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Cancelled Brand Files - A
A & D Farms (William Albrecht) from Stoney Plain
A.B. Shorthorn Association from Edmonton
Aab, Ruben from Lethbridge
Aagesen, W. from Rolling Hills
Aalgaard, Arne Stanley from Diamond City, Lethbridge
Aarbo, Martin from Elk Point
Aarhus, George J. from Coronation
Aarhus, George J. from Coronation
Aasen, A. from Edgerton
Abbis, William R. from Okotoks, Tappen, BC
Abbott Bros from Oyen
Abbott Bros. (George Spencer & William) from Edgerton
Abbott, Dennis from Winfield
Abbott, Evelyn Joyce from Ponoka, Edmonton
Abbott, Fred B. from Edgerton
Abbott, George Spencer from Edgerton
Abbott, Kaye from Sherwood Park
Abbott, Murray Stanley from Foresheet, Ponoka
Abbott, O.E. from Hughenden, Amisk
Abbott, Percy Henry from Claresholm
Abbott, Rose Elizabeth from Edmonton
Abdriatz, Theodore from Sherwood Park
Abel, Bernhardt Marvin from Calmar
Abel, George from Eagle Hill
Abel, Gordon from Calmar
Abel, J.H. from Lloydminster
Abel, Joe from Stettler, Compeer
Abell, E. Howard from Cochrane
Abelson, Frederick from Metiskow
Aberle, Ignatz R. from Schuler
Ableman, Lee O. & Anna E. from Crossfield, Calgary
Abra, Gerald, Korethoski, John from Carstairs
Abrahamse, K. from Throne, Big Valley
Abrahamse, Stoffel David from Coronation, Westbank, BC
Abrahamson, Arthur from Scotfield, Stanmore
Abrahamson, Louis from Scotfield
Abram & Penner from Edmonton
Abram, George H. from Ferguson Flats, Lindberg
Abram, George H. from Ferguson Flats, Lindberg
Abramenko, H. P. from Rowley, Morrin
Abramenko, Sam from Three Hills
Abramenko, William from Delia, Drumheller
Abramic, George from Edmonton, McRae
Abt, Florian from Ponoka
Abt, Herman from Ponoka
Abt, John from MeniakAchenchuk, Peter from St. Paul
Acheson, George from Sedgewick
Achtemichuk, John from Chipman
Achten, Joe from Edmonton
Achten, Joe from Edmonton
Ackerman, Gottlieb from Stettler
Ackerman, Jack W. from Reno
Ackerman, Joe from Calgary
Ackerman, Joseph J. from Clive
Ackerman, Philip J. from Lacombe
Ackerson, Axel from Coronation
Ackroyd, Charles N. from Raymond
Ackroyd, Max from Hartleyville, Cardston
Ackroyd, Smith from Magrath
Acme Limousin Breeders Ltd. from Calgary
Adair, Alfred E. from Bow Island
Adair, John Erwin & Sons from Kessler, Silver Heights
Adair, John William from Bow Island
Adair, John William from Consort, Edmonton
Adair, R. Hudson from Teepee Creek
Adair, Thomas W. from Bowden
Adam John changed to Roy John Adams from Grassy Lake, Taber, Pincher Creek
Adam Solway & Sons Co-Op Ranching Ltd. from Cluny
Adam, Carl from Forestburg
Adam, Clement G. from Edmonton
Adam, Dennitt from Longview
Adam, Edward from Forestburg, Crossfield, Calgary
Adam, Gussie G. from Ardrossan
Adam, John from Stony Plain
Adam, Philip Henry from Goodfare
Adamcewicz, Leopold from Hussar
Adamcik, George from Midnapore, Calgary
Adamec, John from Coleman
Adamec, Joseph & Blazenko, Pearl from Beaver Mines
Adams W.A. from Veteran, Coronation
Adams, A.A. from Cousins, Paradise Valley
Adams, A.E. from Ashmont
Adams, Arthur from Galahad, Forestburg
Adams, C. H. from Killam
Adams, Charles Edward from Rolling Hills
Adams, Chester from Iron Springs, Picture Butte
Adams, Christine from Rosemary
Adams, Christopher T. from Marwayne
Adams, Clarence J. from Sedalia
Adams, Dave M. from Mayerthorpe
Adams, David L. from Carstairs
Adams, Dolores nee Harderer from Calgary, Edmonton
Adams, Eddie from Duffield
Adams, Enoch R. from Wetaskiwin
Adams, F.J. from Jenner, Calgary
Adams, Florence M. nee Wendell from Cousins, Cadogan, Provost
Adams, Floyd Francis from Fabyan
Adams, Frank from Oyen
Adams, Frank from Rolling Hills
Adams, Frank from Rosemary
Adams, Frank W. from Sunnyslope, Stanmore
Adams, Fred H. from Heath, Wainwright
Adams, George Quincy from Beaverlodge
Adams, George Thomas from Monitor
Adams, Gordon Clifford from Warner
Adams, Gwen from Cadogan
Adams, Hugh from Youngstown
Adams, Hugh Robert from Bow Island
Adams, J. from Calgary, Burmis
Adams, J.A. from Calgary
Adams, J.H. from Kinuso
Adams, Jack from Rosemary
Adams, James B. from Innisfail
Adams, Jasper from Cousins, Cadogan
Adams, John from Calgary
Adams, John H. from Raymond, Warner
Adams, John Milo from Cadogan, Kitscoty
Adams, John Q. from Sundre, Okotoks
Adams, Joseph Ray from Lougheed
Adams, K.M. from Edberg, Buck Lake
Adams, Ken A. from Rimbey
Adams, L. R. from Caroline
Adams, Lorne from Veteran
Adams, Milton from New Dayton, Legend, Bellevue
Adams, Peter Paul from Rimbey
Adams, R.E. from Endiang
Adams, Robert B. from Midnapore
Adams, Robert W. from Paradise Valley
Adams, Ronald from Bow Island
Adams, S.L from Lacombe
Adams, Sarah & Charles from Sundre, Mound
Adams, Thomas S. from Midnapore
Adams, Vet from Lacombe
Adams, Vivian E. from Turner Valley
