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Cancelled Brand Files - C
C & F Investments Ltd from Calgary
C 7 M Holdings from Wainwright, Rimbey
Cabana, Bert from Bonnyville
Cabana, Oscar, & Donat, Thibert from Brocket
Cabatoff, Peter W. from Medicine Hat
Cabay, Pete from Ardmore
Cable, Allan from Hayter
Cablik, Anton from Red Deer
Cade, Sam J. from Bowden
Cadieux, Emile from Lac la Biche
Cador, A.L., Armentrout, Jacob E. or Jake E. from Countess
Cadzon, Thomas F. from Calgary, Edmonton, Vegreville
Cadzow, T.F. from Calgary
Cage, Eldon, Cage, Randolph from Beaverlodge
Caharel, Henry from Valleyview
Cahill, Mary nee Lindsay from Delia, Calgary
Cahill, Mary nee Lindsay from Delia, Calgary
Cahoon Bros from Leavitt, Cardston
Cahoon, Gordon C. from Cardston
Cahoon, J.C. from Cardston
Cahoon, J.L. from Leavitt
Cahoon, K.G. from Cardston
Cahoon, Kenneth Dee from Cardston
Cain, John William David & Parkin, Elizabeth Ann from Pincher Creek
Cain, R.E. from Mannville
Caine, Harry L .from S. Edmonton
Cairney, James Graham from Dunmore
Cairns, Alex from Irma
Cairns, Chris from Kitscoty
Cairns, H. from Bremner
Caisson Drilling Services Ltd. (D.K. Ross) from Edmonton
Caithness, J. Trevor from Winterburn
Caithness, John from Ponoka
Cajka, John from Cranford, Coaldale
Calaghan, George Clifford from Hanna
Calcoen, George from Raymond
Calddwell, Wallace from Valleyview
Calder, Grace from Aden
Calder, Hugh Alfred from Strathcona
Calder, Wallace Alexander from Brownvale
Calderwood, Alex P. from Granum
Calderwood, Dave from Granum
Calderwood, James W. from Granum
Caldwell, Abraham Vaughn from Hill Spring
Caldwell, Arthur E. from Ponoka
Caldwell, Bertram Leslie from Altario
Caldwell, Beth & Rollins, J.F. from Cardston
Caldwell, C.R. from Brooks, Scandia
Caldwell, Charles Robert from Brownfield
Caldwell, Earl from Hill Spring
Caldwell, G.M. from Rimbey
Caldwell, G.R. from Rimbey, Lockhart
Caldwell, J.H.S. & Son J.E. from Innisfree, High River
Caldwell, John A. from Calgary
Caldwell, Lyle L. from Mountain View, Caldwell
Caldwell, N.G. from Madden, Sampsonton
Caldwell, William Wallace from Valleyview
Calf Robe, Edward from Cluny
Calgary Beef Centre Ltd. from Calgary
Calgary Transplant Center Ltd. from Balzac
Calhoun, Caroline E. from Crossfield
Calhoun, H. from Minnihik, Winfield
Calhoun, H. from Minnihik, Winfield
Calhoun, Thomas M. from Foremost
Californie Holdings Ltd, (George H. Scott) from Raven
Calkins, Charles from Rimbey, Lockhart
Calkins, Donald from Coronation
Calkins, L. E. from Lacombe
Calkins, Norman DeWayne from Coronation, Whatcheer
Call, C.E. from DeWinton, Calgary
Callaghan, J.C. from Edmonton
Callaghan, Joseph L. from Gold Spring, Buffalo, Moose Jaw, SK
Callaghan, Thelma from Buffalo
Callagher, Colin C. from Clandonald
Callahan, Donald E. from Fawcett
Callahan, Sandra J. from Fawcett
Callahan, Thomas Lloyd from Calgary
Callfas, Harvey Martin from Ardrossan
Callghan, Dan from Viking
Callies, Herman from Gwynne
Callin, E. from Chauvin
Callin, H. from Sibbald
Calliou, David from Rio Grande
Calliou, Edward from Frog Lake, Sputinow
Calliou, Edward from Hazelmere, Mount Valley, Rio Grande
Calliou, Richard from Frog Lake, Edmonton
Callioux, Fred from Cork, St. Paul
Callioux, Fred from Kikino
Callis, Frederick Richard from Gwynne
Callison & Williamson from Gem, Rolling Hills
Callison, Tom from Gem
Calon, George E. from Heisler, Michichi
Calvert, Delbert from Innisfail, Knee Hill Valley
Calvert, George from Knee Hill Valley
Calvert, Victor from Sherwood Park
Calvert, William from Milnerton, Knee Hill Valley, Innisfail
Calwait, J.M. from Brooks
Calwell, Gwendolyn Gail from Wainwright
Cambridge Bros. from Islay
Cambridge, Fred & Alice J. from Islay, Vermilion
Cameron, Alex Cameron from Youngstown
Cameron, Alex from Hughenden
Cameron, Alexander from Grand Prairie
Cameron, Andrew A. from Sedgewick
Cameron, Charles from Ponoka
Cameron, Colin from Vauxhall
Cameron, D. from Penhold
Cameron, David B. from Hutton, Port Hanery, BC
Cameron, Dick from Debolt
Cameron, Don from Hughenden
Cameron, Donald from Brocket, Granum
Cameron, Donald M. from Compeer
Cameron, Douglas from Youngstown
Cameron, E.M. (Sunset Riding Academy) from Calgary
Cameron, F.B. from Lougheed, Hardisty
Cameron, F.E. & Son from Vermilion
Cameron, Frank E. from Vermilion
Cameron, Glen W. from Cardston
Cameron, Gordon from High River, Cayley
Cameron, H. Stewart from Calgary
Cameron, H.G. from Innisfail, Knee Hill Valley
Cameron, J. John from Tulliby Lake
Cameron, J.A. from Stavely, Millet
Cameron, J.D. from Tulliby Lake
Cameron, James A. from Watino, Youngstown
Cameron, James D. from Vermilion
Cameron, James Lyman from Czar, High level
Cameron, John Frederick from Alliance
Cameron, John from Nightingale
Cameron, John from Pollockville, Hutton, Burnaby, BC
Cameron, John James from Burmis
Cameron, Joseph A. from Haynes
Cameron, Ken from Bashaw, Red Deer
Cameron, Kenneth from Cremona
Cameron, Kenneth Sr. from Cremona
Cameron, Kenneth Sr. from Cremona
Cameron, Lloyd R. from Lougheed
Cameron, Lynda from James River Bridge, Innisfail
Cameron, M. from Airdrie
Cameron, Maria H. from Edmonton
Cameron, Mrs. D. & Mrs. Vetter from Crossfield
Cameron, Mrs. D. & Mrs. Vetter from Crossfield
Cameron, Mrs. G. from McLaughlin
Cameron, Mrs. G. from McLaughlin
Cameron, Mrs. Hugh from Burmis
Cameron, Mrs. Hugh from Burmis
Cameron, R. from Rumsey, Stettler
Cameron, R.A. from Edmonton
Cameron, R.W. from Edmonton
Cameron, R.W. from Edmonton
Cameron, Ray F. from Metiskow, Czar
Cameron, Ray from Hughenden, Provost
Cameron, Robert Bruce from Calgary
Cameron, Roy & Bob Coffey from Czar
Cameron, Roy & Bob Coffey from Czar
Cameron, Rueben from Hughenden
Cameron, S.H. from Vermilion
Cameron, Stuart A. from Lougheed
Cameron, Wallace W. from Hillsdown
Cameron, Williamina Tait from Penicui, Midlothian, Scotland
Camfield, S.C. from Ashmont
Camgard Farming Ltd. from Marwayne
Cammaert, Cyril Arthur from Rockyford
Cammaert, Gerald L. from Rockyford
Cammidge, Chester G. from Delia, Hanna
Cammidge, John S. from Bashaw
Camp, Albert E. from Onion Lake, SK, Lea Park
Camp, John S. from Consort
Camp, Mrs. W.W. from Onion Lake, SK
Campbell Construction & Company Ltd from Calgary
Campbell Construction & Company Ltd from Calgary
Campbell, A.A. from Patricia, Edmonton
Campbell, A.M. from Lacombe
Campbell, Albert from Byemoor, Stettler
Campbell, Alex & Sommerville, H.P. (Campbell & Sommerville) from Endiang
Campbell, Alex R. from Fort Vermilion
Campbell, Alexander Cecil from Madden, Crossfield, Calgary
Campbell, Andrew G. & Son Neil G. from Millet
Campbell, Angus from Rowley
Campbell, Bryce D. from Stavely, Black Diamond
Campbell, Bryce from Claresholm
Campbell, Cameron Clare from Calgary
Campbell, Cecil from Whitford, Andrew
Campbell, Charles A. from Sunnynook
Campbell, Charles Levi from Valleyview
Campbell, Charles W. from Edson
Campbell, Clement from Taber
Campbell, D.M. from Jenner
Campbell, D.R. from Ryley
Campbell, Dan E. C. from Edmonton
Campbell, Dan E.C. from Edmonton
Campbell, David from Lloydminster
Campbell, David W. from High River
Campbell, Donald from Lloydminster, Leighton, Willowlea, Marwayne
Campbell, Donald W. from Eaglesham, Grande Prairie
Campbell, E.M., Sunset Riding Academy from Calgary
Campbell, E.W. from Makepeace, Cluny
Campbell, Ernest L. from Rosebud
Campbell, F.R. from Finnegan
Campbell, Fred from Twin Butte
Campbell, George B. from Rosedale
Campbell, George E. from Trochu
Campbell, George H. from Lloydminster
Campbell, Gertrude from Twin Butte
Campbell, H.A. from Clyde
Campbell, Henry from Leduc
Campbell, J.A .from Calgary
Campbell, J.B. from Kinsella
Campbell, J.C. from Metiskow, Edgerton
Campbell, Jack A. from Cochrane
Campbell, James Harold from Stettler
Campbell, James Manson from Stavely
Campbell, Jean M. from Buffalo, Medicine Hat
Campbell, John A. from Rosebud Creek
Campbell, John D. from Star, Lamont
Campbell, John from Jarvie
Campbell, John Henry from Langdon
Campbell, Joseph M. from Lamont
Campbell, K.G. from Cochrane, Banff
Campbell, Keith from Red Deer
Campbell, Kenneth Donald from Marwayne
Campbell, Kenneth R. from Stavely, Delburne
Campbell, L. from Lacombe
Campbell, Leighton from Arrowwood
Campbell, Leo from Grovedale
Campbell, Leslie Duane from Hughenden
Campbell, Leslie Russell from Cremona
Campbell, Linden from Kitscoty
Campbell, Malcolm from Delburne, Red Deer
Campbell, Marvin from Grimshaw
Campbell, Melville from Medicine Hat, Whitla
Campbell, Melvin Ray from Bowden
Campbell, Michael from Monarch
Campbell, Milton from Olds
Campbell, Mrs. C. A. from Sunnynook
Campbell, Mrs. C.A. from Sunnynook
Campbell, Mrs. D.M from Twin Butte
Campbell, Mrs. D.M from Twin Butte
Campbell, Mrs. D.M. from Cavendish
Campbell, Mrs. R from Sunnyslope
Campbell, Murdo from Elkton
Campbell, Neil G. from Millet
Campbell, Norman A. from Monarch
Campbell, Peter from Nordegg, Saunders, Canmore
Campbell, R.V. & Sons (Thomas, David & Brian) from Ankerton
Campbell, Reginald G. from Trochu
Campbell, Richard William from Cardston, Lethbridge
Campbell, Robert W. from Wainwright
Campbell, Robertson from Hardisty
Campbell, Ronald W. from Hines Creek
Campbell, Rosette from Seven Persons
Campbell, Roy R. from Beiseker
Campbell, Russell F. from Grimshaw
Campbell, Thomas from Berrymoor
Campbell, Thomas G. from Tofield
Campbell, Thomas, David & Brian from Ankerton
Campbell, Tom from Ellscott
Campbell, V.G from Calgary, Rolling Hills, Cluny
Campbell, Victor Leroy & Faye Maxine from Heisler
Campbell, W.V. from Sundre
Campbell, Walter Bertram & Ernest Oliver from Warwick
Campbell, Warren R. from Fort Macleod
Campbell, Wesley R. from Donalda
Campbell, William Forbes D. from Calgary
Campbell, William from Nanton
Campbell, William James from Airdrie
Campbell, William T.A. from Stettler
Campbell, William W. from Calmar
Campeau, Alf from Sheerness
