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Cancelled Brand Files - B
Brewster, Henry Clark from Mirror
B & B Stables (Kenneth Baker) from Lethbridge
B. H & G. Cattle Co. (Paul Gates, C.W. Bishop, N. Helfrich & E. Barlow) from Standard
Babb, Clarence LeRoy from Viking
Babb, Lee from Wainwright
Babb, Ronny from Wainwright
Babcock, F. from Kinuso
Babey, Mike from Myrnam
Babiak, John from Buford
Babin, G. from Beaver Mines
Babin, Peter from Mundare
Babiuk, Emanuel from Brosseau
Babiuk, George from Lafond, Brosseau
Babiuk, Nick from Lavoy
Babiuk, Thomas N. from Willingdon
Babiy, Nick from Haight
Bablitz, Irving E. from Bruce
Babovnik, Ben from Rumsey
Babowal, Irene Elizabeth from Edmonton, Viking
Babrange, John from Taber
Baby, Alex from Lathom, Bassano
Baby, Steve from Myrnam, Beaver Dam
Baceda, Ben from Taber, Barnwell
Bach, Hans from Grimshaw
Bachand, Alex from Clive, Vauxhall
Bachkowski, Paul from Breton
Bachmann, Marinus from Tolland, Vanesti, Wainwright
Bachmeier, John L. from Medicine Hat
Bachmier, Peter from Westlock
Bachor, Fritz from Ponoka
Back, George Robert from Highvale
Back, Marie Louise from Hussar
Backous, Eric from Olds
Backous, George from Olds, Westerdale
Backs, Hans & Harald Schonlener & Helmer Welen from James River Bridge
Backs, Hans from James River Bridge
Backs, James R. from Condor, Crossfield
Backs, M. from Crossfield, Bottrel, Strathmore
Backstrom, Elof from Cremona
Backstrom, R.A. from High Level
Backus, G.A. from Cherry Point
Bacon Bros., Fred, Wesley, & Alfred from Fabyan
Bacon, Albert from Wainwright
Bacon, George Alfred from Wainwright
Bacon, George Robert from Hesketh, Carbon
Bacon, Horace from Marwayne
Bacon, James from Hesketh
Bacon, Thomas from Fabyan
Bacon, William from Irma
Baczuk Bros., (Louie, John, &, Joe G.) from Milk River
Baczuk, A.H. from Milk River
Baczuk, John from Coaldale
Baczuk, Steve from Milk River
Bad Eagle, Arthur from Brooks
Bad Eagle, Pat from Brocket
Bad Eagle, Raymond from Peigan Indian Reserve
Baden, George B. from Longview, Calgary
Baden, H.A. from Vulcan
Bader, R.E. from Lacombe, Mirror, Acme
Badger, Bernard Fred from Enilda
Badger, George from Delburne, Red Deer
Badger, Joe from Enilda
Badger, John from Bonnyville
Badger, Percy Clarence from Sexsmith
Badger, William Gordon from Sexsmith, Grande Prairie
Badot, Hector from Lundbreck, Tod Creek
Badot, Leon from Tod Creek
Badry, Clements A. from Gadsby
Badura, Floyd from Taber
Baedke, Nathanael from Medicine Hat
Baerg, Aron from Crowfoot, Coaldale, Ontario
Baerg, Bernhard from Lethbridge
Baerg, C.C. from Coaldale
Baerg, C.J. from Vauxhall
Baerg, Johnny W. from Acme
Baerg, W. Curtis from Linden, Stettler
Baergen, Abe George from Tofield
Baergen, Gerhard from Grantham, Vauxhall
Bagg, Fred from Olds
Bagger, Paul from Brazeau Dam
Baglee, James from Rio Grande
Bagley, E.R. from Rumsey, Rowley
Bagnall, William J & Marjorie L. from Dog Pound
Bagshaw, Frank from Okotoks
Bagshaw, John from Elkton, Carstairs
Bagstad, Albert from St. Kilda
Bahme, Emil from Mound, Westward Ho
Bahme, William from Westward Ho
Bahr, Albert from Rainier
Baier, Clem from Wainwright, Provost
Baier, George from Compeer
Bailer, John from Wetaskiwin
Bailey Bros. (Lloyd & Stan & Gordon F.) from Bowden, Edmonton
Bailey, Albert Lewis from Ponoka
Bailey, B.A. from Donalda
Bailey, Bill from Barrhead
Bailey, Bruce L. from Lloydminster, SK
Bailey, Cecil from Tofield, Sardis, BC
Bailey, Clarence E. from Halkirk, Gadsby
Bailey, Clifton from Lacombe
Bailey, David Warcup & Barbara Jean from Okotoks, Sundre
Bailey, Delmar from Alcomdale
Bailey, E.L. from Turin
Bailey, Edward from Tofield
Bailey, Effie J. from Turin
Bailey, George Leicester from Mirror, Alix
Bailey, J.T. from Edmonton
Bailey, John T. from Gadsby
Bailey, Joseph from Granum
Bailey, L.T. from Lacombe
Bailey, Laura from Galahad, Britain
Bailey, Leona from Vauxhall, Penhold
Bailey, Neil G. from Tofield
Bailey, Phyllis I. from Okotoks
Bailey, R.G. from Tofield, Edmonton
Bailey, R.H.M. from Clover Bar
Bailey, Russell from Heath
Bailey, W. from Delacour
Bailey, Walter R. from Calgary
Bailey, William from Heath
Bailie Bros from Skiff
Bailie, Donald H. from Taber, Skiff
Bailie, James D. from Calgary, Michichi, Delia
Baillie, J. M. from Elnora
Bailly, Hester from Acme, Didsbury
Baily, E. from Tofield
Baily, Walter & Leona from Alix
Baily, Walter & Leona from Alix
Bain Brothers AB Ltd. from Edmonton
Bain, Gordon from Barrhead
Bain, John A.G. from Coronation, Mossleigh
Bain, Joseph V. from Castor
Bain, Robert from Pemukan
Baines, Harry H. from Loch Sloy, High River, Pekisko
Baines, Ollie from Clive
Bains, John W. from Kipp
Bair, James from Sedalia
Baird Bros. from Olds
Baird, Charles J, &, Irene L. from Castor
Baird, Crawford from Cereal
Baird, Donald from Twin Butte
Baird, Jerry from Claresholm, Lethbridge
Baird, Kenneth Harvey from Holden
Baird, Ralph H. from Bashaw
Baird, Samuel John from Yellowknife, NWT, Byemoor
Baird, William K. from Gadsby, Stettler
Baird. Mervin J. from Gadsby, Botha
Baisden, Stella from Metiskow
Baisden, Vinton W. from Metiskow
Bakay, Steve from Venice
Baker Bros. (Walter A. & Lyle A.) from Lloydminster
Baker Bros. from Leslieville
Baker, Allen R. from Rivercourse, Lloydminster,
Baker, Arthur F. from Rochester
Baker, Bessie A. from High River
Baker, C.G. from Leslieville
Baker, C.H. from Mannville
Baker, C.R. from Hardisty
Baker, Clayton R. from Camrose
Baker, Douglas C. from Fort Macleod
Baker, Ed W. from Eagle Hill, Olds
Baker, Elwood from Iron River
Baker, F.A. from Grassy Lake
Baker, G.W. from Manyberries
Baker, George P. from Doe River, BC
Baker, Henry from Olds
Baker, J. Allen from High River
Baker, J. Osborne from Madden
Baker, J.E .from Okotoks, Nanton
Baker, Joseph from Walsh
Baker, Kenneth from Raymond
Baker, Lloyd from Vauxhall
Baker, Lowery E. from Ribstone
Baker, Marshall from Magrath
Baker, Mrs. Ernest from Berwyn
Baker, Otto from Olds, Calgary
Baker, Otto Merrit from Chauvin
Baker, Owen from Okotoks
Baker, R.S. from Raymond
Baker, Robert A.R. from Castor, Bezanson
Baker, Simon E. from Olds, Eagle Hill
Baker, Terrence M. from Turin
Baker, Vic Earl from Gem
Baker, Walter F. from Blackie, Meadowbrook, Dinton
Baker, Wilfred A. from Calgary
Baker, Willard from Delburne
Baker, William Arthur from Westlock
Baker, William from Rocky Mountain House
Baker, William John from Pincher Creek
Bakk, George from Ponoka, Rocky Mountain House
Bakke, Chris from Rimbey
Bakke, Clarence B. from Rosalind, Camrose
Bakke, E.S from Rosalind, Ohaton
Bakken, Andrew from Lougheed
Bakken, Carl from Galahad
Bakken, George from Throne
Bakken, Obert O. from Sedgewick
Bakker, John from Brooks
Bakker, Norman from Barrhead
Bakker, P. & Sons from Stony Plain
Bakker, P. & Sons from Stony Plain
Bakos, Peter & Sophie from Claresholm
Baksa, Joe from Brooks
Bakstad, Gladwin from Medicine Hat, Orion
Bakstad, Henry from Orion
Balan, Nick from Smoky Lake
Balanecki, Steve from Hamlin
Balascak, Joseph George from Tawatinaw, Rochester
Balash, John from Barnwell
Balash, Nick from Ranfurly
Balazs, Steve from Picture Butte
Balchin, L. from Mayerthorpe
Balcoske, H. & Rudolf Corenblum from Lethbridge
Balcovske, Herb from Lethbridge
Balcovski, Herbert from Lethbridge
Bald, R. B. from Bearberry
Balde, Henry from Crossfield, Champion
Balderson, A.L. from Bircham
Balderson, Anna Bell from Cochrane
Balderson, Lee Roy from Carstairs
Balding, Mrs. J. Glenn from Leduc
Baldrey, C.A. from Sylvan Lake
Baldry, Keith M. from Worsley, Clear Prairie
Baldry, Kenneth L. from Worsley, Clear Prairie
Baldry, M.J. from Clear Prairie
Baldwin, Alice E. from Calgary
Baldwin, Dale W. from Winfield
Baldwin, Donald Chester Frank from Calgary, Winfield
Baldwin, Harry from Cochrane
Baldwin, J.S. from Raymond
Baldwin, Jean G. from Calgary
Baldwin, Lorraine Joy from Winfield
Baldwin, Morgan from Reist, Hanna
Baldwin, Ray C. from Fort Pitt, SK, Frenchman Butte, SK
Baldwin, W. from Pincher Creek
Baldwin, W.H. from Calgary, Rowley
Bale, Nels from Kinuso
Bales, Douglas from Sundre
Bales, Frank C. & Charles from Carstairs
Bales, Fred T. from Carstairs
Bales, George from Crossfield
Bales, George H from Cremona, Sampsonton, Carstairs
Bales, Kenneth from Cremona
Balfour Bros from Strachan
Balisky, George from Sexsmith
Ball, Benjamin from Brant
Ball, Carmen from Lindbrook
Ball, Colin from Paradise Valley
Ball, Dave from Edmonton
Ball, Dave from Edmonton
Ball, Forest G. from Oyen
Ball, Forest G. from Oyen
Ball, Gerald Stewart from Pincher Creek
Ball, H. from Bergen
Ball, H. from Bergen
Ball, Joe from Botha
Ball, John from Onoway
Ball, William from Onoway
Balla, Mike from Iron River, Garth
Ballantine, Robert H. from Mannville
Ballantyne, Hilda K. from Calgary
Ballantyne, J.& J. from Rimbey
Ballantyne, John Lance from Medicine Hat
Ballard, George Herbert from Sundre
Ballard, Harold H. from Sundre
Ballard, S.A. from Strome
Ballas, Donald from Heinsburg
Balog, Bert from Lethbridge
Balog, Joseph L. from Milk River, Killam
Balon, Dan from Red Deer, Stettler
Balzer, David from Vauxhall
Bamber, Frederick A. from Cherry Grove
Bamber, J.A. from Delburne
Bamber, Lee Albert from Delburne
Bamber, Norris from Langford Park
Bamber, R.V. from Esther
Bamber, S. from Wabamun
Bamber, S. R. from Langford
Bamber, William & Son (Derek) from Beaver Crossing, Grand Centre
Bamson, W.H. from Marwayne
Banack, Joseph from Camrose
Banack, Louis from Vauxhall
Banasch, Helmut from Medicine Hat
Banbur, Kazmier from Picture Butte
Bancarz, Sam from Fort Vermilion
Banco, Nathaniel from Hanna
Banco, Walter from Ponoka
Bancroft, Gordon W. from Red Willow
Banderob, P.W. from Cremona, Calgary
Banek, Jacob from Bowmanton
Banek, Richard from Bowmanton, Rainier
Banford, Norman Gordon from Leedale
Bang, R.M. from Mannville
Bangs, Dennis from Hays
Bangs, Eva from Bindloss, Hays
Bangs, Roy from Bindloss, Hays
Banister, Sarah Ann from Sundre
Bankhead, J. Cristel & Son from Wanham
Banks Bros from Willowlea
Banks, Bligh W. from Veteran, Ricinus, Calgary
Banks, Effie F. from Veteran, Calgary
Banks, J.T. from Mannville
Banks, Z.S. from Veteran
Banneck, Emanuel from Duchess, Midlandvale
Banneck, Herb from Hanna
Bannerman, D.S. from Kew, Millarville
Bannerman, Joseph R. from Jumping Pound, Calgary
Bannerman, Nettie from Calgary
Bannerman, W.T.S. from Kew
Bannick, Bert from Hutton, Duchess, Millicent, Rumsey, Drumheller, Bassano, Rose Lynn
Bannick, Edwin from Donalda
Bannick, Emanuel from Lawsonburg, Hutton, Duchess
Bannick, Koneta V. from Countess
Bannister, Eileen from Cardston
Bannister, Harold Edgar from Highway
Bannister, James H from Hartell
Bannister, Mervyn H. from Alder Flats
Bannister, Neil from Winfield, Woodrow, SK
Bannister, Orville from Hugenden
Bansemer, Harold S. from Cochrane
Banta, J.A. Jr. from Crossfield
Banta, J.R. from Madden
Banta, Mrs. C.M. & A.A. from Crossfield, Bottrel, Dog Pound, Sampsonton
Bantel, Arthur from Calgary
Banting, Laurence A. from Red Deer
Banting, William from Didsbury, Elkton
Banwell, W.J. from Federal, Coronation
Baptie, James Alexander from Bragg Creek
Baptiste, Byron from Elk Point
Bar H Ranches Ltd. from Calgary
Bar J M Holdings Ltd. (John Martson Jr. ) from Rocky Mountain House
Bar Lazy S C Cattle Co-Op from Calgary
Bar S Ranch Ltd (Chattaway, Maxine & Blades, Dorothy M.) from Nanton
Bar X L Ranch from Rocky Mountain House
Bar, Glen A. from Ardenville
Barabash, Jacob from Vilna
Barabash, William Gary from Pincher Creek, Edmonton
Baranec, Harry from Mirror
Baranovski, Bill from High River
Baranovski, Josephine & Leo from Viking, Kinsella
Bararaba, Bill from Lafond
Barat, Andy from Brooks
Barbaro, Joe from Taber, Purple Springs
Barbazuk, Mary from Elk Point
Barber, Gary from Carbon
Barber, George from Carbon
Barber, James from Hardisty
Barber, James M. from Consort, Monitor
Barber, L. R. from Kitscoty
Barber, Melvin Clarence from Edmonton
Barber, Mrs. Robert from Carbon
Barber, Mrs. Robert from Carbon
Barber, Pen from Barons
Barber, Ralph E. from Innisfree
Barber, Robert Ian from Lethbridge
Barber, William Pensam from Barons
Barbour, Archie from Pincher Creek
Barby, H.O. from Orion, medicine Hat
Barby, Terrance Gale from Lethbridge
Barclay, Alexander from Beaver Mines
Barclay, Charles James from Beaver Mines, Pincher Creek
Barclay, Dwaine J. & C.J. (Greenridge Ranch) from Pincher Creek
Barclay, Evelyn from Eskine, Stettler
Barclay, H.E. from Eerskine
Barclay, Robert from Elnora
Bardell, Charles Edward from Redcliff
Bardell, Irene from Hussar
Bardell, John from Pincher Creek
Bardell, Mrs. Claude from Calgary
Barden, George Alex from Bruce
Bardenhagen, Carson from Gilby
Bardenhagen, Fred from Eckville
Bardenhagen, Ole from Eckville, Gilby
Bardick, Roberta from Lacombe
Bare, John C. & Bell from Lundbreck
Baretshnyder, Hans from Burdett
Barett, Peter from Berry Creek, Calgary
Barfuss, Godfrey from Hill Spring
Barg, Bernhard from Brooks
Barg, Peter from Grassy Lake
Bargal, E.R. from Priddis
Bargholz, Dougals J. from Brownfield, Summerland, BC
Bargholz, Jesse Kenneth from Brownfield
Barker, Almer Thomas from Bindloss
Barker, C.G. from Sylvan Lake
Barker, Donald Ralph from Sundre
Barker, Elsie from Sundre
Barker, Frank from Okotoks
Barker, G. A. from Bruce
Barker, G.A. from Bruce
Barker, Gordon from Killam
Barker, Harry G. from Okotoks, Calgary
Barker, Harry G. from Okotoks, Calgary
Barker, James B. from Excel
Barker, Levi P. from Sundre
Barker, Perry from Hussar
Barker, Stanley from Bruce
Barker, Wayne J. from Minburn
Barker, Wayne J. from Minburn
Barkley, Henry O. & George Elliott from Delburne
Barkley, Henry O. & George Elliott from Delburne
Barkley, James Robinson from Calgary
Barkley, Larry M. from Sherwood Park, Calgary
Barks, Geordie from Calgary
Barlad, Jerry from Lac Bellevue
Barley, Charles M. from Edmonton
Barley, Joseph from Granum
Barlow, Dianne Lorraine from Strathmore
Barlow, Harold from Cummings
Barnaby, Noy from Lethbridge
Barnard, E.E. from Wrentham
Barnard, E.E. from Wrentham
Barnard, George E. from Consort, Monitor, Pemukan
Barnard, George E. from Consort, Monitor, Pemukan
Barnard, Jessie M. from Calgary
Barnes, Donald from Goose Lake, Enilda, Camrose
Barnes, E.D. , Harper, E. & B. from Eaglesham
Barnes, E.M. from Calgary
Barnes, Frank George from Three Hills, Millarville
Barnes, H.V. from Enilda
Barnes, Herbert Albert from Redcliff, Richdale, Medicine Hat
Barnes, I. H from Etzikom
Barnes, Ivor H & Freda from Etzikom
Barnes, Jackson & Clara from Rocky Mountain House, Nacmine
Barnes, James & Sons from Mannville
Barnes, John Henry from Rapid Narrows, Medicine Hat
Barnes, L.G. from Millicent
Barnes, Loreine from Horburg, Armstrong, BC
Barnes, Loyd Gordon from Millicent
Barnes, Mary Edith from Claresholm
Barnes, Nicholas G. from Millicent
Barnes, Paul E. from Two Hills
Barnes, R. J. from Stony Plain
Barnes, Richard from Enilda
Barnes, Robert W. from Slave Lake
Barnes, Ronald from Donalda
Barnes, Thomas A. & William M. from Ranfurly
Barnes, W. H. from Donalda, Stettler
Barnett , Ron W. from Esther
Barnett, Bros. (Floyd C., & Earl E.) from Lomond, High River
Barnett, H.G. from Millet, Lomond
Barnett, J.T. from Strathmore
Barnett, J.T. from Strathmore