Adams, W.I. & Hassard, Tom from Beaverlodge, Grande Prairie
Adams, William A. from Bluffton, Coalhurst, Leslieville
Adams, William B. from Blackie, Dinton
Adams, William from Cereal
Adams, William from McLaughlin
Adamson, Agar from Seebe
Adamson, Claude K. from Grassy Lake
Adamson, Dale & Barbara from Pincher Creek, Ketchum, ID
Adamson, Paddy from Pincher Creek
Adamson, Robert from Peace River
Adamson, Robert James from Lethbridge
Adcock, John & Ruth from Edmonton, Ponoka
Addeman, Frank from Calgary
Addeman, Frank Norman from Calgary
Addis, Carl J. from Grande Prairie
Addison, Margaret E. from Mannville
Addy, T.H. from Taber
Adiar, W.V. & H.D. from Breton
Adie, George from Calgary
Adie, John L. from Drumheller
Admussen, George A. from Bergen
Admussen, Reginald Frank from Bergen
Adolf, Benjamin from Spondin, Hanna
Adolf, Dennis E. from Spondin
Adolf, Donald Phillip from Hanna
Adolf, Emanual H. from Castor
Adolf, Emil from Castor, Fleet
Adolf, Gus from Spondin
Adolph, Florence Irene from Calgary, Fort Macleod, Red Deer
Adolph, Henry from Spondin, Castor
Adolph, Henry from Spondin, Castor
Adolphson, Norman from Valleyview
Adolphson, Oscar from Valley View
Adrian, Leonard from Rosemary
Adshead, Edwin W. from Big Valley, Ewing
Adshead, Frank from Lethbridge, Monarch
Ady, George T. & May from Kimball, Taylorville, Cardston
Ady, James L. from Cardston
Ady, Mrs. George T. from Kimball, Taylorville, Cardston
Ady, Myrtle from Didsbury
Aebly, A.P. from Grimshaw, Jenner
Aetna Coal Company Ltd. from East Coulee, Drumheller, Wayne
Affleck, Ed from Esther
Agar, J.E. & Don J. from Cheadle
Agar, Robert F. from Throne
Age, Charles & Josephine from Hill Spring, Fishburn
Aggett, Courtland J. from Okotoks
Agle, Lorents from Lea Park, Edmonton
Agle, Lorents from Lea Park, Edmonton
Agrey, Robert Warner from Deville
Agri- City Holdings Ltd. from Calgary
Agri Risk Services from Calgary
AgriWest Investors Ltd. from Lloydminster
Ahlefeld, H. from Delia
Ahlgrim, F.W. from Didsbury
Ahlgrim, William C. from Taber, Didsbury
Ahlskog, Bert from Wildwood
Ahlskog, Knut Eliel from Wildwood
Ahlstrom, Margaret Edith from Sherwood Park, Beauvallon, Two Hills
Ahlstrom, Roy Edward from Two Hills
Ahlwardt, Albert from Olds
Ahrameen, Semeen from Leslieville, Rimbey
Ainge, D.W. from Edwell, Penhold
Ainge, Desmond from Penhold
Ainge, Kenneth D. from Penhold
Ainley, William Frederick Horton from Calgary
Ainscough, Bob from Cardston
Ainslie, Verner & Earl E. from Delburne
Ainsworth, Kelso Waddell from Byemoor
Airdrie Central Auctions Ltd. from Airdrie
Airey Bros from Esther
Airey, R.K. & Whitman, R.J. from Ponoka
Airth Bros from Brooks
Airth, Andrew from Brooks
Aiuto, Guisseppe from Calgary
Ajay Investments Ltd (J. Patko Jr. - Manager) from Calgary
Aked, Charles Edward from Calgary
Aker, Jessie from Provost
Akern, Mary Agnes from Kinsella
Akins, C.M from Innisfree
Akins, Raymond from Duffield
Akitt, Richard & Alice from Eckville, Cambria
Akitt, William & John Albert from Carmangay, Pincher Creek
Akitt, William from Pincher Creek, Twin Butte
Akkerman, Henry from Calgary
Akre, Alvin from Provost, Hayter, Bodo
Al Nahr Arabians from Redcliff
Albeluhn, Helmut from Sundre
Alberg, Paul & John from Brightview, Nechako, BC
Albers, George H. from Gunn
Albers, George H. from Gunn
Albert, Charles E. from Wanham, Woking
Albert, Charles from Woking
Albert, Levi from Retlaw
Albert, Louis from Milk River
Albert, Weston from Wanham
Alberta Horsemeat Packers Ltd., Red Top Ltd. from Calgary
Alberta Santa Gertrudis Farms from Delia
Alberts, James from Brooks
Albertson, Arnold O. from Hubalta, Dalroy
Albertson, H. Vern from Rolling Hills
Albertson, S. P. from Foremost
Albiston, Arvin from Cardston
Albiston, T.W. from Whitford
Alblom, Lars from Etzikom
Albrecht, Arthur from Ponoka
Albrecht, George from Lougheed
Albrecht, Otto from Magrath
Albrecht, Philip from Castor
Albrecht, Philip J. from Vegreville
Albrecht, William & Adam from Stony Plain
Albright, E.F. from Donalda
Albright, Gottfried from Craigmyle, Delia
Albright, H.E .from Donalda, Rimbey
Albright, Herman from Tilley
Albright, Raymond from Craigmyle
Albright, Walter from Tilley
Albush, Gust from Rainier
Alcan Angus (Doug Munton) from Vauxhall
Alchin, Ben from Maughan
Alcock, F. from Kinsella
Alcock, Lloyd from Buck Lake
Alcock, Lucy from Kinsella
Alcorn, Robert from Alliance
Alderdice Bros., Harold & Rodney from Hardisty
Alderdice, Annie & Sons from Hardisty
Alderdice, Frederick J. from Hardisty
Alderdice, Rodney from Hardisty
Aldoff, Michael Jr. from Duchess, Lethbridge
Aldred, Charlie Patrick from Calgary
Aldred, Vera from Crossfield
Aldrich, Alvie E. from Iola, Bluffton, Whitecourt, Breton, Sunset House
Aldrich, D.L. from Calgary
Aldridge, Frank from Cardston
Aldridge, Walter H. from Trail, BC, High River, El Paso, TX
Aleman, T. from Picture Butte