Campeau, Gerald & Sons from Fort Kent
Campion O.P. from Brightview
Campion Bros from Halkirk
Campion Bros. from Halkirk
Campion, Mary from Edm0onton
Campion, Roy Arthur from Hanna,
Campmans, Anthonius & Thodorus from Picture Butte
Camps, George from Cremona, Longview, High River
Camps, George from Cremona, Longview, High River
Camrose Lutheran College from Camrose
Canadian Sugar Factories Ltd. from Taber, Picture Butte
Canadine, Florence from Stettler
Canavan, John from Marwayne
Candy, Agnes Florence from Sedgewick, Kinsella
Candy, Caleb from New Dayton
Candy, Richard from Kinsella
Canfield, Howard from Fleet
Canfield, L.J. from Irricana
Cannaday, Edwin from Condor, Barnwell, Leslieville
Cannan, James D. from Fort Saskatchewan, Viking
Cannan, Mrs. John from Innisfree, Edmonton
Cannan, Mrs. John from Innisfree, Edmonton
Cannan, Robert D. from Innisfree
Canning, Calvin from Grande Prairie
Canning, D.G. from Edmonton
Canning, Gordon from Dixonville
Cannon, Nevill C. (Happy Valley Ranch) from Midnapore
Caouette, Raymond Herman from Bonnyville, Quesnel, BC
Capello, Frank from Tilley
Capers, Ellison H. (Round T Ranch) from High River
Capewell, James from Warburg
Capling, Herbert Roy from Rose Lynn, Sunnynook
Caravelle Ranches Ltd. from Calgary
Card Bros from Raymond
Card, Ernest from Enilda
Card, Harold R from Raymond
Cardell, Victor from Scandia
Cardeneo, Henry from Beaverlodge
Carder, Clayton C. from Stettler, Calgary
Carder, Clayton C. from Stettler, Calgary
Carder, Harley E. from Warden, Stettler
Carder, W.B. from Stettler
Cardinal Bros Ranch Ltd. (Johnnie M, Alex & Peter M.) from St. Paul
Cardinal, Albert A. from Spedden
Cardinal, Albert E. from Wabasca
Cardinal, Archie from Peace River
Cardinal, Barner from Saddle Lake
Cardinal, Donald E. from Kikino
Cardinal, Donald from Sputinow
Cardinal, Edward Jr. from Saddle Lake
Cardinal, Edward Jr. from Saddle Lake
Cardinal, Ernie E. from Lac La Biche
Cardinal, Francis from Gurneyville
Cardinal, Henry from Sputinow, Frog Lake
Cardinal, Howard D. from Edmonton
Cardinal, Joe from Goodfish Lake
Cardinal, Joseph from Goodfish Lake
Cardinal, Lorraine from St. Bridges
Cardinal, Louis Sr. from Saddle Lake, St. Brides
Cardston Feeder's Assoc Ltd. from Cardston
Cardston Fourth Ward from Cardston
Cardston Loan Company from Cardston
Cardston Second Ward from Cardston
Cardwell, C.A .from Cowley
Cardwell, Harvey A. from Hartleyville
Cardwell, W. J. from Cardston
Cardy, George from Abee
Careless, Arthur from Busby
Carey, George H. from Little Gem, Hemaruka, Veteran
Carey, Hugh E. from Calgary
Carey, L.J. from Islay
Carey, Patrick from Atlee
Carey, Stanley from Claresholm
Carey, Thomas Stanley from Stavely
Cargill Bros from Chauvin
Cargill Bros. from Chauvin
Cargill Grain Canada Ltd. from Winnipeg, MB
Cargill, Charles Dundas from Chauvin
Cargill, Charles Dundas from Chauvin
Cargill, David from Medicine Hat, Etzikom
Cargill, Frank from Chauvin
Caribou Mountain Feeders Assoc. from Fort Vermilion
Carl, John H. from Silver Heights
Carl, John H. from Silver Heights
Carl, Rufus A. from Greenshields
Carl, Rufus A. from Greenshields, Wainwright
Carleton, Frank from Bonnyville
Carlin, Pat from Water Valley
Carlisle, Lewis J. from Tofield
Carlone, Romen from Tangent
Carlsen, Anton from Seven Persons
Carlson Bros (John & Peter) from Viking
Carlson Bros, (Meakin, Michael, Patrick) from Owendale, Lethbridge
Carlson, A.R. from Metiskow
Carlson, Albert from Alix, Chigwell
Carlson, Albin N. from Westward Ho
Carlson, Alex C. from Alderson
Carlson, Alfred E. from Lindberg
Carlson, Arnold C. & David from Scapa, Condor
Carlson, Arnold C. from Scapa
Carlson, Barrie F. from Innisfree
Carlson, Bertel A. from Medicine Hat
Carlson, Carl F. from Sunnyvale
Carlson, Charles A. from Cessford
Carlson, Charlie from Lake Eliza
Carlson, Clifford T. from Stettler
Carlson, David A. from Sullivan Lake, Scapa, Metiskow, Czar
Carlson, E. LaVarr from Cardston
Carlson, Earl from Cardston
Carlson, Ella Mae from Erskine
Carlson, Emil from Bawlf, Camrose
Carlson, Emily from Stavely
Carlson, Eric from Peavine
Carlson, Ernie from Tilley, Vauxhall
Carlson, Eugene M. from Pincher Creek
Carlson, Evert & Wojcik, Michael from Bittern Lake
Carlson, Gilbert J. from Seven Persons
Carlson, Gordon from Stavely, Calgary
Carlson, Gus from High River, Blind River, ON
Carlson, Gustav from Seven Persons, Medicine Hat
Carlson, Gustave E. from Wimborne
Carlson, Harold from Fort Kent, Ardmore
Carlson, John D. from Tofield
Carlson, John from Stavely
Carlson, Joseph from Harmattan
Carlson, L.R. from Ponoka
Carlson, Llewellyn K, from Seven Persons, Hartleyville
Carlson, Magdalena B. from Grimshaw
Carlson, Margaret from Excel, Oyen
Carlson, Morgan Earl from Edmonton
Carlson, Morgan Earl from Edmonton
Carlson, Mrs. D. from Sullivan Lake, Camrose, Scapa
Carlson, Mrs. H. from Turin
Carlson, Myer from Brooks, Alderson
Carlson, O.C. from Alderson
Carlson, Phyllis B. from Stettler,
Carlson, S. from DeBolt
Carlson, Sanfrid or Sam from Seven Persons, Alberta
Carlson, Stanley from Cochrane
Carlson, Stanley George from Longview, Rocky Mountain House
Carlson, Sture S. from Meeting Creek
Carlson, Sune Arthur from Marwayne
Carlson, Tallittea M. from Cardston
Carlson, Thure from One Four
Carlson, Tore S. from Foremost, Victoria, BC
Carlson, Victor Bernard from Mountain View, Hill Spring, Pincher Creek, Calgary
Carlson, Victor from Mountain View, Hill Spring
Carlson, Y.H. from Wildwood, Edson, Entwistle
Carlstadt Bros. (Stanley L, Oridan & Dennis) from Valhalla Centre, Bear Canyon
Carlton, G.W. from Bon Accord
Carlyle Bros from Sundre
Carlyle, Donald from Bellevue, Hillcrest
Carlyle, Kenneth A .from Calgary
Carlyle, M. P. from Eckville
Carlyle, M.D. from Hubalta
Carmack, J. G. from Nanton
Carmack, L. W from Nanton
Carmichael, C.D. from Patricia, Aldergrove, BC
Carmichael, D.C. from Obed
Carnell, D. from Jasper
Carney, H.A. from Edgerton
Carney, H.E. from Edgerton
Carney, James W. & John Henry from Pincher Station
Carney, Patricia from Pincher Creek
Caron, Abert Paul from Whitelaw
Caron, Arthur G. from Wainwright
Caron, Bert from Stavely
Caron, J. Leo from Stavely
Caron, John from Brierville
Caron, Joseph S. from Wainwright, Auburndale
Caron, Kenneth George from Hollow Lake
Caron, L.V. from Calgary
Caron, Paul from Shepard
Carothers Bros. (J.B. & Joe) from DeWinton, Bluffton
Carothers, Helen R. from De Winton
Carpenter, G.A. from James River Bridge
Carpenter, Gerald Lorne from Chauvin
Carpenter, Hobart C. from Rimbey, James River Bridge
Carpenter, J.H. (estate) & Mrs. U. Gota, from Chauvin
Carpenter, P.M., Bosomworth, Eric from Airdrie
Carpenter, Ray from Battlebend, Sedgewick
Carr, Albert from Taber
Carr, Arthur E. from Black Diamond, Okotoks, Cloverdale, BC, Surrey, BC
Carr, H. E. from Hoadley
Carr, J. W. from Warner
Carr, Laurence from Cappon
Carr, Mary & Dartha from Cochrane
Carr, Mrs. W. from Countess, Drayton Valley
Carr, T.W. from Taber
Carr, W.T. from Bassano, Makepeace
Carra, Marie from Rowley
Carra, Richard K. from Rowley
Carratt, Bernard C. from Rolling Hills
Carratt. F.G. from Delburne
Carrick, Thomas from Calgary
Carrico, Alice J. from Scollard
Carrier, Henry B. from Oyen
Carrier, Henry B. from Oyen
Carrington Investments Ltd. (Bill Fortier & Helen Fortier) from Rocky Mountain House
Carroll, C.W. from Leduc, Edmonton
Carroll, C.W. from Leduc, Edmonton
Carrott, George Francis from Delburne
Carruthers Bros from Glendon
Carson, Bruce Murray from Valleyview
Carson, Gordon from Rocky Mountain House
Carson, James from Bellcamp, Marwayne
Carson, William from Marwayne
Carstairs, Allen Thomas from Cherhill
Carsten Packing Co. from Picture Butte, Tacoma, WA
Carstens, Phillip J. from Spokane WA
Carswell, Duncan A. from Calgary
Carswell, Ernest Arnold from Hays
Carswell, Lorne T. from Taber
Carte, Ernest from Warner
Carter, A. from Macleod
Carter, Anthony Orlando &.Lillian A from Coronation, Talbot, Lacombe
Carter, Archie from Coronation
Carter, Arthur T. from Vanrena, Fairview
Carter, B. Edward from Calgary
Carter, B.A. from Sundre
Carter, Cecil Arthur & Son from Mannville, Ceylon, SK
Carter, Conrad from Hemaruka
Carter, E. Nev. from Eckville, Markerville
Carter, E.F. from Calgary
Carter, Edward A. from Morningside
Carter, Eunice from Raymond, Twin River
Carter, Evan O. from Darwell
Carter, George D. from Edmonton
Carter, J.E. from Edberg
Carter, Jane from Eckville
Carter, Jerry from Onion Lake
Carter, John E. from Coronation
Carter, John from Morningside
Carter, Mary from Sunnyslope
Carter, Mary, Campbell & Mrs. R. from Sunnyslope
Carter, Maurice from Keephills
Carter, Maxwell James from Bashaw
Carter, Mrs. A. T. from Hines Creek
Carter, Mrs. E.R. from Vermilion, Chauvin, Czar
Carter, Thomas from Shepard
Carter, Victor N. from Jarrow
Carter, W.D. from Rycroft
Carter, Walter from Hussar, Albert Park, Calgary
Carter, Wilf from Carstairs
Carter, Willett L. from Fort Assiniboine
Carter, William W. from Elkton, Creston, BC
Cartier, A.L. from Winfield, Millet
Cartier, Diamond from Fabyan
Cartier, E .from Fabyan
Cartier, Emile from Winfield
Cartlidge, Albert from Big Prairie
Cartmell, William from Halliday, Trochu, Rimbey
Cartmill, Alice from Calgary, Balzac
Cartwright Bros. from Esther
Cartwright, E.F. from Calgary
Cartwright, E.T. from Calgary
Cartwright, James A., & Richard M. from Enilda
Cartwright, Mildred Jeanette from Esther, Calgary
Cartwright, Raymond F. from Esther
Carty, George N. from Beaverlodge
Caryford, Sidney from Lacombe
Casavant, Marcel from Barrhead
Cascadden, Thomas from High River
Case, Edwin from Edmonton
Case, Henry A. from Drayton Valley, Tomahawk
Case, Henry A. from Drayton Valley, Tomahawk
Case, James L. from Hardisty, Strathmore
Case, Thomas F. from Berwyn
Casebeer, Elwood from Didsbury, Cremona, Carstairs
Casebeer, L.G. from Innisfail
Casebeer, Willie from Carstairs