Barnett, J.T. from Stratmore
Barnett, James A. from Islay
Barnett, Leona M. from Lomond, Calgary, Millet
Barnett, Mrs. E. M. from Stettler
Barnett, Mrs. M. from Stettler
Barnett, Susan from Islay
Barnett, W.D. from Marwayne, Sherwood Park
Barnscher, Walter E. from Hardisty
Baron, Andrew from Bonnyville
Baron, Clifford from Bearberry, Marchant Grove, SK, Swift Current, SK
Baron, Nick from Bonnyville
Barons Barley Growers Ltd. from Barons
Barr, Albert from Consort, Sedalia
Barr, Allistair & Rod from Stanger, Sangudo
Barr, Allistair Leslie from Stanger
Barr, Charles & Willa from Pincher Creek
Barr, Ellen A. & Delmar from Ardenville
Barr, J. J. from Edmonton
Barr, J.J. from Edmonton
Barr, Rod from Stanger
Barraboy, Frank E. from Gadsby
Barraclough, Johnny from Midnapore
Barrass, John F. from Irma
Barrass, W. from Shining Bank
Barrett & Ellis from Beaver Lodge, Rio Grand
Barrett, Arthur from Blackfoot
Barrett, Harry James from Ellscott
Barrett, Marie remarried Zipse from Donalda
Barrie, John J. from Medicine Hat
Barrie, John J. from Medicine Hat
Barron, William from Langdon
Barron, William from Langdon
Barros, Leonard H. from Bindloss
Barros, William H. & E.A. MacDonald from Cavendish, Pancras
Barrow, Miles H. from Tofield
Barrow, Miles W. from Tofield
Barrowcliff, Tom from Mound, Westward Ho
Barrows, George C. from Milk River
Barrows, L.G.B. from Cochrane, Calgary
Barry, Donald Keith from Strathmore
Barry, Frank G. from Rimbey
Barry, Gerald from Eaglesham
Barry, M. from Dauntless, Whitla, Blackie
Barry, Thomas from Bearberry
Barstad, Selmer O. from Heinsburg
Bartel, Glen from Edberg
Bartels, Ray from Mosside, Barrhead
Barth, Alex from Faith
Barthel, Dwayne Melvin from Days land, Marwayne
Barthel, Hans from Lea Park, Marwayne
Barthel, Harold from Marwayne
Bartle, Louis from Smoky Lake
Bartlett, Ernest Lavell & Gladys from Iron Springs, Milk River, Picture Butte
Bartlett, Ernest Lavell & Gladys from Iron Springs, Milk River, Picture Butte
Bartlett, Fred from Halkirk
Bartlett, S.J. from Edmonton
Bartlett, S.J. from Edmonton
Bartlett, Samuel D. from Orion
Bartlett, Samuel D. from Orion
Bartlett, Vern from Violet Grove, Drayton Valley
Bartlett, W.J. from Wainwright, Heath
Bartlett, William from Cochrane, Lethbridge, Rimbey
Bartley, J.H. from New Brigden
Bartley, Les H. from Ponoka
Bartman, Mrs. R.S. from Pollockville
Barton, F.W. & Sons from Condor
Barton, G.V from Condor
Barton, Glen from Taber
Barton, H A. & Company from Irma
Barton, H.A. & Co. from Irma
Barton, Ira D. from Big Stone, Kinmundy
Barton, Ira D. from Big Stone, Kinmundy
Barton, J. Perry from Stirling
Barton, J.G. from Taber
Barton, J.G. from Taber
Barton, J.H. from Wrentham
Barton, Jerrold K. from Red Deer
Barton, Richard Arnold from Calgary
Barton, Robert from Roselea
Barton, Thomas Arthur from Calgary, Red Deer
Barton, W.O. from Stirling
Bartosek, John J. from Coaldale, Lethbridge
Bartoshyk, Joe from Myrnam
Bartsch, William from Castor
Bartsoff , Peter, Jr. from Raymond, Legend
Bartsoff, Pete, Sr. from Vauxhall, Raymond
Bartsoff, John from Raymond
Bartz, Conrad from Monarch, Lethbridge
Bartz, Henry from Monarch
Bartz, Julius E. from Big Valley
Bartz, Wilfred T. from Lamont
Barva, Frank, Jr. from Lethbridge
Barva, Helen from Pincher Creek
Basarab, George from High Prairie
Basaraba, Elie from Vilna, Hamlin
Basaraba, from Vilna, Hamlin
Basaraba, Metro from Hamlin
Basaraba, Nick E. from Hamlin
Basaraba, Shirley from Calgary, Strathmore
Bascom, Billy R. from Raymond
Bascom, Ronald Melvin from Eastend, SK, Jenner
Bascombe, Ray L. from Penhold, Pine Lake
Bashford, Sam from Ribstone, Provost
Basile, Jean from Lafond
Basisty, Bud Andrew from Rycroft
Baska, Charlie F. from Irma, Provost
Baska, Frank from Irma
Basnett, John Herbert from Eureka River
Basnett, Mrs. M. J. from Eureka River, Maycroft, Vanrena
Bass, Ernest R. from Worsley
Bass, George from Worsley
Bassett, Charles Floyd from Evergreen, Eckville
Bassett, T.A. & E.A. Slack from Eagle Butte, Duchess
Bassett, Thomas from Drumheller, Rosedale
Bassil, W.R from Olds, Didsbury
Basso, Joe from Bellevue
Bast, Anthony J. from Berwyn, Brownvale
Bastell, George from Peers
Bastien, Germain & Arthur from McLennan, New Fish Creek
Bastien, Teddy from Brocket
Bastien, Walter from Brocket, Calgary
Basting, James H. from Sheerness
Basting, James H. from Sheerness
Bastura, Ted from Taber
Batch, Alex from West Wingham, Coronation
Batch, Alice M. from Cassils
Batchelor, A. A. E. from Water Valley
Batchelor, Ken, Wilson, Harry from Keg River
Bateman Bros from Minnihik
Bateman Bros. from Minnihik, Lorraine, Castor, Alliance
Bateman, Catherine from Vulcan
Bateman, Dave & Sons from Innisfail
Bateman, George & R. O. Donily from Tolland, Vermilion
Bateman, George & R.O. Donily from Tolland, Vermilion
Bateman, J. W. from Alliance
Bateman, Leon W. from Vulcan
Batemen, Clarence from Alder Flats
Bates, Albert J. from Leo, Forestburg
Bates, Clifford F. from Dewberry
Bates, E.P. from Craigmyle
Bates, Edward Frederik from Craigmyle
Bates, Frederick Hamilton from Acme
Bates, George William from Strathmore
Bates, Maria E. from Leopoldville, Alliance, Sedgewick
Bates, Marvin from Cayley, Coaldale
Bates, Mrs. Vesper from Valleyview
Bates, O.E. from Cardston
Bates, Thomas from Edgerton
Bates, Valmer W. from Cardston
Bates, Vesper Arlington from New Fish Creek
Bates, William A. from Midnapore, Calgary, Victoria, BC
Bates, William from Alliance, Vancouver, BC
Bath, F. S. from Wainwright
Batke, August W. from Darwell
Batke, Ella E. from Donalda
Batke, Fred H. from Rosalind, Kelsey
Batke, Irvin C. from Rimbey, Donalda, Alix, Hoadley
Batke, John H. from Vermilion, Wildmere
Batke, John H. from Vermilion, Wildmere
Batke, S. William from Rosalind
Batt, Dmetro from Fort Vermilion
Battenfelder, Alan from Camp Creek
Battenfelder, John Henry from Camp Creek
Battenfelder, Mary Claudia (remarried name Noel) from Camp Creek
Battenfelder, Mike from Camp Creek
Battensby, Fred from Knee Hill Valley
Batter, Walter from Brooks, Edmonton
Batter, Walter from Brooks, Edmonton
Battle Creek Ranch Ltd. from Calgary, Edmonton
Battle River Roping Club from Ponoka
Battle, Brian & Shannon from Calgary
Battle, Felix from Delia, Vancouver, BC, Carstairs
Battrum, A.R. from Sibbald, Oyen
Battrum, Duncan L. from Edmonton, Sherwood Park
Batty, George from Nordegg
Batuick, Joe from Alder Flats
Bauder, Ralph from Priddis, Black Diamond
Baudette, Ted from Vegreville
Baudin, Joseph Richard from Mayerthorpe
Bauditesl, William from Carstairs, Didsbury
Bauer, Alvin L. from Mannville
Bauer, Arthur Wayne from Darwell
Bauer, B.F. from Beach Corner
Bauer, Charles from Lomond
Bauer, Chris from Mannville
Bauer, F.W. from Coleridge
Bauer, George from Darwell, Salmon Arm, BC
Bauer, Jacob from Castor
Bauer, John from Torrington
Bauer, Oscar from Torrington
Bauer, Oswald W. from Mannville
Bauer, Reinhold from Vermilion
Bauer, Robert from Vermilion, Mannville
Baugh, C.C. from Nemiskam
Baugh, George Ritschel from Foremost
Baughman, David from Sundre
Baughman, Doris from Sundre, Bergen
Baughman, S.E. from Didsbury
Bauman, Christian from Ranfurly
Bauman, H.M. from Peoria, Kelowna, BC
Bauman, Jacob from Botha, S. Edmonton
Bauman, John & Paul from Endiang
Bauman, Simon from Beaverlodge
Bauman, Walter, Bauman, Arthur from Ranfurly
Baumann, Fritz from Harmattan
Baumann, Lanny D. & Betty S. from Mountain View
Baumback, Fred from Ponoka
Baumback, Jacob from Rimbey, Bentley
Baumbeck, Isaac from Medicine Hat
Baumgardt, August from Hilda
Baumgardt, Rudolf from Innisfail
Baumgardt, William from Calgary
Baumley, C.J. from Bawlf
Baumley, Eugene William from Salt Prairie
Baumna Bros from Alcomdale, Endiang
Baur, Robert & Colette from Onoway
Baustad, J.B. from Harmattan
Baustad, S. from Olds
Bawden Ranching Ltd. (Peter Bawden) from Cochrane
Bawden, H. C. from Meeting Creek
Bawden, William Henry from Meeting Creek
Bawtinheimer, Norman Roy from Red Deer
Baxter, Barbara Lesley from Innisfail
Baxter, Carl H. from Magrath
Baxter, Frank R. from Lundbreck
Baxter, George Willard from Medicine Hat
Baxter, George Willard from Medicine Hat
Baxter, Jim from Crossfield
Baxter, L. E. from Endiang
Baxter, L.E. from Endiang
Baxter, Lorne James from Calgary
Bayard, Paul & Jeanne from Cold Lake
Bayer, Sven from Brooks
Bayers, William from Rycroft
Bayley, Clifford from Crooked creek
Bayley, Gordon Roy from Crooked Creek
Bayley, Josiah Castree from Chinook
Bayliss, John Ewand from Consort
Baynham, Lloyd from Chauvin
Baynham, Wesley from Chauvin
Bazant, Steve V. from Calgary
Bazinet, Rosaire from Fort SK
Bazinet, Touissant from Fort SK
Bazinet, W. from Lac la Biche
Bazley, Thomas from Lloydminster, AB, Edgerton
BDJ Cattle Company ( Bruce Nilsson, Donald Herrie & James L. Meeks) from Raymond
Beach, Arty Lue from Ponoka
Beach, Edward from Ponoka
Beach, Howard W. from Lethbridge, Medicine Hat
Beach, Kathleen from Chauvin
Beach, Raymond from Ponoka
Beach, Roger from Iddesleigh
Beadle, Mrs. Harry from Cochrane
Beadman, B.P. from Bonanza
Beagle, C.R. from High River, Mazeppa
Beagle, Don from Lomond, Brooks, Arrowwood
Beagle, Donald R. from Brooks
Beagle, J.P. from Gleichen, Arrowwood
Beagle, Ronald D. from Arrowwood
Beal & Gadd from Ponoka
Beal, W.R from Bragg Creek, Calgary
Beale, Barbara from Calgary
Beale, James K. from Midnapore
Beamish Bros from Jarvie
Bean, Aletha & Clarence from Joffre
Bean, William Jordan from Dovercourt, Sundre
Bear, Eric from Wetaskiwin
Beard, Bernard Frank from Vermilion, Naco
Beard, Evelyn from Naco
Beard, Mrs. M.C. from Airdrie
Beards, M. from Vauxhall
Bearg, David from Vauxhall
Bearham, Edward from Fawcett
Beasley, Carl John from Patricia
Beasley, Carl Jones from Millicent
Beaton Bros. (Colin M. & Neil A.) from Calgary
Beaton, A.C. from Calgary
Beaton, H.G. from Kitscoty
Beaton, Perry A. from Delia
Beattie, Clifford from Atlee
Beattie, Dale from Goodfare
Beattie, Eva from Okotoks
Beattie, Evan Montgomerie, (LaBarge Ranch) from Pincher Creek, Creston, BC
Beattie, M.A. from Big Valley
Beattie, R. N. and Son from Stavely
Beattie, Sanford from Nemiskam
Beattie, Sanford from Nemiskam
Beattie, William M. from Innisfail
Beatty, Douglas Reid from Airdrie, DeBolt
Beatty, George F. from Midnapore, Crossfield, Calgary
Beatty, George F. from Midnapore, Crossfield, Calgary
Beatty, J. A. from Lousana, Elnora
Beatty, John A. from Rimbey
Beatty, John Charles (The Sarnia Ranching Company Ltd) from Walsh
Beatty, John Charles (The Sarnia Ranching Company Ltd) from Walsh
Beaubien, Joseph R. from Wetaskiwin
Beauchamp, Edward from Lake Louise
Beauchamp, Joseph H. from Taber
Beaudette, Eugene from Beauvallon
Beaudin, Florian from St. Paul
Beaudin, Jean Baptiste from Cluny
Beaudin, Roland Armand from Hussar
Beaudoin, Alfred from Lac la Biche Mission
Beaudoin, Peter from Lundbreck
Beaudon, August from Cowley
Beaudreau, Fred J. from Cluny
Beaudry, Alfred from Prairie Echo
Beaudry, August from High Prairie
Beaulac, Joe Ed. from McLennan
Beaulieu, John L. & Betty Jacobs from Sundre
Beaulieu, John Louis from Bearberry, Sundre
Beaulieu, Rosemarie from Bearberry
Beaumont, Art J. from Consort
Beaumont, Lillian May from Viking
Beaumont, Luman S. from Keystone, Breton
Beaumont, Phillip from Red Deer
Beaupre, Rosaire O. from Kinuso
Beauregard, Peter from Kikino
Beauregard, Simon from Desmarais
Beaver Broilers Ltd. from Edmonton
Beaver Dam Investors from Olds
Beaver River Ranching Ltd from Edmonton
Beaver River Ranching Ltd. from Edmonton
Beaver, Nat from Morley
Beaver, Sarah from Morley
Beaverbones, Jim from Rocky Mountain House
Beazer Welfare Society from Beazer
Beazer, Alvin E. from Cardston
Beazer, Lynn M. from Cardston
Beazer, Meade & Cahoon, George from Cardston
Beazer, Verda from Beazer
Beazley, E.C. from Wainwright
Beazley, Lily from Wainwright
Beazley, W. Leslie from Wainwright
Bech, Peter from Elk Point
Bechal, Emil from Irvine
Becht, Karl from Monarch, Waldeck, SK
Bechtel, Jacqueline from Twin Butte, Pincher Creek
Bechtel, John H. from Pincher Creek, Twin Butte
Bechtel, Winona E. from Twin Butte
Bechthold, Alvin D. from Foremost
Bechthold, Jacob from Crossfield
Bechtold, Henry, Jr. from Irvine
Bechtold, Charles from Irvine
Bechtold, Henry Jr. from Irvine
Bechtold, L. W. from Sundre
Bechtold, L.W. from Sundre
Beck Bros from Okotoks
Beck Bros. from Okotoks
Beck, A.F. from Harmattan
Beck, A.F. from Harmattan
Beck, Charles E. from Delia, Penticton, BC
Beck, Charlie & Mabel from Worsley
Beck, Chris from Buffalo, Cavendish
Beck, Eric & Annie from Delia, Clive, Stettler
Beck, George from Buffalo, Brooks
Beck, George J & Adelaide from Pemukan
Beck, George J. & Adelaide from Pemukan
Beck, Irwin C. from Czar, Edmonton
Beck, Jerome Curtis from Czar
Beck, John from Bingville
Beck, Marie from Brooks, Buffalo
Beck, Max from Hemaruka, Ponoka
Beck, Milton from Schuler
Beck, Peter from Pincher Creek, Dry Fork
Beck, R.P. from Edmonton
Beck, Robert T. from Clive
Beck, Robert T. from Clive
Beck, Wilfried from Calgary
Beck, William G. from Sundre
Becker, Adam from Schuler
Becker, Albert from Carbon
Becker, Clifford H. from Camrose
Becker, Elmer from Medicine Hat
Becker, Floyd Phillip from Rimbey
Becker, Frank from Lomond
Becker, George from Airdrie
Becker, Gerny from Hilda
Becker, Gilbert, Becker, Philip from Schuler
Becker, Harold from Schuler, Medicine Hat
Becker, Henry from Rose Glen
Becker, Herbert A. from MacLeod Valley, Peers
Becker, Howard Ernest from Schuler
Becker, Jake from Medicine Hat
Becker, John L. from Midnapore, Turner Valley
Becker, John L. from Midnapore, Turner Valley
Becker, K.P. from Hilda
Becker, Percy W. from Rimbey
Becker, Philip P. from Schuler, Rose Glen, Medicine Hat
Becker, Raymond from Medicine Hat
Becker, Reinhold from Tothill, Medicine Hat
Becker, Robert from Schuler
Becker, Rudolf from Wimborne
Becker, Rudolph from Wimborne
Becker, Rudy William from Wimborne
Becker, Teresa from Airdrie
Becker, Theodore from Beiseker
Becker, William H. from Rimbey
Beckett, A.M. from Wainwright
Beckett, Ambrose from Kinsella, Viking
Beckett, Don from Leduc, Hazeldine
Beckett, L. H. from Kinsella, Mannville, Williams Lake, BC
Beckett, Lawrence from Kinsella
Beckett, Mary from Rodino, Kinsella
Beckett, Samuel from Hanna, Rose Lynn
Beckhold, Herman from Vanrena
Beckingsale, Doris Evelyn from Penhold, Pine Lake
Becklund, Geeorge A & Alma F. from Sunnynook, Gilbert
Beckman, Arthur from Vermilion, Wildmere
Beckman, Donalda from Tolland
Beckner, E.G. from Milo
Beckner, William John from Milo
Becton, J.S. from Grand Centre, Lindale
Becze, William from Bruce
Bedard Bros (Eldred T. & E.L) from Medicine Hat, Redcliff, Box Springs
Bedard, Daniel from Thorhild
Bedard, Joseph from Chauvin
Bedard, Roland from Joussard
Bedard, Telesphore from Beauvallon
Beddis, Colin Alfred from Edmonton
Beddoes, Ernest from Crossfield, Madden
Beddoes, G.H. from Lockhart, Rimbey
Beddoes, L.H. from Rimbey
Bedea, Walter M. from Hastings Coulee
Bedford, Cecil O. from Grassy Lake, Govenlock, SK
Bedford, James C. from Govenlock, SK
Bedford, James C. from Govenlock, SK, Swift Current, SK
Bedingfield, R. from Ponoka
Bedker, Daniel from Walsh
Bednarz, Mike from Vermilion, Mannville
Bedson, H. Edgar from Brownfield
