Bearberry, Didsbury
Day, Mrs. William J. from Claresholm
Day, Mrs. William J. from Claresholm
Day, Robert J. from Cowley
Day, W.A. from Macleod
Day, W.J. from Claresholm
Day, William L. C. from Fort Macleod
Daychief, Tom from O'Chiese Indian Reserve
Daze, J. L. from Rose Glen
De Atley, Walter from Ponoka, Rimbey
De Boer, Albert from Granum
de Boer, Dorothy nee Krythe from Macleod
de Boer, Peter from Macleod
de Boon, C. from Red Deer, Edmonton
de Boon, C. from Red Deer, Edmonton
De Bord, Lloyd from Amisk, Camrose
de Borgas, Gerard A. from Stavely
de Cecco, Antonio from Coleman
De Champlain, Fernand J. from Vimy
de Cizancourt, Henry from Calgary
De Cook, Ernest & Laverne from Elnora
De Delley, Victor from Vermilion
De Farain, Cora M. from Colinton, Dorenlee
De Ford, Gylvia from Athabasca
De Forest, Earl from Eyremore
De Frain, E.R. from Irma
De Gagne, Marie from Lloyd's Hill
De Giano, Sam from Craigmyle, Delia
De Ginnus, Mike from Magrath, Spring Coulee
De Graff, James H. from Erskine, Bentley
De Graff, John T. from Trochu, Erskine, Big Valley, Winfield
De Grant, Adolph from Edmonton
De Grant, Adolph from Edmonton
de Groot, Adrian from Pincher Creek
de Groot, Gosem from Edmonton
de Groot, John from Brownfield
De Gruchy, John Francis from Mannville
De Heer, Jasper from Stirling
De Jong, Christ from Nobleford
De Jong, E. from Iron Springs, Lacombe
De Jong, H. from Grouard
De Kock Bros. from Hardisty
De Kock, Louis Bernard & Theodora Maria from Hardisty
De Kok, Andries from Fort Macleod, Nanton
De Kok, Hubrecht from Diamond City
de Koning, A. from Beach Corner
de Koning, Garrett from Calgary, Fort Macleod
de Koning, Mary from Pearce, Fort Mcleod
de la Salle, Arthur from Beauvallon
de la Salle, Benjamin from Beauvallon, St. Paul
de la Salle, M.J.M. from Beauvallon, Vawn, SK
De Maere, Bob from Stavely
De Mille, Ora from Sundre
de Milliano, P. & H. from Millet
De Muelnaere, Mrs. from St. Kilda
de Palezieux, Eugene from Millarville, Pekisko
de Peuter, J.P. from Fort Macleod
de Peuter, Peter from Cardston
De Pew, Fred from Bow Island
de Raaf, Jan from Rosemary
De Rosa, Frank (name changed to Olvera, Frank) from Leo, Hackett, Gadsby
de Smit, Bill from Pincher Creek
De Smit, John from Brocket, Fort Macleod
De Smit, Ken from Brocket
De Smit, Ruth from Pincher Creek
De Smit, Victoria from Brocket
De Spiegelaere, Leon from Ponoka
de Valois, Peter from Carmangay
De Veer, Walter from Crooked Creek
De Vere, Stowell & Ken from Wainwright
De Visser, Adrian from Cremona
De Visser, Lein & Jozias from Calgary
De Vore, F.A. from Mirror, Rocky Mountain House
de Vries, Henry D. from Bottrel, Nanton
de Vries, Henry D. from Bottrel, Nanton
De Weese, L.W. from Turner Valley
De Wit, George from Macleod, Claresholm
De Wit, Gerrit H. from Claresholm
De Witt, Glenn from Calgary
De Witt, J.M. from Arrowwood
De Witt, Rein from Calgary
De Zutter, A.L. from Alix
Deacon, Arthur from Monitor
Deacon, Harry from Monitor
Deadrick, E. Arden from Didsbury
Deadrick, John from Didsbury
Deagle, Edwin Joseph from Consort
Deagle, Ernest from Consort
Deakoff, Mike from Lundbreck
Deal, Harold D. from Sunnynook
Deal, Roy E. from Vulcan
Deal, Z.C. from Vulcan
Dean, D.W. from Morrin
Dean, David J. & Mabel from Torrington
Dean, Donald L. & Genevie from Bragg Creek
Dean, G. E. from Caroline
Dean, Gordon F. from Sexsmith, Teepee Creek
Dean, Lillian R. from Sundre
Dean, Russell from Dewberry
Deardoff, Walter from Camrose, Rosalind, Ohaton
Dearing, Robert from Marlboro, Battle Lake
Dease, Cleo A. from Okotoks, Calgary
Deaville, Don & McNeill from Paradise Valley
Debler, Christian from Medicine Hat
DeBoer, Gary Bruce from College Heights, Medicine Hat
Deboice, Sheldon & J. Nash from Vanesti
Debolt, George from DeBolt
Debra, Charles from Magrath
Deby, Miss Rosa (Mrs. Rosa Boyles) from Beaver Lake, Mundare
Dechant, Henry A. from Friedenstal, Fairview
Dechenne, Frank from Craigmyle
Deck, G. C. from Lethbridge, Glenwood
Decker, Janice from Dewberry
Decoteaux, Frank & Joseph Bedard from Chauvin
Dedels, Herbert from Didsbury
Dederer, John from Kimball, Medicine Hat, Hanna
Deeg, Christ from Lyalla
Deeks, C.A. from Airdrie, Crossfield
Deems, Donald from Erskine
Deems, Evelyn P. from Erskine
Deems, Ronald from Erskine
Deere, Andy from Patricia
Deere, Emil from Patricia
Deere, Robert from Patricia
Deering, Emil J. from Robinson, Medicine Hat
Deering, Emil Otto from Irvine, Pashley
Deering, Fred from Robinson, Dunmore, Medicine Hat
Deering, Gustave from Norton, Lacombe
Deering, Harvey E. from Dunmore
Deering, Henry (Estate) from Nanton
Deering, Herbert E. from Lacombe
Deering, John from Medicine Hat
Deering, Melba L. from Medicine Hat
Deering, Otto Emil from Norton
Deering, Paul C. from Calgary
Deering, William R. from Lacombe, Red Deer
Deezar, Joseph R. from Calgary
Defillippi, Dominico from Edmonton
Defillippi, Dominico from Edmonton
Deg, Bertha Mary from Bowell, Walsh
Degaetano, Nada from Tarrytown, NY
Degagne, Origene Gene & Jerry Hunt from Medicine Hat
Degan, Karl W. from Redwater, Bremner
Degenhardt, Keith & Terry Lee from Kipp
Degenhardt, Robert John from Edmonton
Degg, John from Vauxhall
Deginstien, Walter from Grassy Lake, Burdett, Rolling Hills
Deglow, R.A. from Whiskey Gap, Del Bonita
Degner, Elmer from High Prairie
DeGraff, William from Erskine, Stettler
DeGroff, G.A. from Bentley
Dehod, Andrew from Waskatenau
Dehoney, George F. from James River, Mound, Lobley