Alexander Bros. (G.D. & W.S.) from Leduc
Alexander, Bruce Berry from Bonnyville
Alexander, Carl L. from Cayley
Alexander, D.T. from Balzac
Alexander, D.T. from Balzac
Alexander, Eldon from Hoadley
Alexander, James from Bremner, Innisfail
Alexander, Jessie L & W.A. from Battleview, Vermilion, Rimbey
Alexander, John from Pollockville
Alexander, John Patrick from Lacombe
Alexander, Keith from Lethbridge
Alexander, Keith W. from Lloydminster
Alexander, L.E .from Vermilion, Wainwright
Alexander, L.E. from Vermilion, Wainwright
Alexander, O.W. from Wainwright
Alexander, O.W. from Wainwright
Alexander, Simon F. L. from Deville
Alexander, W.S. from Leduc
Alexandrovich, Fabian from Glenwood, Lethbridge
Alexandrovich, Mary from Glenwoodville
Alexo Coal Co. Ltd from Alexo
Alfred, J. from Springburn
Algate, J.A from Stauffer
Algate, W.J. from Stauffer
Algern, Joseph from Vermilion
Allan, Alberta McCue from Bottrel
Allan, Alvey M. from Bottrel
Allan, Donald Albert from Stony Plain
Allan, Donald Blair from Bentley
Allan, Douglas R. from Calgary
Allan, James K. from Islay
Allan, John from Stand Off, Macleod
Allan, John L. from Coaldale
Allan, M.M. from Bottrel
Allan, Miss J. K. from Islay
Allan, Robert Lawson from Chauvin
Allan, Roy H .from Carstairs
Allan, William Donald from Bentley
Allan, William from Lyalta
Allard, Francis E. from Smith
Allard, Louis H from Lucky Strike, Lethbridge
Allard, Louis H. from Lucky Strike, Lethbridge
Allcock, Caroline from Scandia
Allen & Bush Feeders from Taber
Allen Bros. (Harold B. & Leslie B.) from Cassils, Brooks
Allen, A.F. from Wardlow
Allen, Archie from Lindbergh
Allen, Arthur Clifford from Fort Macleod, Summerland, BC
Allen, Barbara J. from Marwayne, Kamloops, BC
Allen, Blake R. from Pine Lake
Allen, C.M. from Scandia, Bindloss, Medicine Hat, Redcliff
Allen, C.W. from Marwayne, St. Albert
Allen, Cameron A. from Rocky Mountain House
Allen, Cecil Henry from Bezanson
Allen, Charles E., (Glenmere Farms Ltd.) from Red Deer, Brantford, ON.
Allen, Connie from Lacombe
Allen, Dale from Olds
Allen, David G. from Hines Creek
Allen, Earl from Blackfoot
Allen, Edward Alexander from Bezanson
Allen, Edwin B. from Heathdale, Chinook, Mannville
Allen, Frank E. from Magrath
Allen, Frank H. from Jarrow
Allen, Gertrude from Hacke, Del Bonita
Allen, Harold W. from Castor
Allen, Hugh W. from Beaver Lodge, Huallen, Wembley
Allen, J.R. from Penhold
Allen, Jack M. from Edmonton
Allen, Jack M. from Edmonton
Allen, James Edward from Edmonton, Viking, Irma
Allen, Jesse Ugene from Wainwright, Okotoks
Allen, John E. from Ribstone
Allen, John from Kinsella
Allen, John from Magrath
Allen, Joseph F. from Dewberry, Ethelwyn
Allen, Kate from Pine Lake
Allen, Lloyd E. from Irma
Allen, Norman George from Tofield
Allen, Paul from Airdrie, Madden
Allen, Richard Russel from Taber
Allen, Robert John from Elnora, Stettler
Allen, Roy M. from Queens
Allen, Victor from Sangudo, Red Deer
Allen, W. from Spring Coulee, Coaldale
Allen, Walter from Red Deer
Allen, William from Vulcan
Allenbach, J. from Cluny
Allenberger, Anton from Fort Vermilion
Allenbrand, Beatrice from Barrhead, Wainwright, Tiger Lily
Allenbrand, Floyd U. from Drayton Valley, Olds
Allers, John P. from Strome
Allik, Alex from Big Valley
Allinson, John R. from Gilt Edge
Allison, D.N. from Beaverlodge
Allison, E.A .from Innisfree
Allison, E.F. from Calgary
Allison, R.O. & Weir, R. from Pincher Creek
Alliss, George from Etzikom
Allred, Bryon E. from Cardston
Allred, C.E. from Raymond
Allred, Golden from Hill Spring
Allred, I.W. from Hill Spring
Allyn, Fred L. from Edmonton
Allyn, Fred L. from Edmonton
Alm, Clarence from Duhamel, New Norway, Gwynne
Alm, Elise from Iron Springs
Alm, Henry Arthur from Fabyan
Alm, Martin from Iron Springs
Almond, Claude P. from Hanna, Delia
Almost, B. & W. from Czar
Almost, K. Art from Czar, Linaria
Alosio, Rudolf from Perryvale
Alridge, Walter H. from Trail, BC, New York City, NY, El Paso, TX
Alsager, Leslie P. from Lloydminster
Alsgard, Andrew from Stavely
Alsgard, Jacob from Granum
Alsgard, Jacob from Granum
Alstad, Jack from Wembley
Alstad, Robert Miller from Wimbley
Alstott, J. H. from Craigmyle
Altenhofen, Edward from Kew
Alter, Patrick L. from Rimbey
Altermatt, Dora from Barons
Altmiks, Henry & Sons from Onoway, Edmonton
Alton, Charles M. from Edmonton
Alton, Charles M. from Edmonton
Alton, Thomas J. from Marwayne
Alvin Hal from Vermilion
Alward, Sarah Joan from Clairmont
Alwood, Bufford L. from High River
Alwood, F. A. from Edgerton
Alwood, John William from Edgerton
Alwood, Kate B. from High River
Alwood, Lyle F. from Edgerton
Alwood, Lyle F. from Edgerton
Amahoose, Jim from Gurneyville
Amalia, George & Nick from Franchere
Aman, Barbara from Medicine Hat
Aman, L.E. from Medicine Hat
Aman, Leonard E. from Medicine Hat