Caseley, Victor G. from Coronation, Throne, Veteran
Casey, C.D. from Crossfield, Calgary
Casey, Thomas F. from Calgary, Loverna, SK
Cashman, John V. R from Cremona
Cashman, John V. R. from Cremona
Caskey, Clarence G. from Excel, Cereal, Oyen
Caskey, O.A. from Elk Point
Casper, Dale from Drayton Valley
Casper, Harlen from Kinsella, Wainwright
Cass, James from Muirhead
Cassidy, Martin W. from Vegreville
Cassidy, Mary Elsie from Pincher Creek
Cassity, Keith from Wembley
Casson, Edgar W. from Nanton
Casson, Edgar W. from Nanton
Castella, M. A .from Standard
Castellina, Attilio from Warner
Casterton, W.J. from Clandonald, Vermilion
Castle, W. B. from Edgerton
Caswell, Harry from Gunn
Cates, Rufus from Oyen
Cattanach, J. F. from Bear Lake, Grimshaw
Cattanach, John from Scapa
Cattoni Bros. from Shaughnessy
Cauthorn, Marvin Clayton from Fleet
Cavanagh, Alex from Buffalo
Cavanaugh, L.A. (estate) from Calgary
Cave, Henry Arthur from Raven
Cavelle, Albert from Taber, Pincher Creek, Warner
Cavener, John Bruce from Millet
Caveny, Earl L. from Nanton, Coronation
Cawiezel, Rose from Langdon
Cawley, Stanley V. from Rimbey, Bowden
Cawley, Vernon from Bowden
Cayenne, Lois Jean from Olds, Okotoks, Calgary
Cebryk, Eugene William from Twin Butte
Cecil, Granville W. (Kentucky Farm) from Lethbridge
Cecil, Granville W. (Kentucky Farm) from Lethbridge
Cek, Joe from Cowley
Central Dairy Cattle Company from Calgary
Central Peace Feeder Assoc. Ltd. from Spirit River, Rycroft
Century Coals Ltd from East Coulee
Cerveny, August William from Ponoka
Cessford Ranching Company (Bryce C. Stringham, Cessford Ranching Ltd.) from Claresholm
Chabot, Leandre Joseph L. from Calgary
Chabun, Peter from Rochester
Chadwick, Robert & Mildred from Lougheed
Chaffee, Norman G. from Grenada
Chaffey, George M. from Olds
Chaisson, Lewis Lee from St. Lina
Chaitlain, Peter from Lake Saskatoon, Wembley, Wapiti
Chajkowski, Mike from Bonnyville
Chakowski, Joseph from Canmore
Chalifoux, William from Grouard
Challand, Orris T. from Leedale
Challenger, John from Edgerton
Challenger, R.H from Edgerton
Challies, Fred B. from Irma
Challman, Dan from Elk Point
Challman, Ivar from Vermilion
Chalmers, C.C. from Fairview
Chalmers, Charles Rodney from Fairview
Chalmers, David Peden from Calgary
Chalmers, Doreen from Fairview
Chalmers, F.J. from Fairview
Chalmers, Gene Russell from Bentley
Chalmers, J. from Langdon, Dalemead
Chalmers, Larry A. from Calgary
Chalmers, R.K. from Clandonald
Chalmovansky, Anthony from Duchess
Chalupa, F. from Sundance
Chalus, Nicholas from Luscar, Edmonton
Chamberlain, Anna & Joseph Ballard from Kimball, Whiskey Gap, Owendale, Woolford, Fareham
Chamberlain, Earl from Loon Lake, SK
Chamberlain, Earl from Medicine Hat, Rio Grande, Mount Valley
Chamberlain, Guy from Lake Eliza
Chamberlain, Walter from Medicine Hat
Chambers, James from Dixonville, Clearhills
Chambers, John E. from Morrin, Rumsey
Chambers, Ross V. from Rocky Mountain House
Chambers, Stancil Ross & Annie from Armada, Lomond
Chambers, William Edward from Lomond
Chamney, Henry Joseph from Bowden, Rocky Mountain House
Champagne, Jacques from St. Paul
Champagne, Lucien from St. Paul
Champney, A.T. from Macleod
Chanasyk, Joe from Derwent
Chanasyk, Nick from Musidora, Innisfree
Chanasyk, Ralph Garry from Mannville
Chandler, Aaron from Markerville
Chandler, Elwood Charles from Chinook Valley, Dixonville
Chandler, Laurence E. from Didsbury
Chanler, R.E. from Lindbergh, Moose Creek, Mooswa
Channell, W.W. from Innisfail, Kevisville
Channon, H.N. from Bashaw, Alix
Chanut, Emile from Kirriemuir
Chapdelaine, Albert from Mallaig
Chapelsky, Mike from Beauvallon
Chapin, Mrs. Tom from Caroline
Chapin, Tomalin Morris from Caroline
Chapman, Annie from Reid Hill, Vulcan
Chapman, C. from Donalda
Chapman, Donald James from Lethbridge
Chapman, Douglas & Frances K. from Cochrane
Chapman, Douglas M. from Cochrane
Chapman, Douglas Victor from Cochrane
Chapman, Earl W (Sundown Ranch) from Cochrane
Chapman, G. F. from Morley
Chapman, H. M. from Frog Lake
Chapman, Harry from Morley
Chapman, Jack Allan from Stettler
Chapman, James from Endiang
Chapman, Joan E. from Erskine
Chapman, Keith from Lethbridge
Chapman, Marie from Turin
Chapman, P.W. from Castor
Chapman, Philip from Lomond
Chapman, S.H. from Chauvin
Chapman, W.W. from Warrensville
Chapman, William Reginald from Empress
Chappell, E.E. & Sons from Vimy, Dodds
Chapplow, Hugh Preston from Taber
Chaproniere, Arthur B. G. from Red Deer
Charboneau & Goodrum from Fort Saskatchewan
Charbonneau, Lucien from Mallaig
Charbonneau, Raoul from Onion Lake SK., Tulliby Lake
Charelain, Alfred from Lymburn
Charest, Alfred from Rolling Hills
Charest, August from Normandeau
Charezun, Prokop from Derwent
Charland, Frank from Cold Lake
Charland, George M. from Rich Lake
Charles, Allan W. from Spirit River, Castor
Charles, Edgar K. from Chinook Valley
Charles, J.A. & Harry Him from Leslieville
Charles, J.A. & Harry Him from Leslieville
Charlesworth, J.A. from Stettler
Charlton, A.G. from Acme
Charlton, Lloyd V. from Grand Centre
Charlton, Ralph from Cayley, Peace River
Charlton, Robert G. from Macleod
Charolais Beef products Ltd. from Calgary
Charron, Pierre from St. Paul de Metis
Charters, John N. from Lloydminster
Charters, William S. from Streamstown
Chartier, Roch from Wainwright
Chartier, Roland D. from Greenshields
Chartrand, Ernest from Therien, Mallaig
Chartrand, Gilbert from Mallaig
Chaschin, Prokopy N. from Elk Point
Chase, C.S. from Cluny
Chase, George L. from Hinton
Chase, Orville L. from Irma
Chase, Ralph Henry from Milk River, Masinasin
Chase, Russell B. from Hinton
Chatenay Bros. (Paul A. & A.E.) from Penhold
Chattaway, Maxine from Nanton
Chatwood, M.H from Bingley
Chavasse, T. J. from Edgerton
Chave, William from Edmonton
Chayer, Harvey & Cyprien from Sunnynook
Chayer, Harvey & Cyprien from Sunnynook
Chaytors, Mrs. R.W. from Thorsby
Cheatham, G.M. from Calgary
Chechotko, Felix from Burtonsville, Magnolia
Checkley, J.W. from Bremner
Chemelli, August from Sundre
Chemenkoff, Fred from Beaver Mines
Chemerinske, Carson from High Prairie
Chemlyk, Michael from Edmonton
Chenard, Aristide from Tangent
Chenard, Leonard from Vauxhall
Chenard, Rosaire from Tangent
Chenger, Charles from Lethbridge
Chenger, Michael J. from Lethbridge
Chepeka, Harry from Willingdon
Chepurik, William from Altario
Cheremshynski, Mike from Vegreville
Cherniak, Samuel R .from Consort
Cherniawski, Mike J. from Mundare
Chernick, John from Olds
Cherniwchan, Nick M. from Bellis
Cherniwchan, William M. from Bellis
Chernoff, Bill from Lundbreck
Cherry, Charles W. from Rimbey
Cherry, Charles W. from Rimbey
Cherry, Douglas Clifford from Lloydminster
Cherry, Elias & Mrs. E. Krisher from Woolchester, Forestburg, Arvilla
Cherry, Elias & William Krisher from Woolchester
Cherwonka, Robert from Barrhead
Cheshire, Charles G. from Ashmont
Cheshire, Charles G. from Ashmont
Cheshire, Samuel from Sideview, St. Lina
Cheshire, Thomas from North Edmonton
Chesney Bros. from Etzikom
Chesney, Boyd M. from Thelma
Chesney, R.T. from Bindloss
Chessor, Robert Dean from Lacombe
Chester, Charlie from Fort Macleod
Chester, John from Brosseau, Lafond
Chester, John from Foisy
Chester, Richard from Lafond
Chesterman Bros. from Gilt Edge, Vanesti
Chesterman, George from Hope Valley, Heath
Cheston, Maurice from Innisfail
Chetney, Bernt from Holden
Chetney, Bernt from Holden
Chevrier, E. & James Lowther from Cassils
Chevrier, E. & James Lowther from Cassils
Chiana Breeders of Alberta Ltd. from Calgary
Chianina & Romagnola Ranches Organization Ltd. from Calgary
Chiasson, Augustine Luke from Bassano, Toronto, ON
Chicak, John N. from Delph, St. Michael
Chichester, C.W. from Lethbridge
Chidlaw, Jack from Hanna
Chidley, Bertram Lawrence from Scapa, Hanna
Chidley, Russell L. from Scapa
Chidlow, Jack Dinsmore from Red Deer
Chieduch, Dennis from Spruce Grove
Chieduch, Jerry from Edmonton
Chieduch, Walter from Edmonton, Stony Plain
Chiernyk Bros. (Mike, Dan & Emile A.) from Rochester
Chikowski, Steve from Rainier
Chilbecki, Orest from Mundare, Vegreville
Childers, Lloyd Stanley from Eaglesham
Chiles, Dr. J.N. from Edmonton
Chiles, Dr. J.N. from Edmonton
Chilkowich, Peter from Tofield
Chilton, Charles from Wolf Creek, Metiskow
Chilton, F.J. from Fort Macleod
Chilton, Nettie from Calgary, Claresholm
Chilton, T.E .from Claresholm
Chimiuk, Roy & Walter from Edmonton
Chimko, Mathew from Stry
Chimko, Mike from Spedden
Chiniquay, Paul from Morley
Chiniquay, Walter from Morley
Chinook Feeders Association Ltd. from Lethbridge
Chinook, Thomas from Medicine Hat, Prince Albert, SK
Chinworth, Birdie C. from Manyberries
Chinworth. Judson R. from Manyberries, Grantham
Chip Lake Cattle Co. Ltd. from Chip Lake
Chipchase, George T. from Ardrossan, Sylvan Lake, Penticton, BC
Chipchase, Marie nee Kozak from Calgary, High River
Chiperzak, Edwin from Chipman
Chipman, A.L. from Welling
Chisan, Alexander C. from Midnapore
Chisholm Brothers from Winnifred, Taber
Chisholm Holdings Ltd. from Calgary
Chisholm, Angus from Patricia, Vancouver, BC
Chisholm, D.B. & Donald E. (Chisholm & MacPhee) from Penhold
Chisholm, D.B. & Donald E. MacPhee (Chisholm & MacPhee)from Penhold
Chisholm, F. W. from Red Deer
Chisholm, Philip Francis from Patricia, Brooks
Chisholm, W.M. from Calgary
Chiste, Bruno L. from Diamond City
Chiswell, L. B. from Perryvale
Chittick, Jack from Mayerthorpe
Chivilo, Tony A .from Macleod
Chizawsky, George from Smoky Lake
Chizen, Jack from Thorhild
Chizen, Joe & Tony from Egremont, Radway
Chizmazia, James from Barnwell, Coaldale, Hardieville
Chmilar, John P. from Morecambe
Choiniere, Ernest E & Sons (Bryan R. & David N.) from Darwell, Spruce Grove
Cholach, Eli from Grasslands
Chomchuk, Greg from Colinton
Chomiak, Eugene from Ryley
Chomiak, Lukash from Spedden, Edmonton