Deibert, Christian A. from Lethbridge, Cardston, Kimball
Deibert, Earl from Burstall, SK, Medicine Hat
Deibert, Hilbert from Burstall, SK
Deibert, Jacob from Medicine Hat, Burstall, SK
Deibert, John from Penhold, Acme
Deines, Conrad from Calgary
Deines, Henry from Westward Ho
Deis, Thomas from Medicine Hat
Deitchman, Andrew from Lake Isle
Deitz, P.J. from Big Valley
Dejax, Annie Ellen from Cowley, Pincher Creek
Dejax, Jean from Cowley, North Fork
Dekat, M.W. from Minburn
Del Frari, John from Ribstone
DeLahunty, Mrs. M.A. from Lloydminster, Onion Lake, SK
Delaney, Adam Paul from Standoff
Delaney, Pat from Enchant
Delange, George from Amisk
Delange, Victor A from Amisk
Delany, Wallace from Stand Off, Cardston
Delatush, Nahor Watson from Spring Point
Delbeke, Leon from Cochrane
Delbeke, Mrs. Frances from Cochrane, Calgary
Delburne Investors from Delburne, Cochrane
Delday, James William from Brooks
Deleff, Dima from Pemukan
Delelos, Albert from Kitscoty
Delemont, Albert A. from Chauvin
Delemont, Michel Alex from Chauvin
DeLinks, Joe & Anna from Olds
Dell, Harry from Leduc, Bergen, Goodhouse
Delmas, Henry C. from Thelma, Estuary, SK, Medicine Hat
DeLong, Blake Thomas from Brownfield
Delong, Virgil from Markerville
Delonte, Isabelle from North Fork, Cowley
Delorme, Alex from Caslan
Delorme, Charlie from Heinsburg
Delorme, Connie from Calgary
Deluke, Frank Armstrong from Watino
Dembicki, Carl from Elk Point
Dembicki, K. from Gratz
Demchuk, Donald Leonard from Elk Point
Demchuk, George from Innisfree
Demchuk, Mike from Innisfree
Demchuk, Pete from Lake Eliza
Demers, Eugene from Bonnyville
Demeter, Les from Fort Macleod
Demeter, William from Okotoks
Demidoff, Andy from Rochfort Bridge
Demorest, H. from Bindloss
Demorest, Herb from Bindloss
Demorest, Herbert R. from Edmonton
Demorest, Herbert R. from Edmonton
Dempsey, Robert from Hemaruka, Little Gem
Dempster, J. from Medicine Hat
Dempster, Thomas from Clyde
Dempster, Wilbert A. from Cadogan
den Boon, Arie from Taber
Den Tuinder, Jake from Vulcan
DeNancrede, C.S.G. from High River
DenBurger, Ada E. from Three Hills
Dench, H.W. from Burdett
Dench, J.S. from Stavely, Fort Macleod, Brooks
Deneff, George from Reno, Eaglesham, Springburn
Denega, Alfred from Lake Eliza
Denham, James Wesley from St. Vincent, Fort Saskatchewan, Edmonton
Denholm, W. H. from Hutton, Duchess
Denis, Barry from Three Hills
Denis, Joseph from Taber
Denisenko, Tim from Raymond
Denman, T.F. from Bowden
Dennehy, Dolphus from Hobbema
Dennill, A.C .from Dewberry
Denning, Charles Walter from Turner Valley
Denning, Jim from Turner Valley
Denninger, Carl or Karl from Mayerthorpe, Anselmo
Dennington, Edith & Harvey Ottman from Drayton Valley
Dennington, Edith & Harvey Ottman from Drayton Valley
Dennis, A.L. from Minburn, Innisfree
Dennis, A.L. from Minburn, Innisfree
Dennis, Agnes from Pincher Creek
Dennis, Dale Richard from Lundbreck
Dennis, Florence R. from Lundbreck
Dennis, Frank from Medicine Hat
Dennis, Gertrude E. from Leo
Dennis, Gertrude E. from Leo
Dennis, Jack from Pincher Creek
Dennis, L.B. from Rimbey
Dennis, L.B. from Rimbey
Dennis, Lloyd from Bowness
Dennis, Lloyd William from Lethbridge
Dennis, Lorne from Sunnynook, Bowness, Airdrie, Seaforth, ON
Dennis, Nick from Willingdon
Dennis, Norman A. from Stettler
Dennis, Norman Marshall from Attleboro, MASS, Trail, BC
Dennis, Norman Wilson from Lundbreck
Dennis, R.M. from Lundbreck
Dennis, R.M. from Lundbreck
Dennis, Roy W. from Brooks
Dennison, O.C. from Lindbergh
Denoncourt, Edward from Wainwright
Densmore, A.M. & Izzie from Lundbreck
Densmore, Mrs. A.M. from Lundbreck
Denson, C.A. from Wainwright
Denson, Russell from Wainwright
Dent, Mrs. E. from Consort
Dentiger, Pierre from Falher
Dentman, Katharina from Rimbey
Department - Provincial Goal from Lethbridge, Edmonton, Calgary
Department from Attorney General - Provincial Goal, Attorney General
Department of Lands and Mines & Forest Service, from Edmonton
Department of Lands and Mines, Forest Service from Edmonton
Depner, Ervin Paul & Jennie Helen from Rocky Mountain House
Deputon, Steve from Holden
Derham, Rueben from Bow Island
Derheim, Albert from Medicine Hat
Derheim, Edward from Irvine
Derksen, Aron M. from Spirit River, Picture Butte
Derksen, David A. from Westward Ho
Derksen, William P. from Hays
Derovin, L.G. from Coronado
Derr, Edward from Gadsby
Derr, Samuel from Gadsby
Derreve, Augustine from Etzikom
Derricott, Elmer J. from Fort Macleod
Derricott, Mrs. Orson from Macleod
Derricott, William John from Fort Macleod
Derringer, Ernest C. from Bashaw, Dorenlee
Derry & Tiffin from Cayley, High River
Dersch, A. & A. from Macleod
Dersch, A.J. from Macleod
Dersch, Aubrey from Granum
Dersch, August W. from Leavings, Granum
Dersch, E.J. from Granum
Derskson, Elmer & E. Vivien from Kitscoty, Lloydminster
Derskson, Elmer E. & E. Vivien from Kitscoty, Lloydminster
Dertz, Kasper from Big Valley
Derwantz Bros. (Paul, Richard & Henry) from Endiang
Derwantz, Frank R. from Endiang
Derwantz, Paul & Leo Axline from Endiang
Derwantz, Richard M. from Stettler, Endiang
Derzaph, Edward from Ohaton
Desabrais, Elias from Calgary
Desaulniers, Armand from Lafond, St. Paul
Desaulniers, Raymond from Lafond
Desaulniers, Rene from Lafond
Desaulniers, Wilfred R. from Lafond
Desautels, W. from Redland
Desbiens, Francis X from Pincher Creek
Deschamps, George from Sputinow