Aman, Theodore from Irvine
Aman, Wesley from Wallaceburg, ON
Ambler, Aleck from Calgary
Ambler, Bess from Irma
Ambler, Eric from Lloydminster, SK, Lloydminster, AB
Ambler, Frank from Minburn, Mannville
Ambler, John W. from Keg River
Ambler, John Wellington from Mannville
Ambler, M.C. from Irma
Ambler, R.B. from Lloydminster, New Lindsay
Ambler, Reginald Cedric & John Wellington from Mannville
Ambler, Reginald Cedric from Minburn
Ambley, Holden from Manyberries
Ambroch, Andrew from Beauvallon
Amdahl, Theodore John from Redcliff
Ament, Ralph & Dunn, George W. from Edmonton, Blue Ridge
Ament, Ralph & George W. Dunn from Edmonton, Blue Ridge
Ament, Ralph from Blue Ridge
American Breeders Service of Canada Ltd. from Calgary
Amery & Sons Ltd. from Crossfield
Amery, Fred from Crossfield
Ames, Arthur from Pincher Creek
Ames, Ernest from Bezanson
Ames, William from Meeting Creek
Amidon, F.H. from Cheadle, Langdon, Bottrel, Cochrane, Calgary
Amley, H. from Manyberries
Amlin, Johnny from Skiff, Lethbridge
Ammann, Paul from Irvine, Medicine Hat
Ammeter, Peter from Red Deer
Amor, John M. from Altario
Amor, John M. from Altario
Amor, Larry & Carol from Camp Creek
Amos, James A & B. Helen from Medicine Hat
Amos, James A. & B. Helen from Medicine Hat
Amundsen, A. & George Larson from Eaglesham
Amundsen, A. & Larson, George from Eaglesham
Amundson, Arthur C. from Viking
Amundson, Dan from Amisk
Amundson, Roland from Valleyview
Amundson, Vern C. from Picture Butte, Lethbridge
Ancell, Eugene from Sundre
Ancell, Isabella from Bearberry
Anchordown Ranch from Midnapore
Ancion, Joseph from Bow Island
Ancoin, Geoffrey from Grand Prairie
Andahl, Sam & Anna H. from Vale, Medicine Hat
Andam, Ole from Vilna
Anderberg Bros from Brooks
Anderburg, Mildred from Eyremore, Brooks
Andersen, Alfred from Alder Flats, Wetaskiwin
Andersen, Allan Lyng from Medicine Hat
Andersen, Calvin from Edgerton
Andersen, Carl L. from Hanna, Rose Lynn, Dorothy, Lone Butte
Andersen, Chris H. from Olds, Rainier
Andersen, Chris H. from Olds, Rainier
Andersen, Darlene P. from Hanna
Andersen, Eivind from Fabyan
Andersen, Eivind from Fabyan
Andersen, Gus from Gadsby, Stettler
Andersen, Ingevard from Olds
Andersen, J.V. from Tilley
Andersen, Jens & Aage Neilson from East Coulee
Andersen, Jens & Aage Nielson from East Coulee
Andersen, Jens from Bluffton, Ponoka
Andersen, John from Bowden
Andersen, John from Kevisville
Andersen, John V. from Sibbald
Andersen, Martin C. from Red Deer
Andersen, Martin from Cappon
Andersen, Peter from Gadsby
Andersen, Theodor from Comrey
Andersen, Walter L. from Hanna
Andersen, William from Edgerton
Anderson Bros. from Brooks
Anderson Bros. from Carmangay
Anderson Bros. from Champion
Anderson Bros. from Dewberry
Anderson Bros. from Hinton
Anderson Bros., (James D., George, &, W.J.) from Hill Spring
Anderson, A.B. from Elnora
Anderson, A.J. from Bentley
Anderson, A.W. from Calgary
Anderson, Adolph from Czar
Anderson, Albert from Champion
Anderson, Albert from Colinton
Anderson, Albert from Grand Centre
Anderson, Albert from Mannville
Anderson, Albert W. from Claresholm
Anderson, Albert W. from Jenner
Anderson, Albin E. from Kinmundy, Chinook
Anderson, Alex from Frog Lake, Sputinow
Anderson, Allan Conrad from Shepard
Anderson, Allen from Lloydminster
Anderson, Anders O. from Meeting Creek
Anderson, Andrew from Cappon
Anderson, Andrew from Peace River
Anderson, Andrew from Stanmore
Anderson, Angus from New Dayton
Anderson, Angus L. from Veteran
Anderson, Anna C .from Youngstown
Anderson, Anna C. from Youngstown
Anderson, Anton from Nobleford, Fort Macleod
Anderson, Arnold C. from Bawlf, Kelsey
Anderson, Arnold from Minburn
Anderson, Arnold R. from Donalda
Anderson, Art from Claresholm
Anderson, Arthur Clayton from Calgary
Anderson, August from Minburn
Anderson, B. D. from Onoway
Anderson, B.R. from Twin Butte, Pincher Creek
Anderson, Benhard Edwin from Drayton Valley
Anderson, Bert from Spedden
Anderson, Blaine J. from Magrath
Anderson, C. E. from Medicine Hat, Etzikom
Anderson, C. Lokkui from Wayne
Anderson, C.E. from Medicine Hat, Etzikom
Anderson, C.L. from Barnwell
Anderson, Charly from Red Deer
Anderson, Chester C. from High River, Milo
Anderson, Chris from Vermilion
Anderson, Christian John from Bawlf
Anderson, Clare L. from Kelsey, Camrose, Bawlf
Anderson, Clarence James from Warden Junction, Stettler
Anderson, Clifford W. from Lousana, Pine Lake
Anderson, Clinton Leigh from Killam
Anderson, Clyde & Mrs. from Carbon, Calgary
Anderson, D.J. Stirling from Innisfail
Anderson, Dan from Rolling Hills
Anderson, David from Carbon, Calgary
Anderson, David H.G. from Lacombe
Anderson, Dean from High River, Longview
Anderson, Delbert Martin from Viking
Anderson, Dennis L. from Leslieville
Anderson, Doris C. from Medicine Hat
Anderson, Dorothy from Calgary