Bedwell, Frances M. from Kitscoty, Lloydminster
Bee, Frank from Mayerthorpe
Beebe, Paul from Forestburg
Beebe, Verne from Brownfield, Veteran
Beeby, Ada from Cochrane
Beecher, George from Cremona, Water Valley
Beecroft, Alvery from Islay
Beedle, Earl from Castor
Beef Unlimited (Youth for Christ), Lougheed, G.R. from Benalto
Beek, C. from Kitscoty
Beek, Peter from Airdrie, Bingville
Beeket, William J from McDonaldville, Paradise Valley
Beeket, William J. from McDonaldville, Paradise Valley
Beekman, Elbertje from Fort Macleod
Beekman, Gerrit from Fort Macleod
Beeman, David B. from Calgary
Beer, Ernie H. from Crossfield
Beere, Mary from Pincher Creek, Brocket, Spring Ridge
Beet, E. & Sons from Roselea
Beeton, Edward J. from Calgary, Metiskow, Czar
Beeton, Gordon from Kinsella
Beeton, Harold from Czar, Silver Heights
Beeton, Lawrence from Czar
Beeton, Terry Leslie from Kinsella, Viking
Beeton, Walter Roy from Czar, Strathmore
Beeza, Mary R. from Calgary, Nanton
Befus, Alex from Cluny
Befus, Conrad from Leo
Befus, Dan from Hubalta, Cluny
Befus, John from Elkton, Didsbury
Befus, R. from Didsbury
Begert, W.J. from Blackfalds, Bentley
Begg, F.F. from Altario
Begg, H.K. from Youngstown, Metiskow
Begg, Jack from Youngstown
Beggs, David R. from Lloydminster, SK & AB
Beggs, Hannah M. from Lloydminster
Beggs, James A. from Lloydminster, SK
Beggs, Mrs. D.R from Lloydminster, AB
Beggs, W.J. from Condor
Begin, Henri from Girouxville
Begley, Neil Allen from Calgary
Behn, Florian from Glendon, Flat Lake
Behnke, Edward J. from Streamstown
Behnke, Peter A. from Streamstown
Behnke, William Patrick from Streamstown
Beieler, Alfred from Steveville, Patricia
Beier, Herman from Provost, Compeer
Beier, Pete from Compeer
Beierbach, August from Hilda
Beierbach, Emanuel from Walsh
Beierbach, Fred or Frederick, & Bertha from Innisfail
Beierbach, Herbert from Rimbey
Beierbach, Robert from Ranchville, Manyberries
Beierbach, Sam from Newburg, Ranchville
Beierle, Jack from Delburne
Beierle, Theodor from Leslieville
Beingessner Bros from Champion
Beingessner, Alph from Alix
Bekar Bros. from Lindbergh
Bekkering, Chris from Chigwell
Bekkerus, Lloyd from La Glace
Belal & McWilliams from Ponoka
Beland, Walter from Dewberry
Belanger, Adelard from Bonnyville, Edgerton
Belanger, Alice M. from High River, Midnapore
Belanger, Alphonse from Bonnyville
Belanger, Arthur from Bonnyville
Belanger, D. from Brooks
Belanger, Emile from Bonnyville
Belanger, Frank from Lindale
Belanger, Gerard from Bonnyville
Belanger, L..J. from Edmonton, High River, Midnapore
Belanger, L.J. from Edmonton, High River, Midnapore
Belanger, Nellie M. from Edmonton
Belanger, Ronald from Bonnyville
Belasek, H.J. from Rimbey
Belcher Bros (W.W. & H.W.) from Bulwark, Lindsville
Belcher, George from Sundre, Calgary
Belcher, W.W. from Bulwark
Belcourt, Charles from St. Albert
Belcourt, Dolphus from Hazelmere
Belcourt, Joseph D. from Pine Lake
Belcourt, Wilfred from Glenevis
Beler, David Anthony from Hays
Beler, Henry Raymond from Calgary
Beler, Joseph from Hays
Beler, Robert John from Calgary
Belfrey, Arthur W. from Dimsdale
Belik, Harry from Edgerton
Belkin, Henry W. from Calgary, Vancouver, BC
Belkovski, William from Chip Lake, Leaman
Bell, Andrew Stewart Embury from Carbon
Bell, Arthur from Calgary
Bell, Bertram from Red Deer
Bell, Brian Harold from Research Station Lethbridge
Bell, Charles from Brooks
Bell, Dale from Clive
Bell, Douglas George from Bluffton
Bell, E.C. from Sangudo
Bell, George Brian from Sylvan Lake
Bell, George S. from Carbon
Bell, Hugh C. from Reno
Bell, Irvine M. from Vermilion
Bell, Ivin & Son from Pemukan
Bell, J.F. from High Prairie
Bell, J.W.L. from Finnegan
Bell, James P. from Big Valley
Bell, James R. from Vilna
Bell, Jim from Opal, Egremont
Bell, John from Chauvin
Bell, John from Delia
Bell, John J. from Claresholm
Bell, Joseph R. from Claresholm
Bell, Ken I. from Clive
Bell, Linford S. & Haggart, Charles E. from MacKay
Bell, M. & B. Kerr (AB Stock Yards) from Calgary
Bell, Mary C. from East Coulee, Millerfield
Bell, Mrs. Eva from Edmonton
Bell, Olive remarried name Barber from Viking, Calgary
Bell, Robert from Lomond
Bell, Stuart Inglis from Drayton Valley
Bell, Terry I. from Red Deer, Lacombe
Bell, Thomas from Hardisty
Bell, Thomas G. from Dorothy, Millerfield, Rosedale
Bell, W.C. from Vermilion
Bell, W.J. from Vermilion
Bell, Wesley A. from Sylvan Lake
Bell, William Albert (Bert) from Bassano
Bell, William from Red Deer
Bell, William George from Bluffton, Dalemead
Bellaglen Farms Ltd. (R.P. Engley)from Edmonton
Bellaire, E. D. & Buchs, Charley from Big Prairie, Water Valley
Bellamy Bros. from Cremona
Bellamy, Walter G. from Cremona, Olds
Bellamy, Warren from Bonnyville
Belland, M. from St. Paul
Beller, A.L. from Wetaskiwin
Beller, Leo R. from Perryvale
Bellerose, Charles from Cork
Bellerose, Henry from Driftpile
Belliot. A.F. from Tinchebray, Galahad
Bellmont, Fred from Chinook
Bellnapp, Donald J. from Lethbridge
Belly Butte Cattle Co-Op Ltd. from Cardston
Belly, Joe from Onion Lake, SK.
Belly, Ernest H. from Onion Lake
Belmont Fur Farm from Edmonton
Belmont Fur Farm from Edmonton
Belozer, Walter from Calmar
Belsek, Harry from Vilna
Belsheim, Thomas from Veteran
Belt, Roy R. from Eckville
Belter, Paul from Bashaw
Belton, C.N. from Dolcy, Edgerton
Belton, William Henry from Islay
Belts, Helen E. from Strathmore
Beluch, John S. from Taber
Beluch, John S. from Taber
Belyea, Frank & Bayview Arab Horse Ranch from Magnolia, Edmonton, Olds
Belyea, Frank (Bayview Arab Horse Ranch) from Magnolia, Edmonton, Olds
Belzek, Metro from Vilna
Belzil, Emile from St. Paul
Bencharski, John from Thorhild, New Brook
Benchcharski, Mike from Abee
Benci, Frank from Picture Butte
Benci, Louis from Lethbridge
Bendek, Adam from Pincher Creek
Bendek, Herman A. from Pincher Creek
Bendek, Herman A. from Pincher Creek
Bender, Charles T. from Big Valley
Bender, Christ from Hilda
Bender, George from Hilda
Bender, George from Tilley
Bender, Jack Jr. from Hilda
Bender, John from Hilda, Medicine Hat
Bender, John George from Brooks
Bender, Rudolph from Delia, Dorothy
Bender, William from Brooks, Millicent
Bendfeld, Henry John from St. Lina
Bendiksen, T. from Ryley
Bendview Farms Ltd. from Hays
Bene, Peter & Sons from Coaldale
Benedetto, Robert from Millet
Benedetto, Savario from Millet
Benedict, R.G. from Olds
Bengry, Joseph H. from Cardston
Bengry, Walter Richard from Cardston, Spring Coulee
Bengston, Ed Victor from Drayton Valley
Bengtson, A.H. from Westerose
Bengtson, Fritz from Roros, Ribstone
Bengtsson, Oscar J. from New Dayton
Benio, Bill from La Corey
Benio, Mike S. from Edson, La Corey
Benio, William or Wasyl from La Corey
Benkel, Bruno from Ponoka
Benn, G.W. from Homestead
Benn, Howard K. from Medicine Hat
Bennefield, Calvin J. from Wetaskiwin
Benner, Barrie from Paradise Valley
Benner, E. C. from Leslieville
Benner, George Hamilton from Stanmore
Benner, Harold M. from Bluffton
Benner, Harrison S. from Red Deer, Three Hills
Benner, S.B. from Paradise valley
Bennett O. & Veno, A.R. from Sundre
Bennett, A.P. from Didsbury
Bennett, Alan from Three Hills, Meacham, SK.
Bennett, Austin V. from Countess, Del Bonita
Bennett, Blayne Burnwell from Taber
Bennett, C.E. from Forestburg
Bennett, Charles E. from Moyerton, Paradaise Valley
Bennett, Charles M. from Halkirk
Bennett, Clark from Olds
Bennett, D. A. from Raymond
Bennett, Dakota L. from Mayerton, Paradise Valley, McDonaldville
Bennett, Dakota L. from Moyerton, Paradise Valley, McDonaldville
Bennett, Ethel from Vauxhall
Bennett, F. G. from Grantham
Bennett, F.C. from Grantham
Bennett, Fletcher (Locky Bell Ranch & Shoderee Ranch) from Pincher Creek
Bennett, Floyd from Uncas
Bennett, Francis L. from Grantham, Vauxhall
Bennett, Frank from Pincher Creek, Brocket
Bennett, Fred J. from Peoria, Wanham
Bennett, Gerald W. from Bowden, Innisfail
Bennett, Gladys from Calgary
Bennett, Harry G. from Sylvan Lake, Benalto
Bennett, Howard R. from Paradise Valley, Viking
Bennett, Hugh from Calgary
Bennett, Ivan from Ardrossan, Uncas
Bennett, John T. from Edmonton
Bennett, John T. from Edmonton
Bennett, Lawrence Edward from Olds
Bennett, Lorne from Mirror
Bennett, Mary from North Cooking Lake, Uncas
Bennett, Mrs. J. from Cowley
Bennett, Mrs. M. from Uncas
Bennett, Percy Thomas from Lundbreck, Jumping Pound
Bennett, R.A. from Lamont
Bennett, Ron from Medicine Hat, Orion
Bennett, Russell from Mirror
Bennett, Tom from Bearberry, Sundre
Bennett, Vern Lamar from Magrath
Bennett, W. J. from Retlaw, Calgary
Bennett, W.E. from Lundbreck, Armstrong, BC, Fort Macleod
Bennett, William D. from Namaka
Bennion, Douglas W. from Glenwoodville
Bennitt, C. from Veteran
Beno, Norman L. from Sundre
Benoit, Arthur J. from Lloydminster
Benoit, Edward Philip from Nanton
Benoit, Jean R. from Chauvin
Benoit, John Joseph from Red Deer
Benrot, Arthur S. from Barrhead
Bensler, Edward from Pincher Creek, Twin Butte
Bensmiller, Thomas Sherman from Calgary
Benson, E.M. from Bruce
Benson, Ed R, from Viking, Camrose
Benson, Elvin M. from Lomond, Calgary
Benson, Ernest B. from Bruce
Benson, George M. from Vilna
Benson, George W. from Coronation
Benson, Hilda E. from Nanton
Benson, Hjalmar from Esther
Benson, Ivan from Rosalind
Benson, K.G. from Vilna
Benson, Kathleen from Sexsmith
Benson, Leo S. from Rimbey, Leedale
Benson, Leonard from Lomond
Benson, Martin from Bruce, Woodglen
Benson, Mrs. Delmonde from Onion Lake, SK
Benson, Mrs. Fred from Lonira
Benson, Norman from Rimbey
Benson, Obert B. from Kinsella, Viking, Camrose
Benson, Raymond P. from Bruce
Benson, S.T. from Kevisville, Raven
Benson, T.G. & Inga from Marwayne
Bensted, R.J. & W.T. from Rockyford
Bent, Roland E. from Lundbreck, Drumheller
Bent, William Ernest from Lundbreck
Bentley Bros. (Peter Joseph, Sam Harry & David) from Boyne Lake
Bentley, Calvin Lester from Ashmont, Vilna, Leduc
Bentley, George from Stettler, Monitor, Kirriemuir, Big Valley
Bentley, S.J from Edmonton
Bentley, S.J. from Edmonton
Bentley, Thomas from Bowden
Bentley, W.E. from Donalda
Bentsen, Leo from Hanna
Benum, Conrad from Seven Persons
Benusick, Alex J. from Big Valley, Phoenix, TX
Benz, Oliver H. from Caroline
Benzie, Charles from Fairview
Bequin, A.C. from Donalda, Bashaw
Berard, Norman from Caslan
Berard, Samuel from St. Paul
Berdahl, I.J. from Drumheller, Hesketh, Nacmine
Berdine, Clarke & Pearl from Ponoka
Beres, George from Coaldale
Bereska, John J. from Brosseau
Beresnak, Frank from Monarch
Beresnak, Joe from Coaldale, Lethbridge
Berezan, David from Stettler
Berezanski, Joe or Joseph from St. Paul, Lac Bellevue, Myrnam
Berezanski, Mike from Mannville
Berezay, Eugene E. from Whiskey Gap, Taylorville
Berezenski, Julien from Lac Bellevue
Bereznicki, Nick from Brocket, Lethbridge
Berezowsky, J. from Glendon
Berg, Adolph from Edmonton
Berg, Adolph from Edmonton
Berg, Alton M. from Valhalla
Berg, Arvid R. from Derwent
Berg, Bob & Gloria from Islay
Berg, C.H. from Taber
Berg, G.H. from Duchess
Berg, George H. from Winfield, Pendryl
Berg, George H. from Winfield, Pendryl
Berg, H.A. from Lousana
Berg, Henry Joseph from Calgary, Chase, BC
Berg, Howard G. from Elk Point
Berg, I. P. from Mannville
Berg, John A. from Gadsby
Berg, John from Athabasca
Berg, Kelly from Wanham, Peoria
Berg, P. from Tofield
Berg, Peter from Hays
Berg, Roy Elmer from Winfield
Berg, Roy G. from Duchess
Bergdahl, Edwin from Iddesleigh
Berge, Erling from Masinasin
Berge, Theo. A. from Sedgewick
Bergen, Abram from Seven Persons
Bergen, Cornelius from Rosemary, Millicent
Bergen, Henry from Rosemary
Bergen, Jacob J. from Rosemary
Bergen, John from Gem
Bergen, John from Rosemary
Bergen, K.C. from Rosemary
Bergen, Otto from Rosemary
Bergen, Peter from Vauxhall
Berger, Borger from Nanton
Berger, Engvar from Nanton
Berger, J.H. from Rocky Mountain House
Berger, Jacob from Nanton
Berger, John from Fairview
Berger, Lorraine from High River
Berger, Trond from Nanton
Bergeron, Leopold from Lafond
Bergerud, Torf from Ribstone
Bergeson, Ken from Carstairs, Cremona
Berghaus, H.E. from Kevisville
Bergheim, Tom from Goose Lake
Bergland, Roland from Hilda
Bergman, Arthur from Craigmyle
Bergman, Donald Erik from Cereal
Bergman, Edward from Rimbey
Bergman, Erik H. from Cereal
Bergman, Herbert H. from Cereal
Bergman, William Edward from St. Paul
Bergom, Carl from Lake Thelma
Bergos, A.J. from Drumheller
Bergos, Florence from Ghost Pine Creek, Drumheller
Bergren & Anderson from Gadsby
Bergsten, Arthur from Olds, Innisfail
Bergstrom, Eric E. from Red Deer
Bergstrom, Gust from Donalda, Meeting Creek
Bergstrom, John from Eckville, Evarts
Bergstrom, John from Meeting Creek
Bergstrom, W. from Elk Point
Beringer, Andrew from Big Valley, Calgary
Berkley, J.L. from Olds
Berkovich, Philip from Black Diamond, Turner Valley, Midnapore
Berlet, Ervin from Mount Valley
Berlin, Clarence A. from Edmonton
Berlingiere, John from Coleman
Berlinquette, B.A. from St. Paul
Berlinquette, Wilfred Laurier from St. Paul
Bernadin, Raymond L. from Niton
Bernard Bowe from Islay, Kitscoty
Bernard, Barry from Edmonton
Bernard, Jacques A. from Provost
Berndt, Adoline from Castor
Bernhard, William E. from Calgary
Bernhardsen, Heitmann Anker from Edson
Bernhart, Frank from Winnifred
Bernier, D.C. from Devon, Stavely, Nanton
Bernier, Dale E. from Nanton, Stavely
Bernier, Donald R. from Stavely, Nanton
Bernier, Jessie M. from Stavely
Bernot, Carl from Castor
Berns, T.J. from Bowness, Calgary, Okotoks
Berntson, David from Foremost
Berquist, A.H. from Elnora, Pine Lake, Breda, Lousana
Berquist, Ralph LeRoy from Beauvallon
Berreth, Clarence E. from Medicine Hat
Berreth, Emil from Beiseker
Berridge, Thomas S & M. from Medicine Hat
Berrien, Robert A. from Calgary, Rocky Mountain House
Berry, Alfred Gordon from Edmonton
Berry, Charles Preston from Jasper
Berry, H. & Sons from Eckville
Berry, H.M. & C.T. from Raven
Berry, Harper Henry from Raven
Berry, J. R. from Calgary, Palm Springs, CA
Berry, Margaret from Caroline, Eckville, Stauffer
Berry, Oscar from High Prairie
Berry, R.H. & Maybelle from Delacour
Berry, R.W. from Stettler, Heart Lake, Gadsby, Calgary
Berry, Thomas from Aetna, Cardston
Berry, Vance from Calahoo
Berry, Vincent E. from Halkirk
Berryhill, Thomas from Taber
Berscht, Clifford from Bragg Creek, Sundre
Berscht, Ed from Elkton
Berta, Louis J. from Taber
Berta, Louis J. from Taber
Bertagnolli, Guiseppi A. from Rocky Mountain House, Dovercourt, Stauffer
Berthot, Arthur from Tolland
Bertness, Berger J. from Turner Valley
Bertness, Clarence from Turner Valley, Haney, BC
Bertoia, Louis from High River, Baldwinton, SK
Bertoia, Oswald from Cayley
Bertram, Edith M. from Irricana, Calgary
Bertram, George A. from Pincher Creek
Bertram, Marie from Pincher Creek
Bertram, Melville E. from Irricana, Calgary
Bertram, Raymond D. from Irricana, Red Deer
Bertram, W. L. from Westward Ho, Irricana
Bertsch & Sons (Llewelyn & Ronald L.) from Rosebud
Bertsch Bros. (D.E. & D.T.) from Edmonton
Bertsch, A. from Grainger
Bertsch, Arthur from Rosebud
Bertsch, Chris F. from Rose Lynn
Bertsch, Gottlieb from Craigmyle
Bertsch, Rudy or Rudolph from Drumheller, Carbon