Deschamps, Joseph R. from Sputinow
Deschamps, Louise J. from Calgary
Deschamps, Rene from Brooks, Hussar
Deschamps, Vivian from Patricia
Deschene, Roger from Claresholm
Deschner, Philip from Duchess
DesHarnais, Galvin H. from Medicine Hat
Desilets, A.L. from Fraserton, Sunnynook
Desjardin, Jr. George from Gleichen
Desjardine, Inez from Halkirk
Desjardine, J.H. from Halkirk
Desjardine, Sam from Gleichen, De Winton
Desjardines, David from Cluny
Desjarlais, Antoine from Beaver Crossing
Desjarlais, Emile from Brierville
Desjarlais, Gilbert from High Prairie
Desjarlais, Martin from Marlboro
Desjarlais, Peter from Frog Lake
Desjarlais, Robert from Redcliff
Desmond, Florence from Viking
Desmond, George Patrick from Minburn
Desnoyers, Wilfred from Medicine Hat
Desronleau, Philip J. from Westlock
Desronleau, Philip J. from Westlock
Desrosiers, Maurice from Edmonton
Detchon, Earl L. from Lloydminster
Dethlefsen, Jens from Taber
Dettman, R.D. from Burtonsville, Tomahawk
Dettmer, E.W. from Craigmyle
Dettmer, Joyce Diane from Drumheller, Hussar
Deuchar, Leslie W. from Delburne
Deuel, S.J. from Ponoka
Deuel, S.J. from Ponoka
Deunk, John from Scandia
Deutsch, Anthony H. from Grande Prairie
Deutshman, Mrs. E. from Strathmore
Deutshman, Mrs. E. from Strathmore
Deutshman, Rudolp G. from Elkwater, Thelma
Deuzler, Harry from Black Diamond
Devalerida, V. & J. Cranston from Morrin
Devaleriola, Alex from Delia
Devarnichuk, Helen from Lethbridge
Devaux, Paul from Westlock
Deveraux, Cyril from Veteran
Devey, Enoch from Strome
Devine, James from St. Brides
Devitt, Beatrice M & Beatrice Hoskins M. from Hardisty
Devlin, Anthony from St. Brides
Devlin, Arthur from St. Paul
Devlin, Patrick from Lafond, St. Paul
Devloo, Gerard from Calgary
Devolin, Hugh N. from Didsbury
Dew, George Bennett from Majorville
Dew, James B. & Son from Parkland, Nanton, Milo
Dew, Mr. & Mrs. J.N. from Milo
Dewald, Alex & Sons from Highvale
Dewald, Donald P. from Duffield
Dewald, Fred from Usona, Ponoka
Dewald, P. from Altario, Compeer
Dewald, Reinhold from Ponoka
Dewalt, Simon or Sam from Dunmore, Norton
Dewan, Eldred from Elk Point
Dewar Bros. (William A. & Malise J.) from Wainwright
Dewar, Gordon Campbell & Madeleine Hamilton from Coutts
Dewar, Mrs. F.A. from Claresholm
Dewar, Mrs. F.A. from Claresholm
Dewar, William P. from Wainwright, Greenshields
Dewart, Gerald David from Beazer
Dewart, Mrs. George from Maycroft, Lundbreck
Dewart, Mrs. George from Maycroft, Lundbreck
Dewart, Robert from Bruce
Dewdney, Don from Bottrel
Dewey, Edward Keith from Edmonton
Dewey, Russell from Whitecourt, Heinsburg
Dewhirst, Bert C. from Tees, Ponoka
Dewhurst, Colin E. & Ross & Arthur W. from Vauxhall
Dewie, John from Caroline
DeWinter Bros. (Lloyd Alexander & William James) from Enilda
DeWinter, William James from Enilda
Dewison, John Thomas from North Star, Manning
DeWitt Feed Lot- Nose Creek, Crossfield, Cochrane
DeWitt, Dallas James from Airdrie
DeWitt, Howard E. from Coronation
DeWitt, Mike from Taber
DeWitt, Ryland Clayton from Buck Lake
DeWitt, S. W. from Calgary
DeWolf Bros. from Consort, Rocky Lane, High Leod
DeWolff Bros. from Rocky Lane, Consort, High Leod
Dexaeyer, August from Gunn
Dey, Agnes Florence (Mrs. William P.) from Chauvin
Dey, William P. from Chauvin
Deynaka, Stanley Paul from High Prairie
Dezall, Marjorie K. from Cowley
Dhudleigh, Edwin A from Picture Butte
Diachuk, William from Vegreville
Dial, Harold R. & Marion B. from Caroline, Raven, Innisfail
Dial, Marion Belle from Innisfail
Dial, Mary Joyce (remarried name Casper) from Sylvan Lake, Bentley, Eckville
Dial, Raymond R. from Innisfail
Diamond, Joe & Anthony from Cowley
Diamond, Joseph from Cowley, Lundbreck
Dibb, H.S. from Islay
Dibb, Robert J. from Pollockville, Islay
Dibble, Duane William from Dixonville, Clear Hills
Dibble, Ira W. from Clear Hills
Diceman, Carl R. from Calgary
Dick, Alexander, & J.W. from Ponoka
Dick, Cecil R. from Ponoka
Dick, D.G .from Edmonton
Dick, Earl C. from Rocky Mountain House, Red Deer
Dick, Ed from Etzikom
Dick, Isaac from Gem
Dick, J. W. from Ponoka
Dick, John from Grantham
Dick, John H. from Duchess
Dick, Reuben E. & Konschuh, Douglas C. from Calgary
Dick, Samuel W. from High River
Dick, W. J. from Elkton, Didsbury
Dick, Walter from Barrhead
Dickau Bros. from Bentley
Dickau, Arne V. from Falun
Dickau, Charles from Wetaskiwin
Dickau, Paul from Millet
Dickaut, Mason from Gem, Brooks
Dickey, Miles M. from Wessington, Donalda
Dickey, Newton M. from Claresholm
Dickey, Samuel from Donalda, Wessington
Dickhaut, John & Peter Schau from Medicine Hat
Dickhaut, John & Peter Schau from Medicine Hat
Dickhaut, John from Tilley, Walsh, Brooks
Dickhaut, Mildred Caroline from Brooks
Dickhout, Angus N. from Hope Valley, Gilt Edge, Heath, Wainwright
Dickie, Keith D. from MacKay
Dickinson, J.G. from Claresholm
Dickinson, John F. from Wimborne, Trochu
Dickout, Frederick S. from Hardieville, Lethbridge
Dicks, George & L. Eastwood from Maloy
Dicks, George & L. Eastwood from Maloy
Dickson, Alex from Hindville
Dickson, Bliss Fawcett from Innisfree
Dickson, C. from Burdett
Dickson, C. from Burdett
Dickson, Frank from Redcliff
Dickson, G. A. from Koknee
Dickson, G.A. from Koknee
Dickson, Gordon A. from Hindville, Tolland
Dickson, Helen from Warner
Dickson, M.D. from Vermilion, Edmonton
Dickson, P.A. from Arrowwood
Dickson, Robert J .from Hutton
Dickson, Robert J. from Hutton