Anderson, Doug Richard from Erskine
Anderson, Douglas E. from Markerville, Nanton
Anderson, Dr. Winfred George from Medicine Hat, Wardlow
Anderson, E. Lester from Langdon
Anderson, E.D. from Oyen, Sedalia
Anderson, E.E. from Seven Persons
Anderson, E.H. from Hardisty
Anderson, Edward F. from Barnwell
Anderson, Edward from Scollard
Anderson, Edward G. from Donalda
Anderson, Edward Lester from Langdon
Anderson, Edward William from Gadsby, Halkirk
Anderson, Einer from Vermilion, Islay
Anderson, Ellen from Big Valley
Anderson, Elmer S. from Cremona
Anderson, Emil from Olds, Monitor
Anderson, Flora H. from Lac La Biche
Anderson, Floyd A. from Hussar
Anderson, Frank A. from Champion
Anderson, Frank H. from Wainwright
Anderson, Fred from Minburn
Anderson, G. A .from Fort Macleod
Anderson, G. Ivan from Barnwell
Anderson, G.A. from Fort Macleod
Anderson, George from Chedderville
Anderson, George from Gem
Anderson, George J. from Twin Butte
Anderson, George W. from Donalda
Anderson, Glen W. from Stettler
Anderson, Gordon G. from Lethbridge
Anderson, Gus from Wetaskiwin
Anderson, Gust A. from Gadsby
Anderson, H. from Obed, Hinton
Anderson, H. H. from Hines Creek
Anderson, H. Murray from Edmonton
Anderson, H. Murray from Edmonton
Anderson, H.E. from Aden, Carmangay
Anderson, H.E. from Aden, Carmangay
Anderson, H.H. from Hines Creek
Anderson, H.L. & Sons Ltd. from Valleyview
Anderson, Harold M. from Olds
Anderson, Harold W. from Grand Centre
Anderson, Harry from Rocky Mountain House, Rose Lynn
Anderson, Harry from Shepard
Anderson, Harvey W. from Erskine
Anderson, Henry G. from Alderson
Anderson, Hugh Graham from Calgary
Anderson, Ingwall from Vilna
Anderson, Isaac Leonard from Calgary
Anderson, J. & Paul, R. from Calgary
Anderson, J. from Brierville
Anderson, J. Gordon from Calgary
Anderson, J., Paul, R. from Calgary
Anderson, J.F. from Calgary
Anderson, Jake R. from Midnapore, James River Bridge, Black Diamond
Anderson, James D. & George from Hill Spring, Cardston
Anderson, James from Ardenode
Anderson, James from Viking
Anderson, James G. from Bluffton
Anderson, James Owen from Medicine Hat
Anderson, Jim from Caslan
Anderson, John from Caroline
Anderson, John from Sedgewick
Anderson, John H. from Bentley, Round Hill
Anderson, Keith Wayne from Peace River
Anderson, Ken O. from Barrhead
Anderson, Kenneth Adolf from Gadsby
Anderson, Kenneth from Carbon
Anderson, Kenneth Hunter from Hinton
Anderson, L.H. from Sundre
Anderson, L.L. from Raymond
Anderson, L.P. from Standoff, Raymond
Anderson, Lawrence C. from Page Buena Park, CA
Anderson, Lewis from Milk River
Anderson, Lloyd A. from Macleod
Anderson, Lynden A from New Dayton
Anderson, M. Bernice from Langdon, Calgary
Anderson, M.M. from Picture Butte
Anderson, Mac from Nordegg
Anderson, Manfred from Red Deer, Scandia
Anderson, Marius from Twin Butte, Pincher Creek
Anderson, Marvin M from Dovercourt, Big Valley
Anderson, Marvin M. from Dovercourt, Big Valley
Anderson, Mildred Vera from Blackie
Anderson, Mrs. Harold from Turner Valley
Anderson, Mrs. John W. from Viking
Anderson, Napoleon from Didsbury
Anderson, Nat from Carseland
Anderson, Niels J. from Barnwell, Lethbridge
Anderson, Norman M. from Midnapore
Anderson, O.N. & N.R. from Knappen
Anderson, Ollie from Heathdale, Leavings
Anderson, Oscar from Airdrie
Anderson, Paul from Scandia
Anderson, Percy from Halkirk
Anderson, Peter from High River, Black Diamond
Anderson, Philip H. from Kirriemuir
Anderson, R. from Lindbergh
Anderson, R.H. from Langdon
Anderson, Ralph from Calgary, Madden
Anderson, Ralph from Mayerthorpe
Anderson, Rasmus Peter & Johnson, Ella A. from Granum
Anderson, Ray M. from Cabin Lake
Anderson, Richard from Burdett, Picture Butte
Anderson, Ried from Calgary, Colinton
Anderson, Robert A. from Brooks
Anderson, Robert Earl from Blackie
Anderson, Robert from Coronation
Anderson, Robert H. from Langdon
Anderson, Robert John from Fleet
Anderson, Robert Murrell from Wardlow
Anderson, Ronald from Rocky Mountain House
Anderson, Ronald Grant from Jenner, Calgary
Anderson, Rosena from Crammond
Anderson, Roy Elmer from Balzac
Anderson, Roy from High River
Anderson, Roy H. from New West Minster, BC, Vermilion, Kirriemuir
Anderson, Ruth A. nee, Marshall from Vulcan
Anderson, S. from Calgary
Anderson, T. & L.T. from Claresholm
Anderson, Theodore from Claresholm
Anderson, Toivo from Trochu
Anderson, Tom M. from Amethyst
Anderson, W.G. from Darwell
Anderson, W.J. from Hill Spring
Anderson, W.M. & George from Rocky Mountain House
Anderson, Wallace Witman from Dunmore
Anderson, Walter from Stettler, Donalda, New Norway
Anderson, Walter Scott from Sputinow
Anderson, Wilfred R. & Sons (Luverne & Wayne) from Donalda
Anderson, William A. from Raymond
Anderson, William from Dixonville, Clear Hills