Bertsch, William from Craigmyle
Bertschy, Anna M. from Majorville
Bertuls, Charles from Alderson, Brooks
Bertwell, Charles S. from Big Valley, Stettler
Bertwell, James J. & Kipling, Garry A. from Stettler, Big Valley
Bertwell, Ted O. from Ardrossan
Berube, Aurelien U. from Beaumont
Berube, Bert from Leduc
Berube, Emil from Calahoo
Berube, Julien J. from Edmonton, Falher
Berube, Peter from Beaumont, S. Edmonton
Berube, Trudel from LeGoffe, Cold Lake
Berze, Andy & Fred Vano from East Coulee
Beschell, Joe from Kinsella
Beschorner, Heinz from St. Paul
Besler Bros. from New Sarepta
Besler, Donald Stewart from Wetaskiwin, Fort Assiniboine
Besler, Wesley K. from Wetaskiwin
Bespalko, William from Elk Point
Bespoyasny, John from Vilna
Besse, Louis from Falher, Howie
Bessel, Paul from Strathmore, Calgary
Bessey, H.C. from Gadsby
Best , Mrs. Arthur from Nanton, Calgary, Red Deer
Bester, Harold L. from MacLeod, Blairmore
Bester, Harold L. from MacLeod, Blairmore
Bester, Henry & Norman & Harold L. from Macleod
Bester, Henry from Ewelme, Ardenville, Glenwood, Fort Macleod
Bester, Henry James from Glenwoodville, Revelstoke, BC, Calgary, Coleman
Bester, Henry, Norman & Harold L. from Macleod
Bester, Norman from Fort Macleod
Bester, Pauline from Blairmore
Beston, Anton from Gratz
Bestul, Andrew T. from Rosebud
Bestul, Josephine from Rosebud
Beswick & Lane Livestock Ltd. from Swift Current, SK
Betcher, Henry from Sundre
Bethards, Ernest B. from High River
Bethel, Mrs. Samuel from Tofield
Bethel, Mrs. Samuel from Tofield
Bethell, C. W. from Beynon
Bethune, Allen & Donald C. Taylor from Wainwright
Bethune, Allen & Donald C. Taylor from Wainwright
Betker, Gottlied from Walsh, Medicine Hat
Betker, Wilbert Allen from Walsh
Betsch, Wilfred from Sundre
Bettenson, Leonard Albert from Hines Creek, Fairview
Bettenson, Murray D. from Berwyn, Fairview
Betteridge, John from Lethbridge
Betton, Archie C. from Olds, Mound
Betton, C. & Irene from Mound, Calgary, Olds
Betts, George R. Jr. from Ponoka
Betts, Homer A. from Rimbey
Betts, Howard from Raymond, Rosemary
Betts, Kent Colin from Rosemary
Betts, Norman from Cochrane, Calgary, Bottrel
Betz, I. S. from Calgary
Beuckert, William from Rosemary
Beugin, A.C. from Donalda, Bashaw
Bevan, E.C. from Cadogan
Bevan, Levi from Cadogan
Bevan, P.G. from Airdrie
Beveridge, George from Irvine
Beveridge, Helen from Fox
Bevington, C.F. from Ribstone
Bevington, P.H.S. from Edgerton
Bews, Joseph from Big Valley
Bews, Lawrence N. from Calgary
Bexson, Cleveland Joseph from Lloydminster
Bey, Mike from Vegreville, Mannville
Beyer, Harry M. from Coaldale
Beynon, I. & W.P. Davies from Cochrane
Bezaire, Clarence from Vermilion, Beaverdam
Bezaire, Leo J. from Vermilion
Bezaire, Orville from Beaverdam, Hazeldine, Wainwright, Lloydminster
Bezaire, Ray from Beauvallon
Bezanson Stampede Assoc. from Bezanson
Bianchi, Sam from Milk River
Bibby, Christopher from Ashmont
Biblow, Fedor from Rosebud
Bickel, Otto from Rockyford
Bickell, J.D from Battle Ridge, Cowley, Twin Butte, Nobleford, Hanna, Youngstown
Bidddlecomb, Art (Bar S Ranch) from Nanton
Bidddlecomb, Art (Bar S Ranch) from Nanton
Bidinger, J. L. from Elnora
Bidlock, George from McRae
Bidlock, Ted from Boyne Lake
Bieber, Albert from Cadogan, Ponoka, Rimbey
Bieber, Edward from Rolling Hills
Biebrick, Leo G. from Grainger, Carbon
Bieganek, Charles from Wetaskiwin, Heisler
Bielesch, John from Coleman
Bielesch, John from Mannville
Bielous, William, & Shudra, Pete from Peace River
Bienert, Herbert from Leduc
Bierbach, Walter from Bowmanton, Medicine Hat
Bierens, Augustinus from Scandia, Delta, BC
Biermann, John from Dewberry
Biermann, Mrs. Elma from Dewberry
Biernack, Eugene from Clyde
Bierwagon, William from Calgary
Bietz, Robert from Owendale
Biffert, Herman from Vegreville
Biffert, Howard from Fabyan, Vegreville
Big Bend AB Land Company from Lethbridge
Big Bend Ranching Co. Ltd. (John H. Corbett & George C. Field) from Edmonton
Big Child, John from Sunchild Indian Reserve
Big Country Beef Ltd. from Brooks
Big Crow, Clarence from Calgary
Big D Farms Ltd. from Elnora
Big Eye, Clifford from Gleichen
Big Eye, Jack from Cluny
Big Horn & Saunders Creek Collieries Ltd from Saunders
Big Indian Feeders from Lethbridge
Big M M Farm (Mike Shmyr) from Rycroft
Big Plume, Carl from Calgary
Big Plume, Clifford from Calgary
Big Rock Farms (Floyd C. Cook & Dennis J. Levesque) from Okotoks
Big Sky Cattle Co., from Lethbridge
Big Smoky Grazing Assoc. from Belloy
Big Swan, Archie from Fort Macleod
Big Swan, Hilda from Brocket
Big Timber Cattle Co-Op Ltd. from Cardston
Big Tobacco, Francis from Gleichen
Bigelow, Douglas Norman from Delta, BC
Bigelow, G.L. from Taber
Bigelow, Gordon W. from Gleichen
Bigelow, Raymond Patrick from Sundre
Bigelow, Sidney E. from Falun, Coeur d'Alene, ID
Biggar, W.P. from Calgary
Biggs, Cal from Innisfail
Biggs, Thomas from Innisfail
Biggts, W.A .from High River
Bighron Ranch (J.S. Horne) from Calgary
Biglow, Jean from Fox Creek, New Fish Creek
Bignell, E.H. from Youngstown
Bignell, E.H. from Youngstown
Bignell, Eva from Youngstown, Lacombe
Bignell, Eva from Youngstown, Lacombe
Bignell, H. from Edmonton
Bignell, H. from Edmonton
Bignell, Hazel H. from Gadsby
Bignell, Hazel H. from Gadsby
Bignell, John from Stettler
Bignell, Robert Roy from Youngstown
Bignell, Roy from Youngstown
Bignell, V.C. from Gadsby
Bikman, Marie from Coutts
Bilawchuk, Nick M. from Spirit River
Bilben, Gunda from Balzac
Bilben, James from Balzac
Bildersheim, Maria & Celia Marosevich from Taber
Bilek, John from Turin
Bilinski, Karl from Claresholm, Parkland
Bill, Mrs. William (remarried name Mrs. William Davies) from Paradise Valley, Islay
Billack, Emil from Viking
Billak, George from Innisfree
Billetski, Walter from Rocky Mountain House
Billingham, Albert from Talbot
Billo, Eugene from Cremona
Billow, William Lionel from Sedgewick
Bills, Norman from Calgary
Bills, Russel I. from Crossfield
Billwiller, Paul W. from Richdale
Biloshyski, Stella from Sandy Rapids
Bilou, Ken from Thorsby
Bilou, Kenneth Roy from Sunnybank
Bilton, Thomas from Harmattan, Olds
Binda, AB from Lethbridge, Staffordville
Binder, Arthur H. from Turin
Binette, Laurent from St. Paul
Bingeman, Newton & Marshal E. from Esther
Bingeman, Newton & Marshal E. from Esther
Binges, J. from Milk River
Binges, Steve from Milk River
Bingham, Clarence L. from Bassano
Bingham, Clarence L. from Bassano
Bingham, DeLynn from Pincher Creek
Bingham, F.M. from Magrath
Bingham, Samuel Wesley from Hayter
Binks, Dennis L. from Grande Prairie
Binnie, James from High Prairie
Bioletti, Ted from Raven
Biollo, Arthur B. from Venice
Biollo, O.J. from Edmonton, Venice
Biollo, O.J. from Edmonton, Venice
Birce, Walter A. or Walter A Birer from Condor
Birch, Berta Earl from Taber
Birch, John from Cherry Point, Doe River, BC
Birch, W.F. from Vulcan
Birchall, H. from Cochrane
Bird, A.W. from Birdsholm
Bird, Arthur R. from Cremona
Bird, C. P. from Strathmore
Bird, Charles G.W. from Birdsholm, Westward Ho, Olds
Bird, Douglas from Millarville
Bird, Frank from Airdrie
Bird, John from Innisfail
Bird, John P. from Innisfail
Bird, Larry Richmond from Duchess
Bird, Roy from Airdrie
Birdale, Helen from Didsbury
Birk, Emil A. from Beiseker, Jenner
Birkeland, Syvert from Lea Park
Birkeness, Herbert from Armada, Vulcan
Birkett, P. L from Bottrel, Madden, Calgary
Birkness, Ronald Herbert from Midnapore
Birn, Mike & A. from Luseland, SK, Amisk
Birney, W.G. Jr. from Calgary, Midnapore
Birney, Alice E. from Whitla
Birney, Pearl V. from Sundre
Birney, W.K. from Priddis
Biron, Eugene from Beaver Mines
Biron, Guillaume from Beaver Mines
Birrell, Jack Kent from Spruce Grove
Birt, Thomas from Rockyford
Birtle, Allan from Edmonton
Birtles, James Edwin from Olds
Birtwistle, P.E. from Medicine Hat
Bischke, Edwin from Medicine Hat
Bischke, Ludwig from Irvine
Bischke, Mike from Irvine
Bischke, William from Irvine, Medicine Hat
Bisgsrove, R.F. from Pipestone Creek
Bish Bros from Forestburg
Bish Bros. from Forestburg
Bishke, Harry from Thelma
Bishop and Hawksworth from Vermilion
Bishop, A.E. from Spring Coulee
Bishop, Byron from Viking
Bishop, C.D. from Etzikom
Bishop, C.D. from Etzikom
Bishop, Charles S. from Homeglen, Ponoka
Bishop, Charles S. from Homeglen, Ponoka
Bishop, Claudius B. from Vermilion
Bishop, Frank from High River
Bishop, Gordon from High River
Bishop, H. P. from Lethbridge
Bishop, H.P. from Lethbridge
Bishop, Harry Ellsworth from Spring Coulee
Bishop, Irvine W., Knox, George from Cochrane
Bishop, Ivan from Picture Butte, High River
Bishop, J. R. from Etzikom
Bishop, John A. from High River, Baronet
Bishop, Lorne & Orlene from Calgary
Bishop, Mary from Westlock, Clyde
Bishop, R.C. Bishop's Lumber & Hardware from Etzikom
Bishop, Ronald G. from Sundre, Calgary
Bishop, S. E. from Edgerton
Bishop, S.E. from Edgerton
Bishop, Spencer C. from High Prairies
Bishop, Thomas F. from Three Hills
Bishop, Wallace Roy from Peace River
Bishop. Mrs. Harold from Picture Butte
Bishop. Mrs. Harold from Picture Butte
Bishop. W.T. from Grassy Lake, Sundre
Bishops, E. from Lethbridge
Bisig, Jasper from Sangudo, Stanger
Biskup, Walter from Elnora
Bissell, J.R. from High Prairie
Bissell, J.W. from High Prairie
Bissett, William Gordon from Coleridge, Dunmore
Bisson, John from Wainwright
Bisson, John from Wainwright
Bisson, Louis from St. Paul
Bitango, Alice from Lethbridge
Bitango, Marie nee Lillico from Brocket, Pincher Creek
Bitsch, Fred from Hilda
Bittle, L. H. from Langdon
Bittle, Neil from Langdon, Calgary
Bittle, Richard L. from Calgary, Langdon
Bittner, Otto from Didsbury
Bittner, Winnie M. from Didsbury
Bittorf, I. S. from Innisfail
Bitz, Jacob from Burstall, SK
Bitz, Roy V. from Oyen
Bitz, Roy V. from Oyen
Bitzer, Frank from Stettler, Gadsby
Bixby, T.A. from Warner
Bjaanes, Henry from Dapp, Edmonton
Bjelland, Lars from Iddesleigh
Bjerke, Edward from Youngstown, Berry Creek
Bjordal, A. from Wild Horse
Bjordal, Trygve from Wild Horse, Sage Creek
Bjorge, Arthur from Edberg
Bjorge, Helmer from Edberg, Camrose
Bjorgum, Ole O. from Kingman
Bjork & Smith from Buffalo
Bjork, M., Dziatkewich, Paul from Cereal
Bjork, Magnus Jr. from Atlee, Buffalo
Bjorklund, Dave from Ponoka
Bjornestad, Thomas from Schuler
Bjornson, Arthur B. from Flatbush
Bjornson, Clifford Allen from New Norway
Bjornson, Henry A. from Champion
Bjornson, Kenneth R. from Champion
Bjornstrom, John from Warburg
Bjorstrom, A.O. from Seven Persons
Black Bros. from Holden
Black Rabbit, Ernie from Cardston
Black Water, George from Standoff
Black, A.F. from Calgary, Hartell
Black, Arthur William from Foremost
Black, Chester, R. from Rimbey
Black, David & John Carter from Lougheed
Black, Eliza from Hanna
Black, George from Parr, Dorothy, Hanna
Black, Henry N. from Puffer, Brownfield
Black, James (Burnside Farm) from High River
Black, James Robert & Arthur Leslie Millington from Medicine Hat
Black, James Robert & Arthur Leslie Millington from Medicine Hat
Black, James W. from Foremost
Black, James, Burnside Farm from High River
Black, John A. from Caroline
Black, John from Gleichen
Black, Keith B. from Cochrane
Black, M.E. from Rimbey
Black, Mabel from Castor
Black, Melville E. from Clive
Black, Melvin from Cowley
Black, Stanley R. from Carstairs
Black, Theodore E. from Eckville, Altario
Blackburn, D.H. from Mannville, Chailey
Blackburn, Dora E. from Cremona, Monmouth
Blackburn, Dora E. from Cremona, Monmouth
Blackburn, E.E. from Twin Butte, Calgary, Lethbridge
Blackburn, James from Perryvale
Blackburn, O.C. from Tofield, Edmonton
Blackburn, O.C. from Tofield, Edmonton
Blackburn, Thomas Allman from Edmonton
Blackburn, Thomas Allman from Edmonton
Blackerman, J.M. from Rumsey
Blackface, James from Gleichen
Blackfoot Band Indians from Gleichen
Blackfoot Farming Company (Kilbourn, Aubrey) from Calgary
Blackie, W.J. & Irwin, J.R. from Calgary
Blackley, James & Evelyn from S. Edmonton
Blackley, James & Evelyn from S. Edmonton
Blacklock, Harry from Lindbergh
Blacklock, Matthew from Barons, Kitscoty
Blackmore Bros. from Cardston
Blackmore, Edgar from Wildwood, Prince George, BC
Blackmore, Joseph R. from Leavitt, Cardston
Blackmore, Richard H. from Beazer, Cardston
Blackstock, Gilbert McNeill from Medicine Hat
Blackstock, Ivan Wesley from Kamloops, BC
Blackwater, Andrew from Standoff
Blackwell, David Lenard from Rimbey
Blackwood, James N. from De Winton
Blackwood, James N. from DeWinton
Blades, Dorothy M. from Nanton
Blaes, C.G. from Warwick
Blahaasek, Joe from Onoway, Edmonton
Blahaasek, Joe from Onoway, Edmonton
Blain, Arnold A. from Didsbury
Blain, Ed from Hanna
Blain, Joseph Earl from Knee Hill Valley
Blain, Loren A. from Knee Hill Valley, Innisfail, Red Deer
Blain, Orville A. & P.A. from Bergen, Didsbury
Blaine, Georgina from Elkton, Didsbury
Blair, Archie from Craigmyle
Blair, Billy Ray from Edmonton, Grouard, Sherwood Park, Fort Vermilion, Shawnigan Lake, BC
Blair, David W. from Condor
Blair, E.P. & Bertha from Carmangay, Priddis
Blair, Francis R. & Sons (Shawn & Darcey) from Niton Junction
Blair, G. W. & Della from Kitscoty
Blair, Henry & Sons from Picture Butte
Blair, Ian R. from Monitor
Blair, Jesse J. from Kitscoty
Blair, Kenneth M. from Delburne
Blair, Mrs.F. M. from Mirror
Blair, Oliver M. from Naco
Blair, S. L. from Picture Butte
Blair, S. Robert from Calgary
Blair, Terrence Arnold from Lousana
Blair, W.J. & A.E from Naco
Blair, Wary from Kitscoty
Blais, Arthur from Strathmore, Gleichen
Blais, Leo from Grandin
Blaise, Joseph from Esther
Blake Bros. (Adam & Jock) from Daysland
Blake, Adam Donaldson from Daysland
Blake, Charles E. from Eureka River
Blake, Cyrus from Marwayne, Lea Park, Goodridge
Blake, Donald John from Nanton
Blake, Elizabeth Hazel from Hussar
Blake, Floyd from Glendon, Goodridge
Blake, Gordon from Vauxhall, Retlaw
Blake, Guy W. (Brae Mar Ranch) from Calgary
Blake, Jay Milton from Condor
Blake, Jock & Sons (Robert & James) from Daysland
Blake, Kenneth from Retlaw
Blake, O.P. from Marwayne
Blake, Orville F. from Hussar
Blake, Roy Irwen from Goodridge
Blake, Sylvanus R. from Drumheller, Neutral Valley
Blake, Val K. from Coronation, Nanton, Muirhead
Blakely, Bill from Stettler
Blakely, Leslie from Lloydminster, Alcurve
Blakey, Harold from Stettler, Lacombe, Drayton Valley
Blakie, Alvin Fredric from Coaldale
Blakley, A.E. from Irma
Blakley, E.T. from Grimshaw
Blanchard, Calvin Smith & Fema Evangelina from Peace River
Blanchard, E. from Irma
Blanchard, G.G. & Rilla from Midnapore
Blanchard, Leonard G. from Whital, Bow Island
Blanchard, William Earl from Irma
Blanchette, Leon from Vimy
Bland, Frederick Wilson from Bluffton
Bland, George Archibald from Edmonton
Bland, George Archibald from Edmonton
Blanes, William from Bassano
Blaney, Dennis from Cluny, Cochrane, Calgary
Blank, Friedrich from Horen, Barnwell
Blaseg, Joe from Onion Lake
Blaser, Fred from Stettler
Blasetti, Ernest & James Smith from Nordegg
Blasetti, Ernest & James Smith from Nordegg
Blaskovits, Jacob from Duchess
Blatchford, M.E. from Cochrane, Bottrel
Blattner, H. from Arrowwood
Blatz, Jacob from Daysland
Blatz, Wendelin from Daysland
Blayney, Charles from Scapa