Chomiak, Lukash from Spedden, Edmonton
Chomiak, Peter from Rocky Lane, Fort Vermilion
Chomiak, Steve from Ryley
Chomik, David from Two Hills
Chomistek, Paul Jr. from Scandia
Chomlak, Fred from Clandonald
Chomlak, Fred from Clandonald
Chomyc, Metro from Myrnam
Chomyc, W.T. from Myrnam
Chonkolay, Harry from Habay
Chont, Douglas from Olds
Chontosh, Andrew from Taber
Chontosh, Tommy John from Taber
Chop, William from Dixonville
Chopman, Carrie E. from Erskine
Choptowy, Stanley from Hylo
Choquette, Gerald from Bonnyville
Choquette, Pierre from Lessard, Bonnyville
Chorney, Alex from Willingdon
Chorney, Gregory from Brosseau
Chorney, Steve from Smoky Lake
Chornohus, Alex from Hamlin, St. Paul
Chornohus, John from Willingdon
Chornohus, Nick from Foisy
Chouinard, Ernest L. from La Corey
Chowen, R.E.from Bentley
Chrapko, Steve S. from Hairy Hill
Chrenek, Matt from Sexsmith
Chrest, Neil M. from Sundre
Chrestenson, Isabelle Marie from Calgary, Innisfail
Chrestenson, Louis F. from Calgary, Innisfail
Chriest, W.C. from Carvel
Christe, Anjelo from Grassy Lake, Purple Springs
Christen, Alcide from New Dayton
Christensen, Alfred T. from Olds
Christensen, Allen A. from High River
Christensen, Andrew from Tilley
Christensen, Ansgar from Tilley
Christensen, Arnold from Edgerton
Christensen, Arthur Oliver from Whitla, Atlee, St. Paul
Christensen, Bonde from Hussar
Christensen, C.S. from Monitor
Christensen, Carl from Sundre
Christensen, Chester from Innisfree
Christensen, Chris B. from Standard
Christensen, David Douglas from Metiskow
Christensen, Delbert from Hattonford
Christensen, Dorothy from Hussar
Christensen, Elden & Co. from Magrath
Christensen, Emil from Rosebud, Botha
Christensen, G.A. from Stirling, Lethbridge
Christensen, Gordon from Innisfree, Drumheller
Christensen, H. P. from Jenner
Christensen, Ida from Lethbridge
Christensen, J.C. from Wayne
Christensen, Jack A. from Trochu
Christensen, James K. from Minburn
Christensen, John from Leo
Christensen, Kirstine from East Coulee
Christensen, Leonard H. from Raymond
Christensen, Lykka C. from Standard
Christensen, M. & Godthjelpsen from Calgary
Christensen, M.J. from Standard
Christensen, Martin D. from Claresholm
Christensen, Martin from Bingville
Christensen, Mervin A. from Claresholm
Christensen, Niels Harvey from Rosebud
Christensen, Ole from Hussar
Christensen, Olie B. Jr. from Calgary
Christensen, Peter from Blackfoot
Christensen, Roy from St. Vincent, St. Paul
Christensen, S.F. from Sundre
Christensen, Sigvard J. from Auburndale, Vermilion
Christensen, Stanley C. from Innisfail, Dickson
Christensen, Wallace M. from Cadogan, Cairns
Christensen, William C. from Stirling
Christensen, William from St. Edouard, St. Paul
Christensen, Wyman T. from Kingman
Christenson Bros. (Soren A. & Laverne) from Rosebud
Christenson, Gunnar from Carlos, Brooks
Christersson, Steve from Bearberry
Christian Bros from Clandonald
Christian, George from Holden
Christian, Roy W. from Innisfail
Christians, Earl from Stettler
Christiansen, C.W. & Barbara L. from Wild Horse
Christiansen, David & Ottine, Marie from Tilley
Christiansen, Magnus K. from Castor
Christiansen, Ole from Darwell
Christiansen, Thomas J. from Milk River
Christianson, Frank from Calgary
Christianson, M. from Chauvin
Christie, Arnold F. from Grande Prairie
Christie, George from Vulcan, Mossleigh
Christie, H.C. from Chauvin
Christie, H.L. from Innisfail
Christie, Jack G. from Calgary
Christie, MacKenzie Ralph & Robert Gladstone from Calgary
Christie, Matthew G. from Lacombe, Kimball
Christie, Mrs. L. D. from Cardston, Kimball
Christie, Mrs. L.D. from Cardston, Kimball
Christie, R.M. from Kimball, Cardston
Christie, Robert James from Irvine, Vilna, Quesnel, BC
Christman Bros. (August & Emil) from Schuler
Christman, Albert from Irvine
Christman, August from Schuler, Medicine Hat, Edmonton
Christman, Ben & Bros. from Clandonald
Christman, W.J. from Monarch
Christman, Walter from Clandonald
Christman, William from Dewberry
Christmann, Elsie from Manyberries
Christmann, James from Manyberries
Christoffersen, Andrew J. from Rockyford
Christoffersen, Christ from Bowden
Christoffersen, Ejner from Strathmore
Christoffersen, J.R. & Grace from Calgary, Albert Park, Strathmore, Lake McGregor
Christoffersen, Norman O. & Hazel M. from Didsbury
Christoffersen, Severin from Coronation
Christofferson, Hans & Sarah from Brant
Christofferson, Peter from Bragg Creek, Brant, Frankburg
Christofferson, Thomas from Brant
Christophenson, C. from Halcourt, Sundre
Christopher, George from Marwayne, Bellcamp
Christopher, John William from Sheerness
Christopher, Randall from Sheerness
Christophersen, Walter Tim from Valhalla, Homestead
Christopherson, Bros. (Ben & Reuben) from Valhalla
Christopherson, Carl & Sons from Homestead, Valhalla Centre
Chronik, Alex & Dmytro from Picture Butte
Chronik, Joseph from Picture Butte
Chronister, James E. from High River, Loch Sloy
Chrumka, Alex from Tilley
Chrumka, Karol from Tilley
Chrupka, Peter from Turin
Chrysler, Albert Wallace from Mannville
Chrysler, Wallace from Mannville
Chubaty, John from Tofield
Chubey, Harry from Elk Point
Chudleigh Bros (Clarence R. & Edwin A.) from Picture Butte
Chudleigh, M.L. from Bindloss
Chudleigh, Norman Paul from Duchess, Roseberg, Millicent, High River
Chudleigh, Rufus from Duchess
Chudleigh, Viola L. from Picture Butte
Chudyk, Joe & Yacey, Nestor from Myrnam
Chudyk, Paul from St. Michael
Chudyk, Russell from Vegreville
Chudyk, Ted from Vegreville
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints - Aetna Ward from Cardston
Church of LDS - Glenwood Ward from Glenwoodville
Church, David from Balzac
Church, Herbert from Big Valley
Church, J.R. from Carmangay
Church, L.E. from Nevis
Church, Lawrence E. Jr. from Stettler, Erskine
Church, William Robinson from Drumheller
Churchill, Clyde from Paradise Valley, Wainwright
Churchill, Georgina from Kinuso, Kitscoty
Churchill, S. L. from Brooks
Churness, George from Bowell
Chute, Burton from Lethbridge
Chychul, Nicholas K. from Myrnam
Chychul, Tom from Mannville
Cibart, Benjamin F. from Hardisty
Cicon, Russell from Calgary
Cikaluk, Bill & Fred Schoenroth from Viking
Cindric, Anton from Cassils
Cinnamon, G.F. from Rose Lynn
Cipperley, Lloyd Steven from Didsbury
Circle B Ranch Co. Ltd. from Calgary, Edmonton
Circle B Ranch Co. Ltd. from Calgary, Edmonton
Circle K Ranch Ltd. (Paul Koroluk) from Lamont
Circle N Enterprises (Allan E. & S.A. Odland) from Taber
Circle T Acres, (Towpich, Isidore) from Calgary
Cire, John & Orlene from Dawson Creek, BC, Bashaw
Cisar, Frank from Granum, Macleod
Clacys, Charles from Erskine
Claeyes, Jules from Vauxhall
Claggett, Clifford H. from Carrot River, Saskatchewan, Metiskow, Clinton, BC
Claggett, James Kerby & Roy G. Stewart (SK Bar Ranches Ltd. from Melfort, SK., High River)
Claggett, James Kerby & Roy G. Stewart (SK Bar Ranches Ltd.) from Melfort, SK, High River
Clampitt, Philip W. from Oyen
Clark & Collison from Knob Hill
Clark & Sewall, (George B.Clark & S.D. Sewall) from Hussar
Clark & Sons from Waskatenau
Clark Bros. (G. & C.) from Mannville
Clark, A.F. from Hannah, Hythe
Clark, Alex from Mannville, Vermilion
Clark, Alfred R. from Vermilion
Clark, Alfred W from Edgerton
Clark, Anice from Hardisty
Clark, Archie from Amisk, Hughenden
Clark, Arthur W. from Erskine
Clark, C.E. from Hardisty
Clark, D.E .from Airdrie
Clark, D.O. from Bergen
Clark, Dale W. from Carmangay
Clark, Deloy W. from Lethbridge, Stirling
Clark, Derrel from Cardston, Lacombe
Clark, Donald Edgar from Hinton
Clark, Doug from Vermilion
Clark, Duncan W. from Stettler
Clark, Ed from Medicine Hat
Clark, Edwin James from Wetaskiwin, Turner Valley
Clark, Eldon R. from High River
Clark, Ernest A. from Pincher Creek
Clark, Everett from Hotchkiss
Clark, Everett J. from Rosebud
Clark, F.M. & L. R. from Tofield, Sherwood Park
Clark, Fay H. from Nevis
Clark, Fred L. from Calgary
Clark, Fred W. from Vermilion
Clark, George from Bashaw
Clark, George M. from Mannville
Clark, H. from Nordegg
Clark, H. Ward from North Edmonton
Clark, H.M. from Streamas, Lloydminster
Clark, H.S. from Entrance
Clark, Hector M. from North Edmonton
Clark, Herbert Chester from Erskine
Clark, Hiram Alfred from Erskine, Stettler
Clark, Ian Cavil from Vermilion, Wainwright
Clark, James A. from Hoadley
Clark, James Arthur J. from Vermilion
Clark, James from Claresholm, Taber
Clark, James W. from Bay Tree, Lake Geneva
Clark, John B. from Bruce
Clark, John Etter from Stettler
Clark, John from Burdett
Clark, John from De Winton, High River
Clark, Joseph A. from Hanna
Clark, Marshall K. from Rosebud
Clark, Maud G. from Sexsmith, Teepee Creek, Bad Heart
Clark, Maurice George from Calgary
Clark, Mrs. Francis C. from Rosebud
Clark, Murray from Owen Sound, ON
Clark, Murray N. from Crooked Creek
Clark, Murray Nelson from East Coulee, Crooked Creek
Clark, Myul G. from Vulcan, Seebe
Clark, Norman from Medicine Hat
Clark, Percy Martin from Vulcan
Clark, R.K. from N. Edmonton
Clark, Richard from Altario
Clark, Robert from Consort, Monitor
Clark, Robert from Millerfield
Clark, Robert W. from Streamstown
Clark, Roy from Sunset House, Rosebud
Clark, Sewall and Potter (Raymond V Potter, S.D. Sewall, George B. Clark) from Hussar
Clark, T.G. from West Wingham, Sunset House
Clark, Terrence A. from Metiskow, Penhold, Drumheller
Clark, Thomas F. B. from Craigmyle, Drumheller
Clark, Thomas from Lafond, Brosseau
Clark, W.A. from Hughenden
Clark, W.E. from Medicine Hat
Clark, Wallace N. from Shelby, MT
Clark, Walter from Hanna, Maunders
Clark, Ward from Bow Island
Clark, William from Lundbreck
Clarke, A.W. from Lomond
Clarke, Albert G. from Sedgewick
Clarke, Arthur from McDonaldville
Clarke, Donald James from Lloydminster
Clarke, Donald Oliver from Edmonton
Clarke, F.W. from St. Lina
Clarke, Frederick William from Midnapore, Calgary