Dickson, William H. from Redcliff, Kevisville
Didier, Kisie from Parkland
Didier, Ronald A. from Waugh, Vimy, Red Deer
Didow, Harry from Rolling Hills
Didsbury (1961) Savings & Credit Union from Didsbury
Diduck, Mike from Tofield
Diederich, Henry Michael from Grande Prairie, Bezanson
Diedrich, Gottlied from Medicine Hat
Diegel, Wayne Doug from Calgary
Diegenstien, S.P. from Foremost, Turin
Diehl, John Dickson from Grandin
Dieleman, John & W. from Clover Bar
Dieleman, John & W. from Clover Bar
Diemert, Dave from Crooked Creek, Valleyview
Dier, J.S. from Rumsey
Dierker, Ed from Crooked Creek
Dierkhising, Walter from Connor Creek
Dietelbach, Harry Karl from Irvine, Medicine Hat
Dietelbach, Henry from Irvine
Dieter, C.P. from Hanna
Dieter, Robert Grant from Hanna
Dietrich, Grant from Forstburg
Dietrich, Joe from Breton
Dietrich, Joseph Henry from Heisler
Dietrich, Lloyd Henry from Lomond
Dietrich, Louis X. & E.H. from Rumsey
Dietrich, Louis X. from Rockyford
Dietrich, Melvin L. from Forstburg
Dietrich, Roy E. from Lomond
Dietterle, David from Castor
Dietz, Alex from Brooks
Dietz, Edward from Edson
Dijzak or Dizak, Mike (Mihaly) from Brocket
Dill, Frank E. from Sundre, Calgary
Dillabaugh, M. Grace from Cochrane
Dillance, Roy C. from Viking
Dillane, W.J. from Viking
Dille, Bertha F. from Rocky Mountain House
Dille, Clarence O. from Rocky Mountain House
Dille, Howard E. from Rimbey
Dille, Vernon G. from Rimbey
Dillman Farm Ltd (H.M. Dillman) from Manning
Dillon Bros, (G.A. & L.A.) from Wainwright
Dillworth, W.J. from Medicine Hat
Dilworth, Edward Leslie from Medicine Hat
Dimma, Justin P. from Forestburg
Dimma, O.C. from Lethbridge, Turin, Eburne, BC
Dimmer, Peter from Calgary, Carstairs
Dimmer, Robert M. from Olds
Din, Alec from Warspite
Dineen L.S.R. from Edmonton, Fort Vermillion
Dingman, Frank from Halkirk
Dingreville, Marcel from Cowley, Bellevue
Dingwell, John from Nanton
Dinnsen, Detlif from Lobley
Dinnsen, Martin George from Lobley, Mound, Sundre
Dinwoodie, George A. & R. from Big Stone, Lavoy
Dinwoodie, Harvey Reid from Lavoy, Warwick
Dinwoodie, R. & L. R. from Lavoy
Dinye, William from Heinsberg
Dinzey, Edwin H. from Cremona, Carstairs, Didsbury
Dion, Alphonse from Bulwark
Dion, Eugene from Spirit River
Dion, Roland from Edmonton
Dionne, Ed from Cowley
Dionne, George Edward from Cowley
Dionne, J.H. from Delburne
Dionne, Jessie from Claresholm
Dionne, Yvonne from Cowley, Coleman
Dioszegi, John from Coaldale
Diozdz, Julia from Jenner
Dippel, Norman from Sundre, Bergen, Calgary
Dipping Bath Cattle Co-Op Ltd. from Cardston
Diprose, Fred from Drumheller
Diprose, William from Drumheller
Dirk, Herman from Medicine Hat
Dirk, Peter from Medicine Hat
Dirk, Rose Kathleen from Pincher Creek
Dirk's Custom Feeding Ltd. from Granum
Diron, J.P. from Clairmont
Dissing, Alfred from East Coulee, Drumheller
Disterheft, William from Forestburg
Ditner, Allan from Wildwood
Dittberner, Fred from Brooks, Calgary, Camrose
Dittfach, Hugo from Calgary, James River Bridge
Dittman, Ed from Milk River, Allerstone
Dittman, Mary from Milk River
Ditto, J.H. from Alix
Dittrich, Leo D from Ardrossan
Diuk, Rosa from Evansburg
Dixon Bros. (Herbert J, & William R) from Rosemary
Dixon, A.E. from Rockyford
Dixon, Albert from Rocky Mountain House
Dixon, Annie M. from Carbon
Dixon, Elmer from Longview
Dixon, Frank from Airdrie, Granum
Dixon, Howard C. from Medicine Hat
Dixon, John from Excel
Dixon, John from Penhold
Dixon, Joseph from Rainbow, Medicine Hat
Dixon, Joseph from Vermilion
Dixon, Lillian M. from Carbon
Dixon, Neil from Longview
Dixon, Paul from Morley
Dixon, Sam K. from Crammond
Dixon, Thomas Victor from Calgary, Strathmore
Dixon, Willis R. from Eureka River
Dixson, F.E. from Lucky Strike, Groton
Dixson, Mary from Lucky Strike, Groton
Dixson, Waldo C. from Etzikom, Cranbrook, BC
Djuve, Fred from New Norway
Dlin, Gary from Edmonton
Dlugos, Joe from Bonnyville
Dmetriw, Mike from Innisfree
Dmetriw, Steve from Innisfree
Dmytruk, Russell from Egremont
Doak, Thomas Scotty from Big Valley
Doan, Austin Harold from Olds
Doan, C.L. from Innisfail
Doan, Delila from Retlaw
Doan, Earl from Halkirk
Doan, Gordon from Halkirk
Doan, Melvin from Halkirk
Dobb, Jack L. from Beaverlodge
Dobinson, J. from Clive
Dobkowski, John from Stauffer
Doblanko, A. from Calmer
Doblanko, Tom W. from Thorsby
Doble, Wilbert from Rainier, Brooks
Dobmeier, Jerome Adam from Lloydminster
Dobos, Anna, Eugene & Leslie from Rimbey, Bentley
Dobos, Leslie V. from Lacombe
Dobos, Valentine from Rimbey
Dobrosky, John from Esther
Dobson, Andrew Hedley from Elkton
Dobson, M.H. from Ferguson Flats
Dobson, Richard Ernest from Erskine, Gang Ranch, British Columbia
Dobson, S.W. from Lacombe
Dobson, Thomas James Fairbanks from Innisfail, Knee Hill Valley
Docherty, Abe from Alix
Docherty, Earl W. from Alix
Docherty, James R from Alix
Docherty, James R. from Alix
Docksteader, Charles from New Brigden
Docksteader, Ralph from Esther, S. Edmonton, New Brigden
Dodd, A.W. from Delia, Grande Prairie
Dodd, Albert E. from Olds
Dodd, Alfred T. from Olds
Dodd, Averil M. from Olds
Dodd, Elwood from Consort
Dodd, I.H. from Clive
Dodd, Robert H. from Lacombe
Dodd, Russell G. from DeBolt
Dodd, W.J. from Olds
Dodd, Walter F. from Olds
Dodds, Mabel from Consort
Dodds, Robert R. from Dixonville
Dodgson, Clarence from Endiang
Dodmer, J. Edward from Iddesleigh
Dodwell, Ray from North Vermilion