Anderson, William from Magnolia
Anderson, William John from Berry Creek, Sheerness, Calgary
Anderson, William L. from Bluffton, Chancellor
Anderson, William W.E. from Alix, Tees
Andersson, E.M. from Stanmore
Andrashewski, Stanley from Willingdon
Andreae, Gunnar Rune from Heisler
Andreasen, Sigurd from Sedgewick
Andres, J. J. from Coaldale
Andreson, Allan Clarence from Kinsella
Andrew Davidson, James from Stettler
Andrew, James from Paradise Valley
Andrew, James from Paradise Valley
Andrew, James from Scotfield, Stanmore
Andrew, Roy from Eckville
Andrew, W.R. from Turner Valley
Andrew, William from Eckville, Gilby
Andrews, Arthur from St. Paul
Andrews, Carrie from Claresholm
Andrews, Charles W. from Lomond
Andrews, Douglas from Bremner, Sherwood Park
Andrews, Frank from Bremner
Andrews, Fred A. from Bergen
Andrews, G. B. from Peace River
Andrews, Harry from Diamond City, Wrentham
Andrews, James Ernest from Spruce Grove
Andrews, Leslie William from Calgary
Andrews, Morris S. from Edmonton
Andrews, R.H. from Innisfail, Red Deer
Andrews, W. W. from Grouard, High Prairie
Andriaschuk, Jenny from Elk Point
Andriaschuk, John from Northern Valley, Elk Point
Andrietz, John from Willingdon
Andrietz, Steve Nestor from Andrew
Andriowsky, Adam from Two Hills
Andriseck, Mary from Schuler
Andriuk, Bob from Calgary
Andrix, George & Kristin from Edson
Andronik, Steve & Andrew from Whitla
Andronik, Steve & Andrew from Whitla
Andronyk, Steve from Andrew
Androsoff, William from Queenstown, Arrowwood
Androsoff, William S. & John from Mossleigh
Andruchiw, Charles from Spirit River
Andruchow, Frank from Lavoy
Andruchow, John from Smoky Lake, Pakan
Andruchow, Mick from Rodef
Andruchow, Mike R. from St. Michael
Andrukow, John William from Viking
Andrukow, Mike from Viking
Andrulevch, A. from Elk Point
Andrus, Clifford Erwin from Craigmyle
Andrus, David from Rose Lynn
Andrus, Gordon J. from Craigmyle
Andrus, Harold G. from Taber, Cochrane
Andrus, M.E. from Lomond, Craigmyle
Andruschak, Dennis from Hays
Andruschak, Harry from Olds, Hays
Andruschuk, Tena from Fleet, Lake Thelma
Andruss, Hannah from Bowville
Aneca, Richard from Raymond
Angell, Henry from Fort Vermilion
Angle AK Ranch (C. Allen E. Killburn) from North Edmonton
Angle, S.E. from Bow Island, Winnifred
Angus , Gwendolen from Wetaskiwin
Angus, Ian, Canadian Sugar Factories from Raymond
Anhorn, Emanuel G. from Crossfield
Anhorn, Esther from Medicine Hat
Anhorn, Fred from Three Hills
Anhorn, Herb from Medicine Hat
Anhorn, Samuel from Innisfail
Anhorn, Theofil O. from Sunnyslope, Torrington
Aninger, S. M. from Vulcan, Champion
Aninger, Sebastian John from Blackie, Airdrie, Standoff, High River
Ankle, Frank J. from Whitla
Ankrum, Harry & Mabel from Rosemary
Ankwicz, Henry from Webster
Anning, Hugh from Olds, Peace River
Anonson, Alvin from New Norway
Anonson, Arthur William from New Norway, Rosalind, Donalda, Cairns
Antila Bros (Alto B. & C.O) from Oras
Antila, Alfred from Onoway
Antler Hill Farm from Innisfail
Antoniuk, Jacob from Tawatinaw
Antoniuk, John from Two Hills
Antoniuk, William from Lamont, Chipman, Kelowna, BC
Antonius, Percy from Tilley
Antonsen, Christine from Clear Hills, Dixonville
Antypowich, Lloyd from Stettler
Apperson, M. from Kitscoty
Appleby, Thomas from Holden, Westerose
Appleton, Albert from Taber, Purple Springs
Appleton, Charles N. from Drumheller, Calgary
Appleton, Derry J. from Kamloops, BC
Arac, John from Edmonton, Sexsmith
Arbizzi, Victor from Trochu, Wimborne
Arcand, Archie & Anthony from Mannville
Arcand, Emile J. from La Corey
Arcand, George J. & Sons from Morinville
Archer, Charles E. from Manyberries
Archer, D.C. from Didsbury
Archer, John from Barnwell
Archer, Mrs. H.M. from Barnwell
Archer, O.L. from Chauvin
Archibald, C.W. from Gem
Archibald, John Henry from Cardston
Archibald, Judson A. from Ponoka, Lacombe
Archibald, Mark A. from Cardston
Archibald, Merle Boyce from Glenwood
Archibald, R.G. from Provost, Calgary
Arden, Margaret E. from Jenner
Ardley, Nettie C. from Calgary
ARGAR (GGG) Ranches Ltd. (Gary Allan Smith) from Calgary
Argus Farms Ltd. from Calgary
Argut, E. Helmut from Countess
Argyle, Edward from Beaverlodge, Hazelmere
Arik, Jino from Lethbridge, Coaldale
Arlidge, Percy Spencer from Grimshaw
Arlow, Allen B. from Busby
Arlow, Thomas from Vimy, Busby
Arlow, William from Busby
Armentrout, Jacob E. or Jake E. from Countess
Armitage, G.L. from Caroline, Raven
Armitage, James from Cherry Point
Armitage, T.H. from Sedgewick
Armitage, William from Sedgewick
Armstrong , Bazil from Stettler
Armstrong Bros from Lake McGregor
Armstrong Bros, (Lloyd & Floyd) from Milo
Armstrong Bros. from Elkwater
Armstrong, Alfred from Pincher Creek
Armstrong, Alfred Henri from Morley, Cochrane
Armstrong, Allan Henry from Vermilion
Armstrong, Andrew from Milo, Lake McGregor