Clarke, Gary & Benci, Dennis from Picture Butte
Clarke, George & Shirley from Calgary
Clarke, George E. from Gadsby
Clarke, George F. from Leslieville
Clarke, George from Sedgewick, Airways, Czar, Craigmillar
Clarke, Graydon from Elnora
Clarke, Guy W. from DeBolt
Clarke, H.W. from Talbot
Clarke, Harold from Alix
Clarke, Harry Arthur from Lousana, Elnora
Clarke, Ivor & J. Rohl from Cochrane
Clarke, Ivor A. from Cochrane, Fort Pitt, Saskatchewan
Clarke, Jesse W. from MacLeod
Clarke, John & Sons from McDonaldville
Clarke, Lewis J. from Lacombe
Clarke, Mrs. L.Y. from Mirror
Clarke, Normand L. from Abilene, Ashmont
Clarke, Oscar from Cochrane
Clarke, P.C. from Red Deer
Clarke, Ronald John from Edmonton, Cluny
Clarke, W.E. & Sons from Talbot, Veteran, Scandia
Clarkson Bros. from Carlstadt
Clarkson, C.W. from Vulcan
Clarkson, Robert K. from Edmonton
Clarkson, W.W. & C.W. from Vulcan
Clasen, Emma E. from Cardston, Raley
Classen, John from Peers, Williams Lake, BC
Clausen, Pete from Spondin
Claxton, Herbert George from Calgary
Claxton, Thomas from Edmonton
Claxton, William G. from Haynes, Olive
Claybert, Elsie from Grand Centre
Clayburn Cattle Co. from Calgary
Clayholt, F.J. from Madden
Claypool, Darwayne from Nanton
Clayton, Clifford from Airdrie
Clayton, D.E. from Airdrie
Clayton, Earl M. (estate) from Calgary
Clayton, Earl M. (estate) from Calgary
Clayton, Edward J. from Airdrie
Clayton, Edward J. from Airdrie
Clayton, Emily Murray from Airdrie
Clayton, Graham from Sundre
Clayton, Harold J. from Indus
Clayton, Harold J. from Indus
Clayton, Harvey from Airdrie
Clayton, James E .from Bluffton
Clayton, James E. from Bluffton
Clayton, Leslie H. from Bluffton, Brant
Clayton, Mrs. E.M . from Airdrie
Clayton, Mrs. E.M. from Airdrie
Clayton, O. from Whitla
Clayton, O. from Whitla
Clayton, Percy G. from Airdrie
Clazie, E.W. from Pincher Creek
Clear Range Farm Ltd. (Donald Boyce) from Marwayne
Cleary, Thomas from Hemaruka
Cleave, Norman from Nanton
Clegg, J. H. from Clarkson Valley
Cleland, A.E. from Cowley
Cleland, Gilbert L. from Wrentham, Medicine Hat
Cleland, H. A. from Cowley, Vauxhall
Cleland, Lawrence M. from Cowley
Cleland, Theodore & Sons from Halcourt
Clelland, Bert A .from Irma
Clelland, R.A. from Twin Butte, Pincher Creek
Clemens, Mrs. Jessie V. from Gem, Pine Lake, Knee Hill Valley, Raven
Clemens, Wilfred L. from Pincher Creek
Clement, Leon from Water Valley
Clemmer, Neal Robert & Barbara Ann from Alder Flats
Clemmons, A. R. from Milo
Clemmons, Hattie Myrtle, & Alva A from Queenstown
Clemmons, Miles from Milo
Clemmons, Raymond L. from Queenstown
Clemmons, Raymond P. & Ronnie J. from Queenstown
Clerisse, Peter (or Pierre) from Ewing
Cleve, E. M. from Lloydminster, SK
Cleveland, Albert A. & Lorraine H. from Kitscoty, Sedgewick
Cleveland, Albert from St. Paul, New Brigden
Clever, Alvira Thompson from Edmonton
Clielton, T.E. from Claresholm
Cliff, Wesley from Innisfree
Clifford, E.S. from Strathmore
Clifford, Gene E. from Wainwright
Clifford, Gerald J. from Ribstone
Clifford, Gerald J. from Ribstone
Clifford, Jim from Ribstone
Clifford, M. from Ribstone
Clifford, M. from Ribstone
Clifford, Robert from Ribstone
Clifford, Thomas E. from Stavely
Clifford, William C. from Ardrossan, Tofield
Clifford, William John Jr. from Ribstone, Chauvin, Wainwright
Clifton, Dale E. from Taber
Clifton, Edwin J. from Granum
Clifton, Ezra from Granum
Clifton, Harry from Pine Lake
Clifton, Henry from Granum
Clifton, Hy & W.S. from Del Bonita
Clifton, John Leslie from Granum
Clifton, Mary A .from Magrath
Clifton, Mary A. from Magrath
Clifton, Mrs. David H. from Granum
Clifton, Mrs. David H. from Granum
Climie, Robert Hay & John Lane from Ingleton
Climie, Robert Hay & John Lane from Ingleton
Cline, George R. from Battle Ridge, Amisk, Nilrem
Cline, George R. from Battle Ridge, Amisk, Nilrem
Cline, J. C. from Pincher Creek
Cline, James & Elmer Zilke from Ponoka (Cline), Wetaskiwin
Cline, James & Elmer Zilke from Ponoka (Cline), Wetaskiwin (Zilke)
Cline, James H. from Ponoka
Cline, Leonard C. from Ponoka
Clinton, James E. from Cowley
Clinton, James E. from Cowley
Clissdell, Bert from Airdrie, Irma
Clive Memorial Curling Association from Clive
Cloakey, George H from Calgary
Cloakey, George H. from Calgary
Cloppert, John S. from Streamstown, Nunebor, SK
Close, Joseph Hawthorn from Dixonville
Cloud, H. C. from Cadogan, Abilene, TX
Cloutier, Laurent O. from Tangent, Whitecourt
Cloutier, Maurice from Donnelly
Cloutier, Paul from Girouxville
Cloutier, Pierre from Donnelly
Clovechok, John from Ghost Pine Creek
Club de Renards Argentes from Morinville
Club National de Renards Argentes from St. Paul
Cluley, Dennis P. from Craigmyle
Clutton, A.H. from Del Bonita
Clutton, David J. from Lousana
Clutton, Gavin H. from Delburne
Clyne, Alexander & Borghild from Sunnynook, Duchess, Prince George, BC
Clyne, Elizabeth C. from Edmonton
Coad, L.W. from Rosebud
Coal Branch Horse Owners Association from Mercoal
Coaldale Abattoir Ltd. from Coaldale
Coaldale Mennonite Association (Peter Regehr) from Coaldale
Coast, E.W. from Cadomin
Coates, Aubrey E. from Berwyn
Coates, Frederick J. from Milk River
Coates, James M. from Duffield
Coates, Leon A. from Carbon
Coates, Lillian from New Brigden, Killam
Coates, Lloyd & David from Red Deer
Coates, Norman from Bellevue
Coates, Robert F., (Squaw Point Ranching Ltd., Big Coulee Ranch) from Fort Macleod, Calgary
Coates, Vernon from Killam
Coatta, R from Tofield, Edmonton
Coatta, R. from Tofield, Edmonton
Cobbold, F. R from Pine Lake
Coble, V. P. & Glen A. Florence from Lloydminster, SK
Coble, V.P. & Glen A. Florence from Lloydminster, SK
Coburn, Fred A. from Smith, Mirror Landing, Terrace, BC
Cochkanoff, J. A. from Calgary
Cochlan, Bert from Stavely
Cochlan, Ed from Claresholm
Cochlan, Hazel Y. from Stavely
Cochlan, Hazel Y. from Stavely
Cochlan, James Leslie & Evelyn Pearl Cochlan (formerly Mrs. Blake) from Stavely
Cochlan, Kim Scott from Stavely
Cochlan, S.N. from Stavely
Cochlan, Terry F. from Stavely
Cochlan, Terry F. from Stavely, Cochrane
Cochran - Wilson, R. from Cochrane
Cochran, Fred from Colholme, Chinook
Cochran, Lorne Earl from Lethbridge
Cochrane, James Edward from Calgary
Cochrane, Linden J. from Coronation
Cochrane, W.R., Nicholson, W.R. from Calgary, North Fork
Cochran-Wilson, R. from Cochrane
Cockcroft, Charles from Gadsby
Cocks, Rodney from Galahad
Codd Bros., (Reuben, & Edward E.) from Burstall, SK
Codd, A. Edward from Minburn
Codd, J.H. from Minburn, Innisfree, Notchhill, BC
Codd, Maudie Belle from Vermilion, Minburn
Codd, Victor from Minburn
Codd, W.G. from Innisfree, Minburn, Vermilion
Code, Donald M. from New Brigden
Code, Norman from Red Deer
Code, Verne from Red Deer
Code, W.J. from New Brigden, Alix
Coderre, Edgar Eugene from Rocky Mountain House
Cody, Mary E. & A.H. from Red Deer
Cody, Michael from Calgary
Coe, Leon M. from Carmangay
Coe, William from Mulga, Vermilion
Coe, William from New Brigden
Coebergh, Josephus J & Annie Catherine from Bowmanton
Coelen, Arthur E from Cochrane
Coen, Sadie from Ponoka
Coffey, Bob from Czar
Coffrey, John S. from Stettler
Coffrey, John S. from Stettler
Cogbill, Jack W. from Swalwell, Nanaimo, BC, Grand Forks, BC
Coggins, T. Frank from Entrance, Evansburg
Coghill, Albert from Red deer
Coghill, James D. from Bowden
Coghlan, E.T. from Richdale
Coglon, Lucy from Coutts
Cohen, Hyman & Russell McLeod from Travers, Lethbridge
Cohen, Hyman & Russell McLeod from Travers, Lethbridge
Cohen, Hyman from Lethbridge
Cohoe, Charles from Cochrane
Colbens, Colben O. from Tilley
Colbert, M.M. from Stanmore
Colbourne, M.E. from Mannville
Coldwell, Mrs. A. from Craigmyle
Coldwell, P.E. from Lawsonburg
Cole, A.J. from Coronation
Cole, Albert & Son from Ponoka
Cole, Alfred from Coronation
Cole, Arthur O. from Raven
Cole, Celta from Redland
Cole, Donald from Keephills, Duffield
Cole, E.J. from Coronation
Cole, Ernest J .from Edmonton
Cole, Ernest J. from Edmonton
Cole, J.M. from Lloydminster
Cole, Joseph from Earlie
Cole, Manley R. from Medicine Hat, Manyberries
Cole, Manley R. from Medicine Hat, Manyberries
Cole, Spoor W. from Czar, Caroline
Cole, Spoor W. from Czar, Caroline
Cole, Thomas from Wellsdale, Islay, Clandonald
Cole, William H. from Ribstone
Coleman Bros. from Paradise Valley, Vanesti, Bruce
Coleman, A.L. from Cochrane
Coleman, Allan from DeWinton
Coleman, Clarence C. from Cremona
Coleman, Clarence from Markerville, Winfield, BC,
Coleman, Clarence from Red Deer
Coleman, Clifford & Shirley from Paradise Valley
Coleman, Dora D. from Beazer, Magrath
Coleman, E.J. from Paradise Valley, Vanesti
Coleman, Fred J. from Brooks
Coleman, Gordon & John Yacyna from Tulliby Lake
Coleman, Gordon & John Yacyna from Tulliby Lake
Coleman, Gordon from Tulliby Lake, Onion Lake
Coleman, J.R. from Paradise Valley
Coleman, John O. from Calgary
Coleman, M.C.C. from Paradise Valley
Coleman, Milton from Cremona
Coleman, Milton from Cremona, Hussar
Coleman, Ormond Calvin from Cremona
Coleman, R.G. from Calgary
Coleman, Vard M. from Hanna
Coleman, William Miles from Cochrane
Coli, Hugo Frank from Athabasca
Colina, A. from Throne
Collar, F.J. from Fort Macleod
Collard, David J. from Twin Butte, Midway, BC
Collete, I. Donat from Fabyan
Collett & Saunders from Taber
Collett, D. R & Sons Farms Ltd. from Taber
Collett, Irvin LeRoy, & Johnson, Elmer Francis from Sundre
Collette Bros. from Chauvin
Colley, James A. from Edson, Millarville, Midnapore
Colley, James A. from Edson, Millarville, Midnapore
Colley, Neva M (remarried name Neva M. Gouy) from Midnapore
Colley, Robert H. from Rosemary, Millarville, Black Diamond
Colley, Tom from Huxley
Collier, Cecil R. from Penhold
Collier, E.P. from Calgary
Collier, Percy from Etzikom
Collin, J. L .from Warner
Collinge, Edward from South Edmonton
Collinge, Harry from Strathmore, Vancouver, BC