Doeherty, Abe from Alix
Doehring, Helmut from Medicine Hat
Doell, Jacob Raymond from Ardrossan
Doelman, Hank G. from Fort Macleod
Doering Edward from Torrington
Doering, Albert from Medicine Hat, Norton
Doering, Daniel from Hanna
Doering, Emanuel from Bulwark
Doering, Fred from Hanna
Doering, Garry J. from Medicine Hat
Doering, Hubert Bernard from Whitecourt
Doering, John Jr. from Irvine, Medicine Hat
Doering, Karl from Irvine
Doering, Nathaniel from Irvine, Josephburg, Robinson
Doering, Rudolf from Hanna
Doering, W. from Hanna
Doerksen, Jakop J. from Gem
Doerksen, John P. from Gem
Doerksen, John P. from Gem
Doerksen, Peter P. from Gem
Dogterom, C. from Lethbridge
Dogterom, L.G. from Lethbridge
Dogterom, Robert from Lethbridge
Doherty, B. from Cochrane, Crossfield, Bindloss
Doherty, George from Bowden
Doherty, H. E. from Rochfort Bridge
Doherty, James Harvey from Veteran
Doherty, Paddy & Grace Todd from Vermilion
Doherty, Paddy & Grace Todd from Vermilion
Dohlman, E. I. & Sons from Dickson
Doig, David from Tees
Doig, Howard from Hanna, Sheerness, Youngstown
Doige, Darren Lloyd from Stony Plain
Doka, John from Brooks
Dokken, Chris from McLaughlin
Dolan, John from St. Brides
Dolan, John Hendry from Wainwright
Dolan, Joseph Owen from Bottrel, Westward Ho
Dole, Stepehn Arnold from Didsbury
Dolen, Donald Lloyd from Calgary
Dolen, James W. from Canmore, Bottrel
Dolen, John F. from Cochrane
Dolen, Thomas John from Blueberry Mountain
Dolgapol, Mary from Fox
Dolgopol, Larry Raymond from Medicine hat
Dolgopol, Paul from Fox
Dolhan, Dan from Spirit River
Dolishny, Fred from St. Michael
Doll, Walter from Friesdenstal, Fairview
Dolling, H.W. from Telfordville
Dolling, Robert A. from Coronation
Dolphin Bros. (Jack & William Meadows) from Calgary, Standard
Dolphin, William Meadows from Calgary
Domanski, Joseph J. from Altario
Domanski, L. from Monitor, Altario
Dombrosky, Gordon M. from Edmonton
Dombrova, Herb (Herbert) from Wembley
Dominion Agricultural Credit Co. Ltd from Regina
Dominiuk, Joe S. from Tofield
Domke, Gustav from Ardrossan
Domke, Sam from Tomahawk
Domoney, Walter Scott from Minburn
Donaghy, Roy from Ponoka, Hills Down
Donahue, Mrs. John from Penhold
Donahue, Mrs. John from Penhold
Donald, C.W. from Bottrel
Donald, C.W. from Bottrel
Donald, Fred from Kikino
Donald, Joe N. from Kikino
DoNald, Robert from Busby
Donald, Robert from Busby
Donaldson, Ed from Atlee, Cereal
Donaldson, John J. from Greencourt
Donaldson, K.G. from Claresholm
Donaldson, Lucille O. from Wetaskiwin
Donaldson, R.L. from Coaldale
Donaldson, Ronald L. from Irricana, Turner Valley, Cereal
Donally, Leonard Douglas from Marwayne, Entwistle, Carstairs
Donat, Thibert from Brocket
Doncaster, James from Hanna
Donelly, William from Elk Point, Cereal
Donily, R.O. from Tolland, Vermilion
Donily, Stanley C. from Stanmore
Donison, Roy H. from Rocky Mountain House
Donkersgoed, Klaas from Iron Springs
Donkin, R. S. from Raven, Caroline
Donkin, Richard from Westward Ho
Donoff, Dr. Alexander S. from Edmonton
Donoghue, James from Irma
Donovan Bros (John & M. Louis) from Fort Assiniboine
Donovan, Al from Calgary
Donovan, Bertha from Sibbald
Donovan, Dennis L. from Dorothy
Donovan, John J. from Dorothy, Clivedale
Donovan, John J. from Dorothy, Clivedale
Donovan, John Joseph from Fort Assiniboine
Donovan, Marjorie Ramona from Lindbrook
Dool, Chester J. from Westerose
Dool, Lawrence from Lacombe
Dooling, Ora from Brownfield
Doolittle, E.L. from Sundre
Doolittle, R.J. from Edgerton
Doonan, Dalton from Wetaskiwin
Doonan, Dalton from Wetaskiwin, Edmonton
Doonan, Glen from Doe River, British Columbia
Doonaneo, Roy from Bonnyville
Dora, George from Tilley
Dora, Gregory R from Brooks
Dora, Gregory R. from Brooks
Dora, Tom from Brooks
Doram, Kenneth J. from Lomond
Doram, L.A. from Coaldale
Doran, Edward from Ponoka
Doran, Francis from Ponoka
Doran, Samuel from Ponoka
Dorchak, Doyle from Enchant
Dorchak, Orville from Enchant
Dorchak, Wallace Esden from Enchant
Dore, Rowald Lloyd from Halkirk, Wetaskiwin
Dorey, W.R. from Vermilion, Clandonald
Dorfman, Harry from Innisfail
Dorgan, Paul G. from Islay
Dorin, Edward from Bruce
Doris, Henry P. & Scheffelmeier, Ralph R. from Falher
Dorland, Gordon Etson from Edgerton
Dornan, Stephen Lawarence from Thorsby
Dorner, Albert Joseph from Etzikom, Lethbridge
Dorner, Joseph from Etzikom
Dorogdi, James from Taber
Dorrell, James from Nanton
Dorrschied, Anton from Glen Leslie
Dorsch, R. from Hanna
Dorscheid, John Eugene from Glen Leslie
Dorscher, V. from Bow Island
Dorsey, John V. from Etzikom
Dorsey, M.J. from Etzikom
Dorsey, Mrs. A.E. from Calgary
Dortch, John Ellis from Duchess, Virden, Manitoba, Frobisher, SK
Dortch, Merle from Gem
Dortch, Merle Stuart from Duchess
Dorval, B.I. from Castor
Dorward, D.H. from Ranfurly, Viking
Dorward, J.M. from Viking
Dosch, Gerald from Glenwood, Lethbridge
Dosch, Henry from Empress, Cowichan Station, BC
Dosch, Warner O. & Leech, Clinton H. from Acadia Valley
Doschiwnyk or Dosehiwnyk, Fred from Ispas
Doty, Myra E. from Bluffton, Bentley
Doty, W. J. from Cayley, Longview
Double A Holdings Ltd. from Taber
Double G Ranch from Ellscott
Double K Maine Anjou from Cardston
Double M Cattle Company (Lloyd McCartney) from Sundre
Double Q Ranches from Winterburn
Doucet, Clovis from St. Paul
Doucet, John Emile from Girouxville
Doucet, Joseph & N. from St. Paul