Bleakley, Helen from Paradise Valley
Bleakley, Lana Rae from Paradise Valley
Bleeker, Simon from MacKay
Blegel, John R. from Bluesky
Blenkhorn, C.S. from Huxley
Blenkhorn, Victor D. from Wimborne
Blimke, Daniel A. from Grande Prairie
Blimke, Don F. from Grande Prairie
Blimke, S.M. from Grande Prairie
Blindman River Ranching Ltd. (James Paul) from Hoadley, Sicamous, BC
Bliska, Steve from Grimshaw
Bliss, Charles Lawrence from Sunset House
Bliss, Charles Lawrence from Valleyview
Bliss, L.V. from Crossfield, Calgary
Bliss, L.V. from Crossfield, Calgary
Blize, Harold Wayne from Cherry Grove
Block, Andrea from Millicent
Block, August from Paradise Valley
Block, G. E. from Paradise Valley
Block, George & David Wibe from Pincher Creek, Welling
Block, George & David Wibe from Pincher Creek, Welling
Block, Gladys K. from Cardigan, Heinsburg, Paradise Valley
Block, Hans from Brooks
Block, P. from Cochrane
Block, Rasmus Christensen & Campbell, Robert W. from Carlos
Block, Raymond from Paradise Valley
Block, W.D. from Edmonton
Block, W.D. from Paradise Valley
Blom, Dirk from Grande Prairie
Blomgren, Abel A. from Donalda
Blomquist, Jack from Westerose
Blomquist, John E. from Big Valley, Fenn
Blonar, Emil from Woking
Bloom, Swan from Enilda, Grouard
Bloomfield, Lillian from Cremona
Bloomfield, Lloyd from Olds
Bloomfield, Ray from Ponoka
Bloss, Bill from Finnegan, Hanna
Bloss, William Albert & Frederick Gerald Simington from James River Bridge
Bloss, William Albert & Simington, Frederick Gerald from James River Bridge
Bloss, William Albert & Stewart, W.H. from James River Bridge, Finnegan
Blouin, Jackie L. from Rosalind
Blower, John George from Onion Lake, SK
Blowers, Henry from High River, Milo
Blowers, Ronald from Red Deer
Blowers, Wallace E from Caroline
Blowets, William from Queenstown
Blowets, William from Queenstown
Bloxham, Dan from Bluffton, Iola
Bloxham, Daniel from Olds
Bloxham, W.C. from Sundre
Blozham, Bryon from Edmonton
Bluck, John A. from Olds
Bluda, Peter from Grassland
Blue Mountain Farm Ltd. (J.C. Rudolph) from Calgary
Blue Quills Indian Residential School from St. Paul
Blue, Clarence D. from Hughenden
Blue, Lawrence H. from Hardisty, Myrnam, Elk Point
Bluemont Holdings Ltd. from Calgary
Blum, John from Castor
Blumhagen, Bennie from Castor
Blumhagen, Carl from Galahad
Blumhagen, F.G. from Bulwark
Blunderfield, H. from Calgary
Blunt, Robert from Edmonton
Blunt, Robert from Edmonton
Blust, Mrs. E.M. from Masinasin
Blust, Paul Richard from Milk River
Blyth, John from Morningside
Blythe, R. & J. Gallagher from Lloydminster, SK
Boadway, J.M. from Edmonton
Boadway, James H. from Sedgewick, Edmonton
Boake, J. R. from Vermilion
Board, Sidney from Lone Butte, Rose Lynn
Boatman, Abraham from Tulliby Lake
Boatness, Nobert from Bear Canyon
Bob Chuk, Nick from Bluffton, Rimbey, Edmonton
Bobier, C. Edmund from Belloy
Bobines, Mary from Hardieville
Bobocel, George from McRae
Bobocel, Marin from McRae
Bobocel, Nick from Lac La Biche
Bobocel, Roman from Vilna
Bobryk, Jake from Czar
Bochar, Frank from Smoky Lake, Edmonton
Bochar, Marion from Edmonton
Bochar, Martin from Smoky Lake
Bochenko, Nick from Picture Butte, Lethbridge
Bock, August from Trochu
Bocking, Richard Charles from Stony Plain
Bockman Bros. from Stettler
Bockman, Anthony J. from Cochrane
Bockman, John from Ranchville, Medicine Hat
Bockman, William from Strathmore
Bockman, William Joseph from Drumheller
Boddy, Edwin G. from Clive, Lacombe, Hespero
Boddy, Edwin Noyce from Ponoka
Bode, Henry from Sedalia, New Brigden
Bode, Henry from Sedalia, New Brigden
Bodell, A.B. from Bremner, Fort SK
Boden, Pete from Vermilion
Boden, William from Sedalia
Boden, William from Sedalia
Bodenko or Bodinko, Joseph from Bassano, Countess
Bodeux, Victor from Strathmore
Bodgener, Mrs. George E. from Macleod
Bodgener, Raymond from Macleod, Fort Macleod
Bodie, Grant from Duchess, Edmonton
Bodin, Esther from Orion, Medicine Hat
Bodin, Fred from Cairns
Bodmer, Grant E. from Bassano
Bodmer, Grant E. from Bassano
Bodnar, Chester J. from Okotoks, Milk River
Bodnar, Emil from Boyne Lake
Bodnar, Frank from Taber
Bodnar, Helen from Lindbergh
Bodnar, Joe from Smoky Lake
Bodnar, Mike from Taber, Boyne Lake
Bodnaruk, Anna from Cappon
Bodnaruk, Madoline from Cappon
Bodnaruk, Sam from Cappon, Duvernay, Bindloss
Bodner, Harry from Redcliff
Bodo, Paul from Calgary
Bodward, Leslie A. from Kamloops, BC
Bodwell, Jack from Red Deer
Boe, Chris H. from Wayne
Boe, Christian H. from Armada, Vulcan
Boe, Christian H. from Armada, Vulcan
Boe, Harvey C. from Lomond
Boe, Lawrence G. from Haines Junction, Yukon, Mile Post 1083, Destruction Bay, Yukon
Boe, Reuben from Armada, Lomond
Boehlke, Carl from Endiang
Boehlke, Reinhold A. Jr. from Endiang
Boehme, J.H. from Rosemary, Gem
Boehme, Johannes Helmut from Rosemary, Lethbridge
Boehmer, Earl K. from Beaver Mines, Hillcrest
Boes, Gottlieb from Irvine, Medicine Hat
Boeschling, Fred from Buffalo, Cereal, Gold Spring, Chilmark
Boese, Dan from Linden, Swalwell
Boese, Edward from Edberg
Boese, Noah from Swalwell
Boese, Sammie from Linden
Boettcher, Edgar from Wanham
Boettcher, Nath from Schuler
Boettcher, William from Schuler
Boettger, Allen Christopher from Wetaskiwin
Boettger, Maurice from Sundre
Boettger, Nelson Walter from Olds, Bowness, Eckville
Bogart, Robert James from Breton
Bogath, Julius from Castor
Bogdanovich, Frank from Big Valley
Bogdanovich, Stephen from Big Valley, Stettler
Boggs, James F. from Bowden
Boggs, Stanley A. from Crossfield
Bogner, Alex from Trochu
Bogner, William from Trochu
Bogner, Willie from Didsbury
Bogoch Export Ltd. from Edmonton
Bogusch, August from Bellevue
Boguski, Alex from Lethbridge
Bohachyk, Harry from St. Paul
Bohay, Dmetro M. from Rocky Lane, Fort Vermilion
Bohez, Yvan R. from Lethbridge
Bohle, A. from Pincher Creek
Bohle, Katherine from Granum
Bohle, Theodore from Hilda, Granum
Bohme, Eric from Sundre
Bohme, Oscar Max from Sundre, Westward Ho
Bohmer, Mrs. Earl from Beaver Mines
Bohn, James Gibson from Bear Canyon
Bohne, Abner from Glenwood
Bohne, E.I. from Glenwood
Bohne, Eva Lucille from Glenwoodville, Ewelme
Bohne, Fred from Gem, Bassano
Bohne, Hugh H. from Cardston
Bohne, Loril R. from Glenwood
Bohnet, Arthur B. from Elkwater, Thelma
Bohnet, Clarence from Thelma
Bohnet, Conrad from Wrentham
Bohnet, Daniel H. from Ranchville, Orion, Medicine Hat
Bohnet, E.E. from Medicine Hat
Bohnet, Ernest Walter & Emma from Woolchester, Medicine Hat
Bohnet, Fredericka from Woolchester
Bohnet, George Edward from Walsh
Bohnet, Henry W. from Hilda
Bohnet, Jim W. from Thelma, Taber, Pincher Creek
Bohnet, Laverne Henry from Stettler
Bohnet, Leonard Ralph from Medicine Hat, Woolchester
Bohnet, Ruben Benjamin from Woolchester, Medicine Hat
Bohnet, Samuel P. from Little Plume
Bohnet, Victor E. from Stettler, Big Valley, Hackett
Bohnke, Emil from Wanham
Bohnke, Ernest from College Heights
Boice, Ralph W. from Elnora
Boici, Arthur from Elnora, Big Valley
Boida, Leon from Musidora, Morecambe
Boier, Chris from Vermilion
Boileau, Alexina from Airdrie, Hoquitam, WA
Boily, Alphonse from Brosseau
Boire, D.W. from Fort Vermilion
Boisjoli, Arthur Eugene from Richdale, Castor
Boisjoli, Daniel Edward from Strathmore
Boisjoli, Mrs. Dona nee Merrick, from Trochu, Elnora, Calgary
Boisjoli, Verdien E. from Trochu
Boissonault, Adolphe A. & L. Hector from Morinville
Boissonault, E. Leon from Morinville
Boissonnault, Edmond Adalbert from Morinville
Boissonnault, Jean L. from Morinville
Boizard, J. from Wainwright
Bojarsky, Edward from Czar
Bojes, Martin from Queenstown
Bokenfohr, David from Morinville
Bokvist, Gary Melvin from High River
Bolander, Henry R. & W.R (Hiawatha Ranch) from Bearberry
Bolander, Henry R. & W.R. (Hiawatha Ranch) from Bearberry
Bolander, Lola from Sundre
Bolch, J. Preston & James J. from Ponoka
Bolch, James & John & Arthur from Ponoka, Waterglen
Bolch, Kathleen from Water Glen, Mirror, Bashaw
Bolch, Peter Kuhn from Ponoka
Bolduc, Aimee from Lloydminster, SK
Boldue, Medus J. from Travers, Barons
Bolen, Andrew from Hays
Boles, James Foster from Three Hills
Boles, Robert John from Calgary
Bole-Trelier, Adolph from Enilda, Grouard
Bolick, Nona Baird from Edson
Bolick, W.W. from Rosebud, Standard, Chancellor, Bragg Creek
Bolin, M.J. from Stettler
Bolin, Wilford from Stettler
Bollinger, Arthur S. from Medicine Hat, Irvine
Bollinger, Fred from Irvine
Bollinger, Garry Glenn from Medicine Hat, Irvine
Bolstad, Alvin & E.A. from High Prairie
Bolstad, Alvin from High Prairie
Bolt, Edward Janse from Lynnburn
Bolt, Richard from Olds
Bolter, Henry from Cochrane
Bolton, Gerald R. from Greencourt, Williams Lake, BC
Bolton, Hugh J. from Winterburn
Bolton, J.D. from Trochu
Bolton, J.T. from Big Valley, Stettler
Bolze, Harry from Red Deer
Bolze, James H. from Red Deer, Lacombe
Boman, Cyrus from Ranchville
Bombier, Walter from Woking
Bond, Clarence E. from Irricana, Claresholm
Bond, Don W. from Carmangay
Bond, Jack O. from Coaldale
Bond, Leroy from Calgary
Bond, Marcus E. from Taber
Bondar, Joe from Vauxhall
Bondarenko, Effrem from Buffalo
Bondarenko, John from Buffalo
Bone, Ethel from Wainwright
Bonertz, Francis Joseph from Twin Butte
Bonertz, L.C. & Sons from Fishburn
Bonertz, Lawrence F. from Pincher Creek, Twin Butte
Bonertz, Mrs. Islay M. from Pincher Creek
Bones, Charles from Big Prairie
Bonetti Bros from Purple Springs
Bonham Bros from Naco
Bonham, Robert from Cremona
Bonifacio, Joe from Lac La Biche
Bonifacio, Ken L. from Lac La Biche
Bonne, Gaspard from Livingstone, Tod Creek, Lundbreck
Bonnett, Allyn J. from Killam
Bonnett, Harold E. from Ponoka
Bonnett, Terry G. from Strome, Camrose, Viking
Bonnie Bain Hereford Farm Ltd. from Sedgwick
Bonnier, Louis Clovier from Cowley
Booher, Ruth from Carmangay
Booker, Joyce M. & A.M. from Cherry Grove
Boolyerg, Soren from East Coulee
Boomer, Daisy Josephine from Joffre
Boomer, Dora Margaret from Nanton
Boomer, Ernest M. from Joffre, Red Deer
Boomer, John G. from McLaughlin
Boomer, Leslie C. from Nanton
Boomhower, D.H. from Metiskow
Boomhower, E.E. from Chauvin, Ribstone, Edgerton
Boomhower, E.S. from Czar
Boon, Ed from Calgary
Boon, Etta from Millet
Boord, George O. from Hardisty
Boord, George O. from Hardisty
Boos, Edwin from Elk Point
Booth, A.N. from Edmonton, Riley
Booth, A.N. from Edmonton, Riley
Booth, Charles Norman from Claresholm
Booth, Doug from Medicine Hat
Booth, Earl M. from Rimbey
Booth, Ethel M. from Consort
Booth, Gertrude from Edmonton
Booth, Herbert from Edmonton
Booth, Margaret Jean from Calgary
Booth, Martin from Ryley
Booth, Robert Tye from Calgary
Booth, Sewell N. from Ryley, Dodds
Booth, William D. from Tilley, Brooks
Boothman, Rodney Brian Edward from Lindbergh, St. Paul
Bootsma, John from South Cooking Lake
Bootsman, F. from Kitscoty
Bootsman, F. from Kitscoty
Bootsman, Fred from Riviere Qui Barre
Bootsman, George from Kitscoty
Bootsman, Johan from Kitscoty
Bootsman, Tim from Kitscoty
Booy, Mike from Bruce
Boque, Benjamin & F. from Williston
Boraas, Alfred from Viking
Boraas, Iver O., & Annie E. from Viking
Boraas, Nels G. from Viking
Boras Peter & Sons (Walter & Michael M) from Picture Butte
Boras, Peter from Picture Butte
Borass, George from Viking
Boratynec Bros. from Lake Eliza
Boratynec Victor J. from St. Paul
Boratyner, W.T. from Lake Eliza
Borbely, Kalman from Linden
Borbridge, K.J. from Crossfield
Borchert, William Frederick & Maude from Carmangay
Bordeleau, Albertine from Ardmore
Borden, George from Leo
Borden, James McGregor & Glen Lee from Hythe, Grande Prairie
Bordula, Andrew Joseph from Hanna
Boreen, A.L. from Edmonton
Boreen, A.L. from Edmonton
Boreen, H.M. from Grande Prairie, Watino, Eaglesham
Borek, Frank from Stettler
Borel, J. A. (Paramount Stock Farm) from Craigmyle
Borg, Douglas, Gilroy, Clive from Fort Assiniboine
Borg, Hegward from Fort Assiniboine
Borgel, Clarence from Killam
Borgenes, Laurits from Comrey
Borgenes, Peter from Comrey
Borger, Ferdinand from Hythe, Brainard
Borgstrom, Alvy from Edberg, Camrose
Borgstrom, Dennis from Meeting Creek
Borle, Firmen C. from Riviere Qui Barre
Borle, Firmen J. from St. Albert
Borle, Morise Clara from Gunn
Borle, Morris (Mr. and Mrs.) & son, Fird from Gunn
Borley, Elsie from Bearberry
Borm, R. from Pickardville
Borman, Henry Arthur Calvin from Warburg, Breton
Born, Jacob from Taber
Bornemann, Carl from Stony Plain, Carvel
Bornowsky, J. from Kinuso
Borodako, Andrew from Vilna
Borodula, Annie from Hanna, Three Hills, Calgary
Borrowman, Naomi from Kevisville
Borrowman, Robert from Heisler
Bort, Henry from Lundbreck
Bort, Ladislav from Cowley, Chapel Rock
Bort, Wenzel from Chapel Rock, Cowley
Borth, Dan from Lacombe
Borth, Ed from Alliance, Battlebend
Borth, Glen Edwin from Rimbey
Borth, Paul D. from Lacombe
Borthwick, David R. from Kinsella
Borthwick, Emma Malvina from Lundbreck
Bortis, Henry from Redcliff
Borton, Arnold from Pekisko, Water Valley
Borton, M.H. from Water Valley
Borton, P.K. from Water Valley
Borup, E.C. from Bashaw
Bos, Joe from Medicine Hat
Bos, Wiebe Gesinus from Lacombe
Bosby, Albert from Wild Horse
Bosch, Francis from Taber, Lethbridge
Bosch, Fred E. from Lethbridge
Boschee, Albert from Robinson, Irvine, Medicine Hat
Boschee, Betty Jean from Robinson, Irvine
Boschee, Deborah Lucille from Medicine Hat, Robinson
Boschee, Elmer from Woolchester
Boschee, Elmer G. from Medicine Hat
Boschee, Fred from Robinson
Boschee, Gustav from Gros Ventre, Norton, Roseberg, Wisdom, Medicine Hat
Boschee, Manny from Woolchester Medicine Hat
Boschee, Rudolph from Medicine Hat, Gros Ventres, Woolchester
Boschee, Wallace & Melbourne from Medicine Hat
Boscher, James from Irvine
Boschman, D.H. from Coaldale
Boschman, Roy from Nanton
Boschmann, C. from Lundbreck, Tofield
Boschmann, C. from Lundbreck, Tofield
Bose, Otto, & Emanuel from Taber
Boseley, Joseph from Brooks
Bosgra, Leonard from Lacombe, Burdett
Bosh, Joe from Castor, Pemukan, Fleet
Bosh, Mike & Son (Kenneth) from Forestburg
Bosma, Siebe from Stettler
Bosomworth, Allan from Warner
Boss, Alex from Tofield
Bosser, Martin from Provost
Bossert, Alfred from Veteran
Bossert, Bruce from Peers
Bossert, Darwin B. from Wrentham
Bossert, Edwin from Coronation
Bossingham, Albert from Spring Coulee
Bostock, Robert Brian from Cochrane
Both, C.W. from Consort
Both, Lee Roy from Caroline
Botham, C.K. from Belloy
Botham, Susan L. from Sundre
Bothamley, Albert Louis from Lethbridge
Bothamley, Charlotte from Lethbridge
Bothwell, Stewart or Stuart from Mannville
Bothwell, Thomas from Islay
Botkin, Cecil from Brooks
Bott, Charles L. from Condor
Bott, George P. from Withrow
Bott, George P. from Withrow
Bott, Myles from Eckville
Bott, Roy from Rolling Hills
Botterill, Mrs. Lorne E. remarried Bennett from Eyremore, Calgary, Sweet Home OR, Oxnard, CA
Botting, Chester from Heinsburg
Botting, E.W. from Edmonton, Heinsburg
Botting, Ida from Monitor
Bottomley, Alfred from Coronado
Bottomley, Fred & Milton M. Stuart from Scapa
Bottomley, Fred & Milton M. Stuart from Scapa
Bottomley, Robert Edward from Midnapore
Bottoms, John B. from Rose Lynn
Bottoms, William Joseph from Rose Lynn, Hannah
Bouchard, Alex W. from Wainwright, Holden, SK.