Collins, A.P. from Rose Lynn, Sheerness
Collins, Alexander from Consort
Collins, Bryan from Wandering River
Collins, C.E. from Ranfurly
Collins, C.W. from Elnora
Collins, Casey from Calgary
Collins, Darrel J. from Burdett
Collins, Dennis Patrick from Bow Island
Collins, Dr. L.B. from Pincher Creek
Collins, Earl Byron from Warner
Collins, Fanny E. & Vincent Collin from Skiff
Collins, Floyd L. from Gem, Duchess
Collins, Frank J. from Beaverlodge
Collins, Fred from Dewberry, Hazeldine
Collins, Fred W. from Parkland, Stavely
Collins, H.G. from Rose Lynn
Collins, J.F. from St. Albert
Collins, Jerry Ross from Okotoks, Calgary, Cochrane
Collins, M.J. from Rose Lynn
Collins, M.R. Flying Red Wheel Ranch from Winterburn
Collins, Mary Evelyn (nee Stifle) from Sunnynook
Collins, Percy Patrick from Innisfail
Collins, Rene from Bonnyville, Fort Kent
Collins, Robert Alvin from Stavely, Nanton, Milk River
Collins, Robert F. from Gem
Collins, W.F. from Blueberry Mountain
Collinson, E.J. from Caroline
Collinson, George from La Glace
Coll-in-Wood Farms Ltd. from Leduc
Collipriest, J. S. & G. M. from Medicine Hat, Bowmanton
Collipriest, Mrs. G. M. from Bowmanton
Collis, Chris from Ponoka
Collis, Hilton John from Stavely, Nanton
Collis, O.J. from Spring Point
Collisen, Tom A .from Rolling Hills
Collison, Len from Lloydminster
Collison, Ted from Brantford, ON
Collwill, Michael J. from Calgary
Collyer, Charles D. D. from Busby
Colp, Albert from Dolcy, Metiskow, Edgerton
Colp, Dennis from Metiskow, Calgary
Colp, Ed from Metiskow
Colp, Herman from Metiskow, Czar
Colp, Joyce from Metiskow
Colp, Louis E. from Metiskow
Colp, Mrs. Earl from Metiskow, Wainwright
Colp, Norman from Wainwright, Metiskow
Colp, Ronald Floyd from Wainwright
Colp, Tim from Metiskow
Colpitts, Ernest A. from Lethbridge, Fort Macleod
Colpitts, S. R. from Vermilion
Colpitts, William from Bragg Creek
Colpitts, William W. from Calgary
Colquhoun, Malcolm from Youngstown
Colson, Frank H. from Coronation
Colston, Joseph from Haven
Colthorp, Mrs. P.J. from Whitla
Colthorp, R.H. from Winnifred
Coltman, Rex B. from Buffalo
Colton, Clarence Wesley from High Prairie
Colton, Murray from Cadogan
Colwell, Fred W. from Garfield, Cremona
Colwell, J.W. from Macleod
Colwill, George from Rolling Hills
Combest, Donna from Erskine
Combest, Gary & Donna from Erskine
Combs, Weslie from Edmonton
Comer, Harold W. from Penhold
Comer, Olga M. from Penhold, Red Deer
Comfort, John from Red Deer
Comm, Garth from Wanham
Comm, Sam from Wetaskiwin
Comparino, Marcello from Burmis
Compton, A.L. from Ponoka
Compton, Earl from Balzac
Compton, Mrs. L. from Ponoka
Compton, Mrs. L. from Ponoka
Comrie, Donald from Nanton, Muirhead
Comrie, Duncan from Nanton
Comrie, Kenneth from South Cooking Lake, Edmonton
Comrie, Kenneth from South Cooking Lake, Edmonton
Comrie, McKinnon & Comrie from Muirhead
Comrie, Peter from Namaka
Comstock, Allen from Calgary
Comstock, Clyde L. from Stauffer, Butte
Comstock, Fred from Nanton
Conally, Gordon from Bassano
Conant, A.B. from Byemoor, Gopherhead
Conarroe, Cecil V. from Paradise Valley
Condor Feeders Association Ltd from Condor
Cone, Wilfred L. from Carstairs, Innisfail
Congdon, Albert M. & Mrs. from Heisler
Congdon, Mrs. & Albert M. from Heisler
Congdon, Solomon from Irma
Congdon, Thomas R. from Violet Grove, Edmonton
Coninx, Gerald Hubert from Calgary
Conkey, Everett John from Rocky Mountain House, Red Deer
Conklin, Russell from Rainier
Conlon, E. Kenneth from Warner
Conn, D. L. from Haddock, Shining Bank
Conn, James H. from Calgary
Conn, Louis & Bodenko or Bodinko, Joseph from Bassano
Conn, Louis from Calgary
Connah, E.W. & Son from Monitor
Connah, Edmund Charles from Monitor
Connally, Charles D. from Bassano
Connanton, Mrs. T.H. from Vermilion
Connaughty, Mrs. J. from Ponoka
Connaughty, Mrs. J. from Ponoka
Connell, Barbara from Stavely
Connell, Donald George from Chinook
Connell, George J. from Calgary, Youngstown, High River, Chinook
Connell, George J. from Calgary, Youngstown, High River, Chinook
Connell, Hugh F. from Stavely
Connell, R.J. from De Winton, Bassano, Gem, High River
Connell, R.J. from De Winton, Bassano, Gem, High River
Connell, Ralph from Monitor
Connelly, Albert C. from Gillingham
Connelly, Albert C. from Gillingham
Connelly, H. E .from Manville
Connelly, H.E. from Mannville
Connelly, L. A. from Edgerton
Connelly, Robert from Gillingham
Conner, James from Wrentham, Cowley
Conners, Lawrence S, & Irene M. from Bergen, Steveville
Conners, Mrs. A. J. nee, Radcliff, Rose from Patricia
Conners, Rose nee Radcliff from Patricia
Conners, Vernon Lawrence from Bergen, Sundre
Connochie, J.D. from Tulliby Lake
Connochie, Robert W. from Tulliby Lake, Cardston, Boyle, Ohaton
Connolly, Allan Robert from Wainwright
Connolly, James H. from St. Paul, Lamont, Lafond
Connon, George J. from Calgary
Connon, Ray S. from Marwayne
Connor, Edward L. from St. Bridges, Victoria, BC
Connor, Glen from Olds
Connor, Gordon A. from Big Valley, Whitehorse, Yukon
Connor, John T. from Vauxhall
Connors, W.G. from Oyen
Conover, H.J. from Haddock
Conquergood, Eldon from Bow Island
Conquergood, Jessie nee Rapson from Winnifred, Bow Island
Conrad & McDonald from Darwell
Conrad, Arthur M. from Taber
Conrad, Gordon Aldon from Hondo, Slave Lake
Conrad, H.H. from Clairmont, Grande Prairie
Conrad, Joe from Elk Point
Conrad, John from Monitor
Conrad, Louis A. from Taber
Conrad, Louis A. from Taber
Conrad, M.W. from Taber
Conrad, M.W. from Taber
Conrad, Marie from Coleman
Conrad, Willy J. from Raymond, Stirling
Conrich Poultry Farm Ltd. from Calgary
Conroy, Fred A. from Wetaskiwin, South Ferriby, Edmonton, Wainwright
Conroy, Fred A. from Wetaskiwin, South Ferriby, Edmonton, Wainwright
Constable, Henry Leigh from Turner Valley, Calgary, Midnapore
Conti, Al from Ponoka
Converse, Temple from Provost
Conway, Matilda from Stettler
Conway, Nelson from Nevis, Alix, Abbottsford, BC
Cook Bros. from Mound
Cook Bros. from Taber
Cook, Albert from Buffalo, Bindloss, Cavendish
Cook, Alexander from Calgary
Cook, Charles H. from Picture Butte
Cook, Clifford from Fox
Cook, Delbert H. from Talbot
Cook, E.J. & Sons from Glenwoodville
Cook, E.J. from Veteran
Cook, Eugene Russel from Calgary
Cook, Everett from Galahad
Cook, Franklyn from Innisfail
Cook, G. from Scollard
Cook, George from Fox, Thelma, Irvine
Cook, George W. from Monitor
Cook, Gordon M. from Glenwoodville
Cook, H. E. from Meanook
Cook, Harold E. from Innisfail
Cook, Jack from Red Deer, Donalda
Cook, John Alfred from Markerville
Cook, John Freeman from Cessford
Cook, John Robert from Mound
Cook, Lacy from Markerville
Cook, Norman E. from Olds
Cook, Norman from Olds
Cook, Orvil W. from Pincher Creek, Pincher Station
Cook, Oscar from Galahad
Cook, Robert S. from Taber, Raymond
Cook, Royal L. from Delia, Harmattan, Castor, Bergen, Olds
Cook, Thomas Gilbert from Edmonton
Cook, Walter from Didsbury
Cooke Bros. from Edgerton
Cooke, Alan T. from Edmonton, Stony Plain
Cooke, Alice A. from Edgerton, Lea Park
Cooke, Brian David from Strathmore
Cooke, E.B. from Grande Prairie
Cooke, Lorne from Ponoka
Cooke, Thomas from Stony Plain
Cookson, George from Tofield
Cookson, Kenneth G. from Lacombe
Cooley, E.C. from Calgary
Cooley, M from Cadogan
Cooley, William Ray from Duchess
Coolidge and Allen from Taber
Coolidge, Gordon from Clyde
Coombes, Chester Ronald from Tofield
Coombs, Bert J. from Rosemary
Coon, Charles from Hines Creek
Coon, Mabel from Onion Lake, SK, Tulliby Lake
Coon, Mary Elizabeth & Mary Elizabeth Morgan from Hines Creek
Coones, Donovan Gordon from Bluffton
Cooper, A.C. from Bluffton
Cooper, A.D. from Edgerton
Cooper, A.W. from Tolland
Cooper, Albert from Lethbridge
Cooper, Amy from Sounding Lake, Monitor
Cooper, Billy from Caroline
Cooper, C.W. from Abilene, Ashmont
Cooper, Charles H. from Lacombe, Irvine
Cooper, D. J. from Tolland
Cooper, Des from Wildmere
Cooper, Earl. E. from Medicine Hat
Cooper, Edwin W. from Falun
Cooper, Ernest John from Onoway
Cooper, Frank from Willesden Green
Cooper, Frank from Woolford, Rimbey
Cooper, George P. from Mound
Cooper, Georgette L. from Hay Lakes, Bon Accord
Cooper, Glenn from Innisfree
Cooper, H. Alex from Czar
Cooper, H.A. from Bulwark
Cooper, Harry Hollins from Byemoor
Cooper, Harvey L. from Wainwright
Cooper, Heber from Talbot
Cooper, Hugh from Airdrie
Cooper, Hyrum S. from Magrath
Cooper, J.H. from Elkton, Didsbury
Cooper, James L. from Lindale, Leamington, ON
Cooper, Josiah from Taber, Falun
Cooper, Leonard S. from Westward Ho, Sundre
Cooper, Lloyd Robert from Drayton Valley
Cooper, Lorenzo from Alhambra
Cooper, Louis from Strachan, Rocky Mountain House
Cooper, M.W. from Claresholm
Cooper, Mary J. & Walter W. from Walsh
Cooper, Mrs. D. from Sunnybrook
Cooper, Mrs. D. from Sunnybrook
Cooper, Mrs. H.C. from Wembley
Cooper, Norman L. from Wainwright, Vancouver, BC
Cooper, O.H. from Winnifred
Cooper, R.R. from Nanton
Cooper, R.S. from Olds
Cooper, Ronald Earl from Calgary
Cooper, S.E. from Strathmore
Cooper, S.J. from Wainwright
Cooper, Sam from Lethbridge
Cooper, Sharon Elaine from Sundre
Cooper, Steve from Brooks
Cooper, Thomas, J. from Bow Island
Cooper, Victor Irvin from St. Brides
Cooper, Walter Fox from Vermilion
Cooper, William E. from Bulwark
Cooper, William from Clarkville, Owlseye Lake
Cooper, William Herbert from Sundre
Coover, C.E. from Coutts, Clarinda
Copan, George from Talbot
Cope, Hollis L. from Minburn
Copeland, Blaine & T.R. from Irma, Kindersley, Saskatchewan
Copeland, Edgar B. from Irma
Copeland, Frank Valentine from Kindersley, SK
Copeland, Mabel F. from Elnora
Copland, James A. from Nanton
Copland, James A. from Nanton
Copley, Arthur from Crossfield
Copley, Bruce from Okotoks
Copley, Gwendolin M. from Crossfield
Copley, John W. from Crossfield, Calgary
Copotyk, Nick from Smoky Lake
Coppieters, Ceasar from Raymond
Coppieters, W.C. from Raymond