Armstrong, Benjamin Christopher from Hussar
Armstrong, C.J. from Wainwright, Edmonton
Armstrong, Clara Beatrice (remarried name Bonter) from Harmattan, Olds
Armstrong, David from Hythe
Armstrong, Dr. W.S. from Calgary
Armstrong, Edwin F. from Teepee Creek
Armstrong, Frank from Edgerton
Armstrong, G.E. from Botha
Armstrong, George A. from Nanton
Armstrong, George Washington from Three Hills
Armstrong, Glenn from Amethyst, Yetwood, Big Valley, Lomond
Armstrong, Guy R from Brunetta, Richdale
Armstrong, H. from Vermilion
Armstrong, I.M. from Milo
Armstrong, J. W. from Muirhead, Nanton
Armstrong, James from Harmattan
Armstrong, James Sheppard from Irma
Armstrong, John L. from Edmonton
Armstrong, Louis from Paddle Prairie
Armstrong, Mac & Art Brompton from Red Deer
Armstrong, Mike D. from Bentley, Lacombe
Armstrong, Mrs. A.A. from Vermilion
Armstrong, Nelson V. from Nampa, Reno, Calgary, Shouldice
Armstrong, Orville Willmer & Ada Thelma from Vermilion
Armstrong, Peter R. & Mort, Joseph from Josephburg
Armstrong, Quentin C. from Nanton
Armstrong, R. Rae from Olds
Armstrong, R. T. from Hussar
Armstrong, Thomas J. from Sundre, Pine Lake, Bentley, Sylvan Lake, Red Deer
Armstrong, W. from Eyremore, Cochrane, Bottrel
Armstrong, W.G. from Cochrane
Armstrong, Walter Jackson from Medicine Hat, Finns Lake
Armstrong, William from Thorhild
Armstrong, William H. from Jarvis
Armstrong, William M. from Markerville
Armsworthy, Lewis from Cardston
Arndt, Dan from Viking
Arndt, Dave from Olds
Arndt, Ernest from McLennan
Arndt, Hugo Robert from Tees, Red Deer
Arndt, Kenneth Monroe from Calgary
Arnell, William D. from Drayton Valley
Arneson, Albert from Rolling Hills, Gold Springs, Excel
Arneson, Harold from High River, Hussar
Arneson, Henry from Edgerton
Arneson, Norman from James River Bridge, Forest Lawn
Arneson, Olaf from Eagle Hill, Sulphur Springs, Ribstone, Provost, James River Bridge
Arness, Ben F. from Chinook
Arnestad, Elias from Enchant
Arnestad, Elling from Picture Butte, Carmangay
Arnett, Hector from Viking
Arnett, Shenfield from Viking
Arnett, William from Viking
Arnfor Investments Ltd. from Edmonton
Arnholtz, David R. & Robert from Millet
Arnold, Arthur from Edmonton
Arnold, B.F. from Carstairs
Arnold, Dennis Edward from Winterburn
Arnold, E.D. from Calgary
Arnold, Fred P. from Sundre
Arnold, John H. from La Glace, Kirriemuir
Arnold, Katherine from Calgary
Arnold, Kenneth W. from Winterburn
Arnold, Mrs. Gordon from High River
Arnold, Percy M. from Mannville
Arnold, Ralph Garnett from Leduc
Arnold, Robert from Del Bonita
Arnold, Victor Hugo from Okotoks
Arnot, Arthur from Tees, Sylvan Lake
Arnot, Ralph from Magrath
Arnot, S.R. from McLennan, Falher, High Prairie
Arnott, Eric L. from Elk Point
Arnott, Gordon O. & Scott, J. C. from Rocky Mountain House
Arnott, Gordon O. from Elk Point
Aronsson, Donald from Mundare
Aronsson, G. Oscar from Mundare
Arosson, Gustave Oscar from Seba Beach
Arps, H.O. from Edmonton, Sherwood Park
Arrison, A from White Mud Creek
Arrison, Ralph L. from Mossleigh, Bassano
Arrison, Ralph L. from Mossleigh, Bassano
Arrowwood Farming Company, Charles R. Mitchell (estate from Chief Justice) from Arrowwood
Arrowwood Roping Club from Arrowwood
Arseni, Leon from Coalhurst
Arseniuk, Boris from Rife, Flat Lake
Art, Fred J. from Olds
Arthur Cattle Co. Ltd. (Eugene B. Arthur) from Innisfail, Rocky Mountain House
Arthur D. Cummings Ltd from Calgary
Arthur J. from Cereal
Arthur, Anna from Elnora, Bindloss, Pine Lake, Social Plains
Arthur, E.N. from Auburndale, Wainwright
Arthur, Fred B. from Vermilion, Auburndale
Arthur, Gerald Elza from Wainwright
Arthur, Harold & Rachel C.V. from Fairview
Arthur, Melvin J. from Vermilion
Arthur, Robert from Iron Springs
Arthur, Roland from Vermilion
Arthur, Thomas from Consort
Artimovich, William from Bluffton
Artman, Walter E. from Sundre
Artym, Walter from Athabasca
Artyshuk, John from Lloydminster
Artyshuk, Steve from Elk Point, Lloydminster
Arundel, John B. from Duchess
Arundel, John B. from Duchess
Asborne, George Y. from Calgary
Asborne, George Y. from Calgary
Asel, Charles D. from Cereal
Ash, B. E. from Drumheller
Ashbury, Jerry from Longview
Ashby, Arthur from Lindbergh, Elk Point
Ashby, Henry from Elk Point
Ashby, P.H. from South Edmonton
Ashdown, Jessie E. from Clive
Ashdown, Leduc James from Ashmont
Ashe, Frank W. from Viking
Ashmead, Harold H. from Bassano
Ashmont Ranches Ltd. (James V. Rawe) from Ashmont
Ashston, Rowan H. from Burdett
Ashton, Samuel from Burdett
Ashwell Bros from Viking
Ashworth, Thomas Cyril from St. Paul
Askeland, Mrs. D.L. from Erskine, Gadsby, Alix, Clive
Askin, W.R. from Irma
Askins, John Russell from Czar
Asmussen, Jens F. from Bergen
Aspeden, J. W. from Delburne, Red Deer
Aspedokken, Nels H. from Lacombe
Asplund, Charles Owen from Lethbridge