Bouchard, Roger from Codesa
Boucher, J.T. from Cochrane, Calgary
Boucher, Jules Arthur from Caroline, Calgary
Boucher, M.M. from Bottrel, Calgary
Bouck, Albert E .from Cremona
Bouck, Albert E. from Cremona
Bouck, Gordon from Cremona
Bouck, Lee from Cremona
Bouck, Ralph M. from Kitscoty, Wainwright
Bouck, Reuben from Big Prairie
Bouck, Sidney from Carstairs, Neapolis
Bouck, Weston & Victor from Cremona
Boudreau, W.H. from Stirlingville
Boudreau, W.H. from Stirlingville
Boughtin, Herbert S. from Donalda
Bougie, Leon Paul from Bonnyville
Bougie, M. Octave from Cold Lake
Boulet, Paul from Hay Lakes, Bon Accord
Boulter, Aaron H. from Oyen
Boulter, Charles & Son (Keith) from Rosalind
Boulter, Mrs. Gilbert from Acadia Valley
Boulton, H. from Lethbridge
Boulton, Hale from South Edmonton
Boulton, John T. from Calgary
Boulton, R.H. from Medicine Hat
Bourassa, Leo J. from Plamondon
Bourbeau, Eva & Hebert from Cold Lake
Bourbeau, Lucien from Le Goff
Bourbonnais, Dolphis from Riviere Qui Barre, Sturgeon River
Bourdages Pete from Cochrane, Calgary
Bourdier, Lucien from Cowley
Bourgeois, Richard Jack from Guy
Bourget, Lucien (Lac la Biche Mission) from Lac la Biche
Bourke, W.M. from Calgary
Bourne, D.E. from Nanton
Bourne, Douglas R. from Magrath
Bourne, Joe from Kitscoty
Bourne, John from Rocky Mountain House
Bourne, Robert B. from Magrath
Bourne, Winnie from Magrath
Bourque, P. from Calgary
Bourque, Patrick from Caslan
Bourret, Louis from Merna, Alliance
Bourson, Jake from Streamstown, Willowlea
Boutry, Nestor from Burmis, Bellevue
Bouvette, George from Hardisty
Bouvette, George from Hardisty
Bouvier Bros from Lac La Biche
Bouvier, Alphonse from Lac La Biche Mission
Bouvier, Celestin from Bowness
Bouw, John A. from Bow Island
Bouw, Joyce Mary from Bow Island
Bouw, Sylvia Nelly & Roger J. from Bow Island
Bouw, Tony from Bow Island
Bovio, Bernardo (Barney) from Bellevue
Bovio, John from Bellevue
Bow River Cattle Co-Operative from Gleichen
Bow River Ranch from Calgary
Bow River Ranching Company from Calgary
Bowcott, E.B. from Edmonton
Bowcott, E.B. from Edmonton
Bowdige, Fred from Gadsby
Bowe, Bernard from Islay, Kitscoty
Bowe, Dolly from Burdett
Bowe, John W. from Edmonton
Bowe, Reg. R. from Innisfail
Bowe, Thomas Arthur from Keg River
Bowen, C.H. from MacLeod
Bowen, Catherine Brown from Carnwood
Bowen, Elwood S. from Peers, Shining Bank
Bowen, Gordon Leslie from Fort Macleod
Bowen, Norman Barnhart from Kitscoty, Lloydminster
Bowen, Vincent O. from Brocket, Pincher Creek
Bowen, Willard from Edmonton
Bower, Don F. from Red Deer
Bowers, Arthur from Caroline, Raven
Bowers, Augusta from Hanna
Bowers, Catherine from Wainwright
Bowers, Cyrus from Hanna
Bowers, David & Arthur from Ardmore
Bowers, Gordon Arthur from Airdrie
Bowers, M.A. from Beaver Crossing
Bowersock, Bruce from Pincher Creek
Bowersock, William L. from Pincher Creek
Bowes, A.W. from Taber
Bowes, R.J. & Sons (R. David & Dale F.) from Camrose
Bowes, W.A from Taber
Bowick, Ronald Keith from Barrhead
Bowie, Daniel H. from Medicine Hat
Bowlby, Jessie E. from Edgerton
Bowlby, R.E. from Busby, Morinville
Bowlen, C. & G. H. Nickerson from Hinton
Bowlen, Eddie from Calgary
Bowlen, John James from Calgary, Medicine Hat
Bowler, Harvey from Estevan, SK
Bowler, Mark from Stettler
Bowles, John Norman from Balzac
Bowman, Frank from Dewberry
Bowman, Gertrude I. from Sundre
Bowman, Harold from Redcliff, Rolling Hills
Bowman, J.L. from Carmangay
Bowman, W.H from Carmangay
Bown, George R from Ranfurly
Bown, George R. from Ranfurly
Bowness, Horace Leigh from Peers
Bowness, James R. & Dorothy May from James River Bridge, Alhambra
Bowness, John Elton from James River Bridge
Bowser, J. Nate from Diamond City, Lethbridge
Bowtell, Bruce from Frog Lake, Hay Lakes, Heinsburg
Bowtell, Harry from Frog Lake
Bowthorpe, Fred from Veteran
Bowthorpe, J.B. from Ensleigh, Veteran
Bowthorpe, Joseph William from Veteran, Ensleigh
Box, Frank from Rumsey
Boyce, Charles W. & Son (Donald C.) from Willowlea, Marwayne
Boyce, D.W. from Penhold
Boyce, Gerald R. from Dewberry
Boyce, Simon J. from Galahad
Boyce, W. from Brooks
Boyce, William Reginald from Red Deer, Penhold, Calgary
Boychuck, Steve from Vauxhall
Boychuk, Annie from Gibbons
Boychuk, George from Barich, Smoky Lake
Boychuk, John from Hairy Hill, Warwick
Boychuk, John from Radway
Boychuk, John W. from Calgary
Boychuk, Konory from Vilna
Boychuk, Mike from Coaldale
Boychuk, Mrs. S.M. from Cardston, Penhold, Red Deer
Boychuk, Nick from Westward Ho, Sundre
Boychuk, Steve J. from Smoky Lake
Boyd, Allan Lewis from Calgary
Boyd, Andrew from Airdrie
Boyd, Andy & Alma from Airdrie
Boyd, Brian Leonard from Wildwood
Boyd, Dean from Crowfoot
Boyd, Earle from Innisfail
Boyd, Ernest from Hackett
Boyd, Frank from Lomond, Armada
Boyd, Gardner N. from Wainwright
Boyd, J. Harvey from Innisfail, Spruce View
Boyd, James G. from Bluffton, Homeglen
Boyd, James L. from Watts
Boyd, John from Gleichen, Calgary
Boyd, Leonard from Countess, Morningside
Boyd, Michael J. from Spruce View
Boyd, Peter from Hanna
Boyd, Raymond Gardner from Wainwright
Boyd, Robert from Calgary, Cochrane.
Boyd, T.M. from Olds
Boyd, Wayne C. from Neutral Hills
Boyd, William from Kinsella, Wainwright
Boyd, William Lyle from Innisfail
Boyda, Thomas from Lethbridge
Boyden, W.J. from Pincher Creek
Boyer River Farming Co-Op Ltd. from High Level
Boyer, E.J. from Onion Lake, SK
Boyer, Edwin from Brooks
Boyer, Sol from Bindloss
Boykiw, Peter from Waskatenau
Boyko, Bill from Elk Point
Boyko, Peter from Elk Point
Boykowich, Alex from Cherhill
Boyle, Sam from Minburn
Boyles, Douglas H. from Bezanson
Boyles, Rosa nee Deby from Beaver Lake, Mundare
Boyson, Urban from Rosemary, Duchess
Bozarth, D.C. from Blueberry Mountain
Bozarth, Earl from Granum, Nobleford
Bozek, Martin from Evergren, Eckville
Bozo, Paul from Tilley, Midnapore, Calgary
Braat, John from Lethbridge
Braaten, Tillman from Brownvale
Brace, Arthur E. from Cremona
Brace, Henry from Edmonton, Britain
Brace, Henry from Edmonton, Britain
Brace, Louis W. from Empress
Bracha Jr., John from Kimball
Bracha, E.R. from Whiskey Gap, Taylorville
Bracha, John from Monitor
Bracha, Mrs. K. from Bruce
Bracha, Stanley from Bruce
Brack, Alvin A. from Cardston
Brack, George A. from Cardston, Woolford
Brackan, Annie from Spring Coulee, Woolford
Brackan, M. from Spring Coulee, Woolford, Owendale
Bracken, Ethel from Cremona, Elkton
Bracken, Frank Crawford Jr. from Didsbury, Elkton
Bracken, R.L. from Cremona
Brackley, L. from Blackie
Braconnier, George A. from Millicent
Braconnier, John A. from Millicent
Bradbury, Ernest B. from Blackfalds
Brade, Eric & Audrey from Barrhead
Bradeen, Robert E. from Joffre, Red Deer
Braden, Jennie from Carbon, Rocky Mountain House
Braden, William Dale from Langdon, Strathmore, Westward Ho
Braden, Wilma Ellen from Strathmore, Westward Ho
Bradford, J.R. from Lethbridge, Delia
Bradford, John Harry & George B. from Kirriemuir
Bradford, Mabs Thurza from Carstairs
Bradford, Mrs. George from Kirriemuir, Provost
Bradford, R.C. from Kirriemuir
Bradford, Richard L. from Vegreville, Sherwood Park
Bradford, Samuel from Big Valley, Red Lodge, Calgary
Bradley, A.A. from Sedgewick
Bradley, Aneas from Longview
Bradley, Fred M. from Calgary, Wetaskiwin
Bradley, Fred M. from Calgary, Wetaskiwin
Bradley, Harold S. from Pincher Creek
Bradley, James from Halkirk, Foreman
Bradley, James M. from Beaverlodge, Cardston
Bradley, John A. from Strathmore, Peace River
Bradley, Norman E. from High River
Bradley, Patrick A. from Nanton, Righ River
Bradley, Walter from Lloydminster
Bradshaw, F.G. from Saunders
Bradshaw, John & Clara from Saltaux, Vegreville
Bradshaw, Mrs. E.B. from Alhambra
Bradshaw, William B. from Cummings, Vermilion
Brady, A.C. from Calgary
Brady, James T. from Minburn, Mannville
Brady, John James from Vermilion
Brady, John L. from Minburn, Mannville
Brady, Keith Stewart from Twin Butte
Brady, Leslie C. from Irma
Brady, Lloyd from Mannville
Brady, R.D. from Edgerton
Brady, Stanley John from Minburn, Mannville
Brady, T.J. from Minburn
Brager, M.L. from Chaton, Bawlf
Bragg, Amos from Ponoka
Bragg, Fred from Taber
Bragg, Stanley from Ponoka
Brainard, Mrs. A. from Brainard
Braithwaite, C.R. from Red Deer
Braithwaite, Robert John from Green Court
Braithwaite. Lorne & Ernie from Dewberry
Brajdich, John from Thelma, Medicine Hat
Brakstad, Karl John & Evelyn Augusta from MacKay
Bramfield, J. from Craigmyle
Bramfield, J.M. from Craigmyle
Bramley, George A. from Sundre
Bramley, Harold from Carbon
Branchflower, Norman from Ardrossan, Wainwright
Branchflower, R.A. from Ardrossan, Vernon, BC
Brand, Brian David from Calgary
Brand, Cecil G. from Gunn
Brand, Harold Wallice from Edmonton
Brand, Mary Viola from Medicine Hat, Fort Assiniboine
Brand, Russel from Gunn, Whitecourt
Brander, Alex from Castor
Brander, G.T. from Pollockville
Brandham, George Kenneth from Cardston
Brandham, George S. from Beazer
Brandham, George S. from Beazer
Brandham, Verl from Cardston
Brandiff, John J. from Pincher Creek
Brandiff, John J. from Pincher Creek
Brandley, Calvin S. from Lethbridge
Brandley, Grant from New Dayton, Coleman
Brandley, Henry from Stirling, Wrentham
Brandley, Joseph Smith from Stirling
Brandley, Noel from Stirling, Monarch
Brandley, Rulon from Wrentham, Stirling
Brandley, Verne from Lethbridge
Brandon, Douglas from Evergreen
Brandon, Frank S. from Eagle Hill, Westward Ho
Brandon, William from Evergreen, Crossfield, Calgary
Brandrick, Mrs. J. from Wealthy
Brandsvold, Edward from Carmangay
Brandt, Christina from Medicine Hat, Little Plume, Wisdom
Brandt, Clarence William from Strathmore, Medicine Hat
Brandt, Edward A. from Edmonton
Brandt, Erich from Wetaskiwin
Brandt, Robert from Irvine
Brandt, Walter Emanuel from Wisdom
Brandvold, John from Airways
Brandvold, Leonard from Carmangay
Branes, Justin from Camrose, Donalda
Braniff, L.B. from Calgary
Branson, Lawrence from Travers
Branson, Merle from Innisfail
Brant, Frederick P. from Belvedere, Barrhead
Brantner, Chris from Warner, Lethbridge
Branton, Robert from Camrose
Branum, J.L. & Ray from Craigmyle
Branum, Ray from Craigmyle
Branum, Shirley from Craigmyle
Braseth Bros from Bashaw
Brass, Dick from Gleichen
Brassard, C. from Hussar
Brassard, C. from Joussard
Brassard, Dave from Joussard
Brathamer, Mandus from Nobleford
Bratrud, Lyle Alfred from Holden
Bratrud, Keith Marven from Holden
Bratton, Arthur Wilfred from Spring Point
Bratton, Roy L. from Spring Point
Bratz, Otto from Pincher Creek
Bratz, Roy from Pincher Creek
Bratz, William from Pincher Creek
Braucht, Vance from Caroline
Braul, Henry from Rosemary
Braul, J.H. from Rosemary
Braun, Joe from Uncas
Braun, John F. from Gem
Braun, John F. from Gem
Braun, Sigvard from Teepee Creek
Braun, Stewart from Wildwood
Braunberger, Daniel from Drumheller
Braunberger, F.E. from Drumheller
Braunberger, Katie J. R. from Sundre, Calgary
Braunberger, Mary from Drumheller, Calgary, Grainger
Brauner, William E. from Fort SK
Brausen, Lawrence from Ankerton
Brawner, Percy R. from Castor
Bray, C.C & Sons from Black Diamond, High River, Hutton, Okotoks
Bray, Floyd L. from Cochrane
Bray, William A. from Bassano
Brayne Bros (Harry & Joseph) from Nanton
Brazas, Charles from Clear Hills
Brazeau Collieries Ltd from Nordegg
Brazel, Ray from Blue Ridge
Brazil, Frank from High River
Brazzoni, A. from Bellevue
Breadner, Gerald from Dapp
Breaker, Nick from Gleichen
Brearley, R.B. from High Prairie
Breast, Roy from Goodfish Lake
Breault Bros from Pickardville
Breault, Raymond from Picardville
Breault, Roland from Picardville
Brecka, Martin from Barnwell, Cranford
Breckan or Brekkan, N. I. from Tofield
Breckenbridge, Val M. from Colinton
Breckenridge, Gavin from Edmonton
Breckenridge, Gavin from Edmonton
Breckenridge, Marshall from Kinsella
Breckenridge, Stanley from Alix
Bredick, Alfon from Stauffer
Breen, Francis from Etzikom, Indus, Balzac, Madden, Bowden, Peace River, Sexsmith
Brehmer, George A. from Winnifred
Brehmer, Ida from Irvine, Brooks
Breidigan, Henry from Fort Macleod, Pincher Creek
Breimo, Nels from Sedgewick
Breitkreutz, Alvin from Wildwood
Breitkreuz, Heinrich from Morningside
Breker, Joe from High Prairie
Brekko, Larry from Vermilion
Bremner, James L. from Edgerton
Bremner, James L. from Edgerton
Bremner, Louis from Camrose
Bremner, William from Pincher Station, Beaver Mines, Pincher Creek
Brenchley, Mrs. Charles from Big Valley
Brenchley, Mrs. Charles from Big Valley
Brenda, Mike from Viking
Brennan, James from Vegreville
Brennan, Kenneth from Bonnyville
Brennan, William & Sons from Bonnyville
Brenner, Flemon from Alderson
Brennesholts, L. A .from Lacombe
Breno, Sam from Marwayne
Brent, J.W. from Coronation
Brenton, Clayton Francis from Cardston, Del Bonita, Whiskey Gap
Brererton, Thomas from Tofield, Morinville
Bresett & Son from Fleet
Bresnahan, Henry from Shepard
Bresnahan, Raymond from Elkwater
Bretney, Norman from S. Edmonton
Breton, Peter from Lyalta
Brett, E.H. from Dewberry
Brett, Milton from Dewberry
Bretzer, Mrs. K. from Okotoks
Breukelman, Simon from Taber
Brewer, Ernest Ancel from Edmonton
Brewer, F.T & Alice from Halcourt, Elmworth
Brewer, Francis B. from Ribstone
Brewer, J. Howard & Maud V. (Do - Do Ranch) from Calgary, Crowfoot, Makepeace
Brewer, James Fredrick from Calgary
Brewerton, Gordon S. from Cardston
Brewerton, Gordon S. from Cardston
Brewin, Desmond Rodney from Purple Springs
Brewing Roland Frank, Jr. from Taber
Brewster (Fred) & Moore (P.A.) Ltd. from Jasper
Brewster, Arthur from Cochrane, Bottrel, Airdrie
Brewster, George from Nordegg
Brewster, George O. from Banff
Brewster, J.W. from Banff
Brewster, P. George from Tofield
Brewster, W.G. from Bottrel
Brezovski, John from Taber
Brick, Norbert R. from Grande Prairie
Bricker, Anson S. & Emma V. from Windsor Creek
Bricker, Edgar from Aldersyde
Bricker, Elias W. from Alsask, SK
Bricker, Robert D. from Strome, Killam
Brickman, Charlie L. from Philips Viking
Brickman, R.R from Phillips
Bridge, John H., Sr. from Magrath, Del Bonita
Bridge, John Henry, Jr. from Raymond
Bridge, Finnis from Talbot
Bridge, Gordon from Talbot, Tees
Bridge, Henry from Okotoks
Bridge, J. Orson from Magrath
Bridge, Robert George from Talbot