Coppock, Gerald W. from Cochrane, Calgary
Copson, Frank O. & Kate, Rocky View Ranche from Olds, Mound
Copton, Dan from Taber
Corbett Farms Ltd. from Winnipeg, MB
Corbett, Mrs. C. A. changed to Elizabeth Margeret Bailey from Lonebutte
Corbett, Mrs. D.C. from Kinsella
Corbett, R.A. from Bascombe
Corbett, W.J. from Calgary
Corbiell, Francis from Gleichen
Corbiell, Joseph from Cluny, Gleichen
Corbiere, Paul from Mallaig
Corcak, M. from Veteran
Coreman, Henry J. from Twin Butte, Sundre, Olds
Corenblum, Rudolf from Lethbridge
Cormack, J. from St. Paul
Cormie, G.M. from Edmonton
Cormie, G.M. from Edmonton
Cormode, E.M. from Acme
Cornell, H.S from Compeer
Cornell, Harold Wesley from Derwent, Vermilion
Cornell, Harrison Smith from Chinook
Cornell, Ida from Chinook
Cornelsen, George A. from Brooks
Cornelssen, Ernest from Stettler
Cornfield, J.C. from Edgerton
Cornfield, L.W. from Edgerton, Chilliwack, BC
Cornforth, Ben from Carlos
Cornforth, David Steven & Iva Rose from Rocky Mountain House
Cornforth, Joe L. from Carlos
Cornish, William from Chailey
Corporation of the Lethbridge Stake from Lethbridge
Corrigan, Bernard from Penhold
Corrigan, James from Pincher Creek
Corrigan, Mrs. P.J. from Penhold
Corrigan, P. from Penhold
Corry, John from Garden Plain, Fertility, Scapa, Hanna
Corsiatto, Medard from Olds
Corson, Edmund from Grande Prairie, Edmonton
Cortez, Juan & Ramon from Coalhurst
Cosens, E.R from Morrin
Cosgrave, Frank from Red Deer
Cossey, L. E. from Tofield
Cossins, Frank from Red Deer
Cossins, Jonathon from Red Deer
Cossins, William Ernest from Red Deer
Costley, D.W. from Raymond
Costyk, Russell from Hanna
Coswell, Albert Edward from Bow Island
Cote Bros from St. Albert, Chauvin
Cote, Albert from Chauvin
Cote, Albert from Pincher Creek
Cote, Alcide from Chauvin
Cote, Burrell D. from Strathmore
Cote, Donald J. from Falher
Cote, Emil A. from Wardlow
Cote, Emil A. from Wardlow
Cote, J.W. & Adeline E. from Rainier
Cote, Joseph from Lafond
Cote, Leo J. from Hardieville
Cote, Leo J. from Hardieville
Cote, Leonard L. from Pincher Creek
Cote, Omer from Chauvin
Cote, Paul, Parker, L. from Edmonton
Cote, Romeo Louis from Devon
Cote, Victor from Ardrossan
Cote, Wallace from Falher
Cote, Willard A. from Howie, Cessford, Wardlow, Craigmyle
Cottell, Roy E. from Calgary
Cotter, Fred from Viking
Cotter, J.F .from Viking
Cotter, Jay from Viking
Cotterell, R.P. from Cochrane
Cottle, F.I. from Breda, Elnora, Lousana
Cotton, Fred W. from Brooks
Cotton, S.G. from Killam
Cotton, W.H. from Killam
Cottrell, George from Viking
Coughlin, M. from Alliance, Castor
Couiyk, Paul from Sangudo
Coulson, Andrew from Peace River
Coulson, John Thomas & May Stella from Elnora
Coulson, Phllip from Crossfield
Coulson, William A. from Edmonton
Coulter Bros. from Pollockville
Coulter, D.W. from Taber
Coulter, David from Brownfield, Gadsby
Coulter, David from Dunmore
Coulter, John David from Gadsby
Coulter, Joseph A. from Favor, Pollockville
Coulter, Mrs. A.C. from Bulwark
Coulter, Mrs. M.S. & Miller, Mrs. Catherine Miller from Taber
Coulter, W.H. from Alliance, Brownfield
Coulter, William from Vermilion
Coulthard, Alf H from Halkirk
Coultis, Ida Jane from Steveville, Wardlow
Coultman, Stanton D. from Irma
Coultman, Susanna from Orlindale, Irma
Coultry, Cecil William from Okotoks
Coultry, H.B. from Okotoks
Countess Grazing Association from Countess
County from Forty Mile # 8, Municipal District from Forty Mile # 2 from Foremost
County of Vulcan no. 2 from Vulcan
Courchesne, Elphege from Chauvin
Courchesne, Louis from Chauvin
Courchesne, Rene from Chauvin
Courchesne, Romeo from Chauvin
Courser Brothers from Ponoka
Court, Hugh McEvitt from Raymond, Hill Spring, Cardston
Court, Ralph P. from Diamond City
Courtnage, Kenneth George Ross from Longview
Courtney, J.M. (Estate) from Manyberries
Courtney, W.R. from Etzikom
Courtney, William J. from Delia
Courtright, William T. from Caroline, Rocky Mountain House
Courts, Dean (Gladine) from Hanna
Courts, F. from Rearville
Cousin, J. H. from Rife
Cousineau, Allan from Kessler, Silver Heights
Cousineau, Wilfred S. from Silver Heights
Cousins, Basil A .from Innisfail
Couter, P.O. from Brosseau, Foisy
Coutts, Arch S. from Earlie, Vanesti
Coutts, Gordon W. from Youngstown
Coutts, John from Chinook
Coutts, Lorna Grace from Hanna
Coutu, Lawrence P. from Duvernay
Couture, Joseph from Musidora
Couturier, Clarence J. from Alliance, Coronation
Couturier, Ernest from Egremont
Couturier, Iris from Coronation, Federal
Couturier, Leonard D. from Castor, Innisfail
Couturier, Wilfurd J. from Coronation
Couverette, Francis Louis from New Dayton
Covey, Shirley from Cardston
Covington, Delbert Ross from Fort Macleod
Covlin, Fred from Consort
Covlin, Mike from Eckville
Cowan and Rivington (Henry Byron Cowan & George F. Rivington) from Lone Butte
Cowan and Rivington,(Henry Byron Cowan & George F. Rivington) from Lone Butte
Cowan Bros., Bruce, & Eugene from Grimshaw
Cowan, A.B. from Calgary
Cowan, A.B. from Calgary
Cowan, Alvin S. from Erskine, Stettler
Cowan, Alvin S. from Erskine, Stettler
Cowan, B. P. from Countess
Cowan, B.P. from Countess
Cowan, Burton B. from Lone Butte, Rose Lynn
Cowan, Eugene from Grimshaw
Cowan, Frank from Nacmine, Driftpile, Bassano, Irvine, Medicine Hat
Cowan, Frank from Youngstown
Cowan, George from Nevis
Cowan, Harold from Grimshaw
Cowan, Henry Byron from Lone Butte
Cowan, John from Grimshaw
Cowan, John J. from Edmonton
Coward, Arthur Knight from Lacombe
Coward, Charles F. & David W. from Drayton Valley
Cowe, James from Alcurve
Cowell, C.H. & Bertha from Cheadle, Calgary
Cowell, J. Ezra from Calgary
Cowell, Stephen from Glendon
Cowie, Allan from Foremost
Cowie, Craig G. from Edmonton
Cowin, Robert Elgar from Vauxhall
Cowley, Thomas E from Heinsburg, Dewberry
Cowley, William H. from Edmonton
Cowston, Alex from Frog Lake
Cox, A. Noel from Lundbreck
Cox, E.D. from Fairview
Cox, Ernest from Bonnyville
Cox, Frederick from Marwayne, Lea Park
Cox, Gerald Lee from High Prairie, Edmonton
Cox, Gordon A. from Iron Springs
Cox, Harold William from Medicine Hat
Cox, Irvin L. from Rosalind
Cox, Mrs. Melvin nee Frances Riviere from Twin Butte
Cox, Orlando R. from Kitscoty
Cox, Robert Dennis from Fort Macleod
Cox, Roy from Duffield
Cox, Sarah from Cochrane
Cox, William H. & Fallis from Macleod
Cox, William H. from Macleod, Spring Point
Cox. Bros. from Viking, Edmonton
Coxson, F.W. from Pearce
Coyle, F.P. from Calgary
Coyle, Thomas E. from Alliance
Coyne, Gerald P. from Lethbridge
Coyne, Nelson Alfred from Fleet, Carstairs
Coyne, Richard from Fleet
Cozak, Pete from Lafond
Cozart, L.M. from Calgary
Cozart, Ruby nee Monteith from Calgary
Crabb, David Jr. from Milo, Vulcan
Crabb, David Sr. from Milo
Crabb, John Bruce from Milo
Crabb, Mary Ann from Magrath
Crabb, Sam N. from Bulwark
Crabtree, C. L. from Cardston
Crace, William Harry from Oyen
Craddick, Wilbur E. from Taber, Purple Springs
Craddock, George & Maud from Carbon
Craddock, John A. from Carbon
Craddock, John A. from Carbon
Craddock, Kenneth Edward from Alix
Cradduck, Charles W. from Taber
Cradduck, Philip from Purple Springs
Cragg, E.O. from Eyremore
Cragg, Harry E. from Delia
Craig, Archie M.S. from Jenner, Rutland, BC
Craig, Brian A. from Warner, Lacombe
Craig, Brian G. from Nanton, Lundbreck
Craig, Brian Gary from Valleyview
Craig, D. Russell from Delburne
Craig, Edward from Didsbury
Craig, Frederick W. from Crane Lake, District from Assiniboia, NWT
Craig, H. L. from Bentley
Craig, H.A. from Edmonton
Craig, H.L. from Bentley
Craig, Helen from Two Hills
Craig, J.C. from Calgary, Arrowwood
Craig, John Daniel from Calgary, South Edmonton, Sexsmith
Craig, John R. from Gull Lake, Saskatchewan
Craig, Kenneth D. from Medicine Hat
Craig, Lawrence Robert & Barbara Joy from Barrhead
Craig, Leon from Huxley
Craig, Mary Ann from Gull Lake, Saskatchewan
Craig, R.A. from Cadomin
Craig, R.M. from Delburne, Lousana
Craig, Thomas G. from Medicine Hat
Craig, Winona from Cayley, Nanton
Craige, Merle from Dewberry
Craige, Therese A. from Dewberry
Craigie, D.F. from Calgary
Craigievar Cattle Co. Ltd (Sharon Lynn Sharp) from Lacombe
Craine, G.H. from Armada, Lomond
Craine, George T. from Calgary
Craine, George T. from Calgary
Cram, John from Edgerton
Cramer, E.C. from Moose Wallow
Cramer, Eugene from Newbrook
Cramer, J. from Michichi
Cramer, J.J. from Watino
Crandall, Alva from Ponoka
Crandall, Delbert & Nola Berle from Ponoka
Crandall, Delbert & Nola Berle from Ponoka
Crandall, F.J. from Ponoka
Crandall, Hugh from Ponoka
Crandall, Jerold C. from Taber
Crandall, Lydia from Mannville
Crandall, Max E. from Ponoka
Crane Bear, George from Cluny
Crane, Clayton O. from Amarillo, TX, Champion
Crane, Clayton O. from Amarillo,TX, Champion
Crane, Eileen M. from Priddis
Crane, Glen N. from Grantham
Crane, Glen N. from Grantham
Crane, James from Coronation
Crane, Leonard from St. Paul
Cranston, Charles W. from Wembley, Wetaskiwin
Cranston, David John from Fort Saskatchewan
Cranston, J. from Morrin
Crapo, Calvin & Sallenbach, Lloyd from Rosemary
Crapo, N. E. & H. C. from Rosemary
Cravanzola, Giacomo from Rocky Mountain House
Craven, Thomas from Lake Eliza
Crawford, A. Ron from Ponoka
Crawford, A.M. & Joseph from Mannville
Crawford, C.W. from Three Hills
Crawford, Corinne from Stettler, Fenn
Crawford, Dale D. from Lacombe
Crawford, David C. from Hanna
Crawford, Floyd from Alder Flats
Crawford, H. from Three Hills
Crawford, Ida from Nanton
Crawford, James Henry from Byemoor, Lacombe
Crawford, John Holmes from Fenn
Crawford, Joseph from Entwistle, Peers
Crawford, Kenneth G. from Calgary
Crawford, Marjorie from Medicine Hat
Crawford, Mrs. C. from Mannville, Steveville
Crawford, R. from Duffield, Tomahawk
Crawford, Simon from Doran, Coutts, Milk River
Crawford, Thomas Austin from Fenn
Crawford, William from Byemoor