Doucet, Laudas from St. Paul
Doucet, Ovide from Saint Paul
Doucette, Armand from Sunset House, Cache Creek, BC
Doucette, Kenneth F. from Nanton
Doucette, R.A. from Stettler
Doucette, R.A. from Stettler
Dougherty, Charles from Vermilion
Dougherty, Patrick & Noreen from High River
Dougill, Haxby from Glenbow, Calgary
Douglas, Allan Thomas & Meridith Rose from High Prairie
Douglas, Charles E. from Duchess
Douglas, Charles E. from Duchess
Douglas, Donald from Granum
Douglas, Donald from Granum
Douglas, Earl from Raymond
Douglas, Elwood from Mayerthorpe
Douglas, Ernest E. from Lacombe
Douglas, Florence from Aden, Warner
Douglas, George R. from Scotfield
Douglas, Gordon Donald from Nevis
Douglas, J.S. from Rose Lynn
Douglas, J.S. from Rose Lynn
Douglas, John D. from Erskine, Stettler
Douglas, Mrs. Walter from Warner
Douglas, Mrs. Walter from Warner
Douglas, Stewart T. from Cowley
Douglas, Walter T. from Warner
Douglas, William S. from Lacombe
Douglas, William S. from Lacombe
Douglass, N. & S. L. from Veteran
Douglass, N. & S.L. from Veteran
Doull, Mrs. Norman from Lloydminster, SK
Doull, Norman & Melva from Lloydminster, SK
Doull, Ronald Brent from Marwayne
Dove, E.F. from Sunnynook
Dovey, Hepsy H. from Carcajou
Dow C. John from Lloydminster
Dow, B.M. from Rivercourse
Dow, C.H. from Lloydminster
Dow, Donovan from Claresholm
Dow, George from Pincher Creek
Dow, H.T. from Marwayne
Dow, Harry N .from Claresholm
Dow, Madeline from Claresholm
Dowd, Leah E. from Chigwell, Red Deer
Dowding, Ernest M. from Edmonton
Dowell, J.F. from Carstairs
Dowell, John A. from Edmonton
Dowell, Lloyd B. from Calgary
Dowell, Lloyd B. from Calgary
Dowker, Charlie Howard & George Harold from Airways
Dowker, Elmo E. from Veteran, Airway
Dowker, Mrs. Lottie from Lakesend
Dowling, Clarence Daniel from Beaver Mines
Dowling, Clayton D. from Talbot
Dowling, J.F. from Calgary
Dowling, Mickey from Calgary
Dowling, Orval Vernon from Leslieville, Goodwin
Dowling, W. H. from Duchess
Down, Bertha from Didsbury, Sundre
Downard, John from La Corey, Lessard
Downey, A.I. (estate) from Strathmore
Downey, Gordon from High Level
Downey, J.W. from Royalties
Downie, Mrs. V. M. from Claresholm
Downing, Donald Fortesque from Westlock
Downing, Edith Nina from Metiskow
Downing, P.L. & Son R.J. from Bodo, Hayter
Downing, Verne from Metiskow
Downs, Kenneth & E. from Makepeace
Doyle, Alphonse from Clandonald
Doyle, Fred L. from Vermilion
Doyle, J. J. from Waterways
Doyle, Matthew John from Munson
Doyle, Patrick from Macleod
Doyle, William J. from Black Diamond
Drader, Jack M. from Camrose
Drager, Dean Bernard from Hardisty
Drager, William G. from Hardisty
Dragoo, Forrest from Barnwell, Retlaw, Purple Springs
Drake, Gordon & Eva Wright from Keoma
Drake, Gordon & Eva Wright from Keoma
Drake, Kathryn from Grand Centre
Drake, Ronald from Halfway Lake, Clyde
Drake, Terrance John from Keoma, Irricana
Drake, William M. from Calgary, Irricana
Drandson, Edward from Medicine Hat
Drapaka, Krezon from St. Paul, Brosseau
Draper, James from Bon Accord
Draper, T. H. from Ashmont
Draper, William John from Ashmont
Dratar, John from Barnwell
Drath, Bernard Rudolph from Schuler
Drath, Gust from Schuler, Creston, BC
Draudson, Stanley from Medicine Hat
Draves, Nelson from Keephills
Draves, Richard from Duffield, Keephills
Drayton Valley Feeders Assoc. from Drayton Valley
Drebert, Otto from New Sarepta
Dreeshen Jr., Herman from Elnora
Dreeshsen, Nick from Elnora
Drefs, H. & Sons from Mystery Lake
Drefs, Wilhelm from Stirling
Dreger, Donald Sidney from Killam
Dreger, Gerd from Edmonton, St. Albert
Dreichel, Gotlied from Gadsby
Drennan, J. H from Alcurve
Drent, A. & Sons from Taber
Dressel, Harold Emmett from Duchess
Dressel, L.A. from Rainier, Brooks, Comox, BC
Dresser, Fred from Highvale
Dresser, W.E. from Carbon
Drever, Thomas M. from Bragg Creek, Olds
Drewicki, Alex from Wainwright
Drewicki, Anton from Wainwright, Hope Valley
Drewicki, Joe from Heath
Dribnenki, Dennis from Lac La Biche
Dribnenky, P.M. from Lloydminster
Driedger, Cornelius F. from La Crete
Driedger, Jacob from Grande Prairie
Driesen, John & Albert Kooy from Lethbridge
Driesen, John & Kooy, Albert from Lethbridge
Driftwood Ranch (Ken Gregory Willetts & Harley Duane Rasmussen) from Smith
Drinnam, Ada E .from Walsh
Drinnan, Angus A. from Ponoka
Drinnan, W. from Calgary
Driol, Jake from Olds
Driver, Harry & Hartling, Roy from Wainwright
Driver, Harry & Roy Hartling from Wainwright
Drobot, Mike from Elk Point, Lake Eliza
Drolet, Arthur from Brosseau, St. Paul
Dromarsky, Allen from Tofield
Dron, Konst from Lynnburn
Dron, Nic from Two Hills
Drozdowski, Henry from St. Edouard, St. Paul
Drozdz, Henry from Jenner, Medicine Hat
Drozdz, Julia from Jenner
Drumheller Feeder Assoc. Ltd. from Drumheller
Drumheller, James V. from Edmonton
Drummond, Clarence W. from Ponoka
Drummond, F.E. from Ponoka
Drummond, S.P. from Elkton
Drury, Wilfred from Minburn
Dryden, Agnes from Alliance
Drysdale, Jean A. & David A. from Kitscoty
Drysdale, Robert from Vermilion, Islay
Duban, Joseph from Kipp
Dubasz, I. from Irma, Woodstock, NB
Dubasz, Illes L. from Edmonton, Irma
Dubasz, J. & Ambler, M. C. from Irma
Dubasz, John from Irma
Dubasz, Michael Robert from Irma
Dubeau, Adam from Redcliff
Dubeau, Roland from Bonnyville
Dubensky, Alex from Edmonton
Dubetz, George from Smoky Lake
Dubilowski, Mike from Iron River
Dubland, Ole from Enchant