Bridgeman, William from Jarrow
Bridger, Jane from Alliance
Bridgewater, H.H. from Calgary
Briekreuz, Paul T. from Falun
Brierley, C. William from Rocky Mountain House
Brierley, Jean from Rocky Mountain House
Brierley, Mabel A. from Rocky Mountain House
Brietzke, Dale L. & Gordon J. from Lousana
Brietzke, Dale L. & Gordon J. from Lousana
Brietzke, Gust H. from Lousana
Brietzke, Mrs. A.P. from Lousana
Brietzke, Robert R. from Elnora
Briganek, Charles from Heisler
Briggs, Fred I. & Sons from Edmonton
Briggs, Leonard from Wild Horse
Brightland, Arthur from Coronation, Shepard
Brightland, Arthur William from Coronation, Veteran, Calgary
Brigley, Charles Frederick from Lake Thelma
Brilliant Coal Co. from Drumheller
Brimstin, T. W. from Dorothy
Brimstin, T.J. from Twin Butte, Dorothy
Bring Hurst Farms Ltd. from Edmonton
Brink, Willis H. from Edgerton, Fabyan
Brinker, Thomas A. from Daysland
Brinson, Jesse L. from Elnora, Olds
Brinson, Jesse L. from Elnora, Olds
Brisbois, Armand from Kitscoty
Briscoe, Fred from Scollard, Big Valley
Brislan, Mary E. from Edgerton
Brissard, C.F. from Viking
Brisson, Armand from New Brigden, Esther
Bristow, James A. from Heinsburg
Bristow, Kenneth Charles from Brooks
Bristow, Mervin from Heinsburg
British Dominion Land Settlement Corporation Limited from Vermilion, Edmonton
British Dominion Land Settlement Corporation Limited from Vermilion, Edmonton
Brittain, Clarence from Stettler
Brittain, Mrs. L. from Vauxhall
Brittner, Anton C. from Foremost, Lethbridge
Brittner, Ralph G. from Foremost
Brittner, Sigesmund from Birdsholm, Goddard
Britton, Thomas Oscar from Eaglesham
Brix, Peder from Vermilion
Brix, Soren from Calgary, Millarville
Broadbent, Harold from Strathmore
Broadbent, J.H. from Sundre, Bluffton
Broadbent, William from Leavitt, Cardston
Broadfoot, D.R. from Recliff
Broadhead, Edward Parley from Mountain View, Cardston
Broadhead, Norman R. from Mountain View, Cardston
Broadhurst A. from Calgary, Crossfield, Irricana
Broadhurst, C. Douglas from Didsbury
Broadhurst, Mrs. A. from Elkton, Irricana
Broberg, Peter from Richdale
Brochu, Omer from Chauvin
Brock, Lloyd R. from Chauvin
Brock, William from Dewberry
Brocklebank, D. Barton from High River
Brocklebank, James E. from Cluny
Brocklebank, James E. from Cluny
Brocklebank, W.A. from Makepeace
Brockway, Charles Marvin from Nanton
Brockway, Douglas from High River
Brockway, Harvey Willard & Anne from Carstairs
Brockway, Mrs. K. from Nanton
Brockway, Willard from Nanton
Brod, Harold C. from Thorsby
Brodersen, E. from Red Deer
Broderson, Ervin from Vauxhall
Broderson, J.W. from Halkirk, Lodgepole
Brodhecker, Frank H. from Tofield
Brodie, Barbara from Sundre
Brodie, Bobby from Brooks
Brodie, George Harold from Cereal, Millicent
Brodie, Georgie A. from Brooks, Atlee
Brodie, I. L. from Sundre
Brodie, J.H. from Brooks, Atlee, Jenner
Brodie, K.O. from Jenner
Brodie, Robert A. from Pine Lake
Brodie, Robert L. from Brooks
Brodie, William & Mary from Leduc
Brodie, William Gordon from Regina, SK
Brodin, John F. from Manyberries
Brodin, John F. from Manyberries
Brodin, Venner from Manyberries
Brodziak Walter from St. Brides
Brodziak, Roam from St. Paul, St. Brides
Broemeling, Ambrose G. from Cadogan
Broemeling, Clarence from Cadogan
Broemeling, L. Jean from Cadogan
Broen, Gordon from Tofield
Brohman, Albert from Turin, Lethbridge
Brohman, Norman from Cochrane, Okotoks
Brokop, August from Irma, Mannville
Brolsma, Herman from Avalon, Groton, Bow Island
Brom, Cornelius H.G. from Tofield
Bronson, Earl Victor from Hardisty
Bronson, Floyd from Hardisty
Bronson, Roy J. from Hardisty, Kamloops, BC, Black Pines, BC, Flood, BC
Bronson, W. A. from Haynes, Clive
Bronstein, Sam from Bassano
Brook, Arthur from Sundre
Brooke, Mrs. C.B from Viking
Brooke, Mrs. S.M from Viking
Brookhart, Donald Lloyd from Hinton
Brooks, Carl from Wembley
Brooks, David P. from Czar
Brooks, F.L. from Huxley
Brooks, Fred from Grande Prairie
Brooks, Fred from Minburn
Brooks, George E. from Marwayne, Lloydminster
Brooks, H.C. from Medicine Hat, Peace River
Brooks, Herbert, M. from Bindloss
Brooks, Hubert from Vauxhall
Brooks, Ida from Marwayne, Lac La Biche
Brooks, James E. from Minburn
Brooks, Kenneth G. from Minburn
Brooks, Leonard P. from Sexsmith
Brooks, Levi J. from Red Deer
Brooks, Lloyd & Glen from Sunset House
Brooks, R.B. from Carstairs
Brooks, R.L. from Jackville
Brooks, Richard, & Mary from Sundre
Brooks, Robert Taylor from Elk Point
Brooks, Rube F. from Sundre
Brooks, William from Castor
Brooks, William T. from Grassy Lake
Broome, Clifford L. from Castor
Broomfield, Leonard from DeBolt, Bezanson
Brosda, John from Stony Plain
Brosious, Irwin from Fort Macleod, Pincher Creek
Brosius, Henry G. from Pincher Creek
Brosseau, Eward L. from Three Hills
Brosseau, Jean Paul from Iron River, Edmonton
Brosseau, John B. from Brosseau
Brosseau, John B. from Brosseau
Brosseau, Lawrence from Sputinow
Brost, Adolph from Gros Ventre, Irvine
Brost, Arthur from Piapot, SK
Brost, Ernie & Arthur from Piapot, SK
Brost, Ernie from Piapot, Walsh
Brost, Fred from Walsh
Brost, Harlow Dwayne from Irvine
Brost, Harvey from Hanna, Strathmore
Brost, Hugh from Medicine Hat
Brost, Wesley from Carbon
Broten, A.G. from Jenner
Brotherwood, A.G. from Bowden
Brotherwood, George F. from Lomond, Milo
Brotherwood, George Jonathan from Lomond
Brotherwood, George T. from Armada
Brotherwood, W.J. from Lomond
Brouckaert, Emeric from Edmonton
Broughton, Charles Franklin from Hardisty
Broughton, Dale Wayne from Hughenden, Wetaskiwin
Broughton, E.M. from Hughenden
Broughton, Mary E. from Bonnyville
Broughton, William E. from Donalda
Brouns, Carl A. from Tudor, Rockyford
Brouns, Sherman from Rockyford
Brouwer, H. from Rocky Mountain House
Brouwer, Klaas from Blackfalds
Brower, Floyd from DeWinton, Mossleigh
Brower, Mrs. Nora from Wild Horse
Brown Bros. (Tom & Jim) from Beaverlodge
Brown Carol D. from Tofield
Brown Thomas R. from Eagle Butte, Medicine Hat, Vancouver, BC
Brown Two Youngmen, Joe from Morley
Brown, A G. from Lethbridge
Brown, A.T. from Viking, Phillips
Brown, A.V. from Rocky Mountain House
Brown, Albert R. from James River Bridge
Brown, Alexander from Erskine
Brown, Alexander T. from Lloydminster, AB
Brown, Alfred & Edward from Altario
Brown, Alfred C. from Calgary, Cochrane
Brown, Alfred Clifford from Calgary, Cochrane
Brown, Alfred from Altario
Brown, Andrew from Vulcan
Brown, Aron P. from Winfield
Brown, Arthur H. from Delburne
Brown, Austine C. from Queenstown
Brown, Ben from Carmangay
Brown, C.D. from Vulcan
Brown, C.H. from Czar, Hughenden
Brown, C.H. from Masinasin
Brown, Charles H. from Olds, Mound
Brown, Charles Harold from Woolford, Lethbridge, Owendale, Whiskey Gap
Brown, Charles R. from Stettler
Brown, Chester from Irma
Brown, Clair C. from Marwayne, Inland, Edmonton
Brown, Clare L. from Olds
Brown, Clarence D. from Acme
Brown, David A. from Big Valley, Rumsey
Brown, David E. & L.R.L. from Vermilion, Cummings
Brown, David from Tomahawk
Brown, David Jr. from Lake Isle, Tomahawk
Brown, Dewey G. from North Edmonton
Brown, Donald G. from Grande Prairie G., Sexsmith, Teepee Creek
Brown, E. Stanley from Darwell, Worsley
Brown, E.F. from Bingville, Jenner, Buffalo, Enilda, High Prairie
Brown, E.M. from Acme
Brown, E.W. from Ryley
Brown, Earl R. from Gadsby, Stettler
Brown, Edward Walter from Beaverlodge
Brown, Emma & Frank from Norway Valley, Mirror Landing
Brown, Floyd A. from Olds
Brown, Frank & Elizabeth from Magrath
Brown, Frank from Kinsella, Viking
Brown, Frank M. from Norway Valley
Brown, Frank W. & W. W. & R.A. from Twin River
Brown, Frank W. from Calgary
Brown, Gary Grant from Didsbury
Brown, Gary Vincent from Cremona
Brown, George Arthur from Joffre, Onion Lake. SK
Brown, George E. from Castor
Brown, George E. from Koknee, Vermilion
Brown, George E. from Macleod, Pearce
Brown, George from Carstairs, Calgary
Brown, George from Highvale
Brown, George H. from Lloydminster, SK
Brown, George I. from Medicine Hat
Brown, George P. from Bingley, Knee Hill Valley
Brown, George S. from Lethbridge
Brown, George William from Lea Park, Norway Valley
Brown, Grace A. from Rocky Mountain House
Brown, H. T. from Owendale, Woolford
Brown, H.W. from Edmonton, Coronation
Brown, Harold R. from Glenwood
Brown, Harry E. from Darwell
Brown, Harvey Allen from Tulliby Lake
Brown, Henry A. from Carstairs
Brown, Hugh A. from Keg River, Manning
Brown, Hugh Edward from Glenevis, Westerose
Brown, Hugh from Castor
Brown, J. O. from Raymond, Calgary
Brown, J.A. from Easyford
Brown, J.D. from Raymond, Lethbridge
Brown, J.H. from Le Goff, Beaver Crossing
Brown, J.O. from Raymond, Calgary
Brown, James from Calgary
Brown, James from Galahad
Brown, James from Hussar
Brown, James N. from Glenwood
Brown, Jay D. from Wabamun, Duffield
Brown, Joe & Adeline from Cochrane
Brown, John from Little Plume
Brown, Kenneth Malcolm from Edmonton
Brown, Kenneth Roy from Calgary
Brown, Lawrence James from Medicine Hat
Brown, Leslie A. from Mannville
Brown, Lloyd & Lucy from Clairmont, Bezanson, Teepee Creek
Brown, Macklin P. from Rocky Mountain House
Brown, Margaret Agnes from Macleod
Brown, Marlene Kay from Czar
Brown, Mary E. from Acme
Brown, Midori E. from Vermilion
Brown, Milton H. from Leduc
Brown, Mrs. Frank A. from High Prairie, Manyberries
Brown, Mrs. J.K. from Rimbey
Brown, Mrs. Jack from Bowness, Big Prairie
Brown, Myrtle Marie from Islay
Brown, N. H. from Stony Plain
Brown, Norman Fleetwood from Black Diamond
Brown, Norman from Cardston, Delburne
Brown, Norman N. from Nanton
Brown, Oliver from Heinsburg
Brown, P. R. from Glenwoodville
Brown, P.F. from Metiskow, Hughenden
Brown, P.H. from Bezanson
Brown, P.R from Glenwoodville
Brown, Peter Allan from Paradise Valley
Brown, R. from Vauxhall
Brown, R.M. from Calgary
Brown, Rex R. from Taber, Calgary
Brown, Robert from Elk Point
Brown, Robert N. from Pendryl
Brown, Roberta from Calgary
Brown, Stephens from Grand Centre
Brown, Susan from Spring Point
Brown, Susie & P.F. from Czar
Brown, T. & Sons from Vauxhall
Brown, Thomas C. from Galahad, Tinchebray, Halkirk
Brown, Thomas E. & Sons from Cassils
Brown, Thomas from Hussar
Brown, Vincent L. from Cremona
Brown, W. F. from Didsbury, Calgary
Brown, W. H. from Berwyn
Brown, W. J. from Galahad
Brown, W. Lloyd & Sons from Islay
Brown, W. Rex from Duffield
Brown, W.E. from Etzikom
Brown, W.F. from Didsbury, Calgary
Brown, W.L. from Carseland
Brown, Will R. from Alix
Brown, William E. from Cherry Grove
Brown, William Edward from Lomond
Brown, William from Innisfail
Brown, William from Onion Lake, SK
Brown, William from Picture Butte
Brown, William Henry from Buck Lake
Brown., Dr. Clifford H., Jr. from Didsbury
Browne, Allan from Calgary, Big Valley
Browne, Belmore from Seebe, Banff, Illahee
Browne, Earl from Czar
Browne, Edgar from Byemoor
Browne, Elborne & Elbourne J. from Czar
Browne, Elizabeth from Kitscoty
Browne, Howard J. from Czar
Browne, Merlin Hugh from Cardston
Browne, Wilfrid from Pine Lake
Brownell, Cornelius from Medicine Hat, Cadogan
Brownell, G.G. from Carseland
Brownell, Otis from Cadogan
Brownell, Sarah E. from Kimball
Brownlee, Alastair N. from Eckville
Brownlee, Angus from Innisfail, Kevisville, Vancouver, BC
Brownlee, Colin R. from Kevisville
Brownlee, Elmer L. from Milk River
Brownlee, Josie F. from Edmonton, Innisfail, Raven
Brownlee, William D. from Innisfail, Kevisville
Browns, Sherman from Rockyford, Tudor
Broy, Floyd L. from Cochrane
Brubaker, John H. from Duchess
Brubaker, Marlin M. from Duchess
Bruce, Charles Roger from Nampa
Bruce, Daniel M. from Lobley, Sundre
Bruce, David G. from Denwood
Bruce, Don from Okotoks
Bruce, Frank from Eaglesham
Bruce, Harold from Darwell
Bruce, John from Darwell
Bruce, Lawrence R. from Royalties, Peachland, BC
Bruce, M.A. from Sundre
Bruce, M.L. from Bruce
Bruce, Mary A. from Okotoks
Bruce, R.J. from Ohaton
Bruce, Ransom (Willow Grove Farm) from Tofield, Coronado, Battle Bend
Bruce, Winston T. from Calgary, Cochrane, Midnapore
Bruchartz, W. from Bruce
Brucker, Mike from Brooks
Bruder, K.J. from Twin Butte, Pincher Creek
Bruggeman, C. from Rockyford
Brugger, George from Calgary
Bruggerneate, Herman from Throne
Brugos, Steve from Taber
Bruhaug, Edwin O. from Kinsella, Jarrow
Bruhaug, J. from Kinsella
Bruhaug, J. from Kinsella
Bruins, Hendrikus from Elkton
Bruins, Peter from Seven persons, Medicine Hat
Bruinsma, John from Lethbridge, Edmonton
Bruinsma, L. from Bentley, Sylvan Lake, Blackfalds, Okotoks
Bruised Head, Chester from Standoff
Brulotte, Alphonse E. from Ponoka
Brulotte, Delphis from Guy
Brummet, Clarence from Stony Plain
Brumwell, Alex M. from Vauxhall
Brun, Anton from Drumheller
Brun, Carl from Rimbey
Brundige, Frank Lloyd from Bonnyville
Brundige, Robert Arthur from Camrose
Bruneau, John from Sputinow, Frog Lake
Bruneau, Maurice from Joussard
Brunelle, Lucien from St. Albert
Brunelle. H.M. from Kinmundy, Big Stone
Brunet, Edward Joseph from Lacombe, Pierceland, SK, 129
Brunet, Gaston Joseph from Bonnyville
Brunet, Lucien M. from Edmonton, Spruce Grove
Bruning, F.W. from Botha
Brunneau, Fred from Beaverdam
Brunneau, George from Cold Lake
Brunner, C. from Ogden
Brunner, Nick H. from Acadia Valley, Caroline
Bruno, Fred from Twin Butte
Bruns, H.C. from Breton
Bruns, John H. from Pincher Creek
Bruns, John H. from Pincher Creek
Brunsdale, Clarence L. from Mountain View, Cardston
Brunsdale, Rhoda from Mountain View
Bruntjen, Herman from Esther
Brunton, S.J. from Red Willow
Bruyckere, Peter from Milk River
Bryan, George D. from Neutral Valley, Consort
Bryan, George D. from Neutral Valley, Consort
Bryant, Albert from Keephills, Entwistle
Bryant, Alfred Harold from Jumping Pound
Bryant, Eric & Yvonne from Bowden
Bryant, H.N. from Red Deer
Bryant, Harold J. from Diamond City, Cochrane, Jumping Pound, Sylvan Lake, Lethbridge, Bingley
Bryant, K.J. from Red Deer
Bryant, Kenneth R. from Vauxhall
Bryant, Nat from East Coulee
Bryant, Philip S. from Bow Island, Drumheller
Bryant, R.H. from Fort Macleod
Bryant, Sidney W. from Turin, Vauxhall
Bryant, Sydney A. from Vauxhall, Hays
Bryanton, Ronald Lee from Rocky Mountain House
Bryce, Ernest G. & William W. from Nanton
Bryce, Joseph & Kenneth from De Winton
Bryce, Joseph L. from De Winton