Crawley, William J. from Lethbridge
Crawshaw, Fred from Knee Hill Valley, Calgary
Crayford, Sidney from Cowley
Crazy Boy, Jeannie from Brocket
Creasey, H. and Sons from Halkirk
Creasey, L.A. from Halkirk, Lacombe
Creasy, E. from Hardisty
Creber, James H. from Myrnam
Credsy, David T. from Hardisty
Creech, J. Gilbert from Wainwright
Creighton, Ed from Mannville
Creighton, William H. from Rocky Mountain House, Blackfalds
Cress, Jesse J. from New Dayton
Cress, John & Laura Lee, remarried name Edwards from New Dayton
Cressman, Anne from Stavely
Cressman, Jim from Raven
Cressman, Lyle E. from Sundre
Cressman, Lyle E. from Sundre
Cressman, Neal from Strome, Sundre, Fort Macleod
Cressman, Samuel S. from Didsbury
Cresswell, Henry George & Sons (Ronald T. & Kenneth) from Calgary
Cresswell, Isabel Marion from Edmonton
Crest, Creston S. from Lethbridge
Cretin, Albert E. from Cluny
Cretin, Albert E. from Cluny
Cretin, Charles A from Cluny
Cretin, Denis A from Cluny
Cretin, Denis A. from Cluny
Crews, J. from Stauffer
Crews, W. from Suffield
Crichton, Bryan from Marwayne
Crichton, James R. from Marwayne, Northville
Crick, Harry from Brocket
Crick, John William from Vulcan
Crier, Lewis S. from Hobbema
Crighton, John from Ponoka
Crisp, Charles from Turner Valley
Crispie, George from Cowley
Crist, W.H. from Vauxhall
Cristian, Mrs. D.E. from Prospect Valley, Ribstone, Edgerton
Crocker, Clarence P. from Hindville, Vermilion
Crocker, William J. from Hindville, Vermilion
Crockett, William from Walsh
Croissant, Edward Walter from Schuler
Cromarty Bros., James, & Albert from Provost
Cromarty, Ed from Pakan
Cromarty, Louis from North Kotzman
Cromarty, Stanley from North Kotzman, Smoky Lake
Crombez, George & Walter from Lethbridge
Crombez, Odiel from Lethbridge
Crombie, A.S. from Harmattan
Crome, Mrs. F. M. from Hardisty
Crommett, G. W. from Goodridge, St. Paul
Crommett, Mac from Goodridge
Crommie, Thomas from Rimbey
Cronk, Gerald Gordon from Stettler
Cronston, Earle from Fort Saskatchewan
Crook, Irvin Cecil from Peace River
Crook, W.D. from Heinsburg, Sidney, BC
Crookes, Edwin from Airways, Coronation
Crookes, H. J. from Irvine
Crooks, E.H. from Lethbridge, Calgary
Croome, Valerie Hope from Breton
Cropley, L.H. from Minburn
Crory, Mrs. Herbert C. from Hussar, Strathmore
Crory, Mrs. Herbert C. from Hussar, Strathmore
Crory, R. Milton from Hussar, Red Deer
Crosbie, Jan Clair from Didsbury
Crosbie, T. from Lacombe
Crosby, George R from Vermilion
Crosby, George R. from Vermilion
Cross Child, Dominic from Standoff
Cross, B. R. (The Ghost Ranch) from Cochrane, Calgary
Cross, Clifton C., Buckhorn Ranche from Beaver Mines, Calgary
Cross, Gabriel from Frog Lake
Cross, Joe from Frog Lake
Cross, John from Cadogan
Cross, Wallace from Kitscoty
Crossley, Edward from Dolcy, Edgerton
Crossley, Harold from Delburne
Crossley, John from Delburne
Crosswhite, G.H. from Looma, Fort Assiniboine
Croston Bros. (M.L. & M.D.) from Caroline
Croteau, Louis & Rose Helen from Hays
Croteau, Lucien P. from Fort Kent
Croteau, Omer from Bonnyville, Durlingville
Crothers, J.A. from Sangudo
Crouch, James G .from Hardisty
Crouch, James G. from Hardisty
Crough, J. Herbert from Parkland, Patience, Hussar
Crough, J.S. from Pincher Creek
Crouse, A.B. from Kinsella, Viking
Crouse, Aaron from Kinsella
Crouse, Elmer T. from Kinsella
Crouse, John H. from Kinsella
Crouse, Laura from Viking
Crow Indians Ranching Co. from Warner
Crow, Benjamin R. from Cremona, Lexington, OR
Crow, Ralph R. & Joe Hutchinson from Barons
Crow, Ralph R. & Joe Hutchison from Barons
Crowchild, Ross Calvin from Calgary
Crowchild, Wade Philip from Hobbema
Crowder, Frederick from Alberta Beach
Crowe Bros. (R.R., A.G. & Clyde) from Goodwin
Crowe, John Patrick from Stettler
Crowe, Robert W. from Nanton
Crowe, William A. from Rat Lake
Crowell, James from Torrington
Crowell, John T from Mayton
Crowell, John T. from Mayton
Crowell, T. E. from James River Bridge, Sundre
Crower, J. A .from Hayneville, Coronation
Crowfoot Cattle Cooperative Ltd. from Bassano
Crowfoot, Cecil & Francis from Gleichen
Crowfoot, Cecil & Francis from Gleichen
Crowfoot, Joe from Gleichen
Crowley, Bernard Joseph from Wainwright
Crowser, Becky from Edson
Crowser, Ray L. from Edson
Crowshoe, Francis from Brocket
Crowshoe, Jackie Jr., from Brocket
Crowther, Leonard from Marwayne
Croy, Dave & Lily from Rocky Mountain House, Rocky Lane, High Level
Cruerer, A.L & D.P. from Calgary
Cruickshank, A. from Crossfield
Cruikshank, Angus from Innisfail
Crump, Clifford from Brooks
Crump, Rebecca & William H. & Henry E. Stephens from Patricia
Crump, Rebecca & William H. & Henry E., Stephens from Patricia
Cruse, Paul Dallas from Calgary, Midnapore
Cruthers, Clifford W. from Vermilion
Cryderman, John J. from Ribstone
Cryderman, M.J. from Ribstone, Westlock
Crystal Spring Ranch, Hunter Bros. (Ernest & Stephen) from Spring Point, Macleod
Csanits, Joe from Hanna, Spondin
Cseke, Alex, & Esther from Taber
Cselle, Gabor from Lethbridge
Csiki, Alex from Taber
Csossar, George Jr. from Brooks
Csoszar, Julius from Tilley, Brooks
Csoszor, Betty from Brooks
Csoszor, Maggie from Brooks
Cubitt, Fran from Darwell, Hobbema
Cuddie, Robert E. from Hanna
Cudrak, John from Coaldale
Cuffling, Agnes & J.C. from Midnapore, Okotoks
Culford, J. from Marwayne
Culford, William A. from Marwayne, Streamstown
Culham, E.B. from Calgary
Cull, Gary Alan from Edmonton
Cullen, C.W. from Nightingale
Cullen, John G. from Mayerthorpe
Cullen, Kenneth from Calgary
Cullen, Steve from Calgary, Enderby, BC
Culling, Gus F. from Bottrel, Cochrane
Culling, Robert T. from Bottrel, Dog Pound, Cochrane, Calgary
Cully, J. A. from Airdrie
Culp, Ray Beuford from Arrowwood
Culver, Charles from Retlaw
Culver, Robert James from Vauxhall
Cumberland, M.C. from Leedale, Rimbey, Bentley
Cuming Bros. from Crossfield
Cumming, Doug from Viking
Cummings F. H. Pat from Calgary, Vermilion, Forest Lawn
Cummings, C.S. from Calgary
Cummings, Charles from Wetaskiwin
Cummings, Earl W. from Esther, Loverna, SK
Cummings, John F. from Lone Butte, Clivale, Finnegan
Cummings, John T. from Easyford
Cummings, Leonard Peter from Rimbey
Cummings, O.P. from Brightview
Cummings, Vernon Fred from Cremona, Calgary
Cummins, Seth & Sons from Olds
Cuncannon Bros. (S. V. & C.M.) from Morin
Cundict, B.M. from Niton, Hattonford
Cundiff, Charles E. from Topland
Cundiff, Charles E. from Topland
Cundy, R. from Rainier
Cunningham, Albert from Mannville, Lake Geneva
Cunningham, C. Raymond from Gift Lake
Cunningham, D.N. & Son from Innisfail, Bowden
Cunningham, David from Bulwark
Cunningham, Francis H. from Tring Marwayne
Cunningham, Gerald R. from Calgary
Cunningham, Gordon D. from Chauvin
Cunningham, Jack from Bulwark
Cunningham, James R. from Trochu
Cunningham, Kay D. from Gunn
Cunningham, Raymond from Gleichen, Calgary
Curle, Fred from Barons
Curle, Kenneth J. from Burdett
Curran, A.W. from Woolchester
Curran, Cyril from Lethbridge, Red Deer
Curran, John Angus & Agnes Lind, from Nanton
Currence, Dean from Carstairs
Currence, Mrs. Claude from Claresholm, Carstairs, Calgary
Current, Howard Nelson from Vauxhall
Currey, J. E. from Whalley, Victoria, BC
Currie, Alf A. from Lloydminster
Currie, Allen from Stettler
Currie, C.D. from Marwayne
Currie, Cecil from Meniak
Currie, Daniel A. from Willowlea
Currie, Daniel A. from Willowlea
Currie, David H. from Irma
Currie, Gordon from Ponoka
Currie, H.B. from Leighton, Lloydminster
Currie, Harold C. from Berwyn
Currie, J.D. & C.F. Woitte from Innisfail
Currie, Jack Albert from Rocky Mountain House
Currie, James Donald from Edmonton
Currie, Mathew Thomas from Clive
Curry, Dan from New Norway
Curtin, Ole from Kinuso
Curtis, Chester C. from Halkirk
Curtis, Clara from Edmonton, Taber
Curtis, Clara from Edmonton, Taber
Curtis, Clifford R. from Arrowwood, Calgary, Carseland
Curtis, Harold Arza from Jasper
Curtis, Jerry from Arrowwood
Curtis, L.J. from Czar
Curtis, Leonard J. from Czar
Curtis, Ora F. from Czar
Curtis, Ora F. from Czar
Curtis, S.J. from Rowley Station, Olds
Curtis, S.J. from Rowley Station, Olds
Custead, C.J. from Airdrie, Calgary
Cuthbert, Charles Frederick from Grand Centre, Beacon Hill, SK., Lloydminster, AB
Cuthbert, Clarence M. from Innisfail, Lloydminster, Hughenden
Cuthbert, Murry R. from Kinuso
Cuthbertson, Edgar G. from Wembley
Cuthbertson, Edgar G. from Wembley
Cuthbertson, George from Coronation
Cuthbertson, Rodney from Wembley
Cutler, Charles H. from Lethbridge
Cutler, Charles H. from Lethbridge
Cutler, Frank Leo from Vulcan
Cutler, Hiram from Rimbey
Cutshaw, H.P. from Ashmont
Cutting, A.L. from Priddis
Cutting, Arthur LeRoy from Midnapore, Black Diamond, Priddis
Cwiklewich, Russell W. from Chinook
Cwiklewich, Walter from Chinook
Cwikula, John from Bruce
Cyr, Albert from Calgary, Brooks
Cyr, Alex Paul from Cowley
Cyr, Catherine from Pincher Creek
Cyr, Damase from Pincher Creek
Cyr, Damaze E. from Pincher Creek
Cyr, Dolphis (Adolphis) from Pincher Creek
Cyr, Dominic J. from Pincher Creek
Cyr, Fred from Millicent, Social Plain, Duchess, Port Alberni, BC
Cyr, George L. from St. Paul
Cyr, Henry D. from Pincher Creek
Cyr, Isidore from Fort Kent
Cyr, Joseph from Millicent, Three Hills
Cyr, Margaret from Vermilion, Clandonald, Mannville
Cyr, Mrs. Henry F. from Pincher Creek
Cyr, Mrs. Napoleon from Bindloss, Brooks
Cyr, Napoleon from Social Plains, Bindloss, Brooks
Cyr, Paul M. & Angeline from Pincher Creek
Cyr, Vital from Donnelly
Cyre, Clifford A. from Barrhead
Cyre, Hilaire from Vimy, Fort Saskatchewan
Cyre, Louis from Shoal Creek, Barrhead
Cyril Curran Livestock Ltd. from Red Deer
Czabaj, Leon from Barnwell
Czember, Emil from Redcliff
Czibere, Nick from Taber
Czibeu, Nick from Taber, High River
Czypionka, Joachim B., Flat Creek Ranch from Ellscott
Czyszczon, Walter from Granada

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