Dubois, Emile Joseph from Wildwood
Dubrule, Ray from St. Paul
Duby, Harold O. from Duchess, Rainier, Gordondale, Rycroft
Duby, James Gordon from Rainier
Duby, Phil Edmord from Rainier
Ducanson, Effie & Alex from Buffalo
Duce, Bob, Jackson, Eric from High River
Duce, George A. from Cardston
Duce, George A. from Cardston
Duce, Joan V. from Longview
Duce, Robert Max from Granum, High River
Duce, Rose & Frank from Fort Macleod, Granum
Duce, Ross from Calgary, Shepard
Ducharme, Armand M. from Fort Kent
Ducherme, M.E. from Water Valley
Duchess Oram, Lila M. & David Scott from Marwayne
Duck Chief, Rosary from Gleichen, Cluny
Duckering Bros from Streamstown, Kitscoty
Duckering, Clarence William from Streamstown
Duckering, H.C. from Streamstown
Duckering, Mrs. D.E. from Lea Park
Duckett, Lest M. from Calgary
Duckett, Mary E. from Brooks
Duckmanton, J.L. from Vulcan
Ducommun, C.B. from Ponoka
Duda, Joe (John) from Delburne
Dudak, Tom from Rife
Dudar, Joe Delbert from Myrnam
Dudar, John from Myrnam
Dudar, Peter from Myrnam
Dudar, Simon from Myrnam
Duddy, Edward from Vermilion
Dudesheim, A.E. from Drumheller
Dudgeon, David from Dolcy, Edgerton
Dudley, Archie from Macleod
Dudley, Grant D. from Magrath
Dudley, Margaret from Coronation
Dudley, R. E. & Bessie from Fort Macleod
Dudlyke, Richard from Marwayne
Due Bros. from Hussar
Due, V.C. from Hussar
Dueck, Frank from Coaldale
Dueck, Helen from Calgary
Dueck, Jacob P. from Coaldale
Dueck, Jacob P. from Coaldale
Dueck, John A. from Lethbridge
Dueck, Nick D. from Gem
Dueck, P.W. & H. from Coaldale
Duer, Charles from Coronation, De Winton, Veteran
Duer, Josiah H. from Coronation, Iddesleigh
Duer, Josiah H. from Coronation, Lodesleigh
Duerksen, H.J. from Brooks, Gem
Duerksen, J.H. from Gem
Duff, James Robert & Norma Ann from Whitecourt
Duff, W.H. from Ankerton, Rosalind
Duffa, Jacob or Daffe from Schuler, Irvine
Duffell, F.E. from Calgary, Huxley
Duffell, Mrs. S. from Huxley
Duffell, William from Huxley
Duffield, Burl Frederick from Glenwoodville
Duffield, R.F. from Pincher Creek, Spring Ridge
Duffin, Richard A.H. from Elnora, Red Deer
Duffy, Gerald Alan from Cremona
Dufort, Victor from Atlee
Dufour, Owen from High River
Dufresne, Francis from Sputinow
Duft, G.L. from Elnora
Duggan, D.M. from Edmonton
Duggan, D.M. from Edmonton
Duguid, George from Bottrel
Duguid, James C. from Ensign, Vulcan, Halkirk, Castor
Duguid, William from Bottrel, Eston, SK
Duguid, William N. from Cremona
Duguid, William N. from Cremona
Duhamel, Adrien from St. Paul
Duhamel, Francis M. from Macleod
Duhamel, Francis M. from Macleod
Duhamel, Louis from Macleod, Monarch
Duhamel, M.W. from Monarch
Duhamel, Marten H. from Yetwood, Monarch
Duhamel, Mary D. from Monarch
Duhamel, Miss H. S. from Monarch
Duhamel, Rachel from St. Paul, New Westminster, British Columbia
Duhamel, William from Lac La Biche
Duigou, Bernard & Gilbert from Atmore
Duim, Sandra & Sandra Fowler from Seven Persons
Duke, Alex K. from Vegreville
Duke, Gordon from Edmonton
Duke, Gordon from Edmonton
Duke, John A. from Marwayne
Duke, John from Rimbey
Duke, John Westoner from Halcourt
Duky, Frank from Buffalo
Dullea, Charles John & Francis Leo from Stavely
Dullea, Charles John from Stavely
Dullea, Jeremiah William from Carseland, Stavely
Dulles, Mrs. G. B. & Sons from Calgary
Duma, Alex from Prosperity
Dumais, Roy from Bonnyville
Dumanowski, Frank from Chinook
Dumanowski, Joe from Chinook, Calgary
Dumaresq, Dennis from Consort
Dumaresq, Perrie C. from Consort
Dumka, J.L. from Burstall, SK, Medicine Hat, Tilley, Brooks, S. Burnaby, BC, Summerland, BC
Dumont, Frank F. from Heinsburg, Frog Lake
Dumont, Harry from Frog Lake
Dumont, John P. from Frog Lake
Dumont, Louis from Frog Lake
Dumont, M. from Grande Prairie
Dumont, Mrs. D. from Onion Lake, SK
Dumont, Thomas from Frog Lake
Dumont, William Francis from Brooks, Rainier
Dumouchel, Harry from Keephills
Dumouchel, Josie from Keephills
Dunbar, J. Wes from Enchant
Dunbar, James M. from Hanna, Steveville
Dunbar, Mabel from Macleod
Dunbar, William from Irma
Duncan, Alex & Son (Alex Gilbert) from Elnora
Duncan, Alex from Big Valley
Duncan, Benjamin C. from Gopher Head, Big Valley
Duncan, Charles from Byemoor
Duncan, Donald from Halkirk
Duncan, Douglas Haig & Mary Iris from Rimbey
Duncan, Dr. Duncan R. from Edmonton
Duncan, Dr. Duncan R. from Edmonton
Duncan, George A. & James from Clairmont, Sexsmith
Duncan, George from Eckville
Duncan, H.D. from Bremner
Duncan, James from Clairmont, Sexsmith
Duncan, John from Chauvin
Duncan, John G. McK. from Pincher Creek, North Fork
Duncan, John T. from Edmonton
Duncan, Joseph from Picture Butte
Duncan, Mrs. James H. M. from Cessford, Joffre, Lacombe
Duncan, Peter from Edmonton, Red Water
Duncan, Robert from Alliance
Duncan, Robert R. from Lethbridge
Duncan, Sam from Gleichen
Duncan, Thomas from Cherhill
Duncan, Thomas Henry from Okotoks
Duncan, W.J. from Jasper
Duncan, W.P. from Elnora
Duncan, William H. from Vermilion
Duncombe, Gerald J. from Taber
Duncombe, Gerald J. from Taber
Duncombe, Walter Mark from Raymond
Dundas, Ada from Allingham
Dundas, Fred from Peerless, Viking
Dundas, G.M from Edmonton
Dundas, G.M. from Edmonton
Dunfield, E. from Gibbons
Dunford, E.C. from Calgary
Dunford, H.L. from Cessford
Dunham, L.E. from Ghost Pine Creek
Dunington, Henry from Violet Grove, Castor
Dunington, Wilfred J & W.T. from Castor
Dunk, F.E. from Warner