Bryce, William W. from Nanton
Bryden, T.M. from St. Mary's Station, Morley
Brydon, J.D. from Gibbons
Brydon, James from Gibbons
Brynlund, Ruth from Alliance
Brysh, Mike from Canmore, Cochrane
Bryson, A.C. from Tide Lake, Westward Ho, James River Bridge, Red Deer
Brzezina, Jan from Purple Springs, Barnwell
BTR Livestock Co. from Bashaw
Bubenko, John from Glendon
Bucar, Mary J. from Beaver Mines
Buch, Allen Slim from Calgary, St. Catherines, ON
Buch, Soren Peter from St. Lina
Buchan, James from Scapa
Buchanan, C. Russell from Kitscoty, Vermilion, Islay
Buchanan, David Walter from Bluffton
Buchanan, Hamer from Islay
Buchanan, Liddon from Islay
Buchanan, R.R. from Pincher Creek
Buchanan, T.A. from Nanton
Buchert, Edward from Delburne
Buchert, Jack from Trochu
Buchert, K. &, Rosie from Trochu
Buchkowski, John from Hilliard
Buchkowski, Walter & Smolarchuk, Nick & Nellie from Philomena, Edmonton, Boyle
Buchs, Charley from Big Prairie, Water Valley
Buchwald, Glen from Stettler
Buchwold, Otto B. from Standard, Edmonton
Buchwold, Otto B. from Standard, Edmonton
Buck, Burton H. & Orville B. Buck from New Norway
Buck, Burton H. & Orville B. from New Norway
Buck, Elmer from Dovercourt
Buck, F.D. from Hussar
Buck, J.T. from Chauvin
Buck, Ray from Chauvin
Buckingham, Reginald from Sundre
Buckingham, Rodney from Patricia
Buckingham, Ronald from Sundre, Cranbrook, BC
Buckland, Ed. C. from Lousana
Buckland, Sidney from Parkland, Nanton
Buckler, Stanley F. from Cochrane
Buckley, Harry from Alix
Buckman, H.J.A. from Picture Butte
Buckna, Alex from Chapel Rock, Lundbreck
Buckna, Andrew from Lundbreck, Chapel Rock
Buckna, Frank from Chapel Rock
Buckna, Henry from Chapel Rock, Lundbreck
Bucknell, C.H. from Haynes
Bucknell, C.P. & Ida from Wetaskiwin
Bucknell, C.P. & Ida from Wetaskiwin
Buckton, Henry from Twining
Buday, John from Tilley
Budd, Alvy from Barons
Budd, Dr. G.J. from Ricinus, John City, TENN
Budd, Hiram E .from Wildwood
Budd, Mrs. E.N. from Junkins, Wildwood
Budd, Ronald J., Bear, Eric James from Taber
Budden & Coombes from Stauffer, Butte
Budden Bros from Butte
Budgen, Sanford Gary from Calgary
Budgen, W.N. from Dapp
Budvarson, A. from Markerville
Budvarson, Emil D. from Innisfail
Budvarson, John from Markerville
Budy, William from Bellis, Waskatenau
Budzilka, Val from Vermilion, Koknee, Islay
Budzinski, Victor from Wildwood
Bueckert, Henry from Linden, Fort Vermilion
Buehler, Alvin F. from Calgary
Buehler, Arthur W. from Hemaruka
Buehler, Merton R. from Olds
Buehring, Paul C. from Medicine Hat, Winnifred
Buelow Bros. (A.A., L.S. & Martin) from Mirror, Bashaw
Buelow, C.W. from Lumberton, Mirror
Buerger, William from Newbrook
Buffalo, Dan from Hobbema
Buffalo, Edward E. from Hobbema
Buffalo, Edward from Hobbema
Buffalo, Felix from Hobbema
Buffalo, Joe D. from Hobbema
Buffalo, Robert from Hobbema
Bugajski, Tony from Calgary, Shaughnessy
Bugbee, Ernest from Dovercourt, Caroline
Bugbee, Lillian from Caroline
Bugera, Andrew from Elk Point
Bugera, Ed from Elk Point
Bugera, Nick from Elk Point
Bugg, James G. from Minburn
Buhler, Henry from Didsbury, Olds
Buhmann, Peter from Sheerness, Wildunn
Buhr, Bill from Entwistle
Buhr, H. C. from Bluffton
Buhr, H.C. from Bluffton
Buker, Gail W. from Strathmore
Buksa, David from Lindbergh
Buksa, Donald from Elk Point, Heinsburg, Lloydminster
Buksa, Mike M. from Heinsburg
Buksa, Walter from Northern Valley
Bulas, Walter L. from Athabasca
Bull, Edward from Duffield
Bull, H.W. from Erskine
Bull, Jeffery from Goodfish Lake
Bull, Kathleen from Clandonald
Bull, Raymond O. from Stettler
Bull, Roy from Duffield
Bullard, James Richard from Consort
Bullhorn Cattle Co-Op Enterprise Ltd. from Cardston
Bullick, Stan from Coronation
Bullington, Charles from Castor
Bullivant, Georgina & Georgina Timpe from Alix
Bulloch, Mrs. E.M. from Lousana
Bulloch, Robert from Barnwell
Bullock, Alvin F. from Welling
Bullock, Charles Edward from Cessford
Bullock, David Lyndon from Welling
Bullock, Morris from Barnwell
Bullock, Nora A. from Barnwell
Bullock, Rodney Dean from Welling
Bullock, Rodney from Czar
Bullock, William Fullmer from Taber
Bullshields, Herbert from Fort Macleod, Cardston
Bulman, Jerry L. from Edson
Bulmer, D.A. from Minburn
Bulmer, John C. from Barons
Buls, Henry from Claresholm
Bulva, Barbara from Iron Springs
Bulva, Ivan from Iron Springs, Barnwell
Bulva, Johnnie from Iron Springs
Bunbury, George & Al from Castor
Bunker, A.E. from Lacombe
Bunn, E.M. from Atlee
Bunn, H. Rex from Brooks
Bunnage, Meryle A. from Glenwoodville
Bunney, Arthur from Forestburg
Bunney, J.E. & A.C. from Wenham Valley
Bunney, J.E. from Brooks
Bunney, W.C. from Brooks
Bunning, Mrs. J.W. from Barons
Bunton, F.V. from Spring Coulee, Fort MacLeod
Bunyan, John from Wembley
Bur, Charles from Dalroy, Lyalta
Burak, Darwin from Therien
Burak, Samuel S. from Lake Eliza
Burak, Walter from Norma
Buran, L.M. from Brooks, Duchess
Burbank, Ernest G. from Fort Macleod, Claresholm, Shaughnessy
Burbidge, Adam from Fort Macleod
Burbidge, D.W. from Fort Macleod
Burchak, Anna T. from Beaver Mines
Burchett, Walter Alan from High River
Burchnall, Edward J from Ponoka, Red Deer
Burchynsky, John from Edmonton
Burdett, Salathiel from Three Hills
Burdon, William from Brant
Bureau of Geology and Topography, Mines & Geology Branch - Department of Mines and Resources from Ottawa, ON
Burek, Emma from Frains
Burfield, Wilfred J. from Okotoks, Loyalist
Burford, D.F. from Big Valley
Burgart, Tony (Anton) from Stettler
Burge, Charles from Nanton
Burger, Benton from Etzikom
Burger, Clair C. from Monarch, Fort Macleod
Burger, Cora M. from Leicester
Burgess, Alex from High River
Burgess, F. from Pincher Creek
Burgess, Fred & Hutchins, Arthur from Pincher Station
Burgess, Harry from Vulcan
Burgess, Harvey R. from Bergen, Didsbury
Burgess, J.B. from Coaldale
Burgess, M.R. from Calgary, Balzac
Burgess, Michael J. & Dalyce from Medicine Hat
Burgess, Mrs. Fred from Pincher Station, Pincher Creek
Burgess, Perry from Forestburg
Burgess, W. from Vulcan
Burgess, Walter E. from Pincher Creek
Burggren, Elbert E. from Ardenode
Burgman, Gustave Fred from Coronation
Burian, W. & Son from Carrot Creek
Burk , Gary Allen from Wainwright
Burk, Delos E. from Lobley, James River Bridge, Upper Hat Creek, BC
Burk, Harold from James River Bridge, Sundre
Burk, Jonathan M. from Carbon
Burka, A.M. from Calgary
Burkard, Edward W. from Daysland, Camrose
Burkard, Jake J. from Ankerton
Burkart, John from Forestburg
Burke, Archie from Chauvin
Burke, D.C. from High River, Pekisko
Burke, David Arthur from Sundre
Burke, Herbie from Vauxhall
Burke, James from Tring, Marwayne
Burke, John T. & Gilbert from Retlaw, Rockyford
Burke, Joseph S. from Islay
Burke, Mrs. P. from Vauxhall
Burke, Patrick from Lethbridge
Burke, Patsy from Vauxhall, Nightingale, Rockyford
Burke, Peter from Veteran
Burke, Phyllis Mae from Nightingale
Burke, T.A. from Sedalia
Burke, T.A. from Sedalia
Burke, Virgil L. from Lethbridge
Burke, W.C. from Carmangay
Burkhardt, A.G. from Gwynne
Burkholder, Alvin R. from Black Diamond
Burkholder, Gerald L. from Magrath
Burkholder, Mrs. C. from Cremona
Burkholder, Virgil from Cremona, Cecil Lake, BC
Burki, J.G. from Streamstown
Burkinshaw, Victor E. from Berry Creek
Burles, R.G. from Calgary
Burles, William R. from Cowley, Maycroft, Banff, Cochrane, Salmon Arm, BC
Burma, Joe from Highvale
Burmeister, Walter & Frances, Bar C Ranch from Calgary
Burn, Edgar A. from Grimshaw, Dixonville
Burnat Bros from Jenner
Burnat, L.J. from Iddesleigh
Burne, Harry W. from Gleichen, Lomond
Burne, John Joseph from Gleichen
Burne, T. R. from Gleichen
Burnett Bros from Fort SK
Burnett, Allan from Fort SK, Ardrossan
Burnett, John from Coutts
Burnett, Milo J. from Carstairs
Burnham, A.S. from Milk River, Warner
Burnham, Alf from Vallejo, Neutral Valley, Lloyds Hill
Burnham, Dr. K. & Fletcher, Dr. Calvin from Edmonton
Burns Bros. (George Kenneth & Douglas James) from Didsbury
Burns, Alex from Alderson, Big Stone, Cabin Lake
Burns, Clifford from Hussar
Burns, Frank from Hussar
Burns, Frank from Hussar, Black Diamond
Burns, G. J from Calgary
Burns, G.J. from Calgary
Burns, Gordon K from Carmangay
Burns, Gordon K. from Carmangay
Burns, Herbert from Hays
Burns, J. R. from Dewberry, Clandonald
Burns, J. W from Sangudo
Burns, J.C. from Pincher Creek
Burns, J.W. from Sangudo
Burns, James & Thomas Birt from Rockyford
Burns, James & Thomas Birt from Rockyford
Burns, John P. from Bow Island, Hanna
Burns, John W. from Glenevis
Burns, Lily & Charlie from Bowville, Carmangay
Burns, Mabel Theresa from Calgary, Hussar, Black Diamond
Burns, Marvin E. from Alder Flats
Burns, Ordean A. & Cliff Small from Sangudo
Burns, Pat from Priddis, Calgary
Burns, Robert & Ralph Webb from Pincher Creek
Burns, Robert & Ralph Webb from Pincher Creek
Burns, Robert E. from High Prairie
Burr, Elmer from Lethbridge
Burr, Richard C. from Lethbridge, Raymond
Burr, Richard from Sedgewick, Galahad, Killam
Burr, S. I. from Manyberries
Burrell, Bob L. from Sundre
Burrell, Charles Milton from Bentley, Calgary
Burrell, Shirley Eleanor, Nielsen, James from Sundre
Burress, H.R. from Cremona
Burrill, James S. from Three Hills
Burrill, James S. from Three Hills
Burris, M.H. from Edmonton, Norbuck
Burris, Ray W. from Winfield
Burriss, W.M. from Arrowwood, Three Hills
Burroughs, Morris L. from Eaglesham
Burrows, Harvey P. from Midnapore
Burrows, John M. from High River, Nanton
Burt, Charles from Vermilion, Islay
Burt, H.A. from Scapa
Burt, R.D. from Cardston
Burt, Victor from Halcourt
Burtch, James Samuel from Hayter
Burtch, Samuel & Sam from Hayter
Burtch, Samuel from Hayter
Burton, Albert James from Chauvin
Burton, Arthur from Hill Spring
Burton, C. & R. Henderson from Edmonton
Burton, C., Henderson, R. from Edmonton
Burton, D.J. from Stanmore
Burton, Dennis from Calgary
Burton, Edwin from Vermilion
Burton, Gilbert Vernon from Ribstone
Burton, H. S. from Chauvin, Ribstone
Burton, Harold from Calgary
Burton, Harvey B. from Rimbey
Burton, J.E. from Irma
Burton, J.W. from Rimbey
Burton, James Wayne from Cremona
Burton, Orla from Ribstone, Gilbert Plains, MAN
Burton, Stanley F. from Darwell
Burton, William or Bill from Claresholm
Burwash, S.W. from Carmangay
Burwash, W.D. from Carmangay
Burwell, Iris from Edgerton
Burwood, Reg & Helen from Calgary
Bury, Paul E. from Delburne
Burzynski, Joe from Viking
Busch - Telkamp, Helmut from Champion
Busch Bros. from Chancellor, Standard
Busch Bros. from Wainwright
Busch, Karl & Sieburth, H. G. from Standard
Busch, Karl J. & C. J. from Standard
Busch, Phoebe from Chancellor
Buschert, Earl from Didsbury, Bergen, Carstairs
Buschert, Glen from Bergen, Carstairs
Buschert, Gottlied from Trochu, Calgary, Wimborne
Buschert, Roy from Carstairs
Busenius, Herbert E. from Ardrossan
Busenius, Lawrence from Hay Lakes
Bush, Dennis from Wanham
Bushell, A.E. from Milo, Calgary
Bushfield, S.R from Balzac
Bushko, John & Sons from Vegreville
Busk, Christ from Rosyth
Busk, Larry Wayne from Daysland, Wainwright
Buskas, Emil from Wetaskiwin
Buskas, Merlin D. from Ferintosh, Ponoka
Busse, Fredrick from Vauxhall
Busselle, Dr.A.W. from Macleod, Calgary
Bussey, Frank Horton from Airdrie
Bussey, John H. from Irricana
Bussey, Uva Lavaughn from Airdrie, Calgary
Bussian, E. E. from Del Bonita, Twin River
Bust, Willi from Cardston
Bustard, Fred from Brocket, Pincher Creek
Bustard, James L .from Spring Point, Lundbreck, Cowley, Pincher Creek, Brocket
Bustard, James L. from Spring Point, Lundbreck, Cowley, Pincher Creek, Brocket
Bustard, Lorne James from Cowley
Buta, Aurel from Barnwell, Cardston
Butala, J. from Millet
Butcher, Byron from Lacombe
Butcher, F.W. from Macleod
Butcher, George Seymer from Bittern Lake
Butcher, Ken from Bentley
Butcher, Shirley A. from Bentley
Buteau Oliver from Brooks
Buteau, Bill from Calgary
Butil, Dan from Thelma
Butler, A.J.A. from Hill Spring
Butler, Charles from Alix
Butler, David from Stettler, Castor
Butler, Doris from Castor
Butler, George M. from Glenwood
Butler, George M. from Glenwood
Butler, Harry from Vermilion
Butler, John from Vermilion
Butler, Levi from Edmonton, Mannville
Butler, Levi from Edmonton, Mannville
Butler, Rulon Boyce from Hill Spring, Cardston
Butler, Thomas E. from Alhambra
Butlin, Mrs. Frank from Midnapore
Butterfield Bros. (Thomas W. & Vernon S.) from Ponoka
Butterfield, Gordon B. from Cochrane, Billings, MT.
Butterfield, Lloyd Harold from Phoenix, AR
Butterfield, Thomas W. from Ponoka
Butters, George E. from Balzac
Butters, George E. from Balzac
Butterwick, George W. from Brownfield
Buttle, Mrs. N. from Cowley
Buttner, Anton from Ponoka, Medicine Hat
Buttner, H.J. from Edmonton
Butts, A.L. from Wild Horse
Butts, A.L. from Wild Horse
Butts, Donald Jay from Edson
Butts, Eileen from Hays
Butwilofski, A. from Edberg
Butz, Elmer C. from Ethelwyn
Butz, James Guy Edward from Drayton Valley
Butz, Robert from Lyndonville
Buxton, Clarence W. from Coronation
Buxton, George Edward from Edmonton
Buxton, Herb from Carvel
Buxton, Joe, Cunningham, Bud from Innisfail
Buxton, Ken & Anne from Gleichen, Lethbridge
Buxton, Lisle from Loyalist, Veteran
Buxton, William L. from Hughenden, Amisk
Buyer, Daunavan Jack from Carbon
Buyer, Jacob from Carbon
Buynar, Victor from Breton
Buzdegan, George from Vilna
Buzzard, Ralph & Fay from Rosebud, Brooks
Buzzard, Ralph from Rosebud
Buzzo, James William from Consort
Byam, Jean from Bow Island
Bye, Gilbert J. from Hanna
Bye, John from Hanna
Bye, Sverri from Coronation
Byers, J. from Hollow Lake, Waskatenau
Byers, Samuel from Edgerton, Ribstone
Byford, Ed from Iron River
Bykowski, Andrew from Derwent
Bykowski, Matt from Clandonald
Byl, Jerry from Grande Prairie
Byma, Jager & Ryskamp from Calgary
Bymo, Bill from Indus, Hubalta
Bymoen, Melvin N. from Vegreville
Byrrtus, Stanley from Athabasca
Byrt, Frank T. from Dog Pound, Madden, Salmon Arm, BC
Byrtus, Anthony from Athabasca
Bysterveld, C.G. from Delburne
Bysterveld, Jake J. from Delburne
Bysterveld, Peter from Pollockville, Carolside
Bystrom, Albert R. from Red Deer
Byttet, Einar M. from Del Bonita
Bywaters, George from Penhold
Bziengielewski, Theodore M. from Peace River

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