Asplund, James Wendle from Glenwood
Assel, Dieter M. from Airdrie
Asselstine, E.B from Sideview, St. Lina
Assmus, William & E.B. Heichert from De Winton
Assmus, William & Heichert, E.B from De Winton
Astalos, Alex from Taber
Astalos, Andy from Taber
Astalos, Paul from Taber
Astell, Arthur from Alsask, SK., Sibbald
Astell, Eric G.A. from Alsak, SK
Astl, K.J. & J.C. Waddell from Mirror, Lethbridge
Astl, K.J. & Waddell, J.C from Mirror, Lethbridge
Astleford, L.W. from Duffield
Astleford, Loren from Sangudo
Astley & Foster from Maycroft
Astley, E. H. from Minburn
Astley, Edward H. N. from Vermilion
Astley, Irvine E. from Marwayne, Kinsella
Atcheson, John G. from Edmonton
Atcheson, John G. from Edmonton
Atkins, Daniel F. from Peace River
Atkins, Lola P. from Cardston
Atkins, Phil & Helen from Wetaskiwin
Atkins, William Joseph from Ashmont
Atkins, William T. from Ashmont
Atkinson, A. from Lethbridge
Atkinson, Bill, Horse Shoe Ranch from Calgary, Pirmez Creek
Atkinson, Charles G. from Goodfare, Halcourt
Atkinson, Eric from Didsbury
Atkinson, Esther from Claresholm
Atkinson, Floyd E. from Vulcan
Atkinson, Gale V. from Vulcan
Atkinson, Gordon W. from Byemoor, Delia
Atkinson, John from Camrose, Bulwark
Atkinson, Linus E. from Barons
Atkinson, Mrs. A.M. from Lamont
Atkinson, Samuel A. from Cochrane, Bottrel
Atkinson, William A. from Bulwark, Halkirk
Atkinson, William J. from Gadsby
Atlas Coal Company Ltd from Drumheller
Atmore, Wilson S. from Fort Saskatchewan, Grande Prairie
Attewell, F.G. from Greenshields
Attfield, Darcell F. from Smith
Attfield, Ernest A. from Clandonald, Riviere Qui Barre
Attfield, Fred from Vermilion
Attfield, Mrs. James from Vermilion
Attfield, Reuben from Vermilion, Rocky Mountain House, Hughenden, Smith
Attridge, W.R.C. from Madden
Attwell, B.L. from Nanton, Bowness
Attwell, Jasper M. from Stettler
Attwood, Raymond F. from Raymond, Wrentham
Atwell, Harry M. from Benyon, Kevisville
Atwood, J. from Cardston
Atwood, Jay Harding from Bow Island
Auberg, J.F. from Kingman, Lundemo
Aubin, Edward J. from Pincher Creek
Aubrey, Leonard from High Way
Auch, August from Lavoy
Auch, Ben from Hays
Auch, Ralph from Lavoy
Audet, Harold Edgar from Milk River, Masinasin
Audet, Joe from Milk River
Auestad, Rasmus from Lomond
Auger, Donald from Rocky Mountain House, Canmore
Auger, J.F. from Twin Butte
Auger, Jeremy from Grouard
Auger, John F. from Sundre, Calgary
Auger, Oscar from Dapp
Auger, Phyllis C. from Sundre
Auger, Tommy from Desmarais
Augustiynovich, Peter & Kobelewich, Nick from Bodo
Augustiynovich, Peter from Bodo
Auld, Donald Curry from Knee Hill Valley, Innisfail
Auld, Donald Curry, & Severton, Severt Arthur from Innisfail
Aullotte, Lawrence from Sputinow, Frog Lake
Aulotte, Dan from Frog Lake
Aulotte, Robert from Frog Lake
Auls, Herman from Rose Lynn
Aune, George O. from Morrin, Bingley
Ausenhus, N.C. from Castor
Ausenhus, O.H. from Didsbury
Austen, Francis A. from Rocky Mountain House
Austin Feedlot Ltd. from Magrath
Austin, A. Ward from Brierville
Austin, Albert T. from Magrath
Austin, Albert Tep & William Wallace from Magrath
Austin, David from Lafond
Austin, Elmer E. from Provost
Austin, Frank from Lafond
Austin, H.F. from Kinsella
Austin, John W. & Terry, A.D. from Magrath
Austin, John W. from Magrath
Austin, Keith from Mannville
Austin, L.F. from Lousana
Austin, N.E. from Yarrow
Austin, N.H. from Delburne
Austin, Seba B. from Delburne, Clive
Auten, L.J. from Ponoka
Avery Bros from Ponoka
Avery Bros. from Ponoka
Avery, Alfred from Heinsburg, Vermilion
Avery, Charlie Ian from Crossfield
Avery, E.G from Onion Lake, SK
Avery, E.G. from Onion Lake, SK
Avery, E.J. from East Coulee
Avery, E.J. from East Coulee
Avery, James A. from Bassano
Avery, John Charles from Red Deer
Avery, John W. from Dewberry
Avery, Kenneth Raymond from Bremerton, WA
Avestad, Asbjarn from Amethyst, Eyremore, Vauxhall
Avoleda, Frank from Nordegg
Avramenko, Alex from Big Valley
Awe, G.W. from Big Valley, Wiste
Axe, Francis from Gleichen
Axe, Peter from Gleichen
Axelsen, Oswald from East Coulee, Wayne
Axley, Bill from Dewberry
Axley, Elder from Dewberry
Axline, L.L. from Leo
Axline, Leo from Endiang
Ayers Brothers from Cherry Grove
Ayers, Earl A. from Manyberries, Orion
Ayers, Fred William from Paradise Valley, Sidcup
Ayers, J.E. from Paradise Valley, Sidcup
Ayers, Jay P. from Taber
Ayers, Lyman Hulbert from Cherry Grove
Ayers, Mrs. Lester H. from Manville, Cherry Grove
Ayers, Richard L. & Mary J. from Cherry Grove, Grand Centre
Aykroyd, Frederick from Wainwright
Aykroyd, Richard Grant from Wainwright
Ayler, Olive from Lloydminster, AB
Aylesworth, Leland Stanford from Rife
Ayling, Donald C. from Ponoka
Ayling, R. from Vermilion, Camrose
Ayres & Chester from Brosseau

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