Dunkle, Frank from Castor
Dunkle, Frank Jr. from Castor
Dunkle, Harry from Castor
Dunkley, William Lawrence from Grande Prairie
Dunlavey, Jack from Medicine Hat, Rosemary
Dunn, C.H. from Sullivan Lake
Dunn, Clio B. from Rolling Hills
Dunn, Dennis Wearmouth from Nanton, High River
Dunn, Fred from Calgary
Dunn, George W. from Edmonton, Blue Ridge
Dunn, H.D. from Turin
Dunn, James & Victoria from Wildwood
Dunn, John F. from Pollockville
Dunn, John T. from Bow Island
Dunn, Kenneth G. from Hythe, Turin
Dunn, Lloyd from Rolling Hills
Dunn, William from Cardston
Dunne, T.S. from Duchess
Dunning, Hiram F. from Wainwright
Dunning, Marjorie from Calgary, Nanton
Dunningham, Kate E. from Bottrel
Dunphy, J.D. from Cremona
Dunseith, William James from Olds
Dunsmore Bros from Brooks, Scandia
Dunsmore Bros. from Brooks, Scandia
Dunsmore, Harry Alan from Edmonton
Dunsmore, J. Russell from Rockyford
Dunstall, William from Fallis
Dunz, Otto from Taber
Dupen, H.A. from Hardieville
Duperron, Alex from Breynat
Duperron, Eugene from Breynat
Dupont, David from Didsbury
Dupont, Donald Paul from Smith
Dupont, Doris V. from Olds, Carstairs
Dupont, Emile Sr. from Didsbury, Olds
Dupont, H. Paul from Sunnynook, Mirror Landing
Dupuis, Aime from Waterhole, Fairview, Domremy, SK
Dupuis, Albert from Bruce
Dupuis, Joseph from Fleet
Dupuis, Joseph Wilfrid from Keg River, Edmonton
Dupuit, Albert from Islay
Dupuit, Alexandre from Islay
Dupuy, Moise J. from Falher
Duquette, E & Son from Didsbury
Durac, John from Ashmont
Durand Sisters from Spondin
Durand, Denis Albert from Lethbridge
Durand, Emery from Athabasca, Winterburn
Durand, Joseph from Leedale
Durand, Leonard N. from Bashaw, Spondin
Durand, Oliver from Hanna
Durand, Rene from Leedale
Durand, Willard from Olds, Spondin
Durant, Leonard from Czar
Durant, Schuyler from Alder Flats
Durcsak, Anton from Whitecourt
Durda, Mike from Grande Prairie
Durfey, J.N. from Boyle
Durham, W.F. from Violet Grove
Durieux, Charles from Big Valley, Ewing
Durk, Ernest William from Empress, Atlee, Buffalo, Leduc, New Sarepta, Fort Saskatchewan, Edmonton
Durkan, John E. from Big Valley
Durkan, John E. from Big Valley
Durksen, P.J. from Sedalia
Durno, Eric from Calgary
Durocher, Emile from Frog Lake
Durocher, Jerome from Sputinow
Durocher, Roger from Normandeau, Canmore
Durocher, Ronnie from Sputinow
Durupt, M.C. from Hays
Dusdal, Fred from Olds
Dushenski, Nick from Willingdon
Dushinsky, Peter from Willingdon
Dustin, Mrs. C.E from Boundary Creek, Spring Coulee
Dusz, Joe from Raymond
Dusza, John from Fort Saskatchewan, Ardrossan
Dusza, Mitchell from Westlock
Dusza, Ted from Rochester
Dutchak, John from Derwent
Duthie, Alex J. from Nanton
Duthie, Richard (Manager Alberta Ranche) from Pincher Creek
Dutka, William from Vermilion
Dutton, Royale, S. from Turner Valley, Hubalta, Black Diamond, Millarville
Duval, George from Water Valley
Dux, Gordon from Wetaskiwin
Dux, Gus from Wetaskiwin
Dux, Julius from Wetaskiwin
Dux, Norman & Gordon from Wetaskiwin
Dux, William from Wetaskiwin
Duyn, John from Calgary
Dvorkin, J. from Calgary
Dwerniczuk, John & William J. Travalia from Burmis
Dwerniczuk, John, Travalia, William J from Burmis
Dwernychuk & Sons from Busby
Dwigans, A.R from Calgary
Dwigans, Inez from Brant, Ensign
Dwigans, J.N. from Brant, Ensign
Dworakowski, Charles from Sexsmith
Dworkin, David L. from Calgary
Dwyer, G.F. from Pincher Creek, Cowley
Dwyer, Orphia from Trochu, Cowley
Dybak, Alex from Hemaruka
Dybak, Nick from Hemaruka
Dychkowski, Joe from Bruce
Dyck Bros. from Coaldale
Dyck, A.B. from Didsbury, Chilliwack, BC
Dyck, Aron W. from Rosemary
Dyck, C.H. from Vauxhall
Dyck, Carl R. from Calgary
Dyck, David from Rosemary
Dyck, Edward from Hinton
Dyck, Frank David from Coaldale
Dyck, Frank F. from Pincher Creek
Dyck, Frank P. from Lethbridge
Dyck, Frank W. from Coaldale
Dyck, George W. from Bassano
Dyck, Henry from Rosemary
Dyck, Henry J. from Pincher Creek
Dyck, Henry J. from Rosemary
Dyck, Isaac A. from La Crete
Dyck, J.W. from Rosemary
Dyck, Jacob A. from Rosemary, Brooks
Dyck, Jacob J. from Carstairs
Dyck, John from Pincher Station, Pincher Creek
Dyck, John from Ponoka
Dyck, John P. from Grassy Lake
Dyck, N.A. from Didsbury
Dyck, Peter from East Coulee, Calgary
Dyck, Peter William from Lethbridge
Dyck, Sharon from Okotoks
Dyck, Walter George from Priddis
Dyckman, Stewart R. from Calgary, Seattle, WA
Dyer, Harry from Patricia
Dyer, J.W. from Buffalo
Dyer, Susie C from Bow Island
Dyer, W.J from Ribstone, Edgerton
Dyjur, Edwin from Clandonald
Dyjur, Stanley from Clandonald
Dyke, H R. from Raymond
Dykier, Alec from Holden
Dykstra, Arnold L. from Gadsby, Oliver, BC
Dykstra, Kenneth L. from Gadsby
Dykstra, Mrs. E from Lethbridge
Dykstra, Mrs. E. from Lethbridge
Dyler, James E. from Bragg Creek
Dyler, James E. from Bragg Creek
Dylke, Helen from Hanna
Dylke, Matilda from Hanna
Dylke, Robert Stanley & John Robert from Edmonton, Mundare
Dylke, Simon P. from Bowness, Irma
Dylke, Simon P. from Bowness, Irma
Dyre, Edith from Chancellor
Dyrvik, Hans from Lea Park, Marwayne
Dyvig, Bert from Winfield
Dzaman, Harold Alvin from Manning
Dzamka, Mike from Tilley
Dziatkewich, Stanley from Buffalo
Dziwenko, Harry from St. Michael
Dziwenko, Thomas from Andrew
Dziwinsky, Philip from Mannville
Dzvonik, Andy from Barnwell
Lessard, Joseph G. from Lac La Biche

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